Apr 26, 2019

The dishonor of Grayskull returns with season 1.5 (language) part 1

Failed bastardization of She-Ra by Noelle Stevenson is back with it's "second season" with episodes 14-20. And right out the bat, they start by mocking the Original She-Ra...
They have the sword turning into a mug and Catra mocking it condescendingly.
Fake Frosta has a bit of a personality now, so that's a positive?
Wait, did I just compliment this turd? But she reminds me of someome else... can'tquite put my fonger on it...
VR? It all was VR? One step forwards and two steps back...
The show is basically BEGGING ME to mock it with lines like this... which I can easily do... Here's a tip Not Adora...
Get rid of Noelle Stevenson and her team. Get a new team who TRULY KNOWS AND RESPECTS the source Material... and for god's sake, don't turn it into a Tumblr wet dream!!

Let's keep going... I'm only doing a play by play on the first episode...

"BuT tHiS sHoW rEsPeCtS tHe OrIgInAl ShE-rA!"
Fuck you, Noelle Stevenson and your bullshit!

The Horde cadets are still being cadets and Kyle, poor white male Kyle ends up being a massive failure. Why can't Lizard dude Rogelio (who is not worthy of that name... as if I needed another reason to hate this shit show... taking the name of one of my relatives and dragging it through the mud) or Lonnie be the failure?

Oh god, more Entrapta! Her voice is far more painful than shoving bamboo skewers down my urethra. Make her stop!!

Scootaloo and Tyrone are putting Adora up to date with current events and Frosta is an Icy little person copy of Pinkie Pie... but lamer and a bit too violence oriented.

Fuck you, Noelle Stevenson and your bullshit again! You want to feature more LGBTQ Characters and you have Netossa and Spinnerella do things OFF-FUCKING-SCREEN!? No, really, Fuck you and your bullshit! Dissing the OG She-Ra homosexual couple like that? Fuck you!
Seriously, Horsey is bitching about a chair?

Tyrone has a logical sounding idea on how to win these battles... Now they are making Frosta annoying... at least she's not screamy... They aren't as screamy as in part 1... good!

No, not more Entrapta... Ohai Hordak! Did you know that one of the few GOOD things about this show is Hordak? (Aside the pidgeotto hairdo) well, he's back!

This Frosta/Glimmer dynamic is getting old...

Hordebot shows up, beats Glimmer. Adora transforms and it's worse than I remembered and I was knocking at death's door when watching last time... (I was very ill at the time)

And the failed Sword to __ gag wasn't funny the first time, it still isn't funny!

And the cliched hurt a character's feelings when scolding them so they run away... then both will bond over thwir similarities...

Tyrone feels useless and She-Ree cheers him up and Glimmer has a heart to heart with Frosta, I fucking called it!

And now we have Catra, Scorpia, and (ugh) Entrapta watching TV...

The grate rebellion fought the Horde bots and the Elements of Harmony activated and regrew a chunk of Whispering Woods...

Catra taunts Shadow Weaver, while at Bright Moon Glimmer is brushing Frosta's hair... Mattel mandated scene maybe?

Tyrone figures out Entrapta is alive...

End of the Episode. And that's as much as I'll take in one sitting seeing I've been awake for 20 hours. Need some sleep before my next shift... once I finish the remaining 6 episodes, Part 2 of this rant will be written... before I go, here's my final thoughts:

It's very obvious that this is still season one chopped into pieces. I'm glad that this episode was a bit action-packed compared to other previous episodes, but at the same time is it was rather lame. And the main problem is that the show is a try-hard.

 It tries too hard to be funny. It tries too hard to pretend to be better than the original show and failed at it. I'm not going to pretend that the original is a masterpiece because it's a flawed product of its time but when you have to try and bring down the OG show to make yourself look good, you look pathetic.

If the show wasn't called She-Ra and  based on the Mattel property the show would work a lot better. This episode this possible aside the few Jabs to the original show.

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