Dec 16, 2013

Adventure Ponies 2: More of the same

A long time ago (Last year), the Hub Network made a game based on a My Little Pony ad.

Well, the game was fun... though repetitive. You had to replay all 6 levels with each pony you unlocked.

The Hub made a sequel... Which took me a long time to play due to it being Geolocked...
But I finally played it... and it's a sequel...(duh!) but at the same time it feels like the same game. You get six new characters... Though they are locked and you must unlock them by beating the game.
Big MacIntosh and Zecora work like Applejack did in the First Adventure Ponies
Shining Armor and Fancy Pants work like Rarity or Twilight
Soarin' and Spitfire work like Rainbow Dash.

There are no Characters like Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy that act like Hybrids. Fluttershy works like a Pegasus but with an Earth Pony ranged attack (The Stare) and Pinkie Pie is an Earth Pony (needs to climb stairs) with a Unicorn styled attack (Her Party Cannon).

The levels are more complicated than in the previous game. Better jumping skills are requiredin Adventure Ponies 2 than in the original.
The Bosses are a bit more varied... Some you attack directly, others you attack indirectly. Trixie is invincible unless you get the Alicorn Amulet.

I cannot rate this game normally since there is no real story and graphically speaking it's a modern era game in a pseudo retro-look.

Like I said way up above, it's fun but repetitive... I'd say it's one of the better flash games on the Hub's site.

If you want to try the game, go here:  Enjoy!

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