Dec 24, 2018

It Came from the Toy Chest: Back in Black

not mine
I wanted to end the Advent Calendar with something Amazing... but my Package has been stuck in Departed from Ellenwood Ga. since the 10th...
and Doing Rain Smoke or Ermac would literally be copy pasting the past Ninja Reviews and only switching the accessories part.
So, Symbiote Spidey whose original pics were lost after the accidental reformatting that also cracked my camera screen... (The camera is as old as The House of Rants itself... or maybe a few weeks older)

So: Secret Wars was an event where Spidey got a new suit based off the Spider-Woman outfit, because reasons. The Outfit ended up being alive and then we got a buttload of cheap knockoffs of the living suit... Seriously, there is a Carnage Norman... I know there was a Carnage Ock, but Ock superior... Norman inferior.
Spidey: Whee!
suit: Soon I'll make you mine!

Like Ben Reilly before him and Pizza Spidey or the Spider-Armor Mk IV. He has a decent range and can pull off most of the MVC poses. The lack of boot cut bother me a little.

Paint and sculpt:

A bit of slop on the spider, but that's basically one of the 4 areas that needed paint.
His sculpt is functional... being a bare buck in black has its uses.

Peter: Say, MJ... Does this make my
ass look fat?
MJ: Take off that disgusting thing, NOW!
I've told you that suit brings forth the
most unsavory characters!
Peter: You mean like Venom?
Mephisto: Hello neighbors!
extra crawling hands
Sandman alternate hands.


4.0 for the black suit Spidey. I don't need a long winded explanation on how he works, but a few nitpicks made him far from perfect.

I know this year it kinda ended in a whimper. I blame myself for accidentally ruining a couple of days work when my SD Card got accidentally reformatted. If 2019 allows me to have a bit of economic growth, I might attempt a better advent calendar... If not... Well, some things may come out of the Toy Chest a lot later than expected...

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