Apr 8, 2019

Another ML List... of characters that Hasbro should make and stuff.

Since MOTUC is most likely on its way out, I can refocus on Marvel Legends again... wait is this 2004? Let me check... Mom's not alive, so no... Dammit!

So let's get started with a list of Marvel Legends that should be made by Hasbro:

The Vulture:
We have Kraven, Ock, Sandman, Mysterio, and Electro...
We Are One member short of the Sinister Six. And no Ultimate Universe Vulture does not count.

Classic Apocalypse:
I know the recent Aoocalypse wave gave us modern take on apocalypse and ToyBiz did a kind of stylized version of Apocalypse for the standard sized figure. But no standard figure has come close to the amazing Apocalypse build a figure from ToyBiz. I mean we have classic 80's and 90's looks for the X-Men but not a classic Apocalypse?

 The Mandarin:
We need an updated version of him since the ToyBiz figure was an abomination in a rubber suit. And let's face it this is almost as big of an injustice to the Mandarin as Iron Man 3.

To be fair the ToyBiz figure is decent, but I would like to see Hasbro's take on it. Also he would be suited it to be a build a figure size figure. Something along the lines of Dormammu. And it says Hospital wouldn't dare to do on Mephisto Blackheart's the next best thing.

Legendary Rider Vengeance:
The Hasbro figure was cool and all that but he needs his bike. So basically reissue the figure but with a new bike.

After 13 years of Hasbro Marvel Legends we still haven't gotten a replacement for Toad: classic member of the Brotherhood of evil mutants and one of the earliest Marvel Legends in the ToyBiz era.

I know I have a little bit of an accent,but it's supposed to be heart not fart but I'll  run with it. We kind of need Riri
As much as I despise the character.

Squirrel Girl:
Pedo Logan needs his underage ass harem to grow... and it would be hilarious to have Squirrel Girl defeating a fat ass... (speech to text is on a roll... Thanos is now a Fat ass)

This would be a build-a-figure obviously... since Marvel Select does not want to release the Watcher well, Hasbro better get on with it and do one... I regret not getting my Marvel Select Watcher when I had a chance... still kicking myself in the dick for that.

The Blob:
Not that I'd hospital has gotten better at sculpting and making articulation for larger figures well we kind of need a blob figure that can be displayed in ways other than sending around or in the...


Classic Doctor Doom:
I know Walgreens is going to get an Iron Man Doctor Doom figure but it's not classic Doctor Doom with a tunic the Mauser pistol and you know classic Doom... That  version that pops in your head when you say Doctor Doom which probably it's him screaming Richards!!! Because I Fantastic Four foiled his plans again.

Well that's pretty much it for now I tried to keep it mostly mainstream and try to make it balanced like you could make one or two waves out of... partially, of course. So it wouldn't be like a 50 figure list completely retreading everything like PowerPack Firestar the rest of the Maximum Carnage theme. Maximum clonage theme etc.

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