Dec 18, 2018

It Came from the Toy Chest: Deadpool with Boobs

The third and Final Deadpool from this wave (Sauron) is Lady Deadpool. Deadpool, different Earth, but with Boobs...

And don't think you've gotten rid of me because of my Female body...Oh no, not you too!

Oh yes, yes me!

Golden Girls?

Try Star Wars Holiday Special!

Just one more round, friend,
Then homeward bound, friend.

Ben Reilly: Is that Deadpool with boobs?
Cyclops: It looks like it...
Lady DP: A Penis and a blonde Andrew Garfield!
This is my lucky day!
Ben: I've been told I look like a younger Tobey Maguire.
Cyclops: Nah! You look like an older Tom Holland.

Wanda is on one of the Standard Female bucks. It's Definitely NOT Psylocke's. It has a decent Range of Articulation. The hair doesn't hinder the articulation.

Paint and Sculpt:
Lady DP: I'm gonna give you head...
pool that is...
Ben: Just turn me into a jiggle sandwich.
Cyclops: BEHOLD! OPTIC...
Wanda like I mentioned is on a standard buck and her belts are what give her some pizzazz. She's simple, yet it suits the character. Sadly she lacks holsters for her blades.

2 Swords
Clear Stand
Headpool (The Marvel Zombies Deadpool.)

ALL The "Anime Hyperdetail is here!
Wanda and Headpool get a 4.67 as their final score. The Deadpool coprs. keep growing. Dogpool will come with the DP Scooter. Now we need Kidpool. The weird part is that Theoretically Speaking, she's the plainest of all 3 Sauron Deadpools. What puts her over the edge is looking nice for a Hasbro figure... The Marvel Select is far much more detailed, but this is Marvel Legends and Hasbro has mastered the art of shared bucks...
Also, my camera accidentally reformatted the SD card... Lost my PRCC2018 pics, which weren't many and over 50 upcoming It Came from the Toy Chest pics... Namely Goro, The rest of the Sauron Wave...

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