Jun 29, 2023

Odds and ends June 29th 2023: Super7, Pepsi, forgetabble wet pussies.

 Get your mind off the gutter, because I'm talking about Dances with Furries 2: Wet Pussycat Boogaloo, aka I can't believe this crap made 2 Billion... aka Avaturd 2 Way of Water.

Now those are 3 hours I ain't getting back. It's literally the first movie but on the beach... I saw it, but one nap later, I forgot most of it. I remember Jake and Neytiri had kids, Sigourney Weaver's character gave "Virgin birth" to a girl Na'Vi adopted by Kale and Neytiri. Somehow Quarritch returned as an Avatar and had a son, raised by Jake. This forces jake and Neytiri to hide on one of the sea villages in Pandora. Sonething something one of Jake's kids bonds with a "legendary creature", then afterwards all became fuzzy. They fought Quarritch, but most of the Water tribe vanished, then the movie became Titanic but with blue wet pussies. End credits. I might have dozed off during the third act, but that's OK with James Cameron, since he said we can get up and pee at any part and not miss out much or something.

How can I describe this movie? It looks pretty, but it was so dull and boring that I'd rather watch the Snyder Trilogy.  I don't think I'll bother with part 3... coming in 2032-ish?

Power Rangers Ultimates is in Dire Straits... 
Wave 4, White Ranger, Tigerzord,  Madame Woe got hit with some bad news: only the White Ranger is getting made.
I'm going to say what has been said for years:
Super7 is spreading themselves too thin by dropping too much too fast, which means that CUSTOMERS ARE BEING SPREAD TOO THIN AS WELL. First it was Disney's Rescuers, now it's Power Rangers... Super7 might have to look for a way to maybe lower the price tag, or something to stop the hemorrhage of customers?

Pepsi is going to have a 4th of July Special Pepsichup... Pepsi infused ketchup served on Hot Dogs on certain Stadiums. People are claiming that this is a disaster. I am not one of those. The idea of mixing ketchup with Pepsi sounds kind of gross at first. But when you think about it barbecue sauce is nothing more than ketchup additional brown sugar, something acidic, and a few other ingredients. Pepsi has this caramel flavor in addition with citric notes which, are acidic. So I'm guessing that this sauce would have a barbecue adjacent flavor. But I won't be able to try this concoction, since it'll be a limited release for 4th of July uncertain baseball stadiums and Puerto Rico is not included.

Jun 28, 2023

Making a case for Tygra 2.0: a Thundercats rant

 Disclosure: Tygra, stealth variant is in my possession and I already took the pics for the It Came from the Toy Chest review. It'll be released later on throughout the year. I just need to sit down and finish writing the darn thing. But it got me thinking: Super7 NEEDS to fix Tygra. By that I mean give us a Tygra WITH the Missing elbow pad. Since B-Flynn said no mailing a new elbow pad for Tygra, a 2.0 version is what the Doctor ordered.

Take the existing Tygra, add a new right bicep with a sculpted elbow pad. Add the same accessories as vanilla Tygra, but add a few more.

-drugged head from the Garden of Delights.
-Fruit from the Garden of Delights.
-wearable wreath hallucination
-Silky/Mumm-Ra hybrid head for depowered Mumm-Ra
Maybe even color correct the figure as the color was "messed up by the Mattel factory".

Of course the figure would be a Garden of Delights Tygra, sonce all his accessories are based on the episode...

Jun 27, 2023

A pic of the Super7 Cat's Lair has been leaked. Update

 Allegedly, it's for Ultimates. No, it won't be true to scale, since we have to remember that a true to scale Cat's Lair needs to be able to fit the Thundertank inside the Paw Hangar... and the Super7 Thundertank is ridiculously huge. That makes the lair Stupid huge, over 10ft. tall or 3m for metric folks.

At BEST this would be about the same size as the Super7 MOTUC Snake Mountain closed. At worst it'll be about MOTUC Grayskull Size. Obviously, I'm skipping this. Good luck for those who can get it, but unfortunately, this is not in the cards for me. The question is: if it won't be like the vintage Playset with its kinda laser tag action feature, what will this Playset have that makes it special? Since this thing is most likely to be $750 as a minimum, it needs a shit ton of stuff to be more than a glorified backdrop. 

-Council Room table and chairs.
-Sword Chamber stand
And that's pretty much it for the lair. Extra features are a NECESSITY unless Super7 is aiming to have this under $500...
I might be a bit more tempted if Mumm-Ra gets his sarcophagus...
By the looks if this new pic, this might be an Updated LJN styled Cat's Lair but with Cartoon appearance.

Jun 26, 2023

Action Figure Woes: NECA's 2023 comic con sale came and ended and I didn't even got a notification about it.

 I missed out on Keno and his scooter... 

Sure, it was $100, which I feel is a tad overpriced, but still. I never had a chance to preorder. Also the TMNT3 4pack was available, but fuck movie 3.

I'm not so mad about missing out on Keno, who hopefully should get a second release without his bike... I'm mad about not getting any notification despite having joined the mailing list from NECA a while back (around Tokka and Rahzar preorder time). How am I supposed to be able to buy these if I don't get a heads up! No, the spam folder had nothing from NECA. So, I was completely in the dark and not even the facebook pages that I normally lurk had anything about the presale... all they had were posts about gargoyles, the target exclusive toon April 2.0, which I won't be able to get at retail price... until today that some folks were comaining like I am about not getting notified about the event and missed out on Keno and the Movie 3 4 pack.

How can I buy product if I'm not notified about it going on sale despite being in the mailing list!? Welp! Looks like the amount of NECA stuffthat I'll be getting in the future has been greatly reduced, because I don't want to deal with scalpers.

Jun 25, 2023

Rumors about a Super7 TMNT item

 There have been some rumors about Super7 havong a TMNT item for SDCC. I don't know how true these rumors are, BUT the most locigal answer is some ReAction figure multipack. But let's pretend that the SDCC item is an Ultimates figure. What COULD they do? 

Honestly, I don't expect a new character. A redeco of an existing character is the most logical answer. 

A GITD redeco would be the laziest solution. So I wont go into details here, although the best candidate of the preexisting 6 waves right now is MOUSERS 5 pack.

Alternative Source repaints are an easy option.
These figures will have no new sculpts and use preexisting parts.
Here are a few examples:
-Toon Rocksteady being the exact same figure we got but in cartoon colors. His knife would be painted brown as his wooden blade, everything else would be the same.
-Mirage April would be the same April we got in wave 3 but her jumpsuit would be blue and her boots brown. The toy head would be reddish brown similar to the "toon head". For accessories she gets 3 mousers (2 pristine and 1 beaten up), the mouser controller, 
-"2012" 80s styled Bebop is a play on Playmates "1980s" Bebop in 2012 style. Same Bebop sculpt we got but in 2012 colors... basically everything black but with some "tron-like" purple lines.

Now I'm going to propose redecos that require new weapons/accessories. The figure is a repaint but they require a new accessory or 2.
For example:
Metalhead variants of Leonardo, Raphael, or Donatello would require a new weapon. 
In Leonardo's case, a Beam sword that he can grip normally and a "megabuster" type blade... (yes, it's a Mega Man reference).
For Donatello, a techno Bo-staf/stun rod that splits in two., and a "Megabuster" (because a robotic Donatello would totally use an arm cannon weapon)
For Raphael a pair of fists with a pair of Data Spikes that he uses offensively maybe reuse the space Cadet Raph Sais as an extra.

While Wave 7 is getting canceled variant of vintage Shredder, SDCC could have a different variant of Shredder too. 
Mirage red or 1987 toon colors are obvious variants. We could also have a Purple and black outfit with silver blades in anticipation of Super Shredder.

Or it could be just Foot Soldier with different accessories... because a brand new non-variant character would be...

But IF they're making anything I'm betting that it is some ReAction BS. 

Jun 23, 2023

Jada Toys and food mascots

They have made Count Chocula, Frankenberry, and Boo Berry. They also have Chester Cheetah... notice a trend here?

Cereal and snack mascots getting made... Sure everyone is wishing for Tony the Tiger, the Trix rabbit, Lucky... Snao, Crackle, and Pop... while not a cereal Ernie the Keebler Elf. Sugar Bear and the other cereal folks... Me? I'm thinking:

Pepsiman... it's Japanese, bizarre, and promotes Pepsi...

Then there's the cool spots of the uncola...

But there is a mascot... one that I'd love to have as a 1:12 scaled action figure... or at least as an accessory to Colonel Sanders since both are owned by Yum foods...
Maybe throw in a Pizza Head who was totally not a Mr. Bill reskin...

But wait, there is another...

He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! I'm talking about the Noid... 

I could almost see him become Michelangelo's nemesis....

OK there are a few more Mascots I'd like: Ronald is obviously an obvious choice...
We're living in a weird age where everything can be a toy...
In before anyone asks for Uncle Ben, Aunt Jemima, or the Land o Lakes indian lady...

Oceangate Submersible: the rant

 My condolences to the families of the passengers of the Oceangate Titan Submersible, who died. Fuck the CEO of Oceangate and his greed which cost him his life and that of the passengers. He KNEW there were safety issues that needed to be solved long before the submersible had its ill-fated journey to meet the Ship from the James Cameron film that also had safety issues that needed to be solved before its ill-fated journey.

But that's not all, the stepson of one of the passengers did what any "self-respecting" stepson can do when his stepfather goes MIA: he went to a Blink-182 concert. The idiot puts it on social media and this forced shitty human being, Cardigan Backyardigan to call him out for being a shitty human being.

When a self admitted criminal who drugged and robbed men while they were impaired by the drugs calls you out for being a shitty human being, you most definitely are a shitty human being. I'm not against him going to the concert, but to use his stepfather's disappearance and promote himself in social media for going to the concert while his stepdad was missing, that's a bit of a dick move.

Maybe his stepdad was a dick... you kinda have to be one to pay a quarter of a million to get in a carbon fiber sardine can piloted by a bootleg Playstation controller. Still, i wouldn't promote myself by being an even bigger dick for going to see Blink-182 while my stepdad is missing.

Jun 21, 2023

It Came from the Toy Chest: Fei Long!? He's an asshole!

 According to the movie director whose movie Fei Long was supposed to be filming, but the actor skipped it to fight Ryu in an illegal street fight... or so it was before it got censored to shit... now He's a troublemaker!

I got Jada Toys Fei Long and Ryu. Of course I had to get Ryu. I somehow have to make upfor the fact that SOTA's Ryu alway eluded me. Before I start with the reviews, I want to point out that the packaging is cute, but not MOC Collection friendly. The irregular shape will be prone for damage via shipping.

Noteworthy things to mention: the torso articulation is VERY STIFF. Apparently they need to be heated up to get things going. Other than that, they have a really good range of articulation. I was able to pull off most poses with both figures. Kinda wish they had hinged toes though.

Paint and sculpt
They look the part for the most part. There are a few angles where things look a bit off... but to be fair these are 3D representations of 2D art... which can be troubleseome to adapt at times. The only gripe I have is that Ryu's pants are dirtier looking than his gi.
Fun fact: the Hadoken has Hands sculpted inside.
I believe this is the first Hadoken to have that.

Here is where the figures fall short... to be fair, these figures are $25, while Imports are over $50.
Fei Long:
Extra head
Flame effect for his Shienkyaku
Thanks to Batman 66 for giving me an idea how to achieve this pic.

Personally I feel he needed 2 more things: a woosh effect for the Rekkaken or the O face for the winpose where he looks like he's humping the air. Or a set of c-grip hands and a nunchaku. While a Clear stand would be nice, third party stands exist.

Extra head
Hadoken hands
Clear stand for the hadoken

All he needed was a third head for his victory pose. Not going to ask for interchangeable arms for the cross armed pose because those tend to be a bitch to put in.

So here's the scores for each:
Fei Long: 4.0
Ryu: 4.5
Technically speaking Ryu won, but both figures are great.

The score difference between Fei Long and Ryu is not that big, with the Flying Dragon of Hong Kong getting a 4.33 While the Japanese Dragon gets a 4.5 as his final score. Then again, it might be my pro-Ryu bias talking... no, I am not Kasugano-chan wearing a Nefty-kun costume. It's obvious that the clear winner here is Jada Toys. New to the 1:12 action figure game and already outdoing some of the veterans (Bandai America, Playmates Toys, and even State Of The Art Toys... yeah, I went there...)

Nintendo and SquareEnix: You just gave me a massive Boner.

 Last time I saw this team-up it was SquareSOFT but now I AM HARD!!! How hard you may ask? As hard as Geno the puppet. Final Fantasy VII is not the only Squaresoft game getting remade.

This explains why the game isn't in the SNES Online emulator offered by the Nintendo Switch Online. 
We are getting a remake of Super Mario RPG on the Nintendo switch. So far it looks like it's just a straight up remake not a Final Fantasy 7 rebootquel type of remake.

Seriously, if we get an updated Chrono Trigger I might get a heart attack. 

Toss in a Final Fantasy 6 remake and I could easily die happy.

A new 2D Mario game!?

 This game looks like it's tripping balls a lot than the average Mario game. It's like Mario on LSD.

I mean, it looks like your average two-dimensional Mario game. It's the art style that looks a bit different, but it has its charm. Now when you get into the world and it's power-ups that's where everything goes in an LSD-INFUSED trip which is strange even for Mario. PIPES ACT LIKE WORMS. YOU AND THE ENEMIES STRETCH AND DEFORM IN WEIRD WAYS. YOU EVEN TURN INTO A FREAKING ELEPHANT!!

Then there's 

Princess Daisy is finally playable in a normal Mario game! It only took 34 years.

Krang's Android Body: Another rant

 My biggest TMNT Want right now is Krang's Android Body. But with Playmates being Playmates, a Playmates inspired figure is a no go. How can we make this Android Body special?
I've already said that the body should be Armored Mon*Star sized. The issue lies on the accessories, since Playmates is blocking the vintage stuff. 

New expression.
New tentacles (a set for usage inside the android body, a set or two for being outside of it. Here we could reuse the old ones from wave 5, but we need a new set that can hold a communicator.)
New Evil Communicator
Reuse the wave 5 tripod.

Android Body:
Alternate heads:
Neutral, angry, optic blast firing with removable optic blast effects.
C-grips, fists, dramatic hands, chopping.
Misc. Accessories:
Rocket punch effect with stand. It can plug to any hand.
Winged Jetpack from Turtles in Time.
Battle damage electric sparks and arcs.
Ball and chain replacement hands from Shredder's Revenge.

There you have it: This Krang's Android Body is based on all his videogame appearances and has none of Playmates Toys vintage accessories while feeling nostalgic. I wonder what is Super7 actually planning with this guy, who should be released on his own as a "micro wave" not to be confused with a microwave (oven)

Jun 20, 2023

Super7 what are you doing? Super7 stahp! Thundercats teaser revealed.

 Super7 left this ominous picture on Facebook a little while ago:

I hope this isn't what I think it is.
The Thundertank will be grossly out of scale with this playset as a true to scale Cat's Lair would be over 10 feet tall... not to mention Super7's pricetag for a 10ft Cat's Lair:
I don't know what to expect and I'm more afraid of the proce tag than anything else... then again it could be for ReAction figures.  

Сергей Кравинофф what have they done to you... It's Kravin' time

 Kraven the Hunter got a teailer released and... it is absolute shit. Since it's a red band trailer,  bith YouTube and blogger throw hissy fits about them, I can't embed it. So link here.

The best way to describe this movie is: "Tell me you don't understand it Kraven the Hunter without telling me you don't understand Kraven the Hunter."

The trailer makes Morbius look like a masterpiece. The direction on the Kraven storyline reminds me a lot of Zack Snyder... as in The director of this movie is as clueless about Kraven the Hunter as Zack snyder is about the entire DC Universe. Why oh why do i feel vi Asstard Arad is involved.
Oh, would you look at that. He is. I expect great things of this movie:
-Make Morbius look like a Masterpiece
-that's  it... this movie is going to suck ass.

Top 20 Musical Artists that I'd like to have action figures of

 Preferably in scale with Super7 Ultimates. Note that I didn't say Exclusively made by Super7, but Super7 scale compatible... like Playmates Toys own Billie Eilish figure.
This eliminates Figma, SH Figuarts, or Mafex, since they do closer to 1:12 scale figures. I want closer to 1:10 scale figures... also, Vanilla Ice will not be on this list because we already know that I want, nay, NEED him for both NECA AND SUPER7. 

20: Michael Jackson:
I have the SH Figuarts Michael Jackson. But like I mentioned earlier, he feels small even in other 1:12 scaled lines. I just want something close to this in 1:10 scale.
Theoretically speaking even with S7 Ultimates articulation, this pose could be pulled off.

19: Madonna:
Not Current Year Madonna, but mid-80s to mid-90s Madonna. Just for a couple of reasons:
Biggest popularity era for her
Can display well with a Moonwalker Michael Jackson.

18: Dee Snider:
A little Twisted Sister in the toy shelves wouldn't be a bad thing... also, no... It's not the Huevos con Aceite reference why I want him.

17: Xzibit:
Yes, he'd be a Pimp my Ride joke, but what else is he known for? I mean he'd be great for vehicular it came from the Toy Chest reviews 

16: Sir-Mix-a-Lot:
Not going to explain why he's on the list. You probably know why.

15: Billy Ray Cyrus:
No, I don't want the current year "I molded myself after Red Dead Redemption 2" Billy Ray Cyrus. I wouldn't mind a Hannah Montana era Billy Ray, but what I really want is the Achy Breaky Heart big Mullet Billy Ray Cyrus from the early 90s.

14: Cher:
Part of me wants an 80s Cher, but another part of me wants a Sonny and Cher era Cher (with Sonny Bono).

13: Backstreet Boys:
This most definitely Cannot be made by Super7. I cannot drop $300 on the spot for all 5 of them just to be used as an occasional gag on toy reviews.

12: Britney Spears:
Hoo boy! I know it's a bit controversial to mention her, because people might think I wanna make jokes about Britney's mental health struggles. I just want a Britney fogure to go with the *Nsync set I was going to suggest next.

11: *Nsync:
Like BSB this NEEDS to be made by anyone other than Super7, because it would be too expensive is Super7 made them. Yes, I'm mainly interested in Lance Bass because of Kingdom Hearts references. 

10: Prince (or whatever he called himself after his legal disputes):
My main reason for wanting Prince:
But Michael Jackson needs a villain, and Prince WAS Michael's nemesis... I totally do not want Prince for Animaniacs references...

9: Axl Rose:
Technically I want Axl and Slash, but just asking for Axl allows me to make a GNR joke with him and TMNT Slash... especially if Fat Axl were made, but knowing Axl and his desire to make people forget about Fat Axl.

8: Fresh Prince:
While I'm not the cuck's biggest fan, I can't deny his iconic status due to being a rapper AND a TV/movie star.

7: Justin Bieber:
Yes, I want the baby era version of Bieber and not the more grown up version that kind of looks like gas station employee who is always looking to bum a fag.
And no, I'm not going to be making CSI references...  

6:Rick Astley:
It would be impossible to do an action figure Rick Roll... but I just want a Rick Astley figure because why the hell not?

5: MC Hammer:
Vanilla Ice isn't the only Rapper with ties to TMNT...
And yes, I would most likely arm him with a Hammer.

4: Boy George:
A little Culture Club representation in the shelves wouldn't be a bad thing... he teamed up with the A-Team...

3: Steven Seagal:
He actually has released music albums, which technically makes him a musical artist. Y'all know that I want an articulated Steven Seagal figure... and yes, I could've put Hasselhoff here instead, but Hasselhoff is nothing without the Feenymobile... meaning that I'd rather have a Michael Knight with KITT than a David Hasselhoff.

2: Miley Cyrus:
Mentioning her dad a few slots back should've been clue enough that Miley was coming... I'd be OK with a current era Miley, but I'd prefer to have a figure of her from the transition era of No-Longer Hannah Montana but before the Robin Thicke blurred lines Twerkin Turkey Miley.

Before I mention the choice Numero Uno, here are some honorable or dishonorable mentions:

♤ Patrice Wilson:
Yes, the guy behind many child pseudo one-hit wonders like Rebecca Black. You know, the creepynguy that preys on kids and sells them false dreams of fame that ends up becoming infamy. I honestly want a digure of him in the Panda suit for Chinese Food. And yes, he would be an ersatz for another bear that likes dem lolis.

♡ Spice Girls:
Yo, I'll tell you what I want
What I really, really want...
For them not to be made by Super7, because they'd break my wallet.

♡ Eminem:
Since Super7 is making a couple of Rappers, I believe that the oddity of a White Rapper, who is considered one of the best rappers makes a lot of sense.

♤ Kurt Cobain:
Celebrating Nirvana's role in late 80s to early 90s music is never a bad thing, but Articulated Kurt Cobain would lend itself for some macabre displays... I would call anyone who would want a moderately articulated figure of Kurt Cobain and not having thoughts of posing him in a recreation of his soloing Task Force X, a freaking liar. 

♡ Elvis:
Yes, NECA made STATUES. I want articulated figures. Preferably of younger Elvis.

♡ Cam Clarke:
He vpices, he sings, he even has an actual disc release of covers of popular songs. He didn't make the official list because this is an "obscure" choice and it's because i fangirl a bit too much over his voice...

No for the last spot:

1: James Brown:
The Godfather of Soul... why the hell not?  Sadly I do not own any Jakks or NECA Rocky IV figures to have an obvious reason to own a james brown figure, but it's a freaking James Brown figure.

Jun 19, 2023

Netflix's One Piece trailer is here

 I can't believe I'm going to say this but:

It actually LOOKS GOOD! It has more love towards the source material than other Anime Adaptations by Netflix...

I'm talking about Death Note, you guys. So stop trying to say I hate Buckaroo Rocksteady. I do hate it, but that's not the point. The point is that I don't care too much for the One Piece anime... saw about 5-7 episodes from what I suppose is the first season and sporadic episodes from later on. The trailer seems to have captured the spirit of the anime rather well and I MIGHT give it a watch. Main reason is morbid curiosity.
I mean it can't be Saint Seiya bad... shit, Mackenyu is in this 

Jun 18, 2023

Apparently, Jesus was a weeb...

Yes, I'm talking about THAT Jesus: Born on a Manger, turned water to wine and died for your sins Jesus. Apparently, he was a proto-weeb. According to the town of Shingo, where Jesus is allegedly buried, the Bible is telling half-truths... because Jesus didn't die on the cross, but his little brother replaced him. Instead Jesus ran away to Japan fell in love and lived until he was 106 years old.

Jesus allegedly went to Japan during his "lost years" the gap in Jesus storyline as a teen and before his return to the storyline as an adult. So, at 21, (legal adult age to be able to buy eroge) Jesus comes to Japan to study Theology. (Kinda weird going to another country to study his dad.) He learns Japanese and embraces the culture... (total weeb, amirite?) Returns to Judea after 12 years of being a weeb. Gets in trouble with the Authorities and he uses the kawarimi techniques to swap himself with his little brother that conveniently has a Japanese sounding name (Isukiri) unlike his other brothers: James, Joses, Judas (not that one), and Simon. He also has sisters, but they're unnamed.

The whole Jesus switch reminds me of Xenosaga...

IIRC chaos is Yeshua, which means, you guessed it, Jesus. The Jesus looking man was the mascot, while chaos was "the real Jesus". Looks like I'm straying From the Path again, let's get back on track. After doing the substitution technique with his Japanese sounding kid brother, Jesus went to Japan, assumed a new name, became a garlic farmer, and got married. He then lived until the age of 106 were he died.

I have a lot of questions:
How did the resurrection work with his kid brother?
Where was this kid brother all along? I mean there's no sign of him in the previous chapters of the storyline. I mean; it's  stupid to have a mysterious kid brother that appears out of nowhere, especially since this storyline is about a guy who is all about family...
Why Japan? It would make more sense if he had gone to China to study Eastern Religion.

So, the story that the Town of Shingo tries to present us is that Jesus was a weeb, who ran away from responsibility and became a reverse passport bro in the land of hentai.

Press X to doubt.

I have a feeling I might get Crucified for this rant. This Japanese Jesus Gaiden story seems like pure BS. Perfect for a reference in a Jesus themed ICFTTC, but it's something that should be an "interesting fact" and not taken as truth. Also, I took a neutral stance while analyzing this side story and how implausible it is with Biblical canon. Because if I stuck to my faith, there would be no rant and I wouldn't be able to comment about this or laugh with Rapping for Jesus. 

Jun 17, 2023

While MK 1 won't be for me, I have good news.

 Cole Young, the protagonist from the shitty MK Movie Reboot WILL NOT BE IN MK 1. That is some great news: what's not great news are the rumored guest kombatants.

Homelander, Omniman, and Peacemaker are the top 3 rumored characters. Personally, Peacemaker feels out of place here. He's better off on Injustce 3. While Omniman and Homelander can fit the MK mold, having Superman knock-offs in Mortal Kombat is kinda lame. 

Wargods: now there's a lot of potential in here. I know the original game wasn't that great and the graphics were a little bad, but it's technically a Midway game, which means Netherrealm might own the property.

Conan: yes I'm talking about that Conan. The Barbarian not the talk show host, just making sure we're on the same page. Think about it. Strong, savage, violent, perfect for MK. There's lots of potential in Conan... especially if they go for the Public domain version of Conan... solely based on the stuff published by Robert E. Howard when he was alive... or work with whoever holds the rights now. (They've changed hands recently) in order to get THIS Conan.

Lobo: I lnow I have a beef with DC stuff in MK, but Lobo males more sense than Joker. The only reason Joker is in is because they already have Joker's VA playing Raiden and they don't need to hire anyone else... also, Brad Garrett should play Lobo.

But let's be honest here: the Guest Kombatant thing is nothing more than a half-assed, desperate gimmick...

Mirage Turtles and Shredder: LuiKangdammit! Please notice that I said MIRAGE and not the pop culture idea of the Turtles where Leonardo Leads, Donatello does Machines, Raphael is cool but rude, Michelangelo is a party dude... I mean the mean and gritty Morage Universe, where the Turtles are edgier than a Zack Snyder movie. I don't want the Injustice Turtles in MK1... I want something along the lines of MIRAGE universe or DARKER...

But all we need is a Street Fighter crossover (which unfortunately won't happen, because Capcom looks down on MK)

Jun 16, 2023

Good riddance Snyderverse: I saw The Flash.

Or The Flush, as some Snydertards who put a hard tard on Snydertard like to call it. Unwittingly, they're saying their beloved Snyderverse is shit... now that I got that out of the way, let's talk Flash. Before I start: 

Ezra Miller and their erratic behavior NEED to be ignored in order to fairly review the movie. I believe they shouldn't be rewarded for their terrible behavior by keeping them as Barry post reboot. But I would be doing the movie a disservice if I say: "Screw being objective, the movie sucks because it still has Ezra Miller!" While I'm an asshole with a blog, I try to have some integrity when reviewing stuff... and I pay for my stuff, because toy companies don't send me free samples, nor I get free passes for movies... except for GB16... and that wasn't SONY. Let's get ready to review, so hold onto your Kryptonian butts, because the end of the Real Martha is in space, bro! is nigh!

I won't do a play by play because I'm at the movie theater watching the movie and cellphone usage is frowned upon.

The good:
It's a loose emphasis on the word loose adaptation of Flashpoint paradox. At least the twist they have is easier to explain than reverse flash being some dude from the future who comes back and messes with Barry's life.

Michael Keaton's performance as a Batman was superb although the script was a bit weak for him and had some Forced callbacks to lines from the original 1989 Batman.

Sasha Calle did a really great job as Supergirl. She did feel a bit wooden, kinda like Cavill did, but at least she had the justification of being locked up for her entire life unlike her cousin.

Affleck managed to pull off a better performance than in the last two movies he played Batman. I blame the directorial shortcomings of Zack Snyder.

The star of the show was Ezra Miller. They pulled up an excellent performance when playing both versions of Barry Allen. They actually felt like two different people.

The bad: 
It's a loose, emphasis on loose adaptation of Flashpoint paradox. Some of the changes where the twist about Thomas Wayne being Batman, which had a poignant moment for Bruce.

It was a smidge much too much of a comedy. I kind of wish it had been at least 7% more serious.

The ugly:
90% of the CGI...

Final veredict:
The movie is not perfect, and the First Act is a bit too heavy on Exposition. Once Michael Keaton shows up the movie begins to gain traction and the third act while a bit emotional, it felt a little bit weak. All I know is that once it gets to DVD and Blu-ray I'm buying it. It's the end of the dceu and it feels rather fitting. It has some cringy moments but none as cringy as save Martha, Pa Kent suggesting that Clark should've left kids die, Lex Luthor's pee fetish, or his homoerotic candy feeding... not going to go into zsJL territory or we'd be here all day. I have to go to sleep, since I've been awake for 28 hours and ny body is shutting down.

Also, Joss Whedon had the best ending for the DCEU

Jun 14, 2023

Some potential actuon figure thoughts regarding TMNT vs SF

 Since so far we have Issue 1, this may be a bit premature. But I'm trying to strike while the iron is hot! Weekend suspect that we are going to see mutated versions of Street Fighter characters on later issues, just like we did with some of Gotham's criminals in the Batman and TMNT crossover movie adaptation... because you KNOW we NEED the SFII Roster turned into Animals and other things EVEN IF THE COMIC DOESN'T. But let me make a list of characters and then discuss it a bit more.

Beargief ( Bear Zangief)
Whale Honda (Whale E Honda)
Eaguile (eagle Guile)
Jimmy the Wildboy (a reverse mutation for Blanka)
Chun Nix (Chinese Phoenix Chun Li)
Ryu (Japanese Dragon Ryu)
Baldog (Bulldog and Balrog)
Tigat (Tiger Sagat)
Vemenco (a Spiky flamingo Vega)
Inuken (a Shiba Inu Ken)
Phantsim (skinny elephant Dhalsim)
M. Bison (the M. Stands for Mutated and Bison is a Bison alternate Bison Skull head for "full psycho power mode")
Now if we want to go Super Turbo,  you're welcome!
Killer Bee (Bee and Cammy)
Fei Long (Chinese Dragon Fei Long)
Thunder Hawk (T. Hawk hawk)
Mant Jay (Dee Jay Praying Mantis)
Akumainu (Akuma Japanese Lion dog)

No for the explanations. Most of them are rather obvious, but the odd choices I shall explain a bit more. I mean I will explain them all, but the odd choices will need a little bit more explanation on why I went that way instead of going out different direction. I might even mention some of the direction site had planned but didn't go there.

Beargief: this one is rather obvious. He wrestles Bears ALL the time. So it would make sense to have a big bear-like Zangief. 

Whale Honda: No, it's NOT because of his weight...but Japan has a huge tradition with Whales, who are considered a gift from Ebisu.

Eaguile: American Bald Eagle was the most obvious choice for Guile

Jimmy the Wildboy: Retromutagen Ooze tends to unlock the nature of the being mutated by it or something that may have a significance on the being mutated by it. In Blanka's case, it Reveals His true nature, which is Jimmy. He just looks normal... thing Bruce Banner with Blanka's hairstyle but more slicked back and less wild. He can still channel electricity but looks normal and kinda handsome.

Chun Nix: taking the Chinese Phoenix, fenghuang. It already has the Crane legs, so I don't have to go full crane on her and save the crane for Gen. Also, while I'm not a fan of this ship, Phoenix and Dragon... made sense visually.

Ryu being a dragon... it's literally he's freaking name. Of course he's an electric Dragon because of thr Denjin Hadoken.

Baldog: I was stumped here for a while. My mind went straight to gorilla because, hear me out before you take out the pitchforks and torches. My mind went straight to gorilla because he's a boxer and gorillas have a big strong arms that could look badass boxing. I understand how horribly racist would look if you make the black guy a gorilla. Instead I chose a bulldog because I could kind of play with the name. Also I thought it would be hilarious to have Balrog be an American Bulldog while Dudley is a British bulldog.

Tigat: yes Sagat is a tiger. He has made his life about two things tigers and defeating Ryu. Also a little dark motivation for having him be a tiger. Custom Vintage inspired Tiger Claw. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Vemenco: Flamingo vega was a pain in the ass. I wanted to make him a bull first, due to his Bullfighter nature, but Bulls are too big for his small frame. I could've gpne for a Snake, but Snakes work with constricting or venom, two things Vega doesn't do. Then I had an idea in the throne room of all places: Flamingo.
First, Flamingos think they're hot, but are kinda ugly. Perfect Spirit Animal for Vega. A group of flamingos is called flamboyance and Vega has a ton of flamboyance. The brighter the Flamingo, the more violent it becomes in captivity... Vega fights in a cage. His stage has Flamenco dancers... want to know the Spanish word for Flamingo? Flamenco... 
Did I mention he'd be a deranged flamingo?

Inuken: I originally wanted Ken to be a Western Dragon with Mighty Wings made of fire, but it didn't click. I could've used a Firebird, but I felt like there were too many birds. Since Ryu is a dragon, I wanted something different for Ken. I had Akuma look like a Lion dog, due to his SFV look. Lion dogs look a bit dragonesque, so I made Ken a dog. Since Ken is half Japanese, Shiba Inu was the first thing that popped into my mind.

Phantsim: Ganesha was the first thing that popped to mind.
Dhalsim has elephants in his stage. The portrait of ganesha slapped me in the face... so basically, take Dhalsim and give him Elephant feet for both hands and feet. For some poses Dhalsom can yoga stretch fingers. Give him a more Elephantine face with a trunk that reaches about his nipples in length.

M. Bison: OF COURSE! Bison had to be a Bison.
I originally wanted to make him a Slash-like creature, but making a Turtle out of the guy named BISON made no sense, so...
We got M(utated) Bison! The second head being a skull is a not so subtle nod to his Shadaloo insignia. Of course I would have added purple cycle power flames in a manner similar to Ghost Rider and the Flames finding out like Wings around his horns.

Now the Super Turbo folks:
Killer Bee: Cammy's codename as as Shadaloo Doll, makes sense. Her pigtails are her antennae. She should have a bit of a Q-Bee vibe, but Cammy Styled.

Fei Long: The Chinese Dragon, while similar to the Japanese Dragon has differences in horns, toes, facial hair same principle applies to Fei Long.

This is rather simple, it's just a big ass Hawk dressed like Thunderhawk. It's self-explanatory.

Mant Jay is a Praying Mantis Dee Jay. The reason is a nod to an earlier Dee Jay concept where his pants were meabt to say Mantis, but due to sprite flipping it wouldn't have worked,  therefore Mantis Became Maximum.

Akumainu is a Komainu Akuma, I already referenced SFV's look being the inspiration, since he looks like a lion... Akuma Matata and all that.

Oh no... I'm still feeling inspired and I want to do full accessory list for them.

Heads: Neutral, roaring
Hands: c-grips, fists, pointing, green fists
Misc: Soft goods Red cyclone cape, small clear stand for Beargief to sit for dancing poses with Gorbachev... but without Gorbachev.

Whale Honda:
Heads: Neutral, Laughing
Hands: c-grips, slap hands, fists, dramatic hands
Misc: Hundred hand slap effect, chankonabe bowl

One head Articulated beak
Hands: C-grips, fists, slap hands, dramatic hands
Misc: sonic boom with clear stand, pre sonic boom clip on effects for fists. MRE pizza made from sad.

Heads: Neutral, Angry, Happy
Hands: c-grips, fists, dramatic, watermelon slice hilding
Misc: clip on electricity effects, whole watermelon, watermelon slice.

Chun nix:
Heads: Neutral, winking
Hands: c-grips, fists, slap, dramatic, V-pose
Misc: kikoken with clear stand, lightning leg effect (reuses the kikoken stand)

Heads: neutral, Angry head with red and purple eyes, closed eyes
Hands: c-grips, fists, hadoken, dramatic 
Misc: clear stand, Hadoken, Shakunetsu Hadoken, Metsu Hadoken, satsui no hado clip on effect for arms.

Heads: neutral, barking, happy
Gloved Fists, open glove, c-grip glove,
Oversized Bone that fits inside the barking mouth, bag of money (reuse Scratch's), half bitten turkey leg, shades, bling

Heads: neutral, roaring
Hands: c-grips, fists, dramatic
Misc: soft goods poncho thing from SFV. Tall and short clear stands, tigershot effect

Heads: Masked, broken mask like redeco Casey, unmasked with open beak.
Deranged Flamingo Vega...
Hands: c-grips, fists, dramatic
Misc: Removable right forearm claw "armor piece" in pristine condition, removable right forearm claw "armor piece"  in mangled condition, rose, flamingo Vega Mask that can be held in a Dramatic hand.

Heads: SFII Ken, SFA Ken, SFV Ken
Hands: c-grips fists, Hadoken, V-pose
Misc: clear stand, Hadoken, flame Shoryuken effect.

Heads: neutral, Yoga Fire, Happy
Hands: C-grips, dramatic, fists
Misc: swappable stretched arms (like Silverhawks) clear stand, yoga fire and yoga flame effects.

Heads: Normal, Psycho powered Skull
Hands: c-grips, fists, dramatic, purple psycho powered fists and dramatic hands
Misc: removable hat, soft goods cape, pristine purple psycho power ooze canister, broken purple psycho power Ooze cannister.

Killer Bee:
Heads: Normal, Winking, Purple Eyed Doll Mode head
Hands: dramatic, C-grips, fists, gun grips
Misc: knives and guns from Cannon Spike (inspired by the SOTA figure based on the Dreamcast game)

Fei Long:
Heads: Neutral, roaring
Hands: c-grips, fists, dramatic, slap
Misc: nunchaku with real chain, nunchaku with sculpted chain, flaming kick effect

Mant Jay:
Heads: Neutral, happy
Hands: C-grips, Dramatic, fists
Misc: maracas, Max out effect with clear stand, sunglasses, machinegun fist effect.

Heads: Neutral, angry with Satsui No Hado flowing from his eyes
Hands: c-grips, hadoken, fists, dramatic
Misc: clear stand with gohadoken (reuse Ryu's metsu hadoken), Zanku Hadoken (normal hadoken, but the hole for the stand is in a 45° angle instead of the normal 90°. Satsui no Hadou energy effect for arms, 2 sets of prayer beads (SSFIIT necklace styled and SFV over the entire torso styled)

NOW I AM DONE! This has a 99.99999999999999999997% chance of NOT happening, but in a weird way it would be cool... now if we could get a TMNT fighting game...

Spider-Man artist John Romita Sr. Has passed away.

 Dammit. Wolverine's co-creator, one of Punisher's co-creator, and MARY JANE WATSON'S co-creator passed away in his sleep. My condolences to his friends and family, especially his son John Romita Jr. who, like his father has also been an artist in Spider-Man comics. Romita Sr.'s work in Spider-Man came after Stan Lee and Steve Ditko had a falling out and Romita was the artist behind some of Spidey's crucial moments... 

Let's just say that Romita Sr. was one of the top two important artists in Spider-Man's formation. Some folks might say that he's superior to Ditko. I'm not going to say who does that or who doesn't in order to avoid fights.

May you rest in peace JRsr...

Jun 13, 2023

Mortal Kombat 1 gameplay perplexes me

 Feels like Netherrealm has lost its way. 

It "looks pretty". But looking pretty isn't enough. The gameplay seems slow and clunky and relies far too much on the "Kameo Kombatant" gimmick, which I personally find lame as hell. It's nothing more than a half-assed tag mold that has a lot more in common with the PlayStation 1 Port of Marvel versus games that it has with the arcade version of Marvel versus games. Why not have a real tag team mode where you can switch characters at will? How about something like the original Mortal Kombat's endurance mode, where both characters had to be beaten in order to push forward? 

Now the biggest question is: How in the Hell is this game on Nintendo Switch but not on Xbox One and PS4!? The second issue is Why so slow? It feels like it's running at ×0.80 speed.
Then there's the Kameo Kombatants. They are NPCs that pop in for attacks. Kinda like the MvC 1 assist characters. Stryker returns as a Non-Playable Character. Oh, so you want to play as Stryker? Well, F*** You!! Goro? Might as well get punched in the dick! Because he's a Kameo Kombatant...

I don't think MK1 is for me... oh well... 

Jun 12, 2023

Latin America lost their He-Man and Mr. Feeny.

 Rubén Moya, Mexican voice actor, has passed away. As stated in the title, he was MY He-Man... as in my earliest interactions with the show were with the Latin American dub, long before I could watch the show in English and appreciate John Erwin's work.

He was also the voice of Mr. Feeny, of all people, in the Latin American dub of Boy Meets World.

Boy Meets World in Spanish was far weirder for me than in English. He-Feeny is a lot stranger than KITT Feeny.
Is it me or does the Latin American Deku Tree sounds like he's got the POWER!!

He also was the voice of God, I mean Morgan Freeman.
He was not only God, but also Satan... South Park's Satan...
Spock, Picard, all He-Man. The Father of the Homunculi, the CGI Netflix Randor... He was also the ORIGINAL SCHWARZENEGGER VOICE FOR CONAN... He's literally voiced Dolph Lundgren in MOTU, Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan the Barbarian, AND Sylvester Stallone in Over the Top! He's been around...

Apparently, the Cause of Death was Throat Cancer. My condolences to his friends and family. While I've never seen the man's face until today, it feels like I've lost a family member.

I often tend to be harsh with Mattel for all their bullshit, but I got to commend the Mexican Branch for using Rubén Moya to promote Origins.

I'm honestly crying as I watch these.

Será sencillamente hasta la próxima... Buen Viaje, Master!

TMNT vs SF is a thing and...

 It seems to be recycling the plot of GI Joe vs Street Fighter. Here Bison teams up with Stockman in order to produce stronger warriors. (I'm betting that the Ooze will be involved.) Also, Bison has a massive Hard-On for Raphael.

Won't spoil the reasons why Bison has it hard for Raph, but if you know Bison, you can guess the Reason. The issue isn't THAT bad. We get a fight between Raphael and Guile and a  fight between Chun Li and Michelangelo. Also it seems I may be an unintended Ghostwriter, since Michelangelo kinda behaves like the Neftyverse Mikey and wants to play Owen Wilson with Chun Li.

I'm not a fan of the art, to be honest. Now the dynamic between Mikey and Chun Li feels weird for an official comic. For a toy review from an asshole with a blog, maybe it could work, but I shouldn't have official Street Fighter Material where Chun Li is OK with Michelangelo hitting on her! Issue 2 will have Leonardo vs Ryu... Shame that the IDW continuity means that Stockman is the Big Bad and not someone else... or you know... the big bads from 1987. Hopefully it won't suck 

Why do I believe the Footski might be the next Super7 TMNTU Vehicle

 It's the only vehicle that makes sense for sticking in a "half wave" like Mandora's Electro Charger and the Rumored Silverhawks Wave 5 Copper Kidd space Racer. They can't make the cheapskate because none of the existing basic Turtle figures have foot holes to use on any vehicle peg.

The Foot Cruiser, while with some Modifications, it could be turned into a Neutrino Cruiser would be a $450+ S&H adventure BEFORE Super7 even tries the Neutrino Repaint.
The only viable option for a Smaller not $450+ vehicle is The Footski. Yes, the Footski. This is all thanks to the cartoon... I'll explain myself:

Saw a Footski being sold on etsy with a Rat King Figure and realized something: The vintage toy is REALLY BIG! (For figures in the 5.5" scale)
I remember the cartoon Footski being a lot smaller... barely the size of Rocksteady and Bebop.
You see where I'm going with this? If Super7 plays their cards right, they COULD pull off a Footski that's "affordable to most collectors". 
Let's dive into how it could be done:

Let's start with the obvious: 
-It's not a toy and doesn't need to float. If Mutagen Man cannot be filled with Water/Ooze because it's not a toy, then the Footski doesn't NEED to float.
-it could have a small clear stand to hold the Footski slightly above the ground to simulate it's floating. (Works best if combined with third party water effects.)
-it should be about the size of Guerilla Gorilla... proba ly a smidge smaller.the idea is that while Bebop or Rocksteady can sit on it, they should look Slightly Oversized while riding.
-the design should be a hybrid of the cartoon AND Turtles in Time.

Especially since the TMNT:TiT Footski is a simplified take on the Playmates toy. Perhaps even take some more cues from the cartoon for coloring in order to avoid ruffling feathers.

So, My proposal is: taking the TiT Footski and combining it with the Cartoon design and size. Then using Vintage toy inspired colors but using the Toon scheme.
The lighter greys being Vintage Blue with the darker greys being darker blue (or Metallic blue) and the purples remain purple.
The Sides of the seat should remain like the TURTLES IN TIME design, but adding the  vintage GAS lettering.
Making the seat Black would be a nice touch. Also, the snakes should be painted to have a bit more color and the Footski is essentially...
I know the flagpole and projectiles are missing...
Like I've stated before, the Flagpole should be usable as a weapon. The missiles are just missiles.

The main idea is to have the Footski be UNDER $100. That could Theoretically be achieved since the Footski has no moving parts and there's no need to engineer hidden compartments. 
Footski main body would be composed of the bottom half which would be cast in Purple along with the handlebar, the post where the handlebar attaches to, and the front part that "shoots the harpoons".
The top half of the Footski would be cast in blue as well as the Snakes/eels/leeches or whatever they are. They would be painted green.

The rest of the accessories would be cast in red, the missiles, the flagpole/staff, and the harpoon.

But why stop there!? Let us sweeten the deal a little bit.
Let's add a Rat King Variant:
I do not know what the plans for wave 11 Rat King will be but, if a "true 100% Playmates styled Rat King" can't be made, I may have a sneaky loophole for him.

First let's pretend that the no longer Wave 10 Rat King figure only gets a new "Playmates styled head" but the colors and body remain like the no longer wave 10 figure.
Behold the Sewer Rider Rat King!
Now we make a Rat king variant that has Green Bandages on his crotch, and the Vintage toy Snake belt. Now add a removable life vest with a chicken bone on the vintage bone spot. For his arms, he has floaties sculpted on and new Flipper wearing feet. The idea is for Super7 to "premake" as many Vintage styled Rat King parts possible so when Playmates softens up their posture S7 can pounce with a quick Vintage Toy tribute Rat King. 
For accessories, he'd get:
2 heads (Bishie and Hobo heads both sporting goggles and snorkel)
Usual hands
4 rats (one in a Donut like it was a floatation device, one rat that can stand on a raft made out of 2 soda cans taped together, one rat with a surfboard made of a flattened soda can and the last rat can be perched on the shoulder of Rat King's removable life vest.)
Rat anchor. It's an anchor with 2 rats at the ends as a nod to the vintage grappling hoo
Ratpoon gun: a harpoon gun that fires rats along the harpoon.  (A nod to his vintage crossbow)
Rat Saver (a ring of rats acting as a floatation device for Rat King)
The already mentioned Removable life vest.

The idea is to pair up Rat King AND the Footski as a set but not really. The reason for this is to allow people to have options: not everyone who wants more than one Footski may not necessarily want multiple Rat Kings. The reasoning behind the lower price for the Footski is to entice customers into buying more. If the Footski is at $85, just to say a random number that is close to $100 but not close to $50.
Also, I was aiming for under $100, because I can't conceive a way to say it should cost $150 without feeling like a complete rip-off. Hence the Rat King variant.
Then I felt bad about cramming them together. I mean people might buy more than One Footski, but do not need Multiple Sewer Rider Rat King figures. Although some folks may want a second figure because reasons... 

Again, this "variant" has a purpose and it's to premake parts for the moment Playmates relaxes their position, Super7 can kitbash a new Rat King. Because it would've been A LOT Easier to release the Wave 11 Rat King but repainted in Tournament Fighters colors and have him paired up with the Footski as a nod to Konami and TMNT.

But then again, Super7 could release the Footski as a one-off item between waves 11 and 12... but they're going to find a way to make it at least $150, which I personally find a bit too expensive for what the Footski is.

Jun 11, 2023

Further thoughts on Jada's Street Fighter line:

 Assuming they go Beyond USFIIT, there are a few characters that can be "cost savers". I already mentioned the crazy repaints that came from Marvel vs. games, but Alpha Series has 2+ figures that are part savers.
Killer Bee, Juli, Juni, and Decapre can be made from the same body with the heads and maybe accessories being different.
Sakura and Karin would share torso and arms (head, hands, and legs would be different) 
Dan already shares a ton with Ryu and Ken... alpha Ryu and Ken are literally new heads on recolored bodies.

But let's return back to Street Fighter II...
Bonus Stage Diorama sets:
Set 1 could have the SFII Brick wall made put of brick segments just like the game: side A has the intact bricks and side B has cracked bricks. It should come woth a cardboard backdrop 

Set 2 could have the SFII Steel drumcans. It should have 3 full drumcans, 3 drumcans that look perfect in the front, but beat up in the back, and 2 extra broken drumcans (4 pieces)
It should come with a cardboard backdrop 

Set 3 would be the biggest set, based on the barrel bonus stage.
2 raised conveyor belts that the cardboard backdrop connects to, 6 breakaway barrels

Set 4 would be the most expensive of all: Destroying the Lexus... or a generic Lexus looking car. 
Jada should do something similar to Mattel's wrekkin vehicles.

Jun 10, 2023

Thinking of Foot/Krang heirarchies and rosters

 Translation: another rant about Rock Soldiers, Foot Clan, and other stuff... how could they be made and how they would work in the Neftyverse.

Let's get cracking with the Rock Soldiers:
I still stand that having 2 Base bucks is the perfect starting point since Redecos and repacking them with different accessories can sell the army aspect.
About the 2 Base bucks, I'm thinking MOTUC sized bodies whose main differences lie in head and torso.

Basically one standard "MOTUC body" but made out of stone and the second having a new hunched over torso (think Slash) reusing the same arms and legs from the other body. 
Make like 3 heads for each body and generic rock soldier weaponry and call it a day. With one set of each with just 1 color, we have 6 different combinations. If we add 3 different set of rock colors (Traag Orange, Granitor Grey,  and Sandstone faded yellow) we could get up to 18 different Rock Soldier combinations based on the amount of heads and redecos. At a minimum, a small squad of 6. (With 1 figure of each body and color variation)

Now Granitor never had a Vintage figure. How could Super7 tackle him?
In order to answer that, we'd have to know how will they tackle Traag. Will he be Playmates inspired? Will he be Shredder's Revenge inspired? Will he be something else entirely?
So, here's where I'm at. Assuming full Playmates styled Traag can't be made, here's my Compromise:
The base would be Shredder's Revenge Traag.
Give him a second Playmates inspired head with a lighter orange, not quite sandstone yellow. Then have the rest of his body painted in Playmates colors. Add the Foot Soldier weapons minus the Shuriken, resized and slightly modified proportions to fit the General's larger hands. (Vintage Traag used large and modified weapons similar to the Foot Soldier's.)

Now with THAT vision for Traag, let's retrofit a Granitor. Logic dictates to reuse of Traag as much as possible. We could do that with a new torso with a thicker neck to avoid potential fatalities like the NECA figure and its pencil neck. We could gove it a reverse Traag coloring to make him look vintage. Adding some new weapons like the Flamethrower from the Arcade game. Maybe toss in a couple of Spy Flies to boost up his accessory count and have slight army building elements.

But if for some reason we get Traag as a full Playmates design (minus creepy crawlies) then, Granitor would need to be tweaked into something different. So, I would like to suggest:
New head, torso, upper arms, and crotch to have a Granitor. I would reuse Traag's lower arms and hands. For the legs, Rocksteady seems like a decent candidate. The reason for this is how different Genghis and Napoleon were in the vintage line, I wanted to echo that with Traag and Granitor.

This beefs up Krang's side of the Dimension X forces with Rock soldiers at the bottom, followed by Granitor, then Traag.

If Super7 finds a way to add Roadkill Rodneys, then Krang's robotic forces would have a slight boost. Just as Shredder has the Foot Soldiers and Mousersatthe lowest rungs, Krang deserves to have his own forces...

But let's talk foot:
Tatsu: Yeah, he MIGHT be Possible in more ways than we think. Apparently, a company has been in contact with Obata's people and there may be a Tatsu figure coming. Also, I already mentioned the SEGA Genesis game as a way for making a NON-MOVIE Tatsu for Super7 to tackle.

MIRAGE Foot Clan elements:
We could have Human Foot Ninja, aka the Japanese branch of the Foot, who could be made using Shredder and Foot Soldier parts
With new head(s), shoulders, torso, and forearm guards. The torso could be reused on the Shredder Elite, and some Shredder variants... (Mirage, Toon, Shredder clones)
The figure could be sold as Shredder Elite and have normal Foot Ninja heads as extras.
I wouldn't be opposed to a Foot Soldier 2.0 that included a Shredder Elite styled head for the robotic Foot Soldiers 

As for the Shredder clones and variants, with the Human Foot Ninja, we'd have the parts for the Vanilla clone/Mirage Shredder and most of the body for Claw Shredder.

Mirage Shredder:
Repaint of Shredder (red clothes, brown wraps, and silver blades/helmet) using the new clothed torso of the Shredder elite, new crotchpiece with the "loincloth". Use the same accessories as normal Shredder and add an Oroku Saki head and a thermite grenade.

Shredder clone:
Repaint of Shredder (purple clothes, brown wraps, and gold blades/helmet) using the new clothed torso of the Shredder elite, new crotchpiece with the "loincloth". Use the same accessories as normal Shredder and add a second head inspired by Secret of the Ooze Shredder's helmet.

Claw Shredder:
This clone would require new lower legs, new "organic" shoulder spikes, new arms. The Shredder's outfit should be orange with the spikes being bone white-ish color. The crab skin should be reddish. The Helmet being copper in color. For accessories, he'd get the Mini Shredder clone, who should be more articulated than a standard mini buddy but not as articulated as a full figure. (Head on a balljoint, waist twist, arm rotation at shoulder.) Figure's arms and waist should pop off for alternate legs and arms. The arms would be somewhat straight and alternate bent at the elbows.
For the legs, standing and crouching.
Colorwise, mini Shredder should have a Gunmetal grey helmet/spikes, white wraps, and yellow suit.

Four Arm Shredder would require most new stuff... but if Super7 plays it smart, 4AShredder could share SOME parts with Super Shredder.
Colorwise, black helmet/spikes, blue clothes, and grey bandages. For accessories,  the extra hands would be an obvious suggestion.

Yes, I'm aware that I chose different coloring than the mirage versions. (As seen on the upcoming NECA Releases) The color coding is rather obvious (Turtles + April) just as Playmates changed the colors of the turtles to make them different enough, I did so too. The reason I made Mini Shredder a Buddy with swappable parts was to avoid a mini Shredder $55 figure that would've felt a rip-off bigger than Snarf. Especially since there is very little to add to him. 

Now how would the Foot Clan Heirarchy work?
Obviously, Shredder is at the top, since he became the Grandmaster after rising through the ranks once Hamato Yoshi was banished for killing Oroku Nagi. 

Tatsu is Loyal to the Oroku family and was put in charge of Japan's Foot Clan as Saki got involved with the extermination of Hamato Yoshi and everything that followed in America.

Then we have Karai, who has the potential of replacing Shredder as Grandmaster of the Foot.
In order to lead the Japanese side of the Foot, Tatsu sent her to America to receive Shredder's approval.
Once in America, Karai proves her worth to the Foot, but is disgusted by the way Shredder has lost his way in his alliance with Krang. 

I've mentioned that in the NEFTYVERSE, Super Shredder is in a coma while Krang tries to find a way to make him more controllable. This allows the Shredder Clones AND CHROME DOME  to enter the play. The clones would act as Shredder's substitute and eventually become a new micro faction as Shredder's bodyguards.

Chromedome would be Krang's attempt at digitizing Shredder's brainwave patterns and creating a Shredder AI. It becomes self aware and creates the Chromedome body. I can see CD comandeering Krang's robotic Foot Soldiers, forcing Shredder to using Human Foot Ninja again...

Or that's how I'd set it up if we had These figures... wish i had the time and resources to learn how to do 3d sculpting and was able to 3d print stuff.