Nov 3, 2014

Mattel chasing after Thundercats: Good idea or Bad idea?

Bandai lost the license to make Thundercats toys. Scott Neitlich left Mattel and MOTU Classics will end in 2015. Fans have been talking about Mattel going after the Thundercats license and make a MOTUC styled line out of Thundercats (preferably COMPATIBLE with MOTUC. including sharing parts, I suppose.) to fill the vacuum that MOTUC will leave.The question is: Is it worth it for Mattel?

Mattel already has a Decent Parts Library in MOTUC that they could partially reuse for Thundercats.
Not to mention that Thundrecats sculpted by the fourhorsemen sounds so awesome!!

Looking at Lion-O
Normal MOTUC buck since the 80s Thundercats are not FURRY like the 201X ones.
the Skeletor shins and Keldor feet make the Boots.
Oo-Larr forearms help complete the look for him.
The only new pieces would be: Hands, head, "Loincloth piece" and Torso Armor (non-removable Half-Armor piece like on He-Ro or Normal Hordak . Combined with a painted ab piece to have the Ab window of 80s Lion-O completes his look) Then the Claw and Sword of Omens (Dagger and Sword Mode).

Cheetara is just a head, dress, shins  and hands, since most of the other pieces are from the Basic MOTUC Female buck. The staff would be new. If Mattel plays it smart an end of the staff could pop off from the main staff to simulate Cheetara's staff in small mode.

Panthro is a head, Armor, Loincloth and shins. The rest is the Normal buck, the Thundercat hands (from Lion-O), the Icer Feet. Demo-Man forearms and spiked bracers. Boom! Panthro. Nunchucks are obviously new.

Tygra is the basic buck, new Torso armor, Loincloth, Left Shoulder, forearms, shins and feet. (Bola Whip is new, duh!) Or if Mattel is feeling Ultra cheap then they could sculpt the bands as separate pieces and glue them in position.

Bengali (as much as I hate him) is just a new Head, New Torso Armor and Hammer. He's mostly made by reusing the normal shoulders and everything else from Tygra.

Heck Even Mumm-Ra could reuse some basic parts like shoulders, biceps, forearms, abs,thighs and shins from the MOTUC parts bank.

So, looking at this, I guess I COULD make a list of what a Theoretical Club Third Earth could look like.

I'll go with 12 Figures, 1 SDCC Item, 1 Sub Exclusive. and 3 Large items. Why Three? Dividing the year in Threes and a nod to THIRD Earth.

-12 Monthlies: (not in order)

-Sub Exclusive: Jaga

-Third Items:
Slithe vs Snarf: This set is 100% New Tooling, but most of the T-Cats don't need much tooling so theoretically it can be balanced out. I added Snarf as an extra accessory/character because it was the only slot I could think of.

Thunderkittens: they are smaller, but are heavy in new Tooling Unless since they are children, Mattel cheats and reuses parts for both of them. (Like Unisex buck, but the "Overlays" on the Torso make the Thunderkittens look different from each other.) They should have their boards instead of weapons since the Capsules at that scale would be a choking hazard or something.

Luna and Amok: These two are here since Amok would be a Large Scale Character (who'd need a lot of Tooling) and Luna is a glorified accessory.

-SDCC Item: Mumm-Ra 2 pack (Both depowered and Ever-Living forms) with Plastic Sarcophagus and cardboard Diorama based on this:
No ASOE statues because Too expensive and stuff. Just enough. While not shown here, the Skull where the Sarcophagus is locates could also be Cardboard.
It's no Grayskull, or in this case Cat's Lair Playset; but it's enough to satiate the adult collector.

If Mattel wants to throw In a Chase Item:
Mirror Lion-O with Ma-Mutt (The only new sculpt is obviously Ma-Mutt)

Sure there's a lot of characters left (I had to cull some Berserkers from my list as well as Hachiman, Grune,Willa, Snowman, Obvious reuse from Battlecat's buck: Snowmeow and Ratar-O.)

Yes, I blew through the Thundercats BECAUSE I don't see a Thundercats line sustaining itself for as long as MOTUC did. Sadly, this will leave some Lunataks out, but I did try to fit 21 characters (and a Mumm-Ra variant) in here and try to complete core teams.
ALL Thundercats (Including lameass Bengali)
All Core Mutants
BOTH main Mumm-Ra forms.
MOST of the Lunataks. (It was get Luna or Tug-Mug. No point in having the Lunataks without their leader. Then again, Luna without Amok is like having Snarf Without Lion-O)

My Original plan involved NOT having the Lunataks and have Mumm-Ra as a Large Scale Item, Jaga would not have been the exclusive, because I'd have this for SDCC:

Of course, the moment I got these pics I realized: Mattel would shoot this idea faster than I could say Thundercats! Hoooo!

Now, the problem with Thundercats is that MANY, MANY Characters would require a LOT of new Tooling. Berserkers, Hachiman, etc. would need a lot of tooling and are not necessarily THE MOST wanted T-Cats characters. Sure it would be cool to have Mandora, Hachiman, Hammerhand, etc. but most people won't bother past the 6 Thundercats, Snarf, Mumm-Ra and Maybe the 4 main mutants. Anything past that is pushing it. The problem is that Bandai was UNABLE to make a full set of Thundercats. The lines flopped ridiculously and to the bean counters that's a bad sign. Doesn't matter wheter Bandai screwed shipping or if Cartoon Network's bad planning made the toon's ratings plummet. What the bean counters see is failure and that's enough to avoid this franchise like the plague. Unlike MOTU, Thundercats would be a licensed property and would have to answer to a Third company. An even bigger uphill battle, so as much as it pains me, chasing after the Thundercats franchise is a bad idea at the moment.

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