Nov 29, 2014

Disney, PLEASE, let it go!!

Adele Dazeem has been quoted mentioning something about a sequel to Let It Go: The Extended music video with other songs you don't care about.

Really Disney? a Frozen sequel? Why? I know you tend to milk movies: Aladdin 2, Aladdin 3, Cinderella 2, Cinderella 3, Little Mermaid 2, Little Mermaid 3, Pocahontas 2, Hunchback of Notre Dame 2, Mulan 2, Jungle Book 2, Bambi 2, Tarzan 2, 101 Dalmatians 2, Beauty and the Beast 2, etc.

The Problem with Disney Sequels:

What is a crappy movie?

How can they make a sequel to a movie that is basically a very long misunderstanding with a bit of a misandrist plot twist in the end?

If tangled couldn't even achieve a full sequel (aside a 6:28 short) how can they expect to make a full sequel out of Frozen?

So far the only sequels that have been good have been from

(Except Cars sequels... Those have been Disney Sequel bad)

I think that an Incredibles 2 (that may or may not happen) would be a better sequel than Frozen 2...

Oh no... Frozen 2: Royal Engagement... Now I beg of you, Disney... Do as the song says and LET IT GO!!

Black Friday Blues...

Oh! Ahora quién podrá ayudarme?

No one can, since the great, beloved Mexican Comedian, Roberto Gomez Bolaños, also known as Chespirito died yesterday.

While he had retired in the 80s, most of his work is still aired in most, if not all Latin American countries. Basically, I lost the creator of another piece of my childhood and it hurts.

Holy crap!! Plain Vanilla He-Man is gone from Matty!! I had to wait until Saturday to get my paycheck and buy one in anticipation for Oo-Larr. Guess who won't have a He-Man to dress up as Oo-Larr... According to the folks on, he did sell out since Black Friday.
Oh well... Looks like The Spare He-Man I have (Original He-Man, because I bought a second KG to make a 200X inspired He-Man with the Prince Adam snarling Head) will become Mini comic He-Man.

Oh, well... Looks like I'll have to get something different from Matty then.

Star Wars episode VII: the Force Awakens (after watching the Prequels) had a teaser released on Black Friday!!

Waiting until a non-teaser trailer to emit an opinion... Though that Sith Saber is a bit messed up.

Nov 27, 2014

Turkey day and stuff... ing

I'll be honest. I'm dreading tomorrow. Now that I've stuffed myself with food and I'm in a food coma; I think I shouldn't rant.

Let's rant...

Remember my Radical Jack rant? Well it was made on Miley's Birthday... speaking of Miley... The pic on the left is from a Birthday Present she got...

I'm not sure if Miley is into Minecraft or if Mossman has become some sort of Gigolo to pay his bills, but one thing is certain:

"Whenever you think that Miley can't reach a new low... Brace yourselves because she will find a way."

So far, the only thing she's done recently that is not trashy is dating the Governator's son... no, not the one with the maid.

Instead of showing her maturity and moving beyond the squeaky clean Disney image; she looks more immature by fellating blow up dolls, or masturbating plant penii.

Winter is coming and there's a teaser for Season 5 of Game of Thrones. Can't wait for it... Hopefully, bitchface will bite it... Cause the show is drifting from the books and all that; I almost expect them to make Jon Snow the true king of Westeros.

Finally, a new Super Power Beatdown... Batman vs Darth Vader.

I agree with the ending. To think it would have ended differently is completely ludicrous.

Well, that's it for today... Remember that Black Friday is coming...

Nov 26, 2014

Jurassic World: The Trailer: the rant

Trailer is finally here!! Now I can bitch and moan about the whole thing until the Movie comes out...

So, to paraphrase JDF: It's Rantin' time!

Holy crap! The amount of wrong in the trailer... by wrong I mean thinking as someone who "lived through" the Isla Nublar Incident, the Isla Sorna Incidents AND the San Diego Incident, I see a lot of things on the new park that are "WRONG!" Kayaking down a river where Dinos roam is very dangerous, even if there's only Herbivores going around. then there's the effin' Hamster ball... What's stopping a T-Rex from going Beckham with those?

Holy Shoot! Using a Shark to summon the Dinosaur version of Keiko? This has BAD NEWS written all around. Hell! Even Starlord Agrees with me! Even the Trailer agrees with me!

Now as someone who doesn't live in the JP Universe, I have to say: They should have skipped the Teaser and gone straight to the Trailer.

Nov 25, 2014

Odds and ends: 11/25/14 PG-13 was a bad Idea, right Stallone?

In other news, water is wet! The Unrated DVD is available... May need to check it out. the promise of an R Rated #4 is a bit of good news. I have to ask, how many of the new expendables will return for 4. Hopefully only the Twilight will return... and maybe he'll go the way of Hunger Gamers in EX2.

I was told that Sting showed up at Survivor series and "saved" the day... yipee... This means two things:

The WWE Writers are so desperate that they pretty much copied the ending to the movie Ready to Rumble.

Undertaker's days are numbered. After the defeat by the Part-Time Wrestler, btw WHERE IS Brock Lesnar? He's hiding like a roided out waldo (or wally for the Euro fans)

This will last, like what 2 days before WWE's "Creative" team take a dump on Sting.

Holy Mackerel! A Crystal that could allow People to breathe underwater? Click on the link if you want the sciencey stuff about the crystals that allow people to breathe underwater...
I don't need to talk to fish to know that a joke is coming.
Let's get the Super Friends Aquaman jokes out of the way...
Think of the Possibilities of these Crystals.
Sure, helping old people who need oxygen tanks to not having to carry those huge ass tanks sounds all nice and dandy, but an AQUAMAN TV Series or Movie is where these crystals will shine. Or a Namor the Submariner if you're a Marvel fan.

I'm dead serious, stop laughing...
The possibilities are endless...
We could possibly have a sequel to a very special  70s show...

Seven days of Black Friday to Cyber Monday sales on Matty wouldn't be perfect if there wasn't some crap involved. Guess who has two thumbs and got screwed out of discounts on figures and free shipping on orders over $99?

Now... I did the Matty collector CS bit... You know, the one where I call CS and explain what's going on. I have to wait 2-3 Business days to see what Matty/DR will do to fix an issue caused by THEIR Site not applying the discounts in a timely manner. The items I bought were "listed coming soon" until the sale started. So there's no way I could have "bought them before the sale started".
Now, I realize that IF they apply the discount, my order will fall short of $99 and I have to pay shipping. On the other hand, if they bill me full price and waive the shipping, then I'm still close to paying what I'd pay if they applied the discount. Either way I lose. Well, there's Option C where they screw me over with NO Discount or waived shipping, but that one is a worst case scenario.

Option D, which has no chance in hell of happening is that DR accepts their mistake, apply the discount AND waive shipping as a way to apologize for their mistake.

In any case, I've caught up with most of Club Filmation (Aside Shokoti and the TURD) Guess, they'll come out of the Toy Chest in December. Its issues like this issue that make me partially happy about MOTUC ending next year.

Digi River cancelled my order. Had to make a new one, but the Filmation Figures I needed were still available. Learned something today: Digital River now CAN cancel orders. (I suppose they can't do it all the time.)

Nov 24, 2014

2016 possible rebranding of MOTU...

I recall touching 2016  sometime before Neitlich moved on to greener pastures. Something about multipacks to round up the MOTUC rosters and how I had little faith in that type of line surviving.
The recent answers from Mattel gave me a bit of faith...
The other side of the coin is to Start all Over (I could've linked the Miley song, but I'm trying to be serious here.)

You know what Starting Over means, right?

The Return of the dreaded 8 back. (12 back if we're lucky.)

If the Rebrand does happen and Mattel decides to do a new "6 inch line" (let's face it, the scale is closer to seven inches.) compatible with MOTUC (because, let's face it; wasting the huge parts library that Mattel has with MOTUC would be stupid... from a logistical point of view.) we must accept the fact that Mattel WILL redo key characters.

Just look at every single toyline that "reinvents itself" after a while.
TMNT, GI JOE, TRANSFORMERS, STAR WARS, MARVEL, etc. Hell, let's keep it inside Mattel land and look at DCUC.

When the DCUC line began, it was a rebranding/expansion of the old DCSH line. (The DCSH Line was the "Spider-Man Classics" of the DC Universe.) We got PLENTY of BATMAN and SUPERMAN figures in DCUC... not to mention Hal Jordan figures. (Mostly because the DCUC Manager back then had a mega hard-on for Green Lantern... Seriously, the guy tried to shove Green Lantern into everything... Including MOTU)

So, the Redos are a necessary evil. People who bought into the whole MOTUC thing may not like them, but trying to sell a brand new line full of D-Z Listers that the previous line didn't make is a fool's dream.

Now here's the catch: Mattel NEEDS TO MAKE THESE REDOS SUPER DESIRABLE! They need to convince those who subbed for MOTU (or bought every figure available via day of sales) and got their MOTUC He-Man, Skeletor, MAA, Teela, Beastman, Evil Lyn, etc. to WANT these Figures from the new MOTU Line.

They cannot simply take the MOTUC He-Man and Skeletor, give them a slight repaint and say! NEW TOYS!

Emiliano Santalucia has made a blog post about a MOTU Rebranding and how he'd tackle the redos of past figures by taking inspiration in concept art by Mark Taylor and reusing SOME MOTUC Parts.
You should Check it out! Personally, the best ones (IMnsHO) are:
(both) Teela(s), Man-at-Arms, Man-e-Faces (with his weird Poncho), Goretusk (a concept by Ted Mayer that may have evolved into Grizzlor)

While his idea for a He-Man is very vanilla, I like it. It looks He-Man like for those who somehow missed out on MOTUC He-Man, but it also has this Vintage Mini comic vibe that the MOTUC He-Man lacks. The Cool Battle damaged and worn ax and shield look amazing. The Alcala PS is awesome. Add the Oo-Larr head from the 2015 Oo-Larr and you have a mega badass-He-Man.
IF that is not your cup of tea, then use the Helmet head shown on the pitch and some spare generic armor (from parts bin or third party casts) and you can create a cool Barbarian ally to Vikor.

With MAA, the Conquistador helm lends itself for a Nobleman in KG's court or an Eternos Royal Guard official.

One of the many ways to go with the redos is using other designs like the DCNU52 looks, or 200X, etc.

If you do those guys and combine it with some of the folks unmade in MOTUC *cough*Kayo*cough* we COULD achieve the zen point and have 2016 happen.

Then again, Rebranding could mean Screw MOTUC, We're going 3.75"! We'll have to wait until the next SDCC to see what Mattel is planning for 2016 and MOTU.

Nov 23, 2014

Jurassic World: the Teaser: The rant

21 years ago, Steven Spielberg made us believe that Dinosaurs could exist in the modern world.
The Future is Now!! June 12, 2015 is the new date for the 4th Jurassic Park movie...
The Teaser was shown a few hours ago. If you've been living under a rock, or have grown to dislike Jurassic Park after the Third movie... Cause let's face it! That movie was pretty much a combination of scenes from the two books that did not make it to the movie with a pretty bland story...

Yes, there is now a JP IV, I mean Jurassic World... With no story written by Michael Crichton, none of the Original cast (except Dr. Wu, played by BD Wong according to IMDB), not directed by Steven Spielberg. The director has done a TV movie, a Documentary, a short film and pretty much nothing else...

REALLY a FREAKING HAMSTER BALL!? Looks a bit too futuristic... Almost Videogamey. The biggest sin is that this is pretty much the Trailer FOR the Trailer...

The Teaser did nothing for me. The Trailer needs to wow me if it wants me to be interested in Jurassic Park IV... Right now THIS is better than the Teaser for Jurassic World

Nov 22, 2014

Radical Jack: Badass Billy Ray Cyrus?

If you mention FOUR things about Billy Ray Cyrus, chances are that the following are among them:
Bad Music, Bad Parenting, Bad Hairdo, Bad Acting... In the English language the terms "Badass" and "Billy Ray Cyrus" should not be used in the same sentence unless there is an "is not" between
"Ass" and "Billy".

Well, it's time to change that with RADICAL JACK! The synopsis on the back of the sleeve (yes, sleeve. Movie was so cheap that it couldn't even afford a DVD case.)
Five years ago, CIA Agent Jack Reynolds' family was slaughtered
after he tried to bust illegal arms dealers. Now, he's got his chance to get even. In a corrupt small town controlled by a sadistic gun runner, he's going undercover, taking on the locals,and waiting for the opportunity for revenge.

This almost sounds like the plot to a Stephen J. Cannell show.

I didn't want to do a play by play, but I did it to his daughter, it's fair that I do it to him!
Without further ado, here's the Play by Play First impressions Rant on RADICAL JACK!

MS.DOS inspired Credits? Hoo boy! I guess I shouldn't tell my Achy Breaky Heart that this movie might suck... Oh yeah, the lesser Pfeiffer is in on this.

So we start at a bar where a dude with biker gloves finished a shot. whaddya know? Super Dad of the Century, Billy Ray Cyrus combining shots with beer! GASP! Even Smoking! Mickey is
disappoint. Suits enter the bar to talk with Rad Jack. they ID Him by using a pic of Billy Ray circa 1992 (Achy Breaky Heart, or the time he should have pulled out.)

Suits try to talk to Rad Jack, but as the rules of the Brooding anti-Hero code mandate, he refuses and kicks their asses. Yes, that's right! Billy Ray Cyrus kicking ass. It's laughibly bad.
Punching sounds seem to be ripped from a videogame and the camera angles make the pulled punches seem more obvious than a rasslin' match.

Rad Jack pulls off in his bike while other suits are in pur...suit? The rest of the MS.DOS credits keep rolling as Rad Jack maintains his two-stat wanted level.

Oh lawd! This is horrible! "high Speed chase" = Leisure Sunday Stroll. the suits finally stop Rad Jack! But Rad Jack punches the suit. Ooh! Billy Ray cussing! The suit kinda points Rad Jack into
the revenge path... Very vaguely, I must add. I'm deducing it from what I read on the synopsis.

Now Rad Jack is on the rad Jeep, cruisin'... The suits DID give Rad Jack the info needed for his quest for revenge or something. He stops next to a house where Catwoman's sister is showing off her boobs... Because this movie is Rated R...
She's having a conversation with some guy about how she can't keep doing this anymore. Ah, she's his mistress... in a small town. Don't make him angry, you wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Now we have Rad Jack doing Rad Laundry! at the laundromat... Yay! Action! Rad Jack is now trying to get a job as a Rad Bartender!PTSD Flashbacks by seeing a little girl and her mother. Seriously
they used Sepia tones for the flashbacks? And they used the tumbling laundry to cut to the flashbacks? they even added sappy music with tension to tell us that he is suffering... James Allen
Bradley, subtlety is a foreign language to you.

Rad Jack and the guy who I'm 98.5% sure is the bad guy cross paths in a very obvious way. Now Rad Jack is a Rad Bartender who will live in a room above the Rad Bar!

Rad Jack is making Rad Surveillance when some kids trigger his Rad PTSD. His super CIA training didn't allow him to notice the kids sneaking up to him and questioning his rad actions. Yup! I was
right! The dude banging Catwoman's sister WAS a bad guy!

So, Rad Jack is following some bad guys who happen to harass the second black person I've seen in the movie. Rad Jack to the rescue. BRC threatened the rednecks with his Achy Breaky self. The
lesser Pfeiffer seems to be curious about Achy Breaky Man.

Cops show up to the bar and talk to bad guy. the sheriff wants to back out of something. Bad dude eases his doubts... (guessing someone will shoot the sheriff.)

The henchmen are ramming the Sheriff's car off the road? Aw! No one shot the Sheriff. they just tossed the car over a cliff after dousing it with Gasoline. The Deputy gives Mrs. Sheriff the bad
news but after a bit of bribe sex, someone shot the Sheriff...s wife!

Rad Jack is stalking the bad guys at a warehouse, where the evil shipment will leave soon. More Achy Breaky Flashbacks.
Meanwhile Bad guy's father berates his son. The whole shooting the sheriff's wife and killing the sheriff was a bad idea.

Achy Breaky Montage with Flashbacks? Aw hell naw! Bar owner knows a vet when he sees one. Now they bonded for a little, because 'Murica.

Punkass henchbitch tattles on Rad Jack to the Bad Guy. Meanwhile Catwoman's sister has the hots for Rad Jack! but he ain't got no time fo dat! Other waitress warns Rad Jack about bad guys. Now bad guy is pissed at Rad Jack because Catwoman's sister is talking to the Mighty Mullet.

Oh sweet niblets! Rad Jack needs to pee. Hopefully this will lead to a horribly choreographed Bathroom fight scene.
Movie, I am disappoint. Badguy just talked to Rad Jack and failed at being intimidating. Billy Ray just pushed the bitch he is. Bad dude tries to fight Rad Jack and gets tossed like a punkass
bitch... again!

Parking lot fight? Ooh! a knife! What Will Billy Ray do?
Make Roland look like a bitch... Then again, the Henchman helped keep the Roland=Bitch by interfering with a pool stick.
What's Billy Ray going to do? Make a bitch out of both of them.

The town cheers, but the bar owner is disappoint. The new Sheriff is clearly on Roland's pocket and threatened Rad Jack.

Awkward! The lesser Pfeiffer tried to seduce the Achy Breaky Man but failed. Now the Bar Owner talks to Rad Jack and Jack spills the beans as he keeps spying on the bad guys.
Roland's father berates his son once more and treats him like a little bitch.
Meanwhile, Rad Jack calls back home using gadgets and confirms that the bad
guy is the bad guy.

The waitresses discuss life, death and other crap and how sexy BRC is.

Now BitchRoland is following the Lesser Pfiffer to the General store and harasses her... Bitchslapping a Pfeiffer is a bad idea...
In other news I can hear the voice of the Hooped Earring one 
talking about Pay Tree Are Key and My Soggy Knee Stick movie.

Rad Jack is following the Elder bad guy. the Sheriff has a meeting
with the Elder bad and needs info on Rad Jack!

The dying Pfeiffer reaches her friend who gives her some first aid. Finally! The movie passed the halfway point! I guess this is MORE Motivation for Rad Jack to kill Roland.
Sheriff Crooked gets Jack's ID and prints in a not so subtle way.

Radical Jack is gonna go Radical on the bad guys...

Sorry for the BBT clip, but Ackbar was sick today.
Oh his Achy breaky ribs!

Sheriff Crooked comes to Big Bad's house to deliver the info to the Elder bad... He crapped his pants when he discovered that Rad Jack may be tied to the Military.

Oh crap! Rad Jack is being nursed to health by the waitresses. Will they use the power of sexual healing to save Billy Ray?

Meanwhile, bad bitch Roland is testing guns. The old Man and Sheriff Crooked deliver bad news to him.

Rad Jack finally woke up. He sends Pfeiffer to do his shopping.

Bitchboy Roland looks for Rad Jack at the bar. He does the standard bad guy posturing and threatening everyone, but nothing truly happens... just like this movie

He breaks and enters into the other waitress' house looking for Rad Jack but finds nothing. When the girls return they find Jack hiding under the bed like a child.

Elder bad is terrified of Jack and is trying to secure his investment.

Oh no... She's going to take advantage of an incapacitated Billy Ray Cyrus! No, this is reaching The Room in awkwardness. Well, that's over! Now we have background story that we all kinda knew.

It's 7:00 AM Waking up in the morning... and Billy Ray is getting ready for the Final fight. He's gone Redneck Rambo with the amount of guns he has.

Meanwhile the bad guys are gathering in one place... Easier for Rad Jack to kill them all.

Really, Billy Ray dashed to the place and NO ONE SAW HIM!? The bad guys are making the deal and Pfiffer arrives to distract Sheriff Crooked or put herself in peril. (I'm guessing the latter.)

Really? This is his master plan? Go suicide bomber on the guy. The bad guys bicker and Roland shoots his father.
Shootout!! Finally some action and... yawn!

Oh noez! Billy Ray got shot! Bitch Roland taunts Radical Jack and gets shot by Pfeiffer.
The Chico Malo (cause he's latino) takes Pfeiffer and threatens Billy Ray. He even cuts her arm with the worse fake blood gag I've seen, but the Achy Breaky Man solved everything.

The suit was behind it all, um all along! Pfeiffer pulls of a maneuver that makes her seem like a CIA Agent, but isn't.

So, the Achy Breaky Heartman and the Lesser Pfeiffer lived happily ever after... the end? yes!

Now for my thoughts:

It's obvious that this is a Direct to Video Movie. Just as obvious that Billy Ray Cyrus is NOT badass.
This movie was an attempt at Roadhouse for Billy Ray Cyrus, but it failed miserably. the horrible pacing and lack of action really hurt this movie. I mean, look at the Trailer. The movie sounds so badass from it, then the real movie disappoints... Which btw seems to be the theme of the movie. It fills you with hope for something, then it doesn't deliver. (or what delivers fails to meet up expectations) Even the cover lies. There's no scene of Dedee Pfeiffer with Billy Ray on a bike in the desert.

If I were to rate it, I'd give it two jars of moonshine out of ten.

Nov 21, 2014

Disney what are u doing? Disney stahp!

Just saw the Trailer to Disney's newest Live Action Bastardization/prequel/retelling of a Disney Animated feature's trailer.

What have I got to say about it?

 that's the short version.

The long version, which is likely why you're reading this... you are, right? is like this.

If Disney wanted to make a Live Action Adaptation of their Animated Feature they should have simply REDONE the Animated Feature with Actors. Adding all this extra back story is just needless filler to pretend that they are being artistic. "Adding depth and pathos" to the story.

My answer to that is:

I saw Maleficent the other day. Holy crap! That movie took one of, if not Disney's GREATEST Villains and then... they did this to Maleficent.

No, I did not like the movie. They took the evilest bitch in all of Sleeping Beauty and turned her into a misunderstood victim, while the real villain was a "cis scum white male" or whatever the "evil term to describe males" is today.

Something that bugs me is that the Cast doesn't look like the Characters from the Animated feature. At least Maleficent tried to get that part right.
Oh crap! Helena Boham Carter, again! Is this a Tim Burton Movie?
I know it's from the dude from that crappy movie with the catchy song...
Here's the thing, Disney: We already have an awesome Cinderella movie that was Live Action and gave us more backstory to the characters...
Oh yeah! It was made by 20th Century Fox... Like the title says: Disneay STOP!! I'm afraid of a Jafar movie where he's misunderstood and is trying to bring Democracy to Agrabah or some other crap... Or wait... SCAR!! Filmed with real live animals!! 

Prince Charming...
I know this won't be Bay Turdles bad, but it's making me yearn for the Disney Direct to Video Sequels of Cinderella... Also, what's with the Trailer showing me the entire plot of the movie?

Nov 20, 2014

It came from the Toy chest: You'll POP my yay! in ten seconds flat?

Finally, the MLP POP Mane 6 are in my hooves! I found a NORMAL Rainbow Dash with BLUE WINGS! No need to buy the fancy one with wings that don't match her at all!
Like all the other MLP POP toys, you pop, assemble and can put a lot of stickers and vandalize your pony as if it was the dumbass "Normal Proportions Barbie" doll. (seriously you can add stretch mark and acne stickers to that doll.)
As you are all aware, i'm not going to subject my Weird Robot/puppet ponies to the cruelty of vandalism. Now I have the mane six as POP ponies and I don't think I'll be getting any more.
I blame Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy for that. In the pic below where the mane 6 are facing forward, you'll see that Rainbow's hair isn't painted completely. Same thing happens with the tail. Fluttershy seems to be suffering from Mare Pattern Baldness. Not only that but her mane looks more like Sweetie Belle's than Fluttershy's.

 Mix and Match is still alive with the MLP POPS and it gets better when you have more combinations.
Right now the only way I'll return to the POPs is the Luna Set, if they make a Celestia, and if we get
 Derpy and the Doctor.

Nov 18, 2014

It Came from the You Chest: Valar Morghulis

Valar dohaeris. I guess I don't need to specify WHO I am reviewing, but I will in order to pad out the introduction to the review.

Arya Stark. I ended up with a wave 2 figure. Bought her online, of course...
I need to point out something right out the bat. She feels less fragile than the wave 1 stuff. They are not using clear pieces for the joints and she doesn't stink like the wave 1 Figures!
Standard fare for GoT Figures. One complaint though. She seems to have some frozen joints. (we've seen this on past figures. Especially the left Thigh Swivel. Other than that, she can be displayed in various cool swordplay poses. Her wrists are a bit loose though.

Paint and Sculpt:
Little Arya looks a lot like Maisie Williams, which is a good thing since she IS supposed to look like Maisie williams. Paintwise, since this is Arya after Ned's death, where she's posing as Arry, a little boy on his way to the wall, so the dirty look is justified and any slop is forgivable.
Arya: "What do you do to the enemy?"
Jon:"Stab them with the pointy end of my sword."
Arya:"Good. Sex works the same way but instead
you stab them with your OTHER sword."
Jon: "I don't get it..."

She only has Needle. It's a shame that most GoT figures are stuck with one accessory. Kinda wish the Stark Children could come with direwolves. On a more positive note, her weapon doesn't seem as fragile as some Series 1 figures.

Arya gets a 3.67 as her final score. I like that the figures are sturdier and the end of clear joints. Funko seems to be improving greatly on these figures. Now if the rest of wave 2 would show up in my neck of the woods. (I don't wanna buy these online.)

Now for the "Can I use this with MOTUC?" section. The GoT Figures are NOT in scale with MOTUC, but smaller characters like Arya lend themselves to be customized into characters that would fit. Like Mekaneck's son Philip.

Before anyone asks, yes. That's the answer to did you forget to take pics of her with the Hound?

Mattel dodged a bullet here...

The Dreamworks-Hasbro Merger did not go through. Apparently, it's because of Dreamworks' Jeffrey Katzenberg, whose attempts to sell Dreamworks have failed repeatedly and various misses in feature films like Turbo or Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Also, there's something about Katzenberg wanting a Senior Role at Hasbro out of the deal that rubbed Hasbro the wrong way. "You buy me and I become the boss of you" is never a good idea for the buyer.

Now, this rant is about Mattel. Now that the Dreamworks merger with Hasbro has failed, Mattel needs to get their asses in gear and try to buy back the rights to He-Man and She-Ra. you know, kinda like Hasbro did in 2008 when they acquired the rights to all of the Sunbow Entertainment cartoons based on their products from Sony.

Then again, Mattel should have tried acquiring them LONG before the MOTU movie caught (very little) steam. Also, they should have grabbed them long before Dreamworks caught hold of the Filmation Rights. Mattel truly NEEDS the Filmation Rights. Half of the MOTU Mythos is tightly tied to Filmation. Many Popular characters COME FROM Filmation. I KINDA understand why investing on the 1987 Live Action Movie may not be profitable for Mattel, but not going after the Filmation rights is simply stupid. Look at all the other media that is going around. Shirts, statues,plushes, etc. What do they have in common? They are all using the Filmation designs for the products. Filmation, IS the ICONIC look for MOTU. (Sorry, Pre-Filmation fans, but even you have to admit that Filmation DID put MOTU on the map.)

This may be Mattel's only chance to take the rights to MOTU related Media back. If they miss out they are

(Hey! I guess this is ONE good use for this)

If they REALLY want to bring MOTU back into the spotlight, they need to take off the kid gloves and commit all the way.

Nov 17, 2014

Top 12 characters that Funko must make for their GoT line.

Seeing that I've completed Wave 1 and now I'm waiting for Wave 2 to show in my neck of the woods, I've been thinking: What Characters I'd like to see Funko tackle ASAP!

I'm choosing 12 since that's the magic number for 2 waves. BTW video links will have SPOILERS.

Joffrey Baratheon:

The infamous King of Westeros after the death of King Robert (or the Usurper if you ask the Westerosi equivalent of the Children of the Corn). He also would be perfect for a Walgreen's variant.
I'd suggest two accessories for the default version Crown (removable) and Crossbow.

Jorah Mormont:
The King of the Friend Zone is a perfect choice to accompany the TWO Daenerys figures in the line.

For his single accessory, his sword would be the most obvious choice.

Whichever version of Ser Jorah (armored or not) would be very welcome, especially for the Mhysa version of Daenerys.

Cersei Lannister:
We have Tyrion in wave 1. Wave 2 has the Kingslayer, so Wave 3 needs Brotherlover Lannister. 
She would be perfect to display with Jaime... in non-incestuous displays or in incestuous displays since I can't tell you how to display your toys. Or to display with Ned Stark.

Oberyn Martell:
The Red Viper of Dorne could add some spice to the GoT Display. He'd only require a Spear as his single accessory.

Petyr Baelish:
Littlefinger, the sneakiest bastard in all of Westeros. He totally deserves a figure. His accessory would be a small dagger used on a scene of Betrayal.

Sansa Stark:
She is the least Popular Stark child. (Or second if we count the virtually invisible Rickon) and she is here for two reasons: Joffrey and Littlefinger... Well 3 if we add Tyrion to the Mix. Also, she fulfills the at least 1 Stark per Wave unwritten rule.

That's six done and we have six more to go!

Do I need to explain why he is here?

I can't think of any accessory to give Hodor.

Bran Stark:
He's what I'd use as Hodor's accessory, but I can't put a full figure as an accessory. So, Bran gets a slot. He'd come with the Basket to use on Hodor.

Viserys Targaryen:
Dany's creepy brother. His single Accessory is the Dothraki Crown. There isn't much that I can say about Viserys, aside that I want a figure of him.


'Nuff said! (A Bow would be her accessory)

The Imp's Bodyguard and kind of a friend. Obvious accessory is his sword. Second Accessory the dagger.

Main reason to have him is to display him with Tyrion.

The Final Figure is: Tywin Lannister
Two reasons to Have Lord Tywin:
1- It's Freaking Tywin Lannister
2- It allows Customizers to make a modern Action Figure of "evil eye" Benedict.

I know there's a few characters that I would have wanted to add, but they didn't make the list.
Theon Greyjoy, Robert Baratheon, J'aqen H'ghar, Podrick Payne, Gregor Clegane, Stannis Baratheon, Renly Baratheon, Melissandre, Samwell Tarly, Gendry, Davos Seaworth, Ramsey Bolton, Ser Loras, Ser Barristan Selmy... OK, so there's a bunch of folks that I would have wanted.

Now I wonder which ones will be accurate guesses.

Nov 15, 2014

It Came from the Toy Chest: December 21st is coming.

Why is that date so important? Well, the toy I'm about to review has that as his catchphrase... err I mean his family's Motto.

The Final Figure from Game of Thrones Wave 1 is finally in my grasp... After weeks of hunting (technically a month) I have a Ned Stark thanks to my brother, who casually found one at a Walgreen's.

IF YOU HAVE NOT READ GAME OF THRONES, the First book of A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin (aka Procrastinator: Evil Master of Procrastination) then stop reading this review and read the book, or at least watch the first season of HBO's Game of Thrones.
Still trying to figure out which one
will stay on his hands.

Ned Stark is Figure 6 of the First Wave of Figures, the Head of House Stark, played by Sean Bean in the HBO series... So, I guess you already know his fate since he IS played by Sean Bean.
There's something with the wave 1 figures of Game of Thrones that they are a bit fragile. (mentioned it on the Jon Snow#1 review) I need to mention that they are a bit stinky in the literal sense of the word. It started to fade on the month-old figures, but that funk stays on for a while.

The reason I put up the Spoiler warning is because a Happy Little Accident happened when taking Ned out of the package.

Ned's head fell off his body... Seriously, you can't plan this. Luckily,
the figure's head is on a ball joint, so the ball was popped in the neck once more.
 I guess I should start with the review itself.
A rather awkward Display situation.
Ned has the same articulation as the rest of the male GoT figures, but mine has a frozen hip swivel that I won't force.
(Ned was a pain in the ass to get and I'm not risking it.) I must warn you that the left leg is a bit bow-legged. This reduces even more the amount of poses possible. The plugged in, non-removable scabbard blocks some of his articulation, particularly sitting poses.

Paint and Sculpt:
Here we have Ned giving Bitchface some advice.
Hopefully it involves not dying... 
The Sculpt is one of the better things of this line. Very little reuse and for the most part the sculpts are accurate. On Ned they seem to be kinda there, but at the same time they're not. I mean, there IS a resemblance to Sean Bean, but at the same time he doesn't look LIKE Sean Bean. Paintwise he has a few issues where paint chipped off.
Huh? What's this? TWO ACCESSORIES!? Has the world gone mad? The swords look like they are twins... Only the smaller sword fits the scabbard BTW. The longsword is as tall as Daenerys.
Ned gets an overall score of 3.5 due to the frozen joints and paint chips on hands and neck, but other than that; he is cool.
 Now since the Wave 1 figures tend to have breakage issues, not all is lost. His swords are not too Character Specific like say Jon Snow's Longclaw. That lends the swords to be used on other 6-7" fantasy Toylines. In this case I'm talking about MOTUC. As you can see, the Smaller sword fits the MOTUC Females, while the males have a bit of an issue grabbing the larger blade. (It's a bit too thin for the standard male hands.

 But if you're lucky to have a Ned Stark that does not break, then enjoy the GoT Toys.

Need an Iron Throne in scale to have NO ONE sit on it, since
no Robert Baratheon nor Joffrey to sit on it,

Not the Iron Throne, but just as painful.

Wave 1 is DONE!! Now if I could get some Wave 2 folks in my neck of the woods...

Nov 14, 2014

Man, I LOATHE Laurel... but I know she's here to stay.

Especially since I have some basic knowledge on DC Universe and know that she is The REAL Black Canary... To be fair is not Laurel who I loathe, but Katie Cassidy's take on the character.

Yeah, I know that many point her and Willa Holland as the Low points of the show. Personally, I'd add Colton Haynes, because he can come off very wooden at times. That is not the point. Nor saying anything bad about Emily Bett Rickards (since she has become the waifu of many Arrow and The Flash fans.) You say anything bad about Felicity Smoak and your place will end up in ashes and smoke... (Sorry for the Zecora Speak)

So, Laurel Lance will end up wearing the Black Canary suit. The CW has released said pics to entice people to watch Arrow, or something? Why not post pics of her topless in the name of equality? Before anyone cries My Soggy Knee! Remember this past rant where I complained about Shirtless Stephen Amell Arrow Promos. I just want the introduction to Black Canary to mimic those. Oh yeah, Boobs make it sexist! Duh!

In any case, the pics of Canary Laurel have been released by the CW. Kudos to the costume designer who left a nod to Comic Book BC with the Fishnet gloves. (Should have been Fishnet Stockings, but My Soggy Knee, Pay Tree Are Key! or something.) She kinda looks like she stole some of Seto Kaiba's wardrobe.
The idea to cover her up in pleather is to hide the obvious stuntwomen that will be used in most fight scenes. Personally I would have kept Caity Lotz as Sara and killed Laurel... It's that I can barely tolerate Katie Cassidy's Laurel and every time I see her I want to go Zangief on her.

and there is a small Arrow link in that clip. Rye-You is played by the same actor who played Yao Fei in Arrow.

Laurel will don Pleather after the "December mid-season break"... Shame that she couldn't have been in Central City when Barry got struck by Lightning, so she could be a bit closer to her comic book counterpart. See, I can say something somewhat positive about Katie Cassidy's Laurel...

Nov 13, 2014

Hasbro REALLY wants to screw up Mattel!

I ranted about the Disney Sneak Attack! Now Hasbro is pushing to buy Dreamworks. Now, if this goes through, Hasbro is essentially blocking Mattel from getting any action in future animated features that are not from WB. Which drastically reduces what Mattel can make toys out of...

The Block is doubled since Dreamworks is the current owner of Filmation Rights... Which can put a Gigantic Monkey Wrench to

MOTU, specifically the PoP branch of the brand.

(Yes, I'm using the LatAm Spanish version to spice things up a bit! Now Rrrrrrrrrrroll those Rs)
Hasbro could block Mattel from using PoP Elements in future media and certain MOTU Elements too! So, this could mean that Mattel may end up axing MOTU or changing it into an unrecognizable mess... (Kinda like New Adventures did to many childhoods.)

Losing the Filmation stuff once again will bite Mattel in the ass, because Hasbro can easily sit on those rights and shelf the MOTU/POP stuff, because Hasbro is Hasbro. GoBots, M.A.S.K. and many other properties are in Hasbro's (full) power and they are stuck in limbo since Hasbro is doing NOTHING with them. Imagine what they can do to PoP if they wanted to be Hasbro and shelf the Filmation stuff indefinitely.

Mattel needs to get their game on and try to get the Filmation Rights to MOTU and POP before Hasbro screws them over.

Nov 12, 2014

Fantastic Four Reboot is starting to remind me of.

Springtime for Hitler... Why? It seems that Fox is Hellbent on getting F4 Foxed so hard that not even Marvel would want the rights back... Then again Marvel is shelving the F4 comics to spite Fox.

So, what's their latest dumbassed move to make Fantastic Four an even bigger mess?

Victor Domashev, Angry Blogger/Computer Programmer... Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Doctor Doom is now an Angry Blogger/Computer programmer.

The suckitude keeps piling on and on and on. How is it even possible that no one is trying to stop this horrible abomination that can be best described as:

All jokes aside, every time I read an Article about this movie, my expectations go down fast! I want to believe in a decent F4 movie, but right now the Roger Corman movie has nothing to worry about. This one has dethroned it, and Rise of the Silver Surfer! No Fantastic Four movie can be worse than this. Seriously, a Michael Bay F4 seems better than... No, a Boll F4 would be way better than... Hell no! a TOMMY WISEAU F4 would be way better than this!

Nov 11, 2014

Shigeru Miyamoto's Controversial Quotes

Shigeru Miyamoto, known as savior of videogaming in the 1980s, creator of Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, etc. The man who made Nintendo a Household name outside of Japan (Nintendo's been around since the 1800s, to this day some people don't know that), also a misogynist (if we believe cult-like "media critics" who misinform, lie, and profit from death threats that may be false.) Now, back to Miyamoto. Well, he said the following:

These younger game creators, they want to be recognised. They want to tell stories that will touch people’s hearts. And while I understand that desire, the trend worries me. It should be the experience, that is touching. What I strive for is to make the person playing the game the director. All I do is help them feel that, by playing, they’re creating something that only they could create. — Shigeru Miyamoto - 
Here's the thing: I agree with him up to a point. Yes, Gameplay is the top priority in a videoGAME. Which is why I look down on non-games like Gone Home. Now, with that said, Story MUST NOT take a backseat to gameplay. Let's put it this way. Gameplay is the Pilot and Story is the Co-Pilot.
A Perfect Balance of both is what keeps gamers interested in the game.

Yes, I've been abusing this clip for a while. Why? Well, I started playing Resident Evil 6 in May (technically, I got my single Trophy back then.) but I haven't bothered finishing Leon's Chapter (the only one I started) BECAUSE Gameplay is so frustrating, that it stops me from seeing the story to the end and tempted to go to the Resident Evil wiki and read the story there. A Similar thing happens to me with Final Fantasy XIII, though I lasted a bit longer, but in the long run, both games are gathering dust in a corner unplayed.

Other games have no Story, but are replayed often. I'm not talking about Puzzle Games here. I'm talking about games whose gameplay overshadows the lack of Story. Miyamoto's own Super Mario Franchise would be a prime example. Bowser kidnaps Princess, Mario has to rescue Princess.
Or Megaman. Now you might mention that most of these games are pretty much Old School games, which I'll agree with. What bugs me about Miyamoto's idea, is that Story based games are a kind of trend. No! They are not a trend. Many companies tried to push the boundaries of storytelling and gameplay ever since the 8-bit era.

One of the most dramatic cutscenes from the NES Era.

Modern era games NEED a Balance of the two. Sometimes we want to play but we're forced to an hour of cinematics... Like MGS4... Other times we're stuck doing hours of pointless stuff just to get a 30 second cutscene to move the Story forward (GTA V)

Now the next quote is the one I find more Controversial. 
What the other companies are doing makes business sense, but it’s boring. The same games appear on every system. At Nintendo we want an environment where game creators can collaborate and think of ideas for games that could have never happened before — Shigeru Miyamoto - 
So says the guy who makes the same Mario and Zelda games, where the only thing different between them is a gimmicky change in some gameplay elements and some backdrop elements.

Small jab at Miyamoto aside, he does have a point. Sports games, Call of Duty games, etc. seem to be the same game rehashed with a slight Story and backdrops changed. What I find funny is that Miyamoto, who does the same thing, but not AS frequently as the CoD team is criticizing that.

As much as I hate to say it, putting Business Sense first is a necessary evil. SEGA's downfall began with pushing out the Saturn too soon and having the SEGA Genesis on life support for too long with the "enhancements" (SEGA CD, 32X) the Saturn didn't do too well and then SEGA's Dreamcast was killed by a very expensive game, that shouldn't have been made from a business PoV. SEGA's counterpart to Miyamoto sank SEGA with his amazing incomplete game series that was underappreciated.

A risky decision for a more "artsy" and "creative" game that "could have never happened before" sank the Company that did what Nintendon't! No wonder most companies "play it safe". Especially now that there is an Indie Market to make "artsy fartsy" "Games" like Gone Home. (Yeah, I'm not going to stop talking down on that walking simulator that gets praised by non-gamers because of it's Implied Lesbian Story.) In the indie sector is where people can do their risky stuff that if it proves profitable enough, then the big companies embrace that stuff. It's no wonder that some people can easily say that Nintendo is out of touch with the Market. They just want to march to the beat of their own drum. But to be fair, Nintendo is more of a risk taker. Virtua Boy, Sticking to unpopular formats like Cartridges or mini discs, embracing gimmicks like the Wiimote (a glorified Power Glove 2.0) Now that I mention it, the Original Power Glove... Roll the Lucas clip!

It Came from the toy Chest: You POPped my wahaha!

I have reviewed some POP Kits before.

 Now it's Apple Jack and Rarity's Turn.
As you can see, they are the Basic sets. Someone pointed out to me that there is a Rarity that comes with Princess Luna in a two pack...

So, if I want a Luna, I need to get another Rarity. Same thing with Twilight. If I want a Princess Can'tdance then I need to get another Twilight.

The one thing I can't understand is why the MLP POP Rainbow Dash doesn't have Blue Wings?

That's the reason keeping me from buying Dashie. I've heard rumors of a Blue Winged RD, but have not seen her.
Now If I could find a Fluttershy (also a Stuffed Fluttershy) to complete the Mane 6. Well, in the POP case, I'd also need Dashie. (And a Fshion Scale AJ, but that's another rant for another day.)

Yes, this rant is a bit scattered BECAUSE of the lack of stuff that these MLP POP items have.

In the Previous rant, I did complain about the Robotic look on them, but did compliment the Stickers... TBH they work better to decorate other stuff instead of the ponies themselves.

Not too fond of the idea of vandalizing my, uh, My Little Ponies. But the stickers are there for those who are into that. One HUGE MEGA COMPLAINT that I have with Apple Jack is: NO FREAKING HAT!!

So, get a bunch of these, mix and match! If you're brave enough, you could make your own Original Character with a little paint!

Nov 10, 2014

Where are the 90s properties revivals?

I vaguely touched this on an Action Figure Woes. We're back on reviving 80s Stuff and in some cases Early 00s Stuff *cough*MaxSteel*cough* but what we see very little of is the 90s stuff. Thanks to "Super Megaforce" and the Japanese Figures we ARE Seeing Some "vintage" Power Rangers stuff.
But Other than that, NOTHING!! (Though one could argue that the GoT Toys are from a book from the 90s, so stretching it a little bit there.)

Seriously, where are the Gargoyles toys or Street Sharks or... Captain Planet Toys!
Come On! Super Articulated Captain Planet toys would be so freaking Amazing!
Sure, they'd be perfect for a more Limited Line (The Roster is not MOTU Big) and you could Theoretically do it in one year if we follow the MOTUC Model (but slightly scaled down).

12 Monthly Figures:
-Dr. Blight
-Looten Plunder
-Duke Nukem
-Sly Sludge
-Verminous Skumm

I know you'll ask: Where is Captain Planet?
He and Captain Pollution are BAFs that are distributed with the ring bearers and "guardian deity".
(alternating a month between Planeteer and Eco Villain means that both will be built evenly)
2 Extra Items:

-Hoggish Greedly and Rigger set: Greedly is the last "Main Villain of the Show. Tossing Rigger in completes the set. (You can't have Zan without Jayna)

-Argos Bleak and MAL. Plunder and Blight need their Sidekicks.

-Subscription Exclusive:
Ted Turner as Captain Planet! Think about it... IT IS the perfect Tribute to Ted Turner, One of the many people who created Captain Planet (not to mention a nod to the insanely Awesome Robot Chicken Sketch.) Besides, it's Mostly a repaint of the Captain Planet Buck, with a Different Head...
I would also toss in a Secret Accessory (a Head)

I picked Captain Planet as an example since we can get a bit more out of shared parts with it, than say, Gargoyles. But yeah, a Super Articulated Gargoyles line would kick so much ass that the Gargoyles would turn to stone while kicking it! Perhaps the only way the company that ends up making these can get more money out of the molds is doing a "Stone Repaint" with color change plastic and sell them as "Awakening Gargoyles" variant. Now THIS show lends itself to a full MOTUC Style treatment. You got the Gargoyles, Xanatos, Elisa, The Pack, the whole Shakespearian folks. (Puck, McBeth, etc.) Then the Goliath Chronicles folks... With Angela being mostly a Demona Repaint. Heck! Even Human Demona lends herself to stretch out the line.
Here's a Pic of Human Demona getting kicked in the boobs by Elisa Maza. Posting it for no reason at all.

Now there is another 90s Toyline that desperately needs a revival...

Polly Pocket for Boys!! aka Mighty Max. Polly is still around, but Max is just a whisper among the other 90s toylines that have not been revisited, like the ones above, or STREET SHARKS!!

It kinda sucks for 90s kids who have been forgotten by toy companies. Which is a bit funny since some have seen my 80s tribute to toys and have wished for something from THEIR decade, but the companies are too busy catering MY Era to notice. Though I have to say, One asked for GI Joe Extreme toys. Here's my reaction to that:

Don't you freaking dare ask about XTREEM! in my presence!

Nov 9, 2014

It Came from the Toy chest: Have a Heart, Nurse!

I have in my hooves a Brand New MLP: FIM toy!!
The Walgreens Exclusive: Nurse Redheart!

She's appeared in two Episodes, As far as I know. Applebuck Season and Baby Cakes. She's the annoyed Nurse that kicks Pinkie out of the Nursery Room in Baby Cakes.

Seriously, Walgreens is stepping up in their toy department. Exclusive MLP toys, GoT collectibles and Marvel Legends toys.

Now, Nurse Redheart is Just your Average Pony. Same HEad Sculpt as all Earth Ponies, The body is using the Alternate non-Pegasus buck; similar style paintjob with eyes and Cutie Mark being the mane difference (pun intended), one cardboard accessory (Lame). So, here come the ratings:

Nurse Redheart only has 1 Point of Articulation and is due to the rooted hair. I already complained about the Ponies' lack of articulation before. 30 years and no real improvement in the POA! As an Action Figure collector she would get a 1.0 here... but since it's the MLP Standard that would translate to a 4.0 in a MLP collector scale.

Paint and sculpt: 
Well there's not much to talk here... She's pretty much molded in White and the extra stuff is tampographed. Her sculpt is similar to the standard MLP stuff... The rooted hair makes her look not too show Accurate... But the Bun should be doable in theory... Now if I could find small enough bobby pins to hold it. 3

Her Nurse hat as a cardboard Tiara... Dammit Hasbro! Stop being ridiculously cheap with the ponies. I've complained about this various times before. These Cardboard "accessories" knock down the score on these reviews! 1.5

Without using the Pony Curve, Nurse Redheart gets a 1.83 as her score. It bumps up to a 2.83 which is not too bad, but she could have been better. Now since she's a NURSE and she's exclusive to a Pharmacy, the cleverness of this will give her some "Bias Points" which bumps her up to a 3.0!!
I don't give these often, but when I do; I prefer Dos Equus! (Bad Pun)
But this Tutorial can make your Nurse Redheart 20% cooler!

Considering it seriously...

The review is a bit short since she's a standard MLP toy with very little to offer (accessorywise.)

Nov 8, 2014

HOME ALONE SIX!? What in the world!?

Another Hoax of Macaulay Culkin being dead made me look for info and I stumbled upon the News of a Home Alone Six... Which brought me to the realization that they made a Home Alone Five. Something I don't understand since the Fourth Home Alone sucked ass. Then again, they made a FOURTH Movie after the third one, which was meh at best.
ScarJo is not amused by my reactions to Home Alone 3.
 I would make a comment about Scarlett Johansson and this movie, but since she was underage back then and she used to be with Ryan Reynolds, who played DC's biggest pedophile... So, something Positive about HA3: Scarlett Johansson's acting was better there than in Avengers! Spike, just upload the ScarJo is not Amused pic and paste a reference to how much I disliked Home Alone 3...

There we go! Now that we got ScarJo out of the way, let's move back to the whole Home Alone Business.

They should have stopped after Lost in New York... Since Macaulay had retired from Acting at the time. Though a Teenaged Kevin Lost in London or something like that would have been amazing.

But Noooooooo! We got a Horrible 4 with z-list Actors. When your movie stars French Stewart, you know your budget is Beyond Low. Ah, that movie was a sorta reboot, but really? French Stewart? He's like Thing #5 to look on a Bad sequel with 75% less budget than the original, Direct to Video PoS movie made as a quick cash grab. He's not a terrible actor. He just shows up often on TERRIBLE MOVIES. So, Soft Reboot, TV Movie (which is slightly worse than Direct to Video)
Then there's another Unrelated movie, but carries the five to ride with the popularity of the franchise. THIS is what gets a sequel? Aw Hell naw!
If a FINAL Home Alone movie has to be made, then... Go for the R-Rated Freaking Gritty, There's no way in Hell that Another Home Alone Movie can be made after this. The McCallisters Leave for somewhere for a Family XMAS Reunion and Kevin (Played by Mac C.) decides to house sit his parents' home. (Since he seems to miss out all the Christmas reunions). The Wet/Sticky Bandits decide to hit the McCallister house after completing their time in jail, BECAUSE they can't let things go. Besides, the thorn on their side is probably married, living far away from that house. Though Harry wishes he could see the little turd face to face one more time. Something, something the movie turns into a slightly more whimsical version of Saw!

I'm half-Joking with this, but it would be better than any of the Turd TV movies that have the Home Alone Name attached to it. I kinda get that after multiple sequels movies can get a bit stale...
Police Academy comes to mind, but here we only have 2 good movies, an Unrelated Sequel, a pseudo inter-sequel/reboot and two more unrelated sequels.

For reasons like this is why we get movies like X-Men: Days of Future Past. Seriously, X-M: DoFP was a long and elaborate excuse to erase X3 and Wolverine Origins from the timeline. Sadly, we can't do the same with Home Alone.

Nov 7, 2014

Japanese Bandai wants my money!!

Y'all know I have a Beef with Bandai America and their damned SCREWS on the back of figures, and piss poor scale... I've talked about Bandai Japan and their awesome toys.

I've Resisted Sailor Moon and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Even the Allure of the Mario Brothers has failed against my will of steel... Not even a Smooth Criminal Michael Jackson was able to make me play the import game.

 So, how is Japan's Bandai tempting me?

Yes, Ranma 1/2 S.H. Figuarts and The Fwoosh posted the best pic I've seen of it so far...
Seems that Bandai will make BOTH Ranmas. Not sure if the Genma shown will be made. If so, it needs more Articulation. SUPER ARTICULATED RANMA FIGURES... This is mindblowingly awesome. This is seriously tempting me. So far we have only seen the Ranmas. Now if they reveal other characters like Akane, Kuno, Ryoga, Articulated Panda Genma, Human Genma, Soun and Happosai (who needs the thief mask and a sack full of panties, because Happosai) then I could be VERY Tempted to get some of them. I know that Nabiki, Kasumi and Doctor Tofu are HIGHLY Unlikely, but would be interesting to see. Ooh! Mousse with a lot of weapons would be awesome!!

If I get a Genma (assuming Bandai makes one), this technique shall be photographed if the articulation allows it.

Now, the only real thing that is most likely to stop me from getting the Ranma figures is one He-Man and the MOTUC line.

Nov 6, 2014

It Came from the Toy Chest: Jon Snow will have to fight now!

I call him an Other or The Other as a nod
to the books. I need to be a it of a book snob
every now and then!
Damn you, Ned Stark! You're being too damned elusive. Neither TRU, nor Wal(Squiggly!)Mart had any GoT collectibles. So, went to Walgreen's. I made the following statement before entering:
"With my luck, All I'll see is Daenerys, a Tyrion and a few Bitchface Snows."
Well, There were 4 Daenerys, 2 (Hand of the King) Tyrions, 3 Bitchfaces, and a single Other. I was going to leave empty-handed, when I saw that they had 25% off. So, I said to myself:
"Self. The Other is cheaper right now. If you skip him now, you may never see him again. Get the Other... You won't have another chance at him like this!"
I caved in and got it. Now all I need is a Ned Stark so Winter can come. So, the Others in a nutshell... ICY ZOMBIES.

Now that I think, I've used all variations of the GoT Theme, let's review this Other!

I'm not goofing around with the figure on this pic, honest.
Theoretically speaking, the Others have the same Articulation as other characters, like say, Jon Snow. In execution they do... except when you have figures of The Others (like mine) that have Frozen Joints (pun not intended). The thigh swivels on mine are stuck and I won't try to get them unstuck, because Funko GoT figures are very fragile.

Paint and Sculpt:
The sculpt on this figure is 100% new. Of course, it's Funko's first wave, so they lack a parts catalog. Even if they had one, the figures have gotten brand new sculpts and even variants get different pieces (as seen with Tyrion Lannister)
Paintwise, this has been so far the one with either the best paintjob or the worst. The figure is mostly a dark gray with a lighter gray drybrush on his skin to add to the icy zombie look. The leather parts of his clothing have some drybrushing in a lighter shade to show wear and tear. It's done very unevenly, so it may look horrible to some people. For me it sells the Zombie look.
I do have ONE nitpick with the sculpt, which I'll elaborate on the Accessories section.

 Like past Game of Thrones Figures, the Others only come with a single Accessory: An Ice tipped Spear. Sadly, it's IMPOSSIBLE to display the figure with the Spear correctly.

wrong end dude!
 The Right Hand CANNOT Open up to put in the Spear properly. I can only balance the end of it on the hand. Now the Left Hand is even worse, since it can't hold ANYTHING. The gap is big enough to pass a small bit of the Ice tip on the Spear.

it's a shame since that Spear is FREAKING BEAUTIFUL!! It's so awesome that it almost tempts me to get a second Other, steal the spear and paint the tip in stone colors to give it to MOTUC's Oo-Larr in 2015.
With that said, It kinda needed a Second accessory, since this is the Theoretical "Army Builder" on the GoT Universe. Aslo a second head to make the army look a bit different... I know I'm using MOTUC Mentality, but it's kinda hard to make an army when all the Zombies look exactly like the same guy!

The Other gets a 3.17 as its score. It's OK-ish, but this figure would have rated higher if he had not had frozen joints, hands that could hold his accessory, perhaps ONE Extra Icy weapon. SOMETHING to push him from the OK-ish to GOOD status.

I need to get Ned Stark before Winter comes!!

Nov 5, 2014

Looking back on 2012 MotUC's roster

This rant will put me up to date with the Looking back on MOTUC... Which I'll kinda need to do the final evaluation of MOTUC on 2016 once the line is done. (or if it survives, then an evaluation of the Neitlich era of MOTUC)

So, I'll do Club Eternia first, then CLUB 30th... for the sake of fairness.

Star Sisters: C-
The Controversial Star Sisters. A pain in the neck to many resellers and subscribers who dislike PoP. I like the characters, but a 3 pack is a bitter pill to swallow. Tallstar is always looking like she's Nearly Headless Nick's sister. The 3 sisters have Limited Articulation Thighs (based on BG Teela. Tallstar's are new pieces, but share the same fate. Jewelstar was supposed to work like the Comet Warriors... Her Action Feature was sacrificed. So, they can be a bit Meh...

Sorceress: B-
DEM Wings, BGTeela thighs... Did I mention the Giant Drums on DEM WINGS? because that is the biggest issue with her. At least she completes the Trio of People who know Adam's Secret.

Fisto: A+
Fisto, an Action Figure Rarity. Mattel was shortpacked and some subscribers ended up being Fisto-less, but with 2 Sorceresses instead. Those who GOT a Fisto got a kickass figure capable of having his vintage AND 200X Look in one toy. Booyakasha!

Shadow Weaver: B-
The biggest Dick Move in MOTUC History. I was MEGA LUCKY by getting a Shadow Weaver via a contest. Sadly, Shadow Weaver isn't exactly a "Perfect toy". It's a perfect representation of the character, but her already limited articulation is limited by her cape.

Kobra Khan: A
A great figure with a sculpted chest instead of an overlay, had an additional head with a flared hood. Sadly, the Horsemen followed the "slaves to vintage look" unwritten rule and the Vintage Toy Duckface (for the spray feature) was recreated. Bonus points for making a new gun for Khan instead of the repainted Zodac Gun.

 Thunder Punch He-Man: B+
The figure is nearly flawless... just a few nitpicks knock him down a bit... (I miss the blast caps) His skintone is a bit TOO pale and when the 2015 Oo-Larr comes; I won't be able to use any of his heads on this figure (My favorite He-Variant)

Stinkor: C+
Freaking Ruben! Reversed Forearms "on purpose to make him pop!" I had to butcher mine by swapping forearms AND repainting him to make him accurate. Not to mention painting his accessories since paint applications were cut back on him.

Slush Head: C
Don't get me wrong: The sculpt is amazing and the parts reused are genius. The lack of bendy tentacles, the horrible way Mattel design CHOSE to solve the water issue. (It would have been better to have sculpted water and painted to avoid a lot of issues.) Then they did not give him a ball joint, which reuses the usage of that body for customs (unless you're skilled enough to crack torsos, add balljoints, etc.)

Horde Prime: B
The Supreme Supreme Leader of the Evil Horde right above Hordak was supposed to be the Sub Exclusive, but then we got hit by a little surprise. He's based on the Filmation Horde Prime throne, since we never get to truly see Horde Prime. He got a Hordak face in red with the Horde Logo wings as his ears. I couldn't stand the red face, so I painted mine in a Hordak Flesh inspired color and now I like him better. If Mattel hadn't cut back the paint apps on him and given him his staff with the figure, then he would have been an A.

Snake Man-at-Arms: B-
Luckily Mattel and Neitlich listened to the fans and changed this blegh repaint of Normal MAA with a new head into a 200X MAA Classicized, which makes him a bit more palatable. Shame that Mattel cheapened out on his accessories.

Spikor: C
They think I'm cute! I know I'm Blastic! I got paint chips that drive collectors mad! I'm cheaply made! Logistics were bad! and I lost my train of thought by trying to make a Sexy Boy Reference...
So, Spikor: Blastic, Blastic, Blastic! The Horsemen did a few good things with him like making the spikes on his tridents be spikes, they gave him a removable left hand for Filmation fans. Sadly, Mattel's cost cutting hurt him. (something we'll see all the way to Dekker)

Vykron: C-
The MOTUC Gladiator with more costume changes than a Cher concert. This figure makes you want a Gygor. Sadly, he is ruined by Mattel's Cheap-ass Cost-cutting measures. Blastic Strikes back!
Personally, THIS should have been a Three Pack since this dude is the "He-Man Trio" concept by Roger Sweet. (Also, being a Three Pack, we could have ditched the changing clothes gimmick and gotten real Robotic Legs for the Tank-Man that could have been reused for Discs of Doom Skeletor. Also DAMN THAT SPACE ACE DIAPER!! DAMN IT TO HELL!!

Mekaneck: C+
My only gripe with Mekaneck, aside the Blastic, is that he's 100% Vintage Mekaneck. No nods to his 200X version, NOTHING... Also, his mace is a bit limp... Seriously though, I do LOVE the longer neck extension. Disappointed in the limp mace and Black Plastic. Shame that we are NOT getting a Snake Mekaneck to correct my Vintagitis nitpick.

Dragon Blaster Skeletor: C-
What a crock of crap! Kobra Khan can get the Duckface, but the Dragon Doesn't!? Huge nitpick aside, Blastic Issue, this Skeletor kicks so much ass! You take off his armor and put on the normal Skeletor Armor and you get a more VINTAGE TOY ACCURATE SKELETOR!!
Snakemen Two Pack: B-
It's not that it's a bad set, but it lacked stuff compared to the Palace Guard set. The Black Plastic issue doesn't help this set. I wish the Snakes had better color differences to make them POP! Shame that a second Set (repaint) will not be made.

Frosta: C
The Horsemen dropped the ball with Frosta's face. It kinda looks like the lovechild of a chipmunk and Angelina Jolie. Then the Translucent hair that looks off and the biggest offenders: Gray Frost and Reversed Forearms.

Rattlor: B-
Naked Rattlor based on the Vintage figure. Loaded with Blastic and with a Horde Armband that ended up on Hurricane Hordak (as a placeholder for Filmation Hordak) He's OK, if you're into Vintage Rattlor. (His nudity was corrected in 2013)

Great Unrest Weapons Pack: (WP3)  B-
This pack had a few fun items (200X Duncannon, Keldor swords, Draego stuff) and some duds Clawful mace in a slightly lighter shade of green...

Dekker: B
No slits on his tunic cut out Articulation!! Duncan's 200X Mace in NORMAL MAA Color!?

The young head is cool but unneeded. Luckily WP3 Clawful Shield and WP1 Mossman Mace help make Dekker cooler.

Eternos Palace Randor (AKA Filmation Randor, The REAL Randor, Burger King Randor): C+
This Randor was another Filmation Surprise. The figure that was Axed when this was shoved into the line-up is rumored to be a 200X Randor. Blastic was axed on this month's figures. Randor lost a lot of articulation since he has no Bicep Swivel and his Demo-Man shins lose the bootcut not to mention his skirt has no slits so that's MORE Articulation blocked. He can't drink wine from the Crunk Cup with no Bicep Swivel!!

Temple of Darkness Sorceress: B+
Same as the Previous Sorceress with Female 1.0 thighs that have Better Articulation, but she's in all white... Obviously Dem Wings hurt her a little. (She was sold out before I could get one. Looks like Secondary Market it is... $50!? Screw her!)

Mosquitor (AKA Pixel Dan's main figure): C+
Gummy hands, gummy armor, gummy biceps... Afraid of moving his hands... Kinda wish he had gotten his blood tanks.

Procrustus: D
He totally looks like The Dude if the dude was made out of stone... and had four arms...
Sadly, like Tito the Not so Giant and Megator the green slightly taller than average guy; Procrustus is short. He is slightly more articulated than the last two "giants".

Granamyr: A+
You wanted Big? You got Big... Before you think I'm posting a Sex and the City Clip, let me tell you that I WILL NOT POST a SatC clip here... Not today!! thing is that The Horsemen wanted to go BIGGER with Granamyr... Right now he's slightly taller than the 2013 MOTUC Grayskull when standing up.

Now for Club 30th Anniversary, I know I kinda ranted about the mini sub but here's how they would be graded when looking at the entire year.

The Fearless Photog: B-
He brought very little to the table, but it was completing a 1980s promise. His gun is cool but there's not much to say about him. There's more questions than answers with him.

Draego-Man: A-
Mattel couldn't cost out Draego-Man so he came out incomplete. Luckily the Weapons pack came to our help...($22 + $18 = $40 to complete Draego... Not cool Mattel) The figure is pretty cool and posing him flying with his flaming weapons makes him look supremely badass. (A second head with his mouth open and spewing flames would have been MEGA Awesome)

Spector: C
The Mary Sue who raids Deadpool's Closet is not a bad figure. (There's lots of ways he could have been made better.) It's just that him being Neitlich's avatar with the godly power of Time Travel hurts the character a lot. Then losing the awesome Whip was a huge sin.

Sir Laser-Lot: C-
I have issues with Specky Wecky, but Sir Loser Lot, I LOATHE... The Design is uninspired. Had he been made in 2014 then we could have had enough parts to make him look better. He kinda looks like Medieval Superman, sponsored by CITGO.

Cy-Chop: D-
For a MOTU Character he fails. For a Microman Character, he works. If he was a giant, then MAYBE he could have worked... He looks very Japanese Kaiju-like.

Castle Grayskullman: B+
King Grayskull's Spirit inhabiting a Golem made out of the Castle with nods to the Castle may not be for Everyone, but his accessories are pretty dang cool. One place where I think that the Horsemen and Mattel missed an opportunity was casting the head and hair in translucent plastic to create a Light Piping effect (as seen on Transformers toys or 200X Tri-Klops) So his eyes and mouth would glow when hit by light.

Well, it looks like I'm all caught up with looking back at MOTUC (yes 2014 will have to wait until I get the remaining figures)