Jun 1, 2022

Johnny Depp won his case against Amber Heard

 The jury decided that Depp was correct and Miss Heard's OP was about Depp, was defamatory and done with intent to harm Mr. Depp. Depp is to receive $15 Million. Miss Heard is to receive $2 Million because sone expressions from Depp's former lawyer were defamatory...

The only things this case demonstrated are:

-Men are victims of Domestic Violence and have a much harder time to prove it.

-One lie from a woman can ruin a man's career instantly. Once the woman is proven a liar, crickets...

-Even someone as "rich and powerful" as Johnny Depp had one hell of an uphill battle to prove "he was not a wife beater".

-Women can LIE under oath and get away scot-free. Perjury usually ends up with prison time and Miss Heard isn't going to be wearing any orange jumpsuits any time soon. Had the genders been flipped, Depp would've been tossed into gitmo and the keys would end up being lost.

-This case will hurt Domestic Violence Victims (especially women) since public opinion is now getting the wrong message that Women Lie...

-The case was so absurd that it almost feels like it was straight out of Ace Attorney series. And YouTube has provided:

Hopefully, the case might help Male Victims of Domestic Violence to speak up and not be silenced by stigmas.

Also, it might be the cause for Amber Heard's early retirement.

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