Dec 17, 2013

Next MOTU Cartoon NEEDS to expand the Universe.

Obviously the reason for this would be: SELL TOYS!! I'll explain further. The reason I mention the new cartoon, whenever it happens is because MOTU classics is on the decline... also New characters don't sit well with a line that is 87% Nostalgia fueled.

So, what do I mean with "Expand the Universe"?
Do the same thing Filmation and MYP did with characters like Delora, Hawke, Singrad, Queen Andreeeno, Ceratus, etc.

I know that Classics is kind of expanding the canon with the Masters of the Neitlichverse...(the whole Preternian-side with Sir-Laser-Lot and the Post He-Man era with Spector, Skeleteen and Dare)

but we still know next to nothing about the Cosmic Enforcers, the Trollan Overlords, the Guardians of Castle Grayskull (the He-Men of the past)
I understand that the toon's focus will most likely be He-Man, Skeletor, Castle Grayskull... BUT that does not mean that we cannot get extra nuggets of info about the Universe... I mean we did get those with past toons.

Expanding the universe by showing more about the other races on Eternia is the easy part. Now giving us insights on how their societies work, without making it incredibly dull for the kids is the hard part.

This would also apply to the Cosmic enforcers... Warning! Another rant on how the Enforcers could work as a tribute to a genre that MOTU hasn't made a tribute/parody lies ahead.

Think about it: The cosmic enforcers already scream SENTAI... I know what you're thinking.

A Squad of Cosmic Enforcers could ruin the whole Zodac dynamic on Eternia.

And I'd say that you're Correct, but only if they are misused. Zodac works on Eternia Alone.
(More Backstory for Zodac the Enforcer. Perhaps combine with the Kar-Tor and Zeelahr incident, which can be used to justify why Zodac works alone.)
Other Enforcers can be used when Introducing Strobo. Having Strobo as the Leader of this Squad.

(More backstory can be added with Strobo being part of the original team that disbanded after Zeelahr's death and Kar-Tor's Thirst for Revenge. Somehting about Strobo proving himself worthy of being a leader on his own right and ascending the ranks of the enforcers to leader of his own squad)

These "Enforcer ideas" stemmed out of making "New Characters" but without using any New pieces ON the Characters. (That's why there are no Female enforcers... Tooling Issue, not Misogyny). I even gave a Gimmick to one of them *Glowing in the Dark!* The weapons would require new pieces, but that's one item that even Mattel's in-house team could take care of...
I mean, I'm not say them MAKE THESE GUYS! what I'm saying is that with the huge parts library we have in MOTU, making more enforcers is a piece of cake!

Of course, if they want to go with a more Alien or bestial design, new heads would be required... Like a Spelean Enforcer or a Qadian one would require Enforcer helmets matching their non-"human" features.

If I were to make a Female Enforcer, I'd start with the Battleground Teela body, New "Skirt", Old Teela thighs (The 1.0 Articulation is Very Important) I'd probably use the She-Ra boots or Adora ones In order to keep the Articulation there as well. The Torso Armor would start with the Shield Maiden Armor with a new piece based on the Male enforcer armor that plugs on the Shield Maiden's Armor hole.

It would keep with the Tradition of making new characters while making some mix-and-matches with past pieces. Not to mention it adds a tribute to an unexplored genre in MOTU... and one of the media sensations that finished burying MOTU in the early 90s... Well, in all fairness MOTU was already dead when the Rangers showed up... but you get the idea. (and Mattel making a humanoid Turtle character would be a bit too obvious)

Another thing that Mattel needs to do is secure the rights to the cartoon characters. They don't need another blunder like not having the rights to do Filmation characters or Movie Versions of He-Man, Skeletor, etc.

But, the previous posts are just the ramblings of one fan who has no idea what Mattel may have up its sleeves. I still strongly belief that Mattel will sell more toys if it nurtures the brand beyond being a simple vehicle to sell toys. Again, look at what Hasbro did with their little girl toyline that gained a rabid fanbase composed of adult men... in addition to their target audience.

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