Oct 31, 2019

Another Halloween done! *Language*

And seems like I'm turning into a dad meme by me hoarding Reese's peanut butter cups.
Also, I can't believe that there were folks that didn't recognize my Fred Jones costume...
I mean, Scooby-Doo's been constantly on the airwaves for 50 years.
But, that's not even the main topic of my rant.
The main topic is that FREAKING FRED GETS NO RESPECT!

People who recognized the costume said things like:
"Oh it's the douche from Scooby Doo!"
"You're the non-Shaggy dude!"
"You're the dick that fucks Daphne!"
"You're... what's his name... The asshole that blamed Red Herring for everything!"
(Seriously, they remember Red Herring but not Fred fucking Jones's name!?)
"Hey! It's the dude that loves Dickgirls!"  (People of Culture right here!)

Fred Jones gets no respect... Sure, Daphne is the Hottie, Velma is the closeted Lesbian, Shaggy is the Stoner... Fred well, his love for contraptions to capture Greedy men has become a bit of a joke.

But yeah! Halloween was fun, even if I had to work today! I got Free Candy... NOT FROM A VAN!! From baskets laid out to hand over to customers. After closing we were allowed to raid the baskets.
Also from the Party that I had already mentioned. Luis didn't go as Harvey Birdman. Wing problems. So he went as The Spot... As in the Marvel Villain. He even made spots that attached to Velcro areas of his morphsuit... I really hope he goes to PR Comic Con with that suit in 2020! I drank a bit too much (Thank goodness for Uber) not Black out Drunk kind of drinking, but enough to know that I shouldn't drive. Candy, drinks, danced like a white dude who can't dance... Think I'll just hit the showers and watch some Netflix!

Oct 29, 2019

Odds and ends October 29th 2019: Marvel Legends and stuff...

I have my Halloween costume ready. I'm already starting to regret my costume choice... stupid ascot! Wish this Frank Wleker reference could've led to a Marvel Legends Firestar figure, but it leads to something not as good, but good enough:
The Fantastic Four wave of 2020  will have Super Skrull as its BAF...
(Hasbro can totally milk that buck twice with invisible and Flamed On forms).
The Spider-Man wave of 2020 will have Demogoblin as a BAF. They showed him on a flaming Glider, which I hope he comes with... my only nitpick is that  the glider is not translucent. I mean it's a flaming bat glider so translucent plastic would make it look much better than solid color orange plastic.

The best part of having demogoblin as a figure is that we are just a carrion and shriek away from completing the Maximum Carnage bad guys  team.

There are also figures of spymaster and Winter Soldier coming.

Keeping the Marvel Legends theme:
How would you guys feel if Hasbro decided to make Marvel Legends playsets/display dioramas.
I mean things like New York City Skyline for Spider-Man characters, Hell's Kitchen alleys for Daredevil, and the Defenders. Castle von Doom for the F4, the danger room, Astwroid M, or Genosha for the X-Men. Heck that's the only way I could see they can release murder world and Arcade. It could be awesome if they could make Tony Stark's Vault and you could display all the Iron Man variants in there.
Maybe pairing up the playset with an exclusive figure would make it more appealing to some collectors that want the figure as an incentive... as long as we never make a Brooklyn Bridge diorama with Gwen Stacy has the exclusive figure...  nudge nudge wink wink.

Can you believe we're 22 days away from Shenmue 3's release date?

The journey that started like this, will receive a new chapter after almost two decades of being dormant. I'm excited and nervous... No, no pony reference this time. I wonder WHEN my physical copy will arrive. It's been almost 4 years since the game was announced. How time flies...

Oct 27, 2019

Toy collecting and me... a reflection on my habits.

Looking back at my history with toys, I wonder why do I keep being drawn to certain lines? MOTU, Thundercats, TMNT, Marvel, DC, Street Fighter to name the repeat offenders. Sure I have dabbled in Transformers, GI Joe Mortal Kombat, Power Rangers, and other lines, but I keep coming back to Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The obvious reason would be that those three were the main three lines that shaped my childhood. Sure I had some of DC super powers collection some of Marvel's Secret Wars toys but it was nothing compared to Thundercats, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Masters of the Universe.

Funny thing is that even then Thundercats was the weakest of all three. I had a few characters but but they were mostly third tier guys like the Berserkers the Tuska warrior. By the time I was paid For attention To ThunderCats (the small gap between 1987 and late 1988-early 1989... Not entirely sure the exact dates.) Stupid Stupid ass Bengali was clogging all the shelves.

But despite it being somewhat of a filler line, Thundercats earned a place in my heart. I'm trying to give some respect to ThunderCats but truth be told like most kids I graduated from He-Man into Ninja Turtles. The 1989 Batman movie ring night at some of my love into superhero toys but it wasn't enough to break me from the grasp of the turtles. Aside 1994 Krang Android body my breaking point for the turtles was in 93.

Somewhere between late 94 or early 95 all the way till early 97 or maybe a bit sooner like late 96 was the Dark Ages. Around that time I shunned my collector  ways and thought of toys as  lame things. But even in this dark era I still got a few toys. Mainly the GI Joe scaled Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat figures. I had a Ryu, a Johnny Cage, and  they were really lame toys but they have novelty Factor.

After the Dark Ages exploiting KB Toys three for ten bucks special in toy Biz Marvel superhero toys why is how I got back in the game I did dabbled in other figures like stuff from McFarland that back then was more kickass statue like but really crappy quality toys. Play bizwest able to grab me because by that time I was reading a lot of Marvel Comics. Age of Apocalypse, clone saga, onslaught, 2099, all that stuff was reeling me in and toys based on classic characters and then we had the cartoons; well they had me hooked and then Capcom's Marvel Super Heroes coming out... It was a great time to be a Marvel fan!

Little did I know that in the early 2000s I would have to fight for my childhood. Toybiz upgraded their toys into a McFarlane Style level of detail but with super articulation with that Behemoth we now know as Marvel Legends.   then Mattel brought back He-Man with we designs made by former McFarlane sculptors The Four Horsemen. Wild at Turtles did make a comeback in 2003 they lost the bottle for my money because it was tied up with Marvel Legends and He-Man...

Mattel killed teh lien and Marvel Legends shifted to Hasbro which caused me to lose interest in Marvel Legends. I won't go into detail with the whole on and off relationship with Marvel Legends because I already did that when I was looking back at Marvel Legends.
SOTA got some of my money with Street Fighter, Where I was unable to get a Ryu. I was introduced to NECA via the Turtles. But says they're wearing that many lines at all to collect I doubled it in Transformers mainly looking for stuff that somewhat resembled G1,  because nostalgia.

Then some douche in California working at Mattel  Scott Neitlich had a great idea and got the ball rolling for Masters of the Universe classics. I won't go again in full detail with Classics because we all know the story douche makes line, I bruised the douche's ego, then douche blames me for the end of the line, company that makes hipster toys gets the line via Mattel, they make some toys, Mattel decides to stop hipster company from making more He-Man  toys.

So the hipster toy company gets Thundercats rights via deals with Mattel and Warner Bros. They also managed to get the rights to make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys based on the original Playmates Toys. And get this: the ThunderCats and Ninja Turtle toys I going to be compatible in scale and some body parts with the Masters of the Universe classics toys.

 This is merging 1986 me with 1988 me and 1989 me. How freaking cool/weird is that ONE toy company has pretty much  a monopoly on my childhood.

Sure, I've dabbled in Bandai stuff, Other Hasbro lines, Takara stuff, but nothing beats my "Toy Trinity" being compatible with each other.

 But that's not all there's the NECA Turtle stuff which is mostly compatible with Marvel Legends. The SH Figuarts Street Fighter that somewhat blends with Marvel Legends...

I can display crossovers or separate displays...

Hell, Turtles are getting TOON BASED and movie based toys from NECA... While Super7 is doing vintage toy based MOTUC Compatible TMNT figures. It's insane!!!

It seems that the 10s and 20s will continue the trend of worshipping the 80s-early 90s kids...

So to answer my own question I keep getting drawn to them, because they keep making them. not to mention that the 80s kids we're basically in the Golden Era of toys. Not the 70s, not the mid-90s stuff... (Though Marvel Legends is cashing in on mid to late 90s nostalgia with the retro waves). Well, that is when we look at it from the supply and demand pov. There is another reason why I keep being drawn specifically to those three:
They jump-started my imagination when I was a wee lad.
No disrespect to Marvel, whose comics helped shape my imagination as well, but it wasn't until the early 90s when my grasp of the English language was good enough to actually READ THE COMICS AND NOT HAVE THEM READ/TRANSLATED TO ME.

With the toys I had the basic premise and the dubbed episode of the cartoons to help me get the ball rolling in the 80s.

Nostalgia is obviously a great Factor. Sans destroys basically are links to the Past two or more innocent time. Back when I didn't know about the evils in this world, Mom was alive and encouraged me to dream.  And while they're not exactly the toys of my childhood they are a celebration of said childhood.

And now that Mom's gone, clinging to nostalgia is the only thing I have when I need to be comforted. That sense of familiarity when everything is changing at an alarming rate. Seeing old friends who have been there with me through thick and thin...

My only problem is: too many collectibles too little cash!

Sure, sometimes I can buy a toy because it looks cool, or has a curious gimmick. But I feel greater love for a toy that I have some attachment to.

Oct 26, 2019

There is no need for a Hack Snyder cut of Justice League...

So stop begging for it! Hack Snyder has been posting ideas and concepts of things that "were going to be" in his version of Justice League. Most websites take the bait and beg to have a Snyder cut DESPITE the "actual Snyder cut" is an incomplete movie. Now claims about Snuder having filmed close to 90% of the movie have surfaced... back then it was barely half.

This "Cut" won't change DC's strategy of running around like a headless chicken. (Which is an improvement over their original plan of Hack Snyder acting as the "Kwvin Feige" for WB.)

Watchmen and 300 WORKED because he used the actual graphic novels as Storyboards... The action scenes look beautiful from a cinematic point of view. But, have him direct a scene in which dialogue moves the plot and you'll see the failure of Hack Snyder. He will tryhard way too hard into simulating depth with an overly complicated attempt at a metaphor.

As I was saying:
Snyder, who is as deep as a kiddie pool, is trying too jard to humanize Superman in Batman's eyes. He then crams the coincidence that BOTH THEIR MOTHERS ARE CALLED MARTHA. By Clark begging for Martha, it males Bruce realize that he's becoming Joe Chill and is taking away someone else's Martha... Which doesn't make sense, since he's killing Superman and Luthor has Martha, who would be released once the deed was done. Clark would be the only one dying here. Even if Luthor killed Martha, no one would miss her since both Jonathan and Clark would be dead. By saying "Save... Mother!" You have the same effect. Not to mention that it ignores the Cosmic Coincidence that both their mothers are named Martha.

What if Batman's mother was named Nora?  Snyder's contrived solution would fall flat on its ass. SNYDER WAS SO FULL INTO HIS PRETENTIOUSNESS THAT IN ORDER TO MAKE SURE EVERYONE UNDERSTOOD HIS GENIUS, he had Lois spell it out for everyone.

Snyder's time is long gone. The "Snyder cut" is incomplete and it won't be completed. Begging for it is pointless. IF RELEASED and then it sucks, there will be no one else to blame but yourselves. Not WB, not Whedon, not DC Comics, not even Hack Snyder... well he has SOME of the blame for pushing for "his cut".

Spare yourself the disappointment, let go of the "dream" of a Snyder cut...

Oct 25, 2019

Dreamworks "She-Ra" trailer for "Season 4" (it's more like Season 2 really, but Netflix)

I guess that everyone here knows that I find this remake despicable... yet, they have been (WAY TOO) slowly setting up an actual decent show... The "Fourth" Season trailer has been released.

The Good:
-The Rebels are taking the War seriously, at last.
-Glimmer looks a million times better now in her "Royal Regalia".
-Hordak's new armor has transformations!

The Bad:
-Cringy Humor is still there... (Swift Wind, Bow and Mermista come to mind)
-The design for Flutterina or Sweet Bee is bad...

Still undecided in Double Trouble... Not liking the design and so far, Jacob Tobia's voicework is still a mystery. (The voice clip sounds like Tobia's normal voice, so it's not looking good for DT.)

But the pros are outweighing the cons, so... I can finally say this with zero sarcasm:
"I can't wait for the next season of Dreamworks' She-Ra".

Oct 24, 2019

I laugh at Coppola and Scorcese

We have heard the news about Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola taking a dump on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I honestly have to laugh at these two.
They are amazing directors, don't get me wrong. Some of their films are considered Masterpieces. But my issue is how they have gone out of their way to attack the MCU. Claiming that "it's not Cinema" "they're despicable" and other insults, when they DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER to watch the movies.

It's OK to not be a fan of the genre. But to dismiss it the way these two legendary directors are doing it is a massive dick move. I mean what has Martin Scorsese done? Movies about fucked up individuals in a fucked up world? And what about Coppola? Glorifying and Romanticizing Gangsters, murderers, rapists? There's your "Despicable movies". Coppola and Scorsese are part of a dying breed of cinema. Since they are clinging to their last remnants of relevance, they are ready to attack any possible "usurper". Cinema has evolved and they have stayed behind. It just seems petty of them to be on the offensive. (Especially Scorsese, since his production company worked on The Joker)

But yeah, I laugh at these Legendary Filmmakers for being so petty and attacking the people who worked on the MCU movies...

Also, Francis... your nephew:

Oct 23, 2019

Rise of the Skywalker trailer didn't rise my Skywalker...

Richard jokes aside, the final trailer for Episode IX dropped. It did nothing for me.

Unlike many of the people critical  of Disney's trilogy I actually like The Last Jedi. There are a few nitpicks that pop up after multiple viewings, but it holds up. I put it on par with the prequels. But back to episode 9. The trailer did nothing for me. I watched it four times and not even a half chub!!! Nerdrectile dysfunction is strong with this one. They tried really hard telling at my heartstrings and Nostalgia by showing clips of Leia, using the Star Wars theme, having threepio, Palpatine; they tried pulling on the big guns... But the focus is on unlikable Mary Sue Rey and her will she won't she with Matt, the Radar Technician.

 I will watch it but I'm not as excited as I normally am for a Star Wars movie.

Oct 22, 2019

Noelle Stevenson's still interested in banging the "woke drums" than making a good show.

Double Trouble has a voice... and it's not a voice actor... hell, it's not even an actor! Double Trouble is voiced by an Activist. A Non-Binary LGBTQ Activist. What irks me is that Noelle and company are more interested in yelling:


Also, ACTORS do this thing called ACTING where they DON'T NEED TO BE JUST LIKE THEIR CHARACTER in order to perform.

Tom Ellis doesn't need to be a demon to play the devil. Tara Strong doesn't need to be a horse to play Twilight Sparkle. She wasn't Costa Rican and she played Paz in MGS PW AND MGSV! Chris Hemsworth isn't a god and he played Thor. Beyonce isn't a Lioness and she played Nala.

What Noelle and company are doing is Tokenization... and that's fucked up! Focus on making a kickass series with female protagonists that is a power fantasy for little girls (and to sell toys) that happens to have progressive elements.

I'm afraid that this regression to Season1 bullshittery will harm the show now that it had FINALLY GOTTEN GOOD!

Oct 21, 2019

Theoretical Marvel Legends waves I'd like to see:

With the recent F4 wave and other random Marvel Legends announcements that have been floating the net; I've been pondering some Theoretical waves:
Some familiar requests will show up, because I want them:
I'm gonna do a theoretical 2021 year:
6 normal waves
2 retro waves
4 riders
4 Walgreens figures
4 Multipacks
6 random exclusives

Hulk Wave: Bi-Beast BAF
-Professor Banner: head
-Doc Samson: right arm
-The Leader: left arm
-She-Hulk(Classic):  right leg
-Speedfreak: Left Leg

The "professor Banner" figure is a Bruce Banner BEFORE Hulking out.

Fantastic Four wave: stretched Reed Richards BAF 2.0
-Moleman torso
-Crystal left arm
-Bombastic Bagman right leg
-The Thing (Long pants and mask version) left leg
-Johnny Storm (Walgreens F4 colors swappable flamed on arms) right arm
-Hydroman (frightful four outfit) head
-Sue (fully invisible) alternate right arm
Basically the idea is to get a new stretched out Reed with updated articulation. Mainly the lower torso and legs.
Most of the characters are made from usable Parts including the bill to figure to save some money.

X-Men wave: Blob 2.0
New X-Men Wolverine left arm
Banshee left leg
Lady Deathstrike right arm
Spiral head
Pyro right leg
Toad half torso
New X-men Cyclops half torso
Blob could use a makeover and due to his size well he needs to be split in as many figures as possible.

Avengers wave: Joe Fix-it BAF
Mandarin LEFT ARM
Whiplash (comic version) RIGHT ARM
Thunderstrike RIGHT LEG
Executioner HEAD
Modular armor Ironman  (with Proton Cannon)

Spider-Man wave: Lady Octopus BAF
Spider-Armor right arm
Ezekiel left arm
Morlun head
Will O' the Wisp right leg
Molten Man left leg
Araña (First outfit) torso
Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly new outfit) tentacles

Marvel 2099: Hulk 2099 BAF
Doom 2099
Punisher 2099
Venom 2099
Green Goblin 2099
Spider-Man 2099 (traditional suit, but on the kaine body)

This is the odd wave, kinda like the GotG waves.  the idea is to basically complete 2099 or ask close as we can complete it outside having Spider-Man.

Retro wave 1:
Daredevil (armored look)
Luke Cage
Psylocke (armored look)
Doctor Strange
Baron Mordo

Retro wave 2:
Green Goblin
Human Torch
Spider-Man unlimited

Ghost Rider 2099
Alistair Smythe TAS hover chair
70s Captain America with bike
Franklin and Valeria Richards Fantasticar. (MkI the flying bathtub)

Bruce Banner  (post hulk-out)
Modular Armor Warmachine
Mar-Vell (comic version)
Quick Change Spider-Man  (with Peter Parker and Ben Reilly heads)

-Rogue vs. Warbird 2 pack:
-Cable vs Stryfe 2 pack:
-Power Pack 4 pack:
-Hellfire Club Inner Circle 6 pack:
Shaw, Jean (Selene alt head), Emma (white queen look), Mastermind, Donald Pierce, and Harry Leland

I'm aware that this bunch of multi-packs is X-Men heavy but it's common with Marvel and Hasbro.

Random exclusives:
-Bruce Banner "Hulking out" made in a translucent green body (except the pants that should be solid) with his fleshy areas partially painted to create the effect of gmma energy coursing throughout his body)
-Yelena Belova
-Brotherhood Quicksilver (green outfit)
-Negative Zone Spider-Man
-Patch (Old man Logan body and Patch head)
-Genis-Vell (comic version)

I tried to keep the Wolverines to a minimum. I know that 3 Bruce Banners may seem a bit too much but we got what4-5 Logans in 2019? We need to make up for all the years lacking a comic book Banner.

Oct 19, 2019

Dear Mattel: I hate you, you hate me...

Why are you making Barney?
 This is not a joke Mattel is doing a live-action reboot about Barney the motherfuking dinosaur...

I'm guessing there's a New Barney in town, since the last Barney is a Tantric Sex Guru...
It baffles my mind knowing that Barney the Dinosaur is going down on women for tantric release...

But seriously why bring back Barney? Before anyone says the same thing applies to He-Man; shut the hell up!

He-Man is a a wish fulfillment power fantasy for boys made to sell toys. Barney is a sstupid purple dinosaur whose theme ripped off Yankee Doodle and goes around with a shit eating grin as toddlers are mesmerized by the big purple turd...

It's almost as if Mattel is making me look for ways to actively hate them...

Jonny Quest: apparently it's super offensive.

And I'm not talking about how Two white men, a white boy, and their colored boy-servant came and saved villages of color as the Great White Saviors...
 I get it in this day and age Hadji can be a problematic character...  but I'm not even talking about that.
A group of friends and I were planning to go to a Halloween party and we had chosen the group theme of Jonny Quest. I was going to be Jonny,  a female friend was going as a Gender-bent Race Bannon, another male friend was going to go as Dr. Quest, token female #2 was going as Jessie Bannon and Lastly, another friend was going as Hardrock. I feel sorry for Luis, who spent 2 weeks working on the Hardrock costume.

We purposely avoided Hadji to avoid any offensive content but the rest of the Jonny Quest cast is Guilty By Association. Now we can't go as ANY Jonny Quest character and we're scrambling to figure out how we'll go as a group.
Luis actually suggested we keep our costumes and he'd go as Harvey Birdman, but it was shot down... (Now I'm curious if he actually has a Birdman outfit) because Jonny Quest being banned. Indiana Jones, Cowboys, Any costume that could be offensive to any culture are banned. No Braveheart, no Samurai, no Che, not even Scarface becaise he's offensive to Cubans... No religious costumes... which basically reduces the theme to generic monsters or superheroes and not all of them. But back to Quest, Jonathan Quest.

Remember many years ago when I posted about Robert Rodriguez getting the Jonny Quest movie?
He's no loger attached. Now the director of LEGO Batman is helming the JQ movie... or at least he was a year ago.
Why hasn't this movie gotten any traction?
The hypersensitive era in which we are living now prohibits the existence of a Jonny Quest movie... Mostly due to Hadji. And even in the 90s when they try to take away. Stereotypical Magic they made him into a hacker and now that's another Indian stereotype. It's like they can never win with Hadji, man.

The only way they can win is by embracing Hadji.
That includes the Sim Sim Salabim parlor tricks from the 60s. And have them established as parlor tricks he had learned to scam tourists when he was a street urchin. Have him be intellectually gifted and be a hacker. The reason Hadji is "such a nerd" is because he doesn't want to squander the gift of a new life given to him by Dr. Quest. His natural thirst for knowledge paired with a desire to prove his worth to Dr. Quest.

Oct 18, 2019

Odds and ends Oct.18 2019: Holy News, Batman!

Jonah Hill was meant to Play the Riddler. Why? I meam why Hill? He lacks that Riddler factor. He's more of a Mad hatter, or maybe a Ventriloquist, but not Riddler... Sure he has the punchable face and pretentiousness,  but he's no Nygma.

The Actor chosen for the role is Paul Dano... wait, that name sounds vaguely familiar.

Freaking Klitz is The Riddler!? I would've preferred Sheldon Cooper,  but he's a better choice than Hill... Also Zoe Kravitz is now Catwoman.

Noah Centineo shaved his head for some reason. The idea is a bit worrisome if he's supposed to have Fabulous Secret Powers. I know he can Billy Zane it, but still...
With SONY trying to back out of MOTU, this bit of news is a bit scary.

Elton John dislikes the remake of The Lion King. Personally I don't blame him. I found the Remake to be a soulless cash grab. But I most definitely agree with Sir Elton that from a musical point of view the Remake was off. I just wish Disney would realize this before putting us through so many remakes.

Oct 17, 2019

Halloween is coming and MOTU Props are the name of the game.

I have mentioned this before. Small-size Halloween decorations are super cool do you use with action figures.
Take these reanimated Dragon Skeletons as an example. These aren't too big so they could be considered juvenile zombie dragons, but other places may have bigger game.  We have seen the biologically inaccurate skeleton octopi or spiders...  I haven't been that lucky. I think it was two years ago or last year that I got the Skeleton cobra. The thing is that these would spice up any Battlefield diorama you may have. But the thing is that it's not limited to zombie animal table decorations. There are some Led displays that have like a crystal ball with a bony hand holding it that could serve as decor for Grayskull. Also certain Candelabra can be used as decor for Grayskull or Snake Mountain.

But they're not limited to Masters of the Universe because they can be used for Conan or any other fantasy line. The closer we get to Halloween the bigger the discount will be before getting to the deadline.  more often than not that good stuff gets taken before Halloween soul than November 1st clearance may not the yield better results.

 If you don't have the time or skills to build background decorations from scratch, these help.

Oct 15, 2019

Link's Awakening Remake: the review: the rant

Nefty Doesn't simply do a Gameboy Review of a game getting a remake on the Switch if he doesn't have the switch version already. While I had the Gameboy version review ready for some time I didn't publish it until I got the switch version. Yesterday I was finally able to play the switch version and I'm three-quarters done with it.

 I'm torn with this game and it's giving me a lot of trouble to review it fairly. It's cool remake of a GameBoy game that I love.  It's the closest thing to a 1:1 remake of the game. Which is a double edged sword.

Let's begin:
After defeating Ganon in A Link to the Past; Link decides to travel tthe world to train. As he's returning home on a boat; a storm sinks Link's ship and he becomes a Castaway on the Mysterious Koholint Island. Now he must travel this Mysterious Island searching for the instruments of the sirens in order to awaken the wind fish who resides on an egg at the northern most point of the island. A new adventure awaits link as he unravels the mysteries of the island.

You may have noticed that I copy pasted the story part from the GB review.  that's because the story didn't change that story didn't change and it remains faithful to the original.

 the stylized graphics match The Surreal atmosphere of the game.  also they have this upgraded Gameboy Graphics inspired style to them. They will feel like a downgrade through those who didn't play the original and are playing this after breath of the Wild. The world's fastest plasticky waxy looked with kind of like a super7 Masters of the Universe action figure... (I went there)
While the graphics are in Revolutionary I do believe that they managed to pull off what they were intending to do flawlessly.

Sounds and music:
Here is where my disappointment begins:
The music updates are amazing... when I listen to them on YouTube. For some reasin, In-game the music sounds muted. A few tunes sound slightly off. But to be fair, 26 years of listening to the original songs may do that.

Here everything changes for the better!! I have 6 buttons!!
Sword, Shield, Power Bracelet AND Pegasus Boots are always available once you obtain them. The remaining 2 buttons are the ones that force you to "item switch" and if dtruth be told, it's more like 1 Button, since you'll want the Roc's deather equipped 99% of the time. The only issie I have is the awkward diagonal moves. The original game operated in 4 directions: up, down, left, right. This one does too, but characters can attack diagonally as well. (It can screw up some arrow shots.

The game plays classic over-the-top Zelda; just like the original Zelda, or A Link to the Past.
You know that usual travel across the land enter the dungeon get the item repeat until you have all the 8th dungeon items and have to head to the final dungeon 2 beat the game.
There are a couple of mini games within the game but the only mandatory minigame would be the crane game in order to get the Yoshi doll to start the trade sequence that gives you the magnifying glass which reveals the pathway for the final dungeon... they are stolen small segments where the action is to the like Super Mario Brothers or some rooms in the original Zelda dungeons.

Another segment that was straight up copy from the game way we've uses nothing pretty much changed here...
Before you start with:
"Nefty, what about Dampé?"
 Let me finish. The biggest changes to the gameplay are simply the dungeon maker which to be honest isn't that great and the beefed-up mini games. I kind of wish they would have found a way to keep the photo side quest as well.

Fun Factor:
I'm not entirely sure but I think this version is slightly easier than the Gameboy version.  I think this remake is on par with MGS The Twin Snakes. Same old game, couple of new tricks that make it easier... but this time we got anime cutscenes.

Link's Awakening the Remale gets an 8.75 as its final score. I understand the awkwardness of having a "superior version" underperforming to the "inferior original version". I guess that being a simple remake of an older game and being TOO TRUE to the original CAN make the remake seem inferior. While the Original was pushing the boundaries on the GameBoy, this is an average effort for the Switch.  as much as I like the game it's not worth $60.

Oct 14, 2019

It came from the Toy Chest: Not so young, but not old man yet Logan

Wolverine is old as Hell. He's so old that when Cain killed Abel, God marked Cain by having him end his sentences with "bub!" And giving him 3 stabbing bones that protrude out of each hand to stop other men from killing him.

I don't need to describe Wolverine Thalia cuz you probably already know who he is and what he does which ain't nice.

Wolverine: Hey bub! Did you know that
France calls you Penis?
Since this figure is a repaint of the bike riding Logan he shares articulation with that figure. He has similar reticulation to other Wolverine figures - the butterfly caught in his chest.

 paint and sculpt
As I said earlier he saw a repaint of the bike riding Logan. And he pretty much looks like Logan wearing a wife beater and blue jeans. The screaming head is repaint of the Samurai Wolverine had without the mesh mask on his face. The other hand is basically a smirking Logan wearing a cowboy hat. There are no paint issues in my fear aside the screaming head which looks a little Derpy.
Wolverine: If any of my bastard children or clones try to kill the X-Men,
Use this! The Muramasa blade.
Cyclops: Are you sure about this?
Wolverine: Listen, bub! This sucker can actually KILL ME!
I'm giving it to ya, because as much of a douche as you are, yer'
not going to use it unless it's necessary... And when the time comes,
Cyclops: Fair enough.

Extra head
Extra gripping hands
Muramasa blade

4.33 for the Vertically challenged angry stabby Canadian. Don't get me wrong that's a decent score; not decent but a good score!  I just feel that he needed a little bit something extra I don't know what it is but I know that he's lacking something.
Dammit! I should've added
Laura so she could have 2 dads!

And it's incredibly ridiculous that we now have all the pieces for a perfect Logan but we cannot combine them together. It's a shame that the Old Man Logan body uses a neck Peg that's way too big for young man Logan heads to be used on be used on this body.
Cowboy Logan head on the Old Man Logan body and with the wind wendigo Wolverine claws we'd get the perfect Logan and civilian outfit.

Oct 13, 2019

Some MOTUC Ideas for Power-Con exclusives

I'm bored and since Super7 is not doing MOTUC anymore, I'm going to shoot a list of theoretical Power-Con figures.
The main rule is No new pieces... Let's see what I can do:

Also, if Mr. Val Staples, organizer of Power-Con thinks any of these are cool enough to be made, feel free to do so.  I have no legal claim to MOTU. Then again,  theoretically speaking, Mattel employees and/or the Power-Con staff could think of these as well.

Battle Damaged Faker:
This would be a brand new variant for Faker.
Existing parts required:
-Battle damaged Faker head
-Oo-larr head
-Callix Torso. The holes to connect Callix's armor, can be painted in metallic colors to simulate robotic parts.
-NA Skeletor shoulders
-Roboto Biceps
 -NA Skeletor thighs.
Everything else from normal Faker
-200X sword

Idea that could be improved in the bio.
Basically Faker being repaired by Tri-Klops deep within Snake Mountain after sustaining massive damage from a fight with He-Man. After sensing the presence of He-Man nearby, Faker reactivated itself DESPITE not having all of his components due to his  of He-Man.

The gimmick could involve his biceps and thighs being made in translucent plastic partially painted to simulate his disguise malfunctioning. His armor should be the Fuchsia variant in order to make him slightly more appealing.

Snake Mekaneck:
-Hordak Torso
-Roboto Shoulders
-Icarius biceps and forearms
-Vykron hands
-Trap Jaw Thighs
-Preternia Loincloth
-2 Rattlor necks
-Mekaneck mace, armor, head.
(I'm not sure if the Snake Palace Guard head fits in Mekaneck's helmet. If it does then use that.)

The gimmick is literally the same as SMAA.I wish we could have new pieces, but the rules are the rules.

ICE Armor He-Man:
Normal He-Man body
-Phravus right forearm
-Chooblah loincloth
-Fisto Belt
-Vykron Barbarian Armor
-Snake Armor He-Man head and left Bicep
-Icer boots
-He-Man weapons in Translucent blue with frosted paintjob

It's not at direct version of the 200X ice armor. It's a Toyguru "logistics-ized" version.

Generic Snakemen:
I'm surprised this hasn't been exploited yet.
I've already given recipes for other Snakemen before.

Sure, they were available with the ROTON, but never single carded or in a two pack. I KNOW This is kinda cheating, but it makes sense.

Battleground Fisto:
This is Monsieur Poing Super Combat...
-Snake Armor He-Man left forearm
-Preternia Loincloth
-Icer boots
-Fisto 200X head, sword, armor, belt
Of course he would be painted in 200X colors.
It's a single carded MOTUC Fisto.

Ambrosia Buzz-off:
-200x Buzz-off  head
-Ceratus Shoulders
-Snakeface biceps
-Dactus Feet
-Kobra Khan loincloth and shinguards
-everything else from Buzz-off
Is Melissa rather easy volume to make and if you prefer vintage Buzz-off you can use him as a generic Andreenid warrior.

The reason I gravitate towards 200X variants is because they are more than simple repaints.
What would look cooler same old Roboto with orange arms or a Roboto with Horde Trooper boots,  Standor armor, Blast attak forearms for dual wielding  and 200X head?

Original Link's Awakening: the Review.

Since I hadn't been able to get the Switch Remake, I acquired the Original Link's Awakening and a Gameboy Advance. And Revisited an old childhood friend.  I understand that in the long run this was a stupid move says it'll make the switch port feel like a retread when I play it.

Link's Awakening is a rather curious piece of Zelda history. It started as an attempt to Port A Link to the Past to the original Gameboy. It then evolved into at this weird Twin Peaks inspired Zelda parody game. Marin and Tarin inspired Malon and Talon from Ocarina of Time. Even Breath of the Wild has a few references to this game.

But the most incredible thing about this game is that they crammed a full game with a scope close to a 16-bit tile in an 8-bit cartridge.

Without further Ado let's go to the review part as soon as this is a video game review I will be using a 10-point scale instead of the 5-point scale that I use on action figures.

After defeating Ganon in A Link to the Past; Link decides to travel tthe world to train. As he's returning home on a boat; a storm sinks Link's ship and he becomes a Castaway on the Mysterious Koholint Island. Now he must travel this Mysterious Island searching for the instruments of the sirens in order to awaken the wind fish who resides on an egg at the northern most point of the island. A new adventure awaits link as he unravels the mysteries of the island.

Music and sounds:
 us an 8-bit title the chiptunes bring life to the music DESPITE their limitations.

Those beeps and boops can raise chicken bumps in the skin of grown men and women.
For its time, this was an amazing feat...

 The controls are pretty responsive. The only issue is that they are a regression when compared to the Super Nintendo predecessor. The Gameboy Hardware is mostly to blame Cinemas it was meant to be like a portable black and white NES, not a portable SNES... (which the GBA kinda is) the only thing to nitpick about would be having to switch items so often since there are only two buttons.

The game plays classic over-the-top Zelda; just like the original Zelda, or A Link to the Past.
You know that usual travel across the land enter the dungeon get the item repeat until you have all the 8th dungeon items and have to head to the final dungeon 2 beat the game.
There are a couple of mini games within the game but the only mandatory minigame would be the crane game in order to get the Yoshi doll to start the trade sequence that gives you the magnifying glass which reveals the pathway for the final dungeon... they are stolen small segments where the action is to the like Super Mario Brothers or some rooms in the original Zelda dungeons.

An 8-bit console mimicking 16-bit graphics. It's NOT exactly the same, but DESPITE THE HARDWARE LIMITATIONS, they pull off an amazing approximation.

Fun Factor:
If  you enjoy 2D Zelda games then this entry will be a lot of fun. It has tons of tongue-in-cheek references and a dark story hidden in A Whimsy world. For an 8-bit Zelda game it has a lot to offer.

Yes the high scores in each of the section seem biased.  in reality they are not. I simply can't compare an original GameBoy game versus a PlayStation 4 game so I have to take into consideration the time the game was made on the hardware for which the game was made. These scores reflect that for a Game Boy game the game gets all those high scores. Now the final score for a Link's Awakening is 8.92 which is a great score. There isn't that much difference between the original Link's Awakening versus that Gameboy Color version. A bit of extra collar and an additional dungeon does not change that much to the game that would warrant a different score.

Naruto Nintendo switch Port May be a whole different Beast.

Oct 12, 2019

It came from the toy chest: WHEN Captain America throws his mighty Shield

All those who choose to oppose his shield must yield!
If he's led to a fight and a duel is due. Then the red and the white and the blue come through!
When Captain America throws his mighty Shield!!! I guess you already know who I'm going to be talking about.
I'm talking of course about Captain America the First Avenger mr. Popsicle the greatest ass in all of America... Bob the comic book version not Chris Evans version. Specifically the 80th anniversary Marvel Legends figure.

While he has muli sculpted shoulders with the scales his articulation remains pretty much similar to previous Captain America figures. My main complaint is that he still lacks the butterfly articulation on the chest.

Paint and sculpt
He sculpt is an improvement on previous Captain Americas. The added scales at a great touch. The extra has a bit of an Alex Ross vibe to it which makes him pop. My only issues with him lie in the paint job. Not all of his scales were colored so it looks a bit weird at times also his color palette is a bit too dark.

Extra head
Extra fists
Mighty shoeld tossing hand
Mighty shield

The only issue I have with the accessories has the shield tossing hand which I've already mentioned that it's wrong because the effect does not work as intended

Cap gets a 4.5 as his final score. That's actually a pretty good score to get but I feel like he needed a little oomph! to get perfection

Oct 11, 2019

Super7 just sweetened the TMNT deal

For some... Others will find a way to nitpick the hell out of this.
Now I get two sets of weapons: one of them painted and the other unpainted stuck to the weapons rack just like the Vintage Playmates figures. And this has me perplexed and with mixed emotions. Part of me thinks recreating the weapons rack and the unpainted weapons is a waste of plastic but at the same time it's tugging at my Nostalgia Heartstrings. And it's kind of weird looking at vintage toy inspired Raphael with painted Sais.  at the same time having them being unpainted is something that should remain in the 80s. Knowing me I'll probably buy some sort of copper metallic paint I think the metallic pieces in that copper rust colored just to make them pop.

The only true negative I have about these would be when we reach Michelangelo...

Now all that's left is for Super7 to make a bucket of Mousers...

Oct 10, 2019

SONY may be passing the He-Man buck to Netflix.

It's an unusual strategy, but makes sense for SONY. They aren't doing that well financially and they need help to mitigate the risk of a MOTU movie. Still, this move is a very risky one; especially since Netflix hasn't been doing that well recently. The biggest loser here is Mattel. They are counting on the movie to sell toys I'll maybe pull them out of the rut they're stuck in.  Personally this combo worries me. This means more people stirring the pot. More producers trying to cram their bad ideas into the project. (Superman Lives... 'Nuff said!)

What I'm really seeing is a lack of faith on the project by Sony. Then again if I had screwed up Ghostbusters, Men in men in black, and Spider-Man plenty of times to have two reboots; yeah I be worried. Development Hell creeps closer by the minute...

In any case let's see how this cluster bomb of failure develops.

Oct 8, 2019

It came from the Toy Chest: I'm Batman!

I did promise to get a Batman for Alfred.

So I bought a Batman specifically a Michael Keaton inspired Batman by Mattel.  I say inspired because it's not based on Michael Keaton instead it's based on the  figure by ToyBiz.

Do I need to explain who is Batman? Rich guy dead parents, dresses up like a bat, beats up mentally ill people for kicks...
He can kick and hold the pose.

This Batman has some confusing articulation. He has Hasbro elbows but for some reason they don't swivel side to side.  his head a ridiculous range of articulation especially since the version of Batman it's based on could barely move his head. The legs have a Marvel Legends level range of articulation.
Rhe Dark Knight vs the Hemp Knight 

Paint and sculpt 
 from the neck down he's amazing the head is the one part I do have a huge issue with. It replicates the toy Biz figure a bit too well. The body is not accurate to the movie costume Just like the 1989  toy Biz figure, but it works well.
Think of it like a comic book version of the movie costume.


Mabel's pretty much right. GRAPPLING HOOK!!
 I kind of wish you had come with a Batarang
Batman: Alfred! Where's my Diet Coke?
Alfred: I'm afraid, we ran out...
Batman: I hope you didn't drink my last Diet Coke.
Alfred: I wouldn't dare, sir!
Batman: Good, because I smeared the can's rim with tissue infected with McGregor's disease!

Batsy gets a 3.83 as his final score. It's not bad but it could have been better.  at least it's not a Clooney bats. I did not mention the cloth cape in the review because first I hate cloth capes. second this cloth cape is crappy and and would have knocked a lot of points from the score... due  to my hatred of cloth capes.

Oct 7, 2019

NOW Noelle Stevenson wants to take a shot at He-Man

At least for the Christmas Special... Seriously, it's like whenever I say something Good about that show, they need to give me more ammunition to hate it.

"I'm going to keep pitching this until it happens," Stevenson began. "So, it's He-Man, and it's this awesome, powerhouse, very anime, cool style. Then She-Ra is all poppy colors, and they're both in their style, and they both come together for a She-Ra/He-Man Christmas Special, and Santa will come, and they'll decorate the tree, and teach Skeletor to love. It's gonna be great."
They're trying to ride the coattails of MOTU Revelation, which to me is a huge mistake SINCE it hasn't even started yet. (Also, Clashing styles Idea by Stevenson is not a good thing. Especially since she loves shitting on the 80s version.) IF a crossover is made, it should somehow stick to ONE style... (I shiver at imagining the DW She-Ra characters in a decent art style) But, the "Christmas Special" would be better suited for the DW She-Ra style.

IF this crossover were to happen, I fear He-Man's characterization more than I fear his design. I almost expect him to behave like a cross between Sea Hawk and Karate Kid's Johnny Lawrence...
And for the sake of a challenge, I made a quick MS Paint doodle on what his outfit COULD Look like if he was made in the DW She-Ra style.
It's CLEARLY inspired by She-Ra herself, which makes sense if He's her twin brother and his power stems from the same place. Hence the Shoulders and bracers being similar.
He's wearing a wrestling unitard inspired outfit, to fit with the whole Ridiculously strong man that He-Man is. Also, since Noelle seems to have some hang-ups with High School traumas, the Wrestling Unitard would make him a Jock. "The Harness" is not really a harness, but a pattern on his unitard that mimics the Harness, just as the grey bits on his pants mimic She-Ra's skirt.
His boots are meant to be Uggs, but they should look ridiculously small on his "Roided Jock" look.
The Circlet is a nod to wrestling headgear, She-Ra's Tiara, and a subtle reference to Saint Seiya. (A previous iteration of this idea had longer pants, which made He-Man look a bit TOO Seiya-like.)
The sword is literally She-Ra's but I drew over a More Vintage Power Sword look on it.
Last but not least, his har should look like a longer version of Zabka's hair in Karate Kid.

November 5 is True Season 2 Day for Noelle Stevenson's Pop Cultural Appropriations of She-Ra (Season "4")

Remember Remember the 5th of November is REALLY losing its value. But the "4th" Season of the Bastardization of She-Ra that I Love to Hate is coming... Here are two Posters:

And, here's where things will get weird, wild, probably a bit of "What the Hell, Nefty?"
I'm actually excited for "Season 4". The "Third season" upped the stakes and it ALMOST felt like a "true She-Ra show" should have been. (Not the Noelle and Friends Dungeons and Dragons High School Trauma campaign sprinkled with a lot of Steven Universe show that she was trying to pitch.)
Now these posters have made me curious.
The Green girl in the Horde Poster is supposedly Double Trouble. I hate the Reptilian look, but they're using Double Trouble! (Please don't screw this up!)
On the Heroes poster we have Netossa and Spinnerella... not being the couple they're supposed to be. Just keeping them as background characters... (so much for the "most diverse" while closeting the OG bi-racial same sex couple) but the focus is not that... GLIMMER FINALLY LEARNED HOW TO GET DRESSED LIKE THE REAL GLIMMER!! Also, she looks pissed there, so MAYBE, the "Best friend squad" bs will be kept to a minimum and we'll actually get a show about Freedom Fighters trying to depose a Tyrannical rule! Especially with Horde Prime coming...

Show, this is your chance to prove me wrong and deliver. Prove to me that "season 3" wasn't a fluke! I dare you to make me eat crow!

Oct 6, 2019

I hated Joker... the rant

This shall trigger people: Let me nip it in the bud!
From a technical standpoint the movie is fantastic! The cinematography, the directing, the choice of music, Joaquin Phoenix Performance, the script...  all of these were great.

 Which brings the issue if all those things we're great, why do I think the movie is shit?

The movie is a love letter to Scorsese. Many claim that this is the movie strength but it's also its weakness.

This movie is NOT a DC MOVIE, which is how I'm measuring it. If you swap a Gotham for New York City and replace the Waynes for say, the Trumps you'd have the same movie.
There is nothing intrinsically DC about the movie... It almost feels as if this movie was NOT originally a DC movie and then they reskinned it with DC elements.
This is why this movie failed *FOR ME*.

As a pretentious "artsy fartsy" film, it works wonderfully. As a Comic Book movie, well, this falls apart worse than anything by Suck Snyder.

Should you see it? Yes. Just don't expect this to be a Joker movie.

Super7 MOTUC delayed... Hasbro's Unicron made it.

I kinda did not want to do this rant, but, I must inform the people:
Both the final filmation wave and classics  Movie figures are delayed until December.  Conan is also be delayed but the focus here is Masters of the Universe. I hope that with all these delays the figures have no quality control issues. We're almost at year 3 and we're still having year 1 rookie mistakes. I understand that the Trump Trade War may be causing SOME of the issues. That is not a valid excuse if the issues have predated the Trade War.  Tossing the same for a random email that literally went directly to my spam folder instead of my inbox really sucks.

 I get it delays happen. I just wish that they were more upfront about it. This not-so-subtly hiding the message on an email feels a bit shady CYA move. Right now, I just want my damned toys.

On a more positive bot of news Unicron made it!

Now that's a bit of great news for Transformers fans! While I wasn't that invested in Unicron I'm glad that he made it! Enjoy your Satan, Transformers fans!

Oct 5, 2019

It kame from the Toy Chest: Rich DiVizio with a Nosferatu Mask

And press on nails. Musn't forget the press-on nails.
I'm talkinf about Baraka, the Tartakan warrior whose first  was in Mortal Kombat 2.
A general of Shao Kahn, and fiercest Tartakan warrior, Baraka is a force to be reckoned with.

Sub Zero:and then he said: "Come at me Bro!"
ARGH! What the Hell!?
Baraka: You said Come at me Bro! I did.
Baraka has the basic storm Collectibles articulation that you expecting any of their Mortal Kombat figures. Some of his joints are a little bit too tight particularly the thighs which make posing  his legs a bit of a pain.

 paint and sculpt
Here Baraka is an outstanding figure. He does not look like Rich DiVizio wearing a cheap vampire mask and press on nails. The sculpture look at the art for inspiration instead of the actual character model from the game. In Baraka's case that's a great thing!
It was at this moment when Baraka realized
He @#$%ed up!
 He looks creepy as he should!
Paint wise he's wonderful.

Extra head
6 extra hands
4 blood effects
2 elongated arm blades
1 blade spark effect

Normally the amount of accessories with the figure would give him a 5.0 by the fault but I cannot give it a 5.0 for a couple reasons:
Blades were all warped and I had to heat and cool to fix.
Some blood effects don't fit the ninjas (which are the characters these were made for.)  I had to cheat a little when putting the blood effects on Sub Zero.

The blade spark requires a stand that did not come with a figure. It's too heavy to balance on the figures hand. Not to mention that it forces Baraka to fall since it breaks his center of gravity.
Baraka: Come at me, Lil' Bro!
Wolverine: This isn't Funny, Wade...

4.33 is his final score. He's a great figure by a couple of small issues here and there knocking down a few pegs the uselessness of half his accessories hurt him a lot. He was supposed to be a flawless victory...

Oct 3, 2019

NYCC 2019 Hasbro dropped an Excelsior Bomb!

Remember the rumored Stan Lee build a figure? Well Hasbro is going to release it as an independent figure. All I can say is:
"Welcome True Believers Excelsior nuff said!"
I hope you read that in a bad Stan Lee impression.

 Well, we are getting a brand-new Warpath, two versions of Deadpool (one os an 80th Anniversary vintage styled cars figure). They showed the Doctor Doom we saw before and a set of Fantastic 4 based on their new outfits. Tthey made a flamed off Johnny. A flamed off Johnny in modern Fantastic Four attire... not in the classic attire...
The F4, grey She-Hulk , and Doctor Doom will be part of a Fantastic Four wave. I have no idea who will be the BAF.

I *think* that Strong Guy might be the BAF for the Deadpool wave.

 I'm not truly feeling that new costumes for the Fantastic Four to be honest. I do like the bearded head for Reed though. I think Sue's Hairstyle is different.
Also that Stanley figure is begging for that body to be reused and repainted in order to have a Peter Parker...  maybe swapping his shoes for Iron Fist's, the Netflix version...

Tom Holland is really a hero...

And he was a key player on Spidey coming back to the MCU for a last hurrah. Basically he put pressure on SONY and Disney/ to come together. Something involving Spider-Man and Uncharted... Yes, THAT Uncharted and Holland would be playing a Young Nathan Drake. Apparently, the director of Bumblebee will helm this movie.

It was actually a sly move by Holland to put pressure on them especially with Sony since he had a bit more power there. Also Sony saw the potential on working with marble once again especially if the rumors of an apple buyout are true. Going for a possible last hurrah before being bought was a smart move. The deal also works in Disney's favorite since they'll get Spidey for one more movie aside the solo Spidey and they'll be able to sneak in some creative control of the horrible Venom movie sequel and the movie that shouldn't ever be made with that Alleged Pedo guy: Morbius.

Maybe this deal could reignite the partnership and let us have a decent "Spider-Verse"... assuming Sony doesn't screw up too much.

Odds and ends: October 3 2019: GRRM is angry!

I'm very disappointed in my inability to find a Switch Physical version of Link's Awakening. I don't want to buy a digital copy. 3 Wal*Marts, a Best Buy, still empty handed

George RR Martin is angry about the final season of the HBO adaptation of his incomplete book series A Song of Ice and Fire. He claims it wasn't faithful to his plans. George if you had finished the Damned books earlier then they wouldn't have any excuse. But no you have been far too busy doing anything except writing the Damned books!!  YOU gave them plausible deniability.

Since "they did it all wrong" shouldn't that make you work harder to "do it right" and write the Damned books!  write George write!!

Arnold in Mortal Kombat sans Arnold is weird.
We have a terminator in Mortal Kombat but it doesn't sound like Arnold.   it's a weird experience very much like the pump.

The Terminator looks awesome but it's a shame they couldn't get Schwarzenegger to voice him. I'm *ALMOST* twmpted to get this game.

Oct 2, 2019

It's a long road... but we reached the end by drawing Last Blood *spoilers*

Tried to cram as many Rambo references as I could in the title.  obviously  I'm going to talk about Rambo last blood.
I can only describe this movie ass when I have taken one have Home Alone and Mortal Kombat 10 levels of violence. This movie is the perfect send-off to the Rambo franchise. Far more better than Rambo (4). After the events of the 4th movie, Rambo returns home and sort of forms a family.

Spoilers below

Oct 1, 2019

It came from the Toy Chest: Alfred...

I was going to make a Geoffrey Butler reference, but it could be seen as "Racist and problematic", so I had to skip it.

Mattel actually did it and released Alfred long before Hasbro were able to release a Jarvis in Marvel Legends.

Or if you prefer something more vintage

But if needed he can bust a cap on yo'ass

So that's Alfred.
Bats: Thanks, Alfred! I'm thirsty!
Alfred: Yes sir, I'm well aware of your thirst.
But I must ask, why?
Bats: Why what?
Alfred: Why must I filter the water through Wonder Woman's garments?
Bats: Because I want Justice flavored Water!

There has been an improvement in articulation for these compared to past DC Universe Classics figures. I know what you're going to say this is a DC Multiverse a natural and it's not exactly DC Universe Classics but it says spiritual successor just like dcuc was a spiritual successor today DC Superheroes line. Alfred has Marvel Legends level of articulation which is a shame since the line is dead.
Alfred: Your Mask, Young Master Parker
Peter: It's NOT FUNNY, Tony!
Tony: Bwahahaha! It actually is!
Peter: You made an Alan Napier LMD in order
for him to give me a Bat-cowl instead of my mask?
Tony:That's Hahahahaha! Not an LMD, but
A Clone Wohohoho! of him!
Peter: You really are a douche!

 paint and sculpt:
 it's a guy in a suit a butler suit if we want to be specific but still it's a guy in a suit metal has plenty of experience getting those made.  the magic is on the heads especially the live-action heads. The 66 Head on the Alfred Figure would help him blend with the Batman 66 figures. The 89 head works great with the recent 89 Batman by Mattel.
The comic book Alfred fits with pretty much any comic book Batman. And if you care for the story where there's an evil Alfred you have that evil Alfred head that I don't think I'll use. The paint work on this figure is pretty good so no complaints from me there.
Alfred: Master Bruce, *cough* I'm dying!
Hulk: Alfred not die! Hulk get Schwarzenegger!
Arnold: I'm not going to do Ice puns...
Hulk: No puns, Hulk Smash...
Arnold:Can I at least do a Get to da choppa?
Hulk: Hulk Smash choppa...
Arnold: what killed the dinosaurs? the Ice Age!!
Alfred: *dead*

Glass of clear liquid
Batman cowl
66 Napier head
89 Gough head
Evil Head
Buy Alfred or he'll cap yo'ass...

Alfred gets a 4.67 as his final score and it's worth it.
It's just a shame that after 15 plus years until finally figure out how to make great looking figures that can compete with Marvel Legends. This outfit is so freaking sweet that it made me order on 89 Batman figure by Mattel just to have a Batman to display him with that it's not that crappy DC collectibles Batman I have.