Sep 25, 2022

Odds and ends Sept.25 2022: Spider-verse, Little Mermaid, and stuff

 Read the Edge of the Spider-verse issue 4... the one with the handicapped Spider-lesbian... it was absolute cringe. Like most of the receny Edge of the Spider-verse stories, we get a small story that introduces the current Spider and then they get recruited by a Female Spider. Her personality is literally Lesbian stereotype with a disability twist. I'm dreading the Gay golden Orb Weaver Spider-Man. Betting he'll be a 1 dimensional gay stereotype.

Daddy is calling it quits. I'm talking about

James Earl Jones retiring as Darth Vader's voice. From now on it seems that an AI will take over. So now Vader will be less man and more machine...

Damn... I'm going to spend most of my vacation doing post-hurricane cleanup. Stupid Fiona, ruining my plans. I'm mostly OK, but pissed at losing the perishables inside the fridge... I had VENISON, which is hard to get by in PR. I had a couple of cheese wedges. My plan was to make a mac and cheese with cubed pan seared venison. Well, Mother Nature decided that I ain't ready for venison.

Sep 24, 2022

Hasbro is doing some cool figures

 I wasn't expecting this, but sadly one 2 pack with 2 key characters will be Target Exclusive...

Dungeons and Dragons the animated series is getting Action Figures... the Venger and Dungeon Master 2 pack will be Target Exclusive.

The rest will make it at other retailers, supposedly. The only disappointment is that my favorite sheila... uh Sheila and Eric the Cavalier... who despite everything, he was right most of the time.  Luckily for me this is a short line to collect. More pics at The Fwoosh! 
I only hope that they're made in scale to each other.