Jun 30, 2011

List of Spidey Villains that I'd like to see in the rebooted universe

We know that the Spider-Man franchise is getting a reboot, yadda, yadda, The Lizard's the villain... or so it seems.
Now let's get on with the List of villains that I'd like to see in the Sequels:

-Kraven The Hunter: One Part Crocodile Hunter, One Part Jose Canseco, One Part Crazy badass Russian. Sergei Kravinoff is a big game Hunter who grew tired of traditional game. He gains interest in the Spider-Man. Personally this is a Villain that I would've paired off with The Lizard... Not them teaming up against Spidey, but having Spidey trying to save Lizard from Kraven cause Lizard is Doctor Connors and all that.

-Mysterio: He's a guy who is a master of effects and illusions and has delusions of grandeur. Weird Trippy visuals could be used with Mysterio.

-Electro: A Living Electric Generator, but with the mind of a thug. The possibilities for fight scenes would be cool... Although Electro would work better as a pawn for other villains like...

-Doctor Octopus: Yes, I know we got a Doc Ock in the Raimiverse, but that Doc Ock was too much of a nice guy. The real Octavius is almost like House in his A-holeness. Also Doc Ock is the perfect Person to assemble The Sinister 6!

-Green Goblin: Why Goblin AGAIN!? One Girl, One Bridge...

-The Jackal: He created the Spider-Clones after the Death of Gwen Stacy...

As you have noticed there is No Venom or Carnage here... I don't want any symbiotes (especially after Tobey-Man 3

Jun 29, 2011

If you Smell What the Joes are Cooking! and other stuff...

Well that remark just confirms something about The Rock and GI Joe...
RoadBlock is the Joe that will be played by The Rock! Not only that, but the cast is growing:

Hopefully a reference to this will be made by Rockblock!
So far the only bad news, aside Channing Tatum returning, is that the director for GI Joe II is the same guy that Directed: Never Say Never... AKA the This Is It for the Boyfriend of Selena Gomez .

By the Power of Grayskull! We MAY HAVE A MOVIE!! With that said I am excited AND worried... In any case... New Toon, New Movie, MOTUC... It seems to be an awesome time to be a fan of MOTU!!

Remember the Previous Post? The one where I vented my frustration at WB for making me wait until August to see the seemingly not so awesome GL movie... I mentioned something about talks for a sequel... There you go... Dammit WB! I wanted to see it at the theatres!

You STILL got a friend in me!?
Hold on to your stands better tighten those Articulation points because Sheriff Woody says that Toy Story 4 is possible! I hope he's not pulling my cord on this...

You better not be lying Sheriff...

Summer is here! Summer Blockbuster time

Thor opened up the gates... it was a great movie. Better than expected since it's hard to sell Norse Mythology to a modern audience... (especially if it's from comic book with characters loosely based on Norse Mythology.) Followed By X-Men The First Class... Looks like this summer is gonna be great for nerds...

What's next for the nerdy audiences?

Green Lantern: Finally a DC Movie without Batman or Superman... That I won't be able to see until August 8th or beyond... Because for some frkatarded reason WB decided that Puerto Rico can live without GL until August... (Wouldn't be surprised if the DVD shows up in Aug 15th or something...)

This is the only thing I have from the Movie and will be the only thing I'll see until it comes on DVD... Also they say the movie sucks... (I wonder if Ryan Reynolds playing Ryan Reynolds has something to do with it...) then again there have been talks about a sequel to GL... (Hopefully they'll use other Lanterns instead of Hal Jordan... Just to get rid of Ryan Reynolds.)

Captain America:

'Nuff said... Hopefully it'll be awesome,

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part II):
Finally, the End of Harry Potter... in movie form... Now with the whole Pottermore mess I don't know what will that mean for Harry Potter...

Bayformers 3: Not a fan of Bayformers, but I am obligated to mention it for 2 reasons: No More Megan Fox! It's 3D... Michael Bay movies are like porn for Pyromaniacs.

Cowboys vs Aliens:

Holy crap! This is going to be awesome!

That's about it in my small MUST See Summer movies.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot, November... It brings forth:


Jun 25, 2011

Odds and ends: No More Columbo and other stuff.

Peter Falk, known to many of us as Columbo has passed away. He was also the grandpa on the Cool Movie with Andre The Giant, a guy who looks like Bow, the kid from Wonder Years and
Jen Ny! from Forrest Gump! (The movie makes also as a nice Vintage MOTU checklist...)
He was being treated for Alzheimer's Disease... IMHO the worst Disease for a person...

Nick premiered the New Voltron show. The idea is cool although a bit over used... Feels like a Stephen J. Cannell take on Voltron. Since my Provider does NOT have Nicktoons I only saw the premiere online that Nick.com had. Love the voice acting and the overused SJC plot... Hate the new kid protagonists and the art style... Wish I could see more of it to be more objective.

Marvel is Killing Peter Parker... No not the Devil Dealing Momma's boy, but the Ultimate Universe version of Spidey... I bet this is a silly event to shake the Ultimate universe to it's core... Wouldn't be surprised if a "Spider-Clone" takes the Mantle... Or if the whole thing sucks, ret-con it to have the real Peter switched with a clone somewhere during the last few issues before his "death".

Tomorrow starts the 4th Season of True Blood... I recently saw the previous 3 seasons and I'm now hooked... If I could describe True Blood in one sentence I guess it would be: What would happen if Twilight was Super Badass and did not have to cater to tween girls... Well True Blood is ten times more awesome than that.

Jun 20, 2011

Hey What the!? Soylent Green much?

Oh crap!
Watch it and weep. Japan has made a $#!+burger... OK Technically it's a burger whose meat has been made out of protein found in feces.

Ryan Dunn is DEAD!

I hope this is not one of those "Jackass"type of pranks just to get a reaction, cause that would suck a lot. Not saying that I'm glad he's dead. All that I'm saying is that if he's not truly dead then that's not cool...

Reinventions and Adaptations are things that I fear in the world of Hollywood movies. Well, remember that whole Voiceover cast wish list I had for MOTU and PoP?
Looks like we really ARE getting a new toon... Classic Media is going to reinvent *gulp!* MOTU... We're gonna be watching and waiting... Better not suck, or that Mattel doesn't screw it up...

Jun 16, 2011

He-Man and She-Ra might make a comeback!!

Mattel and Classic Media (AKA the people who currently own the rights to the old Filmation cartoons of He-Man and She-Ra) are working on a partnership for MOTU's 30th anniversary. What does this mean? Merchandizing Shirts, pillowcases, the usual. It could also bring a whole New set of cartoons! If true, then I'm so excited! Now I'm thinking... They WILL ignore previous incarnations and most likely start form scratch... If they were to make a brand new MOTU and PoP Cartoons here's who I'd like to see voicing some of the characters. (and a small voice reference)

Adam/He-Man: Joshua Keaton better known as The Spectacular Spider-Man
Keldor/Skeletor: Brian Dobson (I know it's kind of cheating, but I fear Alan Oppenheimer might be a tad TOO old to play the role.)
Randor: John Cygan Using his normal voice... Not his TWITCH or his solidus voice.
Marlena: Jennifer Hale (Using her default voice... Similar to Naomi Hunter's voice) She could Also Play Evil Lyn...
Man At Arms:Cam Clarke He's done a LOT of Stuff...
Sorceress: Lisa Ann Beley but using her normal voice, not her bitchy teen voice (Read 2002 Teela) I know, sounds like cheating again, but a Previous Teela becoming the Sorceress is a nice easter egg to fans.
Beastman:Brad Garrett The man who voiced the Main Man himself as Beastman
Teela: Tara Strong Tara is mostly known for her roles as Bubbles from the PPG, and Raven from Teen Titans. Maybe a middle ground voice between Raven and Bubbles...

Adora/She-Ra: Christy Carlson Romano Better known as Kim Possible
Hordak: John Cygan using his Solidus voice.
Grizzlor: Steve Blum Better known as Orochimaru from Naruto, Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop, Vincent Valentine from FFVII Advent Children, Green Goblin Spectacular Spider-Man... He's done a lot of voices...
Bow: Quinton Flynn GOD! I want to kill the idiotic interviewer! Is this Quinton Flynn's first VA Job!? UGH! BTW I also want QF to do Kowl. Bow AND Kowl voiced by the same guy...
Catra: Miley Cyrus. Surprised? You know I had to sneak her in somehow...
Frosta: Cree Summer (Her normal voice, not her Cartoon Voice)
Castaspella: Lacey Chabert better known as Meg #1 (Before Mila Kunis)
Mantenna: Will Friedle Better known as Batman Beyond and Ron Stoppable obviously with some tweaking (autotune and other crap to get a freaky Mantenna voice)

Jun 13, 2011

Raising Awareness for Josh: Glimmer's friend in MOTUC

Masters of the Universe Classics takes characters from all eras of Masters of the Universe and brings them forth in one line, united. Now PoP, NA, Vintage MOTU and 200X all have one same cohesive look. Heck! We even get characters that were rejected concepts into the line.
I stand corrected: Vikor was a concept that evolved into He-Man (not Rejected)
Goddess is not a coloring Error... but the green didn't stay.
Like these guys. These guys were pretty much non-characters until MOTUC MADE THEM characters... OK maybe the Green Goddess was more of a character before MOTUC... Before she lost her green and was turned into The Sorceress. But most of her appearances she was not Green... So you could use Teela normally... Pop the cobra armor and PoW! you have a Goddess! What was I talking about? MOTUC embracing the obscure, the rejects, the forgotten and making them important to the universe...

I give you JOSH! Heroic Friend and aide to the Rebellion... mockingly called the "Bringer of Potato Salad" by some...
Some of you might argue... _______ is cooler than "Mr. I brought Potato Salad to this picnic"!! That's why _____ is in MOTUC and Josh is not.
Yes some of these guys look Cooler than Josh. That is a fact that I have to deal with.
Is an old man in a hoodie cooler than Josh? Storywise he is. But visually he's in the same league as Josh and Adam.
All we know about Josh is that he knows the 3 Big guys of the Rebellion. He's trustworthy enough to hang out and chillax with them. We know much more about Josh than 'Lemon Lime Ape that He-Man might ride on his back...'

But that storyline was a rejected concept for Gygor! MOTUC canon makes him a powerful villain that took the strength of Oo-Larr and The Goddess to stop!

So, Mattel made up a new background for Gygor, sort of changed his allegiance and made him Cooler? Why can't that be done for Josh? Is it cause he's a Princess of Power Character?
I mean Mattel made out one heck of a story for an alleged character with a wonderful bread related history... If they made new backstories for Wun-Dar and Gygor, then they could whip something up for Josh.

But that's making a new character and pasting the name Josh on him! Wouldn't it be easier if Mattel makes Snout Spout Josh?

Aw Hell NO! Would it be OK if The Goddess had been Teela with the Snake Armor? (I mean using TEELA, not spitting out the crumbly repaint that Mattel did) Or having King Grayskull's real name be He-Ro? No it wouldn't be right...

But he's got a shirt!?

Don't forget the Potato Salad... Yeah, he's got a 'shirt'. Clark Kent has a 'shirt' and an 'office suit' yet he got a figure... Heck other lines have bothered to give us some 'civilians'... Mattel is not too far behind in that area by giving us Orko, Adam, Queen Marlena and eventually The Sorceress. (While Marlena has fought once or twice in both cartoons, she's mostly a talking head... One that I am excited about, but still that's what she is...) If Marlena can get a sword and a couple of guns in order to be more badass, why can't that be done to JOSH!?
Josh is not tied down by Pesky Filmation rights (that Mattel may or may not have) unlike certain Pirate. He's pretty much a blank slate, so Mattel can do almost anything with him... Good guy, Bad guy... He's pretty much the only NON-FILMATION HUMAN Male in POP!
To be fair Josh could be made with a LOT of reused parts... Almost Ye Olde Bonus figure Material
He'd pretty much reuse Bow's body, Normal MOTUC Hands, Adam's vest. He'd need a new head add a Repaint of Tri-Klops' sword and call it a day!
I went a step further and gave him a second head, extra Carnivus armor and cape. Why? Because I see Josh as the Etherian Batman! (Or Zorro) Also I'm a sucker for those 2-in one figures...

If the whole Batman/Zorro is not your cup of tea, then he can be a low to mid level sorcerer. That could justify his clothes being not that flashy... (Like the Old Man in a Hoodie) Instead of a sword, give him a staff (wizards love staves)
Or a magic Swordsman... (It may sound like it's from a Japanese RPG)

Of course if Mattel makes him a member of the Evil Horde he would not be Heroic Friend an aide to the Rebellion. (He'd also need an extra Horde Armband)

Good or evil he can pass almost unnoticed on Etheria, due to his generic clothing... Also who would suspect the guy who brings Potato Salad... Josh, More than Meets the eye... err He's a blank slate Mattel, you can make a kickass character out of him... storywise... cause sculptwise it's up to the 4Horsemen.

The obscure/unreleased/rejected concept or prototypes have been pretty much Vintage MOTU... Where's the Obscure/Unreleased/Rejected Concept characters from PoP, or NA? Besides Adora...

Jun 10, 2011

It came from the Toy Chest: PoP or Horde?

Catra has arrived. She arrived in an envelope. Cheap-ass Matty! The Envelope was pretty much shredded, held together by Tape placed on by Postal workers across the US. The inside was full of dryer lint or something like that... No Bubble wrap just lint... The Mailer was beat up and chunks were missing from it. Then the card looked like it tried to stop a Sumo match. At least the figure is OK...It's a good thing that I'm not a Mint on Card collector, otherwise I'd be pissed! Not Cool Mattel, Not Cool at all.

I won't post in card pics since the card looked like crap and it was half opened.
Now that the Cat(ra) is out of the bag let's begin the Review.

Well, Catra is a Female figure... You know how I feel about Mattel's treatment of them... If not let me remind you... Short end of the stick...
Surprise! Catra's got THE BEST RANGE of Articulation from all females of the line... Second to Adora. OK they're about the same... I just wanted to have some Catra Jealousy going on.
Paint and Sculpt:
Sculpted by the Horsemen, pretty much a She-Ra body reuse. (Torso is said to have some different inner workings, but on the outside it's Just the same as She-Ra... After it took so long for my Catra to arrive, I'm not going to crack her open just to see her innards.) Her Dress is Obviously the Filmation version... I've talked about this before... She has a new Open hand that was made in a soft Rubber Material because of "Safety issues" about pointy stuff and kid's eyes... MOTUC Merman's pointy hand says Hi! Look at it! It looks like he's waving his hand!

Paintwise, Catra was supposed to be a trainwreck waiting to happen. Red on Red on Red is hard to make it work... Surprisingly, It Works on Catra! Her Filmation Mask has a slight metallic touch, but not overpowering. Her dress is in a flat red with a slight dark wash, but her belt and Horde Insignia have a semi-gloss finish. Her armbands and boots have a very glossy finish.

Catra has a couple of them. Shield, Sword (Based on her Shower Power figure) a Combwhip... (More on it later.) Her Filmation Mask and her Vintage Toy mask. Now where to begin.
Masks: Abnormally Hard.
Sword: Abnormally soft.
Shield: Just right.
Comb Whip: Abnormally soft.
The sword shared molds with the whip... This made the sword abnormally soft. That thing is abnormally crooked and was dented by the rubber band that held it in place inside the package. WHY? Why couldn't it share molds with the shield or the masks? Speaking of the masks. Check out Catra's forehead... NO HOLE! The Filmation mask rests on her forehead, but it does not go over her eyes like she does to transform into a cat...
wait a minute, Nefty... It does!"
OK, you CAN do it, but it was not intended to... I'm not going to risk it and ruin that mask.
The Toy Mask goes over her eyes. Toy mask does not turn this Catra into PoP TOY Catra... Hopefully Mattel will do her (PoP toy Catra) justice.

Her shield is neither too hard, nor too soft. It suffers from the same issue as She-Ra's shield (It can only be used on the left hand. That's the only weapon she can hold on that hand... Although Catra can keep her sword in the space between her shield and arm guard while using the whip!
Her Combwhip... Great Idea! Bad execution.
The Whip part should have come out from the OTHER end of the comb, that way both ends could work as a weapon. Kinda like a Kusarigama... Sadly it can't be posed because it reverts to it's default weird long prong/tentacle looking rat tail thing...
Overall: 3.67
While Catra HAS accessories, the Logistics involved to get them made screwed them up! Her hand and accessory execution hurt her score a bit. Of all the Female PoP figures so far, she's been the MOST impressive! (The shock of FINALLY getting an Adora being the exception... Nothing short of Queen Marlena and Cringer has been able to beat that.)

Jun 7, 2011

It came from the Toy Chest: Trukk not Munky

Yes boys and girls I HAS an Optimus Prime... a G2 inspired Optimus Prime, but still an Optimus Prime that transforms into a truck.
Let's get on with the review shall we?

As I said this Prime is G2 Inspired... (Holding back my GEEWUN rage) but the G2 toy was pretty cool so I can let that slide... The Bayformer flames on the other hand... I DESPISE Them... Then again I Despise Anything related to the Bayformers movies... (The DOTM Starscream toy seems to be the exception...)

Now unto the ratings part of the review. 1=bad 5=good

As said on other TF reviews, the toys are pretty articulated thanks to their transforming feature.
One tiny tidbit that makes Prime stand out. He can actually do a better Power of Grayskull pose than He-Man! Ouch!
Paint and sculpt:
The Sculpt is really cool, it looks like a hyperdetailed version of G2 Prime... He even has a Matrix of Leadership sculpted into his chest! The Paint is minimal since most of the parts are molded in the appropriate colors. While I hate the flames, they're well done. My only complaint is that the Sword handle is a bit too thick and can leave stress marks on Prime's hand.
The Sword. It's pretty cool since it transforms into part of the truck. He does not have the Trailer, but that's kind of expected for a $10-$15 figure.
Overall: 4.5
The thing that had a negative effect on Prime is the Sword Handle being too thick that causes stress marks on the figure's hands. Other than that he's a pretty solid Prime figure that is safe for the kids.

Jun 1, 2011

It came from the Toy Chest: Cobra Retr- Sorry wrong line!

I'm Making a Starscream Review!
Sadly it's not THAT Starscream. It's a Dark of the Moon Starscream review.
It's widely known that I hate Bayformers... but I kinda needed a Starscream... I thought, what the heck! So I got the Starscream.

First things first, he looks really good in vehicle mode. I'm not too fond of the Cybertronian tattoos that he's got. Also I detest the Bayformers' robot modes. At least here he's got some more Starscream-like look. That's a bit better. Sadly his color scheme doesn't help him much... Chalk it up to my dislike of Bayformers almost unrecognizable look due to the busy designs.
Let's get on with the review, cause my hatred of the Bayformers is rising and I'm running out of good things to say about the toy.

It's a transformer. These suckers are super poseable (in part cause of their transforming feature.)
Paint and sculpt:
The sculpt is thankfully a lot less cluttered than the movie designs. There are some Classic Starscream elements showing. Paintwise Hasbro did an awesome job. I may hate the tattoos, but the execution is flawless.
Accessories: Here's the big flaw on Starscream. The Two gun turrets that combine into a Darthmaul-esque sword is pretty cool, but the 'Mechtech system' that allows ease to transform the weapon is its downfall. The spring loaded part of the weapon keeps causing the other half to pop off.
The weapon issues were the biggest culprit that took a huge chunk of Starscream's score. I can't believe that I'm liking this bayformer... But it feels like he's lacking something... a More G1 inspired Paint job!
Now I like him a LOT MORE! Still his weapon sucks!