Apr 5, 2019


I saw the real Captain Marvel and it was Glorious!
Yes, you heard right... a Movie based on the big red cheese was the best thing I've seen so far in 2019.
Go see it! No, I'm not getting paid to sponsor this, but it's that good and entertaining... I'm not going to spoil it, but it goes like this: Think a dash of Tobey-Man, with a lot of Christopher Reeve Superman, Big. (The movie with Tom Hanks) and you get an idea of how this movie feels.

Suck Snyder fans will hate it because it isn't dark... It's freaking Captain Marvel, the Big Red Cheese!! Zachary Levi did a magnificent job as Captain Marvel! And as much as he doesn't want us to compare movies with the same name, his movie is much more enjoyable than Brie's.

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