May 29, 2024

It came from the Toy Chest: Really, Nefty? $57 for a kimono with sleeves What the Flock!?

 In stock items ship with Super7. There was a Happy Birthday offer where there was a 23% discount that made this Splinter come at Retail price with $2 shipping. I bought the flocking figure... literally for the sleeved Kimono. I hate myself. In any case everything else about Splinter is trains the Turtles to avenge Yoshi. Take the names from a Renaissance art book. mentor, father, sensei... he taught them to be ninja teens. He's a radical rat, yeah!

There isn't much to say about Hamato Yoshi or his pet rat... depending on continuity. Now let us see if he's an improvement over the previous release.
Two splinters, two tunics 

The issues that plagued the previous Splinter, plague this one. No we had some extra limitations due to the flocking material.

Paint and sculpt:
It literally is the same Splinter as Wave 1, but with flocking, which hides some of the sculpting details. There isn't that much painting details since most of the body is covered in the flocking material. And what little Parts aren't covered in the material are painted in a single color without any shading. Who sing the figure will cost some of the flocking material around the joints to fall off. Eventually the figure will end up looking mangy.
Making him grab the bow was a bitch! Hands too stiff 

Splinter has:
Cane Sword
Extra hands
Plastic tunic
A Normal cane
Cup of coffee or Tea.
Pre-Mutated Turtle.
But the soft goods tunic has sleeves.
Splinter: Ahh! A nice cup of Folgers in the morning... Veuns, why are you looking at your brothers like that?

Flocked Splinter gets a 4.0 as his final score. He doesn't look bad, but my issues lie with the flocking material and that this figure was not worth the $55 price tag. Personally I might use this flocked Splinter as a younger Splinter. 

May 27, 2024

Top Humans I want on Super7 TMNT Ultimates

 This list will be mostly focused on the vintage styled line as we haven't seen anything on the 2003 style figures. I will pull from different sources, but they would be thrown through Playmatesizer to rip off on a "professional writer" BS excuse. Some characters have already been released by NECA, but the Playmatesizer should make them different enough.

Of course, Burne, Vernon, and Irma top this list. I won't mention them, because I've done them in detail already. Do Neutrinos count as "human"?

Smash: Evil crooked Foot Sensei
This Figure would allow reuse of Burne body parts. Assuming we have a Burne body he'd reuse Arms, Upper legs same base toeso with different overlays.
The New Torso overlay would be a TMNT Shell shirt that mimics Leonardo's torso minus the belt buckle)
The new lower legs would be similar to the Foot Soldier Lower legs.
The new heads would be masked and unmasked.

Turtle Rack weapons
New double edged Tsurugi sword.
Soft goods belt
Soft goods gi top

 Crooked Turtle Gang Member 1: "Flash"
This figure would be made mostly out of a Foot Soldier Body with new arms and torso overlay.
The human would be African American.
The heads would be a Burlap sack with Donatello headband, Paper bag mask, balaclava with 80s tmnt plastic mask.

Turtle Rack weapons
New Naginata
Scratch money bag

Crooked Turtle Gang Member 2:"Clash"
This one uses Casey's body with Shredder torso, new overlay in Raph colors and the Member 1 arms and feet.
The human would be olive skinned (as in Mediterranean, or middle Eastern. )
The heads would be similar to Gang Member 1.

Turtle Rack weapons
2 New Jitte
New stolen Jewelry box and extra pearl necklace 

Crooked Turtle Gang Member 3: "Splash":
This one reuses the Smash body with a new overlay.
He gets new heads with Burlap Sack, Paper Bag, and a buzzed head with an 80s tmnt plastic mask. 
The human would be a brown skinned Latino.

Turtle Rack weapons
2 new spiked flails with string
New Stolen TV 
Stolen boombox (repaint rappin Mike's)

Tiffany: Burne's Turtle Hating Girlfriend
This one is a bit of a cheat, as she's just on the list to "get parts for an unofficial Ravishing April".
New heads (neutral expression, sexy expression, afraid), torso (with black strapless top), and legs (s7 has bare legs on their parts catalog, but not used on TMNT) new heels. The bare arms can be made out if the existing April figures. Arms should pop off at the shoulders like Silverhawks.

Soft goods strapped red dress with red velcro belt. 
Soft goods black skirt with red velcro belt.
Plastic blazer
Sleeved arms
Shellshock Stun gun

Candy Fine: Mondo Gecko's Skating gal!
This is a bit of a cheat too, since I'm combining Mondo's GF with the Skater girl from the 1987 games.
Here we reuse the Tiffany Torso and Arms. But we add new legs with a similar gimmick where the legs pop off at a Hasbro styled thigh cut. The default legs are long jeans.
Normal Candy head, Perm Candy head(arcade skater inspired), Toy April head in blonde(NES Skater inspired)

Sleeveless Jacket overlay
Sleeved Jacket alternate arms
Alternate Daisy Duke legs where the frayed end of the jeans hides the articulation cut.

Zach: The 5th Turtle:
NECA did a great job here... for NECA so now we need a Super7 Counterpart.
I'm guessing Zack would be Thunderkitten sized... if we go for Toon Accuracy where the 14 year old kid looks like he's 8. 

Personally, I'd go for Teen-sized Zach... somewhere between Turtle and April. Making him look like an athletic 14 year old boy 
He'd need a full new body.
The Playmatesizer would give him inaccurate colors. Light Green Shirt with a yellow V (Roman numeral for 5) Emblazoned on it, Khaki Cargos, Brown Backpack, Blue boots. The Bandana would be Red and green. His hair would be a dirty blond.
Heads would be with Bandana and without. Third head with a "not a Virtual Boy" strapped on his head with a plug for wires.
Casey Hockey stick and bat.
Bebop Trashcan
Soft goods large belt to hold trashcan to backpack
Turtle comm open and closed.
Palmtop computer for hacking that connects to the third head.
Wired Controller that connects to third head

Caitlin: Zach's Radical Nerdy Sidekick
Zach needs a sidekick. Here toon accuracy is thrown out the window for the accessories and colors because toy...
Super7 would probably make her Thunderkitten sized. I'd prefer a taller more Teen-sized Caitlin. Let's say about Michelangelo sized. She'd need a whole new bod that looks like an Athletic 14 year old girl. 
Her shirt would be Lavender to avoid pink... using 80s/90s toy mentality. Her jeans would be dark blue with red sneakers. 
Her hair would be strawberry blonde
Neutral, angry, laughing all heads can wear her sunglasses.

-Sunglasses with neon pink lenses. (These act as a "mask" for the sake of being toyetic)
-Small green round backpack with Channel 6 logo.
-Reuse Zach's palmtop computer.
April styled Turtle Comm open and closed
-2 Compact Disc shuriken.
-80s Cellphone Rapier (nod to vintage Burne figure)

Keno: Swell Pizza Delivery guy 
Here we need a new body, but we can get some reuse from him on Carter... as long as S7 makes Keno's jacket a separate piece from the shirt.
3 heads: Neutral, angry, with Bike helmet
In full Playmates fashion, the colors won't be movie accurate. The shirt is Royal Blue while the Jacket is red and white with a Ninja Pizza logo on the back.

Pizza warmer shield
Pizza box
2 breadstick escrima sticks.

Carter: Heroic Mutating Enforcer
Carter reuses most of the Keno body with a new Jacket overlay and necklace
For heads: Neutral, angry and bike helmet (repaint from Keno)

The weapons are easy
Rack weapons
2 tonfa

Tatsu: Shredder's gnarly right foot man!
New body for a Hyperstone Heist based version... I have a dedicated rant for this Tatsu here. So I won't go into details.

Vanilla Ice: Cool as Ice Problem solvin' Rapper
Stylized Vanilla Ice in an outfit similar to the one used in secret of the Ooze
I'd give him standard c grips and some funky rapping hands. 
Vinyl discus

I'll stop here because it's becoming too human infested.