Apr 26, 2022

Odds and ends April 26 2022: Musk owns Twitter, TMNT and stuff.

 We've heard the news of Elon Musk buying twitter. Some people are cheering, others are having a meltdown. Right now I'm watching the meltdowns and readying myself for the meltdowns from the people cheering...

Yes, that's right: the people cheering today might be having meltdowns soon enough, once they realize that a privately held company can "censor" the speech of those who violate the Terms and Conditions. While Musk promised a less draconian set of rules, more draconian set of rules WILL come. Like not posting about  tracking Musk's plane through publicly available methods. Or those whould dare to criticize his BS like say, the failed Solar infrastructure for the microisland of Vieques after Hurricane Maria. I'm pretty sure that their "free speech" would be canceled too.

This is a guy who is spending 40+ Billion dollars on Twitter... Where is this money coming from? I know he's very anti-government funding but he has gotten a ton of money from governmemt subsidies. Not exactly cool to use a loophole, then demand for it to be closed right after you reaped the benefits from it. 

He didn't want to spend 50K to shut a kid up, but he spent 40B+ to buy twitter to shut him up? Little bit of an overkill there. That's like using a grenade to kill a roach. Let's see how this unfolds.

Shredder's Revenge confirms the love letter to the arcade games AND 1987 cartoon, but something that kinda slipped under the radar that everyone and their rat sensei have picked up is: The game will feature OVER 20 BOSSES!!
20 Bosses? Let's start counting potential bosses until we reach 20:
Baxter Stockman 
Rat King

I got 15 by combining the bosses from both Arcade games AND the NES classic TMNT3 THE MANHATTAN PROJECT.

If we add:
Mutagen Man
Chrome Dome

We can easily reach 20:

I made it to 25 locating the last few (non third movie) toy and Tournament Fighters villains.
If toon stuff is available, this list could expand more...

The delays in timely delivery of toys due to COVID-19 and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine has put a dent on global logistics and that includes toys... I KNOW it sounds like I'm bitching about "first world problems", but mot really. I'm simply pointing out why there has been a rather moderate decrease on "It came from the Toy Chest" posts. I also have some greater responsibilities that have decreased my influx of toys as well. Add the dumb Hasbro and Mattel of no plastic on toy packaging and you can see a much bigger picture. I mean, I had to have my BBTS Pile of Loot to send only 3 figures, due to the delays and one of them is a Super7 Foot Soldier, so I can't review him again.
I have Joes, Legends, Gargoyles, Masterverse, S7TMNT, among others waiting to be released. Compared to last year's Pile of Loot (about 9 items) that arrived after the Advent Calendar was done (the items from this PoL are getting 2022 Advent Calendar treatment, since they were meant for 2021. I had to do some switching around.) This kinda facilitates the 2022 AC process, but when Hasbro is taking Super7 time with preorders, one has to sit back and wonder what's going on... 

Yes, I'm aware, I'm withholding Tygra, but it's fair, because I wanna have a big event completing the OG Thundercats. I wanna review him, Cheetara, and wrong pants Panthro together as a big ass Thundercats celebration.

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