Jun 30, 2022

Capcom fighting collection first thoughts:

 My physical copy arrived yesterday and I dabbled a bit with the game:

Puzzle Fighter is a puzzle game and man, do I suck at it!

Pocket Fighter is a bit awkward, but fun game to play.

Hyper SFII fuck this game with a rusty spork, thank goodness I still have SF30th collection... seriously, I got raped on easy by fucking Dee Jay...

Cyberbots: kinda odd game... not sure if I like it.

Red Earth/Warzard: odd game, kinda like it and that Leo, if I was still in the Sprite Editing game, would've been an amazing base for a Capcom Styled He-Man.

It's an OK collection, I'm not so sure about the pricepoint, but it could be worse... Let's face it, I didn't buy the game for these, which are dragging my enjoyment a little bit down...

The real reason is that this was rhe only way to have a "Darkstalkers collection" and I've no complaints on this half of the collection.
Now if Capcom could release a Marvel or a JoJo collection, that would be sweet... I know licensing issues are keeping the dream from becoming a reality.

Now gimme Darkstalkers 4!!

Jun 29, 2022

NECA is doing a Mirage Casey

 The Toon Casey has eluded me and with each passing day, it's becoming more impossible to obtain... but There is a Substitute Casey that might be even better than Toon Casey... Of course I am talking about a Mirage Casey!!

Aand I uploaded the wrong photo. The Utroms are coming... with an exosuit version. Get a couple of them for a Mirage display... wonder if we'll get new Mirage Turtles, preferably based on Issue 4 artwork. (The one used on the OG NES game cover art) It looks nice, not going to lie, but I'm more of a Toon versions guy.

I'm a bit disappointed that he doesn't have enough extra hands like his cartoon counterpart. What is pleasantly surprising is that he's NOT a repaint of the Toon version. He seems to be a new sculpt and it has an unmasked head. I hope he gets some more hands.

Jun 27, 2022

Square Enix missed the point of Final Fantasy VII remake

 Normally when the word Remake is used on videogame it means making an older game using a newer engine for newer consoles. For example, GTA Trilogy: the Definitive Edition is technically a remake, since the previous games had to be rebuilt using a new game engine with newer textures, models and physics that try to mimic the original games. At the same time feels like a sort of remaster, because it basically was a remaster that had to be built in a new engine. 

Having a Final Fantasy VII "souped up remaster" would've been the "laziest yet most effective" solution. Basically new FMVs, updated graphics to all character models to make it look at least to Tail end PS2 levels, an arranged soundtrack. Maybe voices in some cutscenes...

Going for a full remake with a new system, instead of being full turn-based it would've been more action RPG... like Crisis Core or Kingdom Hearts, it excited people because they expected: Same story, retold in a more action RPG type of game with some tweaks to fit in that style. Biggest casualty would be the world map, but that was already dead ever since the PS2 era. Sadly, Square Enix took the term Remake and went Full Kingdom Hearts with the story, thus making the game a sequel and not a remake. I love the idea of having a sequel to Final Fantasy VII, but not by sacrificing a true remake of the first videogame that made me cry for story reasons.  

So, Square Enix "has me covered" with Ever Crisis: Remaking not only FFVII, BUT ADDING BEFORE CRISIS, CRISIS CORE, ADVENT CHILDREN, AND DIRGE OF CERBERUS in a single player turn based combat game... for mobile phones... This game should be on consoles as well. Having it mobile only is a mistake.

But the trailer showed some weird shit at the end that worries me... 
The short haired "Sephiroth" worries me, because, I don't want them to Kingdom Hearts the shit out of this and completely change the story as well. 

Is it too hard to ACTUALLY REMAKE FFVII!? Apparently only the modding community cares more about OG FFVII than Square Enix...

Jun 26, 2022

The lack of "China Wars" figures from Super7 makes customizing harder

 Everyone and their mom would be after "China Wars" Foot Soldiers, Mousers, and other figures... on the Thundercats area maybe a couple of Monkians and Jackalmen to Army Build... Unlike MOTUC, where "China wars" figures were abundant (a lot of Custom Fodder was readily available on the Bay.) I've had to buy all my Foot Soldiers at retail price! Which means that my Foot Ninja army is rather sad... 
If either Super7 found a way to release "cheaper Army Building versions" of the Foot Soldier, or some "China Wars" version appeared, I could make a respectable Foot Ninja Army. Hell, there are very few Custom Figures based on the Super7 Ultimates lines that aren't repaints... 

Because these figures are not readily available, there is an obvious lack of customs, especially from beginners... who's crazy enough to butcher $55+ figures? There are some folks who do, but the "fodder parts" are very few and not what I'm looking for at the moment... (Mainly April, Casey, Foot Soldier, and Shredder)

I know it sounds like "I'm condoning piracy", but the "so-called piracy" was what allowed MOTUC to be a powerhouse in the customizing community, despite having inferior articulation to lines like NECA's or Marvel Legends. While the official means to get MOTUC could be annoying at times, most of the times, figures were readily available (reissues, BF sales, etc.). The "China Wars" figures usually complemented the official sales. Sometimes they were an alternative to obtain Subscription Exclusive figures (I think my King He-Man might be a "China Wars" figure.) A couple of TRU Zodac figures that I got after Neitlich accused me of Killing MOTUC were China Wars figures. One of the few Mo-Larrs that were turned into a Nefty-kun was a "China Wars" Mo-Larr. What I'm trying to say is: getting the toys through the official ways should be the main option, but when dealing with Custom Fodder, sometimes the official ways aren't enough. 

Hell, even people who do third party cast reproductions aren't touching the Super7 stuff!!
Not even the TMNT Weapons, which could've been beneficial for Ninjor, Jitsu, or Slamurai. Due to the "Boutique prices" and "artificial rarity" that these figures have, but QC issues are forcing customers to customize their expensive figures... (Operation Panthro Unserpants comes to mind or people having to fabricate an elbowpad for Tygra,  because s7 is all: "Screw you, it's not our fault!") DESPITE all signs pointing out to "Don't do this, if you screw up,  your wallet will hate you!" Kind of thing. 

Teaser Work in Progress...

But I am still going to try a few things IF they make Vernon, Burne, and April Variants (preferably the Ravishing Reporter April) because, I've already mentioned my desire to "expand" the Universe by injecting Custom characters... I've done it with MOTUC and I would do it with TMNTU and TCU if the budget allowed it. (Would be easier to get fodder figures if "China Wars" figures were plentiful.) 

So what's with the silhouette? Well, a miracle happened and I found a "China Wars" TMNTU figure well under retail price. No Accessories (like weapons, hands, etc.) just the body. So, with a Third Party Cast of Mo-Larr's head and some sculpted parts, a New Nefty-kun is born. 
I originally got that "China Wars" Casey as an experimental figure, since it was way under retail price and I wanted to see if I could safely remove his head. Easier to justify breaking a $15 "China Wars" figure than a $55+ officially acquired figure.

I know I'm rambling and my posture sounds a bit ambiguous, BUT that's because I'm not looking at things in black and white. In a way, Super7 is snuffing the potential out of these lines. I mean, I could have an idea for a Custom on June 26th, 2022 and order the figure from Super7... by the time the figure arrives sometime in late 2023 or early 2024, I completely forgot what I was going to do and havea $55+ deadweight. With a "China Wars" figure all I have to wait is roughly a month and I might still have the custom idea fresh in my head. On a whole different point of view, it's surprising to see that "pirate leaks" are minimal in comparison with Mattel. But personally, thwy should be more worried about QC and timely deliveries than stopping potential leaks.

In any case, Super7 should seriously consider a way to deliver more Foot Soldiers at a more accessible price... (this would also apply for Putty Patrollers and Cobra grunts for MMPR and GI Joe fans)

Jun 24, 2022

Amazon is working on making Alexa speak like your dead relatives...

 Aw Hell naw! That's the Condense my reaction to a piece of news in one phrase. Seriously, what were they thinking!? As long time readers may know, I was orphaned close to seven years ago. My depression has worsened in the past few years, but I'm crawling, clawing, fighting my way into as close to normal as I can get. It pains me knowing that I've been almost seven years without hearing my Mom's voice. In fact, I'm afraid that I forgot what it sounds like.

It terrifies me that I am slowly forgetting memories involving my Mom. If it wasn't for the few pictures I have of her, I probably would've forgotten what she looks like. Despite all these fears, I am moving forward... not at the pace I would like, but I'm moving forward and I don't want to go back... Had this technology been available Seven Years Ago, I would've been in a far worse place than I am now, because I would've used Alexa as a crutch and use the Fake Mom Voice to keep my delusions alive. Instead of seeking help, I would most likely abused that option to wrongly cope with life by creating a lie.

If I can acknowledge the messed up parts of this, how come the scientists working on this didn't pause to think about the dangers this technology could bring. Nope! Nope! Nope! This is one project that should be scrapped.

Jun 23, 2022

Why isn't Mattel pushing for a MOTU videogame?

 Even if it's based on the weird CGI Netflix series. I mean a real game, not the Roblox lazy bullshit. The last "real game" we got was a mobile game. The infamous Tappers of Grayskull... for years fans have clamored for a REAL MOTU Game and the only thing we've gotten are fan games using the Beats of rage engine (now known as OPENBOR...), but those are fan games with ZERO budget and operating on a nebulous zone between homebrew and piracy.

I know, I know... Mattel loves to quarter ass stuff when half-assing it is enough. But still it pisses me off that TMNT gets such a glorious game like Shredder's revenge and He-Man gets fucking Roblox... as much as I shit on Fork Knife, they got GI Joe...  like Nickelodeon puts effort on working with a company that understands the product and makes a love letter to TMNT fans from both the vintage cartoon AND vintage games, which was sold at a VERY REASONABLE PRICE... Meanwhile, Mattel: what do kids like this days? Roblox... wait is that like Mega Bloks? Free Internet platform where the community makes the games... wait, so we don't have to pay anything and the suckers make the work for us? ROBLOX THE FUCK OUT OF HE-MAN!!! Wait, what do you mean we don't get any money from Roblox HE-MAN!? Eh screw it... This will piss off that guy who had a blog that made that douche Neitlich shit his pants... what was his name again Nasty, Neffy, Lefty's outhouse rants! With his 20 readers, he always made Neitlich look like a bumbling buffoon... wait, what do you mean, he's moved on from MOTU!? WE NEED TO MAKE MORE SHITTY HE-MAN STUFF TO CAPITALIZE ON HIS 20 READERS!! That is 2 times 10!

I love making fun of Mattel being clueless and quarter-assing stuff when they should put an effort. But I would rather be praising Mattel than showcasing their incompetence... the only way I can praise them is if THEY WOULD PUT SOME DAMNED EFFORT IN HAVING HE-MAN RETURN TO THE TOP 3 SPOTS OF ENTERTAINMENT PROPERTIES THAT RULED THE 80S!!

This is the limited edition Deluxe He-Man by Mondo toys. Sure it's on the 1/6 scale and it's $260.00, but Look at all he brings forth. It's a 3 in 1 Figure. If Mattel were to put at least HALF that effort on a "deluxe Masterverse" He-Man, I might be singing praises. Sadly, Mattel would make a million excuses on why they couldn't do something similar for their 7 inch line.

There's a thirst for MOTU media but Mattel is ignoring it, then they wonder how GI Joe, Transformers, TMNT, and Star Wars are doing better than He-Man...

Jun 21, 2022

Yay or Nay for SF6: a character rant

 We know that the 8 World Warriors from SF2 are making a Comeback on 6, but not the bosses or 2 of the Super SF2 folks. I'm going to look at characters from different SF Games and try to be objective on reasons for them to return and reasons for them to not return. Then I will use my personal biases... for the Moment I'm sticking to 1, Alpha 3, Super 2, and 3rd Strike... mostly because I didn't play much of SF4, and I have to get reacquainted with SFV... (once I get my PS4 fixed...)
Street Fighter:
This is the first game where Ryu and Ken were the only playable characters. So I will be talking about the other guys.

Capcom technically owes the fans a playable Retsu since he was scrapped from Capcom Fighting Evolution. A Japanese Martial Artist without any ki attacks is something uncommon in SF... 
It would also be interesting from a story point of view having Ryu meet Retsu after the latter was convinced by Ryu's skill to not use lethal techniques.

Personally, I like the idea of Retsu returning, but not necessarily in a playable role. Then agaim, Dhalsim still is playable, when most his contributions to the story would be the same if he was a NPC.

We know the original Geki is dead and there is a Geki II. So canonically speqking Geki can't make an appearance, but Geki II can fill in that role. While both Vega and Ibuki can make Geki "feel redundant", both of them aren't in the game, so, he could fill in their gaps. Canonically, speaking Geki II could be hunting his Predecessor's killer.

Personally, a Classic Looking Ninja is something that I won't say no to.

Another SF character that has been excluded, from the franchise. Some might argue that Cody is a Spiritual Successor to Joe, thus making Joe Redundant. Storywise he has nowhere to go.

Personally, I don't care much about him. But I can't see how he could come back without reinventing his whole character.

We now know that Mike and Balrog are 2 different people. Since Balrog is more "Tyson-like" maybe Mike could be more like a different boxer (not necessarily Ali, but it could work) The whole, teying to get money from the tournament to help his community ia a reasonable story angle. Adding him could lead to a potential return of Balrog.

Personally, I don't think he's NEEDED, but it would be a curious addition depending on how Capcom treats him.

After SFV, going from Shadaloo lackey to Knazuki butt-monkey, Birdie lost all of his edge storywise. Gameplay is the only reason to want him, but I'm not that into the online rankings for each character in competitive usefulness, so I can't form an opinion on whether he's needed or not.

Personally, I don't see a point for his return after SFV.

His Bojutsu skills could bring some flair on SF6. Storywise is the only real thing impeding his return. 

Personally, if Eagle and Dudley made it to the game, I'd like to see a friendly rivalry between them. Maybe Dudley lamenting that Eagle relies far too much on sticks instead of using his fists, which is more civilized.

Since Jaime took the Drunken Fist gimmick, Lee loses a little bit of interesting features, not to mention that his nephews already took elements from him (SF3's Yun and Yang) storywise he has nowhere to go, since he retired as a fighter and is into real estate now.

Personally, I would like to see Lee return and maybe have a sort of interest in Jaime for his prowess in Drunken Fist... at least from a NPC perspective. If he's playable, cool beans! But I'm not DYING to play as Lee.

The only issue blocking Gen's return is his storyline. He's believed to be dead.

As much as I like, Gen, if he's DEAD, he shouldn't return... also, the dying by possible Leukemia has been muljed way too much. The interchangeable styles was cool, but maybe that gimmick could return with a new character.

His gameplay could be the only real argument to use for his return, because his storyline already reached a satisfactory conclusion.

Personally, I'm not a fan of Adon. I'm glad that he's a dead end storywise, but if he somehow returns, it wouldn't piss me off.

Storywise he's done. How many times can we have Sagat looking for a rematch with Ryu... 

Personally, I like Sagat,  but right now he could show up as a NPC, because his story potential is limited at the moment.

Super Street Fighter II:

Fei Long:
The Lee family has no issue with Fei Long being a tribute to Bruce Lee. His gameplay, while traditional, could use some Spicing up... The only thing holding him back is his storyline.

Personally, I wouldn't mind his return, but he needs a new angle... the Bruce Lee "Clone" angle isn't that interesting anymore.

Thunder Hawk:
The stereotypical Native American character. Unless he goes through a big redesign, this could be considered offensive. Unless Juli of the Dolls is still a Doll, then there's no reason for him to return.

Personally, he shouldn't come back... it's not a dumb reason like "he's too tall". It's mostly about his role on the story. He did save hos village, but not the missing girls that became Dolls. Since SF6 is after SF3 and there is no Shadaloo, then, T.Hawk has no reason to be in the game.

Balrog: (Boxer)
The disgraced member of the Shadaloo Four has no realistic reasons for returning. At best, having a feud with Mike (who currently isn't in the game) would be the only plausible reason.

Personally, it's pointless to bring him back. He's just not that exciting and his storyline leads nowhere.

Vega: (Matador)
If I recall correctly, Vega was banned from the SFV competitive scene due to his wall climb on his stage.

Personally, I'd like to see him back, but only if his theme doesn't change too much.

Bison: (Dictator)
Nope! Nope! Nope! He's dead and Shadaloo is no more. There is no need for him. Alpha series, 4 and 5, made Bison overstay his welcome. The  Clone body method of returning has been overplayed.

Personally. I KINDA want him to return, but at the same time  I kinda don't want him because his story is already done and they kept bringing him back when he wasn't wanted or needed.

Alpha series:
He already died once or twice. Bringing him back does a disservice to Guile's story. 

Personally, he can be skipped. He's a "Better Guile" than Guile and we already have Guile.let the dead stay dead and all that.

Without Bison, there is no point for Rose to exist. Gameplaywise, she wasn't well received in SFV, so it makes sense to have her sit this one out.

Personally, I don't mind having Rose, but she needs to be slightly de-nerfed in order to be more Viable.

He's a joke character, his moveset is a joke and storywise he's a joke with a dead end story, especially after Sagat let him win. Not to mention that he's a "Shotoclone".

Personally, I like Dan. He's not a good character, is incredibly annoying and I like that. I want him in the game, but not ASAP... maybe changing his schtick a little bit, like he actually got a student who admires him as a Sensei (and the student is far more competent warrior) could have more people take an interest on Dan?

Guy, Cody, Rolento, Sodom:
The only reason to have the "Final Fight guys" return is that SF6 seems to have taken Metro City as a focal point. This also applies to the Final Fight characters from other games like Hugo, Poison, Maki, Abigail, Lucia, etc.

Personally, I'd say bring on the entire Final Fight Crew, especially Haggar, so he can finally face off against Zangief.

Another "Shotoclone" and her story after SFV left her wondering if the path of the Warrior is a righteous one. She has no need to return...

Personally, I want, nay, NEED Sakura in SF6. Blame my fanboyism, but hear me out. Ken's life is in shambles because of trying to follow the path of the Warrior. Maybe seeing Ken fall that low could spark her to leave the path of the warrior, or her doubts could make Ken want to go home and be a family man. Hell, maybe she's the one that makes Ryu settle down and become a family man... (this ship will never die!!!)

Her new role as the head of the Kanzuki Zaibatsu makes her a player to track down odd events. Her role can still work with her as a NPC. 

Personally, having Karin without Sakura is like having Ken without Ryu. But she has more chances of being important to the story even in NPC form than Sakura does.

R. Mika:
She brings nothing to the story. Gameplaywise, she's good-ish... IIRC, she's a B-Tier on competitive rankings. 

Personally, I'd rather have Yamato Nadeshiko (Mika's tag partner) so we could get something SIMILAR to Mika, but at the same time a "fresh experience" from a new playable character.

The Dolls:
Since Bison is no more, there is no real reason to bring them back. Especially if they're Cammy Clones.

Personally, I'd rather have them as NPCs tied to other character's story. (Ie, Juli and T.Hawk, Decapre and Cammy, etc.) 

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike:

Since he's the champ at the end of SF3 it makes sense for him to return. 

Personally, I don't care about him, but he still does have a bit of potential.

His potential for being part of an overarching story is limited and his role is better suited for a NPC cameo, unless Capcom brings characters that could work well with Dudley on story level.

Personally, I'm not a fan of his gameplay, but I would love to see him complementing another character's story. Whether it's Karin, Eagle, Mike, or Balrog, I don't care.

I'm not sure how would she fit in canonically. Gameplaywise, she should return, especially since we're getting some flashy styles and Capoeira would look badass.

Personally, sure! The more the merrier... and no, it's not because of Only the Strong...

It would be interesting knowing where Ibuki stands after SF3 As a character and as a Ninja. 

Personally, I don't care much aboit Ibuki, but since she's a ninja, I want her in the game... especially if Geki II is added.

He hasn't appeared as a playable character outside of SF3. Maybe since SF6 is after 3, his gameplay has evolved to rise from the lower tiers he's been relegated to in SF3.

Personally, I wouldn't lose any sleep if he doesn't make it to SF6. Maybe making Effie Playable with Necro assisting in some moves like Mika does with Nadeshiko would be an interesting alternative.

Since Ryu seems to have become an "apprentice of sorts" to Oro, it would be interesting to have him on SF6 even if he's just a NPC.

Personally, I wouldn't lose any sleep if he doesn't make it... While I'm not a fan of the character, it would be cool to see him fighting the new generation of Fighters... based on his canonical role of Greatest hermit warrior.

The G-Project's perfected weapon... with Seth being a sort of Copycat and in some cases better than SFV's Eleven, since Twelve has a bit more control over the transformation... and canonically speaking Zombie Charlie was made with pieces of Eleven.

Personally, I don't care about Twelve or Eleven for that matter. They may have a cool transformation gimmick but they're basically soulless puppets so I don't care about them.

His story is done and he has nothing to contribute to the game. He's also a forgettable character.

Personally, I have no idea who you're talking about? Ah! The Edgelord Iori wannabe with a hint of Hyoga the Swan... Shit, I can't believe I forgot him... then again, I also forgot C.Viper despite her 2 huge reasons for being unforgettable: Her design being another SNK wannabe and appearing in UMVC3...

Yun and Yang:
With Jaime wanting to be like then, he should meet his heroes and get his ass kicked by them, so he forges his own path.

Personally, I don't care much about them, but I mist admit that they have potential to move the story forwards... but I still wouldn't lose any sleep if they don't make it.

Like Retsu, her Martial Art is more grounded in comparison to the rest of the fighters. Her only issue is her storyline, which is a tad repetitive: My Dojo is in danger, let me bust other Dojos to prove the Superiority of mine... She could almost be Dan's new rival...

Personally, an Akane Tendo wannabe is alright with me. Capcom, can you make a Ranma½ fighting game pretty please?

Sean Matsuda:
He is rumored to be a NPC in this game. It would be interesting to see him fight and his evolution as a fighter.

Personally, I'd only take Sean if he can finally fight Dan (and lose against the Saikyo master).

He's an unsolved mystery that led nowhere... maybe it's time for Capcom to throw fans a bone and reveal something.

Personally, I don't care about his gameplay. The mystery is what bothers me the most... especially, since Q is a lot better than G.

If the ending of 3rd Strike is canon, then Gill lost and Urien is the new Illuminati boss. He NEEDS to be there since the Illuminati weren't completely beaten after 3rd Strike.

Personally, I could take Urien as a NPC, because he isn't THAT important in comparison to Gill.

The big boss of the Illuminati, assuming Urien's ending isn't canonical. Like I said on Urien, The Illuminati story hasn't truly ended and there is more storytelling potential here.

Personally, I HATE HATE HATE GILL! "The mark of my dignity shall scar thy DNA!!" Brings bad shivers down my spine. Unfortunately, he still has a larger role to play in the story.

I think that's all of them, not counting SF4 and 5 characters. BUT SINCE this rant took far longer than expected, here's 3 characters that I absolutely DO NOT WANT in SF6:

Since I've only played Vanilla SF4, I've encountered Broken Rufus way too many times and I fucking Hate him... The fat fuck is far cheaper than Seth. Not to mention that he was made extremely annoying on purpose... not just on gameplay, but his personality. I wouldn't want him on SF6 at all, not even as a NPC.

This is the only character in SFV that I hate almost as much as Necalli, but unlike Necalli, F.A.N.G. is nearly unplayable. (As in you'll be losing a lot by using him...) Unlike Rufus, he's  tolerable as a NPC... in small doses, but still, DO NOT WANT!!

Garbage character is garbage. I'd take Rufus and F.A.N.G. slathered in Hakan's oil as they fondle the non-existing scrotum of Seth as they hum the World Warriors theme instead of Necalli. Storywise, Necalli is Garbage. Gameplaywise he is garbage as well... he apparently barely beats Blanka in performance, but ranks beneath Dan, who already ranks a couple fighters beneath F.A.N.G.! Necalli is worse than Dan. He was almost as disappointing as Captain Phasma. Fuck Necalli.

Jun 19, 2022

Shredder's Revenge could be a blessing for Super7

 I know that I'm relying on TMNT when I get writer's block,  but After playing Shredder's Revenge, I thought: There's a lot of toyetic potential on this game.

-A More Pizza Looking Pizza Monster (it's different enough from NECA's)
-The Large Mousers (which also serve as a nod to the oversized vintage Wacky Action Mouser) that could come with 2 extra Mousers...
-The Mouser handed robot would be another nice addition.
- A multipack of Roadkill Rodneys and the other robots that could be unarticulated figurines. (The TCRI security robots, walker types and flyers... can't recall their names now)
-A Shredder Revenge Themed accessory pack would be nice.
Rocksteady and Bebop's new weapons, the gun for Baxter, the multiple weapons for the different colored foot soldiers (tonfa, bow and arrow, bombs, plunger crossbow, katana, kunai, naginata, etc.), a sushi box, a couple of rats and a sleeved kimono for Splinter...

I know I keep going on and on about this game being so good, but it IS for an old school gamer like me. It hits the Nostalgia notes just right, but it adds a new twist...

I'm afraid of thinking Super7's pricepoint for a Knucklehead... (or the Footcruiser)

Jun 17, 2022

The possibility of DLC for Shredder's Revenge...

 Some folks have been speculating about DLC for Shredder's Revenge... suggesting alternate costumes for the characters. This mostly stems from ignorance of how 2D Sprite based games work... I have a little bit of Sprite editing experience... long before this blog came to be I did try to make sprites for various Marvel characters for the PC fighting game engine MUGEN. I wasn't a great sprite editor, because I had a SNES/PS1 port mentalitly and my animations would be choppier than editors that tried 25+ frames of animation for a standing pose. (My mentality was: "why make 25 frames if it can be done in 4 frames then reuse frames 2 and 3 in reverse to complete the cycle going back to frame 1. I'd animate 4 frames of the character standing then reuse frames 3 and 2 to return to frame 1 and complete a breathing animation.) The more fluid the animation, the more time consuming the edits will become.

That issue also covers palette swaps. Depending on how the animators coded the palettes for each character would depend if a palette swap could be doable. So "Mirage palettes" or "Toy palettes" could be something that may or may not happen. 

The only true viable options for DLC would be:
New game modes, like say: Punk Frogs take Manhattan. A Story mode "side story" where the player plays as the Punk Frogs and other guest characters. This could bring new bosses and alternate levels. Like say, 3 new New York levels instead of the Dimension X levels.

Adding new characters exclusive to the Arcade Mode... like say:
Usagi (if the whole legalese with Stan Sakai can be cleared due to the so-so Netflix series)
Mondo Gecko (fights bare handed and his custom board is seen only on the skating levels.)
The Punk Frogs since they are kinda already in the game.
Ace Duck: I may not be his biggest fan, but it would be interesting to see some love for the Duck.
Since the game is in 87 continuity, Lotus Blossom Would be a possible character if Usagi is not available.
Hell, even Venus could be a doable possibility.

But going back to the Punk Frogs Take Manhattan side game mode:
The 3 new levels that replace the Dimension X levels could be:
One Central Park based level, where Scratch is the boss fight maybe retrofitting IDW's Herman to an 87 toon style as a sub-boss.
Another street level where the "B-team" ends up at Pizzaface's Pizzeria... obviously, Pizzaface is the boss battle. The pizza monsters could be reused on this level for obvious reasons.
The last "new level" could be Chinatown with Karai and Shredder's Elite acting as the boss and sub-bosses for the level.

Of course this would involve a lot of work and make the DLC a bit more on the expensove side, but it could be worth it... worse case scenario it could become a brand new side-game:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge Gaiden: Punk Frogs take Manhattan.
As a separate game they can tweak MORE of the Base game and swap bosses. The Turtles would be unlockable, as a reward for beating the game, of course (but not Splinter, April, and Casey).
Like replacing/tweaking the first 2 levels as well, since they're more Turtle Specific.
Replacing Level 1 with a different level. Honestly. I'm drawing a bit of a blank here, since I want to avoid another street/sewer level. The only thing that came to mind was the Verrazano bridge. Mostly because I wanted to have a sole Foot Soldier hiding by being covered up with a Poncho... (it's a double reference to TMNT's and Cam Clarke's past relationship with Konami) making a full level for a Metal Gear reference is not that out there since there is a level with a Konami's The Simpsons in the main game.
Level 2 would get a name change and a different boss (Big Apple 3:45 PM) with Scumbug as the boss.
But it's not up to me... if it was, I'd make a full sequel with more extra characters. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Shredder's Revenge: A return to classic Form

 I guess that by the title, yoy can deduce my feelings for the game. I know yes I have stated that it met and surpassed my expectations, mostly. Of course I have a few things to nitpick about but the overall experience was great.

As many others have said, this game is a love letter to the 1987 Turtles continuity ( both cartoon and videogames). But enough talk, have at you!

The game uses to the graphics oh, roughly in the range of 32 bits. This creates a late 90s arcade game look, which is perfect for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The only downside is that any potential downloadable content will be more expensive due to the excess work that has to be done for sprite work. Meaning that any potential new character would have to be animated from scratch. Here Comes one of my Nitpicks: The intro animation, whole 80s Cartoon inspired, the style and animation quality is inferior to the cartoon inteo.

Sounds and music 
The Turtles and some enemies are voiced by the OG Voice Actors, the rest of the characters use new voice actors that try to imitate the original voice actors. Splinter sounds a bit off but it could be one of two things: 
-the VA is making an OK impression of an older Peter Renaday
-Peter Renaday voiced Splinter and age caught up to him. (IIRC He's in his 80s)
The game uses arranged versions of the main theme as a certain video game tracks. The rest of the songs have a hip-hop Urban flirts with, but since the game is in New York City, it makes sense. 

Like I mentioned earlier, since the game is a 90s inspired beat-em up, controls aren't that complicated. They are pretty responsive and any mistakes you make are your fault... or if you're playing it on a Nintendo switch you can blame the drift on the Joy con.

As a 90s inspired beat-em up game, the gameplay IS a bit repetitive. In this case, that is a good thing. It allows the player a sinple and repetitive task that can be done on Zombie Mode or you can strategize with the various twchniques available for single player and multiplayer. But not all bosses are a conpetition on button mashong. Some require a bit of strategy like Chrome Dome.
Whose battle require the player to avpid hos attakcs while hes invulnerable and launch a Foot Soldier whe he goes Mode 7.

There isn't a huge story, since it's a 90s inspired beat-em up game. But here it is:
Shredder wants revenge on the Turtles so he uses Krang's Technology to remake the Statue of Liberty into a symbol that represents the villainous duo. Is up to the TMNT, Splinter, April, and Casey Jones (once you unlock him in story mode) to stop them

Fun Factor 
Modern gamers might not like that it's a somewhat short and repetitive. Old farts like me might get some more enjoyment from the old Arcade-like gameplay. Your value may vary a lot here, but For me

The game gets an 8.75 as its final score. Personally, the plot being so similar to Turtles in Time, minus the time travel was the biggest "letdown" from the game... then again, I don't plau Beat-em Ups for the story... also, I find the game's lack of Pizzaface disappointing.

If you love TMNT and 90s styled Beat-em Ups, this is the game for you.

Final Fantasy Remake sequel is called REBIRTH

 It will he a PS5 exclusive and it's pretty to look at... while it shits on the original game.

Once again, Square Enix misses the point of a Final Fantasy VII remake. This is a rebootquel... they should've come clean and say that this (Remake) was a sequel, but this does it and it plans to undo the end of Disc 1...
Coming NEXT Winter, not THIS winter. (Late 2023-Early 2024)

But on the other hand Crisis Core is getting an actual remake...
So far it looks like Crisis Core with maybe a few new surprises... Hopefully, the surprises won't be like Remake's. This one comes THIS Winter (late 2022-early 2023) and it seems to be Multiconsole.

Jun 16, 2022

Why is the media hellbent on defending Amber Heard?

 It's been weeks since the jury on the infamous Depp v. Heard case deemed Miss Heard guilty of defamation. Despite evidence against Depp being proven false, lies straight from Amber Heard's mouth beinfg debunked, certain medoa outlets are hellbent on claiming Heard's innocence and that the jury was "swayed by Depp's fame" or that "Depp paid the 'experts' and brought some 'randos' to testify in his favor".

I mean her team brought in the crazy doctor who diagnosed Depp by watching Captain Jack Sparrow.

Wait... wait... wait... Did she really say that!? Roll the IƱigo Montoya clip!

But using her logic, her sister Whitney should stop Amber from swimming back to Atlantis.

Theoretically speaking, by claiming that Depp lied and that he hired people to testify on his behalf, she could be setting herself up for another defamation suit.

So much for wanting to move on...

She can't let go.  That will be her downfall. When Johnny Depp was considering waiving the money she's supposed to pay Depp, she does this... DUDE, YOUR NET WORTH IS ON THE NEGATIVE NUMBERS!! Ever listened to the song The Gambler?

Shredder's Revenge: First Thoughts

 After showing up 9 hours later than expected, I finally got to play Shredder's Revenge and:

The game meets expectations. So far I've played with Michelangelo, because he's my favorite Turtle and a bit with Leonardo because I love Cam Clarke... after 35 years, listening to the OG Turtles is a bit bizarre yet amazing. I haven't fully played it because it was available far too late instead of midnight.

The game is a 90s styled Beat-em Up game with modern elements like Super Moves. If you're used to Konami TMNT Beat-em Ups, you should feel mostly at home with the game.

It seems Casey is an unlockable for beating the game... not sure if the requirement is The Story Mode with 1 character or all 6... or if it's unlocked through Arcade Mode.

Unfortunately, I won't be playing much due to some physical pain issues. In any case,if you love Beat-em Up games, get Shredder's Revenge. Doubly so, if you love TMNT!

Jun 15, 2022

Japan, what are you doing? Japan, stop!

 I am well aware that I'm not using the Stahp Meme format correctly, but Japan has taken a finger... a robotic finger and has done the least Japanese thing to it... they gave it a flesh cover. Not an artificial skin like TPE or Silicone, but one made out of collagen and human skin fibroblasts...

Basically, the former Governor of California said: a cybernetic organism covered by living tissue. Japan, that's how you get Terminators, what the hell were you thinking!? I mean, I expected a robotic tentacle monster from you!! Not a Terminator finger! Then again, Arnie-chan is a thing in Japan!

Random thoughts on a TMNT display...

 Since I'm collecting 3 different TMNT Lines, I'm going to have to build or buy a display set for them. The reason I put the Buy option is because there's a slight possibility of a Sewer Playset, or a Technodrome being made... keeping an open mind. But realistically speaking building a bookshelf styled display with different "levels" would be Optimal for Displays. Will I add a lower level "cabinet" to keep extra accessories? Will it have wheels so it can be moved around if needed? How many levels will the bookshelf part have? I know that 3 is the minimum: (street, sewer, Technodrome) Will I just use flat BG pieces, or will I incorporate 3d elements? Do I make it TMNT Specific or make it modular to switch it with say, Sailor Moon, or Marvel, or Silverhawks whenever I grow tired of looking at TMNT?

Dimensions are another thing I need to look at. The size of the display will alter the thickness of the support areas, which also will depend on the cost of raw materials. I know MDF and wood are cheaper than ABS and PVC, but I want to make it non-wooden. If I was doing a say, Mortal Kombat display, I could see woodworking fitting better. But back to TMNT, the reason for dimensions stem mainly from the Slambulance turned into a Shellbulance. I need a big space to display that puppy. 

The last big defining Factor would be roster. If we get Burne, Vernon, and Irma, I might be "forced" to get another 1:12 vehicle to make a Channel 6 Van. I'm even considering a second Slammobile to customize and make it April's car. Maybe even use the Slamcycle with Casey.

Things like Electronics might be out of my reach for now, but since I was able to clean my PS4 with YouTube tutorials, maybe I could do the same with dioramas?

There's even a thing called EL wires that can make faux neon signs for dioramas. I know that permanent markers on a clear plastic surface can mame faux Grease Pencil signage. There are plenty of tutorials to make decals, signs (if you don't want to buy premade ones) hell premade brick walls exist.

All I know is that the Street level might be the most complicated one, especially if I want some Rooftop action... and potential alleyway. The inspiration for the street level section comes from this Diorama

Obviously it would be more TMNT-ish. One of the stores could be Second Time Around Antiques. Further down the street a location for Antonio's Ninja Pizza could be a nod to Pizzaface and multiple TMNT continuities. The rest of the buildings are just normal buildings.

Some WILL have nods to various continuities. Whether it's from graffiti, signs, or references to the movies...

The main problem I have right now is that I KINDA want semi functional interiors. I might copy the removable front plates to put figures/props inside. Like having Pizzaface inside Ninja Pizza, or April on the Apartment above Second Time Around Antiques, or have Scratch hiding from the Po-Po on another apartment... NO! I wasn't planning on making a Rescuers reference!! 

For the Sewer level, I wouldn't want the whole thing to be the lair. Mostly because for this and the Technodrome level I might have to use "support walls" or load bearing walls to keep the shelf aspect properly working. That would require "unsightly wall dividing the display".

Gwarsh! This dude made an awesome diorama based on Turtles in Time... combining this with

The Portal Room from the Arcade Game. Of course, I just need to complete some greater responsibilities and improve my time management to pull this off.

Jun 13, 2022

Shredder's Revenge Preorders are live

 Limited Run Games is handling the preorders for the physical game ports of Shredder's Revenge and the window is open until July 24th.  There are different versions like just the game or premium boxsets. I probably might jist go for the normal PS4 version. I don't know WHEN the Physical version will be arriving, but I already preordered the Digital version for the Switch. The game is $24.99 and there was a 10% discount... SAVINGS!! But I had some Gold coins from a previous purchase, which lowered the price to $21.93!!! So I will be able to play the game in 2 days... Graveyard Shifter here, so that means sleeping in the mornings, waking on the evenings... by my lunchtime I should be able to download the game and enjoy enough of it for me to prepare a review.

And yes, the digital game will be the deciding factor of whether or not I'll get a physical copy for the PS4. (No point getting it on Switch.)

Michelangelo got the short end of the stick in the UK intro.

Jun 12, 2022

The reason why Miley killed Hannah:

 She got her tuna pounded and felt that Hannah died at that moment... Aside from the fact that I don't read Teen Vogue, I can't believe such a HUGE Miley/Hannah article slipped through the cracks for nearly 3 years before I noticed it... So the mysterious person who popped Miley's Cherry is to blame for the death of Hannah Montana...

I guess sex with Miley must be pretty boring if she won't put on the wig...

Because let's be real here for just one minute. Having sex with Miley is one thing... I wouldn't know, since I haven't had the opportunity to do so. BUT having sex with HANNAH MONTANA, now THAT is something special. It may be the same body as Miley, but it's Hannah Montana... and there's a bit of some "dark elements" at play... like the idea of corrupting "sweet and innocent Hannah". Some people get off on that. Other folks are turned on by the idea of having sex with Fictional Characters. Remember the Aerith and Tifa sex dolls. Now I wonder, has anyone even asked Miley to put on the wig for sex?

Now for the sake of equality, I shall mention my second favorite Osment... the one with the Necrosight... Haley Joel... If I was a girl and had the opportunity of having sex with him, I'd totally give him a Sora wig and a plastic Keyblade.  That is because the idea of having sex with Kingdoms Hearts's Sora is more exciting than Haley Joel Osment. Before anyone asks, the Keyblade is so he can spank Girl-me like a duck who won't heal Sora.

While I'm at it, dishonor on me, dishonor on my cow and all that...

At least my brain didn't think of My Little Pony...

Jun 11, 2022

Castlevania Nocturne teaser

 I guess it's time for a RONDO... OF BLOOD that is... 

Yes, the Richter centric Castlevania toon is coming... What do I have to say about it:

Die monster you don't belong in this world!!

It was not by my hand I am once again given flesh. I was called here by humans wish to pay me tribute.

Tribute!?! You steal men's souls and make them your slaves!

Perhaps the same could be said of all religions...

Your words are as empty as your soul! Mankind ill needs a savior such as you!!

What is a man!? *epic chalice break* A miserable little pile of secrets... but enough talk! Have at you!!!

Is what I'd expect to be said before the final confrontation betweem Richter and Dracula... before we reach a SYMPHONY... OF THE NIGHT!!! 

But I hope we do get a Simon mini series covering the Original and Simon's Quest...

Jun 10, 2022

I wonder if Playmates is blocking Super7 from making a faux vintage line for TMNT

 Remember Super7's Faux Vintage MOTU with the Filmation waves and Powerd of Grayskull waves? I've been wondering why Super7 hasn't done that with TMNT. There are plenty of sources they could use:
Mirage, Archie, 80s toon, or even more modern stuff tweaked to fit the vintage look.

Imagine a vintage styled Renet, Savanti Romero, Mirage Baxter Stockman (human or Cyborg), the Shredder Clones, Karai, Lotus Blossom, Lord Dregg, Carter, the Krangazoids, Attila, Rasputin, and Armaggon, to name a few characters that we never got in the Vintage line. Since Playmates is only doing reissues of SOME vintage figures, these Theoretical "new figures" could complement Playmates's efforts AND the vintage collections that some fans still own 30-ish years later. Perhaps, both Super7 and Playmates could join forces for this project. 

Alright, Nefty, you DON'T BUY FAUX VINTAGE Figures, what's your angle?

Why would I have an angle?

Backdoor access to incorporate non-vintage figures into the Ultimates, perhaps?

Guerrilla Gorilla proves they don't need any backdoor shenanigans. IF I HAD A "SINISTER MOTIVE" it would be for Playmates to put in some effort and resurrect the original TMNT line and go beyond it. Maybe go the MOTUO road with TMNT and give us improved articulation with retro play. Maybe adding interchangeable heads for some characters (Shredder and Casey come to mind.) 

Mattel is doing their thing with MOTU and WWE,A McFarlane is doing his thing with DC, Hasbro is doing their thing with GI Joe, Marvel, Power Rangers, and Star Wars, Playmates needs to get off their ass and do TMNT Stuff other than the weird vs lines... for being the company with the "Master License" for TMNT, they're swuandering it.

Black Adam trailer is out and of course, the Snydercult hates it.

 We know how nice the Cult can be. Well, they're at it again, showing their niceness all over Black Adam and forcing most moderators to work overtime.

They keep bringing rumors, gossip, and hearsay about Zaslav, as if he's going to restore the Cacaverse and bring Zack "El Cacas" Snyder back. They claim that DCEU failed because WB is focusing on D-listers like Harley Quinn, Black Adam, or Peacemaker. They should be focusing on Superman and Batman... (conveniently ignoring that we got a Batman movie a few months ago, and that Ben Affleck doesn't want to work in another Batman related project.) But let's consider this:
How did the MCU start? Spider-Man? X-Men? Fantastic Four? It started woth Iron Man and Hulk, who were C-List characters. Joined by Thor and Captain America, they paved the way with multiple movies (5-ish) to reach The Avengers. They started small, and slowly built up all the way to Thanos. Along the way, they managed to boost some D-list characters, and borrow Marvel's Royalty from SONY. 

DCEU didn't have those issues. They had their complete library INCLUDING THEIR A-LISTERS. Not only that, but they had seen the roadpath to Avengers before even having a single DCEU release. Yet somehow they managed to fumble.
How the hell do you screw up so badly that a movie with Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman doesn't reach the 1 Billion mark!? 

The answer is Zack Snyder. Warner in their desire for a quick cash-grab, used Snyder to make a Superman movie. I've mentioned multiple times that a movie deconstructing Superman should've NEVER BEEN THE FOUNDATION FOR A SHARED UNIVERSE! 

But let's elaborate, shall we?
We got a rookie Superman who hasn't become the beacon of hope from the comics. Raised by a paranoid and cynical Jonathan Kent, Clark murder his father by choosing not to save him from a tornado. Also raised by a Martha Kent who instills a lesson to Clark about Earth owing nothing to him. (Ignoring that Earth took him in when Krypton blew up and he was raised by Earthlings.) Angsty and full of self-doubt, he acts like an alien god looking down on humanity as he chooses who he saves, or who he doesn't. I mean he makes out with Lois atop the destruction of Metropolis with countless corpses beneath their feet.

Dude, you gonna die on your next flick.

We got a Batman who lived most of his adventures off-screen. Joker killed Dick Grayson and this forced Batman into a more violent version of himself that murders the small-fry criminals, but lets the Joker live.

Tries to protect kid who became an orphan, but completely ignores all the Gotham kids HE'S MADE ORPHANS...

Wonder Woman:
Jaded, aloof, not caring about Humankind or the Amazons at Themyscira. Her world literally was being terraformed to something that would kill her Amazon sisters, and she didn't show up. It took Gigli having to blackmail her into getting back into action.

Basically on his first 2 movies Snyder wrote himself into a corner. 

While, yes, WB DID put pressure on Snyder to rush into a Justice League movie, Snyder's universe was flawed from the get-go.

As I mentioned above, Snyder wrote himself into a corner. A Batman who lost everything off-screen, a rookie Superman who dies on his second outing, a Wonder Woman who prefered not act upon World level threats. Snyder's "so-called plan" for 5 Superman movies were mostly NOT About Superman.

Movie 1: Kal-El origins. He was a rookie with no idea what he was doing.
Movie 2: Bad TDKR adaptation where the death of Superman is implemented.
Movie 3: Cyborg movie where elements of the Return of Superman are badly implemented.
Movie 4: Darkseid movie where Superman turns Evil and we get a bad copy of Injustice.
Movie 5: Batman movie where Batman dies and the now good Superman raises a "Damian Wayne-Lane" as the next Batman.

It's hard to build a universe, when the main storyline is a deconstruction of the DC Universe. Then we add studio meddling, from a studio who isn't interested on creating a universe that will deliver profits in the long run and we have a recipe for disaster. They had many chances to correct course, but due to ego issues, not budging on budget and release dates, not having a concrete direction, and lack of respect to the material, stopped the DCEU from standing where it belongs... as an equal rival to the MCU. 

We got a movie with Freaking Starro, but since it wasn't a Hack Snydurr movie, his fans reviewbombed it. We got a trailer for a movie with Atom Smasher, Dr. Fate, and Hawkman, but since it's not Snyder's his fans are bitching about it. Going beyond the Trinity seems blasphemous to the Snydercult... hell, even The Batman was attacked by the Snydercult because it didn't have Affleck (who had already stated that he would never play BATMAN again). The DCEU finally is able to go BEYOND Snyder's ill-fated plan. 

When James Gunn makes Polka-dot Man compelling enough for audiences to feel bad about his death in less than 2 hours, while Snyder can't make people CARE about Superman in 3 movies with nearly 13 hours, something is wrong with Snyder.

Snyder's good for action scenes, but anything involving storytelling, better get someone else. Snyder is the worst copy of Michael Bay. At least Michael Bay knows his movies are crap. Snyder makes crappy movies while he pretends they're arthouse films.

Joss Whedon is a garbage human, but creatively speaking, he was FAR MORE CAPABLE of putting the DCEU in a spot that could equal or surpass the MCU. James Gunn is another director who could've pushed the DCEU to a much better spot. The Bruce Timm and Paul Dini duo, the kings of Comic Book Based Animation, are not only experienced with the DC Universe, but  they are far more capable than Zack Snyder.

WB didn't learn from past mistakes, but I'm hoping that the new bosses are ready to make things right... long term plans, Putting competent folk at the helm (not named Zack Snyder), and most importantly to respect the DC Universe.

Shredder's Revenge has a release date

 Also, they revealed another Playable Character, you scuzzbuckets!

I had forgotten about Casey Jones being crazy as hell in the original toon, but the game took note and reminded me of how brutal Casey was even for a hyper toned down children's toon.

The game comes out on June 16 digitally... No idea about the Physical versions. They are coming, but no official release date for those.

I think the 6 player mode is awesome, or it would be if I had 5 friends... at best, I can pull off a 3 player game...

Jun 9, 2022

I'm tempted by Super7's non-transforming Transformers

 Of course, I am talking about their Soundwave figure...

I know I have Superior versions of Soundwave, but the Alt Mode would look great hidden on a TMNT or MMPR Display... I'm avoiding the obvious GI Joe reference. 

There is a new wave of Transformers figures coming by Super 7 and to be honest the wave kind of sucks. First we get the corpse of Optimus Prime, then we get Starscream, which I could have sworn we already got. 3 figures: Soundwave, Starscream, and the corpse of Optimus Prime.

First Thundercats with the repaints, now Transformers... What's next a Mostly repainted TMNT wave:
Mirage Casey
Toon Shredder
Toon Rocksteady
A turtle variant

So I cleaned my PS4 today

 Whoever says that cleaning your own consoles is easy, fuck you! I mean it's not hard, you just remove sone screws, remove some plastic covers, remove the power supply, and dust off the inside and outside... If I, who am not mechanically inclined can do it, it can't be that hard. But man, that lower cover was a BITCH to remove. A few days ago, I bought online a kit with the screwdrivers needed to disassemble the PS4 (mostly for the special security screws that use a non common for casuals like myself bit). It also included a brush to remove dust, and the plastic "pry bar" to well, pry the covers open. I need to buy a replacement prybar, cause mine got screwed by opening the ps4.

After 145 minutes of cursing and bitching about the YT videos making it look simpler than it really is, my PS4 is now clean. MacGyver probably can open it with a red bull can and a dildo, but I'm a mere mortal. What's the point of all this? When one pays $40 to have a professional do it for you, you're paying for their expertise of doing something in a few minutes that it took me nearly 2 ½ hours to complete. That's not adding the $13 I had to use to get the tools shipped, the $9 for the compressed air can (basically a 1 time use, since I used most of it on the PS4.) Then there's all the pain and torture that I went through to get that bottom cover off. If it wasn't for that bottom cover, I'd say the process is a piece of cake.

Now my PS4 doesn't sound like it has the need for speed or that it could be my wingman any time... what I'm trying to say is: if you are not a mechanically inclined person like I am, are a bit of a klutz like I am, and don't have enough patience to deal where stubborn plastic pieces that could break easily, consider pay paying for getting it done. Saving $18 wasn't worth it.

Revolution is the name of the sequel to Kevin Smith's bastardization of He-Man... still bastardized by Kevin Smith. Apparently it's only 5 episodes this time. Maybe it won't suck and actually HAVE He-Man in it, but I'm keeping my expectations low.

I still don't know how to feel about Kenobi. It isn't awful, but it lost me rather quickly... I mean, it didn't lose me lose me like Hawkeye, but it's more like: "oh yeah, they uploaded an episode of Obi-Wan yesterday" and not: "Holy shit, must get home now to watch Obi-Wan!!1!" The third sister isn't an intimidating foe. I blame Moses Ingram for that. She just doesn't look EVIL like Darth Vader, Palpatine, or Commander Holdo. At least the guy from Jumper had a chance to redeem himself. Also, Luke might be getting himself killed or anally violated by Sandpeople, but Obama Obi-Wan was too busy babysitting Leia. (My Autocorrect calls Obi-Wan Obama for some reason.) At least Ms. Marvel seems fun... Aside the hamfisted way they're making Kamala worship bRiEEEEE Larson. 

Jun 8, 2022

Why Christopher Reeve is the best Superman

 Brandon Routh and Henry Cavill are great actors, but their Supermen aren't as good. Out of the 3 main big screen Supermen, the only actor who managed to achieve a close to perfect take on Superman (for the most part) is Reeve... this was in part because he got the better direction and scripts (only counting Superman 1 and 2 for Reeve, since Superman 3 and 4 had awful writing and directing. Then again, pretty much everyone forgets Superman 3 and 4) aside for the memes...
Christopher Reeve managed to capture the dichotomy of Clark Kent/Superman far much better than the other 2 actors... mostly, becaise Reeve's Superman was the only one who ACTUALLY got to be Clark Kent AND Superman.

Routh was forced to be a Caricature of Reeve, while having the added pathos of being a stalker and a "deadbeat dad". Cavill, on the other hand was forced to be a brooding alien god, who can't connect with humanity and his only emotions are sadness and anger... kinda like a cross between Batman and Doctor Manhattan.

Only Reeve got to play the kid from Smallville raised by his loving parents, who taught him how to be an upstanding man, who not only tries to do the right thing, because it's the right thing to do; but one who also ENJOYS doing the right thing. The other versions of Superman have tried to add artificial pathos, which doesn't work for Superman.
Everything wrong with Superman
in one picture...

Aside bad CG due to mustachioed Cavill, the Whedon reshoots, managed to showcase glimpses of an ACTUALLY GOOD SUPERMAN within Cavill. (Yes, Whedon is a shitty person, but his littlest toe has a better understanding of Superman than Zack Snyder.) 

Some people qill say that Reeve's Superman was good for its time and it wouldn't work on a modern setting while pointing out "the shortcomings of Superman Returns".
The shortcomings of behind the scenes with WB cutting material like the expensive opening of Superman visiting the remains of Krypton

The cast being far too young for a sequel and forced to play caricatures of the late 70s-early 80s cast.

Rehashing plots from the original movie and playing them beat by beat with very little variation. At the same time, the movie being slightly cynical of its universe. "SUPER DEADBEAT DAD" comes to mind

Rather large budget with very little action. Trying to be. 70s movie in the 00s was a bad idea.

The Snydurr fans quickly claim that a "Boy Scout Superman" is the reason why Superman Returns failed. Which is not. Meanwhile, they Praise the Dr. Bathattan, which is everything that Superman is not. Superman's biggest powers aren't his strength and speed, but his kindness and empathy. Sure, he could snap all our necks easily if he went bad, but that's NOT Superman. Search for Superman and the Jumper to read why Superman's empathy and kindness are just as, if not more important than punching aliens and gods hard. Yes, he saved people in Man of Steel (as the wanderer), but Superman doesn't just save people. He tries to make the experience a bit more comforting for the folks being saved. Superman sees the good in us that we can't see, not because of his superpowers, but his heart. His upbringing with strong family values, Truth, Justice, and all that stuff... I know "the American Way" is missing, because today's "the American Way" isn't the same as it was when Superman adopted it. There is a more cynical turn to the phrase due to 'Nam, 9/11, and other events that have made "the American Way" something less than ideal. 

We could argue that the concept of Superman himself can be considered "outdated" and/or "boring". Yes, Superman IS boring, because he is a "boy scout" and despite being "the last of his kind" (more like one of few Thousand surviving Kryptonians if we count the ones from the Bottle City of Kandor), he is more "human" than some actual humans. As a baby he was saved by the Kents who helped him, because he was an abandoned baby that needed their help. They did the right thing because it was the right thing to do. Which brings us back to Snyderverse "Superman". Clark's upbringing is confusing. Do good, but not unless it puts your identity at risk? Sometimes it's OK to let people die, just to protect your secret? That's Not Jonathan Kent. An accurate representation of Jonathan Kent would've been proud of Clark doing the right thing by saving the bus, but would've reminded him to be more careful about using his powers in publoc to avoid exposure. He would be worried about his son, for obvious reasons, but he wouldn't be mad about Clark doing what's right. The Kents are who made Superman, well SUPER by teaching him how to be a MAN. 

Superman is an optimistic kind of fellow and if he could end all his battles without throwing a single punch, he'd most definitely take that route. He most definitely wouldn't force his way upon others like on Injustice or Zack Snyder's Justice League (knightmare bs). And so far the only actor whose performance has been the closest to the iconic Superman is Christopher Reeve. Cavill and Routh could've pulled it off if they had gotten better writing and direction.

I wouldn't want the next Superman to mimic Christopher Reeve, because then he'd have the same issues as Routh. I want an actor who is:
-Respectful of the source material and not interested in "changing the character into something else."
-Charismatic enough to showcase the difference between Clark Kent and Superman, despite bad writing/directing. While both are the same person, Clark doesn't project himself the same way Superman does. He seems meek, feeble, while Superman looks strong, confident, powerful. This has a lot to do with both body language and actual voice. While, yes, Superman should have a friendly voice, because despite his immense power, he doesn't want to look threatening, it can't sound weak. 

But the actor is not enough: He needs a writer and a director who understand the Source Material and are RESPECTFUL of it. I want you to take notice on the word I used: RESPECTFUL. I didn't say Faithful and I will explain myself now. Yes, a degree of Faithfulness to the character is needed to tell a respectful story. Movies are not comic books that can take years of character development. Movies are usually condensed to two hours. Sometimes deviations from the source Material must be made in order to adapt the story to a different format. Some of these deviations are good, some of them are odd, and others are just plain awful. 
Ie: Removing the Cold War from the Fantastic Four is a good change for a contemporary adaptation. Making the Storm Siblings interracial was an odd choice. Making Doctor Doom "the 5th Member of the journey" is an awful idea. 

Let's look at the "death of Jonathan Kent", something not canonical to the comics, but meant to teach Clark that he can't save everyone.
On the 1970s movie, Jonathan Kent dies of natural causes, most likely a heart attack.
On Man of Steel, Jonathan Kent dies murdered by Clark... or Clark's inaction. Here the "Clark can't save everyone" lesson comes with a caveat: especially if he doesn't do anything to save them. This caveat mot only ruins Jonathan, but it also ruins Clark.

While I believe Reeve IS the best Superman, writing DID do him a bit dirty as well (in Superman 1 and 2... we don't use 3 and 4 here. Those were awful)
Memory erasing kisses, cellophane S, turning back time, depowering the Kryptonians and killing them. I want to see a Superman BETTER THAN Reeve. A Superman that can duke it out with guys like Mongul, Parasite, or Darkseid, but who can also stop suicidal jumpers, save kittens from trees, and help old ladies with their groceries... a Superman that inspires hope instead of fear.

Jun 6, 2022

Sf6: a rant or 6 Super turbo plus alpha upper champion edition...

 Ken's backstory was leaked. Apparently Eliza left Ken and took Mel with her, now Ken is a wandering Hobo like Ryu. Now the Matsuda Siblings are trying to help Ken, by making him snap out if this bullshit and recover his family... What the Hell, Capcom!? That's messed up!

Apparently the game is after SF3, which brings the question: Street Fighter TIMELINE, how does it work: 

Cammy is YOUNGER than Sakura. Ibuki and Makoto are Younger than Sakura... Hell, I'M YOUNGER THAN SAKURA!! I guess we need to talk about the timeline... I'm aware that Capcom has subtly retconned birthdates to have a sliding timeline, but we do have actual dates:

SF1 was in 1987, Final Fight 1 was in 1989, Alpha 3 was after Final Fight, but Before SF2 in 1991, since Gorbachev was President until 1991.

So we can deduce that Alpha 3 is in 1990. Cammy is 2 years younger than Sakura, so that makes Sakura 18 by the time of Alpha 3, meaning that Sakura was born in 1972. Chun Li was born in 1968... (she's 54 in 2022...)

Unofficial Timeline:
SF1 was in 1987
SFA2 was in 1989
Final Fight 1 was in 1989 as well
SFA3 was in 1990

Apparently Alpha 1 was mostly retconned by 2 and 3. Something similar happens with the various versions of SF2. Some versions of the timeline push SF2 to 1993... These use the home console versions fpr theirnargument

So, somewhere between 1991-1993, is the SF2 series of events. With Cammy being somewhere between 17-19. 

Back to the timeline:

SF1 was in 1987
SFA2 was in 1989
Final Fight 1 was in 1989 as well
SFA3 was in 1990
SF2 was between 1991-1993. Personally, I'm a 1991 guy.
Now SF4 happens in 1994. That means Sakura is 22 years old and is running around dressed like a Schoolgirl. Ibuki is 14 (apparently she was born in December 1980.)
Street Fighter 5 is in 1997
SF3 is supposed to be in 1997 but I think it was retconned as well. This would explain Ibuki being 16.
SF3 Second Impact is in 1998
SF3 Third Strike is in 1999
SF6 is possibly somewhere in the mid 00s. Based on Li Fen being a teen instead of a child as she was in SFV. Sakura would be over 30. Chun Li would be close to the mid 30s. Ryu and Ken would be either 40 or very close to 40. 

Aside Final Fight 1, it's kinda hard to put the rest of the Final Fight games in the Timeline...
Final Fight 2 could be in 1993-ish. Since Haggar was born in 1943 and FF2 happens when he is 50. Haggar's Wrestling career must end before 1989 so he can become Mayor. Final Fight 3 should happen between 1994-1996, so Lucia can be in SFV AFTER FF3. Shit, where does this put Rival Schools?

Seriously, Capcom, give us an official timeline including Saturday Night Slam Masters, Rival Schools, and Final Fight on them so we can have a canonical timeline. You can omit the dates with the latest game being "in the present" with past games being "insert number here" years ago. 

Now that I mention Past Street fighter-adjacent games, we need to see some older folks back as playable Characters:
Retsu, Geki II (since the original was Assassinated), Mike, Joe, Eagle, and Lee to round up SF1

Haggar, Dean, Carlos, and maybe other Mad Gear folks (El Gado, Axl, Two P, Bred, Big Bull, Damnd, and Edi E) to round up Final Fight.
Seriously, how can they have a game with Lots of Metro City and ZERO Final Fight Playable Characters!?

Scott and Max to round up Street Fighter 2

The idea is to reward long-time fans of Street Fighter with playable versions of characters that were unplayable in the past or at least on canonical games (Final Fight Revenge or MVC3 don't count) they are new characters from a playability sense but their old characters at the same time. There's plenty of characters there for a few season passes. Add some 100% new folks and Capcom could get some solid DLCs right there.

Maybe some of these older folks (or folks from 3, 4, and 5 that haven't returned) could have some connections to these new folks... except Necalli. Fuck that garbage and toss it with El Mierda Fuerte.