Jun 2, 2022

Leslie Jones wants to ruin a DC character now.

 It wasn't enough with Ghost Bust Hers being a horrible failure, further proven by GB Afterlife's success... something that Jones herself hated, now she wants to ruin Plastic Man. Apparently it's a "Velma" styled bastardization of Plastic Man who is now a black woman voiced by Jones.

Seriously, what the Hell!?  This, Velma, and anything related to the Snyderverse (the cult now calls the DCEU Snyderverse) should be things that need to get the axe from the new CEO of WB Discovery. I'm not saying that Leslie Jones should be banned from the project. She could still write and produce for the show, but she's NOT SUITED for playing Plastic Man FOR OBVIOUS REASONS. Instead of hijacking Plastic Man and turning him into a black woman, why not promote other DC characters that are Black and Female? A "Mature" Plastic Man series would be hilariously politically INcorrect, given Plastic Man's perverted nature. 

On the other hand, Plastic Man CAN be a badass when it's needed, so he doesn't have to be the perverted comedic relief 24/7

Hell, by making him a woman, they're missing on promoting feminism. As Plastic Man is sexist and oercerted, his plans for being a peeping Tom should fail horribly and have a female character be the one that "puts him in his place"; you know using him as a tool to educate about consent and respecting women. Sadly, we know where this character will be going. Sassy strong and independent woman who don't need no man. It will probably play on the Angry Black Woman stereotype that many black people have wanted to eliminate, but haven't been able to. Something that Jones is pretty used to. Boxing her in the same Stereotypical roles she's been stuck in live action for her animated roles is a dumb move. 

I honestly don't know which is worse: Velma or this... oh wait, I know what's worse: Snyderverse. All jokes aside, I don't think this is a good idea.

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