Sep 24, 2009

A Masters of the Universe Game.

He-Man The strongest man in the Universe needs a videogame.
Sure the MYP 200X He-Man had a game for the GBA and in Europe there was a PS2 or Xbox 200X based He-Man. But unfortunatley that never made it to America so I can't comment on how good or bad it was.

Masters of the Universe Classics or MOTUC have been selling like hotcakes. Is that enough for a MOTU Revival? No. Mattel is treating MOTUC as a niche product. The last attempt at MOTU (200X)suffered from various plagues that led to its downfall.
(Shifting Time Slots on the cartoon, Bizarre Distribution, Bad case Ratios, the redesigning wasn't accepted by a some of the fans, inability to captivate kids, and Oversaturation of He-Men and Skeletors.)

Right now MOTUC is doing great, but on a small scale. It's sad that my favorite toys from my childhood are a niche property.
It's true that GI Joe and Transformers have been constantly on the air and with the toys, while MOTU faded into obscurity and every now and then makes a small whimper.
I say that MOTU needs something to reach out beyond the Niche Collector's Market.
a Direct to DVD Movie could work, but it's a bit hard to grasp the attention of viewers when MOTU's been in obscurity. The possible live action movie could help, but my fears of Hollywood "tinkering" with the franchise might cause me chills.

Comics could work, but comics are still a "Niche Market" unless they're Batman, Superman, Spider-man, or X-Men.
A Videogame might be a solution that could work. The problem is what type of videogame could work for MOTU.
-A Legend of Zelda:TTP meets God of War game for Adam/He-Man?
-A X-men Legends/MUA type of game?
-A Soulcalibur Clone?
-A Final Fantasy Tactics type of game?
-A Traditional J-RPG (Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger) type of game?
-A 2d Fighter (Marvel VS. Capcom 2, Guilty Gear)?
(DO4M on the Forums said this)
There's a lot of possibilities for a MOTU Game.

-The Zelda-esque game could work as an Origin Story type of Game. Telling the Story before he finally obtains the two halves of the Power Sword. The Adam/He-Man dual identity could be played like the Link/Wolf from Twilight Princess. I hate God of War, but the Vocie Acting is superb, since DO4M mentions it I guess that the QTE style boss battles and voice acting could benefit the Zelda-esque MOTU. HAving the Flying Fists Armor, the Thunder Punch Armor and/or the Battle Armor would be cool. Maybe each armor unlocks different weapons for He-Man to use. (Battle Axe for the BA, the Bolos/Mace thing for flying fists, The 200X Mega Punch gauntlets for Thunder Punch)

The biggest drawback of this LOZ type of game is that it'll only have He-Man's POV. Many of us would like to play as other characters other than He-Man. (I don't know if anyone wants to play as Mekanek or Snoutspout, but different strokes for different folk.)

-The X-Men Legends Marvel Ultimate Alliance type of Game
This game would have a lot of potential. The ability to use various heroic warriors in combat against the evil warriors of Skeletor and maybe even the Snakemen makes it awesome.
The game would allow for a rather big roster of both heroes and villains. The story could start with your basic He-man vs skeletro and change into a vs. the Snake men story. (The reason for adding the Snakemen as final bosses is to make a plausible 2nd quest or Another side of the story in which you can use the Evil warriors of Skeletor. That way the story more or less makes sense and it would not feel like it was a rushed bonus pseudo replay value adding gimmick.

The biggest drawback is that most of the MUA costume customization powers would be lost, and that some favorite characters wouldn't make the cut... Mekaneck would be one of those.

-The Soulcalibur type of game could be a nice addition to MOTU because you could use multiple characters.
The story again could be based on telling the tale of both halves of the Power Sword and in the end the join and release it's true power. He-Man or Skeletor could be the second to last boss in the game. It could work in a similar way to the Seigfried or Nightmare are final showdown in Soul Calibur 3. The MOTU "Inferno" could be one of the three "Spirit Characters so far in the MOTU mythos: Demo-Man, He-Ro, or King Grayskull.
Since I'm using Soul Calibur 3 as an idea template a Chronicles of the sword type of game could be used to explore the Great Unrest up until the game's story (using a create a warrior and enabling certain characters from this mode to be unlocked in the main game)

The biggest drawback would be in the amount of story being able to be told and the possibility of contradicting endings, but that is a flaw on fighting games.

-The Traditional J-RPG MOTU would be an interesting game. Here we could get a huge compelling story, being able to visit the whole planet of Eternia while being able to use various heroic warriors. a 3 character team for the battles with abilities based on the characters. Stratos could have a 'Rapture' move (in which he'd pick up one enemy and take it of-screen. If the move fails the enemy would fall and receive damage.) Ram Man could have his obvious Ram attack, etc. He-Man's abilities could vary depending Which Armor he is wearing. (Battle Armor would have a skillset specialized in defense, while Thunder Punch would have a more melee based skillset etc.)

The biggest drawback would be the amount of playable characters wouldn't be that big. 6-10 and it would also depend on how they deal with the whole Adam/He-Man thing. (If only you can get EXP. points as Adam, and using He-Man invalidates the EXP. gain, etc.)

-a 2d Fighter MOTU would bring killer art...MOTU sprites... It would depend on the approach taken. Here they can have pretty much any MOTU character, both heroic and evil warriors, The Snakemen, the Horde, the Great Rebellion, and even some characters from New Adventures of He-Man. If they add the MVC2 team option, it would be madness.

Drawbacks: One of the biggest drawbacks would be the story and conflicting endings. The other would be the balance in gamplay... (there would be none.)

-DO4M did not say this, but I'll go one step further and add my own... MOTU in a Kingdom Hearts kind of game. You control Adam/He-Man and you're aided by two AI Heroic warriors along the way. Each area could have their own specific warrior (Evergreen Forest has Mossman, Avion has Stratos, Fright Zone has She-Ra, etc.) The story could be against the Horde and Skeletor allowing the playerrs to witness a story through both Eternia and Etheria

Biggest drawback is that only He-Man/Adam would be controlled by the player.

Sep 17, 2009


Anime. The cartoons from Japan. Ususally harder to translate into live action films, yet Hollywood wants to do it. Not even the Japanese themselves can bring decent anime to live action. But they've done it a lot better than Hollywood, why? No executive Douchebaggery and desire to leave their own stamp on the project. No cultural differences wall affecting the production. etc. So far the only Amaricanized Anime live action movie that worked is Speed Racer.

Now, that I got that out of my chest I'm gonna do another of my lists.This time they'll be of Anime that SHOULD be adapted to Live Action Hollywood Movies and Anime that SHOULDN'T BE TOUCHED BY HOLLYWOOD EVER!! (Especially Fox)

First on my list of Anime that should be made into a movie:

Full Metal Panic! (The exclamation point is part of the title)
It's about a Secret Military Organization that sent one of their members to protect a girl with mysterious abilities. The only problem is that she's a highschool student and the Bodyguard is a teen who was raised as a soldier and only has lived in the battlefield. There are giant Mechas somewhere in the story too.
This yells adapt me! Romantic Comedy Elements, Cool action scenes, Fish out of water situations... I'm pretty sure that Hollywood would go for Zac Efron to play Sagara Sousuke, and I actually wouldn't mind right now. A few months back I would've screamed ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR #$%^& MIND!?

Fullmetal Alchemist
This one also say Adapt me!! The Elric Brothers lived a happy life with their mother until she died. They attempt to revive their mother by using Alchemy, but something went wrong...
The younger brother, Alphonse, lost his body and Edward, the elder, lost an arm and a leg. (one in the attempt of reviving his mother, the other while binding his brother's soul to an armored suit. Now Edwars, outfitted with some advanced prosthetics and Alphonse (the sentient Armor) travel the world in search of the Philosopher's Stone. A stone that allows the user to practice Alchemy without the side effects of Equivalent Exchange. (In order to get something you must give something with the same value)

Long story short. Britan's Protestant Church have a special unit dealing with the supernatural, led by a descendant of Abraham Van Helsing (as in the rival of Dracula). Her Paramilitary Organization fights the undead with heavy firepower and a secret weapon. Alucard... a vampire. I mean THE vampire. Alucard is so awesome that makes Blade look like a sissy.

Neon Genesis Evangelion.
This one screams Make me!! (Even thoguh Hollywood has a 99% of chance of dropping the ball here.) Psychologicaly damaged teens pilotig big "Mechas" (Trying to avoid spoilers) and defending the Earth from the otherworldy beings called "Angels". Yes there is a boatload of Christian symbols used here. (That's what Japan does when they want to do something cool. They add lots of elements from Western Religion even when they don't have anything to do with the story.)

Now The following Scream STAY AWAY HOLLYWOOD!!

Ranma 1/2: The story of a boy who gets cursed by becoming female when doused with cold water and returns to normal with warm water. Tons of fighting and romantic comedy elements, yet it's charm would be lost because he's a boy that turns into a girl when doused with cold water.

Yu-Gi-Oh! (and any other anime that involves the fate of humanity being decided by plaing a Children's card game.) Why? The fate of humanity being decided by a Children's card game... I love Yu-gi-oh! But I wouldn' go see alive action movie (unless they gave away free cards. The only reason why I saw the animated movie at the theatres.)

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
Ahh! Haruhi... You are one seriously messed up girl. You might not know this but Haruhi has the powers of a god and she doesn't know it. She is surrounded by an alien, a time traveler, an Esper (A mystic power ranger type of character that works for a secret organiztion.) Funny fact the english dub of Kouzumi the Esper is a Power Ranger, not Tommy... (one of the other guys who was on Tommy's team.) and last but not least Kyon. The normal guy who gets sucked into this mess because he shares a connection with Haruhi. Also they's try to have a teen star playing Haruhi and possibly have Haruhi-inspired songs... (As much as I might like Miley Cyrus' acting and singing I do NOT want her to be a part of a Haruhi project!!)

First of all they would make these kids 18+ and defeat the whole kid ninjas beating the crap out of everything. There's also the bad aftertaste of the 3 Ninjas movies and Surf Ninjas (The only movie ever to promote the battery juice devouring Game Gear and to have Leslie Nielsen as a cyborg villain.) Believe it!

Last but not least...

An americanized live action will suck. That is all.

Funny thing is that I love all of these except Naruto. I didn't add Gatchaman, Voltron or Macross to these lists because I mentioned them on another topic.

Sep 16, 2009

FEENY! Fe-fe-f-e-fe-fe-FEEENY! and other stuff

Mr. Feeny, played by William Daniels was a Yoda to the Matthews Boys, Eric (Will Friedle) and Cory (Ben Savage). He was also known as as Knight Industries Two Thousand. I'm not gonna talk about how cool is the fact that Mr. Feeny is KITT... well not now. What I want to talk about is the Curious Case of George Feeny. He was Cory's teacher in Elementary School. He also was his neighbor. When Cory graduated to High School; guess who was the Principal...

George Feeny. Not only that but when Cory finally Reaches college; guess who also entered college. (His last name sounds like Weenie)
FEENY! Good God man! Can't you move on!? I know you care about Cory (and Gang) but C'mon! I'm pretty sure that he kept stalking Cory and Topanga after the end of the show.

That's pretty much a quick summary of The Curious Case of George Feeny. Did I mention that Mr. Feeny = KITT? I did? Well I'll say it again. William Daniels is KITT.

Remember kids if Someone tries to trick you with a Ford Mustang voiced by a former Batman as KITT; you call them liars! The True KITT is a Trans Am voiced by William Daniels.

Bad Remake/Sequel, with a Bad Car and a Bad Chunky KITT (Whose VA was quickly replaced. They couldn't afford Bat Kilmer)

This guy loves KITT so much... Check it out!

On other news. The A-Team is coming!
In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the goverment they survive as Soldiers of Fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire The A-Team! Blam! blam! Blam! blam! blam!
Probably the intro will change to 1992 (Gulf War) if they keep the intro.
We've got Liam Neeson as Hannibal (I love it when midichlorians come together!)
Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson as B.A. Baracus (He's a Mixed Martial Arts fighter, so he'll be able to beat up some foo's and hopefully toss the suckas' who need to be pitied.)
Bradley Cooper as Templeton Peck... (He was in The Hangover and Wedding Crashers. He does have a 'Faceman' flair...)
Sharlto Copley as H.M. Murdock...
Sounds pretty good, hopefully they won't blow it by changing too much that it doesn't even resemble the original. At least Willl Ferrell is not involved. June 11, 2010 is the so called release date...

A little something more cool than the A-Team intro...

Sep 10, 2009

A small tribute.

Today I felt like honoring one of the heroes from my childhood. Not He-Man, Spider-Man, or Lion-O. I'm talking about the man, the myth, the legend... The one and only ICHIBAN!!!

Yes, I'm talking about Hulk Hogan. WWE Hall of Famer, Actor, Spokeperson.

Who could forget Thunderlips from Rocky III. Rocky III is pure awesomeness cause it had Stallone, Hogan and T. If Chuck Norris had been in the movie it would've been TOO MUCH AWESOME for our eyes. Stallone then topped it of by having Rambo fighting He-Man... So Hogan was the stepping stone before the apex of Rocky's awesomeness.
We musn't forget that Hogan laid the Smackdown on Rocky Balboa when Rocky WAS in his prime... (The Rock and John Cena didn't get the chance to do that!)

Even the Undertaker (not shown on clip) tried to take on the Hulkster outside the ring and couldn't.

Not even The Gremlins can take on the Hulkster. I also would've ran away if Hulkamania was to run wild on me.

Words cannot describe this...

That is reason enough to drive people to the Dark Side of The Hulk...

Hulk Hogan was Replaced (for a short while) by This Mysterious Character...

I still have no idea who could it be...

Hogan even had his own cartoon...

Not many wrestlers that can say that.
Also on the Videogame WWE Smackdown vs Raw: 2006 there's 3 DIFFERENT Hogans to choose from. So drink your milk, say your prayers, eat your vitamins, etc. and remember that Hulkamania lives on Brother!

Sep 9, 2009

Top 10 80s Cartoons that need a live action movie and the top ten that should never be made.

As you already might have noticed I love 80s toons. (I grew up with them, so they hold a dear place in my heart.) We got Transformers and GI Joe. (Both had their flaws, but I'm not going to get into that here.) I'm just going to call forth a couple of 80s toons that could be kickass Live Action Movies.

10- Robotech: The Macross Saga

The first mature animated series that dealt with an Alien invasion and humanity's struggles to defend Earth from the Zentraedi threat. There's enough material there for 3 films. (not counting material from Robotech: The Masters or Robotech: The Next Generation). There are some rumors that Tobey Maguire (as in Spider-man, Tobey Maguire) is involved in bringing Robotech to live action.


Mobile Armored Strike Kommand or M.A.S.K. A team of crimefighters/special unit with kickass super-powered vehicles fighting the evil V.E.N.O.M. (Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem) Now this is the movie that Michael Bay should've directed instead of Transformers. Mega suped up Cars, explosions, helicopters, possible use of armies...

8-Dino Riders

Ah, Dino Riders. Jurassic Park meets Star Wars. Need I say more? A battle between peace-loving aliens and war mongering aliens using prehistoric Earth animals... Dinosaurs with Big Freaking Lasers...

7-The Centurions

Man and Machine... Power Extreme! This lands in borderline Ironman rip-off, but the potential for a cool blockbuster action movie is there. A cyborg terrorist bent over on taking the world vs. a trio of exo-suit warriors determined to stop him. Land, Sea, and Air action.

6- Voltron: Defender of the Universe

There were talks about a Live Action Voltron, written by Justin Marks (The guy behind the "fantastic" script of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li.) Hopefully the suits involved in the production of Voltron will not use Justin Marks' script. If we're going to do movies with giant Mechas, we have to have Voltron. (since he's the token giant mecha from the 80s. the 70s is Mazinger Z's turf.)


I'm not talking about the Disney Gerbil movie that I almost watched thinking that it was a Live Action Adaptation of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, or Battle of The Planets. There are two reasons why I'm chooseing G-Force rather than Battle of the Planets.

-G-force is the second attempt to translate and adapt Science Ninja Team Gatchaman for Western Audiences. The first was Battle of The Planets (1978) This second attempt was in the 80s, so I can choose it to be on my list.

-G-Force is more faithful to SNT Gatchaman than Battle of the Planets.

There is a CGI Gatchaman movie coming for 2011, might be cool, but This one would be awesome to see as a Live Action movie.

4-Jem and the Holograms

Ah Jem, she was Truly Outrageous! Way before the age of Hannah Montana there was JEM.

Jerrica Benton + Holographic Machine (Synergy) = JEM. Action, Adventure, Romance, Mild Superhero-esque Drama, Jem has it all... Also it was one of the few "Girl" shows of the 80s that I could watch... and the only one that was a cartoon and did not involve He-Man's Sister... If they ever make a Jem movie, I hope that Miley Cyrus does NOT play Jerrica or Jem.

3- Silverhawks

Partly CGI, Partly Live Action would be the only way to go with SilverHawks. Space bird themed policemen that share many similarities to Thundercats would be really awesome to have on the... silver screen.


Let's see cat people fighting evil antropomorphic animals and a mummy. This movie should be made in a stylized way because I wouldn't want the Thundercats to look like extras from CATS. The Hero, Lion-O was Literally a 10 year old in the body of an Adult... That is his charm. Hopefully this will get made someday.

1-He-Man and The Masters of the Universe

The list wouldn't be complete if I didn't place He-Man on it. I love He-Man and its about time we get a Masters of The Universe Movie that is Actually Masters of the Universe, not Jack Kirby's Fourth World with He-Man and the MOTU names/characters sprinkled in between.

Now for the ten 80s cartoons that should NEVER become movies.

10- Captain N: The Game Master

Not only it was an ad for Nintendo games; it was a bad one. The people behind the toon didn't sdeem to care about the characters in the show vs the characters in the game. Also this is the second attempt at making the Power Glove look cool. I'm sorry little jerk from The Wizard... The Power Glove is NOT cool.

9-Turbo Teen

Teen turns into his car and is now a crimefighter. Since it's a teen that turns into a car, the car can speak... Is it me or do I smell a KITT knockoff? This could work as a comedy, the raunchy type of course. Transforming from Teen to Car and vice-versa on the most awkward moments. Thanks but I'll pass...

8- Mr.T

Out of all of the Toon to Live Action movies, This one could be the easiest. It has Mr. T as THE main character. That should be awesome enough, but I fear that it wouldn't work to bring in the masses. It's Mr. T running around with teenagers solving mysteries... Not even my love for Mr. T would make me want to watch this.

7-Rubik, the Amazing Cube

A movie based on a TV show Based on Rubik's Cube? NO! It shouldn't be done, but there's talks about a Candy Land and Stretch Armstrong movies. So this could happen even though it shouldn't. I don't know what is worth, that we had a cartoon about Rubik's cube or that Menudo (or some menudo sound alikes) sang the Theme Song.

6-Pole Position

The Problem with Pole Position is that most of the amazing stuff that the cars did kinda can be done now and the rest is just a M.A.S.K. knockoff. Also the Mystery solving teens theme works on TV, but not so well in movies. Also the amount of Pole Position puns that can be made. This is LOOSELY based on the videogame with the same name... (emphasis on Loosely.)

5- (New Adventures of)Jonny Quest

Jonny Quest is awesome. Race Banon oozes pure awesomeness. Why wouldn't I want a Jonny Quest movie? Hardrock comes to mind in the category Things that Ruined Jonny Quest. I also fear that Hadji would lose his magical Sim, sim, salabim powers.

for the very same reasons this joke was made.

4- The Jetsons

Yes, they were originally made in the 60s, but they had various episodes made in the 80s. Why the Jetsons should never see the light of day? The Flintstones live action movies come to mind... and the possibility of having Ray Romano as George Jetson. not Everybody loves Raymond.

3-The Smurfs

I still don't know if Gargamel wants to make gold or eat the Smurfs. That's really smurfed up. There are rumors of a Smurfs movie and I fear that it'll be on modern times. If that rumor is true then there's another reason why Hollywood should stop smurfing up movies trying to leave their smurfing mark on them. The medieval orld of the Smurfs can work, but only if they treat the source with respect. Would I see it on the theatres, no. maybe on FX or Cartoon Network... If they do it on medieval times,not Smurfs on 21st century Earth.


New Texas Sheriff Bravestarr, with Thirty/Thirty are cleaning up town, but This team dynamic might be affected by the disdain for antropomorphic animals in live action that many movie goers/excecs have. Would it be awesome? yes. Would I see it? Most likely, unless they try to make it more cool/hip, which would mean sticking to self-deprecating humor and low borw jokes, a la Bayformers...

1-Dino Saucers

The intro says it all. Kids meet alien dinos, alien Dinos use kids as their liasons with Earth while they battle evil alien dinos. But Hollywood would take the Transformers approach and focus on the kids instead of the Dinos.

Sep 6, 2009

Huh? It's just a box. !

Metal Gear is awesome. Solid Snake oozes awesomeness through each of his virtual pores.
A one man army who can infiltrate terrorist infested fortresses and defuse the situation. What's his greatest secret? The Cardboard Box trick.
You can see it on the link or if you're lazy; I'll describe it for you.
-Cardboard Box (Big enough for you to hide in it.)
-Unsuspecting victims.
- Make sure that the box has no bottom so you can hide in it. Also make a small hole so you can look through. If the box has premade handle holes better.
-Hide inside the box and walks stealthily when no one is looking.
-Stop before being caught.
-Once the danger has passed move on.

But in this day an age is unbelievable that someone is able to pull off the Cardboard Box Trick in real life.
OK I was wrong. It can be pulled off. This guy is freaking awesome for pulling that off. I am not praising the guy for being a criminal, but you have to admit that applying videogame logic in real life and succeeding is kinda cool.

Hopefully the next guy who does an awesome act of Videogame Logic applied to real life will be someone on the right side of the law.

Sep 3, 2009

Go Go MMA Ranger!!,186758

Tommy Oliver, The Original Green Ranger, The Original White Ranger, The Red Zeo Ranger, The Black Dino Ranger is joining the MMA. Well not exactly. Jason David Frank, the actor who played Tommy (Best Power Ranger ever.) is joining the MMA. Cool? Lame? Only time will tell... All I know is that JD Frank's got a big target on his head. This time there is no Dragonzord, Tigerzord, Zeozord, or Dino(thunder)Zord. I bet that the MMA fighters will try and defeat the BEST POWER RANGER. Now I leave you with some Jason David Frank action
The MMA battles won't be like this, but it'll be fun to see Tommy fighting again... I mean Jason David Frank... May the Power Protect him... Whoa! I kinda felt like Zordon for a moment there.