Jun 9, 2022

So I cleaned my PS4 today

 Whoever says that cleaning your own consoles is easy, fuck you! I mean it's not hard, you just remove sone screws, remove some plastic covers, remove the power supply, and dust off the inside and outside... If I, who am not mechanically inclined can do it, it can't be that hard. But man, that lower cover was a BITCH to remove. A few days ago, I bought online a kit with the screwdrivers needed to disassemble the PS4 (mostly for the special security screws that use a non common for casuals like myself bit). It also included a brush to remove dust, and the plastic "pry bar" to well, pry the covers open. I need to buy a replacement prybar, cause mine got screwed by opening the ps4.

After 145 minutes of cursing and bitching about the YT videos making it look simpler than it really is, my PS4 is now clean. MacGyver probably can open it with a red bull can and a dildo, but I'm a mere mortal. What's the point of all this? When one pays $40 to have a professional do it for you, you're paying for their expertise of doing something in a few minutes that it took me nearly 2 ½ hours to complete. That's not adding the $13 I had to use to get the tools shipped, the $9 for the compressed air can (basically a 1 time use, since I used most of it on the PS4.) Then there's all the pain and torture that I went through to get that bottom cover off. If it wasn't for that bottom cover, I'd say the process is a piece of cake.

Now my PS4 doesn't sound like it has the need for speed or that it could be my wingman any time... what I'm trying to say is: if you are not a mechanically inclined person like I am, are a bit of a klutz like I am, and don't have enough patience to deal where stubborn plastic pieces that could break easily, consider pay paying for getting it done. Saving $18 wasn't worth it.

Revolution is the name of the sequel to Kevin Smith's bastardization of He-Man... still bastardized by Kevin Smith. Apparently it's only 5 episodes this time. Maybe it won't suck and actually HAVE He-Man in it, but I'm keeping my expectations low.

I still don't know how to feel about Kenobi. It isn't awful, but it lost me rather quickly... I mean, it didn't lose me lose me like Hawkeye, but it's more like: "oh yeah, they uploaded an episode of Obi-Wan yesterday" and not: "Holy shit, must get home now to watch Obi-Wan!!1!" The third sister isn't an intimidating foe. I blame Moses Ingram for that. She just doesn't look EVIL like Darth Vader, Palpatine, or Commander Holdo. At least the guy from Jumper had a chance to redeem himself. Also, Luke might be getting himself killed or anally violated by Sandpeople, but Obama Obi-Wan was too busy babysitting Leia. (My Autocorrect calls Obi-Wan Obama for some reason.) At least Ms. Marvel seems fun... Aside the hamfisted way they're making Kamala worship bRiEEEEE Larson. 

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