Apr 13, 2019

Episode IX teaser... spoilers!

It stinks! I don't like it!

The saga ends with Rise of Skywalker... but Carrie Fisher is dead, they Killed Luke and Kyle O-Ring is a Solo.

 So is Rey Luke's bastard now? Who's the Skywalker that will rise?
 Oh look! Lando's gonna die in this and Rey will be super perfect and flawless here...

Oh... Palpatine's here too! Can you smell the desperation? Damn! It almost smells like High School Me...

I wish I could say that I was excited for it but it's like "nyeh" but of the unenthusiastic kind.  at least with that will smith crappy Aladdin movie I have disdain towards it with this episode 9 movie announcement I feel indifference which is something that you should not feel towards the Star Wars movie.

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