Dec 9, 2013

It Came from the Toy chest: Chomping stuff cause Cowabunga!

What Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character is known to eat everything on its path? No, it's not Michelangelo at a Pizza buffet.
I'm talking about the MOUSER robot. Baxter Stockman's pesky little robots. They are a staple in the TMNT Universe.
These guys show up in MOST TMNT Continuities. *Live Action Movies and the awful Series Spin-Off being the exception.

The Mousers usually begin as Rat exterminating robots created by Baxter Stockman, who eventually uses them for Criminally oriented purposes. Eventually the turtles get involved and these guys become cannon fodder in most games (right after the foot Ninja)

So, now that we discussed a small background info on the Mousers, here they are. Playmates finally gave us a bunch of mousers in one fell swoop. Unlike Past versions of them who were Ridiculously Large, Pack-ins with another figure, or even worse: SDCC Exclusives WITHOUT CHOMPING MOUTHS...(I can't Forgive NECA for that!) This time we get a DECENT Number of Mousers... (Personally they should have made 9 of them... Will explain later)

So without further ado, let's do the Mousers.

The Mousers have a Hinjed Jaw on a ball jointed head and their legs are attached by a pin to the main body giving them 4 POA.
the little articulation that they have is functional, especially the head. It has a GREAT range of motion.
I'll be honest and say that I WISH they had Ankle Articulation.



 Sculptwise, well, they look like the nickelodeon Mousers, whose design did not stray from the Classic Mouser Design.

Paintwise the only painted things are their eye and on the Black Mouser's case, the ridges inside the lower jaw are painted red.



Normally, here's where I'd rate the Accessories, but since this Mouser pack is pretty much the equivalent of an Accessory pack, then there's SEVEN Accessories. So, I cannot rate the Accessories section as I'd normally would.

The MOUSERS get an Overall score of 3.75 which is pretty good. Not only that, but they work PERFECTLY with the Vintage line...
They obviously work with the nickelodeon line.
While they are a smidge too small for the NECA Turtles and the 2007 Movie toys, they are functional. In theory, they must be TOO small for the TMNT Classics Turtles (not shown since I have none). You know that I mentioned early on the review that they should have released 9 mousers instead of 7? Here's why? we have 3 Silver Mousers, 2 black Mousers and 2 Gunmetal Mousers. There is an imbalance of Mousers that some collectors might be bugged out about it. Now that we got the Mouser mold, I hope that characters that have no accessories can get Mousers as accessories.

Heck, even if you don't collect TMNT toys, these guys are a nice Easter egg to throw in Lab Dioramas... If I ever make a Man-at-Arms Lab Diorama, I'm so going to stick a Mouser and R2-D2 as hidden Easter eggs!

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