Dec 30, 2018

SoulCalibur VI Season pass thoughts...

I caved in and got the Season pass. Hey! I wanted my Sy-Klone to have his 200X hula hoop! I got Tira, 2B, and a few random Create a Soul parts.

People have speculated that the next two DLC characters are Cassandra and Amy IF these rumors are true, then I am disappointed.
Amy and Cassandra have fighting styles too similar to Raphael and Sophitia. I know that ypu will throw on my face my desire to have Rock, but it's mostly due to the "MOTUness"  of his outfits. My gripe is that this is like adding Charlie and Ken when you have Guile and Ryu.

No real new weapon souls added like in Tira or 2B's cases.
A slight movement variety is OK, but, folks like Hwang or Yun-Seong who bring forth different moves and weapons to the game.
Back to Rock, whole similar in some aspects to Astaroth, his weapons are mostly maces, instead of axes. Some of his parts could help make some interesting CaS...
Seems that Lizardman has an axe with shield in the game, so he could be another DLC.

So, where was I? If Cassandra and Amy are the new Characters, they don't bring THAT much to the table.
We then have the new CAS parts... we're getting 50 parts first...
50 new parts kinda sounds like a lot, but let's do Math!

Here's how a body for a CAS is dressed:
Head: hats, Helmets, etc.
Face: Masks, glasses, etc.
Underwear: self explanatory
2 layers for torso:
One layer has some of the thinner armors/shirts
The second has bandoliers, thicker armor, or bulkier outfits.
2 layers for the lower body:
One has the thinner pants and lower leg armors
The second layer has belts, faulds, or skirts
2 layers for the feet:
One is mostly socks and bandages
The second is mostly greaves, boots, and other footwear.
We also have the shoulders, which is mostly pauldrons
We have the hands, which is gloves and arm armor.
We have the neck for capes, wings, necklaces, scarves, etc.
Finally the accessory slots.
13 categories and 50 parts... that's about 3.84 full outfits (assuming the outfits have pieces in all categories)
It could be even kess if we count HAIRSTYLES as additional parts.
That's not counting whatever Cassandra and Amy bring to the table.

Buuut it's not all Doom and Gloom here... When I got the season pass with bith Tira and 2B, some curious new pieces showed up...
One of the new pieces added is a book... a book that if flipped horizontally, reveals a pattern similar to an Iron Cross. He-Man now looks more He-Manly in Soul Calibur VI.
Assuming the uocoming parts are more era appropriate and not Modern era outfits like the Japanese schoolgirl swimsuit, then it would be a win.

So far, I'm feeling closer to ripped off more than anything.

Dec 29, 2018

Miley married Liam Hemsworth... don't tell my achy breaky heart!

Miley is all grown-up now and even got married to Animal Hero/ Thor's little brother, Liam. What can I say?
Option A:

Option B:

I'll take Option C!

She deserves a shot for happiness, especially after losing nearly everything in that fire. Not to mention that there is no doubt that Liam actually loves her, with the whole risking his life to save her pets. How many people you know that would do that?

Yes, here at the House of Rants we all mocked Milrey's erratic behavior as she was trying way too hard to dostance herself from Hannah Montana. With that said, we all are cheering her on, now that she is not going for shock value. Congrats to the newlyweds!!

I feel you, Billy Ray...

Macaulay Culkin is changing his name.

Remember Macaulay Culkin?

  He's changing his  nmiddle ame and he asked the internet to pick one. And the internet has disappointed me... they chose...

Macaulay Culkin as his middle name. He will be Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin.
Seriously!? His middle name should have been Culkin Macaulay!! That way he'd be Macaulay Culkin Macaulay Culkin! And we could call him Mac Squared! But he's now Mac Mac Cul Cul... (French speaking people may have some fun with the Cul Cul part.)

But at least he's not going to be called Ab-City or Squire Sebastian Senator! Yes, I went there!

Dec 27, 2018

Mattel lost the DC license to SPINMASTER? also thoughts on Bumblebee

Spinmaster? Really? Of ALL Companies, Mattel lost the license to Spinmaster? What the Hell does Spinmaster do?
Bakugan... Erector? heh heh... Erector! Etch-a-Sketch... These guys don't make Action Figures!!
First Mattel lost the Disney Princesses line. Now DC... If they lose WWE all they'll have is Barbie, Hot Wheels and shitty board games. I don't know if Spinmaster is up to task, especially on the collector's market.

But there was a scarier bit in the article... License Renewals for Star Wars and Marvel are coming and Mattel is eyeing them...

KEEP MATTEL AS FAR AS POSSIBLE FROM MARVEL AND STAR WARS... If you think Hasbro has done bad things with ML... Just imagine Mattel. Worse distribution, worse QC... MORE CORNERS CUT AND LESS ACCESSORIES!!

Bumblebee was actually good... Lots of nods to G1... Ratchet, Wheeljack, Arcee, Cliffjumper, Soundwave, Ravage, Shockwave, Optimus, The Seekers, Bumblebee and others actually looked like detailed versions of their G1-selves. Hell, the first 5 minutes of the movie makes up for 5 craptacular Bayformers movies. We have Optimus Prime kicking ass and begging for The Touch... (song appears later on the movie.) Not to mention references to Judd Nelson, who voiced Hot Rod in the last Good Transformers movie until Bumblebee.

The bad parts of the movie were establishing a connection to the failure that is Bayformers... John Cena sounded Surprisingly good... I didn't see him, but I heard him. Do yourself a favor and GO WATCH BUMBLEBEE!!

Noelle Stevenson is afraid of He-Man... Good!

She is choosing to stick with She-Ra... (Shame that she isn't leaving her alone as well.)
She finds He-Man too "challenging" for her. So for now he is safe. I make emphasis on for now, because whether a Mattel, or Dreamworks decision could still force her to have He-Man in it.

I find the whole "He-Man being Challenging" thing absolute crap! Think about this:
What she is doing to Adora is LITERALLY ripping off the Neitlichverse and replacing Adam with Adora.

Adam is the spoilt prince living a sheltered life who is FORCED to take Responsibility when he is chosen as the bearer of the Power Sword.

Adam is a goofball... Before gaining the power and after carrying the burden of He-Man (It's a bit of an act, but the core Adam is a goofball in a position of power) He is the one who CAN AFFORD to act irresponsible, seeing that the Royal House of Eternos IS THE STATUS QUO. Adam as He-Man defends the Status quo from a Rebellion lead by the Tyrant Skeletor.

Adora, sheltered, but raised in a Highly Militaristic environment, is supposed to be a no-nonsense pragmatic person... One whose life got flipped turned upside down and now has to "redeem herself" from the "sins of her 'father'".

Yet, Noelle Stevenson's Adora behaves far more Adam-like than Adam.
Adam is the one who would freak out because of a HORSEY!! Not Adora.

But I can see the "Challenge" Noelle would face if she's FORCED to bring Adam/He-Man to the mix. Since Adora has Adam's personality, then Adam would have to be the no nonsense tough guy who WILL BE SEEN AS PROBLEMATIC by Noelle and Company. "Toxic Masculinity" yadda yadda... And I'm pretty sure that Mattel wouldn't risk having her mischaracterize He-Man as a bumbling moron, because that's entirely theirs and not She-Ra whose creation was closely tied to Filmation. (with Dreamworks currently owning the rights)

Want to know a secret? The more difficult one to write is She-Ra. Think about it. Stories of Redemption with a character who is a proverbial "fish out of water" are harder to write than Teen Protagonist hero story. But for now we can rest easy knowing that Adam/He-Man won't be tainted.

Dec 25, 2018

Christmas is already over...

Yeah. Something something Shenmue clip Nozomi is going to Canada, eh?

So, Christmas... It's a different thing being on the giving than the receiving end. Seeing the kids smile with Glee as they open their presents is a wonderful thing. Especially if the kids are playing with the Mattel poop game. No really off all the presents everyone fell in love with the Mattel poop game.

I got the holiday He-Man; he will come out of the toy chest soon! Give me some time; I was spending some Christmas quality time with family.  You know I even shaved my head like Vin Diesel. I was like family and all that... okay I didn't shave my head but you get the idea.

Tis the season to be jolly and all that but sometimes I feel we adults are a bit too cynical. I don't know if it's because I'm a kid at heart or if my mind is more in tune with a child's mind that the presents and family fill me with joy...
It could simply be that maybe but I need more affection than you know. (KH reference in reverse)

Now that Hans Gruber fell; Harry and Marv where arrested Batman stopped the Penguin and Gizmo screwed everything up  after getting wet... Christmas is over. Here at the house of France we hope that you have had a very Merry Christmas or Happy Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, hearth's warming eve or whatever you celebrate! If you're Bison well it's Happy Tuesday!

Dec 24, 2018

It Came from the Toy Chest: Back in Black

not mine
I wanted to end the Advent Calendar with something Amazing... but my Package has been stuck in Departed from Ellenwood Ga. since the 10th...
and Doing Rain Smoke or Ermac would literally be copy pasting the past Ninja Reviews and only switching the accessories part.
So, Symbiote Spidey whose original pics were lost after the accidental reformatting that also cracked my camera screen... (The camera is as old as The House of Rants itself... or maybe a few weeks older)

So: Secret Wars was an event where Spidey got a new suit based off the Spider-Woman outfit, because reasons. The Outfit ended up being alive and then we got a buttload of cheap knockoffs of the living suit... Seriously, there is a Carnage Norman... I know there was a Carnage Ock, but Ock superior... Norman inferior.
Spidey: Whee!
suit: Soon I'll make you mine!

Like Ben Reilly before him and Pizza Spidey or the Spider-Armor Mk IV. He has a decent range and can pull off most of the MVC poses. The lack of boot cut bother me a little.

Paint and sculpt:

A bit of slop on the spider, but that's basically one of the 4 areas that needed paint.
His sculpt is functional... being a bare buck in black has its uses.

Peter: Say, MJ... Does this make my
ass look fat?
MJ: Take off that disgusting thing, NOW!
I've told you that suit brings forth the
most unsavory characters!
Peter: You mean like Venom?
Mephisto: Hello neighbors!
extra crawling hands
Sandman alternate hands.


4.0 for the black suit Spidey. I don't need a long winded explanation on how he works, but a few nitpicks made him far from perfect.

I know this year it kinda ended in a whimper. I blame myself for accidentally ruining a couple of days work when my SD Card got accidentally reformatted. If 2019 allows me to have a bit of economic growth, I might attempt a better advent calendar... If not... Well, some things may come out of the Toy Chest a lot later than expected...

It Came from the Toy Chest: Shocker... NOT THAT SHOCKER!!

not mine
I'm talking about the one that wears a huge yellow and brown quilted uniform so he can be padded against the vibrations coming out of his wrist gauntlets... Oh God! I made it worse!!
I mean Herman Schultz! Marvel Villain, mainly has a thing with Spidey.

He's often used as a jobber or an underling to a bigger boss.

Shocker: I don't think so, Webhead! I upgraded my shock units
to make them more powerful and irritating to the symbiote!

He has a decent range of articulation here. Good enough for Shocker.

Paint and sculpt:
They painted the pins on his legs but not his arms. His Quilting is not sculpted, but painted on. Heck even his belt is painted... At least they sculpted the kneepads and gauntlets. Oh yeah he reuses the Cyke buck...


BAF Piece
shock effects (same as Silver surfer)


Shocker gets a Shocking 3.5 as his final score, which isn't bad... He needs to be 20% cooler....

Spidey:, Miss Watson; what's your favorite?
MJ: *blushes* The Shocker...
Shocker: I'm someone's favorite villain? Wow! I feel
so honored!
Spidey: Herman, we're not talking about supervillains...
Shocker: Oh... Oh! Well looks like I'm hitting Home Depot and
buy 6 feet of rope...
Nefty: Wow... this got Really dark here!

Dec 23, 2018

Kim Possible? looks more like Cringe Possible!

can't believe it's not butter and that the Kim Possible TV movie looks like a bad TV movie.

The reception hasn't been good... it makes the Eill Smith Backlash or that Disney is likely to reboot Star Wars seem tame in comparison. But yeah, Kimmy looks bad... No Rufus... bad effects. I think I'd rather watch Jaden Smith Karate kid sequels than this...

Dec 22, 2018

it Came from the Toy Chest: Fugitive Droid is a better doctor than Jodie Whittaker

Because the 2012 series Fugitroid was the Tenth Doctor... now known as Scrooge McDuck!

Clip from Tennant's Fugitoid... Yes he references That... and THAT!

so Fugitoid... Let's get cracking!

This is a Playmates Figure and Articulation is nearly non-existent.
Head rotates on a pin.
Shoulders and thighs are on a 180 degree hinge that rotates on a pin giving us a pseudo ball joint range.
"Boots and gloves" rotate on a pin.

paint and sculpt:
He is molded in white plastic that has a hint of pearlescent sheen to him abd everything else is painted.
The paintjob is NOT show accurate. I might get a second one to chrome paint the hell out of it...
What little is painted has no slop... BUT is not show accurate... Luckily the sculpt is.


If I ignore his lack of accessories, he gets a 3.75 as his score. If I TAKE THAT INTO CONSIDERATION, then his score decreases to 2.5 and that's not bueno! He works best with the 2012 Turtles, but if you lack a Fugitoid, he kinda works with NECA's Comic TMNT, 2003 TMNT, 1987 TMNT, Figuarts TMNT, but not the NECA Movie TMNT...

Dec 21, 2018

It came from the toy chest: We seriously NEED a Johnny Cage...

not mine
I am finally reviewing Goro...

Because Mortal Kombat, bitches!

Goro, Prince of the Shokan, undefeated Champion of Mortal Kombat... All he needs is one more victory before Earthrealm becomes absorbed by Outworld.

He was defeated in Mortal Kombat. He came back a few times until he died in Armageddon and the timeline was reset. I mention this because this is Klassic Goro.

He's got the Standard Storm Collectibles Articulation... but with 2 extra arms.

Paint and Sculpt:
He Looks and feels like Klassic Goro. If you want an Honest to The Elder Gods MK1 Goro, just remove the bracelets. His paintjob is pretty sweet. Especially on his back. Tiny nitpick his Ponytails don't want to stay on his head.

8 extra hands
Extra head
Extra Ponytail
2 Fireballs
Stand for Fireball
We really need Johnny Cage!


OK, so Goro got a 5.0 as his final score. What can I say about him. He IS an AMAZING Figure. We also have an idea on how Kintaro will look like.

did I mention he is HUGE?

Dec 20, 2018

It came from the toy chest: can't put the title here... language

Because Mattel is selling shit... no really Mattel is selling us a board game about shit where you plunge the toilet until the shit comes out.

Saw this shit the other day. Bought it and played the shit out of it...
So let's begin to review this shitty game that sucks ass...

The Object of the game is to have the most tokens when they run out...
Allow me to demonstrate with a pictorial... no videos because it's 3 AM in the morning and my booming voice can cause disturbances with neighbors...

So this is how you play:

Once Assembled and the turd is loaded, you put the die in and flush.

Once the Die pops out, you plunge the times stated by the die.

If nothing Happens, the next player takes a turn... After a certain Amount of pumps... The shit jumps!

IF you catch the shit in the air, like in the sample pic; you get TWO Tokens. If shit hits the floor, it's a free for all. Grab the poop get ONE Token. Whoever has the most tokens when they run out, wins.

Best part about the game is that it holds everything pretty neatly. I'm gonna put a piece of cardboard to block the die and avoid losing it.

Odds and ends December 20th 2018: Smith and Ribeiro edition

It's like a mini Fresh Prince reunion here... But OG Aunt Viv ain't invited because of the Fresh Douche of Agrabah...
Well... what can I say about this... The Dude playing Aladdin is on his late 20s, but looks like he's in his mid thirties. Jasmine looks like a Teenager (with attitude... get it? Because she was the pink GuyverStark Ranger... huh? Huh?)
It's Barbaric, but hey it's home!
Then we have Jafar, who people have been saying he's  hot... Which kinda defeats the purpose of Jafar... But let's talk about the Elephant in the Room...

No Spike, not that Room...

Not that Elephant either....
I am talking about the Disney Channel Original Movie Genie butchered by Will Smith. Did I do a rant on Kim Possible? I'll check out later...

The Genie is a slave... played by a black man, who will Literally be a "Magical Negro"... AGAIN!! (The Legend of Bagger Vance, and Hitch are his previous times as a Magical Negro.) Speaking of Hitch... Smith's Genie is said to be one half Hitch, other half being...

Can you smell the stench of failure already?

Well, let's keep punching up at Will Smith's ego.
He's got an animated feature going on and...

He plays a freaking talking Pigeon... in a Blue Sky Studios film... the people who have overflowed the talking animal movie market... with 20 million Ice Age movies is making yet another movie about talking animals... unenthusiastic yay.

The Carlton dance... is in Fortnite and apparently Epic Games is being sued by pretty much the creators of every single "unique" dances due to the gamemakers profiting from these dance moves that in some cases are closely linked to "Celebrities".
There is a lot of legal mumbo jumbo and I'll watch from the sidelines...

Dec 19, 2018

it Came from the Toy Chest: I am NOT a clone, bub!

lost a lot of pics so no MOC pic...
I am his daughter and I'm even better at what he did and that stuff ain't nice!
Yes, I'm doing another Laura review... Feeling a bit like Urkel with all this Laura Chasing...
All we need is Riri!!

She's no longer a clone, but his daughter... she now has clone sisters and I think most of them died or something. She is now Wolverine, because Logan died... but he's back or something... not sure if she's still running as Wolverine or if she went back to X-23.

She cannot any side to side movement with her ball joint torso... Everything else is standard Female buck articulation here.
X-23: Dad, I'm ready for my Clone Date!
Wolverine: No Clone daughter/Sister of mine
is going out looking like a floozy!
Ben: When you say it like that it sounds
SUPER Creepy... in an
"I Hear Banjos Paddle Faster"
kind of way!
Wolverine: GO CHANGE!!

Paint and sculpt:
My Laura has a huge chunk of yellow paint missing, but is covered by her belt. The yellow was sloppily applied to her boots.
Hate the windswept hair on her masked head. At least it isn't as bothersome as her X-Force version.

BAF Piece
Unmasked head
I won't count the removable claws. Losing them in shag carpet is a bitch.
Wolverine: Wou're wearing my Astonishing Outfit?
X-23: Do I look hot in it?
Ben: (Don't pop a boner, don't pop a boner!)

Laura gets a 3.5 as her final score. She's a bit of an improvement over X-Force Laura, but bad QC is getting in the way of a better score for her.

Dec 18, 2018

It Came from the Toy Chest: Deadpool with Boobs

The third and Final Deadpool from this wave (Sauron) is Lady Deadpool. Deadpool, different Earth, but with Boobs...

And don't think you've gotten rid of me because of my Female body...Oh no, not you too!

Oh yes, yes me!

Golden Girls?

Try Star Wars Holiday Special!

Just one more round, friend,
Then homeward bound, friend.

Ben Reilly: Is that Deadpool with boobs?
Cyclops: It looks like it...
Lady DP: A Penis and a blonde Andrew Garfield!
This is my lucky day!
Ben: I've been told I look like a younger Tobey Maguire.
Cyclops: Nah! You look like an older Tom Holland.

Wanda is on one of the Standard Female bucks. It's Definitely NOT Psylocke's. It has a decent Range of Articulation. The hair doesn't hinder the articulation.

Paint and Sculpt:
Lady DP: I'm gonna give you head...
pool that is...
Ben: Just turn me into a jiggle sandwich.
Cyclops: BEHOLD! OPTIC...
Wanda like I mentioned is on a standard buck and her belts are what give her some pizzazz. She's simple, yet it suits the character. Sadly she lacks holsters for her blades.

2 Swords
Clear Stand
Headpool (The Marvel Zombies Deadpool.)

ALL The "Anime Hyperdetail is here!
Wanda and Headpool get a 4.67 as their final score. The Deadpool coprs. keep growing. Dogpool will come with the DP Scooter. Now we need Kidpool. The weird part is that Theoretically Speaking, she's the plainest of all 3 Sauron Deadpools. What puts her over the edge is looking nice for a Hasbro figure... The Marvel Select is far much more detailed, but this is Marvel Legends and Hasbro has mastered the art of shared bucks...
Also, my camera accidentally reformatted the SD card... Lost my PRCC2018 pics, which weren't many and over 50 upcoming It Came from the Toy Chest pics... Namely Goro, The rest of the Sauron Wave...

Dec 17, 2018

Odds and ends December 17th 2018. Miley Cyrus, Macaulay Culkin, and Aquaman

So, you know the recent wildfires in California, right? Former Queen of the House of Rants, Miley Cyrus lost nearly everything in that fire. On-again-off-again not sure if I should call him Boyfriend or Special Friend who helps Miley, Liam Hemsworth  (who whoever is making MOTU should get Play He-Man just to Spite Chris for rejecting the role) saved all of her pets and Miley gave him a reward...

So here at the House of Rants we all salute Liam Hemsworth for his heroic acts of saving animals...
Spike and I are wondering What special act was the reward.
Spike made a reference to Kingsman The Secret Service.
I am more civilised and chose Backstage Pass for a Hannah Montana concert... a Kingsman The Golden Circle.
All jokes aside, it's pretty awesome that Mr. Hemsworth did all that for Miley. How many girls can say that their boufriend went in and do some movie heroic acts in real life to save a ton of animals.

Macaulay Culkin... want to know w what he's been doing?

Besides Brenda Song, Spike! I mean acting gigs...
Well... He teamed up with The Angry Videogame Nerd for this year's Christmas Episode... This definitely beats The Nostalgia Critic getting Dante Basco, Greg Sestero, or Nara Wilson for Nostalgia Critic Episodes...

I wonder how the dollar store knockoff, Chris Bores (me to death) the Second Rate... I mean Irate Gamer will copy this...

Saw AquaMomoa... It was entertaining. It kind of felt like I was watching The Lion King starting roughly around the time Can You Feel the Love Tonight starts to play. Kind of Crossing it with Moana I know it's a weird mix Lion King on Moana but that's the best way I can describe the movie without any spoilers.
The weakest points of the movie were Amber Heard who was basically a piece of eye candy. Her acting was a smidge better than Brie Larson showing slightly more emotion than Kristen Stewart but it still wasn't that great.

Jason Momoa was super entertaining but he wasn't playing Aquaman; he was playing it once again Jason Momoa.

Visuals very great and they got a decent adaptation of the Black Manta outfit I got to give him props for that also I have to give props to Willem Dafoe with his performance as Vulko and that outfit was the closest we'll ever get to see Dafoe in an actual Green Goblin.

The movie was fun and entertaining. While it dealt with dark themes it wasn't like Batman dark. The further Warner Brothers on DC moved from Zack Snyder the better their movies will be I mean look at Wonder Woman the upcoming Shazam which it's going to be a riot.

It Came From the Toy Chest: Wade just discovered Netflix...

But is disappointed at the lack of Golden Girls on the service.

YOU LOVE The Golden Girls!?

Yes, Wade... I Do. I mean, the Talents of Betty White, Rue McClanahan, Estelle Getty, and Bea Arthur bring some joy to my heart in this bleak world.

When I Kill you, I'll make your death as painless as possible...Or, we could watch The Golden Girls Together... I can be the Rose to your Dorothy. Mostly because I'm not cool enough to be Sophia or as slutty as Blanche.

Hurry up with the review so we can start the GG Marathon! I'm wearing my comfy GG watching outfit...Wade, you're missing a sock... Oh... Nonononononononono!! No monkeys shall be spanked while watching The Golden Girls.

You don't know what you're missing...Wade, knowing you you'll want me to look at your junk and I don't want to be scarred for life anymore... I mean I'm having a conversation with an Action Figure based on a Comic Book character as if he was a real person...

You know you wanna look at my junk... It's the Traffic accident effect!

Surprisingly enough, for a dude wearing Boxers he's pretty articulated. His upper body is the same as NOT Ryan Reynolds

Do we have to mention the Green Douchebag here?

Don;t make fun of Detective Pikachu... Anyway, 4.5

Paint and Sculpt:
The reused upperbody isn't as cool, BUT the Magic is below the waist... 

That's what she said!

Let me finish, PLEASE! THE REVIEW!! Don't try to make any jokes about my ill chosen words.
The brand new sculpt on the boxers, scarred legs, sock and fuzzy slippers (that may be a separate part from his feet.) look amazing! The grenades on his belt could've used some paint.

Gun that doesn't fit his holster and a bigger gun...
Not to mention the Yuuge Sauron Torso.

Deadpool and Chill gets a 4.33 as his final score. If his smaller gun was the one that was meant for that holster, he would've been a lot better.

Dec 15, 2018

It Came from the Toy Chest: X-Force Deadpool!!

I got him on a KMart Moonlight Madness sale in addition to Shop Your Way Rewards points...
Again, I must disclose that The Sears Holdings Corporation is NOT paying me for the review.
I'm mentioning why I got the character that I said I would not buy. Now I have a spare Sasquatch head... but whatever.

He's Deadpool in Grey... Because X-FORCE!! And he was kinda needed because of the Sasquatch head.

Unlike the Red Wade filler figure, this Deadpool lacks the Butterfly Hinges on the torso which reduces his Articulation a little bit. Other than that he has a decent to great range (Butterfly joints help with sword poses.)

Paint and Sculpt:
He's painted like Deadpool, because he IS Deadpool but in grey. He's on a normal buck and the belts enhance his spandex look. (one good thing to come out of Liefeld... Bazinga! Oh god! I just quoted BBT! Wade kill me after the review is done!)

A Gun
A Rifle
A BAF Piece
2 Katana

X-Force Wade gets a 4.33 as his final score. He's a decent figure and my issues with him are mostly nitpicks... The Blue Gun with Orange Tip is funny.

It Came from the Toy Chest: More Wade... This time he's an "X-Man"...

Or so he claims...

Whoa! Hold it right there, Tubby! I'm an X-Man! READ MY SHIRT!

Just because you wrote X-Men on it doesn't make you an X-Man. Nor stealing a Training Uniform and Cyclops's Gloves and boots!

But I even have an X- Belt...Nope! Still not an X-Man... Heck! I even have an expert... Fellow Countryman of yours and he's inside you... short angry and Stabby. He said: "Wade ain't an X-Man, bub!" Now shall I continue with the Review?

OK, so Deadpool disguised as an X-Man is that... a Filler Figure of the Sauron Wave. The only good thing about him is the Madcap head and hat...


Search your feelings, you know it to be true.
Wade is in a familiar body, Kaine's... and he can do whatever a Spider can, which means more articulation than normal Deadpools!

Paint and Sculpt:
The dark blue paint at the edges where his torso was sonic welded together has rubbed off. Other than that he looks fine! The rsude of the Kaine body gives wade a sleeker appearance, while keeping his bigger than Spider-Man body.
He's most likely pure reuse, aside the new Madcap Head and Hat... Wonder if this is a hint...

Overused Katanas
Madcap hat
Madcap Head

This Wade gets a 4.5 as his score, which is Pretty Decent for a Filler Figure. I don't think he'll end up on my shelf, unless I use him as Placeholder Madcap mocking DP.

Dec 14, 2018

It Came from the Toy chest House of Morons Spider-Man.

House of M was a bad crossover event to eliminate Mutants and This is the Spider-Man from this Sub-Dimension for the event. I don't care about House of M, so screw the details... I got him to complete SP//DR in order to make a Shinji get in the robot Reference. Avoiding the Pete Making yogurt for MJ reference and why did I have to think of that while eating ACTUAL Yogurt!!!

His body is the Pizza Spidey, same buck as Ben Reilly, Symbiote Spidey and Lasher, just to name a few figures. He can stick to Spidey Poses and look GOOD!! But he can't do a Van Damme split...

paint and sculpt:
For what it is, it works... Did I mention how much I hate this design? Because I hate it!!
I might steal his head with 3D sculpted lenses for my Pizza Spidey, while the reds don't perfectly match, I don't care.

BAF Piece
Web Line
No extra hands. Dude needed a gripping hand to hold on to his web line


I don't care about him but he got a 3.83 as his score because his foundation is solid...

It Came from the Toy chest: Dead ex-girlfriend now super-powered Jailbait!

Camera is behaving like Potato
I am talking about a Gwen Stacy from a Parallel Earth, the infamous Spider-Gwen. An underage, spider-powered Gwen who is very much alive and did not have freaky sex with Norman Osborn...


A borrowed concept from an old What If? story and NOT Created by Robbi Rodriguez (a guy who sent pictures of his taint to people "he didn't like" on Twitter. Also designed the Costume... More on that Later.) And This is the Into the Spider-Verse version which was being sold loose on eBay (not being sponsored)

Same buck as May, Ultimate Spider-Woman (a clone of Peter Parker), Anya... I believe Jubilee is in a modified version of this buck. Same problems as past figures... Can't pull off decent Spider-poses.

Paint and Sculpt:
This is a Into the Spider-Verse version so, her paints are SLIGHTLY different from normal Spider-Gwen. She now wears Ballet Slippers because reasons and there is no signs of her being spidery aside the mask and some webbing pattern on her arms. Otherwise she looks like a normal Olympic Bobsledder... Insert Cool Runnings reference here. I don't see Yuuge paint issues on mine. Maybe some iffy web lines in her hood that is covered by her hair when using the Gwen head.

Gwen Head
Alt. Hood
Web line
Sadly Hasbro doesn't believe in alternate hands for Spidery females.


Jailbait Gwen gets a 3.5 as her final score... But now I have a Gwen Stacy... waiting for Spiderverse Uncle Ben Spider and Aunt May Spider...