Nov 26, 2011

It Came from the Toy Chest: Peeping Tom, Dumpster Diver, Bounty Hunter

Tri-Klops: He seems to be the Jack of all Trades for the Evil Forces of Skeletor!
The first Figure I bought from a reseller... Yeah I know that I'm not a big fan of resellers, but since Mattel seems to avoid reissuing Tri-Klops so "international fans" such as Myself could buy him... Mattel missed out on my money this time. Now onto Tri-Klops:
NO! I will NOT post a gif of Tri-Klops holding He-Man from the Diamond Ray of Disappearance...
Now what can I say about him... HE has 3 eyes... like a Cyclops, but with 3... Tri, clops...
Well, he's one of Skeletor's big five:
Evil Lyn, Trap Jaw, Beastman, Mer Man, and Tri-Klops so that's important. In the new Masters of the Universe Classics he's a Bounty Hunter, some type of inventor/doctor/scientist cause he reprogrammed Faker (after a Dumpster diving session at the Royal Palace) He rebuilt Kronis into Trap Jaw and also is the creator/user of the Doom Seekers. I shouldn't forget his high skill in sword fighting.
His Visor helps him to see great distances, around and through objects AND he can shoot concussive blasts like somebody I know...

Hookay in any case let's get it on with the review:
As you can see, he uses the male buck... He is the originator of the left wrist that Randor, Keldor, Adam, Thunderpunch He-Man, and Hamburglar He-Man use... Speaking of Adam... Pop the Adam head on Tri-Klops' Body and put He-Man's armor on... A little red paint on the Loincloth and swapping the boots with the DCUC vs MOTUC He-Man and you get the closest thing to a Filmation He-Man as you can get in MOTUC...

Now unto the figure himself. Unlike later figures, Tri-Klops' design takes cues from the vintage toy, but is not a 100% replica of the vintage toy in MOTUC scale and Articulation. He gets extra details on his face and Armor that were not on the vintage toy. The only thing from the vintage toy that I miss is the strap on his back to keep the armor a bit steady.

What Tri-Klops brings to the game in MOTUC:
His Sword, a Doomseeker, a Warrior Ring just like the 80s toy... No, I did not take Pictures of the warrior Ring... It's on my TO DO list... Maybe when my Scareglow arrives... The Warrior ring does not fit my fingers, so it went straight to the parts baggie... His sword I already mentioned vaguely in the Weapons Pack 1 Review. Now a DoomSeeker would be something nice to throw in a weapons pack especially in silver.

I think I should move on to the ratings part... 1 = poop and 5 = awesometastic!

Articulation: Nothing new to see here... One partially loose ankle... 4.0
Paint and Sculpt:
I think this figure has ZERO flaws in this department: No visible sops in paint, everything nice and clean... yay. Sculptwise, well the Horsemen went above and beyond expectations: Love the cyber details on the eyes, the kunai on his back are mini TK swords! Heck when the Visor pops off (NOTE: It should not pop off when playing properly with Tri-Klops.) he even has cybernetic parts on his eyes that link to the visor... he kinda looks like Doc Ock without the visor...

I already said, sword, DoomSeeker + Stand and the Grayskull Warrior Ring.
Honestly, the star of the show is the Doom Seeker. Dunno how they Retro-styled it but it works... The Wind Raider color scheme DOES work on it, but personally I prefer Silver... Incredibly enough I am NOT tempted to paint this one in silver... The Warrior Ring... I have to talk about it. It glows in the dark, does not fit my fingers and it opens up a secret compartment that NOTHING fits in it...
Tri-Klops gets a 4.17 that it's not too bad, but personally I think that the Warrior ring is truly a waste of accessory. Sure it's a throwback to the vintage line, but this is something that the toys cannot use.

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