Dec 3, 2013

Cyber Monday at Matty: An exercise in masochism

Cyber Monday is over... Whew! Mattel had a"7 Days of Cyber Monday" Sale
and I have to be honest... Tossing 2013 items with ZERO DISCOUNT on a Cyber Monday sale seems a bit of a dick move. Seriously? Sky High on Castle Grayskull Month? (Curse my tied up toy budget and having to buy that Lame-ass Geldor and in 7-8 days that Plundor) I kinda want a Griffin, while it's at a Reasonable price, something is holding me back from getting one. Hell, I was very tempted to get a pair of BG Teelas at $10 each, but I can't pull the trigger on them, either.

It seems that NON-CONTINENTAL US Customers are being blocked by Digital River on the Flash Sales...

The Flash Sales were:

Hour #1:

MOTU: Kobra Khan, Kool-Aid Hordak

DC: Black Mask, Poison Ivy

WWE: Christian (Retro)

These items were showing as unavailable to many customers (myself included) right out of the bat.
The most insulting part about Kobra Khan is that on a Cyber Monday sale he was either $0.40 cheaper or $1.60 more expensive than last year... Depends if you were a Day of Sale Customer or a Subscriber.)

Hour #2:

MOTU: Sy-Klone and Dragon Blastic Skeletor

DC: Platinum with Tin from the Metal Men


These Items are showing as unavailable to many customers right out of the bat. I could see them.
OK: A while back many figures were dumped at Big Lots and were selling for $10+Tax... Sy-Klone was one of them. Now Mattel is selling him $6 MORE EXPENSIVE than what it was at Big Lots...
 The most insulting part about DB Skeletor is that on a Cyber Monday sale he was either $0.40 cheaper or $1.60 more expensive than last year... Depends if you were a Day of Sale Customer or a Subscriber.) While he costs now less than what I paid on the Secondary Market, I still call bull on the "Cyber Monday savings thing" that Mattel is trying to create.

Hour #3:

MOTU: Rattlor, Horde Prime, Snake Men 2-Pack



A Nice cup of "Screw you!" to Non-Continental US Customers! Right out of the bat EVERYTHING IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE! After 20 Minutes I get to see HP, Rattlor and the Snakemen. I added the snakemen... My cart is Empty!! They sold out. I'm forced to re-log in and surprise! everything IS GONE!! There is one word that can describe this situation:
While not a great deal, a $10 off on the Snakemen is decent... (It's like buying them full subscriber price in 2012) Alas, I missed out cause of the BS...

Hour #4:

MOTU: Mosquitor, Teela *(at $27... she sold out while I was in the bathroom. She's the last of the Cyber 6 Items but she is not... It depends on the browser...) and Webstor.

DC: Uncle Sam


I had heard Rumors that Teela's Stock was really low. They were right... It's funny that I can access this sale now, but last sale I couldn't. Also, Teela at $27!? That's a dick move, Mattel!
On Chrome she is NOT a Cyber 6

On Firefox... She IS a Cyber 6

Hour #5:




Zilch! Nada! The big goose egg!

Final Hour:




It seems that this sale was 7 days of suck-fest... Well the $68.00 Granamyr was a steal! The $14.40 Weapons Pack #3 is not even worth it... (even if it's cheaper) and the $21.60 DB Skeletor? RIP-OFF!!
Not to mention all the Flash sale crap fest mentioned above. I'm worried that this issue + the Rumored 2015 Price increase may bite Mattel in the ass. If the Flash sales were meant to Continental US Customers only, then FREAKING SAY SO BEFORE THE SALES BEGIN!!

This is the only way that this sale can be described as.

OH! An Update From Mattel!!
You know what this answer is...

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