Dec 20, 2018

It came from the toy chest: can't put the title here... language

Because Mattel is selling shit... no really Mattel is selling us a board game about shit where you plunge the toilet until the shit comes out.

Saw this shit the other day. Bought it and played the shit out of it...
So let's begin to review this shitty game that sucks ass...

The Object of the game is to have the most tokens when they run out...
Allow me to demonstrate with a pictorial... no videos because it's 3 AM in the morning and my booming voice can cause disturbances with neighbors...

So this is how you play:

Once Assembled and the turd is loaded, you put the die in and flush.

Once the Die pops out, you plunge the times stated by the die.

If nothing Happens, the next player takes a turn... After a certain Amount of pumps... The shit jumps!

IF you catch the shit in the air, like in the sample pic; you get TWO Tokens. If shit hits the floor, it's a free for all. Grab the poop get ONE Token. Whoever has the most tokens when they run out, wins.

Best part about the game is that it holds everything pretty neatly. I'm gonna put a piece of cardboard to block the die and avoid losing it.

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