Jun 30, 2013

Why do I fear Equestria Girls:

I have already mentioned how it takes away the Pony from My Little Pony just to have human girls.
There is another ingredient that scares me...
High School!

Yes, High School... Remember it? Was it like it was on TV? With Zack, Screech and the others from Bayside? Or perhaps your High School was more like Cory's with Shawn, Topanga, Mr. Feeny and the rest?

Well, can you Picture Ponyville and Canterlot's citizens in a High School Enviroment? Of Course Cheerilee is going to be the only Teacher we see... Cause she's like the only Teacher in all of Equestria... Celestia doesn't count as a teacher.

Since this is High School and Twilight is a Girl... This means BOYS!!
He's for everyone of us
Stand for everyone of us
We might throw him in cause High School Cliches... A Dance at the end Fall Formal, Prom or something... Nerdy Twilight Sparkle triumphing over Evil Bully Sunset Shimmer seems like a pile of cliches... Add some assorted musical numbers and we have a mega cliched High School Movie... I almost forgot, since this is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, we need to add FRIENDSHIP!!
Maybe some brony references...

I mean it's not like they're going to go the Sailor Moon Route and Turn these girls into the Freaky Pony-Human Hybrids of the Equestria Girls toys as a Mandate from the Marketing Department... Cause that would be totally stupid... Right?

I know what everypo... everyone will say: Trust the Writers...
Um... Trust the writers, you say? They will make this work... It's not like they're going to make a 70 minute blatant commercial for toys... Then EXPLAIN THIS!?

Sure, the FIM writers will come up with a way that makes sense, but this stinks worse of Marketing Ploy than when the Mattel Marketing Department said that He-Man needed pants and fight evil in Space while wielding a Lightsaber... (I wonder what they were snorting or where they were snorting it from... It was the 80s... Cocaine was the rage back then for the Executive types. Different times and all that...)

I can live with the whole High School thing... It MAKES Sense in the whole My Little Teenager: Jailbait is Magic... but... I want to see a My Little Pony movie about... wait for it... FREAKING PONIES!!

Don't get me wrong... the whole Fish out of water premise is a classic. Especially when you kick it up all the way to 11 by exaggerating the Fish out of Water aspect... (A Pony in the Human World)
Tara Strong: Spoiling EG before the trailer came out...
What Little I know of the Plot seems like it will work. Sure it will be cliched, but it's the little things like the nods to the fandom, the character interactions... (Pinkie Pie will be perfect for a ton of visual gags). At the same time it might be super generic... and that's another thing of what I fear with EG...

I'll have to see the movie to get answers to some of my questions... (Avoiding Pony boards and pages cause of Spoilers)
Who is Sunset Shimmer?
Is the movie a stand alone thing, or will it have an effect on the show?
Flash ♪a-ah♫ Sentry will be a Recurring Character?
Also this:

We're NOT getting an Equestria Girls Spin-off series... Right?
Will the ponies meet their human counterparts?

And I guess that none of these, except who's Sunset Shimmer will be answered.

Jun 29, 2013

A Rant of Winter and Summer

So, I mentioned that I was reading the  A Song of Ice and Fire books on a past Article...
I shall not review them because It would require spoilers and lots of them. Unlike the sparkly vampire books, these ones are a must read... Fair Warning: There's Blood, Gore, Violence, Sex (in some cases incestuous), and long descriptions of food items. This is not for the kids... Then again, if your book series is being adapted as an HBO Original TV Series, it's definitely not for Children.

Where do I start? A friend described me the series (both books and Game of thrones: the HBO Adaptation of the books) like this: "Take Lord of the Rings and add 90s Cinemax Porn to it." I could leave the description like that, but it still wouldn't do Justice to the books.

Now I just found out that there is MORE supplemental Reading that I have to do... (Tales of Dunk and Egg, which are in the same world as in A Song of Ice and Fire and there have been a few references peppered throughout the third and fourth books of A Song of Ice and Fire)  So, that's another reason why I can't review the books...

So, back to the main topic: How can I describe these books? A tale full of lies, deceit, manipulations, treachery... Pretty much like Politics, but with more Medieval-esque Fantasy...There's some sex in it, but that's not the focus of the story... It's Medieval Politics and War, but there is far more emphasis on the politics than on the battle. The story is seen through the eyes of various characters... Some complaints I've heard is that it can be a bit messy to follow the timeline with the chapters jumping through characters and various events happening at the same time. I'd recommend having a note pad to write down annotations (I don't write on my books, or those that are borrowed) to jot down things you might need to remember. The books include maps and an appendix where the lineages of families involved in the plot. they are pretty Useful to get SOME of your bearings... If I were to oversimplify it I'd say that A Song of Ice and Fire is like a Game of Chess.

and trust me there will be a LOT of Deaths once you enter the world of Westeros... Where Springs last years and Winters are rather long as well... You were expecting a Winter is Coming reference here...
and yes, you're going to see a LOT of the Phrase "Winter is coming." throughout the books.

The only thing that worries me is that the Author is not a child of Spring, but a child of Autumn and he still has 2 more books to finish... because

That's the Motto of the Starks... and George R.R. Martin isn't getting any younger. Not to Mention that it took him six years to publish A Dance With Dragons after he did A Feast for Crows in 2005. So, let's recap: Politics, Incest, Food, an incredibly hilarious dwarf... Seriously, he's the best character in the four books I've read so far... Tyrion freaking rocks!!
 There's this brat that is as bratty as a certain Canadian "Singer".

I'm surprised that there's not a "Slap Joffrey Baratheon" Flash game...

There's these Giant Wolves and some other stuff that I can't reveal cause of Spoilers. Some may find them a bit hard to get into due to the fantasy setting or the rather large number of characters, or the "Onion of Treachery"... cause Onions have multiple layers... Also the story seems to drag a bit, because a lot happens, but nothing is happening. While you could devour a book per day, I wouldn't recommend it, because you may miss things if you try to plow through each book. Take it slow and you may enjoy the ride! That didn't sound right...

Jun 28, 2013

Let our Powers Combine!! A Captain Planet Movie MAY BE COMING!? For Real!?

I may have mentioned something about it back in 2011... Well, Apparently, Sony Pictures is in the final steps on the Negotiation to get the rights for this...

Who shall be the Eco Villains for this? Part of me is hoping that Meg Ryan does Blight or Jeff Goldblum does Skum... cause they look like the cartoon characters... Look at them!! OK Jeff Goldblum needs a little makeup and Meg Ryan needs a slab of Spam on her face, but you get the idea...

Like I've said before I want to see this, but I believe it's going to suck!!

Jun 27, 2013

Remember Fang Man?

Well, now Clamp Champ has joined the "Sub Exclusive club". Mattel's "Subscribe or Die" approach is becoming less subtle now...
Hey Matty and MOTUC fans!
Just  got in final package samples of July's Clamp Champ figure! Note that while this is a monthly figure, like Fang Man, Clamp Champ here will not have any "day of" stock for 2013. So the only way to get him in July is if you are a subscriber! (hey, Club Eternia has its benifits!)
We are all so pumped for SDCC right around the corner, but until then, here is a new packaged shot and bio to feed your MOTUC needs!
See you in San Diego!

I find this funny... not in a Ha Ha! Funny mind you, that Conveniently now that Mattel is pushing the sub and on SDCC Month we get a figure that has no Day of Sale Access.
I'm not going to comment much on the rift between fans (Subbers vs DOS folks) but some subscribers are acting like the Day of Sale folks kicked their dogs and killed their families.

Yes, I understand that Mattel "Needs" the Subscriptions cause they painted themselves into a corner.
But here's the thing:

(hey, Club Eternia has its benifits!)
Yes, it does... For the amount that  the Day of Sale people pay for the 12 Monthly Figures + the Extra Items in one year, the Subscribers get the 12 Monthly Figures, the Extra Items AND a "FREE" Subscription Exclusive.
Before you reply that "We have to pay for the sub exclusive, so it's not really free" reread what I said:
Yes, subscribers pay a $25 Fee for subscribing (paying for the Sub Exclusive.)
I'm going to use the 2014 items as reference.

$27 x 12 = $324 on the monthly figures vs the $25 x 12 = $300 from the Subscribers
The Quarterlies: $27 + $40 +$40 + $42 = $149*  vs the $141 from the Subscribers
There is also the "Holiday Item" $37* vs the $35 from the Subscribers.
*=(Price may be higher for the larger items. I'm using a + $2 increase like on the normal figures)

So let's see:
$324 + $149 + $37 = $510
$510 is what a Non-subscriber has to pay for the entire year... Without counting the Shipping costs.

A Subscriber has to pay
$476 for the 12 Figures, The Quarterly Extras and the Holiday Item. This Means that Subscribers are saving $34 dollars that cover the $25 Subscription Fee (The Exclusive Figure) AND that still leaves $9 that can be used on Shipping. So, for what the Non-subscriber pays in one year, the Subscriber GETS a "Free Figure".

Not to mention Early Access, which allows the subscriber an earlier chance to get reissues and other non-subscription items.
Thinking of Strobo and Kool-Aid Hordak here. Then there's the Early Access for SDCC Items (If you're going to SDCC), and there is a possibility that Matty's SDCC Sale in August will have Early Access for Subscribers. There's also the Extra Early Access for Spirit of Hordak and Possibly Strobo.

Aren't those enough benefits? Now here's the thing: This "Making Monthly Figures into Sub Exclusives" not only "punishes" the Non-Subscribers. It also punishes the Subscribers who want extras of certain characters. Clamp Champ was a character perfect for Customization. The Body is perfect for a Generic black character. (Dekker has the tunic which is a bit troublesome and ZodaK has the tattoos and the Special Loincloth... These two require a moderate to advanced customizing Skills.) Then Some may have used his armor to repaint it for Fisto. Now those plans are not possible... Because Clamp Champ has become an artificial Rarity...

I'm sure it'll happen again after the Subscription period is over... as a "Grim Reminder" of the "Sub or Die" But seriously, Mattel thought that they would sell more Karattis than Clamp Champs? WTF!?

I don't see them doing it with Castaspella or Mantenna... Probably the Second October Figure will have no DOS...

Purposely making Monthly Figures into "Sub Exclusives" is a jerk move, but if we want MOTUC; we must adhere to Mattel's rules.

Jun 26, 2013

He-Man's greatest battle...

Will not be fought with swords, but with Lawyers...
Don Glut, one of the many people who have claimed that they created He-Man... (There's a war going between Mark Taylor and Roger Sweet regarding the Creation of He-Man) has a claim about his role. Mattel thinks otherwise... (Work-for-Hire and tons of other legalese jargon)

Then again, It's another excuse for me to make an Ace Attorney reference

The Scary part is the ramifications that this may have if Glut is correct... Then again, if Mattel is right, this legal battle may end up screwing Masters of the Universe fans... This is looking pretty awful... and we MAY lose in the end.

But Don Glut may have screwed himself over without noticing it.

He may have unwittingly given Mattel the ammo they needed. The interview is on Glut's own site!

Jun 25, 2013

**** You! Michael Bay... and **** You! Jonathan Liebesman

What could I expect from the Director of Transformers acting as a Producer here and the Director of Battle LA? Not forgetting the Star from Jennifer's Body as April...
I expect a steaming Pile of Alien Invader Turtle crap!

Well, the newest TAINT (it stands for Teenage Alien Invader Turtles btw...) News is that Shredder is going to be played by Ken Rosenberg from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and San Andreas...

The thing that bugs me is that he's neither a Martial Artist nor Asian and he's Playing the Shredder in a LIVE ACTION TMNT Movie. I wouldn't mind if he was voicing the Shredder in a cartoon or a videogame... cause my Favorite Shredder voice well,

It's not that William Fichtner is playing Shredder that bugs me as much... Cause he is very capable of knocking it out of the ball park, like the late Michael Clarke Duncan did with the Kingpin in DareDevil...
It's the lack of respect to the property that Michael Bay exudes... and apparently no one knows how to say "No." or "What the ****!? That's not TMNT!?" It seems that everyone is kissing his baysploding butt! What's next? Changing the Race AND Sex of a character, cause **** you we can do it?
Might as well pick Whoopi Goldberg as Burne Thompson... Wait... They did that already...

There's still hope for John Leguizamo as Casey Jones to complete the Cluster**** that is the TAINT!

Even Vanilla Ice can't save this PoS in the making... Might as well have Jaden Smith do a new Ninja Rap!

T.A.I.N.T. Update!!

This now inspires no faith in this...

Jun 24, 2013

Ernest... LIVES!?

Ernest P. Worrell... The Adorable character from various ads from the 80s...

But better known to most people through his movies.

Well, the guy playing Ernest, Jim Varney, passed away many years ago... Hence the change in Slinky Dog's voice in Toy Story 3.

You know what's the creepy thing? there are STILL some ERNEST COMMERCIALS AROUND!!

WHAT IN THE SEVEN HELLS IS THIS!? THIS... THIS... ABOMINATION!!! Yeah! That's the only word I can think to describe this... this thing!!

Here's the thing. I'm well aware of Ernest's Advertising origins. The Late Jim Varney pretty much peddled a lot of stuff using the Ernest character, but this CG Ernest feels WAY Off... Could you picture a CG Billy Mays pitching stuff? No... the answer is no, even if you can visualize a CG Billy in your head!!
Seriously, people making these CG Ernest ads... STOP IT!! You're taking a diarrhea dump on Mr. Varney's legacy!

Jun 23, 2013

Gatchaliscious trailer... Screw you 7 Zark 7

Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy crap!
Japan is making a Live Action Gatchaman!!

My Brain has exploded a few times... Now if we could get a Gatchaman videogame, I'd be set!!

Also, since this is made in Japan we get NONE OF THIS!!

Now we have to wait for the movie and have someone splice this into random parts, then we can have a Battle of the Planets movie!!

Yeah... no! Screw 7-Zark-7!!

Jun 22, 2013

It came From the Toy Chest: I have drivers who can't drive!

The Controversial FINAL 3 Pack is Finally here!!

None other than the Fighting Foe Men... and Woman.
The Foe Men are:

Now they are a 3 pack, but as you saw on the video, or went straight for this part cause you're lazy.
This doesn't work as a Three pack... Much less a $75 or $81 3 pack of obscure figures.
The problem lies mostly that these Characters have HUGE Associations with the Vehicles they pilot... on the Monogram Models box art. Two of those vehicles are for heroes and one is for Evil Warriors.
The Horde Insignia Gimmick Seems like an attempt to have them looking like they are one faction. Problem is that they don't look Horde-esque enough for me. Not to mention that they also do not look Preternian... I want to avoid the whole Vehicles haven't changed at all in 5000 years thing as well.

Shoving them together is what made them a 3 pack. They could have been released as 3 independent figures and perhaps they could have gotten a bit more love...
I did not rate the 3 pack because they don't work as a three pack.

Jun 21, 2013

It Came from the Toy Chest: Karatti

Finally, my FIRST Subscription order has arrived!! While Spirit of Hordak arrived earlier, that was an out of sub Item that I gained Early Access through the Sub.
In Any Case, I don't Know Karatti, but I know Karazy!

Jun 20, 2013

Taking stuff back (Odds and Ends June 20th 2013)

I already talked about Spider-Douche's Mary Jane looking a bit Mary Plain... Well, they took it back and cut MJ out of the movie...

Nope! No More MJ... which probably means Goblin for Spider-Douche 3... Here's hoping he ends up looking like the Green Goblin and not a Power Ranger! (or a snowboarder)

Speaking of taking it back... Remember this?

Well, well, well! they're taking it back!!
Now you don't need to have the XBOne online each day for it to "phone home" and they're allowing "Used games, rentals, lenders" to operate on the XBOne without any issues...
The Damage is already done. Now don't get me wrong, It's good that they backed away from the draconian DRM and the "XBox Phone Home" thing. The only issue is that THEY SHOULD HAVE NOT  IMPLEMENTED THOSE AT ALL!! ( the draconian DRM and the "XBox Phone Home")

James Gandolfini is dead.

Most people remember him as Tony Soprano... Me? See the clip above...
He died from a heart attack/stroke... apparently. May he rest in Peace.

Jun 19, 2013

Top Items that I'd like to see in the Next Weapons Packs

On an Ask Matty! Scott "Toyguru" Neitlich revealed that we will SEE a Weapons Pack on San Diego.
As an exercise in Speculation here's some Items that I'd like to see in future Weapons PackS... Emphasis on packS  as in more than one.

Repainted Weapons:
The repainted weapons are a staple of all Weapon packs so here's a list of Repainted Weapons that I'd Like to see.

Orange Techno Sword:
Faker got a little love through Weapons pack #2 and he now sports a shield and ax. On Weapons Pack #1 and with Man-at-Arms, He-Man got 2 versions of the Techno Sword. (Though One is more likely to be FOR King Grayskull while the other one is for He-Man.) Faker kinda needs a Techno sword for him to use if He-Man is using the Techno sword.
If you can't wait for it to come in a Weapons pack you can use nail polish remover to remove the silver paint from the Man-at-Arms sword... (It's actually Orange)

One Tone Silver Power Sword:
This one has 2 functions. Either a sword for Battle Armor He-Man or a sword for Adam if Filmation is your cup of tea.

Silver Trap Jaw Attachments:
On Weapons Pack 2 we got Roboto Attachments in Trap Jaw Colors. It would be appropriate to get the complete Opposite. (Trap Jaw stuff in Silver with Blue Accents.) This can also double as accessories for Cy-Chop if you're not into the Giant Scissor hands.

Randor's Sword and Scepter in "Yellow":
The Spear we got with Filmation Randor was OK-ish... OK more like meh! than OK, but the Scepter in a more "Filmation-esque palette would work better with him... The sword might share mold with the scepter, but it's OK cause that's a cool blade!

Castaspella's Magic Blast:
Here they can go two ways. Translucent black for Shadow Weaver's Shadow Magic or in some other Color for Battleground Evil Lyn.

Battleground Teela Weapons:
In any way that these weapons get repainted, they can get reuse. The Sword, if made in neutral colors can be added to pretty much any female who needs a Melee weapon (Nettossa, Shield Maiden, any of the Star Sisters, Adora when she was a Hordeswoman) The Blaster lends itself to Marlena, Normal Teela, shield Maiden, Catra, Adora.

Havoc Staff:
Either the Silver Skull of Filmation or the 2 color MYP Skull would be nice. An Unexpected move would be an Orange Havoc Staff as a nod to Leo Faker.

Translucent Red Hordak Accessories:
A Translucent Red Crossbow, Staff and "Imp" would be the Perfect Accessories for Spirit of Hordak. Even for Normal Hordak because they'd look like energy constructs made by him to attack his enemies.

Sir-Laser-Lot Sword and Mace:
As Much as I hate the Blue Knight of Poop!  his weapons are pretty Generic. If repainted in Generic Colors, the Palace Guards could get some nice extra weapons!

Dekker's Mace:
Snake Man-at-Arms needs a matching Mace... That's all!

Jitsu Weapons:
There's a few characters that could use this. The Katana could work for Sy-Klone. The Kama would be perfect for Ninjor or the Palace Guards.

Repainted Armor or Capes:
The Weapon packs usually have one of these...

Palace Guard Limb Armor (Right Side and in MAA Colors):
Filmation Man-At-Arms can be made with this...

Man-At-Arms Torso and Limb Armor (Left and in Silver):
Snake Claw Man-at-Arms could be easily made if using these on Snake Man-at-Arms.

Skeletor Armor in Magenta:
Cardback version of Faker is possible with this armor and Adam's sword.

Battleground Evil Lyn Cape: (In Vintage Evil Lyn colors)
For Vintage Evil Lyn, of Course.

Keldor Cape in Dark Purple or Black:
For a more 200X Skeletor, this cape would be great!

Dark Blue He-Man Armor:
A Filmation He-Man is not Possible? Blue Armor can Help us get a more Filmation-Like He-Man... Or SmashBlade He-Man...

Horde Armbands:
They can spruce up any Horde Member... Also they can be used to make Hordak a bit more Symmetrical and Filmation-like.

Items that Mattel "Owes us":
Weapon Pack #3 set a precedent with the new items that were added to it.

Nettossa Headpiece:
If it was on the Vintage toy it should have come with the Classics Figure.

General Rattlor's Armor:
It's weird to have a "naked" Figure, when most figures came with their own Armor.

Strobo's gun:
Strobo got Stratos'ed... We need to fix that.

Spector's Whip:
That was the Coolest Accessory of the Purple One... We need it!

Filmation Power Sword:
Nuff' Said!

Jun 18, 2013

It's Official the 2014 Buy the Sub! Campaign IS coming!!

I mean

(also there are DCUC Subs on Sale, but no one cares about those)
OK So we have the main 12 figures, 4 Quarterly Items, a Holiday Item and an Exclusive Figure
January 2014 through December 2014 (12 @ $25 = $300), four beasts/variants/multi-packs shipped approximately one each quarter (1 each at $25, $38, $38, $40 = $141), one “year-end” item (1 @ $35)

One $25 Quarterly Item:
Obvious Variant... If I was a gambling Man, I'd Say NA Skeletor.

Two $38 items:
These must be beasts. Larger than Battle Cat who is $35 for non-subbers. They can't be giants or two-packs cause of their price... Could it be Stridor AND Night Stalker? I mean, Those two were Larger and bulkier than the Cats or a POP Horse. Then Again, these could be Modulok and Multibot...

One $40 Item:
 Now This one has me stumped! What kind of BEAST could they do that would require it to be more expensive than a steed, but not as expensive as a two-pack. While Highly unlikely, what if this is Madame Razz (w/Broom) Plus Kowl and Loo-Kee. Think about it. Kowl has no Accessories on him. Loo-Kee had a comb and a brush, but no rooted hair means no comb and brush.

The Holiday $35 Item also has me stumped too. It COULD Be Modulok... Part of me could think it's Stridor or Night Stalker. It may not be a Steed since Toyguru said that it was a figure... What Figure aside Modulok or Multibot could require the Deluxe treatment? Sagitar/Tharkus?

Of course, we'll find out who are the first 3 months and perhaps 2 of the Quarterly items next Month at San Diego Comic Con!!

One thing is certain: There are no Army Builders for 2014... So, that COULD Mean that Horde Troopers are 2013... If not, then TG is playing a dangerous game... Hopefully they won't release the Horde Trooper as a single figure... Cause that would be a jerk move by Mattel.

Seriously, not making THE Army Builder 2 pack to sell the Horde Troopers as Single Figures would be a boneheaded move.
There are TWO Club Eternia Subs:
Monthly and Quarterly.

The Monthly Sub is the normal Club Eternia Sub. They send you the Items each month.
The Quarterly sub sends the Items EVERY three Months. (I guess that March, June, September and December would be the 4 times this sub ships.) With each of the 4 orders, you get 3 months worth of MOTUC Goodness! IF I were to subscribe, I'm taking the monthly one... Because I'm afraid of Digital River losing a package of 3 months of toys...

Jun 17, 2013

The Topangaborn is Officially coming!!

The Mouse approved it and it's ordering Episodes of it...

So here's what we know so far.

Cory is married to Topanga... We kinda knew that from the Original series...

Topanga gave birth to Cory's child and now Cory has become his father... and he kinda became Feeny too! Cause he's a Schoolteacher. Also Topanga now owns a Diner...

But I thought Topanga was going to be a Lawyer. The whole reason why Cory and her are moving to New York is for her to intern at a Law firm.

So now Topanga owns a Diner in New York, that is a popular after school hangout... Like Chubbie's on the Original Series... and no this wasn't a setup for a Chubby Topanga Joke. This is the only red flag I see with Topanga becoming so bored of Law that she opened up a Diner...

Jun 16, 2013


I WAS Really tempted to make a Father's Day rant written as if it was made by Hodor...
but that would be taking the easy way out...

So, I'm not going to do that.

So, here's a list of Messed up Fictional Fathers... That doesn't Include Darth Vader.

Big Boss:
Former War Hero, your Mentor, your Enemy, your "father"... Cause You're his Solid clone

(who will see a lot more of on the Phantom Pain!)
Why is he here? Well... He IS Solid Snake's Father and I could swear that I killed him with a Lighter and a Hair spray can... He may not be THE BEST Father ever, but to come and face his son and try to be the father he never was after their past history, takes some balls of steel!


He shouldn't be on the list, because he wasn't that great of a father either... While Solid, Liquid and Solidus Snake were simple clone made out of Big Boss' control; Hojo made sick experiments on the woman he impregnated and her unborn child. Turning your son into a guinea pig before he even was born is one evil act. The only time he kinda cared about his kid was when he was trying to send him extra power with the Mako Cannon... Screw the world at the same time, but his kid needed power... In a twisted way he was being kinda Fatherly.

The previous video was a bit after the events of the following video.

Peter Griffin:

Need I say More?

Norman Osborn:
OK, so he treats his son like crap, while believed to be dead he drove his own son insane as a plot to get revenge on Spider-Man. He also did the same thing with his grandson and he kidnapped and faked the death of Spider-Man's daughter... Then there's also the one night stand with Gwen Stacy that caused her death in a freaky custody battle... While raising them to be used as weapons against Spider-Man.

Goblin Glider to the balls!!

Danny Tanner:
I know that having Danny Tanner in the same list as some of these Fictional Parents seems weird, but hear me out! He is far more messed up that it seems.

His wife died and he was stuck raising his 3 Daughters with the help of his former Brother-in-Law and a Man-Child who thinks like a cartoon character 24-7. He tries hard to be a good dad and he mostly does, but his Cleanliness obsession... Now that's the messed up part. Think about it. His wife dies, he keeps the closest thing to her (her brother) and a guy who is child-like (I think he was his best friend since elementary school or something) and loves cartoons. (Trying to reach into a more innocent era). Now the Cleaning obsession must have something to do with a hidden guilt that makes him feel dirty. Perhaps HE was responsible for the death of his wife and his obsession with cleanliness is a way for him to wash his sins away. The weirdest part, now that I think of it is NOT that Danny may have killed his wife, but that both Jessie and Joey pretty much abandoned their lives to move in with Danny. Perhaps to somehow keep him in check so he won't kill again?

Jun 15, 2013

Ponies and references

And I think I want some of these as toys... I should start with the Obvious Reference...
that is not The Doctor...

This has SDCC Exclusive written all over it!!

Another one is Rarity's dad...

While he is almost stretching it, his name IS Magnum... According to the MLP game. He'd be cool to have... Then again I'd like to see everypony's parents in toy form... (and Granny Smith for Applejack cause her parents are DEAAAAAAD!!

There is a Pony on Wonderbolts Academy that kinda looks like a ponified Tom Cruise circa Top Gun...
but THE ONE Pony that references something else that I want is:
a Pony who vaguely looks like a British Actor and then the Pony BECAME the Reference...

So, Come on Hasbro!! Give us THE DOCTOR!! Now, with that said... Cyberponies, and what would Equestrian Dalkes look like?

Jun 14, 2013

I guess he's singing it for real this time.

Billy Ray Cyrus is now a single man... cause the Divorce went through and all that... In any case hope for the best cause it is not easy...

I did mention something almost 3 years ago when this started... I still stand by what I commented back then.

Pet Society is shutting down today... The first Facebook game I got into is no more... I know it's silly, but I feel a bit bummed out about it.
Feb 19 2009- Jun 14 2013
I think this might be the most appropriate way I can say goodbye to Pet Society....

OK what are Spielberg and Lucas Smoking? $150 to go to the movies!? The moment they do something that insane, we could see the rise of movie Piracy... Or an even bigger decrease of butts at the box office...

Jun 13, 2013

XBOne's digging it's own grave...

No, I'm not playing favorites. The XBOne is a good console... BUT the whole restrictive DRM issues are a huge turn off... Instead of reassuring fans that the whole 24-Hour Reports to Microsoft HQ is being blown out of proportion; Microsoft's stand is pretty much this:

We have a product for people who aren't able to get some form of connectivity - it's called Xbox 360

Seriously!? I can almost accept the used game thing... (don't like it, but I could deal with it.) The checking online once a day wouldn't be THAT bad if:

a) everyone could have easy access to unlimited Broadband (with no data caps and I'm talking not only on the US)
b) the console wasn't collecting data on me as I do stuff with my TV that do not involve playing videogames... I don't trust the Kinnect-Spy...

Um, what about parents grounding their kids. Back in my day I had to completely disconnect the NES from the TV, hand in the console to my parents so they could keep it while I was grounded.

Why does it have to make MANDATORY checks DAILY?

In any case here's a clip from the Wii-U's super smash brothers...

and another Phantom Pain clip...

Jun 11, 2013

This Dodekathlon is going to be Electrifiying

Because this Heracles is a:
Nemean Lion killer, Lernaean Hydra slayer, golden Hind captor,Ermithanean Boar hunter, One Day Augean Stable Cleane, Stymphalian bird killer, The Cretan Bull stopper, The Diomedes' Mare stealer, the Amazonian Girdle taker, Geryion's cattle stealer, Hesperides apple collector, and Cerberus returner... and he's also The Rock!

Picture this:

but with The Rock... I suppose that this is like a Reversed Walking Tall Scenario.

Disney pulled the plug on Good Luck Charlie...  Part of me is sad cause that's the best current Disney Channel show they had... but it's OK, we have Dog with a Blog and Jessie...
The part that is not sad is the part of me that thought the show Jumped the shark when Baby Toby was added... Mostly cause the Actress playing Amy WAS Pregnant for real... In any case... Good Luck Charlie! (I couldn't resist!)
Let's hope that the Topangaborn will begin soon!!

Sony has a really complicated way to deal with Used Games... They even HAD to make a video in order to explain it!!

Not to mention that PS4 is $100 cheaper than the XB One... You can get whatever console you want... but if I had to choose, I'd pick the one that doesn't need to "phone home" every day, or the one who can spy on me... because I need to leave the damned spy camera on!! Cause it's cool to say XBOX ON! and it turns on... or talk to the TV... The only time I'd love to talk to the TV is on a Holodeck! Except when it's trying to kill me... then I'd be screaming to it or begging for mercy...

Timey Wimey Spector Bullcrap!

Neitlich-sama is at it again...Now we get how Sir-Laser-Lot was supposed to die and the way Spector saves the day.

Spector was there to infiltrate Grayskull's Preternia MOTU team, become a trusting member of the group and therefore befriend Sir Laser Lot to convince him to come forward in time to train He-Man's son Dare as the new MAA. Together Spector and Laser Lot arranged a plan based on Spector's future knowledge of Sir Laser Lot's heroic death - sacrificing himself into an active volcano to save the planet. Spector arranged to time port in right before Sir Laser Lot hit the lava, hence pulling him into the future without changing his fate in the past. Grayskull and all his MOTU would continue to assume Laser Lot died in the Volcano saving Eternia (by placing a magic crystal inside that cooled the eruption) and Sir Laser Lot's place in history would remain unchanged (from actually dying in the Volcano which is what happened "the first time"). He could now come to the future and help train Dare and have further adventures without affecting the time stream (a very unique situation which the Time Agents spent a long time researching to pull off).

After the FUBG, Spector ported back to the future (leaving Grayskull and his men to assume Spector perished on the field of battle). He would then time port back to Preternia 5 months later to carry out the plan outlined above with Sir Laser Lot. Hence Spector's line in the mini comic refers to completing the initial part of the plan; having made contact with Laser Lot and convinced him to take part in the second part of the plan.
Why does this sound familiar?

Holy crap! Eric Northman is trying to stop Loki from being the Crow? FOCUS!!!
Is Neitlich ripping off Star Trek?  He was called out on it on the He-Man.org forums and here's the Toy Guru's reply:
Actually that is one of the reasons I wanted to spell it out. When I went to see ST and saw that scenes I thought "wow, that is darn close to the whole SLL/Spector story". Figured since there is no animated series to spell out this detailed of an adventure, and with the opening to the new ST being a very similar story, best to get this out there quick before someone else comes along and tells the same story too! A case of minds thinking alike and all I guess! (not that it was that complicated/original or brilliant of a scenario)

As for SLL being named King He-Man's MAA, he was chosen as the best candidate in all of history. Duncan is long dead (see 3rd mini comic) and Clamp Champ is retired his family by this point (his wife was pretty firm he give up the job after there first child was born, hey can you blame her?) So King He-Man helped arrange for the best candidate to be brought to help train his son etc...

I'd post a picture of bovine fecal matter, but that would be a bit crass... I am led to believe that this is pure and unadulterated... you know...

The thing that bugs me is how conveniently close is to the whole Star Trek Into Darkness Scene... So, if he had seen something else we could've had a different scenario?

Replace that with Spector, Laser-lot and a two-seater battle ram

But we're not done!!!

We still have the whole second paragraph to deal with...
So, King He-Man needs a Man-at-Arms cause Mrs. Clamp Champ made her husband quit... (I now kinda want a Mrs. Clamp Champ...), Duncan is dead... Sir-Laser-Lot is dead. He has been for about 49XX years. So He-Man chose of ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE PLANET OF ALL TIME some dude from 5000 years ago? Aside the obvious Geoff Johns made it and TG is a fan of Johns connection, this doesn't make a lick of sense! The correct answer to Who He-Man would pick as his Man-at-Arms was, is and forever will be DUNCAN!!

Seriously, that's like the US Government picking Attila the Hun as the Head of the DoD...

Jun 10, 2013

Odds and ends June 10th

Oh sweet nibblets! Miley's newest pic is um...

O... kay... I'm trying to figure out how to tackle this. In any case this can be chalked up to the whole divorcing the Mouse or something. At least this is better than what Amanda Bynes is going through. I honestly hope that her situation does not end up with a tragic finale. If she indeed needs medical help; I hope she gets it. That's all I am going to comment on Amanda Bynes... Now back to Miley's pic...

I suppose that Maybe she's going to do a cover of this song... I honestly got nothing.

Ice cold Coca Cola? This may be interesting...

"Biodegradable" but wouldn't that ice bottle need cold and sterile storage that would consume far more energy. Also, Ice melts and exposed to your surroundings it could get contaminated... cute gimmick, not fully thought out...

This Sunday, True Blood Returns... I've been so busy reading the GoT books that I completely forgot about True Blood... I'll read the books sometime in the future, cause I've heard the show deviates a lot from them.

Jun 9, 2013


David Hayter is No Longer Snake... Naked Snake, or Big Boss is now Jack Bauer!! or if we're to believe IMDB: Jack Bauer is some guy named Ishmael. I'll go with Jack Bauer = Big Boss, cause it sounds badass and Hideo is a master at Misdirection... as seen on MGS 2: Sons of Liberty

and Big Boss is now part of the Diamond Dogs!?

Although Mr. Sutherland is a great actor, why the change? Unless... Could it be that Hideo is planning a remake of the Original Metal Gear Games and is separating the roles in order to have David Hayter as Snake and Kiefer Sutherland as Big Boss?
I wish... for that AND two more games: Metal Gear Liquid (A normal MGS game) and a Metal Gear Solidus (kinda like Peace Walker, but with Solidus and "recruiting" Kid Raiden)

I really wonder what Kojima-sama has up his sleeves. He's one sneaky and devious man... also a genius whose messages can be VERY SUBTLE
In any case I leave you with this:

Jun 8, 2013

I wonder if Gwen will kick the bucket on Spider-Douche 2

Cause this outfit screams Dead Gwen to me!
Hey! Spidey's wearing a more Traditional Outfit!

Dead Gwen...
But there are no signs of a Goblin on this flick! Norman Osborn HAS TO KILL GWEN!! It's the key piece on the Osborn-Parker secret war... Then again, Captain Stacy needed to die on a Doc Ock Incident... But the Ock-induced death of Captain Stacy isn't AS important as the Goblin-induced Gwen Death... Seriously, if Electro is the cause of Gwen's death, then the writer(s) and Director have no clue on what to do with Spider-Man... There's two things that MUST be a constant in every Spider-Man retelling:
-Uncle Ben's death teaches Peter that with Great Power must come an even Greater Responsibility.
-Gwen Stacy's death is the reason why Norman Osborn is THE Spider-Man villain.
(I'd also say 3: One More Day is and forever will be one Stupid Idea)

Jun 7, 2013

He's not the Beaver they think He is back home, Oh, no,no,no!

He's a Rocket Bieber! Rocket Bieber! Burning out his fuse up here alone!


Am I the only one who thinks that this is a bit too much! Then again, Angelina Jolie, Ashton Kutcher, and Leo DiCaprio are also going to be...

Aside Mr. DiCaprio being in this it seems that the celebrities involved are the ones with a certain degree of doucheness. Methinks this is Celeb filled "space trip" is just an exercise of heedless Hedonism.

 Bieber will try to film a video in space... I think that he should Bieberize Elton John's Rocket Man...
as much as I dislike Bieber and think that it would be an abomination to allow him to do it; the song is appropriate. Besides, it wouldn't be the first time the song was butchered...

Y'know the Videogame crash from the early 80s... and the whole E.T. games being buried on a desert somewhere in New Mexico? Heck even James Rolfe, the Angry Videogame Nerd is making a movie based on the whole E.T. game thing

but that's not what I'm going to rant about... a Studio is going to film a documentary looking for the Buried E.T. Treasure... If we can call that a treasure. Part of me thinks that this will end up being a Geraldo...

I said GeraLdo not GeraRdo

Jun 6, 2013

Action figure woes: Out with the old In with the new!

That tends to be the norm, but it seems that Mattel is trying to push the infamous Nu52MOTU...
They have a poll in which they are asking people if they want:
-New DCU vs MOTU 2 packs based on the Nu52 versions of the characters (for $50)
-single MOTU figures based on the Nu52 (for $25)
-None of these.
Here's the Link

The worst part of this is that Mattel is just trying to shove a square peg on a round hole. On one hand we have Mr. Neitlich saying that they needed to cut back stuff for MOTU (less variants, large scale items, no more vehicles or playsets, etc.) on the other we have the Mini-Masters, now this poll asking for the Nu52 MOTU. So, is it one or the other? My uneducated guess is that this Nu52 may have a different budget than the MOTUC budget. Mattel will probably use the Four Horsemen for this venture... (Not saying that the Mattel Design Team sculpts on Ghostbusters killed the line, but the difference between the 4H's work and Mattel's design team is a bit noticeable on that line) Back on topic! If the 4 Horsemen have to sculpt More toylines for Mattel, that reduces the amount of time dedicated to EACH Figure. Assuming that the Nu52 MOTU figures use the MOTUC buck, then SOME time is saved. There's plenty of Reusable stuff from the MOTUC bucks. If they go with NEW bucks, that means MORE time is needed to work on the new parts. Why do I fear this may be an attempt to oversaturate the Market...

Why not a poll asking for the Already sculpted Battle Ram?
Something like:

Battle Ram Pre-Order:
-Full Battle Ram: ($50-$60 item)
-Only the Sky Sled ($15-$20 item)
-Not interested on vehicles.

Now here's something far more interesting. It's a pre-order so, if the not interested option wins, nothing is made. Also, this is far more "fan-demanded" than Nu52 MOTU.
BUUUUUUUUUUUT! Like the title says, Out with the old, In with the new! Mattel WILL make these Nu52 He-Man toys... or that's what I believe that they'll do regardless of fan-votes. I mean, when Hasbro came back with Marvel Legends, they went straight for the super new designs, not the classic looks... (the 90s Jean Grey seems to be a variant out of 3... I'm surprised they made THAT one!)
So, with this new MOTU Line that may or may not drain resources from Classics, I'm certain that it'll happen to promote the new designs... and the far more sinister movement to change He-Man into something else...

Assuming the worst and this line indeed DOES happen, I hope that they are in scale with the MOTUC toys. Nu52 He-Man v1 is an easy Figure to do: (Assuming they reuse the MOTUC buck)
New head
New Harness
New removable belt (like MOTUC Fisto) with the chainmail.

If they intend to use new non-MOTUC bodies, then they'd have to spend a lot more on tooling...

Also, Blegh! on Extremis Armor He-Man

You can vote on however you feel, but remember this: Yet another He-Man, Skeletor, Man-At-arms while we still have no Horde Troopers, Two Bad, Modulok, Glimmer, etc.

Jun 5, 2013

Casual Gaming is Magic: a My Little Pony Review

I got my hands on a smartphone this weekend so I could play MLP:FIM the game... (only for the weekend, so I can't be playing it FOREVERRRR!!)

My thoughts:
Well... It's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: The Video Game!! It's a Casual game like Farmville or Pet Society... a "Freemium" game. Free to play, but eager to milk your wallet dry if you let it. Also like those infamous Facebook games, you're going to need "Friends"... Spamming their walls in order to complete missions. I normally HATE having to spam my FB friends with games that require growing amount of players to complete missions. I don't like it in here either, but in a game with FRIENDSHIP in the title makes it obvious that I need friends to play with. There isn't THAT much to do... Get ponies, make ponies work on shops to generate money. With money you buy expansions... Clear the darkness set up  by Nightmare Moon, lather, rinse, repeat. With a few touch screen mini games in it.

But instead of a corpse-looking Old Snake you get...

The Doctor is in it... The Big Lebowski ponies are in it, the Mane 6 are in it (duh!), various background characters are in it! (as long as they're from seasons one and 2)

Let's get into the heart of the review: Ratings. Unlike Toys, games go from 1 to 10 because

BUT, like the toys, 1 is crap and 10 is good (cause with 10 the 5 has been doubled!)

They are pretty good, the backgrounds look like they're straight from the show, but the Ponies are 3D!!! and they look good! Although a bit odd, but that usually happens when making the ponies 3D... Look at the BK Ponies, or the Blindbag toys.
I'd say about : 8.0

the Music is very My Little Pony-esque (with an Instrumental rendition of Smile Smile Smile as the game initially loads) Heck! we even get the Once Upon a Time on Equestria theme when starting a new game. Not to Mention that some Ponies Speak... and Spike... WITH THE VOICE CAST FROM THE CARTOON!! The Mane 6, Spike, Celestia's VAs are in it... I suppose that Shining Armor and Cadance's  VA's are in it too since the Canterlot section is most likely to deal with the My Little Pony Royal wedding! (I didn't get to do much in Canterlot)
I'd say 10.0

I'm not too fond of the Casual game angle used for the game... relying on friends and social media to advance is not my cup of tea on gaming... I'm more of an anti-social gamer. There's some touch screen mini games... The one I love the most is the one I hate the most... The Constellation game. I don't know if it's that my fingers are too stubby or if the screen is so small that I mess up often on it.
I'd say roughly a 7.5

I did not count story, cause Casual games have very little story. In this case it's a rehash of the first 2 episodes of MLP: FIM. Nightmare Moon shows up, night will last forever, locate elements of Harmony and restore the day/night cycle... with a Royal Wedding thrown in! I'd say the overall score is an 8.5 which is good for a casual game...

With that said and done, It's a decent game, but not my cup of tea..

Jun 4, 2013

It Came from the Toy chest: I am seeing RED!!

And it's mostly because of the Rage-a-licious Spirit of Hordak. He's like Normal Hordak

Hopefully he'll be available for everyone who wants him...

Jun 3, 2013

And I'm on Team Bow BTW...

A while back I tried an experiment... Part one on the 80s Mattel Twilight-esque romantic Triangle... or more complicated if we threw She-Ra to the mix...

Well, like the title of the rant says: I favor Bow as a better match for Adora.

To be fair, BOTH Bow and Sea Hawk are painted as incompetent in the cartoon... (But Bow got to showcase his uselessness a lot more... except when he made Sea Hawk look way more useless... See the She-Ra Episode the Locket)

I'm siding with Bow... Not cause of Mattel's 80s POP toy canon... nor the fact that Mattel owns Bow, but doesn't own Sea Hawk.

It's quite simple, actually:

Bow is the better man for Adora. Really!

-Bow won't desert Adora... (Unlike certain pirate who roams Etheria and occasionally visits his "girl")
-Bow is not a "bad Boy" in need of "saving" (Most relationships that start with one party trying to save the others are doomed.
-Bow is not AS Selfish as Sea Hawk.

That's not to mention the whole Sea Hawk is a Pirate thing... Wenches in every port, and perhaps he may have a matelot in his ship... Which means that he's very likely to be unfaithful to Adora.
That's not mentioning the whole raiding Etherian ships as a Pirate... 8 years he spent gathering his chest (Anchors aloft)... 8 years of plundering innocent Etherians and taking their possessions... He's almost as bad as the Horde!!

Also, Bow did NOT join the Rebellion to chase tail... unlike Pond Chicken...

Now the WORST thing about Sea Hawk is that he's a Bow Knock-Off!
Not to mention that Bow's VA was Sea Hawk's VA...

-OK Bow has a sidekick who talks him down... Sea Hawk has 2 (Swenn and Davy Jones)
-Bow is a Ginger... Sea Hawk is a Ginger.
-Toy Bow wears a Tiara... Sea Hawk wears a headband
-Bow has a Mustache... Sea Hawk has a Mustache... and a beard!
-Bow is a Robin Hood analogue... Sea Hawk is a Pirate that now robs the Horde to give to the Rebellion... (Not to mention that Sea Hawk has Merry Sea Men)
-Toy Bow's Heart can sense if Adora is in Danger... Sea Hawk has a locket that does the same thing.
Let's Face it... Sea Hawk is first and foremost...

and a gold digger... He's so greedy that he could replace the element of generosity!!

Unless Mattel buys the Filmation cartoons and the rights for said characters, pairing Adora with Bow IS the best option Businesswise AND if we look at both characters, Bow still IS the better option... Not to mention the Original!

Jun 2, 2013

She's still on the Damsel in Distress...

And as always she's working from the conclusion all the way to hypothesis.
Not to mention her yellow journalistic approach to the subject.
Speaking of which, funny how she conveniently saved the Double Dragon Neon Ball Punch of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!! to Part II "to prove her point" yet she was using the game in her first part as she called it "Regressive crap!" I find it funny because she purposely left that out on part one and now is twisting it after a lot of the response videos against her views pointed it out... (I guess that is one of the reasons she delayed 2 months in posting Part II... That's your $150,000+ Dollars at work... Ye who supported her kickstarter!)

Now we move to "Damsel in the Refrigerator" (Combining damsel in Distress and Woman in Refrigerator as if it was the same thing.) Again, she just skims through a list of games that have a female kidnapped or killed... It's funny that she skims through The Godfather: the Game just to show Frankie's death, cause she's a Damsel and completely ignores the whole Don Corleone being a Male equivalent of a Damsel in Distress earlier in the game...

Aaaand she used Grand Theft Auto!! Surprised she didn't mention the hooker trick. Just the GTA 3 Ending with Maria and the gunshot. Even worse she went after Duke Nukem... Picking the easy targets that are known for being irreverent... Funny how she avoided the Metal Gear Solid series... I bet it has nothing to do with them having more Male Damsels/victims than females... also, what kind of serious research is this that she forgot 1997's DAMSEL IN THE REFRIGERATOR!?

Then again, she loves to make mountains out of molehills. Let's see what Damsel part 3 brings... Hopefully she'll not hide behind broad stroke accusations, or use vague terms when making her point... (The vagueness is a shield so people can't refute her POV... pretty clever, huh?) BTW wasn't this supposed to be a 12 part series? Part 2 was supposed to be about Fighting games or the Fighting @#$% toy... as she called it... We're on two, soon to be three videos on the Damsel in Distress. Padding Much?

Jun 1, 2013

I wonder where are Zack and Cody now...

It seems that after that Shark Jumping movie, the Sprouse Twins vanished from the face of the Earth. Aside from the Danimals commercials it's like they never existed... Even there they were sneakily replaced by Bella Thorne...

What? did they punch Mickey in the balls or something?

Ohohohohohoho!! The Mouse is a sneaky devil!! If what Zack Dylan is saying is the truth... that's almost like an 80s Cartoon villain joke!! The Henchman comes with a brilliant plan, the Boss calls it stupid and then the Boss rips off the Henchman's plan and calls it brilliant and that only he could've come up with such a master plan!

I've heard about the Mouse screwing over their actors, but this is ridiculous! While a Third Zack and Cody show would have been redundant, methinks it would have been better than THIS!!

or Jessie... I honestly can't wait for the Topangaborn to start... and hopefully not suck!