Jun 24, 2022

Amazon is working on making Alexa speak like your dead relatives...

 Aw Hell naw! That's the Condense my reaction to a piece of news in one phrase. Seriously, what were they thinking!? As long time readers may know, I was orphaned close to seven years ago. My depression has worsened in the past few years, but I'm crawling, clawing, fighting my way into as close to normal as I can get. It pains me knowing that I've been almost seven years without hearing my Mom's voice. In fact, I'm afraid that I forgot what it sounds like.

It terrifies me that I am slowly forgetting memories involving my Mom. If it wasn't for the few pictures I have of her, I probably would've forgotten what she looks like. Despite all these fears, I am moving forward... not at the pace I would like, but I'm moving forward and I don't want to go back... Had this technology been available Seven Years Ago, I would've been in a far worse place than I am now, because I would've used Alexa as a crutch and use the Fake Mom Voice to keep my delusions alive. Instead of seeking help, I would most likely abused that option to wrongly cope with life by creating a lie.

If I can acknowledge the messed up parts of this, how come the scientists working on this didn't pause to think about the dangers this technology could bring. Nope! Nope! Nope! This is one project that should be scrapped.

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