May 31, 2013

Mattel is ripping off Mattel now...

And what's with the High School + X Formula fetish that they are overusing now?
OK so Monster high was cool... I like it... Now they have EVER AFTER HIGH... Take Monster High, Eliminate the Monsters and add Fairy Tale-esque characters...

I hope that the Father of the daughter of Little Red Riding Hood is not who I think it is, otherwise Mattel is promoting Zoophilia indirectly...  Then again these two toylines seem like an Ephebophile's Paradise...

Seriously, this High School + X  fetish has to stop! What's next: Eternia + High School (OK that is pretty much He-Ro Son of He-Man)

But at least this time Mattel did not rip-off Hasbro, but Hasbro is ripping off Mattel... what? A whole rant on Mattel's freaky High School Girl fetish without me mentioning My Little High School Girl: Fetish is Magic is

Now on the business side of things, If Mattel tries to oversaturate the market... They're going to screw themselves over... and Mattel has a LOT of experience on shooting themselves on the foot... (2002 Batman, Harry Potter and 200X He-Man come to mind)

May 30, 2013

Angry Birds Crackers? So it's OK to throw food at people now?

I am baffled at the notion of combining Food with Angry Birds. OK, I kinda get the appeal... Making food out of something popular... TMNT Cereal, Mr.T Cereal, the infamous Smurf Cereal with magical poop coloring, or X-Men pasta... I get it... It's just that Angry Birds and food doesn't seem like a great idea... Then again, John Cena promoting Fruity Pebbles isn't a great idea either, but it happened.

So, the guilty party of this abomination is Nabisco... Makers of Oreo... Mmmmm! Oreo!

Apparently they're just Honey Maid Graham Crackers in the shapes of the birds and the pigs...
They taste like slightly blander Teddy Grahams of the Honey variety. Their bland taste is not my issue...
If you've played angry birds, and read the title of my rant, you'll guess where I'm going...

No, I'm not going to play with my crackers... Tempted to but, no! Also, Pelting these at people is no fun... Reminds me of the Adventures of the Teddy Grahams... Yeah, I played with those crackers trying to escape the Evil Monster that tossed them to the milkpool and ate them... Or When I got 2 different flavors I had Teddy Graham wars where some of them were amputees and were again escaping the Evil Monster and his Milkpool of DOOM!

I know I'm making a mountain out of a molehill here, but I find it weird using a franchise that is known only for throwing itself at everything... and it's premise is throwing the birds at everything in sight. The Keebler Scooby Snacks were a bit more creative... In any case, this is more for AB fans who love crackers... (Read: Small children) but I fell for them... CURSE YOU ANGRY BIRDS!!!

May 29, 2013

Yabba Dabba Don't!!

WWE crossing over with The Flintstones!? Damn you Post cereal!! You are to blame for this!! It's times like this that I wish that Seth MacFarlane's Flintstones Reboot had been made...

Apparently we're going to see the Bedrock version of the WWE Universe... And it looks like the Lame-ass PG, borderline G Era of the WWE is going to be here for a LONG LONG TIME!!

BTW, there is a Scooby Doo Crossover coming before this Abomination against man or Dinosaur! Letting Y'all know cause this is a really WTF crossover... Sadly, that's what makes it interesting. A WWE Meets the Jetsons would never work as well as a WWE Meets the Flintstones... Wait! I hope that Vince McMahon IS the ghost on the Scooby Doo crossover! Just to hear him doing the "Meddling Kids!" thing...

Meanwhile at Didney Worl... New passes that work using RF... in armband form... Also you can link a credit card to it so you can buy without cash...
I see the positives, but it's the negatives what scare me...

Speaking of scary stuff and Didney Worl! Some dude entered the parks with a gun AND he lost it on a ride!! Um, if you manage to drop your loaded gun and not notice, you shouldn't be carrying one in the first place! Guns and Disney... There's only one thing I can think of...

May 28, 2013

Why is the universe against me reading!!

Seriously!! I've been feeling like crap these last few days. Got a cold and my nose gets stuffy at times and makes me sound whiny... Kinda like Ray Romano, a bit more high-pitched... but just as whiny...

(I've been saving this for a rainy day... like today!)
OK, so I sound whiny, and it's been raining. Ate some Chicken soup, got a fleece blanket... (Snuggies are for douchebags!!) grabbed A Game of Thrones and began to read... Until the power went out. Due to the awful weather I didn't have a decent amount of natural light to read without straining my eyes. The power comes back a few hours later. The Cold Medicine kicks in and makes me sleepy. Slept for a few hours and now I have no idea where I placed the book!! Now that I have Power AND a well lit room perfect for reading... and I'm not sleepy... UGH!!!

Problem is that once I start a Book I can't read any others until I finish that one... (When I'm reading for my own pleasure.) I'm sure that it'll appear when I'm not looking for it...

Meanwhile The Fighting Foe Men shall arrive around Friday... yay! (the next It Came from the Toy Chest shall be written unless I get my normal voice back!)

Now, unto the book... I was ALMOST done with the first book... I'll be honest, it's been a bit of a drag to read, but I LIKE The story... Not sure if starting with the HBO Adaptation before reading the book was a good idea. Now I NEED to finish the book cause, as Lord Stark said: Winter is coming...
(It's almost summer and it doesn't feel like Summer is coming...) In any case I leave you with Ponies (they return in Winter... Ned Stark knows Ponies are coming)

Please do not post spoilers, cause I've still need to read 4 more books!

May 27, 2013

Princess Twilight Sparkle DVD Special

I FINALLY was able to buy a My Little Pony DVD Set... (No seasons 1 or 2...) and It's Princess Twilight Sparkle Special... which pretty much spoils everything with the cover.
Seriously? Spoiling the Series  Season 3 Finale
with the Cover... UGH! UGH!!!
OK, so the Menu Screen has the same images from the cover art reused. The set has 6 Episodes a Sing A Long  (a True True Friend...) The three Ponies (Cadance, Celestia and Princess Sparkle are on the different screens.

The Coloring Sheet is a PDF file that must be accessed from the DVD ROM and printed.

If this is a Twilight Sparkle-centric DVD, shouldn't she be in all screens?

The infamous coloring page... colored by yours truly.
The Episodes included are:
-Games Ponies Play (Basically, what happened with everypony else while Spike was on his Just for Sidekicks Episode... that part of me wishes was included in this set)
-Magical Mystery Cure (Which should have been the last episode in the set, not the second... For Obvious reasons)
-Mmmystery on the Friendship Express (Which is more of a Pinkie Pie-Centric Episode.)
-Magic Duel
-Lesson Zero

Aside Mmmystery on the Friendship Express, all the other episodes involve Twilight in a main role. I wish we could've gotten  an additional Twilight Sparkle episode... Look before you sleep, Luna Eclipsed, Dragon Quest, Bridle Gossip... Most of the episodes are Twilight-Centric, which is what the set is implying to have. I'm not rating each episode because I'd spoil the heck out of them and it would require me to watch two Episodes I don't like... (Games Ponies Play and Magical Mystery Cure)

It's a nice set! A bit bare bones since the Magical Mystery Cure is not as epic as the Crystal Empire or the Royal Wedding! I suppose that this is meant to hold little girls (and bronies) until... IT Happens...
I'd say a 6 out of 10 mostly because this is not a set to try and get friends into My Little Pony.

May 25, 2013

We Totally need a new Silverhawks Toyline/Cartoon.

Think About it... Silverhawks toys with today's Articulation and sculpting... (and hopefully no Vac Metal)

Like I said, Picture these with Modern articulation and Sculpt. I'm thinking along the lines of the Adult Collector here:
-Interchangeable Faceplates: Normal Face or Flight Mask... (Except on Bluegrass...)
-For the Wings they'd clip on at the wrist, attach to the Tricep via a peg (When not using the wings the peg is covered with a plate molded to look like the normal tricep. It would attach to the side of the Torso and the thigh using the Peg holes hidden by plates on the thigh and side of the torso as well as the tricep.)
I'm using a MOTUC body as a reference to the idea.

Yes, I know that Limits the Articulation when using the wings, but permanently attached collapsible wings could ruin the poseability of the figure...
Don't get me started on Cloth... Just look at Used Silverhawks toys to see what I mean.
I did NOT Forget the Lasers... the shoulder should have a little hole so the blasts can be plugged in.
Last but not least Interchangeable hands: 3 pairs: 2 closed fist hands (When firing lasers or something) 2 flat open hands (Judo chop hands for the Fliying pose) 2 Open hands for the lowering of their facemask pose. (or for Steelheart to put on her hips.)

Bluegrass is a different thing.
-No wings so no plate issues, or lasers. Just his hat, Bandanna and Hot Licks... with a plug in Musical Blast... I'd toss in a Tally Hawk at Rest as an Extra for getting Blue Grass.

The Mob would be a whole different beast to tackle... 2 Mon*Starr cause one for the furry weaker form and the second one would be the "Ever Living" version of him...

I'd also like to see a new cartoon of Silverhawks... but not on Cartoon Network... I wonder what would they do to Stargeezer... I mean Stargazer!

May 24, 2013

Team Bow or Team Sea Hawk: Choose wisely, O Princess of Power.

This is pretty much the Team Edward vs Team Jacob of the 80s.
On one hand we have the Hyper Heterosexual Archer Who is a big doofus and very useless in combat.
On the other we have a Pirate who is almost as useless as the Archer, but is believed to be very badass.
I'm talking about Friendzoned Bow (Like Jacob minus the Furry Pedophilia) and Sea Hawk (Like Edward minus the Sparkly and undead thing)

Mattel made Bow as the Ken for She-Ra's Barbie. Filmation made Sea Hawk cause they needed a potent male (and they already made a doofus out of Bow, so that's out.) He's basically the PoP Blaine... long before there WAS a Blaine.

Both of them are in an unflattering position on purpose.

Many of the Fans side with Sea Hawk as Adora's "True Love", but there are a few who side with Bow... THE question is Who's better for Adora/She-Ra?

This time instead of ME choosing one side I'm going to let my readers explain to me WHO Do they think is the better Match for Adora.

(I shall post my thoughts in a few days... There is something Else I need to do with this topic before posting my thoughts.)

May 23, 2013

Fast Food Gimmicks!

I FREAKING LOVE the McRib!! The gimmicky Rib McSandwich that strikes hard and fades away... That is nothing compared to the weirdest thing I ate today... FRIED CHICKEN with coleslaw fries AT BURGER KING!!

It's insane! It's a GIMMICK!! And, I hate it! Now, don't get me wrong... The Chicken was pretty good! They had no coleslaw, but the combo was supposed to come with slaw... but the thing about eating FRIED Chicken at Burger King IS a bit Disturbing... Not chicken tenders, chicken fries or chicken in a wrap... I mean Actual Pieces of Chicken (thigh, wings, breast) covered in a crispy batter.
If I want Fried Chicken I go to the place foremerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken...(now KFC) If I want Burgers I go to BURGER King... I don't go to TACO Bell for Pizza... (aside the Pizza Hut shoved in a Taco Bell hybrid places.)

I know that they still sell burgers, but It's WEIRD!! I mean, it's a cash grab for the KFC customers to come to BK and eat Fried Chicken at BK... It's just that it's TOO Gimmicky for my tastes. I'm giving them involuntary publicity right now, so their gimmick is kinda working. Personally I'd rather have the food speak for itself. (Great taste, reasonable prices... that kind of thing.) Maybe have some sensible "gimmicks" Like a "Something Out there" Burger for Burger King or McD. Or Hellfire chicken (superspicy) for KFC... I don't want to see KFC doing burgers cause, it feels wrong... a "Stuffed" chicken sandwich would be OK for KFC, but a BEEF Burger... nuh-uh!

OK, my biggest fear is that all chains start mimicking the menu of everyone else and lose what makes EACH PLACE Special...

Then again, 3D Printers may spell DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! for fast food places...

My local Blockbuster Video is closing down... I know that video rental places are dying due to netflix and the Gaming industry trying to screw the "used game" market... But the folks at Brasil figured out a way to have sneaky ads on their rental DVDs!! By sneaky I mean that they make the disc give you a hint that you should get Pizza from Domino's! That hint is the disc smelling like Pizza after the movie is done and some thermal ink that changes from the disc's cover to a Pizza pie after watching the movie and ejecting the disc! Dude, that's freaking clever and at the same time, not going to help folks who're on a diet! Now THIS is a cool Gimmick!

May 22, 2013

Odds and ends 5/22/2013

My provider finally added BBC America to their line-up... Finally I can watch Doctor Who!! And Marathons of Star Trek: the Next Generation... Why am I watching Star Trek: the Next Generation? I thought that the whole point of a BBC channel was to watch British shows! Then again, the only British show I currently watch IS Doctor Who!!

OK Bieber, it's things like these that make people not take you seriously... The whole Chummy Wummy thing with a woman-beater makes people think less of you! I'm starting to feel really bad about Selena Gomez...

Xbox one was finally announced and I'm unimpressed. Zero, Zilch, Nada on backwards compatibility... Most games seem to be sports game and the focus seems to be making the Xbox the central hub for your TV. Voice and kinnect commands for using the TV... Meh... The possibility that the console would require an internet connection MOST of the time (even for single player games) is a HUGE Turn-off for me... Seems that this "next generation" is one that I'm very likely not going to be a part of...

3D Printing a Pizza!? I guess it's time for Michelangelo quote Jean Luc Picard and say:

(I had to wrap up that ST TNG mention up there)

May 20, 2013

Odds and ends 20th of May 2013

Seriously? You want to be taken seriously? you ARE a JOKE!! Of course I'm talking about Gropey, the  Irresponsible former Monkey Owner. Justin Bieber was booed at the Billboard Awards and he was "forced" to defend himself... He did the usual, mention his age, indirectly mentioning his monetary value as signs that he is "doing good" that he's the real deal and that he should be taken seriously cause he's an artist.

I'm sorry, but if Bieber wants people to take him seriously; he needs to stop acting like a douchenozzle!
The Mally saga portrays him as an irresponsible and neglectful animal owner. How can someone demand respect when he treats his own pet as a disposable item!?

The Anne Frank Guestbook issue portrays him as a self-centered egomaniac who lacks respect to everything. If he wants to be taken seriously, then he should behave like a respectable human being.
Acting like an asshat does not earn you respect.

Comic book "artist" goes to Kickstarter to get his comic funded. What Artist? The one who hates drawing feet, makes weird-ass double barreled guns that hover strangely over closed fists. The one who draws women with torpedo tits and they all seem to suffer from Spina Bifida. The man who puts pouches on pouches and men with Ginormous codpieces hidden within their tights... His shading technique is legendary... I'm talking aboutXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEM! douchenozzle Rob Leifeld!!
The worst part is that people already have donated $10,000.00+ for this to happen! OK I'm not a fan of his, but what bugs me is that he is well known for being mediocre AND pretending to be the holy grail of comics with a douche-like attitude.

Weed eating pigs are tasty? Apparently, if you feed your hog with the wacky tobacky it gives the pig the munchies... Which makes them eat more, therefore fatter and tastier... Am I the only one who wants to see a Stoner Pigs movie... like Gordy or Babe/Pineapple Express mash-up?

DC Comics knows how to make my wallet hurt... They are REALLY tempting me with a set of statues...

of the SBFFs!! (way better than Teen Titans go!)

May 18, 2013

Action Figure Woes: Calling it Quits!!

Wait!! I'm not quitting MOTUC, yet!! This is just a rant on "I'z Kwitten teh lien!" Looking back at other lines that I've made my best Cartman impression.

First on my list is SOTA's Street Fighter line! This one was rather easy to quit because Product became increasingly hard to get without relying on resellers and Scalpers. Not to mention that I NEVER found a Ryu...

Speaking of Street Fighter, NECA's Street Fighter IV line was easy to quit too, cause C. Viper was keeping the shelves warm. I lucked out on the variant colors Ryu and Ken...

Now that I'm on NECA, I must mention their awesome Eastman and Laird TMNT Line... Sculpted by the Four Horsemen... Easy to quit cause of NECA's Curse of Wave 2... Which was pretty much the same thing that happened to SFIV (except that they DID wave 2 and an extra repaint of waves 1 and 2... Never found a Guile) So back to TMNT, The Curse of Wave 2 happened and Wave 2 never happened... SDCC April was a bit out of my price range.

Still on TMNT, I've quit the 2012 line. I like the figures... well, the Turtles... I just can't get behind the 80s articulation on all the non-turtle characters. I'm waiting for the Shredder with more Articulation and  that's it... Maybe get the TMNT: Classics if they show up on my neck of the woods (or at least RockSteady and Bebop!)

Marvel Legends: That was the last "Big Line" that I quit. The reasons are a combo of Hasbro making Exclusive waves to certain Retailers not in my neck of the woods, Exclusive waves to certain Retailers that ARE in my neck of the woods, but the retailers never stocked their exclusives! Not to mention that Marvel was hellbent on making me quit EVERYTHING Marvel... (which they did with the entire Joe Quesada ruining Spider-Man)

Ghostbusters: I only got the 4 busters from the TRU exclusive, but I couldn't hit the trigger and buy the figures from Matty... (Mattel made the sub-par GB toys far too expensive.)

DCUC: I'm not a HUGE DC fan... I really wanted to get: Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin, Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Lex Luthor, Cheetah, The Wonder Twins (with Gleek)...
Lack of Availability, Piss Poor QC, Ridiculous high prices made me NOT support the line. The idea of Getting a repainted MOTUC Figure wasn't appealing enough for me to get Aquaman and Hawkman... who I KINDA needed... Then again, the notion of having to get MORE Hal Jordans just to get figures that I wanted turned me off from buying Multi-packs. I'm not even going to touch the Mattycollector DC line!

Hannah Montana: I got late into the game so I missed out on the Oliver Doll.

Twilight Barbie-styled: Sadly I missed out on Alice and I really don't want to buy variants. I have not seen the Jasper and Rosalie dolls. (TBH I only wanted Edward, Bella and Jacob)

Transformers... I got the ones I wanted... Except Arcee... but I can live without her!

In the end, "kwittin teh lien" is not easy... Except when the toy companies make it easier to quit. Right now Mattel has had me on the verge of quitting MOTUC a few times already. The whole Spirit of Hordak thing... (while I got one coming my way, it still left me a bad aftertaste.) and the incredibly awful DC Comics, I'm starting to feel like I felt circa late 2008 early 2009 when I quit ML... Let's see if they can make an enticing 2014!

May 17, 2013

It Came from the Toy Chest: Perseus is going to get you Edition!

As seen on a previous rant, I have a Snake Face... Normally I'd do a Video Review, but I wanna do a written one cause I don't want to lose my edge!

First I must point out that My Snake Face got a visit by Captain Paintbrush. Painting fangs and eyes on the little red snakes, cause they looked weird unpainted.

So what can I say about him? He is pretty much a male gorgon-like character with obvious nods to Medusa. (Including the Stoned Gaze) and the bunch of snakes on his head. Reminds me a bit of Ray Harryhausen's Medusa from Clash of the Titans... (the good one, not the crappy remake)

 He is a Snakeman, so, he joins King Hsssss and Rattlor on the Snake Men team (Don't forget Bert, Ernie, Snake Man-at-Arms and Kobra Khan... we're only Missing Ssssqueeeezzze and Tung-Lashor)

So enough of that and let's hit the in depth look! As always 5 is good and 1 is bad!

Mr. snake Face has the Standard MOTU Classics Articulation. No Special Hinges on the wrist like Bow or Leech. His Ab Crunch is slightly limited due to his armor. Bicep Swivel is limited due to the Fins on his deltoids. the Snakes on his forearms do NOT block any Articulation!


Paint and Sculpt:

I must say that the Little Snakes were not painted in the Mattel Figure. I shall not dock any points from that. My complaints on the paint is a huge glob of black paint on the side of his face on the Snakeless head. The paintjob on the forearm snakes is a bit sloppy.
The sculpt is cool from the waist up! As you can see it takes a lot of cues from the Vintage toy... Then again, Classics style tends to be mostly Vintage inspired, blah blah blah! But on Snake Face, I kinda wish we had gotten some Staction Influence (Namely the Whiplash legs to continue the finned limbs theme) and the Hordak feet... (Cause the Skeletor duck-feet have been a tad overused...)

Now the heads are basically the same head, but the only variation is the snakes popping out of the head vs no snakes. Well, the snakeless head has a green snake Mullet on the back of it. The snaked head has no mullet.

The Armor... I'll be honest: I'm not a fan of how Snake Face's action Feature was tackled. In the vintage line, the Flaps on the armor were on a hinge and the snakes popped above the flaps. On classics  you take off the flaps and insert the snakes (Like BA He-Man's plates)

You can't have both the snakes and the flaps. So, it kinda looks like he has some weird hip tassels. (and yes I wanted to pop them in the chest so I could make a Boobie Tassel joke. (Link might be NSFW)

Now, with the paint issues I have to give him a 3.5 otherwise he would have scored higher. While I'm not counting the unpainted little red snakes here, having them painted would have helped bump up the score with him!

King Hssssss' staff in Dark Green and Metallic Green and Snake Face's shield.
I hate his WEAPONS. The Extra head and the poppable chest snakes are OK.
I hate the staff because it's like giving all of Skeletor's warriors a repainted Havoc Staff.
The shield is Puny. I blame the Staction shield for being so awesome...

Due to the Poppable snakes and Extra head I have to give him a 5.0


Snake Face gets a 4.0 but I'm not impressed with the figure. He's cool from the waist up, but lame from the waist down. He has a lot of accessories, but most of them are for Alternate looks. The staff while traditional, it's a bit meh! (Perhaps we could get a 200X Rattlor staff repainted for other characters) The shield is Puny... Probably will use in my fan continuity as a discus instead of a shield. He petrifies and then breaks the statues with the Discus.

May 16, 2013

Baking stores can supply Diorama pieces...

Yes, them Cake Decorations can be reused as diorama pieces. I've rambled a lot about action figure displays and dioramas.

First Item on the list is the rather obvious and popular Cake Pillars. They come in different sizes and they can be easily painted to fit your needs. The taller Pillars as you can see are taller than a MOTUC Figure (about 10 inches or 25 cm) They're not taller than the old school Joes (the 12 inch joes or barbies) but they work for most action figures. The green one is one I painted to use as an orb holder for King Grayskull's magical energy orb (long before Temple of Darkness Sorceress came to be). The pillar used to be white, but now is green with a metallic black wash... to give it a Castle Grayskull inspired vibe. The taller Pillars may become part of another Grayskull Inspired Diorama or an Eternos Palace Inspired Diorama... Still not sure. They cost about $5.

railings... Chain not included
 I also got some railings. Yeah, they seem to be better suited for 3.75" figures (Joe vs Cobra, Marvel Universe, Star Wars) but they can be used with larger figures as smaller railings (as seen with some shorter rails that people CAN jump over but should not.) You just need to look at what you can use AS is and what you can work with to make something cool... But be realistic about your skill level. Don't expect to make something look like it came from the Four Horsemen if you never sculpted before.

 The following displays have been made with stuff found lying around and some pre-made stuff  like "gems" from arts and craft stores, Wands for Princess or Fairy themed Birthdays, Repainted Incense burners, Christmas decorations and junk... It's not really to showcase my abilities as a diorama maker cause I'm a beginner. It's to show that a little stuff can improve displays. Now this is going from just using pre-made stuff to MAKING Stuff... don't worry it'll make sense in the end...

Dragon Grotto diorama

The first one is my Dragon Grotto which was intended to be a Diorama for Draego-Man. (It made an appearance in one or 2 It Came from the Toy Chest) Sadly, I enjoy having Draego in my main display that this one has become my Horde Place holder Diorama Until I finish the Slime Pit part of my Fright Zone display... Last attempt at a Slime Pit broke because of Structural issues on the Dino pieces and back wall.

This was made with Foam Boards, a Dragon shaped Incense Burner (repainted gold) and a few "Gemstones" glued together to form crystals.

Light Hope really works! Action Features!!

This one was a bit more complicated... This is my Light Hope... It involved making a diorama around a touch light. A Piece of Styrofoam and a foamboard make the "area surrounding Light Hope. Everything else is foamboards with gems glued randomly after painting the display with glittery paints. to get that shimmery Girly vibe to Light Hope. I added a Wand to both walls to use as "pillars" that look "girly". The hardest part was disassembling the Touch light and "customizing it" to make everything fit snugly inside Light Hope. (changing the reflective material inside so it could "glow" in a pinkish hue. Lots of trial and error here.)

Best part of this Christmas Special, no annoying Children or Dildocopters!

Now this one is my oldest diorama, which has been used on some It Came from the Toy Chest. This was basically 3 foamboards taped together after scoring the rock pattern (I spent one whole afternoon on that) and painted. The Christmas stuff were 2 trees that light up that I saw on Wal Mart. The couch is custom made out of Styrofoam and Paper Towels (originally made for my NECA TMNT) the garlands are just metallic chenille stems. The door is foamboard surrounded by Crayola Model Magic.

Fright Zone... Bit more than I could chew!

The last one is A Fright Zone... Like the caption says I bit more than I could Chew.
The Wall with the Torches is actually a block of Styrofoam from a Washer Machine The rest is a combination of Foam Boars, Styrofoam and Balsa Wood. Some odds and ends are caps from air freshner oil bottles, the plastic bits that held Battle Cat and Panthor together. Some coat hangers taped together (More like taped the tips and then I kinda made most of the body with tape.and covered in hot glue to make the Tree. Lots of paper Towels and toilet Paper to make a sort of Papier Mache thing. Everything was covered in liquid plastic (after the paper dried up to stop the solvents from the liquid plastic eating the foam...)  Incomplete since the Slime Pit half got busted and I have to rebuild it. (I have the technology...)

Now what does this have to do with Pre-made stuff that I can find on stores that sell baking supplies?
Simple! 3 10" Columns (Like the ones shown above), 2 Foam Boards, some Aquarium plants, a lot of red and pink paints, some glue and you can make your very own Eternos Palace Courtyard corner diorama. It will not be 100% Cartoon accurate, but easy enough for a beginner to make.

Cut two 10" high pieces out of foam board. They will be the walls. Remember to use a straight blade and a ruler to make the cuts. Cover the edges with Masking tape. Glue Column to one end of one wall. Do the same thing to the other wall. You complete the corner by cluing the last column to both walls and making it a corner piece. The Aquarium plants are a nice premade substitute to the alien looking Eternian plants... (you may have to repaint the aquarium plants. Remember that repainting them makes them unsuitable to be used on an Aquarium.)
With the Corner already made cut the third piece to make a floor for the diorama. Paint the walls and floor in the reddish-kinda pinkish colors of the Eternos Palace Courtyard. Let it dry (48 hours is a best guess.)  If you have a paint sealer, now is the time to apply it. Let it dry for a day beyond what the instructions say, just to be sure. Put the plants near the wall (glue to the floor if needed) and there you have an Eternos Palace Courtyard made without any sculpting required. Just a little basic painting.

That's just one Idea and something rather simple. Now I'm tempted to check Aquarium plants to do this myself... The point is, while companies are playing the "logistics" game and not getting us playsets or diorama pieces; we CAN get these if we think Outside the box or inside the Chimney...

*ahem!* as I was saying. Look for stuff that Can Be useful and may not require anything too far beyond your skill level at "arts and crafting"...

custom sculpt for a custom Grayskull shell made by ZombihammaAI
When you reach the level that you can make your own Castle Grayskull and make Mattel's castle look puny, Congraturatyion you have reached the HOLY CRAP! Level!!

But if you haven't reached that level yet, you can cheat a little bit and get the rough shape of the castle with pre-made stuff... Now this would require some sculpting skills.
PVC Pipes can work as towers. A Hard Plastic Skull Mask can help you get most of the skull shape out of the way. Bigger canine teeth would have to be sculpted though.

The thing is that if you can get certain items and find ways to work with them (either as is with just a repaint or sculpting on top of it) you CAN make cool backdrops to spice up your displays if the company making the toys won't do any dioramas.

May 15, 2013

Holy crap! The Mouse backed away from "sexy Merida"!

Apparently they quietly removed the revamped Merida and that's kinda awesome!
I just can't believe that Disney actually bowed to Public pressure. I'll be honest, I didn't think this would happen. I'm glad that the Tweaking of Merida has been delayed... (Oh they're going to try again, but in a more subtle way...)

Bieber news time!! He gave up on the Monkey... Now Mally can be free in a German Zoo...

Seems like Kimmel wasn't much help... Then again, the Monkey is better without Bieber TBH.

Guess who was on Today's Toy Hunter?
I'll give you a hint... He wrote the story for the MOTUC Mini Comics... Give up? The Creator of the Purpool! (and the one who thinks that Spirit of Hordak's release is fun! Cause everyone loves the hunt!) Scott Toyguru Neitlich himself... I hope he had a Spector in his pocket!

May 14, 2013

Happy Birthday George Lucas!!

Even if I hate 1/2 of your movies... (Especially those last 2.5 Star Wars movies and the excessive tampering of the Original Trilogy) I must wish you a Happy Birthday, since Star Wars WAS a part of my Childhood... which now is property of Da Mouse!

ou've got a Friend in ABC... Cause they're doing a Toy Story "Halloween-esque" Special... coming this October.

Normally I don't do the Petition thing, but Disney is tampering with Merida's design, making her more "Girly" and more "attractive"... the complete opposite of what she stands for.

If you liked Brave and Merida as she was in the movie, please sign the petition and stop Disney from "tweaking" Merida to fit the nmormal Disney Princess mold. 

I understand that Merida is THEIR character and they can do whatever they want with her. Just because they CAN doesn't mean they SHOULD!

Kool-Aid-Hordak came in and went out in 3 minutes... not to mention that Mattel started the sale 15 minutes late. Not to mention that many subscribers were locked out of Early access due to some glitch in the system that made it seem like they had an invalid email address.

Spirit of Hordak is still confusing me.

Yes, I'm going on Part 3 of the Spirit of Hordak Rant... No he hasn't come back yet. His appearance still perplexes me.

I've already mentioned that his appearance goes against the whole "Subscribers are the lifeblood of the line" and Mattel "Reducing Day of Sale Stock" stuff... I've already rambled about how going Sub Only can be pretty bad, in the long run.

Here we have Neitlich trying to justify the sub-only model... But here's the thing: Spirit of Hordak is an obvious attempt to get site hits, like the Two-a-day SDCC Reveals. Isn't this confusing?

Day of Sale customers bring hits to the site Monthly, but Mattel wants to reduce Day of Sales to the point of going Sub-Only.

Now Reducing the Day of Sales to the point of making them non-existent... (as seen with the "sub-Lite" campaign) makes the site get LESS HITS... Hence these "stunts". I'm sure they started it with MOTU Classics since it's Matty's best seller line. I wouldn't be surprised if DC Universe gets a surprise repaint as a "stealth sale" item.

I get it, the subs make it easier for Mattel and reduces a lot of the guesswork on how many figures should they make. At the same time I'm not ignoring the fact that their Website needs a certain number of hits monthly.

Again, this has to do with Kool-Aid-Hordak cause he's a simple gimmick.
-Easy to make.
-Generates Free Publicity (Bad Publicity is still Publicity seems to be Mattel's Mantra).
-Generates site hits for people in the "want him need him frenzy".

The only problem with this Gimmick is that it disappoints customers who missed out.
A little heads up would have gotten the same amount of hits and less angry customers, whose rage is justified.

Just because NEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRD RRRRRRAAAAAAAAGEEEE!! Can be used as a source for Free Publicity, does not mean it should be used ALL THE TIME!!

Sometimes Good Publicity can do wonders!!

There's lots of ways to gather those hits, problem is that Mattel doesn't seem to want to do anything that requires any effort on their part. 

Seriously, an e-mail with a heads up was the simplest thing ever. There's also dropping hints on the site mentioning the Year of the Horde. (In Reference to Mantenna, Octavia and The Fighting Foe Men being all Horde) Heck even a webcomic using the MOTUC Figures talking about Hordak's plan to invade Earth. The Final Comic would be the Spirit of Hordak being revealed with him stating a challenge to all Earthlings to face him on Mattycollector in the date of the Figure's release. After the Sale is over and we "held off" the Horde Invaders, Mattel could have Hordak swearing revenge on us and that "he'll try back soon enough because Earth will be his!" or some other "you will rue the day" speech!

But the "stealth sale" is what they chose... Can't get the hits if we don't know the item is on sale... Sure they're getting a couple of hits now, but there's been a bunch of people who are choosing going to the Scalpers ($100+ per Hordak) instead of playing Matty's Game... That's money that Mattel is not getting...

Mattel's reps often mention that they cannot cater to all of their customers buying habits... Well, they can't have it both ways either. You want sub-only, you can't expect Day of Sale hits if you go sub only.

Only 12 MOTUC Products are available as their "evergreen" items. The rest are Ghostbusters remaining stock, or the failed Mego-esque DC toys. Perhaps random discounts on some of these "perennial" items would drive more traffic to the site... Perhaps rotating some items... Kinda like they do for the Early access stuff, but not tied to the Early Access. (Giving Subscribers a heads up about said sales would be like an "Early access" to the info regarding that Sale... Kinda like a "Shopping Sense" that tingles)

In any case Spirit of Hordak strays from the "Shifting the line towards a Subscription-Oriented Line".
The more people complain about the questionable manner that this was done will hopefully tell Mattel to  stop these "Customer Enraging" Ploys. Seriously, they Take the Fun out of collecting!

Not in May's monthly sale, but he will be in Early Access at some point in the year. Although we can't guarantee their will be enough for every sub holder for every sub. If you happen to be lucky enough to find him however, I wouldn't suggest waiting or passing!

Freaking Kool-aid Hordak will be for sale Today! (Early Access) @#$%!! Oh well... Guess who's most likely to NOT get him cause Logistics? Something something too soon... Freaking Foe Men... *grumble grumble* Jell-O jokes that will not be made...

May 13, 2013

E-Questri-A Girls is real... a little bit TOO Real...

And cue Overly Dramatic Rarity!

Equestria...*gulp!* Girls is coming...

It reminds me of something... Something not from Hasbro...

I just can't quite put my finger on it...

Here's the thing: My Little PONY  is about... Let's see?

Making the Ponies Human... Kinda defeats the whole PONY part from My Little Pony...

I will watch it and probably enjoy it... but my point about taking the pony from My Little Pony making no sense still stands...

May 12, 2013

Random MOTUC rant...

So, most of my TOY rants and reviews usually involve MOTU Classics. Mostly because it's my favorite toyline and one of the two toylines I'm actively collecting... (The other one is from the pink aisle and has nothing to do with MOTU or Mattel for that matter)

As I'm looking at my collection I've been having once again a bunch of random thoughts.
Now I'm going to list things that I would have liked to see in MOTUC to make it 20% Cooler... (You know I had to sneak THAT reference in... since that's my new Hannah Montana)

Before I start this is just some random Wishlist of things I'd like to see in a Perfect World without the Harsh issues of Reality (Logistics, budgets, etc.) knocking it down. I understand that a lot of these would be shot down by Mattel's Logistics card, "QC Safety concerns" and "Tiny Tiny line" reasoning. Also none of QC, or CS issues are taken into account here because this rant/list is about the TOYS, not the behind the scenes stuff or surrounding stuff that involves us getting said toys. This is just what would make me go from "These figures are awesome" to "Oh Holy Crap! I need no more toys aside these!"

  • "Larger" characters:

     Yes, MOTU Classics has some of them (Gygor and Shadow Beast that I do not own yet), the Giants (Tytus, Megator and Procrustus which I skipped for personal reasons), Ram Man and Leech. (Well, Leech is a bit of a stretch cause he's just a slightly Wider normal Figure.)

    I'm talking about Slightly Larger variants of some characters to look more Menacing. OK Picture it this way: If the next Marvel Legends wave gave you Spider-Man, Captain America, and Hulk with the same body type (all three sharing Cap's main body.) You'd probably feel that Hulk and Spider-Man are a bit off.  Well that's how I KINDA FEEL with some MOTU Characters to an extent.

    Before you start replying with "Classics Style is based on the vintage style where Most of the figures shared similar body structures" speech, hear me out! I specifically said Larger variants. That way, those who prefer the Vintage inspired "standard buck" characters could have them "just like they remember". Now, with that said look at the Beastmen pic. The 200X Beastman is 6" tall, the MOTUC Beastman in closer to 7" but the 200X Beastman looks Bigger. What I'd like is the MOTUC Beastman slightly larger so he would look as imposing as the MOTUC Ram Man or the 200X Beastman (but with MOTUC Articulation) The same thing for Clawful, Whiplash, Leech, Rattlor and for any other character that this could apply to.

  • "Smaller" Characters:
    I'm not talking about Little guys like Kowl or Loo-Kee who we REALLY need in the line. I'm talking about a "Slim buck" and "Teen Bucks". I love my Prince Adam, Adora and Teela. I'd love to have "Teenaged versions of them."

    While yes, this stems from my love for the 200X looks for Adam and Teela, it's also for the same reasons I like the idea of "Larger characters." In Adam's case it's mostly to make an OBVIOUS Similarity between them disappear. I liked 200X's Teen Adam because it made the Adam = He-Man association seem less obvious than in vintage times. Teela is mentioned here for two reasons... (Close in age to Adam and the "Female Teen buck" could get more reuse.) I'll mention that the Female buck could be reused on other characters (Adora and Glimmer) because it would allow us to get a Horde Adora with Removable Horde Insignia for those who'd like to have a younger Adora to match the younger Adam. The Reason I mention Glimmer is cause she seems to be a child trapped in a woman's body in Filmation and a Teen buck would allow us to get a younger Glimmer. (But then again, I'm a sucker for Glimmer so the more the merrier)

  • The Slimmer buck would be for guys like Lizard Man (Seriously, he'd look weird in the normal buck) and Master Sebrian who as you can see in the pic above, would look incredibly ridiculous in the normal ROID RAGE Buck!

    • Interchangeable hands and heads (or faceplates):

      OK I've been Spoiled by SOTA's old Street Fighter line and many Japanese toys with this.
      MOTU Classics is supposed to be an "Adult Collector Line" but many lines for Adult Collectors tend to have interchangeable hands heads/ faceplates so the characters can have a variety of expressions and make their display options more customizable.  Seriously, in 30 years of He-Man, no He-Man toy can pull off the Iconic Transformation Pose. Sure, the "New Adventures He-Man" will be able to do it, but that's not "Vintage look" He-Man. (It's a step forward though.)

      If we had Interchangeable hands, we could have the standard Gripping hands to hold accessories, Punching hands for, well, punching poses, the Weapon aloft hand for the iconic pose, Spell Casting hands for folks like Skeletor, Sorceress or Evil Lyn. The same thing could be applied to the heads/Faceplates. Having your normal "angry He-Man look" or a gentler Filmation inspired look for non-battle poses. Perhaps a screaming face or head for invoking the Power of Grayskull. I've seen some custom hands made by fans that give the characters a lot more expressiveness.
    • Easter egg weapons, artifacts and accessories:

      OK, we HAVE been seeing a couple of these already. (Teela's 1987 movie gun, Skeletor's NOT Storm Troopers Rifle, Nearly Movie Accurate Cosmic Key, Staff of Avion, 200X Techno Sword, Infinity Wheel, Sword of the Ancients, etc.) but we kinda need them to happen a bit more often. Movie Power Sword, Havoc Staff, Diamond Ray of Disappearance, a Battle Damaged Faker head, Sword to _____, etc. Things like those help expand the displays and make the toys more awesome.
    • Character Upgrade packs:

      There are characters that could work getting a full Variant Figure. Other Characters only need is a belt or an Armor (and perhaps an extra head) for example: Stratos. A full 200X Stratos variant would be off the table, but how about a new Harness with the jetpacks (with added handguards like Beastman's whip so Stratos can hold them in his hands) and Blue repaints of the Palace Guard Leg Armor. (Not 100% 200X Accurate, but close enough)  King Hssss could get a repainted head (with his face painted as if he was turning more snake-like and a new pseudo loincloth that slips on his crotch to make a more 200X look without going full 200X. Or an orange Repaint of DB Skeletor's armor with a repainted Dragon for Faker. (Though I'd buy a full on Dragon Punch Faker variant) a Snout Spout Upgrade pack (with either a mini comic Snout Spout head or a Staction inspired head in addition to a default head without foam would sell a lot... due to Snout Spout's trunkrot issues)
    • Actual Diorama Pieces:
      Like I mentioned in my Granamyr Review it would have been cool for Granamyr to come with the stuff showed on his box art. That would have spiced up the display options for him. the weapons rack, while a cool prop (that I currently have boxed cause I can't display it at the moment) a diorama it does not make. The chances of us getting more playsets in the line are close to none... (Mostly cause of Grayskullgate scandal... 2 inches DO make a big difference...) So, here's how dioramas can save the day. A Snake Mountain Throne Room Diorama would satiate some people's need for a Snake Mountain (cause let's face it the vintage Toy Snake Mountain had nothing with the Filmation or MYP snake mountains.) Light Hope himself is pretty much a Diorama Piece... Add some more Crystals and some sort of Cavern/Castle hybrid "wall pieces" and you have a Crystal Castle Diorama without selling the Customers a pink Cloud Castle or a Filmation Crystal Castle (while it would be cool, I know it would be a hard sell... Even in a Perfect World is hard to see the Pop-Haters dropping $300+ on a She-Ra Playset.) That's without mentioning Nordor or Starship Eternia.

    I know that some of these kinda go against the whole "classics mantra" about recreating vintage inspired toys with modern sculpt and Articulation without the limitations of the 80s, but I just want THE ULTIMATE MOTU toys... Like Fisto (who is pretty close to what I'd like in MOTUC)

    With all this said, I LOVE MOTUC. I enjoy most of the figures. I can't wait for Snake Face and the other upcoming figures... (like say: Castaspella, Octavia, New Adventures He-Man, Clamp Champ, Mantenna, etc.)

    May 11, 2013

    Teen Titans Go!

    As in GO AWAY!! I don't like the new DC Nation show Teen Titans Go!
    I TRIED TO LIKE IT! I honestly did! It has the Original Cast form the Previous Teen Titans show... (Including Ma-Ti as Robin... Hey! I need to make a Captain Planet Reference every now and then. I can't be making Pony references all the time!)

    Buuuuuuuuuut! The main issue is that the show is more like a MAD Parody than anything resembling the last Incarnation of Teen Titans. The Dynamic between Raven and Beast Boy is one of the FEW Highlights of the show.

    One entire episode is an excuse to make an "Oh noez!! Raven is a Brony!!" Joke... Cause Raven is voiced by Tara Strong, who also voices the Main character from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Princess Twilight Sparkle)... So deep and so Meta Joke... KAPOW! The Teen Titans Go! Writers just Michael Bayed your brains!!

    Now I want to eat Pie... The song was OK as long as they don't try to shove it down our ears throughout the rest of the Episode...

    OK so it only happens twice... but that's THE problem... They either overdo the joke or the joke is underdone... This case it's the overdoing part.

    It's NOT A BAD SHOW... It's just that it feels more like a parody or something that should have remained as a DC Nation Super Hero Short... Heck! Even my favorite DC Nation Short may not work as a full show...

    And that's my main issue. Each Episode feels like they took a 1-3 minute short, filled with fluff just to reach the 10-12 minute mark.

    May 10, 2013

    Miley sees dead people? Dead people watching her take a shower?

    Seriously, she claims that her London apartment was Haunted... (the one she was living in during her European Tour.)

    She says that she saw a little ghost boy while she took a shower. Also the shower tried to burn Miley's little sister. She quickly moved from that apartment.
    Who she should have called?

    Wrong Ghostbusters, but these guys came first...

    Speaking of Miley and WTF, she made the top spot of Maxim's Hot 100 List.  Selena Gomez is Number Two...

    Rihanna is #3... Meg Griffin is #4 and Katniss Everdeen is #5... And Miley is #1...Uh, I think there is something wrong here... No Offense to Miley, but she's not exactly Super Hot.  Beating the ladies mentioned and Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens, Kate Upton and Elisha Cuthbert... Something Fishy is going on here...

    May 9, 2013

    Kool-aid Hordakgate: Is it THAT bad?

    Yesterday I rambled a bit about Mattel's secret Surprise sale that vanished a few minutes after I posted about it. I'm talking about the Translucent Spirit of Hordak figure.

    Kool-Aid Hordak showed up unannounced. Someone saw this while on the Mattycollector site for some reason and began spreading the word. Then Hordak vanished.

    Kool-aid-Hordakgate was born.

    Now I'm not ultra angry about this. Just mildly annoyed.

    I think it was pretty uncool of Mattel to do this on the same month that they have customers' wallets on a vice grip with the $100+ Combo of Fighting Foe Men and Karatti. (That's on one sub. I fear the charges on those who ordered more than one) Had they done it next month where Club Eternia only has Octavia (a Horde character) it would have been slightly cooler.

    I also don't understand WHY do this when Mattel's own Scott Neitlich has made the rounds on forums and podcasts saying that "Subscriptions are the lifeblood of the line and that day of sale has been reduced to accommodate that shift towards subs". Hence Fangman being purposely under-produced so he had ZERO day of sale stock to "reward subscribers".  This undermines the Importance of the subscriptions... especially to the Completists because this is practically saying: "I don't care if you subscribe or buy day of sale, but we'll make it effin' hard for you to have a complete collection! MWAHAHAHAHA!" Luckily I'm not a completist.

    A little heads up even if vague would have been most welcome. Something like:
    “Hey Toy fans! The Mighty Spector here! There seems to be some chrono-interference effecting the Matty Collector web site. Keep your eyes peeled for any anomalies on the site on May __th!” 
    That way we know we HAVE to check the site and we could BUY the product.

    No early warning or reason to check the Matty site. I mean, the only reasons I've been checking the Matty site were when I was dealing with CS because my Snake Face took a LONG Time to ship and the SDCC reveals! I'm unable to check Matty 24/7 to see if they're putting up some figures for sale unannounced.

    My main issue with this is: Is this going to be done only with the Kool-Aid Hordak? Or is this going to happen with other characters like Loo-Kee, Rio Blast, Flogg, Single carded Prince Adam, or Battle Lion?

    People are angry for a reason (or a bunch of reasons if we count getting fed up with Digital River, Mattel QC Issues, etc.)  WE HAVE TO JUMP THROUGH ENOUGH FLAMING HOOPS TO GET OUR MOTUC TOYS! We don't need any more hoops to jump through!

    Yes, he'll be back, but these "stealth sales" might bite Mattel in the ass for 2014...

    Super Hemsworth Brothers unite to fight the Evil Wig Wearer...

    The Mighty Odinson, Thor the Thunderer himself and the other Hemsworth brother, Luke have teamed up to save Liam "Hunger Games" Hemsworth from the Evil House of Mouse Force known as Miley Cyrus.
    Seriously, they staged an Intervention... to stop the engagement to Hannah Montana...

    Then again, that engagement has been on shaky ground, like a bowl of Jell-O during an Earthquake!

    I don't know but this relationship seems to have an unstable foundation and the further it grows the easier it will crumble. Between her alleged Partying, his alleged infidelity, her focus on her work above everything else, and their hectic schedules; any relationship will be in trouble.

    May 8, 2013

    It's Happening... Female Channing Tatum is playing April O'Neil


    just look at the pics... I don't like the idea... Mostly cause I don't like Megan Fox or Michael Bay messing with franchises from my Childhood...
    Way better April O'Neil than Megan Fox

    My biggest issue with Megan Fox as April is that she looks like Megan Fox with a Microphone.

    don't get Mattycollector a all.

    This month the items for sale are The Fighting Foe Men 3 Pack and Karatti... The most expensive month of the year. You know what Mattel does? They just put a non-sub SKU on sale! "Spirit of Hordak"... Translation: Translucent red Hordak. Seriously? On the MOST EXPENSIVE MONTH OF THE YEAR!? With no warning!? Who plans these things!?

    UPDATE: He's back in hiding... Unannounced Figure on a Ridiculously short notice has been removed.
    Really, Matty, Really!?

    May 7, 2013

    the Titan of Stop Motion is no longer with us.

    Ray Harryhausen is dead. He died of Natural Causes in London. May he rest in peace.

    Want to know why the Remake of Clash of the Titans failed?

    Disrespect to Ray Harryhausen's work.

    The man paved the way on Special Effects and brought Fantastic creatures into our screens before the age of CGI!

    He shall be missed but at the same time I am thankful for his legacy. May he rest in peace.

    AJ needs her HAT!! Updated!! (almost an It Came from the Toy Chest)

    Dear Princess Celestia:

    Today I learned that a Cartoon Accurate Applejack is not going to happen unless Hasbro makes her.
    Why can't we get an Applejack with her cartoon accurate hat?

    Notice something on Applejack's head? Her Hat!
    Want to know what most of her toys lack? Her Hat!!

    So I had to get me an Applejack with a Hat...

    The Crystal Empire Applejack... I'd normally do an It Came from the Toy Chest, but this is pretty much a plain old Applejack with tinsel in her hair and less accessories... apples and a hat.
    The Hat is the only reason for me to get this AJ...

    A little paint and sealer and now my Original Applejack has a hat. It's not 100% accurate but my Applejack feels complete... Seriously, Cartoon Accurate Playful ponies would be

    I'll probably use the other AJ as a changeling or something... But seriously, Hasbro should consider doing show accurate ponies... in all their scales... (fashion Pony applejack with her Stetson would be most welcome by me... also a Blind Bag scaled AJ with her hat...)

    May 5, 2013


    Seriously!!! That's one bad April Fool's joke that deserves to DIE!!
    It's not that I don't like Channing Tatum, cause I don't like him. It's just that he is NOT He-Man. Then again, I don't think he was Duke Material to begin with.

    I don't see him as the guy whose meant to do this look good.

    OK, to be fair, Snake Armor is hard to make it look good... But seriously, Channing Tatum as He-Man is not a great idea... Neither is Megan Fox as Teela, so let's nip it in the bud while we're at it...
    Also, I don't Bielieb that Adam should be played by Gropey Mc Douchypants...

    I don't mind one or two big names to help sell the movie, but the problem is that too many big names would make the movie a logistically impossible nightmare. Not to mention that we'd see the actors over the characters... Part of why I don't want Liam Neeson in this... He'd be a logical choice and he'd do a wonderful job. My only issue is that I'd see Neeson instead of Randor.

    Please MOTU Movie... DO NOT SUCK!!

    May 4, 2013

    He-Man Redesigned... AGAIN for DC Comics.

    I hope you weren't too attached to Yellow Cross He-Man... Cause DC is redesigning his armor... Most likely an update like the Battle Armor, Thunderpunch or Flying Fists of Vintage times.

     Behold the new He-Man...
    I have to say that I'm torn on this design. It's not the best design, but it isn't the worst. I Like it from the Harness up. Everything below the Harness reeks of Alcoholic Rich Billionaire who prances around in armor...

    Seriously, it looks like somebody put Vykron's Barbarian Harness on top of the Extremis Armor.
    OK, I'm not fan of He-Man (or Lion-O) wearing Pants. Especially High-tech looking pants.
    Now, the Color Scheme is similar to He-Man's but the problem with this costume is that it looks more Adam than He-Man. (It's the pants) Now I understand why NA He-Man wears blue pants...

    If the pants didn't have all those techno-junk bits, his belt didn't look like the Extremis lower torso, maybe it could be a bit better. I don't knwo what would make it better, but I KNOW it looks odd.

    May 3, 2013

    Hoverboard Returns... and Holy Hell! They are actually releasing THEM!?

    Mattel is giving people a chance to get the Infamous Hoverboard... You know, the thing that started as a "movie Prop" but ended up being an expensive "toy" that doesn't even work... Cause Hoverboard Technology isn't ready yet... Heck! Even Bob Gale apologized for it...

    but that's not why I'm excited...
    I found ONE Exclusive that can top the Julie Newmar Barbie...

    The Legendary Mini Masters have become a San Diego Comic Con exclusive!! Sure, it's only He-Man and Skeletor, but it's He-Man and Skeletor as a San Diego Comic Con 2 pack!! Hands down this is THE BEST SDCC Exclusive from Mattel!!

    May 2, 2013


    Yup! you heard right! Mattycollector's got a Barbie... a Julie Newmar Barbie...

    and guess what is the other Exclusive revealed today...
    If you said a Hot Wheels, you won a No-Prize!!

    A Hot Wheels A-Team van but all muddied up.

    I have to say that these two are THE BEST reveals Mattel has made for SDCC... Sadly, The Barbie or the A-Team Van will NOT be available on Mattycollector. Apparently, none of the Hot Wheels will be on Matty. Just Shazam, Super 2 pack, and the Comet Warriors...
    Let's see what the Final day of reveals will bring... (or what the non-Hot Wheels Item will be)

    May 1, 2013

    More Hot Wheels and a DCUC Figure...

    A Hot Wheels Atari van...
    Asteriods, if you were wondering

    and last but not least for Wednesday's exclusives...

    but nu52'd...

    I'm honestly not feeling this year's exclusives.
    While Rokkon and Stonedar ($60 Item) are cool; they're not in my CORE Character list. Eldor would have been a better exclusive. He rounds up the Powers of Grayskull Original Figures, but Eldor showed up on the He-Ro: Unleashed Mini comic...
    Heck! A New Adventures Skeletor would have been a nicer Exclusive...

    The Man of Steel Movie Masters 2 pack is Kinda Cool, but mostly cause of the package with lights, sounds and stuff.

    The Hot Wheels stuff is not my cup of tea. Then again, I've avoided buying the Hot Wheels of Stuff that I Actually like! (mostly cause they end up being overpriced.)

    The Captain Marvel is almost tempting, but instead of making a Captain + Billy Batson 2 pack, it's just Captain Marvel... Whose action figures have to be called SHAZAM, due to Rights issues... IIRC.

    Let's see if Thursday and Friday bring some Oomph! Cause Mattel kinda needs the "oomph!"

    Now don't get me wrong, I like the Comet Warriors and it's cool that they're coming, but they seem more like a 2 pack better suited for the sub. Yes, I SEE why they did it this way (SDCC Items allows them a bit more budget on the Items than on the normal line) but at the same time, these guys are near the bottom of the barrel for MOTU. Then again I would have NOT made NA He-Man a normal variant for the 2013 line and toss him on a 2 pack with NA Skeletor. Come on! San Diego Comic Con getting an Exclusive He-Man vs Skeletor 2 pack. How big that would have been? Having He-Man and Skeletor duking it out in a special package... Instead we're getting the Comet Warriors...

    Hopefully the comet warriors being the SDCC item help the 2014 subscriptions.

    Heh... Episode 7 is some serious stuff!

    Apparently, the mouse REALLY needs Leia to get in Princess shape... Heck! They got her her own Personal Trainer. Worst case scenario they cast her younger half-sister as Leia...

    I think it's actually really cool that Disney is going all the way in helping Carrie Fisher get back in Leia-shape.

    Online dating is apparently a good thing. Now hold on to your hats, but  guess who's now into Online dating... No, it's not me.

    the Housizzle Dizzle and Mizzle of good housizzle herself, Martha Stewart is now dating online...
    So if you wanna date her you need to be:
    Male, duh! Over 55, CANNOT SMOKE, needs to have an income of $150,001+, and no kids living with him.
    But it's really  good thing cause she now has over 1000 suitors... 8000 more and I could use the Vegeta video...

    I would say that I'd like to see a Full House Reunion... Probably won't happen cause Michelle's Actresses won't do it. So this will have to do.

    Cause We know Stamos is doing Yougrt ads...

    Coulier and Saget are doing Stand Up comedy... Coulier's is clean, while Saget's is Filthy as @#$%!
    So all that's left is The Twins... Come on Olsen twins... Make it happen!

    They're so not going to do it...

    Last but not least, Snake Face has shipped... Still no word on any other SDCC Mattycollector exclusives.