Dec 30, 2013

13 MORE Characters I want to see in the New TMNT Line.

That are NOT Rocksteady and Bebop, because I so want those two!! I'm going to Exclude Tokka as well, since I fear they'll give Slash a second mutation and make him into Tokka.

We have gotten characters like Leatherhead, Rat King, Mutagen Man, Metalhead in the new toon. Some have made it into toys... So let's revisit some past characters that I'd be interested to get as toys.
Again, I'm excluding Rocksteady and Bebop because those are MUST HAVES...
I know that I made a list on March of Characters I'd like to see in the Cartoon...
This list will be of characters that are NOT those mentioned before...
We got on the toon the Mutagen Man and Slash... Hopefully the toys will come up soon. Heck, Pizza Face is coming... Even if he looks a lot like Spaceballs' Pizza the Hut

A remnant from the 90s movies who never had a toy (AFAIK). A character similar to him was made in the 2003 series, with Master Khan. Also, he could be used as an extra set of eyes to watch over Karai.

This will lead to Triceratons, which I'd love to see as well. Also, I can't get enough of the little guy... Wish I had gotten a 2003 toyline Fugitorid when I had the chance...

Triceraton Warrior
I heard rumors that they'll be appearing on the new series... It's a good thing because the aliens known as Kraang are becoming the thing known as a bore, to the one who calls himself Nefty...

Roadkill Rodneys
If there is one thing I loved to dread out of the Konami Aracde games were the roadkill Rodneys... They roll around and zap you with their blasters. One wrong move and they Tazed your shell! I suppose 3-4 in one pack would be enough...

Ace Duck!
I remember him from my childhood (never owned... My good buddy Leo had him) and it's a Pilot Duck!! How awesome is that...

I'm borrowing him from the 2003 series since he is basically The Man... With all these mutants and aliens running around New York, somebody from the Government is likely to check things out...

Dragon Lord
Hold it! Before you strike with your pitchforks and Torches, Hear me out...
I already suggested Venus, so Dragon Lord isn't that farfetched idea... It's better than Genera Aguila and the others from that CG Movie...

The Boss from the Snow level of the NES version of the Arcade game. He never had a toy... (I know Shogun is cooler, but Tora is easier to reinterpret into the new toon and toyline)

I know April is pretty much the new Zach, but instead of taking the 87 movie approach, perhaps something similar to Keno from Secret of the Ooze would be the perfect approach for Zach... It would also lend itself to have him as a pseudo rival for April for the Role of 5th Turtle. Unlike the Pulverizer, Zach should be competent.

Human Hun
I mentioned that I'd love to see Turtle Hun as one of the suggested "Dark Turtles" in my previous list rant. But I happen to like Human Hun (Especially now that Bradford is not in that role due to his mutations)
Evil. Mutant. Shark. If Fishface's second mutation turns him into Armaggon, AWESOME!

She is a popular Tournament Fighters Character... Also, This line needs more females.

87' Krang's Android Body
Since Nick's TMNT already ruined the chance of Kraang Prime being the 87 Krang by making KP into a Giant... I hope that we can get a Kraang Android body more similar to the 87 Krang's... Cause NOSTALGIA...

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