Sep 21, 2021

Odds and ends Sept. 21 21... No idea with whatever is happening here.

 Marcia Lucas, the woman behind the success of the Original Star Wars Trilogy, hates the Mouse Trilogy. I must say that I agree with her statements. This is the part where some Avid readers try to have a gotcha! moment and point out that I did like the Last Jedi. I'm not trying to change history like a certain disgruntled Mattel ex-employee. I still stand by that. I believe that the Last Jedi is the best movie out of the Disney trilogy. Sure, Rian Johnson is an asshole and a doiche, but he's far more competent than Jar Jar Abrams as a Star Wars director. I liked some things he did and I hated others... BUT he was the only one trying to push the story forward AND to ensure that Star Wars wasn't all about the dysfunctional Palpatine Family.  

With all that said, I still agree with Marcia Lucas on how Disney mismanaged Star Wars... seriously, Rogue One was a fluke and Lucasfilm was LUCKY that Fillioni and Favreau were able to show that Star Wars, when done correctly, can be a success.

I NEED to see Pokémon Heroes... Apparently, Ash makes out with a Pokémon disguised as a girl and becomes a father... This makes sense since in Japan, people used to marry Pokémon... All that Gardevoir porn is now canon... Jessie's happy fin time with Lickitung, Canon. Mr. Mime being Ash's Step-dad, CANON!! Basically, Ash and friends save Venice from Team Rocket's somewhat competent members and this girl, called Bianca, not to be confused with the OTHER Bianca... wait, I'm starting to feel like someone in the Localization team for Pokémon has a thing for a Bianca... since there's TWO OF THEM!? Where was I? Bianca!! As I was saying Bianca II is a girl, but there is a Latias that transforms into Bianca and does Bianca things... one of those was apparently kiss Ash... and in the end Latias has 2 baby Latias... Quick! CALL MAURY POVICH!!

While not "Jurassic Park" levels of "What where they thinking!?" Bad, there's a Company interested in "resurrecting" the Wooly Mammoth. Seriously, there's 2 books, 5-6 movies, tons of videogames that show WHY THIS IS A HORRIBLE IDEA!! but this also reminds me of a song... it's in Spanish and it's about a 🦣 who wants to try new things and his friends, 🕊,🐕,🐻,🐈, and Donkey decide to help him. Let's just say that things don't go well for our Wooly friend.

 Wait, they made an English version!? They cut the Pigeon and flying part... but seriously, DON'T DO THIS!! Worst case scenario isn't Jurassic Park...

Don't play with my feelings like this... a Remaster of Marvel vs Capcom 2? Not gonna lie, This gave me a boner. Thinking of something like Ultra Street Fighter 2 but with MVC 2!?

Hell, right now I'll even take a vanilla port...

Gonna say that if it is a remaster AND they redo all the sprites, then they could add secret characters or alternate looks:
Spider-Man could get a "clone" if you catch my drift.
War Machine could be a Different looking character from Iron Man.
Mega Man could get Proto Man as a "clone"
Bone Claw Wolverine can be remade into his FERAL Look. Or giving Ken his SFV outfit and keeping the Alpha Hair... they can do so many things...

Yes I know that Sprite based games are harder to add additional looks, but if we got bone claw Wolverine, then let's make him look different enough from Normal Wolverine. 
Kinda feeling the urge for a MVC style list...

Sep 20, 2021

Super7 TMNT WAVE 6: Where the Hell are the Thundercats!?

 Also Super7 is not thinking straight...  They increased prices AND toss an Army Builder to an already bloated 4 figure wave, makingnit a 5+ figure wave. 

Let's start from worst to best... Before anyone bitches or moans this is my opinion, not actual facts.


I know the rumors of his super obscure vintage past and rarity. But with all of the available characters, we get Scratch!? It's not a Baad BAD choice and the figure looks nice. It's just that tail end of the line figures weren't as great as 1987-1992 sole exception to this rule is the 1994 Krang's Android body. He's a 1993 figure... and aside Mona Lisa, the 1993 wave sucked ass.

Sewer surfin' Mike

I know this is weird, since I LOVE Michelangelo and this is one of my favorite variants... Problem here is that HE'S A VARIANT. New characters should be a priority over variants. Yes, I'm aware they said that they would try to put in a turtle variant in each wave. On the grand scheme of things, even a Vernon os more exciting than Michelangelo in a surfer bodysuit.

Don't get me wrong the figure looks freaking sweet!! I love that they even added a little wax pads for the surfboard hopefully the skin tones will match normal Michelangelo because that tongue out head would lend itself perfectly for a rock and roll Michelangelo tribute...

5-pack of Mousers

5 is too small of an amount of Mousers. Especially with 2 of them being battle damaged. At $55 this is bordering on a rip-off. There should have been 2 more Mousers here.

Honestly, these should have been a "wave by themselves"... kinda like "wave 2" of Conan was a Single Figure. 

Ace Duck 

The only reason I kinda own AN ace Duck AT ALL is because it came in a 2 pack with Mutagen Man... I say KINDA OWN because it's one of those NECA Items that I ordered and I'm still waiting for... (Movie Foot Soldier 2 pack is the other "MIA" item) 

MOTUC scaled Tommygun and the Mattel TDKR Joker means that those who wanted a MOTUC Gangstor can make one now...

I'm worried about the swappable jacket... unless he has removable arms, swapping those will be a bitch. Wait, wings, no wings... I can think of a couple of jokes I could make... 

So, a guy who isn't exactly a fan of Ace Duck is somehow excited for Ace Duck...

Now for The Best of the wave...
I'm a bit worried about the nunchuck but other than that he looks pretty great, even if he's slightly bare-bones... but based on how big he is we can kind of guess how big Tokka and Rahzar will be. 

Speaking of where the Hell are the Thundercats,  wave 3 is supposed to be shipping in October, well, except for Cheetara.