Feb 5, 2023

James Gunn's plan: further thoughts.

 I don't think Gunn's plan is perfect. I have some issues with it, mainly Starting with Damian Wayne while having a semi green Superman. I feel like this is a Zack Snyder level mistake. We're once again retreading an older Batman whose career happened mostly off-screen. The only difference is that Batman has a Bat Family with him. How big is this Bat Family? There are 4 Robins... yeah, Stephanie counts. Then there's 1 or 3 Batgirls... once again, Stephanie counts. How long has Bruce been Batman and at what age did he start? Will Damian get the League of Assassins ge etic modifications to age him faster or will he be a Terry McGinnis-esque pseudo clone engineered by using Wayne and Al Ghul DNA? Is Tim Drake the current Robin when "The Demon's Butthole" shows up?

We missed Dick's upbringing as Robin, his falling out with Bruce, we missed Barbara, we missed out in Jason's "death" and "return" as The Red Hood. We might also be missing out on Tim and Stephanie's time as Robins. That sucks! There is one way this can be fixed:
A Mini Series on HBO Max. It doesn't matter if it's live action or animated, hell it could be a hybrid series. The idea is using it to set a background on the DCU Batman. The mini series could take SOME Inspiration from the Comic book mini series: Robins. Here's my pitch: the Thirteenth Anniversary of Batman is coming and the arrival of Damian is an unexpected surprise. In order to "welcome him into the Bat Family" Dick organizes a get together with all the former Robins. Dick's plan is to teach Damian about their experiences as Robin, and what it means to each of them. 

Dick tells Damian his origin and his falling out with Bruce due to the latter not telling Dick that Barbara got shot by the Joker while He, Roy Harper, and Wally West were traveling the world looking for young people with potential for being heroes. 

Jason, would tell Damian about his Death and Resurrection and how Damian's grandpa tried to use Jason as a tool for vengeance against Bruce. 

Stephanie would basically speak about her start as Spoiler and her 2 week stint as Robin while Tim was dealing with the death of his parents.

Tim would speak of his origins as Robin, deducting the identities of Dick and Bruce, going to Grayson for help as he noticed that Bruce was being erratic after Jason's "death". Drake would also give Damian his blessing as Robin and taking the Red Robin name to leave Damian as the Official Robin. 

Of course Damian is a little shit about it and dismisses the former Robins. After leaving Grayson's apartment he's "summoned" by his Grandfather and it's up to the former Robins to save him. 

Personally, lean towards a hybrid style of both Live Action and Animation. Having the present stuff be live action (The Robins chatting it up at Dick's apartment and the Rescue Mission at Nanda Parbat.) The Flashbacks would be animated in a different style for each Robin.

Dick's flashbacks should be in Superfriends/Filmation Batman inspired style.
Jason's should mimic gritty GI Joe Extreme/ Spider-Man Unlimited style. Tim's are obviously BTAS inspired. For Stephanie, something like a shojo Anime like Sailor Moon, but with 90s anime fan-service like boumcing breasts, panty shots and for the ladies, Stephanie ogling Bishounen Batman with shots that would make Joel Schumacher rise from his grave and blush.

I would end the mini series with all the Robins tired and worn out reaching Ra's al Ghul's chambers to find Damian with Batman. Batman scolds Damian for mot warning the Robins that he went willingly with Ra's, while commending the Robins for not leaving one of them behind.

The series is meant to be exposition and tribute to what came before. It also fleshes out some of the events that happened off-screen. That's how I would fix that issue. 

Superman is the least of my worries, but I'm hoping for a villain or villains who aren't Lex Luthor or Dru-Zod. NOW the real important thing: Team Trunks. I feel they're the most "Earthling" part of the outfit. They also break off all that blue from a visual standpoint.

Supergirl is a big Question Mark. Will it be an origin movie or will she already be established? Will her cousin show up? Will she tie in to Braniac being the big event that forms the League? Will there be a Krypto the Superdog? Please no Comet the Superhorse.

The Elephant in the room is known as: the Snyder mess being kept alive post Flashpoint.
I understand why Gunn has been a bit coy about this, but the sooner it can be put to sleep, the better.  There are too many questions here that could make or break this reboot. Kinda like the ripples from crisis or Superboy Prime's fists. How much of the DCEU DID happen and how much did the ripples in continuity changed stuff? Waller, Peacemaker, and the remaining DCEU movies are the huge question mark that leave me a bad feeling.

The problem with trying to salvage things from before Flashpoint is throwing a wrench at what Gunn beeds to do, which is a FULL restart. So kinda preserving stuff from the DCEU worries me, especially if it came from Snyder.

Lanterns is going to be Earth based and apparently it involves Green Lanterns discovering an alien conspiracy... The Reach? I mean we have Miguel Diaz and the Scarab... it could make sense.

My knowledge of Wildstorm stuff is very limited, so I have no clue about the Authority. I trust Gunn, since he can make people care about D-list characters... He made people care about freaking Polka Dot Man, for crying out loud!

Booster Gold, like I said, is a tough pull to swallow, at least for me. I find hom annoying most of the time, but I can see the potential of Booster becoming a true hero... Gunn is bringing Chris Pratt to play Booster, isn't he? Fuckdammit! This has nothing to do with Chris Pratt the actor or his beliefs. It's just that Booster Gold feels a bit too close to Pratt's take on Starlord for comfort.

I don't care much about Creature Commandos or Paradise Lost... I'm more curious about Swamp Thing though.

Above all I hope that this venture doesn't suck, because DC needs to catch a break. I want to stay cautiously optimistic... I mean there's no way he can fuck this up worse than Zack Snyder...

Feb 3, 2023

It came from the Toy Chest: Morlun


I'm not exactly a fan of J. Michael Straczynski's Totem crap in Spider-Man, but I have been wanting a Morlun, a Shathra, and an Ezekiel...

We have a Morlun in Marvel Legends. Sadly, he was butchered by getting some Morbin' hands. Roll the beautiful Morbin' footage

Morlun is an Inheritor, an interdimensional being, who feeds of Totemistic beings. He prefers eating Spider themed totemic beings.  

He's on A suit body with a torso overlay for his vest and coat. Translation: Reduced Torso articulation. Other than that, he poses rather well.
Spidey: How did you-?
Morlun: I have faced many spider totems before. I know how they fight, for I have devoured thousands of them.
Spidey: Oh yeah? How about this!

Paint and sculpt:
Aside the premaking Retro Series Animated Morbius hands, Morlun looks like a slightly undeader Morlun. Paintwise, there aren't any issues with him.

Extra slightly angrier head
BAF piece
Personally, a pair of fists were kinda needed for him.
Spidey: Spider-Sting! You dodged!?
Morlun: A modified shoryuken, how adorable and predictable.

Mr. Morlun gets a 4.5 as his final score. For a Morlun figure he's decent enough. There could've been a few things that could be made to put him in a better spot, but Hasbro, Marvel or Disney would approve.
Spidey: urk!
Morlun: As I said, I have devoured thousands of Spider totems. But you, Peter Parker, you are like a Spider totem full of MSG...
Spidey: Mono Sodium Glutamate?
DD: No, he means Make Shit Good!
Morlun: An Uncle Roger Reference? How quaint.

But what's this!? A completely unrelated figure has entered the fray!? It's Armored DareDevil from the 90s! Since I've been unable to get a red Hasbro DareDevil, this will be my default DareDevil then.

Do I need to explain DareDevil? Matt Murdock, got blinded by a weird ooze, the ooze gave him superpowers. Grew up to be a lawyer, by night, he attempts to clean Hell's Kitchen, sorry Clinton, Manhattan, from crime. 
Morlun: Who are you supposed to be?
DD:I am the Terror-
Morlun:Ah, I know of this one, Darkwing Duck!
You even have the DD for Darkwing duck!
Spidey: Run, Hornhead! This guy is way too tough for you! He's way too tough for me and I'm stronger and faster than you!
DD: I do not fear him, Webhead. I am DareDevil, the man without Fear!
Morlun: In other words a fool.

Matthew Murdock has standard Legends Articulation. Due to the unique sculpt in torso and shoulders, he lacks the Butterfly shoulders,  which are useful points of articulation for DareDevil. Warning: I had to use the hairdryer trick to get his feet moving, despite having the figure for over a year to acclimate to mu house's temperature. I had to pop the feet off in order to unstick the ankle pins with a small flathead screwdriver.
DD: Batter u- How did you!?
Morlun: I am the Apex predator, capable of handling fast prey like Parker. Fighting a man without superpowers is a piece of cake.
Spidey: I have only one chance. Hey Morlun, Martha sends her regards!
Morlun: Martha? What does that mean?

Paint and sculpt
DD uses some old parts and new parts to achieve the armored look. It seems that only the Matt head and feet are old parts.
The paint is decent on this figure between the shiny metallic candy red and matte blacks, the figire really pops. I wish the silver plastic had gotten a coat of paint to match the painted thigh armored panels.
Morlun: Oh. No. I. Am. Trapped. In. Webs. How. Will. I. Ever. Get. Out?
DD: He's making fun of you, you know? Why are you carrying me out of here?
Spidey: This guy is way out of your league! And mine!
DD: Wuss...
Spidey: Shut up, Meg! Oh wait, you haven't seen Family Guy.
DD: Make fun of the blind guy, how ableost of you!

Extra hands
Matt Murdock head
Alternate bracers (without billy club)
2 piece billy club

This version of DareDevil stores his billy club on his wrist bracers and they double as forearm armor. Having the option to use the billy club as weapon or as armor is cool. Only issue is that they're not to scale.
Spidey: Thank you for stalling that guy, Matt...
DD: No problem Peter... Hmm, can you hear that?
Spidey: Normal hearing here, Matt...
DD: It sounds like Forensic Scientist Carlie Cooper is having some wild sex with... that sounds like Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat!
Spidey: Wait, how do you know that?
DD: I can recognize their heartbeats... wait, I sense ANOTHER Peter Parker in the room with them!?
Spidey: Crap on a hat... clones I hate clones! Wait that's it! Feeding on a clone might mess up this Morlun dude!

This DareDevil is a DECENT figure at 4.17 as his score... it could've used a bit more care to make him better. I shouldn't have to disassemble figures to fix something that should have been done from the get-go. Hasbro should have taken better care to make sure that his billy clubs stayed in scale.