Apr 13, 2022

Gatchaman 94: Condensing Gatchaman into 3 OVAs doesn't do Gatchaman any favors.

 I'm not going to criticize the very 90s redesigns or how pathetic the fan service was for a 90s anime. I have to say that the story they made was a bit blegh... in a "You need to be a super hardcore Gatchaman fan and have recently seen the original series subtitled and not the Battle of the Planets or G-Force dubs."

Guess who hadn't gotten a Gatchaman Refresher course? The friend who I watched these OVAs with. She had no idea what was going on half the time. I had seen about 12 episodes of Fuerza G: Guardianes del Espacio. Yes, I saw the Latin American dub for nostalgia reasons. So I had a slightly vague idea of the plot. I have to say that the OVAs were more interested in making a full movie out of the Gatchaman Intro. No really, they recreated most of the scenes used for the intro. I loved the easter eggs and references, but I had prior knowledge of the original. For someone who doesn't know Gatchaman, this isn't a good introduction.

The three OVAs are a Hyper condensed serious abridging of the series but with a new style... to be honest it reminds me of a not family friendly OVA that I got... Mezzo Forte for the curious folks. There is a cut version of Mezzo Forte that removes an awkward sex scene or two.   

But back to Gatchaman: the entire series is condensed into 3 OVAs that last 45 minutes each. 

I got this OVA for two reasons:

-Wash off the bad aftertaste from Crowds, whose Gatchaman name is ill fitting.

-It had 3 VAs whose voices I've heard Somewhere...

Richard Epcar: NIGERUNDAYO!!! (THAT'S JAPANESE FOR RUN AWAY... It has nothing to do with a racist insult towards African Americans)

But mostly because I wanted a Gatchaman "quickie". And Original Gatchaman is way out of my league. Now I'm afraid of watching Gatchaman Live Action...

Also, I hate the 94 Sosai X...

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