Apr 11, 2019

You vs Wild, Haruhi week postponed, I'm an Uncle...

Mikuru never showed up and I'm in the process of being refunded and ordered one from another seller. This put my plans of making a Haruhi themed week It came from the Toy Chest marathon... Haruhi called it: "The Passion of Kyon"... because it was supposed to start Thursday all the way till Easter Sunday. So, until Mikuru shows up, no Haruhi reviews... Now I need a new sub-theme...

I can't watch You vs Wild on my phone. And my PS3 seems to have died...  So I had to use my PS4... They forgot to add the drink pee option... I am disappointed with that. I only dabbled, since I had to work, but I will do a full review soon.

And I'm an Uncle... Lumbago here I come! No, all jokes aside, I'm a bit scared of the responsibilities that cpme with being an Uncle. This could be an Uncle Ben kind of thing where I teach him a valuable lesson in exchange for my life, or it could be a Scar thing where I become a fascist and he has to kill me... personally I'm hoping it's more like this:

It's scary... My brother is a father... that's like uncharted territory for me and a path I do not wish to travel. It's not that I couldn't do it, or that I fear the responsibilities... which I kinda do, I mean this is a human life here. If I can barely support myself, I can't bring a new life to this world, when I'm a mess... It wouldn't be fair for them... and I wouldn't want to disappoint them.

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