Apr 30, 2019

It came from the Toy Chest: Behold thy deity... Haruhi Suzumiya has arrived.

I finally got Mikuru and Koizumi, so the SOS Dan is finally complete... CORE Members. I still haven't gotten Tsuruya, and they never made Kunta Kinte and Tamagotchi...
I mean Kunikida and Taniguchi.
The SOS Brigade.
So, quick recap on Haruhi: She is God, but she doesn't know it. She can unconsciously bend the universe to do her bidding. She could destroy the entire universe if her enotions hit the right notes. Unwittingly, she has drawn the attention of exceptional beings that want to keep Suzumiya in check.  Not to mention her well known desire to meet these kinds of beings: aliens, time travelers, espers...
Now trapped in all this mess is this average, ordinary guy with no name... He has a real name, but evwryone calls him by his niclname, Kyon. He's the voice of reason and the only person who knows full well of Haruhi's power and still dares to oppose her will. (Even if he ends up doing what she wants)
Haruhi, being a vengeful god, often puts him through the wringer.

Also, Phoenix Wright references... there's an episode in which the conclusion is VERY Ace Attorney games... And, the English dubbed version has Haruhi, voiced by the same VA who plays Athena Cykes... (I guess the Haruhi Episode landed her the Cykes gig) so, I ended up with a whole SOS Brigade just fpr a Phoenix Wright reference.

Articulation:Haruhi seems to have standard fare reticulation for a Japanese figur.e I personally don't have that much experience with figma figures of the female variety. My figma experience has been limited to my bootleg Snake, possibly bootleg Link or maybe both Links, I'm not sure, and a legit Phoenix Wright.  The articulation is decent. Most of the show poses are doable as seen in the stop motion video not made by me...

I have to go for the 5.0 here.

Paint and sculpt
Haruhi's sculpt is incredibly spot on. Taking in consideration that she's a Japanese super articulated figure and a couple joints are a bit unsightly. While tinkering with Haruhi to take some pictures I noticed something a little peculiar. One set of hands is sculpted to perfectly match the shape of Mikuru's breasts.
The paintjob is minimal but effective. No issues on mine.

She comes with:
Figma baggie
Hand storage unit with extra hands
Alternate shoes
Alternate armband
Extra faceplates

Most of the pieces swap easily like the shoes which can be a little bit of a pain but that's good because they're stable this is an older type of figma so be careful with the hand joints.

It's obvious that Haruhi's s going to get a 5.0 here. She's a really great fear worried about it being an older figma and the fragility of figma especially the older ones. But really she feels like a very sturdy figure for a Figma and it's actually a lot of fun to be playing with her! Yes, I said play.

Snoo PINGAS usual, I see? Alrighty then!

A Robotnik and Jim Carrey reference? Yes, the forst pic of Jim Carrey as Robotnik has been released.

Let us see what is wrong here?
Jim Carrey looks like himself in Me Myself and Irene instead of looking like Robotnik...
With each passing reveal this is turning into a blue turd...
Hopefully they will do the PINGAS reference. Seriously, what in the actual Hell!?

The trailer...

Movie has Cyclops with a CG animal... Hop2 confirmed?

Apr 28, 2019

Some extra Snake Mountain info from the RGD podcast

Roast Gooble Dinner, the .org's podcast had B-Flynn and they squeezed some info out of him.

-Super7 is using a different factory for the playset.
It's not their usual factory, but it's not the one used by Mattel to make Castle Grayskull.

That is a bit of a wild card. It's a different factory, so the usual mistakes shouldn't happen. But at the same time, it's  a different factory, so other mistakes could happen.
While there is a bit of uncertainty here, I'm leaning more towards a positive outlook.

-The swamp monster sticker from the original will be a 3D item. It may or may not get bendy wire tentacles.

They are giving me a Tentacle monster... it Better get bendy tentacles...
You know what I'm thinkin of doin...

-There is a Minimum of orders needed for this to go through. If this doesn't go through, we'll be refunded.

Seems reasonable enough. Hopefully it'll happen. I'm very likely to take the plunge.

-The net may or may not happen...

While this was a key feature from the vintage playset, getting a net should be easier... if they don't add it. Going to a craft store and probably for like $3-5 you could get a Yard of netting.

-The playset would ship directly from the factory in China. 

This is the only thing that worries me.  I'm not a fan of ordering straight from China.

That's pretty much it. Hopefully by Wednesday, they'll have all the answers to entice us to get this.

Odds and ends 28th of April, 2019

3 days until Snake Mountain pre-order goes live.
 I'm torn on the issue. I've stated this before... costs, Super7's track record, space... are reasonable cons...

Closing MOTUC with a giant item, bringing balance to our displays, giving Skeletor a home, fulfilling my promise to Mom, are my personal pros. I'm not trying to convince anyone else to get it, or to not get it. I'm trying to convince myself. I want it but I'm worried about possible regrets.
Wild and Free order ends on the 31st I have until the 16th to make a choice. But to be honest I'm more likely to take the plunge but it's that weird sensation self doubts that it's kind of telling me things  like don't do it!

 if you do take the plunge as well I hope you enjoy your snake Mountain.

Kingdom Hearts 3 recently got the Critical Mode... Now there is a new Paywall blocked DLC... KH3 ReMIND... new episode, new boss... and I'm not feeling it. A game that was release nearly at February and then suddenly, were dangerously close to May and they are so close to the completion of a brand new chapter. It almost feels like they had it ready from day one and they're holding it back as a DLC.

Holy crap! Keanu Reeves is supppsed to be the big bad in Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw!
Wait a minute... Wasn't Charlize Theron the previous Fast and Furious Big Bad? Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron...
I'm thinking of something...

Pacino for Fast 9??

Apr 26, 2019

The Dishonor of Grayskull returns with season 1.5 part 2 (language)

It stinks! It's shorter than "season 1" and out of 7 episodes 4 of them feel like Filler... I did a full play by play of the first episode... won't do it to the others.

Let me vent my frustrations:
They promised out a gayer show... they barely delivered with Bow's two Dads... No, Paul Reiser wasn't one of them.
And maybe Scorpia's desire for friendship with Catra could be perceived as something else...
Aside that, they delivered NONE of the Homo!!!
Is Scorpia an adult woman pining for a teenage Catra?
The LightSpinner episode showed the black Garnet being delivered to the Horde when Glimmer's dad was a child.
And Scorpia mentioned her family handing over the Garnet to the Horde. I COULD BE WRONG, but it CAN BE interpreted as Scorpia being an adult in love with a child due to Scorpia looking much more "adult" than Catra and the whole timetable...
I'm NOT SAYING that this is true... but it does raise some questions.

While there were more action scenes, there is nothing at stake here. Hordak has been WAY TOO HANDS OFF in this operatuon and all the battles have felt inconsequential.

The constant attacks on the original show aren't cool either. I understand that the original show is bit corny sometimes campy as many of the cartoons of the era were.
The problem I have is that this show "throws nods" at the original show but they are laced with Venom. When used in a serious manner the "Sword to__" Transformations were actually kind of cool. It works as a reference to the original cartoon and allows for new possibilities for the new She-Ra, but they had to mock it in the first episode.

Also, the animation is still awful...
Same episode less than 10 seconds apart and Lonnie's chest has shrunk in size... the waist to hip ratio also fluctuates within the characters. For a show that's allegedly superior to the original, it's making amateurish animation mistakes that hurt the so-called superiority of the product.
In the other hand background art is still cool!
Did I mention the huge amount of Filler? I mean we reached orange and blue Tracksuit Ninja level of filler...

We learn that Hordak is a zombie wearing armor, shadow weaver is going rogue, Tyrone comes out of the closet... not THAT Closet, to his dads. Sea Hawk is reduced to a joke character. The moment I feel bad dor Sea Hawk is the moment you should realize that you fucked up!

I still have to see the final 6 episodes to truly complete Season 1... whenever they air...

I wish this show didn't suck as much as it does, but... it does.

The dishonor of Grayskull returns with season 1.5 (language) part 1

Failed bastardization of She-Ra by Noelle Stevenson is back with it's "second season" with episodes 14-20. And right out the bat, they start by mocking the Original She-Ra...
They have the sword turning into a mug and Catra mocking it condescendingly.
Fake Frosta has a bit of a personality now, so that's a positive?
Wait, did I just compliment this turd? But she reminds me of someome else... can'tquite put my fonger on it...
VR? It all was VR? One step forwards and two steps back...
The show is basically BEGGING ME to mock it with lines like this... which I can easily do... Here's a tip Not Adora...
Get rid of Noelle Stevenson and her team. Get a new team who TRULY KNOWS AND RESPECTS the source Material... and for god's sake, don't turn it into a Tumblr wet dream!!

Let's keep going... I'm only doing a play by play on the first episode...

"BuT tHiS sHoW rEsPeCtS tHe OrIgInAl ShE-rA!"
Fuck you, Noelle Stevenson and your bullshit!

The Horde cadets are still being cadets and Kyle, poor white male Kyle ends up being a massive failure. Why can't Lizard dude Rogelio (who is not worthy of that name... as if I needed another reason to hate this shit show... taking the name of one of my relatives and dragging it through the mud) or Lonnie be the failure?

Oh god, more Entrapta! Her voice is far more painful than shoving bamboo skewers down my urethra. Make her stop!!

Scootaloo and Tyrone are putting Adora up to date with current events and Frosta is an Icy little person copy of Pinkie Pie... but lamer and a bit too violence oriented.

Fuck you, Noelle Stevenson and your bullshit again! You want to feature more LGBTQ Characters and you have Netossa and Spinnerella do things OFF-FUCKING-SCREEN!? No, really, Fuck you and your bullshit! Dissing the OG She-Ra homosexual couple like that? Fuck you!
Seriously, Horsey is bitching about a chair?

Tyrone has a logical sounding idea on how to win these battles... Now they are making Frosta annoying... at least she's not screamy... They aren't as screamy as in part 1... good!

No, not more Entrapta... Ohai Hordak! Did you know that one of the few GOOD things about this show is Hordak? (Aside the pidgeotto hairdo) well, he's back!

This Frosta/Glimmer dynamic is getting old...

Hordebot shows up, beats Glimmer. Adora transforms and it's worse than I remembered and I was knocking at death's door when watching last time... (I was very ill at the time)

And the failed Sword to __ gag wasn't funny the first time, it still isn't funny!

And the cliched hurt a character's feelings when scolding them so they run away... then both will bond over thwir similarities...

Tyrone feels useless and She-Ree cheers him up and Glimmer has a heart to heart with Frosta, I fucking called it!

And now we have Catra, Scorpia, and (ugh) Entrapta watching TV...

The grate rebellion fought the Horde bots and the Elements of Harmony activated and regrew a chunk of Whispering Woods...

Catra taunts Shadow Weaver, while at Bright Moon Glimmer is brushing Frosta's hair... Mattel mandated scene maybe?

Tyrone figures out Entrapta is alive...

End of the Episode. And that's as much as I'll take in one sitting seeing I've been awake for 20 hours. Need some sleep before my next shift... once I finish the remaining 6 episodes, Part 2 of this rant will be written... before I go, here's my final thoughts:

It's very obvious that this is still season one chopped into pieces. I'm glad that this episode was a bit action-packed compared to other previous episodes, but at the same time is it was rather lame. And the main problem is that the show is a try-hard.

 It tries too hard to be funny. It tries too hard to pretend to be better than the original show and failed at it. I'm not going to pretend that the original is a masterpiece because it's a flawed product of its time but when you have to try and bring down the OG show to make yourself look good, you look pathetic.

If the show wasn't called She-Ra and  based on the Mattel property the show would work a lot better. This episode this possible aside the few Jabs to the original show.

Apr 24, 2019

Snake Mountain is happening for real guys!

Everyone had heard the it's coming, it's coming... according to Super7 it really is happening!
$600 + shipping handling and taxes... Preorders will have 31 days and a six month payment plan...
3 feet tall, 4 feet wide... this mothereffer is big... I have no idea where to put it and I'm now debating of whether I fulfill my promise to Mom or if I break my word...

I'm hyped about it, but the realities of adulthood are trying to force me to NOT get it. Like, just today, I had to spend $300 on Car maintenance. (I had to dip on my Snake Mountain Funds, which are now at $50, to get it done.) This will end up being an $800-ish endeavor... and when the rational adult side of me thinks about it, well, he starts blaring the alarms and trying to convince me out of it.
(And I'm currently single, so I have to answer to No one... I picture this situation with married, or parenting Adult Collectors, which makes me see how hard it would be for them to commit to this.)

To say that I'm freaking out about this is an understatement, because I'm freaking out about this VERY HARD!!

Movie named after Megaman3 boss steals a Metal Gear series plotline.

I speak of the Will Smith movie Gemini Man.

There you go... Someone cloned Super soldier Will Smith ans sent the clone to kill the original.
Add bipedal nuclear tanks and we might be close to a good movie... Will Smith's ego aside... Wait, that's it!! This movie is Will against his massive ego!

I may hate watch this once it hits DVDs and they play ot at my friendly neighborhood big box retailer!

And yes, I just realized I got the video straight from the douche's nozzle...

Odds and Ends Cobra Kai Season 2 day...

As stated in the title, Today is The Release of Cobra Kai season 2... I have no way of watching this... Would be cool if they released the seasons on DVD or BluRay for those who can't get the Premium YT service...

A girl had sex and the world is shocked... Of course, feminists claim misogyny.
Winter is coming... A girl isn't...
Of course, I'm talking of the infamous Arya sex scene.
"It was empowering to her, it shows she has humanity" they said... "You didn't  complain about Sansa's rape, Tommen's sex with a 30 year old, etc."

Dudettes, HBO messed up the characters' ages. Not to mention that Sansa wasn't the one to be raped by Ramsay... it was 14(-ish) year old Jeyne Poole posing as Arya... who is supposed to be 12 (-ish) arounf A Feast for Crows...
Hell, Emilia Clarke's Momoan sex is supposed to happen when she was 14 and he was like 30. Just to put things in perspective, there ARE a couple of reasons why the Arya sex scene can shock people...

Also, everything post season 5 is non-canon... because George Slow ass molasses RR Martin hasn't finished the damned books. (Then again, with each season the HBO series kept straying further from the books)

A harder mode for KH3 was released yesterday...
Critical Mode was finally released. It's a shame that the game disappointed me so hard that I currently don't want to play it again...

Amazing! Marvel is mocking One Moronic Deal with Mephisto, but they recently had Miles making One Moronic Deal with Mephisto....

Apr 22, 2019

NECA has obtained a huge victory for their TMNT Line!

They are no longer US exclusive, which means that International fans can now get some TMNT love from NECA. This is great news for fans of the 1990 movie and the arcade games... we now have to see what will NECA do next with the property... I know that Rocksteady and Bebop are coming. 

Super7 better get their stuff ready, because NECA will fight hard to keep their spot as the #1 adult collector oriented TMNT toy maker...

Apr 21, 2019

MK 11's ad campaign in France is a Flawless Victory

While MK has been "going woke" with the female costumes, thwir ad campaigns have been doing better.
Case in point, this French Ad...

You can see the dude playing against an older gentleman. The older gentleman beats the dude soundly, using Lord Raiden...
The old man has had a bit of experience with the Thundergod...

That is because he IS Christophe Lambert... as in Good Live Action Mortal Kombat movie Raiden...
THAT, my friends is a stroke of genius!
It makes up for using Overrated Yamcha Rousey as Sonya...

Apr 20, 2019

Casting my MCU Sinister Six...

I was reminded of the ULTRA STUPID IDEA of casting Will Smith or Matthew McConaughey as Doctor Otto Octavius... Amy Pascal is a freaking idiot!!

So, that made me think on the whole Luke Skywalker  Doc Ock thing from a few months ago...
Now I want to make a suggestion on who I would pick as The Real Sinister Six
(Vulture, Mysterio, Electro, Sandman, Kraven, and Doc Ock)
Obviously, Vulture and Mysterio are out since they already have Michael Keaton and Jake  Gyllenhaal.

While, last time, SONY wasted the talents of Jamie Foxx, I'd pick a smaller name actor, like Drake Bell. And yes,the laughably bad superhero movie was a huge reason why I picked him... Drake Bell plus green tights he kind of has that classic Electro physique going on...

Plan B choice would be Jim Parsons. He has this punchable face and kind of has that lanky Electro physique.

I have to give credit to the Sam Raimi Trilogy because Thomas Haden Church was the perfect choice for Sandman but new Universe. I cannot reuse actors in the same role so I'll have to look for a new one.

Option A is Liev Schreiber... I know he play that X-Men Origins Sabretooth and the Storm King in My Little Pony but it was the saber-tooth role that Drew me to him. He might be a bit older than what normally it would go but he kind of resembles a comic book version of the character...  I mean he looks more like Sandman then he looks like  like like he does Sabretooth.

Option B: Chris O'Donnell... while he's more of a pretty boy when compared to comic book Sandman he could pull it off. While being on the younger side he could still do some physical stunts required for the character. And yes he was kind of chosen on purpose due to the horrible Batman movies. Part of me wants him to work with Michael Keaton so we could get a bit of the dynamic duo that we never got.

Option C: Daniel Cudmore. I originally was thinking of him as a Kraven but his huge size made me think dude he's Sandman! Not to mention that he's already familiar with superhero movies and he was a sparkling vampire...

This one would be the toughest 2 cast because we need an actor that looks big Bob and it's the hardest character to to add into the universe but we need to have a Kraven so we can have the true Sinister Six.

My first option is Joe Manganiello. I know he's playing Deathstroke on the dceu but that's being crumbling apart so I think we could get him. And no I didn't pick him because he played Eugene Thompson in the Tobey movies. It was his role as Alcide in True Blood that Drew me to him.

My second option is Oded Fehr, but he might be getting a bit too old for the role. I think it was around the time of Deuce Bigalow that I thought he could play a nice Kraven.

My third option is Richard Madden. He's a bit on the younger side but it could work for Kraven. I did pick him over bitch face Snow, because he was under used in Game of Thrones and it's not as familiar as Kit Harington. And they really can't stand Kit Harington you know with his bitch face that he's completely clueless to where the hell he is?

Last but not least, The Man himself:
Doctor Octopus:
Well Mark Hamill already showed interest in the character and I agree that he's a great choice here are my non Mark Hamill options:

Paul Giamatti: let's be frank here he was wasted in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. An actor of his caliber playing a generator like rhino it's a waste of doubt now a brilliant mind like dr. Otto Octavius now that's something more of his caliber he could bring all layers to the tragic story of Otto... if they go for that more human angle off him and not make him a superior prick like the comics. Either way he can pull them off easily.

By the way I hate Agents of Shield so much because they stole Peter MacnNicol away from me being a being able to use him. Especially since he had gotten a bit portlier throughout the years which would have been perfect for Doctor Octopus... and yes in playing Doctor Octopus in The Spectacular Spider-Man was what brought him into a possible spot but Agents of Shield at the ruin it for me.

Another curveball option that floated for a moment was Brendan Fraser. Put the pitchforks and torches down just for a minute. Fraser is a decent actor but he more often does not picks bad movies. I know he retired from acting for a little bit due to health issues which is why this is not going to happen. The stunt work required to play Doctor Octopus could be a bit risky for him especially now that he's gained up a bit of weight. But yeah for a moment I did think of a fat Encino Man as Doc Ock you can Grill me for that.

Wait!! Encino Man... Fat...

Sean Astin!!!

What picks did you like? What picks made you think: I know it's 4/20, but lay off the whacky tobbaccky, Nefty...
Who would you choose?

Apr 19, 2019

Notre Dame and outrage culture

I can't believe all the crap that has come out recently after the Notre Dame fire. That outrage culture has Been going on wild like wildfire after People decided to pay for the reconstruction.

" they have collected millions of dollars for Notre Dame but they aren't doing anything to end world hunger" and stuff like that. Seriously they have pulled out the Biafran children photos... as in the Biafra conflict from 1967. Seriously if there's all these issues with world hunger that they have all these ads on TV with the little sad children running on the streets drinking gutter water while they have this white person walking and talking about them and asking for $20 a month to help one child, Etc. But the only pictures they can use are from 19 freaking 67?

Then they shared these memes are acting like they are high and mighty because they "worry about the biafran children"... but the rest of the year they don't give a rat's ass about said children.

The comparison itself is stupid. This goes from comparing apples to 3D printers! The rebuilding of Notre Dame is one concrete thing it requires a single time donation.
Ending world hunger requires a lot more and it will require constant donations repeated maintenance and in some cases it would require military interventions in order to topple "evil" government and place "safer better" governments.

The Logistics of staving off hunger in a single country is complicated. Now multiply for the number of countries that are suffering hunger which includes First World countries and you'll see that it's logistically impossible to do. World hunger, fighting disease,  animal rights, protect the environment are vague Concepts. You cannot throw money at the big Concepts. For example fighting disease there's thousands if not millions of diseases in the world how can you get money to fight them all? Now fighting malaria it's a bit more achievable because it's one specific disease and research to combat it has received a lot of money by one Bill Gates.

I'm not saying that we shouldn't strive to end world hunger or 2 eliminate the Seas and all that no I'm not saying that we shouldn't do that.  I'm criticizing the downplaying of a tragedy to Showcase a different tragedy that the person showcasing doesn't really care about.

Different example I care about animals but I would never donate to PETA. I would rather donate to the World Wildlife Fund. ( I have to use the full name otherwise I would think about 80's wrestling)

There's also another one of these that's going like the last Black Horn Rhino is. Is dying and you don't give a rat's ass about it but sure you're going to donate to a building...

This one actually made me laugh out loud because okay it's the last Rhino off its kind and it's dying what the hell do you expect me to do? have sex with it until we can get a Rocksteady?

Also also I need to mention that many of the super rich donate to different causes each year. Sure, it might be a tax loophole but those tax loopholes get funding for things like: education to help fighting poverty to ecological needs to study diseases and how to get rid of them Etc.

But it's easier to post memes and pretty size while patting themselves on the back for being a good slacktivist...

Apr 18, 2019

As expected, the MOTU movie is delayed...

And now it seems to lack direction... According to Bleeding Cool... the Nee brothers have jumped ship and the movie is 2020 TBD...
I'd put a surprised reaction if this had truly caught me by surprise... but given the lack of cast, this was expected. Seeing the directors leave is complety logical, since it seems SONY is dragging their feet with this project.

My prediction no movie is going to happen in 2020. They will shop for a new director, then followed by new screenwriters, maybe dangle possible miscasts, but nothing will be set in stone.

Right now I have a competition which will happen first George "slowass" RR Martin will get the Winds of Winter published or this movie happens. Right now Martin is winning.

Apr 16, 2019

Ubisoft will help Quasimodo...

Usually, when speaking of Ubisoft, Glitches, paywalls, forcing you to be constantly online to play an offline story mode come to mind...

Well, now we have something GOOD to say about Assassin's Creed: Unity without being ironic.

The attention to detail from the Assassin's Creed team might actually help the French in Rebuilding Notre Dame.
It's amazing that now they're looking at works of fiction based on reality to fix the issues in the real world. Especially from such a hated Medium as videogames.

Also, a bit of good news, most of the art was saved. Some pieces were lost or damaged Beyond repair but at least most of it was saved. The Grand Organ might require some repairs though. And many people know that I have a soft spot for church organs...

I wanted to use Kingdom Hearts' Sanctuary, but there was no Organ cover... (get it? Because Sora and Riku went to the Hunchback of Notre Dame and he yells "Sanctuary"...
And when he did in Dream Drop Distance I replied with:
"Wonk ouy nath noitceffa erom deen I") but Notre Dame can be rebuilt... they have the technology... but it won't cost 6 Million dollars. It'll be a lot more expensive.

You vs. Wild: the rant

got to play a few episodes of you vs. Wild.
So far I haven't been able to make bear drink his own pee. I did make him for it through bear poop to look for nuts and eat them, so that's a plus.

The show is practically Man vs. wild but you get some limited choices on what to do. And yes I did try to kill bear as many times as possible and while he doesn't die because if he dies there's no show; there are plenty of options that if it was real he would kick the bucket.
I did notice that the show pre-selects for you the right choice. What I mean is that every time there's a choice the cursor is always on the correct choice and you have to decide to go for it or choose a different option. The "wrong option" doesn't always mean game over.

Sometimes the correct option is the stupid option so you have to think like Bear Grylls. Flashy, shocking, and against all common sense. But the show made me realize something: I do miss Man vs Wild... just not enough to watch the India version of it.

Basically the India version of MvsW has the basic show but there are some cutaways with some Bollywood performer talking about the show and it's weird okay!
Also the show is in Hindi so I have no idea what they're saying and the dubbed voice of Bear scares the crap out of me.

I'm almost tempted to buy the series on DVD, but the only thing I can do is to drink my own pee... and I'm over the show... now to figire out how to fix my ps3...

Apr 15, 2019

Quasimodo's home is on fire

The Cathedral of Notre Dame is burning.
I'm not French and religiousness isn't my strongest point, if being brutally honest... but this fire has made me sick to my stomach... Well, after it hit me, because at first I was making jokes like this:
But putting the jokes aside, this is how Ireally feel:

The burning of the Cathedral of Notre Dame is a huge loss. A piece of religious history has been destroyed. A living piece of historical architecture has been lost. A repository of art has been lost. Whether you disagree with a church or the French culture of the era when the church was built it's still a loss a human history. My condolences to the French and to humanity as a whole.
To be honest I don't know how should I feel about rebuilding or preserving what's left. In one shape or another Quasimodo's Sanctuary must survive!

If this was not an accident, I hope that they catch whoever did this and make them pay.

Now the French will have to stand tall and rebuild, not just the Cathedral, but their philosophy and way of life.

Apr 13, 2019

The hyper sanitized female outfits in Mortal Kombat don't work. *language*

I have seen the videos and all I can think is they suck!
The main character designer claims that they are doing it for realism, but realism can basically go to hell especially when we're doing a lot of series with alien ninjas, reptile monsters,Nosferatu with Wolverine claw-like swords, Thunder gods, Etc. That's without counting the fatalities which are ridiculously over-the-top.

Putting the female fighters in quote-unquote realistic clothes is bullshit. The clothing is Not Practical for combat as they're trying to claim. Help the bathing suits at the female ninja used in Mortal Kombat 2 and 3 or the gym clothes that Sonya used in Mortal Kombat 1 and 3 are far more realistic than any of the outfits used on the 3D CG versions of Mortal Kombat. One of the most recent reviews was Kitana who's practically wearing a scuba diving suit with a hole in its back and a boob window. These absolutely make no sense given that they practically covered her up from head to toe. Not to mention that the designs are ridiculously busy.

It's funny because the male characters outfits get even more ridiculous in this game but with the female characters they are like: "no they have to be realistic."
It's almost as if there was some sort of double standard at work here. It's a shame that Netherrealm Studios Has Fallen prey to the politically correct crap. Mortal Kombat is supposed to be not politically correct. The borderline racist stereotypes with Liu Kang being a Bruce Lee stereotype,  Raiden being a stereotypical Eastern God, Scorpion and Sub-Zero being ninjas in ridiculously bright colors, or Johnny Cage being basically a parody of Jean Claude Van Damme. In later games you got like tractors like meat which were basically a meat bag you have motion capture guy then you have pretty much a fat drunk named after the term for drunk in Spanish.

Irreverence and political incorrectness has been part of an part of what makes Mortal Kombat, well, Mortal Kombat. So it's ridiculous to cater to the Social Justice Crew on a game that's basically Politically Incorrect, irreverent, offensive, and vulgar. It makes no sense.

I'm not asking for a jumbo tits and Mega asses worthy of Sir Mix-a-Lot to be covered by the tiniest sliver of cloth available. All I want is easily recognizable outfits that are based on the characters history. And this applies to all characters not specific to the female characters. ( though they main characters our kind of mix and match based on some classic outfits sadly it's The Awful 3D ones that have been the huge inspiration... like the stupid Shredder Sub-Zero look.)

Seriously what's next Johnny Cage cannot hit women with his low blow? Remember back when people complained about Mortal Kombat violence that for Mortal Kombat 2 they added the Babalities and friendships as a form of mockery? Pepperidge Farm remembers and I miss that Mortal Kombat... back when they had balls... now seems like they have been castrated. Where's that fuck your feelings attitude that the Mortal Kombat of old used to have?

Episode IX teaser... spoilers!

It stinks! I don't like it!

The saga ends with Rise of Skywalker... but Carrie Fisher is dead, they Killed Luke and Kyle O-Ring is a Solo.

Apr 12, 2019

New Lion King CG remake trailer out...

And I'm not impressed. I dound it more underwhelming than Brie Larson's horrible performance in Captain Marvel...

It lacks this je ne sais quoi that the original had... it lacks soul... by going for realism, they took away some of the charm and heart from the original.
And various scenes from the movie will suffer like when Scar plays with a skull Hamlet style, the Timon luau, parts Rafiki's scenes. Some of the songs will suffer as well... mainly I just can't wait to be king, be prepared, and Hakuna Matata.

And that's part of the problem of these live-action reboots well, CGI reboot in this case; they lose all the charm of the original.  Maleficent pretty much changed the entire plot of Sleeping Beauty. Cinderella lost a lot of its charm. Beauty and the Beast lost some of it; okay the movie was decent but it lost the charm of the original. Dumbo well let's not talk about Dumbo and then we have the Will Smith abomination. Lion King is Walking Dead thin fine line between kind of soulless like Beauty and the Beast and completely soulless cash in reboot like Aladdin. And this really sucks because Lion King is the best animated movie Disney has made until THAT movie.

On adding Mutants to phase 4... a new look

As I mentioned before, Marvel is a bit shy of adding mutants to the mix in Phase 4. They also have been claiming the whole diversity card, doing diversity all wrong because what you need to do is just add existing characters that are from different cultures races nationalities Etc... On what team could do diversity quite well??? I'm going to give you a hint:

Storm is from Africa Wolverine is from Canada Nightcrawler is from Germany Colossus is Russian we also have a Shopkins black we have Jubilee who's Asian so you get that whole diversity  thing covered but you just do it not preach it to the winds... Because when you're praising yourself for diversity that probably means that you are not being diverse for real.

This is the part that some people are going to say:
But how do you explain mutants in MCU since  they haven't been there?

Quite simple you just first state that mutants have existed for a long time but the KNOWN population has been quite small and not all mutants have noteworthy powers.
For example you have a mutant from say Wyoming who's great powers at he can see in the dark... or a mutant from Spain that glows in the dark. Or a Brazilian kid that has a second set of eyelids that allows him to see underwater and can swim rather fast but not breathe underwater.

Not every mutant has weather manipulation magnetism mind control or healing Factor.

So let's say until the New York incident of 2012 the amount of known mutants in the world where roughly about a hundred and 100 out of 7,128,176,935 (the nuber of people alive in 2012) is 1.40288325e-8 which is a very minuscule number. That's virtually 0% of the Earth's population. So in the comics the X-Men are known as the children of the atom, basically blaming the nuclear explosions in Japan as the event that triggered the next step in human evolution... or a massive boom on the mutant population I should say. Well how about we tweet that for the MCU saying that the incursions with aliens the infinity gems being used on Earth that Terrigen mists used within Agents of Shield and the Inhumans series, on the last but not least the infamous snap would be the triggers on the x-gene within the Earth's population.

That way you can have mutants that are already adults in the current ERA like say Storm, Wolverine, Magneto Sabretooth and have some younger mutants like say Scott, Jean, Hank, Bobby, Warren, Kurt, Etc.

And we could say like with the events of the 2012 incident in New York and the Avengers that maybe Xavier decided to try his school to avoid the potential for persecution and living in the post Snap era those who still are alive and are still normal humans would have some kind of grudge against super powered beings and we could have the whole Friends of Humanity hatred of mutants thing in the current year.

We could also tweak Bolivar Trask a little bit and having be a shield scientist that the Sentinel program began as a Defender against alien threats but due to 90s technology couldn't be made back then and basically Trask reviving his project in 2019 on his own after the rise of mutants and the whole snap incident.

The only big issue would be right now the whole Magneto being World War II victim, which would make him really old in 2019 finding a way to keep him Young is a bit more complicated.
A simple solution would be having Dame obtain something that can slow down the Raging for a little bit and remember that a while back I made on a video of how to add the X-Men into the MCU that he had the first movie being the original X-Men fighting Juggernaut and having a flashbacks of Xavier Magneto Cain Marko a tracker named Jimmy Logan tracking the temple of cyttorak... well maybe using that idea and giving them a blood transfusion from Logan would give them a bit of a healing Factor temporarily which would slow down there raging for a couple of decades just to have two 80 something men looking close to their prime.

The other would be making Antarctic equivalent of the heart shaped herb that slows down their aging.

La solution would be adding magic to the mixer the reality gem actual Magic I don't know something... It's Magic logic normally doesn't apply to it.

Wait savage land Nathaniel Essex mr. Sinister there we go mr. Sinister trapped them to experiment with them he prolonged their prime age due to the interesting Powers Within Magneto and Xavier... while it's no Shadow King this could be where Xavier would lose his legs.

And if they play it smart they could use the Disney plus Service as a way to prepare audiences  with mini series setting up the future X-Men movies. I swear I mention Wolverine series Highlander crossed with The Fugitive I've have Logan roaming down the Northwest of the United States and parts of Canada as he's hiding from SHIELD and its Canadian counterpart. Then set up some villains like the Hellfire Club, Sabretooth, Omega Red, the reavers Silver Samurai, Etc.

Hell even a first-class miniseries which is basically about Xavier training the original five,  told in flashbacks as he's explaining the facilities to the second class which would be composed of characters like Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, Colossus in a campus tour. I'm with the meeting series they got a lot of movie time in origin stories and all that.

Right now Disney has no excuse to not add the X-men... well, at least until 2021.

Apr 11, 2019

You vs Wild, Haruhi week postponed, I'm an Uncle...

Mikuru never showed up and I'm in the process of being refunded and ordered one from another seller. This put my plans of making a Haruhi themed week It came from the Toy Chest marathon... Haruhi called it: "The Passion of Kyon"... because it was supposed to start Thursday all the way till Easter Sunday. So, until Mikuru shows up, no Haruhi reviews... Now I need a new sub-theme...

I can't watch You vs Wild on my phone. And my PS3 seems to have died...  So I had to use my PS4... They forgot to add the drink pee option... I am disappointed with that. I only dabbled, since I had to work, but I will do a full review soon.

And I'm an Uncle... Lumbago here I come! No, all jokes aside, I'm a bit scared of the responsibilities that cpme with being an Uncle. This could be an Uncle Ben kind of thing where I teach him a valuable lesson in exchange for my life, or it could be a Scar thing where I become a fascist and he has to kill me... personally I'm hoping it's more like this:

It's scary... My brother is a father... that's like uncharted territory for me and a path I do not wish to travel. It's not that I couldn't do it, or that I fear the responsibilities... which I kinda do, I mean this is a human life here. If I can barely support myself, I can't bring a new life to this world, when I'm a mess... It wouldn't be fair for them... and I wouldn't want to disappoint them.

Apr 10, 2019

While DC is scrambling to fast-track a Shazam sequel, Marvel will drag their feet with X-Men...

Yes, a Shazam sequel is being fast-tracked... mostly due to the kids growing... and supposedly, the Black Adam being the most Electrifying Superstar rumor is true. All of this makes a lot of sense. The movie surpassed the expectations of pretty much everyone. The movie was enjoyable, entertaining, and it wasn't loaded with agendas from the cast or Marketing. It was a fun movie that was respectful to the characters (an oddity in the DCEU, thanks to Suck Snyder) but this is just the appetizer...

The main course is the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe phase 4 not including the X-Men or Fantastic Four. I don't trust Feige here... while yes they have to be making plans for characters they actually had at the time like a Black Widow movie, Black Panther, Doctor Strange , Guardians of the Galaxy sequels; that doesn't necessarily mean that they won't sneak in references to the 4 or the X-Men.
I mean...

Generic Kid was turned into Peter Parker... and let's not forget the crazy rewrites that Captain America Civil War have to do in order to fit in Spider-Man... or the recent rewrites in order to add Cap'n Meh Vel to the MCU.

Like say the Guardians could meet a member of the shi'ar like say Gladiator Royal praetor of the shi'ar empire... or in one of those random tasks that they get having to fight off a brood of, uh, well, The Brood.

Or maybe black widow has to fly somewhere and she uses Bushwacker pilot likes a some dude named Benjamin Jacob Grimm?  Perhaps they have to locate someone in madripoor and they pass by the princess bar and Natasha, makes a remark about a past run-in with Patch, the short tempered owner. ( which comic book fans would know as an alias of the short angry stabby Canadian guy who stabbing Canadian guy who ends his sentences with "bub".)

Or maybe having T'Challa deal with a member of the Latverian Embassy who's interested in buying some vibranium for his country.

You know dropping hints of things to come while they figure out how to insert everything in a coherent manner... unlike Danvers.

Hell they could even have background news  playing during scenes. While they main characters are discussing blood orange you could have a TV in the background and have Howard this place only in Fort laud meet and terrorism on the uprising something about the Baxter building or Reed Richards Expedition into the negative zone or something.

But at the same time I kinda get Feige. There's still the sour aftertaste of the recent Fox reboot... personally I think the sooner we wash off the whole Fox era and move on from it as fast as possible the better.

And if Disney was smart they would sneak in like two mini series into their Disney plus service I make it about the Fantastic Four in the X-Men using the same cast that they would use for the movie so they basically have to force people to watch the Disney Plus content order to catch up for the movies.

For example de Fantastic Four series would be at the end episode miniseries and I were each episode basically the first by being the Fantastic for gaining their powers then the season finale would be they coming out as Heroic adventurers and then a Cameo by Samuel L Jackson.
430 villain they could use one of the Lesser Fantastic Four villains like a mole man Puppet Master saving Doctor Doom for the movie. Though Victor Von Doom would appear like in the first episode in a Flashback for establishing the whole Dome Richards rivalry.

For the X-Men I wouldn't go like a whole flashback for all of them I would be using angry stabbing Canadian. I know I say that this before in a random but think about it Wolverine is the only one that you could have a small miniseries kind of like Highlander and it could work.
It will bring miniseries good set up things like Alpha flight or other mutants and even do some background stuff with Cap'n Meh Vel, Ant-Man (Pym), etc.

And last but not least It's  kind of hard to believe that with all these new toys that they're not going to play with them ASAP. My belief is that they're holding back on explaining anything beyond the end of phase 3 until the end of Endgame.  what's the point of getting the X-Men and the Fantastic Four and not use them? Hello phase 4... Fantastic Four... it writes itself!

Apr 8, 2019

Another ML List... of characters that Hasbro should make and stuff.

Since MOTUC is most likely on its way out, I can refocus on Marvel Legends again... wait is this 2004? Let me check... Mom's not alive, so no... Dammit!

So let's get started with a list of Marvel Legends that should be made by Hasbro:

The Vulture:
We have Kraven, Ock, Sandman, Mysterio, and Electro...
We Are One member short of the Sinister Six. And no Ultimate Universe Vulture does not count.

Classic Apocalypse:
I know the recent Aoocalypse wave gave us modern take on apocalypse and ToyBiz did a kind of stylized version of Apocalypse for the standard sized figure. But no standard figure has come close to the amazing Apocalypse build a figure from ToyBiz. I mean we have classic 80's and 90's looks for the X-Men but not a classic Apocalypse?

 The Mandarin:
We need an updated version of him since the ToyBiz figure was an abomination in a rubber suit. And let's face it this is almost as big of an injustice to the Mandarin as Iron Man 3.

To be fair the ToyBiz figure is decent, but I would like to see Hasbro's take on it. Also he would be suited it to be a build a figure size figure. Something along the lines of Dormammu. And it says Hospital wouldn't dare to do on Mephisto Blackheart's the next best thing.

Legendary Rider Vengeance:
The Hasbro figure was cool and all that but he needs his bike. So basically reissue the figure but with a new bike.

After 13 years of Hasbro Marvel Legends we still haven't gotten a replacement for Toad: classic member of the Brotherhood of evil mutants and one of the earliest Marvel Legends in the ToyBiz era.

I know I have a little bit of an accent,but it's supposed to be heart not fart but I'll  run with it. We kind of need Riri
As much as I despise the character.

Squirrel Girl:
Pedo Logan needs his underage ass harem to grow... and it would be hilarious to have Squirrel Girl defeating a fat ass... (speech to text is on a roll... Thanos is now a Fat ass)

This would be a build-a-figure obviously... since Marvel Select does not want to release the Watcher well, Hasbro better get on with it and do one... I regret not getting my Marvel Select Watcher when I had a chance... still kicking myself in the dick for that.

The Blob:
Not that I'd hospital has gotten better at sculpting and making articulation for larger figures well we kind of need a blob figure that can be displayed in ways other than sending around or in the...


Classic Doctor Doom:
I know Walgreens is going to get an Iron Man Doctor Doom figure but it's not classic Doctor Doom with a tunic the Mauser pistol and you know classic Doom... That  version that pops in your head when you say Doctor Doom which probably it's him screaming Richards!!! Because I Fantastic Four foiled his plans again.

Well that's pretty much it for now I tried to keep it mostly mainstream and try to make it balanced like you could make one or two waves out of... partially, of course. So it wouldn't be like a 50 figure list completely retreading everything like PowerPack Firestar the rest of the Maximum Carnage theme. Maximum clonage theme etc.

Apr 6, 2019

I just found out that Square has shown some love to Xenogears...

Xenogears is a game very dear to me. Not only it's a rejected proto FFVII, but it has my favorite Male VA...

Cam Clarke as Krelian... it also has a kickass soundtrack...
Knight of Fire is playing in my head as I write this...

Well, there is a secret boss fight/summon in World of Final Fantasy...

Freaking Xenogears, the Beyond Omnigear... not the game...

I saw this ad about FFIX 2pack for $180 at BBTS. For a moment I thought that was the asking price per figure, and thought... these guy are sick! And was going to make fun of Square Enix asking a ridiculous amount of money... knowing that it's 180 for both makes it slightly less ridiculous...
Thing is that I scrolled down..
Freaking Weltall... Square Enix made a Weltall toy... but it's not the Only Xenogears toy they made...

Fei and Elly... I want them, no, I NEED THEM!! I will also accept a remake...

It came from the Toy Chest: Stanley figure...

Exlesir! 'Nough sed! Well come two beliebers! Stanley hear!  No, I'm not mocking the dead... I'm mocking the bootleggedness of a Custom Stan Lee figure I bought online.

Remember the cancelled Stan Lee BAF? Someone got a hold of the head and apparently started reproducing casts of it, painting it and selling them online on random bodies.

Mine is on a McFarlane Toys body, specifically Mike's body from stranger things.
At first I wasn't sure where the body came from but when I opened the box where it came in, the stench of plastic that the figure emanated reminded me of the old McFarlane Metal Gear toys. One Google search later revealed me the owner of the body.

The head of the other hand feels Hasbro-like. I'm not sure if he's glasses were meant to be removable but since they don't plug into anything... I ended up gluing them to his head so I wouldn't lose them.

I will not do the standard review with articulation paintings called accessories because since this is i Custom figure based on on bootleg pieces. I can't really be fair with it. Unlike the infamous bootleg snake or bootleg Goku this is just a kitbash made out of random pieces so it kind of counts us a custom and it wouldn't be fair for me to criticize a custom figure that's literally a kitbash.

If you can find one in a Hasbro tuxedo body it would be a much better deal than having him on the stranger things body; but that's the only one you find go for it! I know it's a bootleg and some people hate that but it's Stan Lee!
What Stan put togethet shall remain together!

Apr 5, 2019

Harold sans Kumar goes bounty hunting...

Netflix's Cowboy Bebop has a Spike...

That's Spike!
Bushmaster from the cancelled Luke Cage series is Jet...
The girl who gave Blue a transfusion in The Lost World Dino Crisis... I mean JW2... is Faye.

No Ed yet, but we have Vicious... who I haven't seen any of his work...
I'M SCARED... please don't suck!


I saw the real Captain Marvel and it was Glorious!
Yes, you heard right... a Movie based on the big red cheese was the best thing I've seen so far in 2019.
Go see it! No, I'm not getting paid to sponsor this, but it's that good and entertaining... I'm not going to spoil it, but it goes like this: Think a dash of Tobey-Man, with a lot of Christopher Reeve Superman, Big. (The movie with Tom Hanks) and you get an idea of how this movie feels.

Suck Snyder fans will hate it because it isn't dark... It's freaking Captain Marvel, the Big Red Cheese!! Zachary Levi did a magnificent job as Captain Marvel! And as much as he doesn't want us to compare movies with the same name, his movie is much more enjoyable than Brie's.

Apr 4, 2019

*RUMOR* MOTUC is dead... because of the movie.

There's a rumor going on that The Stout Wave is the final MOTUC wave and Snake Mountain the final MOTUC item.
This part makes sense. Funko won't be doing any MOTU themed POPs now... Are you seeing the Pattern?
Mattel is picking up the brand in preparation for the movie... no point in having third parties profit from their brand, especially in a movie year...

That part still makes sense... the horrible part is that Mattel ALLEGEDLY is drying the well on purpose to generate an artificial demand for MOTU Product until the movie... so according to this rumor, my cell is purposely stopping all production of Masters of the Universe product for roughly a year until the movie happens and then they'll release their product. This is a dick move by Mattel... well assuming the rumor I wonder how long it'll take for a certain snake to blame me for this.

I should be angry about this (if the rumor is true l but I'm actually okay with it! I mean with Super7's lack of understanding of what the line was about, the delays, that quality control issues, yeah I'm kind of glad it's ending! I know it sucks that we're not getting the entire new adventures, but the hiatus between waves was dragging on a bit too much and the line was being infected by Club Grayskull... and it's better to put it to sleep before it became a shadow of the shadow of its former self.

But at the same time Snake Mountain seems like a fitting bookend to  the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line

Oh yeah I almost forgot. If the movie sucks ass, which most likely it will; we can say goodbye to He-Man toys forever or at least in our lifetime!!
No pressure at all! None whatsoever!!

Apr 2, 2019

Yu-Gi-Oh! The rant...

Yes, it's time to... I'll just let Yugi D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d- do it!

So, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Trading Card game that now funds 1/3* of Konami... the rest is Pachinko...
*= numbers pulled out my ass for comedic value.
I used to play a lot of of duel monsters in my college Years.
If I wanted to use the anime as a reference from my time doing I would say I started drooling around to this Kingdom all the way on the end of GX. I'm back in the day I used to have like around 10:12 decks available with me at all times kind of like Misawa from GX that had like six legs while I have 12:
My favorite deck lost a fiend fiend Beat Down Ojama deck. Basically all I did was pull out High attack  fiends and clog their field with Ojama Tokens. Dark Ruler Hades was basically my main protection for the fiends and Freat Maju Garzett was my big hitter.

My second favorite that was a Kaiba inspired deck... That meant...

Blue Eyes Caucasian Dragons everywhere...

Other decks were:
-Warrior deck
-Fairy LP gaining deck... Highest LP I've gotten was 17200 . Sadly, I lost to a Stall deck, thar forced me to lose via deck out. That inspired me to make a pair of stall decks...
-Insectual Stall deck. A stall deck based on insects.
-Stall/Burn deck, which was meant to decrease the opponent LP via  effect damage.
-A femme only deck, because me-soggy-knee or something.
-Machine deck
-water deck
-Fire deck
-experimental Decks A and B...
Usually these two I rotated often, because these were unofficial slots...
E-Heroes, Spirit Decks, No Monster decks, Different Dimension Deck, etc.

 Thing is that I was practically ready to play Yu-Gi-Oh at any time. If a friend had no dick no problem I had I had plenty so we could play for a while. By the time 5D came up with their synchro summons I was kind of getting tired of the game and I through that time my mom's condition wasn't exactly at her best so I had to pull out from YGO, then we had this tiny little insignificant event that happened at Mattel... the little toy line that I killed was born.

So I could pretty much say that I have been out of the game for nearly 10 years maybe a bit more. I'm still out of the game to be honest... but I saw a little something at a Walgreens that Drew me back in... The last structure deck  I bought was a Seto Kaiba deck... see the pattern?

A new structure deck that is based on the Blue-Eyes White Dragon... so I bought the deck and now after taking a look at it and seeing all the new blue eyes related stuff it's kind of making me want to go back and play Yu-Gi-Oh but things like lack of time, lack of friends who are actually still playing... I mean, I'm almost 40 and there's no way  I'm going to go to a card game shop play against 13 year olds... That would look creepier than Pegasus!!

Also, have you seen the new upcoming Japanese Cosplay Grade Mostly Functional Battle City Duel Disk?

Apr 1, 2019

The Aeris Lounge pics have made me crave FFVII...

So, you know about the pub that is called Aeris Lounge?
The one that I totally have not stopped by to take pics of my FFVII Figures reacting to it...

Nope! I  totally have not weirded out people by doing this... so, thanks to me wasting my own time, I've had a desire to play Final Fantasy VII... and Square Enix is taking their sweet ass time with the remake... I COULD play it on the PC or PS3, but I kinda want to play it on the go... If only there was some legal way to play FFVII and it was portable... that is NOT THE HORRIBLE ANDROID PORT!!

What in the actual Hell is this!? It only took 21.5 years for it to show up in a Nintendo Console...
Also it's  $16... I wish I had known this before my Birthday!!!

Legit and Portable... my mind is blown!