Apr 19, 2022

Marvel Legends stuff incoming

 The dumbass green packaging is coming BUT there's some Legends goodness coming:

Target gets a Nicolas Cage Spider-Man Noir.
Amazon gets the rumored Silk vs Doc Ock 2 pack
Walmart gets a Retro Wave Lizard
Pulse gets a bunch of stuff like
A Knull vs Venom 2 pack
A First Appearance Spider-Man 
The Future Foundation Spidey variant shown above.
A Renew your Vows 2 pack of Spidey and Spinneret... Spidey has a toe Hinge!!
Nearly 16 years to get back this PoA...

This MJ is a MILF!!

The Lizard also has a First Appearance head...

The reveals have been pretty cool for Spider-Man fans. Hopefully now that we have Spinneret we'll get a Spiderling...

Also, we're getting a 20th anniversary Toad...

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