Jun 17, 2022

Shredder's Revenge: A return to classic Form

 I guess that by the title, yoy can deduce my feelings for the game. I know yes I have stated that it met and surpassed my expectations, mostly. Of course I have a few things to nitpick about but the overall experience was great.

As many others have said, this game is a love letter to the 1987 Turtles continuity ( both cartoon and videogames). But enough talk, have at you!

The game uses to the graphics oh, roughly in the range of 32 bits. This creates a late 90s arcade game look, which is perfect for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The only downside is that any potential downloadable content will be more expensive due to the excess work that has to be done for sprite work. Meaning that any potential new character would have to be animated from scratch. Here Comes one of my Nitpicks: The intro animation, whole 80s Cartoon inspired, the style and animation quality is inferior to the cartoon inteo.

Sounds and music 
The Turtles and some enemies are voiced by the OG Voice Actors, the rest of the characters use new voice actors that try to imitate the original voice actors. Splinter sounds a bit off but it could be one of two things: 
-the VA is making an OK impression of an older Peter Renaday
-Peter Renaday voiced Splinter and age caught up to him. (IIRC He's in his 80s)
The game uses arranged versions of the main theme as a certain video game tracks. The rest of the songs have a hip-hop Urban flirts with, but since the game is in New York City, it makes sense. 

Like I mentioned earlier, since the game is a 90s inspired beat-em up, controls aren't that complicated. They are pretty responsive and any mistakes you make are your fault... or if you're playing it on a Nintendo switch you can blame the drift on the Joy con.

As a 90s inspired beat-em up game, the gameplay IS a bit repetitive. In this case, that is a good thing. It allows the player a sinple and repetitive task that can be done on Zombie Mode or you can strategize with the various twchniques available for single player and multiplayer. But not all bosses are a conpetition on button mashong. Some require a bit of strategy like Chrome Dome.
Whose battle require the player to avpid hos attakcs while hes invulnerable and launch a Foot Soldier whe he goes Mode 7.

There isn't a huge story, since it's a 90s inspired beat-em up game. But here it is:
Shredder wants revenge on the Turtles so he uses Krang's Technology to remake the Statue of Liberty into a symbol that represents the villainous duo. Is up to the TMNT, Splinter, April, and Casey Jones (once you unlock him in story mode) to stop them

Fun Factor 
Modern gamers might not like that it's a somewhat short and repetitive. Old farts like me might get some more enjoyment from the old Arcade-like gameplay. Your value may vary a lot here, but For me

The game gets an 8.75 as its final score. Personally, the plot being so similar to Turtles in Time, minus the time travel was the biggest "letdown" from the game... then again, I don't plau Beat-em Ups for the story... also, I find the game's lack of Pizzaface disappointing.

If you love TMNT and 90s styled Beat-em Ups, this is the game for you.

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