Apr 9, 2022

I think I may have found a PARTIAL solution to my TMNTU Civilians issue.

 The solution is NOT Perfect, but they're far better for TMNT than MOTUC... in 2020's Advent Calendar, I reviewed two Divas that Mattel made in a semi stylized look. 

They are not accurate to the source material... The Basic and Elite figures have better likenesses and sometimes that's debatable. These figures look slightly more cartoony and they can fit better with TMNT... and would require minimal paint tweaks to make the outfits look less like Wrestling outfits. Like removing the Alexa Bliss name from her boots, paint longer pants on Ric Flair's daughter. Or give full leggins to Becky Lynch... make these 30-something ladies look like TV Teenaged mallrats that would dance to Vanilla Ice... Super7,  we need a Vanilla Ice Ultimates figure... Ooh! Better save that for my next rant.

I remembered these after I got an Alexa Bliss from a Flea Market... I literally bought her becauase she looked like a Harley Quinn wannabe. My plan was to use her as a place holder Candy Fine...

That KINDA solves the problem with female civilians... males are a bit tougher, due to scale, sculpt and Articulation. McFarlane and NECA are too detailed and articulated. Legends are too small and too articulated. In some cases they're too realistic. Modern Wrestling figures are too realistic and articulated...

It seems that generic third party stuff or bootlegs are my only hope.

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