Nov 26, 2011

It Came from the Toy Chest: Peeping Tom, Dumpster Diver, Bounty Hunter

Tri-Klops: He seems to be the Jack of all Trades for the Evil Forces of Skeletor!
The first Figure I bought from a reseller... Yeah I know that I'm not a big fan of resellers, but since Mattel seems to avoid reissuing Tri-Klops so "international fans" such as Myself could buy him... Mattel missed out on my money this time. Now onto Tri-Klops:
NO! I will NOT post a gif of Tri-Klops holding He-Man from the Diamond Ray of Disappearance...
Now what can I say about him... HE has 3 eyes... like a Cyclops, but with 3... Tri, clops...
Well, he's one of Skeletor's big five:
Evil Lyn, Trap Jaw, Beastman, Mer Man, and Tri-Klops so that's important. In the new Masters of the Universe Classics he's a Bounty Hunter, some type of inventor/doctor/scientist cause he reprogrammed Faker (after a Dumpster diving session at the Royal Palace) He rebuilt Kronis into Trap Jaw and also is the creator/user of the Doom Seekers. I shouldn't forget his high skill in sword fighting.
His Visor helps him to see great distances, around and through objects AND he can shoot concussive blasts like somebody I know...

Hookay in any case let's get it on with the review:
As you can see, he uses the male buck... He is the originator of the left wrist that Randor, Keldor, Adam, Thunderpunch He-Man, and Hamburglar He-Man use... Speaking of Adam... Pop the Adam head on Tri-Klops' Body and put He-Man's armor on... A little red paint on the Loincloth and swapping the boots with the DCUC vs MOTUC He-Man and you get the closest thing to a Filmation He-Man as you can get in MOTUC...

Now unto the figure himself. Unlike later figures, Tri-Klops' design takes cues from the vintage toy, but is not a 100% replica of the vintage toy in MOTUC scale and Articulation. He gets extra details on his face and Armor that were not on the vintage toy. The only thing from the vintage toy that I miss is the strap on his back to keep the armor a bit steady.

What Tri-Klops brings to the game in MOTUC:
His Sword, a Doomseeker, a Warrior Ring just like the 80s toy... No, I did not take Pictures of the warrior Ring... It's on my TO DO list... Maybe when my Scareglow arrives... The Warrior ring does not fit my fingers, so it went straight to the parts baggie... His sword I already mentioned vaguely in the Weapons Pack 1 Review. Now a DoomSeeker would be something nice to throw in a weapons pack especially in silver.

I think I should move on to the ratings part... 1 = poop and 5 = awesometastic!

Articulation: Nothing new to see here... One partially loose ankle... 4.0
Paint and Sculpt:
I think this figure has ZERO flaws in this department: No visible sops in paint, everything nice and clean... yay. Sculptwise, well the Horsemen went above and beyond expectations: Love the cyber details on the eyes, the kunai on his back are mini TK swords! Heck when the Visor pops off (NOTE: It should not pop off when playing properly with Tri-Klops.) he even has cybernetic parts on his eyes that link to the visor... he kinda looks like Doc Ock without the visor...

I already said, sword, DoomSeeker + Stand and the Grayskull Warrior Ring.
Honestly, the star of the show is the Doom Seeker. Dunno how they Retro-styled it but it works... The Wind Raider color scheme DOES work on it, but personally I prefer Silver... Incredibly enough I am NOT tempted to paint this one in silver... The Warrior Ring... I have to talk about it. It glows in the dark, does not fit my fingers and it opens up a secret compartment that NOTHING fits in it...
Tri-Klops gets a 4.17 that it's not too bad, but personally I think that the Warrior ring is truly a waste of accessory. Sure it's a throwback to the vintage line, but this is something that the toys cannot use.

Nov 24, 2011

Odds and ends: Waiting for Matty's Black Friday Sale

I'm gonna go for Scareglow this Black Friday on Matty... Sadly I have to wait until 4:00, not Noon (or 13:00 for me) but at Midnight Pacific Time... which Translates to 4 AM...In the case of New Yorkers: Big Apple 3 AM...

and this is the music they'll use...

The Hamburglar was retired from the McD Line-up, but there's a NEW Hamburglar in Iowa!
Sadly he surrender himself to the Authorities... I wonder if Officer Big Mac was the one Arresting him...
The guy broke into a McD to make himself a hamburger... Dude! Everyone KNOWS McNuggets are all the rage

You knew this was coming...

Megyn Kelly... is basically clueless. It's a chemical weapon. While it has a similar chemical as one found in some food products, it is NOT a food product... but I'm not going to talk about that...

Now that's an EPIC Burn!! Especially if it comes from Martha Freaking Stewart!

That's all for Today... Roughly 4 hours left until more WSOD for me! Whee!

Nov 23, 2011

Let's get our kettles with warm water and a glass of cold water just in case!

Looks like Ranma 1/2 TV Special is REALLY happening... Here's some clips of it!

Sadly I don't see Ryoga anywhere...

I wonder if the Panty Raider will make an appearance...

I hope Happosai makes it...

Nov 22, 2011

Odds and Ends: Don't stuff the turkey yet!

OK, Thanksgiving's coming and I wanna take a look at some stuff before it happens...
Mattel is FINALLY shipping my BP She-Ra, Swift Wind and Snout Spout...

Stealth Camouflage!? Nope! Chuck Testa! Nope! Chinese guy who makes Camouflage Paintings to render himself almost invisible... Problem is that he has to stand there without moving... DAMN!

Yahoo! caught me off-guard today with a random article: Where's Miley Cyrus Been? The answer is I have no idea what she's been up to ever since she hit the Salvia Bong... (and my assistant follows her on Twitter...) I think I can Find Carmen Sandiego faster than I could Find Miley...

I knew that she did a tour a couple of months ago, but I've pretty much stopped caring since she's no longer on TV and stuff... I guess that Forever being so short helped her slip off the radar... I'm still waiting for the 2012 Hannah Montana Revival tour... or at least Beavis and Butt-head to poke fun at Hannah or Miley...

Now let's move on to more recent and slightly more relevant things: Justin Bieber is getting a Paternity test... just to prove that he did NOT have sex with a girl...

Hey! It's a mandatory Bieber clip for the non Bielebers...
This whole paternity issue would've been better if it had been on Maury:

What she hopes to hear...

What Bieber hopes to hear.

Either way, that girl is screwed... If she DID have sex with Bieber, then it's statutory rape cause she was over 18 and he was... is a minor. If she DID NOT have sex with Bieber, he could sue for defamation of character and stuff...

Stuttgart, Arkansas is a town like no other... There is an obsession...

Yup! Duck Hunting... Apparently that's the Holy Grail of Duck Hunting... To me on the other hand the Holy Grail of Duck Hunting is:

Nov 21, 2011

The Most Obvious Videogame Crossover that still hasn't happened:

Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat... Why hasn't it happened!? I mean Capcom has crossed over with, Namco, SNK and Marvel while Mortal Kombat has battled the DC Universe.
Yet the big two haven't faced each other in a fighting game... (Neither have Marvel and DC but that's a story for another rant...)

Now From the MK Side, we have Ed Boon who'd LIKE to do it... Sadly it seems that the Capcom half ain't ready for a crossover with Mortal Kombat

Now I'm going to state the Obvious: 2 Games... When Capcom and SNK crossed over they did it that way, and they're doing it the same way in SF&Tekken Crossover games. Scorpion's Classic Unmask and Burn could be a nice Hyper Combo in the veins of Dhalsim's Yoga Inferno.
or Liu Kang's MK1 Pirouette Uppercut Fatality could be turned into a Crawler Assault type of Hyper combo.

(Obviously made a bit more over the top since it's a hyper combo)
All that Capcom has to do is make a super cool crossover game, personally I'd prefer if they went with a more crazy and over the top game (like the MVC series) but using old school 2-on-2 matches.

On the other hand Nether Realm Studios' half could go ALL MK with the Street Fighters.
Heck! Some of their Hyper moves could be borderline Fatalities.
Dhalsim's Yoga inferno could work similar to Scorpion's Classic Fatality. The Shun Goku Satsu could be Akuma's Fatality.

Ryu's could be a Shin Shoryuken that slices the opponent... (Story reason, something something dark energies from MK's realm affecting the lighter Capcom Realm characters)

That way everyone wins. Hopefully talks could start once this SF&Tekken thing ends... My guess is that Capcom doesn't want to do it... Street Fighter is more Superior than Mortal Kombat Mentality and all that... While I Prefer Street Fighter over Mortal Kombat, I Definitely think that this crossover would IS more anticipated than Tekken... Cause SNK is now out of the picture.

The closest thing we've got to SFvsMK or MKvsSF was the KAK from MK Armageddon... Now we need this for real!! C'mon Capcom!!

Nov 17, 2011

Marvel VS Capcom 3 made my fingers bleed!!

I went on a ride and fought for the fate of two worlds. Got my butt kicked a LOT of times... Phoenix Wright takes some time to master... Well to be fair I never played MVC3 before... Wasn't going to buy MVC3 with Ultimate MVC3 coming soon... (well it already came, but you get my point... I guess)

I can't stop loving this hyper move (even if it's a huge pain in the ass to set up)
Also I love beating opponents with X-23... (not cause X is an easy character to use, but cause her voice sounds like an angry Twilight Sparkle... yeah, Ponies are my new Hannah)
The game feels familiar, yet different... A LOT Different...
Due to the changes in the controls characters have some older moves switched... This hurt me a lot while playing as Spidey... Looks like I'll have to relearn how to use him before venturing online... They switched the Web swing, but added a nifty Web zip... also the Maximum Spider seems a lot more badass now.
Heck! Even plain vanilla Ryu got a couple of new moves... Yeah, Hadoken guy has some new moves... How about that?

Semi controllable Shinkuu Hadoken!!

Also for a Final boss we get something bigger than Apocalypse:

Bigger Than Cyber Akuma...

Bigger than Onslaught

Bigger and badder than Abyss


It was inevitable... I kinda expected him in MVC 2 but what the heck, The Big G is here (Surprisingly no Silver Surfer...)

I should go more in depth into the review now that I've gushed all over the game... Remember that I NEVER PLAYED the Vanilla version of MVC3... Since this is a game review, the scale is from 1 to 10...

Story: A dimensional rift or something is making the "Capcom Universe" and the Marvel Universe to have people cross among the dimensions. Doctor Doom, being the incredibly nice guy he is, contacts the nicest guy in the Capcom Universe... Albert Wesker... They basically join forces and leech off Energy from Galactus in order for Capcom to invade Marvel and Viceversa... Sadly the likes of Ryu, Spider-Man, Chris Redfield, Captain America, Phoenix Wright, and Wolverine are trying to put an end to this evil plan... Now I'm not so sure if the previous games are in continuity, but that's pretty much the story...
4.5 It's the most coherent set up to have a crossover of this magnitude, but since it's a fighting game... the endings become a non-canonical mess... some of them are incredibly weird and would make sense in the character's universe (Mostly from the Capcom side)

Graphics: Obviously this is a PS3 and XBOX 360 game, so the Graphics, by default are better than a PS2 Game. The good old sprite-based games have been left behind. As a fan of sprite art, I think that this decision sucks. On the other hand, Capcom reuses those old sprites more than Mattel reuses buck pieces... ZING! They went with 3D models cause of SF IV and all that, which helps in making Alternate looks less than simple palette swaps (in some cases) Also the Street Fighter 4 Characters look a bit better in this MVC3 Style than their SF4 counterparts... a bit "cleaner" and more reminiscent of the MVC2 and earlier sprites... but 3D

Hoo boy, where to start: I'll start with the controls. The MVC series has suffered through various changes throughout each sequel.
I shall show them as if they were on a normal arcade joystick with the settings as if they were the ones from the Arcade version (on MVC 1 and 2)
W=Weak, M = Medium, H= Hard, P = Punch, K = Kick, S = Special, and A = Attack

MVC (1)
Traditional Street Fighter Style Controls, if you played Street Fighter, you can play this one quite easily.
WP HP Assist 1
WK HK Assist 2
I guess you have noticed something: "Where's the medium Punch or Medium Kick Button?" well the Assist buttons ate them... you have 2 partners now... you need one button to summon him/her/it on the fly... The Medium attacks still exist in the combos... by pressing the WP or WK.

WA MA Assist 1
HA SA Assist 2
First thing I noticed was that there are no specific punch or kick buttons... What the heck is this SA Button... Special Air Launch... (To start Air combos) This control scheme almost feel like the one from Tatsunoko vs Capcom, but modified to fit the MVC3 style... Simpler, but not necessarily easier... Remember when I said earlier about releasrning how to use Spidey and stuff, this is why.
Old Spidey Web Swing (MVC 1 and 2)
▼◄ Kick
New Spidey Web Swing (MVC3)
◄▼◄ Any Attack (except SA)
If I do: ▼◄ Attack, I do a Web throw...
Ironman's smart bombs changed from a Punch + Kick attack into a Shoryuken type of move (►▼► Punch) which still keeps throwing me off a bit.

It might seem like nitpicks, but after MORE THAN eleven years of having some moves ingrained into our brains by a series of commands, changing the commands DO throw us off...
Once you get that out of the way, the controls are pretty responsive.
and the game is pretty much the same thing we've had since the past 11 years with MVC 2... An insane orgy of flashy attacks in order to drain the energy out of your opponent's bar. As you can see on the previous MVC3 videos, there's flashy, crazy and over the top.
8.5 The changes in controls bother me a bit... Made me shift form an average player to a total newbie.

Sounds/Music: Most of the themes from returning characters (and Capcom newcomers) are remixes from previous themes or from the game they come from. X-23 has some lyrics in her theme, which is kinda weird... First time I heard it I almost crapped my pants.
Voices are pretty good... I think none of the original voices from previous MVC games made a comeback...
Wolvie ain't Cal Dodd anymore... Christopher Daniel Barnes ain't Spidey anymore... Yes Greg Brady, Prince Eric from Little Mermaid are Spidey... Now we have Josh, Spectacular Spider-Man/Young Ocelot Keaton as Spidey, which is OK except his annoying WEB SWING battle cry... Yes, again with the web swing... X-23 is Tara Twilight Sparkle/Timmy Turner/Bubbles Strong... Cause she was X-23 in Wolverine and the X-Men is why they skipped Andrea Libman as X-23...
So, this means that Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie AND Twilight Sparkle have been X-23.
I love Tara's voice but she sounds too much like Twilight Sparkle... Maybe If X-23 sounded more like Pinkie Pie she'd be more Adorable...

On the other hand Jennifer Hale is playing Jean Grey... Dammit! This ruins my chances of having Black Cat in a MVC game... On the Capcom side things are a bit better: The VAs from SFIV and RE5 return to voice their characters. So, aside the annoyingness of Spidey's Web Swing... and X-23 sounding too much like a pissed off Twilight Sparkle, the sound Department gets an 8.0

Fun Factor: (offline) Like I've said before, I'm more of an anti-social player so the online mode does not motivate me much at all... I did got in a few battles online... Beginner's lobby, my ass!
OK, so back to the offline mode. there's the arcade mode, mission mode and training mode (haven't played offline versus... being an anti-social gamer and all that)
SO, arcade is very simple: Beat the crap out of various sets of characters until you reach Galactus and kick his enormous planet eating butt!
Training is where you can practice the moves and stuff.
Mission Mode is like Training mode, but with certain goals...
Offline the game gets a 7.5 While Galactus is easier than Onslaught, some of his moves are a tad too overpowered.

I'm not rating it online cause your mileage may vary.
Now for the overall score of Ultimate MVC 3:
7.4 It's not bad, but for a game that fans have been waiting for 11 years feels like it's missing something... besides Jill and Shuma Gorath... hate that Capcom is once again using Jill and Shuma Gorath as DLC, since they could've just added them to the disc since this is "an expansion" to Normal MVC3.

Nov 12, 2011


Dear Princess Celestia:
I just have noticed that Hasbro is releasing other Ponies aside the Mane Six.
Aside from Cheerielee, I have no idea who those ponies are!
Your Faithful Student that is NOT Twilight Sparkle.

Well, since Hasbro WANTS to make ponies, how about Popular ponies from the show? And maybe a few NON-Ponies... Well, here's my list of My Little Pony Characters that I'd like to see in the Normal Scale with rooted hair... not talking about the Blindbag ponies, cause now they're making more characters there... I recall seeing a Rarity in Blanka colors:

Big Macintosh:
Applejack and Applebloom's eldest brother... He's a Brony... DO I want him?

The one called 'Derpy Hooves' by the Fans: Also known as 'Ditzy Doo' by Hasbro.
Why is 'Derpy' Popular? I think it's the derpy face... She's now the Waldo/Wally in Season 2...

Nightmare Moon/Luna: Yes, I know that Target has a pair of "Canterlot sets" that have a Luna (with a non-rooted hair Celestia), but those Lunas are not accurate to the show. (They're closer to the Season 1 look, but not too accurate.) Maybe a Season 2 Luna with extra pieces to give her the Nightmare Moon Disguise (cause this toyline cannot have any villains... apparently)

While we're at it how about a Princess Celestia that is NOT a Frigging Giant: Oh yeah I went there... Note that I'm NOT asking for a Cartoon Accurate Celestia, which would be even better, but "Retailers" want PINK Celestia... It's too weird That Celestia is as big as Twi's Balloon...

Zecora the Zebra: While not technically a Pony, she is a pretty popular character. Being a mystic Zebra that speaks in rhyme, also was the first target of Pinkie Pie's bigotry... (cause the Pie believed her to be EVIL!!)

The Great and Powerful TRIXIE:
Another character that would be fun to have, but suffers from the Nightmare Moon problem... No "baddies on a girl's line" issue... That's what reduced Catra to a "Jealous Beauty" and made parents rebel against The Misfits from JEM... Truly Outrageous! (Sorry, I HAD to do it!)

Gilda the Griffon: Another Baddie that will most likely NOT get made... Why does everything that has girls as their main audience cannot have bad guys in it?

and at last but not least a character that will NEVER EVER Happen, even if all the bronies in the universe begged for him:

DISCORD!! Probably because he's "evil" and a mismatch set of parts... but Hasbro will NOT do him...

There are other background ponies that would be fun to have, but this list is about those I'd like to see... Sure there's Granny Smith, Snips, Snails, "Doctor Whooves", Truly Toon accurate versions of Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash (with the shorter hair and proper mane/tail colors) or Applejack with the hat and freckles and a Pinkie Pie with more curlier hair... Even Vinyl Scratch aka 'DJ Pon-3'

Nov 10, 2011

It came from the Toychest: Now Everypony can Fly to the Castle

Here's Twilight Sparkle's Twinkling Balloon!

That's how Important it is! It's THE Very first thing you see on the Intro!
It contains
Twilight Sparkle (Minus not Owlowiscious, comb and saddle)
a Cardboard cutout of Rarity
The Balloon...

Great now I'm being mocked by Chicken Pie! LOL

OK... Sheesh! For a Party Pony she sure is Grumpy!

Vehicle reviews can't be the same as a standard figure review, cause it's a frigging vehicle! Luckily we Have 2 Figures in it to Review!
Twilight, you CAN read the detailed Twilight Sparkle review for the single packed Twilight to get more into my thoughts. This Twilight Sparkle gets a different score, due to the different nature of her accessories:
Overall Twilight Sparkle Score: 2.67 (without the Pony Curve) Using the Pony Curve She gets a 3.67 Having Spike and Her Balloon helped her Out a lot! (in the Accessories Department)

Now for Spike! The Missing character or should I call him The New Rainbow... Dash?

Well what can I say about this Baby Dragon?
Articulation: Zilch, Nada, the big goose egg!
Paint and Sculpt: What can I say about the sculpt? He looks pretty accurate (except the whole quadruped pose cause Spike seems to be a bipedal dragon) There are tiny details on his sculpt that are hard to catch on Camera like on his knees, which is kinda cool for a MLP toy (with their soft sculpts and partial lack of detail). The paintjob needed to be 20% cooler. There's a bit of slop on his torso, near his legs. you won't be able to see it unless you grab him, flip him over and look at it!
Accessories: Technically he comes with none but I believe that the Rarity Carboard cut-out is his.

That's why...
I can't officially rate him as a figure since he's pretty much an accessory. A Decently sculpted Accessory to a line of Ponies with 1 POA... He pretty much is like Cringer... As a toy on his own is almost useless, but once you pair him with Prince Adam or in Spike's case, Twilight Sparkle... they complement each other! Also there is something about him that makes me enjoy him... been carrying and playing with him almost non-stop for 9 hours... Heck as I'm writing this review, I'm goofing off with Spike!

Cardboard Rarity Cutout:
It's just used to show the girls that Twilight is meant to go in the balloon...
She is Cartoon Accurate AND Having Rarity IN the balloon is IN Canon... Roll the clip Mr. Awesome MLP Accessory!

I still can't get over Celestia being The Sorceress... Kinda Freaky when I watch 200X...

I think I've delayed the inevitable Long enough! Unto The Balloon itself...
If you've been watching the videos and look at the Toy, you'll notice something...
No, not Spike checking out Rarity... Take a good look at the balloon and at the balloon in the videos...
Trollestia Strikes again!
She switched ALL The colors! But this palette is Less Girly... What is going on!?
As you can see it IS pretty accurate to the show version, colors aside. The only 2 liberties in the sculpt are due to the electronics for the action features. It plays a bit of a melody (MLP based) AND it lights up.

As seen there...
Also it has a cute Telescope for Twilight study Friendship from afar. (Or for Spike to check out Rarity's flank...

Now for the ratings part: Which I kinda skipped on Spike, but HAVE to do with the Balloon itself.
Paint and Sculpt:
The Sculpt is pretty detailed. It IS cartoon accurate but with an extra bit of detail. As I said before, the Only liberties taken with the sculpt were to fit the Electronics. From the bottom of the balloon to the Basket is where the colors are NOT cartoon accurate. The balloon does NOT have slop, but a bit of yellow paint was scratched off one of the stars on the basket, when I accidentally knocked it over... (due to it being top heavy, it tends to fall with the slightest bump.)

While the Balloon is technically an "Accessory" It DOES come with 2 figures. so here we have a 5

Action Feature:
While I normally disregard action features, I can't do that with this Balloon, cause the Action Features are REALLY Important! I'm still trying to figure out if the tune that the balloon plays IS from Friendship is Magic or from an older MLP show... The twinkling lights effect is cool, but the Nightlight option is so Adorable!

I give it 2 FLuttershys in the cuteness scale...
But That's NOT the action Feature's score... It gets a 3. I enjoy the song and the lights are cute, but it's yet another MLP toy with a light and sound trick...

The Balloon gets a: 4
Here's a Pic to show Size Comparison between Spike, Twilight Sparkle, Celestia and the Balloon.

Nov 8, 2011

It came from the Toy Chest: Trying to figure out something witty about NA and MOTU

Flipshot is here! Oops! I mean Icarius is here... Finally we have a Galactic Protector from New Adventures in our shelves! Now we need some 87 Movie characters (like Gwildor, Blade, or Saurod) and we complete ALL the factions in MOTUC... but I'm not here to talk about that: This is Flipshot's time to shine... Screw Legalese, he was is and always will be Flipshot... In your face Battle Fist!
Before I start with Flipshot I want to show you something... Matty has a Create a Character contest... It ends in December, yet they only started to show ads for it on the October MOTUC items... (He arrived in November) so how would that give me to design a character and submit an entry IF the Contest was available to everywhere outside Continental US?
Very Little... We should've been getting this ad since Man-E-Faces!!
With that out of the way let's deal with Flipshot!
Where to start with Flipshot:

He shows up at 0:31 in the video... He's on the far left. and once again at 0:56... he's the second to last on the right.
Alright, he's a space pilot and he can also fly with his wings. Obviously he's like a Futuristic Icarus... but this one does not crash and die!

He also looks like a certain Actor... (Yes, I could've gone the easy route and use a recent picture of him for a joke, but I really want to show that MOTUC Flipshot DOES look like a young Val Kilmer... The same way Bow looks a bit like Cary Elwes in The Princess Bride)
Then again his vintage toy also looked like a certain actor...

But the toy has a vibe from another Toy from another line... (and IIRC not from Mattel)

-Now, What have we learned?
-Icarius is Flipshot
-He always looked like an actor
-Yes! And most importantly
-He's a Pilot from NA
-Right! Now that you know the stuff that makes Flipshot Special, let's hear it!
-Are you quoting Rainbow Dash?
-Uh let's get on with the Review shall we?

(as always 1 = crap and 5 = Awesome!)
Alright! Once we get Flipshot out of the package this is what we have:

At First glance he DOES have a GI Joe vibe, or a Centurions vibe. I'll be honest and admit that the NA visuals were part of what kept me avoiding it for years... So I understand some folks feeling that he looks from another line... Once we get Extendar, Rio Blast and other characters from the Vintage Era that are not Barbarian Looking he will blend in a LOT better! I already talked on how his non-helmeted head looks a lot like Val Kilmer. Some people See Arnold in it, others Jean Claude Van Damme... I'm glad that we don't see Dave Coulier in him... (I hope Hydron Looks like Tom Cruise!!)

The visor is pretty cool, but you have to be careful since it pops off quite easily! It moves up and down, which helps getting the most out of the Helmet head...

OK I lied... You can also get some more if you remove the visor... Heck with some creative part swapping and Repainting you could Make a Megaman out of Flipshot... if NA isn't your cup of tea...
He's GOT A TON of NEW stuff... in tooling parts and accessories! His Winged backpack has two articulation points, so you can adjust the wings. His arm mounted missile launcher has removable missiles AND it kinda functions as a shield when he has no missiles!

As said in the pic, with some creative posing, Mr. Flipshot gets two Melee Weapons! Now this is what I call getting a bang for your buck!

Now with that said here's the ratings:
Standard MOTUC Artic here: Nothing new... Well he has a Bow styled Crotch and the material is very soft, so there IS a decent range of movement for Flipshot! His Torso Armor is very soft and DOES NOT Restrict the movement of the Torso at all... Head Articulation is slightly restricted. (but mostly cause of the way the figures are made... No MOTUC can look forward while flying... yet)
Paint and Sculpt:
Paintwise, Mr. Flipshot has a little bit of slop and a mole on his left cheek (helmet head) but it is Noticeable if you look for it... Also the piece joining the foot to the leg has no paint on it. (The joint is gray while the boot is silver... Not THAT noticeable but it's there...) Now the Sculpt... Not counting the Accessories (Backpack, Weapons) Flipshot DOES have a lot of new parts: The Arms are new, The Crotch and Armor are New, the shin part of his boots are new, the Feet part is reused from Bow...
He's got an extra head, the Arm mounted Missile Launcher, Missiles, Backpack and two extra Missiles... so he's got plenty of stuff AND you can display him with ALL of his accessories including his Extra head if you pose him in a certain way.
He gets a NICE 4.83 I think right now he's gotten THE BEST rating out of all the MOTUC I've reviewed. Including Battle Cat and Panthor!!

A little note before ending the article. FLipshot works a LOT better when displayed in a flying pose. His backpack can be a bit heavy and when posed in some ways it CAN make the figure fall back. Unlike Randor or He-Ro, Flipshot has no Cape to use as a "Third Leg".

Nov 4, 2011

Odds and Ends Nov 4: 2011

Dear Princess Celestia:
This week I learned that the humans are being assimilated into Pony Culture. So much that some of their biggest news publications have talked about it.
Your Faithful Student,
That is Not Twilight Sparkle!

Ho-Ly Crap! The Ponies made it to the front page on the Wall street Journal! Game Informer had a letter with a fellow Brony defending the awesomeness of the show... Yeah it might seem a bit girly but these ponies are AWESOME!!

Sharing Kindness is an easy feat... Fatality!

Bieber denies he had sex... with girl that claims he's the father of her child. I dunno what's worse... The girl claiming that Bieber is the father of her child. Or Bieber having to claim he didn't have sex... with that girl. Cause we're sure he's watching My Little Pony with Selena Gomez... I know that he's been checking out Selena's Cutie Mark...

The next mini article requires a bit of Creativity... I could Go the Easy way with this:

It's not Sam Jackson related, but the clip is related to the Article... It's time for SNAKES on WEIRD PLACES!!
Just what I needed... Snakes on the ATM! Another reason for me to fear some more stuff... First it was Snakes on Grandma's house, then snakes on the toilet, followed by Snakes on a plane, now snakes on the ATM... What's next Snakes on my trousers!? OK I walked straight into that one... Long story short. Guy goes to ATM on Spain, tries to withdraw money,Surprise! It's a Snake! Kinda like in Resident Evil games...

Nov 1, 2011

Take That! Hold it! Objection!

I'm feeling the Phoenix Rising from the ashes, No I ain't talking about Jean Grey... Once again I'm talking about Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: the movie. I vaguely mentioned it in an article with Bear Grylls acknowledging his pee drinking...

Well, the movie seems to be getting made...

My brain exploded twice! when I saw this...

After this Phoenix Wright Business I should take a cold shower... On second thought I should not... More pics can be seen here... There is only one thing that has been a disappointment for me...

Ryoga is probably lost...

Probably lost as well...
Still don't have an idea of what I'm talking about? Ranma 1/2 in Live Action... Luckily it's made in Japan and the Ranma 1/2 WTF factor will probably remain as intact as the budget allows...

Once again I see myself writing something Mattel related... Don't worry Mr. Neitlich, this time it's Barbie Related... Another adult collector barbie stirs up some controversy... She's inked! *Le Gasp!* think of the little children! OK, ass-backwards reactions like this justify the reason why Mattel employees treat their customers like morons...
The Tokidoki Barbie is a Gold Label item... Remember the Twidoll reviews?
The Twi dolls are Pink Label... The lowest of the Barbie Collectible Totem pole...
The Tokidoki Barbie is a Gold Label item... What do these mean?
Platinum Label is the TOP of the Totem. Their production numbers are allegedly less than 1,000 dolls.
Gold Label is the second most valuable level with less than 25,000 dolls. The "Controversial Barbie" is a Gold Label Item... (already sold out on
Silver Label are a step above Pink and they CAN be found on retailers, but not all 50,000 of them... SOME make it to retail...
Pink Label are widely available, but in lesser amounts than normal plain old barbie dolls marketed for girls.

The "Controversy" is just a bunch of people who don't understand the adult collectors and think that because it is released under the Barbie Brand, then it IS for girls.