Mar 7, 2021

Hey What The!? Zack Snyder got an award

 The weirdest part of the award is what it is for. The award is because of his work after his daughter killed herself.  


But hear me out. This award is bullshit.
There are many directors out there who have done Charity work for many years... Even the now blacklisted Joss Whedon has done more for charities than Zack Snyder.
Yet this award is going to a guy who ONLY cared about suicide BECAUSE HIS DAUGHTER KILLED HERSELF. With that said, I'm not against him working in favor of suicide prevention. The timing of this award bugs me. As the release date of the Snyder Cut gets closer, the MORE Zack Snyder has kept mentioning his Suicide prevention work, denied the toxicity of his cult, and kept mentioning the fact that this movie "is a labor of love in honor of his deceased daughter". See the pattern? Zack Snyder has been using his daughter's death as a way to promote himself AND shield himself from ALL criticism of his shortcomings as director. This award validates his narrative and allows the narrative to be spun as: "Any critic is a heartless garbage human devoid of empathy". I wonder how many palms were greased in order to make this award a reality.

Death Stranding an extended edition is rumored to be coming...

 Hold on to your funky fetus, Norman Reedus! You may have to walk some more. There's a rumor about a PS5 version of Death Stranding with additional story content. This new stuff COULD make its way to PS4 unless Hideo pulls a Square Enix.

We all know where I stand on Death Stranding. Hideo can suck on my balls! 
Now with that said, I'm a bit of a masochist and I DO have a soft spot for Kojima and his three inches of Doom! No homo... and I'm willing to give him a chance. On the other hand this is Death Stranding and this game is a huge pile of suck! I honestly have no idea what he can bring to the table that he hadn't brought up. Much as it physically pains me to say this The Last of Us Part II has more replay value than Death Stranding.

Maybe I should give it a chance and reconnect with the game... there's a part of me that hopes this rumor is false... sorry not sorry!