Sep 29, 2018

The problem with Lifesize Dolls for Adults...

I mean THOSE KINDS OF DOLLS. Apparently some dude dumped his and Police officers thought someome actually dumped a body.

I want to laugh at the situation, but at the same time, I feel bad for the law enforcement agencies that had to deal with this.
I kinda feel bad for the dude who had to dispose of it like that... seeing that those dolls aren't cheap and that they are a pain in the ass to store...  dude should've just skinned the doll and taken the armature to a scrapyard just to get a bit of his money back.

But yeah, we live in a world where a discarded sex doll made the news...

Sep 27, 2018

Die... Monster... You don't belong in PS4!

Castlevania: Rondo of Blood and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night are getting a PS4 release in October. This 2 pack is called Castlevania: Requiem. Got a Switch or a XBOne? Well you get nothing!

On a more positive note, that's  2/5 of a Castlevania collection... that I wanted.
Wait... October 26 isn't  that when... Konami, you son of a bitch...

Let me celebrate this with the song of my people...

Fox's last stand is redoing X-Men the last stand...

Wait what? Dark Phoenix is literally The Last Stand with less Logan and More Cyclops... and Sansa as Jean...

I wish I was joking, but this movie feels loke a Last Stnd Rehash without the Rogue B-story that went nowhere.

Can't wait for Disney to be in charge...

Marvel's Spider-Man: The review...

Welcome, True Believers! If you didn't read that using Stan Lee's voice in your head,  YOU SUCK!!
But you know what doesn't suck? Spider-Man for the PS4.
A fresh take for the webslinger by Isomniac...
By fresh I mean taking the best elements of Spider-Man 2 and improving them with the best elements of the Arkham series... and adding all the sucky things from most open world games and somehow make them NOT FEEL SUCKY! Most of the time... especially Spidey Uchiha

Unlike toys, videogames get a more in depth scoring system from 1-10... let's begin...  I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum.

I already mentioned that the game feels like a love child of Spider-Man 2 and the Arkham series. I will sprinkle in some Web of Shadows for a bit of flavor... just a pinch.
When Playing as Spidey Everything is awesome. Playing as MJ or Miles feels like playing The Last of Us in a room full of clickers with no Ammo. A bit of an annoyance.
The only ones I can say I enjoyed fully are one where as MJ, you determine which foes Spidey can remove from the field to complete your objective. The other one is Miles WITHOUT POWERS (because, you already know that Miles Morales IS A Spider-Man.) Is beung chased by a certain villain. The non-spidey segments might be the weakest point, but some of the Spidey filler can be a bit annoying.

They feel familiar. X jumps, O dodges, Square and triangle are attacks, R2 is web swinging... there's a few switches here and there, but for the most part they feel like offshoots fron Spider-Man 2. In this game Peter is pretty responsive and rather nimble. *I* have had a few issues when trying to land on a small perch for certain missions a bit of a pain. Most likely MY Fault, not the gane's.

Sounds and music:
The ambient music is there, it has a bit of a cinematic feel to it, but I spent my last few hours playing the gane while listening to a certain remix of this. The voice acting is Spectacular... with Spidey Uchiha and Lust-y Jane Watson... wait Roy Mustang was Kingpin!? Doc Ock was Rigby!? Ooooooooooooh! Can't keep going down the IMDb rabbit hole...

They are pleasing to the eye, and they better be seeing this is a Ps4 game and not say, a HD port of a PS2 era game. People say there are some odd glitches. Aside the cutscene glitch, I've been rather lucky. I'm not fond of sone of the redesigns, because they feel too Arkham-ish. Then again, I only used Traditional and Scarlet Spider for most of my gameplay. OK I uses the homecoming homemade suit for the halloween mission and post game ending the Last stand outfit. Any other suit used was mandated by story.

Fun factor:
Aside the MJ/Miles missions, CERTAIN SIDE QUESTS, the fun is there... now if the game had a new game + feature, the fun would be doubled.
They will add NG+ on a later update and soon a DLC with a favorite character who straddles the thin line between good and evil will come...

Here comes the big one. Hold on to your butts! PP is OO's assistant. OO has some issues with NO, who is mayor  (douche) of NYC. JJJ and PP no longer work for the DB, but MJ does. MP works for ML who in the game becomes M- and a thorn on PP/SM's side. We deal with OO's descent into madness as he becomes DO and creates the S6. The game WILL TAKE YOU on an emotional roller coaster. I cried like a bitch by the time the game was over... Freaking Rigby made me cry... 


Spidey gets a solid 9.0 it IS an amazing experience. The game teases us with things for the sequel... Goblins, symbiotes, OTHER CLASSIC VILLAINS... possibly those who

Sep 26, 2018

Super 7 Wave 2 Round 2: One has many faces and the other is made out of TP for my Bunghole!

If you thought the Beavis and Butthead Reference in the last ICFFTC was a one off joke, then you are right... I just realized that Wrap Trap and Man-E-Faces were next...

Man-E-Faces: Eternia's greatest actor, turned hero. He has many faces: Man, Robot, or Monster...
Before I continue with the Review, I must make a small announcement:

No, really... Think about it! Also Club Grayskull Count Marzo could reuse those legs.

Wrap Trap is the famous Concept of a Horde Mummy... Now made into an action figure:

Let's Start with the Filmation figure and then do the Classics Figure.


He has the standard Articulation aside the head and shins for obvious reasons.
There isn't much to go about here, to be honest. my one gripe is the lack of way to turn his faces. Don't like shoving my hanf in there.

Paint and Sculpt:
The Horsemen had a mission and they succeeded. Make a Filmation Man-E-Faces. Even the beady eyes on the robot were sculpted, which I never recalled he had...

Buzz-Off's Spear (so I guess we WON'T see him in Club Grayskull
Man-E-faces Toy Blaster Filmationized
Vapor Gun from The Once and Future Duke... I think this was Marzo's... DAMMIT!!
Tri-Blade (silly fan sword thingie) and Kcotae Lazer (The funky Bayonet) from She-Demon of Phantos.

Man-E-Faces gets a 4.67 as his final score. The lack of way to make his faces change without shoving my hands on his face kinda lowered his score a bit.

Wrap trap:

Sadly, the right wrist cannot move with the new hinge. Joint is frozen and I won't force it. Left hand is fine.  Like Tunglashor before him, his head cannot move up or down AT ALL. Head also will NOT POP OFF like MOTUC heads should... Army Building this guy plans have just gone down the toilet.

Paint and Sculpt:
Aside the wrong Hordak Head again, everything about this guy is amazing! The dissecated flesh, the bandage wraps... There is so much detail on the guy that it looks awesome. Shame that we can't swap heads, otherwise having Horde Mummies as army builders would have been amazing! There is no visible slop on mine.

Nifty Horde Bow
Kickass Cobra Scimitar that a casted or a repaint would look great with the 200X Hsss...

 Wrap Trap gets a 4.33 as his Final Score. He's amazing, BUT, the issue on MY Figure and the lack of a second head OR his only head being interchangeable with others did make him lose a bit.

It Came from the Toy Chest: Super 7 MOTU Wave 2 Round 1: Charmander and canned soup

yes... Super 7 sent my my stuff WITHOUT Shipping notification... and without the Tri-Klops head...
No this isn't the way you think it's going...
I'm miffed, but mostly because I woke up throwing up my guts and with a fever... I couldn't go to work today due to that. Also I had to fix my toilet because it was acting up and the replacement parts SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR IT didn't want to work properly. As I was leaving to cool off (and get a replacement for my replacement parts, I saw it... The Hugh Jass box with the MOTU logos and everything... Left outside in the very light rain... My reaction was as expected. Fixed the toilet, grabbed a quick bite to eat, puked it, so I'm eating crackers and sprite, because it's the only thing my stomach can tolerate for now... Had I been Working, these suckers would have stayed far longer in the rain... Seems that I got a new mailperson... So I picked 2 boxes at random and here we are.
Tunglashor representing Club Grayskull and Dylamug Representing Club Grayskull Classics.

So, let's talk the characters:
Tunglashor is the Filmation version of the MOTU Character Tunglashor. Who is NOT Charmander... He predates Charmander for a decade more or less. He's a dopey looking Hordesman, who was a bumbling buffoon (but that was normal in the 80s. He also used to work for Skeletor.

Dylamug is practically Evil C-3PO in MOTUC lore. He was a bumbling Horde General, who has an advantage over Kristen Stewart, Kit Harrington, and Brie Larson... He has 6 Expressions.

Now that you have an idea of Who's who, Let me get to the better part: The review. I shall do Tunglashor First, then Dylamug.

Standard Club Filmation Articulation for him. New ML Styled Rockers on his ankles would be the only noteworthy thing to mention. His neck is unposeable. (Well at least mine is. The Barbell where the head pops in is fused and cannot move at all. Feels like it could break in any moment.)

Paint and sculpt:
He sports the standard buck with new forearms and torso. The head fits on a classics buck... If you ever anted to make a Lizard-pig hybrid, Charmander allows it. His buck could be used for generic Horde Underlings. The less detailed underpants look like tattered leather instead of furry underpants, but they could pass...
Mine has a few issues with paint. His legs are painted plastic and when checking the articulation his knee chipped off some paint. His knees seem to be in that reddish brown color. there are a few spots with splotchy paint on mine.

Extra head
Gun tjat he can;t really hold on without warping his hand.

Nefty: Say Are you threatening Me?
I am Cornholio! I need TP for my Bunghole
TL Gets a 3.67 as his final score. It's not a bad score, nor a great one, but I am Pleased? with him...
I know... I can't believe I like Charmander...


Now, now Jay... Let's try to put it a bit better.
His articulation is inferior to MOTUC Figures and feels like a tail end of ToyBiz toys pre-marvel legends figures when they were experimenting with Articulation. Super stiff joints + Spindly arms... I'm a bit afraid.
The most "Dynamic Pose" I could pull off with Dylamug is

Not to mention that the cables limit some of his already limited Articulation range... Shadow Weaver levels of inability to pose... At least his 6 expressions can spice up the display.
Dylamug: Sit!
Tung: *pants*
Dylamug: Who's a good boy?

Paint and Sculpt:
Filmation Accuracy is a double edged sword. For Club Grayskull loving folks, this is a godsend because it's free of those evil details that MOTUC lovers love. For MOTUC lovers, Filmation Accuracy makes sculpts look bland and lifeless. So, for a Club Grayskull figure, he is PERFECT... BUUT since he's a "Classics figure" He failed HORRIBLY. To Classicize him, I'm thinking of getting a sheet of clear Plastic from a Marvel Legends Figure Window Box, cut it into panels to glue into Dylamug. Maybe even print out a picture of a motherboard and attach it to Dylamug's back covered with the clear plastic. He needs SOMETHING to look better than a Deluxe Happy Meal toy. This is the part where I give him a rating, but the Poor Choice of making him Pure Filmation in MOTUC WILL HURT His score, so he'll get TWO scores. The true MOTUC Score, which will be bad. and the Club Grayskull score, which will be good.
MOTUC: 2.5
CG: 5.0
Nefty: If I beat him can we go on a date?
Tifa: No, you chose the biggest jobber after
that Pink Karate guy...

3 interchangeable head crests:
FilmationFilmation firing a puny laser blast...
Pseudo Classics using Filmation Hordak's face.


I wanna die, but cannot self-terminate
As a MOTUC Figure, Dylamug fails. The Interchangeable crests were an afterthought AND were done WRONGLY! Limited Articulation. His arms and legs feel super fragile and the lack of paint and details make him feel like a Happy Meal Toy. He gets a 2.67 as his score.
AS a Club Grayskull figure: He fares a bit better. 3.5 would be his score. I think it's a load of crap to unload Club Grayskull figures in MOTUC. He had the potential to be a bit cooler, but Damn Brandon Sopinski's lame-ass idea of Club Grayskull...

Sep 24, 2018

Tbe Room is OFFICIALLY on YouTube!

Hai babe! I have something for you!
Tommy Wiseau... yes that Tommy Wiseau uploaded The Room on his YouTube channel. The tragic story of Johnny a banker who was betrayed by his best friend and his future wife. If for some reason you have been living under a rock for the past 20 years the room is the movie that inspired THE Disaster Artist movie with James Franco.

Now whenever I want to see The Citizen Kane of bad movies I don't need to go to sketchy Internet site it's officially on YouTube for free.

It came from the toy chest: fat dudes + tentacles + Japanese schoolgirls oh my

I am doing a 2 for one crossover combo review...
One is a Marvel Legends figure, the other comes from the SH Figuarts Street Fighter line.
Obviously the fat dude and the tentacles cone from Doctor Otto Octavius. Scientist and the TRUE ARCHENEMY of Peter Parker, Spider-Man. Screw  the Osborns, Octavius is the MVp of villainy for Spidey. After getting his mechanical arms fused to his body, Otto seeked power and became the Criminal Mastermind known as Doctor Octopus, The Master Planner, The Master Programmer, the Superior Spider-Man... IIRC he's currently in a cloned body of Peter Parker combined with a  of Otto... this figure depicts the Traditional image that pops into one's head when you say Doc Ock.

Doc Ock's torso reminds me of female figires in the way it works. Everything else is similar to a male figure woth double jointed elbows and knees.

The only issue with him is that his tentacles have ZERO articulation...

No, seriously, what's the point of having a Doctor Octopus that can't stand on his tentacles.
2.5 I'm well aware it's harsh... but Tentacle articulation is what makes or breaks a Doc Ock.

Paint and sculpt:
This Ock is a beauty... well as much of an aging pudgy mad scientist with four mechanical arms can be.
The paint and sculpt are surefire hits, making the Series VIII Ock look like a miss...

2.5  he HAS (disappointing) Tentacles,  but at the same time it's Dr Octopus and the minimum amount of accessories should be his tentacles. Sadly these tentacles are on Earth equator and if they were going to go with that room they should have put at least two extra tentacles just to give some variability in posing. Supposedly you can use the ToyBiz Marvel Legends series 8 tentacles on this guy.

 The doctor gets a 3.33 as his final score. The useless tentacles are what dragged him down.
Ock: I have seen enough Hentai to know where this is going...

The second half of this crossover is here.
Ms. Kasugano of Street Fighter is the second character I'm reviewing today... She's like a Mini-Ryu in girl form... She also wants to be Mrs. Ryu, but don't tell her I told you that.
Gifted in the Martial arts, Sakura became a part-time wandering warrior and part-time schoolgirl... Because she wants Ryu to become her master... Oh myy!

Being a Figuarts figure gives her a decent range. She can mimic MOST of her in game poses... except the shoeless victory, her taunt because a pointing hand wasn't included.

Paint and sculpt:
Ditching the SFV line was the best thing Figuarts could do and instead went for iconic looks (like say, Ken.) In Sakura's case, they used the SFIV look. Black hair, dark socks. In alpha she has lighter colored socks and they lool like rolled down knee high socks. I'm glad they made her in the Schoolgirl outfit, since it's my favorite. Everything seems to be molded in the appropriate colors to avoid paint issues.
Sakura: Wow! That is one deep hole!
Ryu:(Must resist dat ass! The fight is all!)
Sakura:(Dammit, Ryu! Just give in to temptation!)
Chris Hansen:( How do I say have a seat in Japanese?)

Here is where Figuarts has failed me. Aside the extra 2 faceplates, she only has a Hadoken and an extra pair of hands. Like I mentioned before the pointing hand is not here, so she feels a bit too bare bones...
Cammy: I want you to shinkuu hadoken all over my face!
Chun Li: mee too!
Ryu: it's not what it looks like...

6 Overall:
Sakura gets a 4.33 as her final score. If Figuarts is going to "cheap out" on figures like that, I will cut my losses (get Ken, Akuma, Bison and Guile if they make the last 2)

Cammy: Ow!
Chun Li: THAT hurt!
Ryu: time for the crouch of the wild tiger.

Sep 23, 2018

You know Capcom, there are 3 more Ace Attorney games...

But the ability to play an HD version of the first 3 Ace Attorney games on a home console intrigues me...

Betting it will be a digital only release, because Capcom hates the Ace Attorney fandom.
But I love me some Ace Attorney games...
Now if you just would gove us Apollo Justice, Dual Destinies, Spirit of Justice and the Edgeworth games...

But I can make the Von Karmas my bitches... and tell albino Cyclops where he can shove his coffee...

Sep 22, 2018

I believe in Joaquin...

Brother of River, former Roman Emperor until Jor-El ruined it.
Yes, that is the guy who wanted to bang Siri as the Proto-Joker.  Can you spot the tributes to past Jokers?
I see nods to Romero, Nicholson, and Ledger. Please, let DC retcon Leto Joker as Jason Todd perverted by this Joker...
The events we saw in Suicide Squad can be cjalked to unreliable flashbacks/hallucinations from Juggalette Quinn.

I'm super excited for this... a Joker that RESEMBLES the Joker... with a COMPETENT ACTOR...

Sep 21, 2018

Spidey and the PS4... first thoughts.

I can't even...
The game is it's own take on Spider-Man. Peter has been Spidey for a bit but some of his classic villains aren't even villains yet... So it's a universe of its own. More on that later. Spidey has been in a few open world games... but none could beat

Until now...
Marvel's Spider-Man had taken the Spider-Man 2 swinging and improved it. Combat feels a bit too ARKHAMmy for my tastes. It doesn't go FULL Arkham, but it's obvious that the Arkham games were a bit of an inspiration. We do have a bit more combat freedom here, though.

Barely 30% done with the game I kind of feels like I've been playing the game for forever... well to be fair I did start Wednesday at 4 p.m. and forced myself to stop playing around 6 or was it 7 a.m. on Thursday?

Like I said earlier the game takes certain core elements and switches them around like Mary Jane is not an actress / model but an investigative reporter Norman is the mayor of New York instead of JJJ... Heck, Aunt May is a brunette.

There's like a lot of Easter eggs in this game like references to comics, references to other Spider-Man games , namely Spider-Man 's 2 web slinging Pizza reference heck there's a reference to GTA IV.

On the voice acting side we got lots of Veteran voice actors like Laura Bailey who played Chun-Li in Street Fighter 4 as MJ the boyfriend of boruto's dad is Spidey on the voice acting side is God not oh better invoice actors Laura Bailey who played Chun Li in street Fighter 4 is MJ. the boyfriend of burrito's dad is Spidey. Dwight Schultz from the original The A-Team is Vulture...

I've been going on and on about the game being awesome and it almost sounds as if it was flawless... it isn't.
Cutscenes are a bit glitchy. Some characters flicker nd reveal an unintended pose for fractions of a second before continuing on the cutscene script.  Sometimes enemies get locked up in their vehicles and won't be able to come out. So far, I haven't seen any game breaking glitches.

The game also suffers from some Open World issues... collectibles (luckily the backpacks are rather easy to find once you activate the area map.) You have a photo op mode that butthurt xbox users are using to mock the game. Sone really silly side missions, but the web swinging is enjoyable enough to ignore up to an extent the flaws.
You can also hang from your webs and descend in the web yo-yo pose.

The outfit selection is OK. I've unlocked a few, but I tend to gravitate to classic and Scarlet Ben...

Can't wait until my next day/night off...

Batman's penis...

Two words I never expected to type... Especially, given the recent news about a "Presidential penis"...

Well, DC has revealed Batman's penis.

Well, Grayson, you're no longer Batman's dick...

But yeah, we now have a canonical image of the Bat-dick...

PlayStation classic: the rant

Sony is copying Nintendo and releasing a PS Classic.

Wild Arms, Tekken 3, R4, Jumping Flash, and Final Fantasy VII seem to be included based on the trailer... 15 more games too...

For $100 no AC Adapter included... it uses USB, so... there may be a workaround.

I have a couple of issues. First is the games:
PS1 memory cards were a lot less than A Floppy disk... for the younger readers, a floppy disk was a physical version of the save button in some programs that could hold a whopping 1.44 Mb... Dark Ages... I know. My computer at the time was 5 Gb...
The PS1 memory cards saves data in "blocks" with a maximum of 15. A game like FFVII consumed 1 nlock per save. Gran Turismo... you needed a Memory card SOLELY for Gran Turismo.
OK so:
FfVII needs 1 block
R4 needs 1 block
Tekken 3 needs 1 block
Wild Arms needs 1 block
Jumping flash needs 1-3 blocks

We'd run out of blocks before games.
Unless each ROM gets an unique Memory card to save.

The second issue is that like the Nintendos, that is what you get and that's it... imagine if it could play actual ps1 discs and allowed for an SD cars to function as a Memory card for all your games. Right now FFVIII is out of the picture due to its pesky DRM.  Sometimes it acted up on LEGIT PS1s without modding (super rare, but since psxc is an emulator, well...)

IF I WAS IN CHARGE these are the games I'd release it with:
Battle Arena Toshinden
Twisted Metal 2
Jet Moto 2
Parappa the Rapper
Tomb Raider 2
Tekken 3
Ridge Racer 2
Jumping Flash
Castlevania: Synphony of the Night
Wild Arms
Metal Gear Solid
Megaman Legends
Crash Bandicoot 2
Final Fantasy VII
Gran Turismo
Soul Edge
Dino Crisis
Darkstalkers 3

Sep 19, 2018

It Came from the Toy Chest:Iron Spider from Thanos wave... I remembered!

That I had some old toys to review. MOC Pic is MIA, deal with it...
Infinity War, new suit shown at the end of Homecoming...
Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good...

Great Power Great Responsibility...

He can Kinda do the MVC Stance, the Web Yo-Yo and other Key Spidey Poses, he can be a bit of a bitch to get to stand or in the poses. He has the range, the Points of articulation, but the figure feels way too stiff.

Paint and Sculpt:
There is something a bit OFF about the armor and I can't quite put my finger on it. No, it's not the lack of tentacles. It's a 100% new sculpt though. Maybe it was made with a close to final, but not final design, but SOMETHING seems off. The paintjob doesn't have any visible slop.

Thanos BAF Piece. No Tentacles, no Peter Head, no extra hands, zip, zilch, nada... aside the BaF piece...

One of these things is not like the others...
Spidey gets a 3.33 as his final score. The lack of Tentacles is the biggest culprit here. Maybe a Peter head would've been nice... SOMETHING!! Freaking Screaming Mimi got her pink songbird effect... He NEEDED SOMETHING to stand out.

Odds and Ends September 19, 2018: Captain Mehvel Trailer.

Carol Danvers sucks ass... No, seriously, she's a really crappy character whose Career Highlights are:
-Getting raped by a villain in order to give birth to her rapist.
-Getting her powers sucked off by Rogue.
Buut somehow she has become mainstream (misandrists using her as a "flagship character") Well, she's getting a movie.

Here's the trailer...

Yes, The old lady is likely to be a Skrull... I hope not. I just want Danvers to suck so much at her "heroing" that she beats old people on purpose.

I WILL See the movie because Infinity war Tie-in... if not, not even by watching it at Best Buy's huge TVs for free would make me see this.
Hopefully now that Disney has Fox, we can get a Captain Marvel Sequel where she's defeated by Mystique and her adoptive daughter...

Keeping the Marvel Theme, Loki and Scarlet Witch are getting TV Mini-Series... It'll be for Disney's streaming Service. This is a ballsy move by Disney, most likely expensive, BUT if it pays off, it COULD lead into weaving, say X-people and F4 into the MCU... If they play their cards right with Sony, they could even do wonders with Spidey... But we shall see how this develops...
Seriously, Wolverine Mini Series before Dropping the First X-Movie...

Remember the M. Night Shyamalamadingdong disastrous whitewashed bastardization of Avatar: The Last Airbender?
Netflix is doing a Reboot... BUUUUUT It will have the series creators working on it.
They will use a multicultural and multicolored cast AS IT SHOULD BE, seeing the source material had a multicultural and multicolored cast.

So, James and Mike from Cinemassacre did MUGEN on the latest James and Mike Play... It made me reminisce of a far more innocent time... About 18 years ago. End of High School and Early College life for me...
 Before Capcom went into 3D and discovered how to fleece money from customers by releasing incomplete games and making you pay for the characters... Like this sweet Darkstalkers Costumes set...
MUGEN allowed you to do ANYTHING as long as A: You knew how to draw sprites (or edit them) and most importantly B: Understood enough coding to make the characters work. Or C: Finding someone who could do ONE of the two, while you did the other one.

I did tinker with Sprite Editing a bit... I attempted to get the ball rolling for a Doc Ock, but I eventually lost interest when I had to upgrade to a computer where DOS was unusable and the Windows version of MUGEN was made for ants. The Alpha Chun Li Black Widow idea, Venom Doppelganger (Awful Idea.) and the combo of Cap, Magneto, Guile, and Wolverine for Doc Ock were some of the few Sprites that I managed to salvage by accident from old discs and drives.
I had managed to edit Apocalypse Sprites into an oversized Mysterio as in the Neversoft Spidey game. He WAS being worked on by someone. Can't recall who was it. In any case, I must admit I bit off a lot than I could chew at the time. I eventually quit making stuff for MUGEN USE and dedicated to do Sprite Comics... Some of my best material was mocking Marvel's Civil War and treatment of Spidey... Like a Prototype to what the House of Rants is. Some older posts and reviews still carry some of that feel.

This experience also helped me hone my Eye to notice parts reuse on toys. You know all those theoretical figure recipes I've made throughout the years, you can thank MUGEN and getting me involved in Sprite editing for that.

But Back To MUGEN... You could make anything... From recreating approximations of existing games that could be easily emulated via MAME, or make fan-based sequels/spin-offs.
Others flex fully their creative muscles and do 100% Original characters... Some of the things made were MIND BLOWING... Can't believe it's still around. It was winding down around 08-09-ish...

Sep 16, 2018

Stallone is serious about this Rambo V thing.

Yo, Adrian! Wait... wrong franchise. They drew first blood, not me!
Stallone is in his 70s and is still pushing for  a brand new Rambo... Do we REALLY NEED Another Rambo?

A reboot this day and age wouldn't make sense. We are way too far away from Vietnam.  Desert Storm or Iraqi Freedom didn't have the massive outrage against Soldiers that Vietnam did. Making it an era piece Could work, probably going for a more Faithful adaptation would be nice... The only issue I see is that inevitably, it'll be compared to Stallone.

Maybe it's time to hang the bandana for Sly... we still need Demolition Man 2: the secret of the 3 shells.

Marvel Legends Squirrel Girl: the rant

Yes, Squirrel Girl. The biggest joke character this side of Dan Hibiki, Co-created by Steve Ditko... yes, THAT Steve Ditko. Well, she's been gaining some popularity and is one of the faces in Hasbro's new toyline to counter Mattel's DC Superhero girls. But let's be honest here... THE TRUE MARVEL LINE IS MARVEL LEGENDS. If you don't make it here you aren't legen wait for it dary.

So, if she were to be made, Which Version would you choose?

First appearance which reminds me of someone...
Now you can't unsee it...

Maybe a different look for her?
This is the most realistic looking pic of modern Chunky Squirrel Girl I could find. The cartoony style wouldn't fit with Marvel Legends... Remember the Humberto Ramos Goblin from the ToyBiz era.
That thing could never fit with ML, due to the proportions. Personally, I'd prefer her GLAvengers look.

It's more comic-booky and the only new pieces would be a lower torso to attach the tail, tail and slip-on pieces for the arms and legs... if making new ones is too much of a hassle.

Chunky Squirrel girl's outfit is mostly done with exiating parts but she would lose the chunkiness and Tumblr would have a fit.

You know the Venom Wave that had Venom AND A Venom BAF? Well here's an idea that could be called... NUTS!
A Squirrel Girl wave WITH Squirrel Girl as a BAF.
The ultimate Dick Move would be having "Classic Squirrel Girl" as the BAF. "New" Squirrel Girl in a realistic style would be one of the figures from the wave.
She could be split as: Head, Torso, arms, legs, and tail. That's 5 pieces.
Tippy Toe and Monkey Joe would be the "Final BAF Piece" and accessory for both Squirrel Girls. No the squirrels were wouldn't come with Squirrel Girl; because I need you to make you buy the entire wave not just Squirrel Girl and call it a day.
Toss in there:
Squirrel Girl
Hank McCoy (grey. Save the blue for an X-Men wave)
Flaming Claws Wolverine (he's here because of his mysterious past with SG.)
Baron Mordo
Classic Thanos
Doctor Doom
If we need a Seventh Figure a Classic Kraven.

Storm Collectibles is taking too much at once!!

They have: SFV, USFII, MK, KOF, Tekken, now add Golden Axe, Samurai Showdown to the mix... on  7 inch scale.
Sure, I may not care about Tekken that much that I'd NEED figures from that line, but MOST of their customer base does. Aside Golden Axe, Which would be as close as a Storm Collectibles MOTU we'd get, everything else is based on Fighting games.
Reenactment from my wallet's
reaction to the recent news.
Well that's not all... NYCC is getting the Hot Chun Li...
Violent Ken and Evil Ryu too on the Street Fighter front.
Guess the NYCC Kombatant...

And Smoke for the Kombatants...

4 new figures and a variant...

Yeah... I MIGHT BE A teensy weensy worried that they are spreading themselves too thin and believe we're made out of money. If they oversaturate the market, we could end up with dead lines and I want these to prosoer because Nostalgia.
(Pipe dream getting a Ryo, a Chai, a Lan Di, Ren, and Dou Niu)

Sep 14, 2018

Capcom is making My Switch a Retro Gaming Console...

Megaman, Street Fighter, Megaman X collections are on my Switch (Available in other consoles too, but let's face it. The switch is getting a lot of action with these...) All of these games ON THE GO!! Now let's add:
Final Fight, Captain Commando, Battle Circuit, Knights of the Round, Warriors of Fate, Armored Warriors, and The King of Dragons. The best Beat'em-ups from Capcom that are NOT Licensed...

Now if Konami would do a Castlevania and a Contra Collection... Capcom, I haven't forgotten about Darkstalkers either...

Oh yeah, the game is $20 and it comes out the 18th...

Sep 13, 2018

And they're going to screw up Captain Planet.

Whenever the terms "subversive" "dark" and "irreverent" show up when dealing with an adaptation, you KNOW it's gonna suck... That's what's happening with Captain Planet.

And I know that some will try to bring the success of Don Cheadle's Captain Planet PARODY as an example on how Dark can fox campy material. Key word here: PARODY.
If you're doing an adaptation, one should be REVERENT to the source material.

But everything must be dark... look at the Snyderverse and see hiw that worked out. Also poking fun at the campier elements would require a lot of HEART!!! in order to be respectful. If the poking fun comes from a place fo disdain, then the movie will fail.

Sep 12, 2018

DC is trying to eradicate the Synderverse. Cavill is out!

Just when they were able to make him TRULY SUPERMAN, the idiots at WB kick him to the curb.

Now they want a replacement actor.
One that is black...
Yes, that's right. Superman, The whitest looking superhero of The DC universe is very likely to get a race change... Please say no, Michael B Jordan, remember Trankt4stic...
But "I'M a racist" for wanting Superman to look like, well... Superman. Now this is the part where some will bring out Calvin Ellis in a pseudo "gotcha" to make me look like a racist.
Calvin Ellis is NOT Clark Kent. Calvin Ellis is an Obama ersatz.

Why not have Jordan play John Stewart, beloved African American Green Lantern? It would reduce the blackwash complaints, since JSGL was used a lot in the beloved Justice League cartoon. And Jordan has the acting chops to make an outstanding job as Stewart.

Clark Kent should be played by someone that can pass off as white... whether a white Anglosaxon, white Latino, or half Asian like Dean Cain did back in the day.


Cavill has left an awkward Instagram video on his IG.
The blue danube plays in the background as he raises and lowers a Superman figure.
You be the judge...

A Batman that knows nothing!?

So the rumor mill has once again started to replace Batffleck.

Yes, Jon Snow is being considered as a Younger Batman.
I'm gonna say it right out of the bat... This will remove Clooney from the worst Batman spot.

Kit Harington is as intimidating as a pug. Especially with his pouty bitch face.
He works in Game of Thrones, because Jon Snow is a broody little bitch forced to an uncomfortable position... in the books he's still a teen.

Sep 11, 2018

It came from the Toy Chest: Galactus is coming.

Norrin Radd, the Silver Surfer and 1st KNOWN Herald to Galactus. He's a Walgreen's exclusive figure and he's mine at last!!Oh snap! I kinda covered his synopsis in one sentence... Guess I'd better Start with the review.
Standard ML fare WITH Butterfly pecs, that allow a better range in poses for surfing. Submariner would have benefited from this torso for swimming poses.

Paint and sculpt
He is REALLY SILVER!! He seems to be molded in silver plastic painted shiny silver. He's not as shiny as a chromed Silver surfer, but I can almost see my reflection on him. I was wearing pants and my Topless Robot Shirt when photographing him... The buck might be the new SP//DR Daredevil, but I can't tell until I get one.
Board, 4 extra hands, 2 energy thingies. The hands are reuse from Namor and Spidey, but they suit him. The Energy thingies WON'T STAY on his hands. Mine are super loos and I was able to get a pic before they rolled around. Sadly, the board only has 1 peg for his feet, which makes him a bit awkward to stand. The other thing is that his board lacks a stand, which makes it a bit boring to display unless you use fishing line to have him hanging and you WILL NEED Blu Tac for his other foot.

Hasbro KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK with him... If it wasn't for my minor nitpicks with the board and accessories, he'd be perfect! He gets 4.83 as his final score.

Netflix She-Ra trailer... seems harmless enough.

It was released on Teen Vogue... A site that apparently feels that a Kid's cartoon should be discussed in the same place with a Guide to Anal Sex... There's PLENTY OF OTHER OUTLETS THAT COULD HAVE USED THE PREMIERE of She-Ra... Comic Book Resources, Nerdist, or He-Man World, just to name a couple of sites BETTER SUITED to talk She-Ra... Especially one of the last 2, since those are the main two sites related to all things MOTU, including She-Ra...
Why would they toss it there?
Ah, the Narrative... Seeing the trailer, I can see why ALL the promos are Noelle Stevenson this, Noelle Stevenson that...

So, we have a Princess Sunbutt sound-alike taking place of the Sorceress... talking to Adora on a very Earth-like forest...
Toying with the RGB values gives off a much better Whispering Woods
It needs to be more Alien Like... Main problem with the direction here is that everything is too Earth-Like. Then we have Aimee Carrero overacting a little bit... Her voice when speaking normal can work, but here she sounds like she's trying too hard.
Something about bringing back balance... AT LEAST THE TEASER UNDERSTANDS THAT BETTER THAN THE PEOPLE WORKING ON IT... Be subtle about your Smash the (non-existent) Patriarchy instead of being blunt about it and facing backlash... Filmation 4367: Noelle Stevenson 0
So we have some sort of Star Map engraved on the sword and then The sword within the Sword.
 OK Sword Hidden in a sort of, I don't know how to call it, Lost Woods?

With a Blonde in a Bright Colored Tunic reaching for this MASTER SWORD...
Well... Instead of Adora Transforming Into She-Ra we get MOON PRISM POWER!!
Or the dull version of it...

Come on! First you steal Utena's Outfit and make an inferior version
Now you try to copy Sailor Moon!? At leas do it right!

Come at me Bro!

Oops! We forgot that this isn't a Sailor Moon Transformaton.
wait, does she really have to say the Grayskull crap?

If unenthusiastic handjob had a face it would be She-Ra's.
Noticing a Lack of Grayskull in the background...
The Castle is feeling very dishonored.
So, yeah... Copying Zelda, Utena, Sailor Moon and Very Little She-Ra. But with that said, it's NOT SO BAD... I still hate the art style and character designs, but it could be passable. I did have to be nitpickier than Doug Walker AND Cinemasins to go through the play by play.

Still no Hordak and we're about 2 months for the show to start and OH YES, I have ordered the Popcorn. Won't do a play by play because Netflix doesn't let me do screencaps, but if it sucks... I WILL RANT LIKE I'VE NEVER RANTED BEFORE!!