Feb 28, 2024

Nobuo Uematsu is KINDA retiring...

 He claims he doesn't have the strength to compose an entire soundtrack for a video game. He might compose a few things but not the whole thing. This mainly applies to Final Fantasy. I'm guessing that the next final fantasies will be collaboration in the music area.

It's kinda weird thinking of Final Fantasy without Uematsu's involvement.

I just can't believe that... no, I understand. Time keeps passing on. People age and eventually die. Just because I'm stuck emotionally in my teens, doesn't mean that time is frozen. As much as I eant to deny it, I'm in my forties... Uematsu's era as THE VG Composer for Squaresoft is coming to an end. So, I must thank the master for his emotional contributions to VG Music. Everything must come to an end... even if I don't want it to...

Thank you...

Feb 26, 2024

Netflix Live Action Avatar the rant and other stuff.

 I'm watching a documentary on Ric Flair... (Woooooooo!) Yes, Ric "I've never done cocaine, that's just how I normally am" Flair. Why the fuck am I watching a Ric Flair Documentary when this rant was supposed to be about Netflix's Avatar? Because Netflix's Avatar is Avatar on cocaine. The pacing is way too fast, but some of the direction is a bit cringy. Get me wrong, it's not Cowboy Bebop bad, but it's not bingeable. At best do just one episode a week.

I dislike the change they did to Sokka, because they killed his character growth. Let's see if the show improves in the next remaining six episodes. I will watch it but slowly. 

Aside from the cocaine joke... where does Ric Flair lead into this, other than I kicked the ass of a guy who claimed to be one of his former bodyguards?

Well, Disney+ promised me a documentary on Mr. 3 inches of doom and the making of Amazon Prime QWOP... They pushed it to Huku in the US. I ain't getting Hulu just to make fun of Kojima! So fuck that I'm watching the Documentary of Ric "All the cocaines Prescription drugs" Flair in hopes to see a pic of the guy whose ass I kicked many years ago to make fun of him in another rant.

Top VINTAGE TMNT characters I want Super7 to tackle.

 Due to the Playmates Embargo, these guys can't be Exactly exact to vintage... instead of Just looking at the Walkabouts and Pizzafaces, I'm gonna look at folks who I want and that includes some Dumbass variants like Sumo Turtles... now that I mentioned the Suno turtles, let's start with those:

Sumo Turtles:
I don't want an exact replica of the Playmates toy. The main differences would be wanting the plastron to look like plastron instead of a nippleless male fat body. I want them to be wearing standard belts without buckles, but each belt is colored like the bandanas. Removable mawashi in bandana colors, soft goods yukata, with the Turtle colors. Removable geta sandals. Chanko Pizza ( whole pizza with the ingredients for Chanko as toppings.), Chanko stew bowl. Second head without Sumo wigs.

Now for the individual turtles, here's what I'd do:
Larger versions of their distinctive weapons, because Sumo. 

I'm aware of the original line only had two turtles. It just would be weird only getting two and not four. I'm also aware that this wouldn't be a popular pick.

I expect him to be roughly Bebop Sized woth articulated tail (red with green tip). He should look like a hybrid of Playmates and cartoon version. Maybe some changes to differentiate him from other versions is swap the torn scale shirt to a torn shirt with chainmail over it. It creates the same effect as the Playmates toy design, but different.
The cartoon had the great idea of painting his belt a different color from the furry loincloth. 
Slight alterations to the leg armor and cybernetic leg to differentiate from Playmates, like say, have it be slightly more angular while preserving the details.
Different shades of yellow between his bullseyes and the lens on his cyber eye. For his accessories, I'm thinking the Pipe from TMNT 3 Manhattan Project, a taser bullwhip, wrist dart launcher (similar but different to Playmates designs) Foot Clan brand iron (both normal and flaming hot) 

Personally I feel he should be 7 inches and a bit wider than a MOTUC. I want him as muscular as the vintage toy and not as flabby as the toon version. Perhaps some middle ground to differentiate him from both versions?
Theoretically speaking He should suffer a departure from vintage in his color pallette. He's supposed to be wearing overalls, but the vintage toy AND toon version have the colors wrong. The overalls are painted like a pair of pants and a separate tanktop. What I would do is have his overalls be the lighter green that his top has, but have his overalls be super dirty, particularly the leg area to create that distinction in color. His removable backpack shows the difference between clean and dirty. Pack should also be very dirty. It should have a loop for the removable spade and 2 clips to hold his dual pick axes (a replacement to the Playmates 4 point Pick Axe) and a Jackhammer. (Nod to the jackhammer gun playmates had) a second head with his miner's lamp "turned on" (GITD white paint) would complete the figure.
As long as we don't get topless Dirtbag from Manhattan Project... though that COULD be the safest direction for S7.

These last two are a copy and paste from a past rant. I couldn't add much to that. 

This one vexes and troubles me. I DON'T want a Playmates Traag. On the other end of the spectrum, I don't want a pure toon Traag. The NECA offering was underwhelming  unpopular opinion ahead:
Have the body shape of Toon Traag but in Playmates colors. I would add Alternate boots. (Reuse this element on Granitor) that way a more vintage accurate Traag can be made, a more battle damaged version with both boots broken or one without any broken boot.
Oversized Footsoldier Weapons minus the Shuriken could be used for him. 

I already touched him and mentioned that a GITD Redeco might make him more mirage inspired... but if they make a 2k3 Fugitoid, that will most likely be my canonical fugitoid. 

Punk Frogs:
Going by purely vintage, I'm speaking of Napoleon... but this also applies to the missing two.  A part of me wants a Horny Toad Napoleon and that the other two end up being different frogs... but a part of me expects Genghis repaints with maybe alternate heads, arms and legs to make up the others. So we have to wait and see.

Chrome Dome:
After some mental back and forth, I don't want a chromed Chrome Dome. Especially with Super7 factory hopping between waves. I hope he's not NECA HUGE... but I guess he could end up more like the card art.

Because fuck you Kyle. Gross and disgusting is a huge draw for this line and toxic crusaders. Pizzaface has to be gross and disgusting.
We start with the Playmates figure as a starting point. Painted details on the crap and splatters all over his body. The condiments on his back could be removable, as well as the knife on the front of his apron. Painting his cut pinky is important. Painting his apron a grungy white and yellowing our his teeth can help differentiate him from the purely playmates look. Have the hat be removable to reveal the unused prototype head with the conjoined twin. Maybe add the Ninja Pizza logo (heavily faded and stained) to the shirt. 

For his legs, we get the Cleaver, the Pizza Cutter with Pizza box stuck to it, a new Pizza cutter without box. (The one with the box doubles as a shield without copying the vintage shield)
He gets new nasty pizzas with different toppongs from Playmates and painted realistically.

Channel 6 employees:
I've gone over them way too much. Right now I just need them to round up my Channel 6 team. Toon Colors is the way to go in order to appease Playmates. Also soft goods on Irma ALL THE WAY. That way Super7 could add alternate skirt, vest and blouse matching the Playmates toy as an extra. Since they're soft goods, they aren't mimicking the Playmates toy. It totally has nothing to do with wanting an Irma that can strip to her underwear as a desperate woman trying to get some Hard Dick. Sure, it would make for a nice ICFTTTC joke, but her baggy clothes would fuck up articulation if they were sculpted. Like it seems that the rumor that the fourhorsemen aren't as involved with Super7 seems to ring true based on recent figure sculpts being badly engineered. 

Dask is rather easier to adapt without making Playmates angry. First most of his sculpt should be Toy based. I'd give him a slightly more detailed crotch piece so his pants read as pants like in the toon and not leggins like the toy. The leggins that peek under his pants and shirt should be in metallic lavender. The pants should be in flat lavender while the shirt should be in glossy cheez whiz color. The blue stripe and gloves should be gloss blue glossy black completes the shoes. Hair should be 3 tones 2 light blues and 1 dark blue.

For accessories, reuse the hoverboard from Zak.
Give him a new blaster in addition to the playmates inspired blaster. The jetpack might be problematic. Add a recolor of Zack's turtlecomm.

Kala... oh boy... Toon and toy hybrid for the colors. Basically toy colors from the neck down except the arms. 

Accessories, yeah... reusing Playmates stuff would be a big no-no.
Reuse the Zak Hoverboard with new decal. Not so sure if she could get her jet shoes. Her space laptop? Maybe... the comb and mirror gun... no thanks. Maybe a Noisy Cricket type of blaster. 

Mona Lisa:
Here I'm going to deviate a little bit:
2 heads: toy inspired vs toon inspired.
Scarves would be swappable:
  • Vintage toy based
  • All new long scarf
Her back would have a couple of swappable pieces that attach to a trapezoid hole.
  • Vintage pseudo shell
  • Toon flat back
  • "Modern lizard fin" back
For accessories, they can go crazy here. NECA had cool background props, while Playmates had sone weird choices. S7 can surpriae me here.

I want the Lieutenant Leo figure for ulterior motives.
Wacky action, head droppers, storage shell turtles theoretically speaking can't be made and they're "too similar" to vanilla turtles. So in this case, I'd take a head and weapons pack.

Don the Undercover Turtle:
Yes, I made a Custom but I'll take the official one. 

Warriors of the Forgotten Sewer:
I'd kill to have these Barbarian fantasy type Turtles with the rest of the core characters... let's be honest, here I'd like to make my own Moturtles because Mattel's offerings are mostly crap.

Hose'em down Don:
Not trying to make a not so blatant Village People Parody here... Gimme Mid-Shipman Mikey and Sewer cycling Raph.

April the Ravishing reporter:
Probably renamed to News Anchor April:
Soft goods! Blazer, blouse, leggins, and skirt. No, it's not for perverted reasons. It's for customization purposes. Hear me out:
The idea is to have her alternate clothes be inspired by the Playmates toy. Her in box outfit would be something different. I'm going to say a pant suit in yellow with a white blouse... because April. The reasons for soft goods clothing are simple: like I stated with Irma, the idea to allow for a "Playmates inspired tribute outfit" as an option can appease the vintage purists. Also, it allows for a beach variant or something. I just want to avoid Super7 using the OG April body underneath the outfit. This new torso could lend itself for a base for Aska as well.

Krang's Android body:
That Super Cyborg Bullshit won't fly with me. Gimme an ultimates dammit!

Wow... there's far less vintage stuff than I tought I wanted.

Feb 25, 2024

It came from the Toy Chest: Holy Martha! Why did I say that name!?


This won't be a Batman Review, but a Batman Parody review. I, of course, I'm talking about Wingnut and Screwloose. The TMNT/Mighty Mutanimals parody of Batman and Robin. 

First of all: Holy Martha, He's fucking huge!
Sure, he's not "ginormous" but I can almost justify the $75 price tag on him.

Wingnut has standard Articulation with the addition of his wings and his neck. He's a bit top heavy and you need to play around with him a bit to have him properly stand while fully geared up on not so sturdy and steady surfaces.

Paint and sculpt:
He's had a few changes from his Playmates toy... due to PMT being a little bitch. But I like some of the changes. Shame that his weapons weren't made gold, especially his gas grenades. The Bat throwable weapon from his vintage belt is an actual weapon now. His Bat Gun is now silver. Kinda wish it was gold. He gets more color than his vintage counterpart.

Serious Head
Extra hands
4× gas grenades
Bat throwable
Sonic attachment 
Grapple attachment
Cape with W shaped clasps (small)
Mechanical wing enhancements.

Personally I'm worried about the cape and how it clasps. I fear the clasps may break with time.
Sadly, he has far too few hands.
Screwloose can be a bit of a pain to stand, but his tail acts as a "leg" to stabilize him.

This demented Duo gets a 4.5 as their final score. I believe his accessories were what brought him down. He needed more hands...

Further thoughts:
While Wingnut could've used a bit of more Oomph! I Could see other Variants/Redecos following the Batman Theme...

Black and grey redeco:
Same Wingnut and Screwloose, but Wingnut is wearing a Black and Grey suit with a Black W.
Screwloose is wearing all black, but his whitebeater has a blue screw painted on (nod to Nightwing)

Dork Nut Returns Wingnut:
Here we get New parts for the duo:
Screwloose gets a new head with Goggles reminiscent of Carrie Kelley's glasses.

Wingnut gets 2 new heads loosely inspired by the Helmet Batman used in TDKR, (intact helmet and torn helmet) new hands. Spear as a nod to Batffleck. Slip on "Hockey Pad" torso armor. (Think MOTUC Merman) one of the New hands is for using the Armaggon repellent Nut Spray. Nut Spray Cans replace the grenades.

Wingnut 89':
This Version is a mix of Archie, the 90s Live Action Batsuits, and some "originality".
We start with a new torso, inspired by the Live Action Batman movies. Mainly Batman Returns and the Archie comics. The hooks to hold the cape should be hidden under the Archie styled shoulderpiece.
Screwloose gets a new torso based on the Schumacher era Robin.
For accessories he gets 2 grenades, bat gun and grapple attachment,  2 small wing rockets as a nod to archie. Everything is mainly black as a nod to Batman 89'

Feb 23, 2024

Todd McFarlane released the Ultimate Spawn 2 pack pre-order

 And it's sold out on places that won't rape my wallet.

It's a two pack of Proto-Spawn aka Todd's first Sketch of Spawn AND TODD MCFARLANE HIMSELF! 

"Hi, I'm Todd McFarlane, creator of Spawn. Evil lurks everywhere, especially under the dark cover of night where it can roam freely. There are worse things than being offered a parking lot blowjob from a prostitute as you leave Walmart. Just ask Al Simmons, a man who traded his soul with the devil at the moment of his death. Now turned into an unwilling general of Hell's army. Now Spawn, so turn off your lights."

-"Sir, this is a Wendy's."

I was denied that ICFTTTC experience. So as always, Todd is aiding and abetting the scalpers. 

Feb 22, 2024

The HD FFVII has corrected mistakes and it's weird.

 The mistakes corrected are of the grammatical kind so this guy are no longer sick, but "this guy is sick" now... Sorry for the English Language butchering. I'm perplexed with this, but it hit me hard when I saw this:

"Where's my fucking PS4/5 Port of Xenogears, Square-Enix?"

Xenogears seems to be stuck on limbo. Unless we count weird cameos

I'm not asking for a remake or remaster... I just want to play Xenogears without having to resort to booting up an old PC and use an emulator... I understand that rights issues stop them from re-releasing the Parasite Eve games, but they don't have that issue with Xenogears... I wouldn't mind a Chocobo Raving Remaster, or Ehrgeiz... why havent we gotten an Ehrgeiz Zwei? Square how about an actual fighter and not that Dissidia Bullshit?

Feb 20, 2024

Marvel Legends news:

 Hasbro, you fucked up Big Time...
First We're getting a Spider-Man and Wolverine 2 Pack? OK it's cool that they're in F4 Uniforms but Methinks you're whoring out the angry stabby Canadian a bit too much.

But that's not why I said you fucked up.
No it's not the Weird ML assortment for the Build a Zabu wave, which is sad, because I only want KaZar and MvC Cable. Looks like KaZar will be without Zabu unless I hit the scalpers.

A Maximum Carnage being Target Exclusive while Walmart gets Prowler? Nope.
That Carnage looks sick but no Targets in PR, so I'm fucked.

No, Hasbro... all of these have been fucked up, but not as fucked up as 


What the actual fuck, Hasbro!? TAS Morbius was known for two things: His need for Plasma 

and his obsession with Felicia.

But nooooooooo! Some jenius thought: "we ought to pair Morbius with Doctor Strange!"

I mean it's not like Dormammu never appeared in the show. 

Oh wait! He did! Hell! They could've paired up TAS Dr. Strange with TAS Baron Mordo! Hell, a pairing with Blade would've made more sense... but I'll keep insisting that we should have gotten Felicia with Morbius.

I'm on Disc 2 of Final Fantasy VII

 With all available limit breaks minus Omnislash. I need to raise and race Chocobos to earn enough GP to hit the battle arena. That means I already did Wutai I had to pump up Kebab girl to get the Great Gospel. I still remember most of it. The only time I required online help was to locate the Snow Woman that had the Alexander Materia. Of course I'm "speed running", otherwise it would take me 30+ hours to get all Limit Breaks.

Revisiting the REAL Final Fantasy VII made realize, why I am Terrified of Rebirth and Reunion. They're taking something dear to me, raping it and telling me that this is the REAL FFVII.  But like Civet cat droppings, I must wade through bullshit to find good nuggets.
Case in point the Midgarsormr, or as I knew him Midgar Zolom. Everything is going fine until the end og the battle where the Nomura/Nojima team fuck everything up.

Even if I know it's a sequel, the theme if the sequel is destroy the original to make this zacksnyderized version the canonical version.

The saddest part is that I will play this once I get a PlayStation 5. At the moment one is not in the cards right now but possibly by 2025 I might be having one. Now watch as Final Fantasy VII Reunion is exclusive to PS6. And in order to play Remake and Rebirth, I'll be required to buy the "compilation of FFVIIR" because PS6 won't be backwards compatible.

TMNT Ultimates Accessory Packs: another Rant:

 I'm not a fan of the current Super7 Bullshit packs where they remove accessories from figures and hold you hostage to buy entire waves when you only want 1 character. 

First, allow more pay in installments options. I can't use Shop Pay because it doesn't recognize my address/card. You USED TO have PayPal's pay in 4, but now you don't. So it looks like I'll have to get Copper Kidd from a third party that allows payments in installments that I can use.

Second: Don't toss all 4 Turtles in a wave, because I won't be getting all 4 from you, given how you limited my options.

Third: the packs are not an incentive, they're more of a reminder of how you're ripping us off with their bullshit. No mailer box, no protective sleeve, less accessories per figure, but y'all keep increasing prices.

With that said, Accessory packs ON THEIR OWN, aren't a bad idea. The thing is that they can't be as lame as the Mousers. 

I will make 4 sets of 30-ish items to represent the yearly releases of 2 sets roughly every 6 months: they will have a combination of old and new items with very little paint: gunning for a $45 price tag.

Set 1: Clan Hamato Tubular Training Set:
- 6× Kunai
- 4× Cat Claws
- 2× Hook Swords
- 1× Sansetsukon
- 2× Jitte
- 1× Naginata
- 1× Bow
- 3× arrows
- 1× quiver
- 1× Training dummy with holes for kunai.
- 1× pizza slice with sai hole
- 1× pizza minus single slice
- 2× Underwater Explosive device (NES)
- 1× Sushi (Shredder's Revenge)
- 2× Turtle Comms (for Mikey)
-1× Turtle grappling hook

Set 2: Foot Clan Funky Fight Gear:
-2× Katana in Foot Soldier colors
-1× Naginata in Foot Soldier colors
-1× Krang Gun in Foot Soldier colors (Arcade)
-1× Oversized Sledgehammer (Arcade)
-2× Dynamite sticks (Arcade)
-2× Boomerangs (Arcade)
-2× Evil communicators
-1× Bandolier with Knife sheath ( for Rocksteady)
-1× Triceraton Gun in Bebop colors
-1× Broken Ooze canister toon colors
-1× Intact ooze canister
-2× Run over Mousers
-3× Rats from the wave 10 canceled version of Rat King
-2× Foot Tonfa (nod to Arcade games and Mutatin' Foot Soldier)
-2× Foot Crossbow
-4× Spy Flies (nod to the Arcade game)
-2× Leatherhead Bear traps

But since super7 would behave like a bag of dicks and remove accessories in order to produce an extra, here's the "extra pack to force you to buy both packs"

2× Trigger hands for Rocksteady and Bebop
2× Expressive hands for Rocksteady and Bebop
2× Ninja 2 finger pose for Shredder (w2 and w8)
1× Hang Ten left hand for each turtle
2× pointing hands for each turtle
2× Michelangelo twirling nunchaku hands (first movie reference.)
2× twirling nunchaku
2× twirling pizzas

Accessories wave 2:
 Set 1: Radical Accessories pack:
-1× TV with interchangeable Screens
(April, Shredder, static, turned off)
-1× Self propelled Sewer exploration device (nod to the Sewer Swimming Donatello toy.)
-1× Cheapskate Prototype (inspired by the Skatin Mike skateboard with a box fan.
-2× Sewer Squirters (nod to the Child role play toy made for the actual toys) with squirting ooze effect
-1× Cricket Paddle
-1× Baseball glove
-1× Tennis racket
-1× Bazooka
-1× slingshot
-2× turtle sized gas mask
-1× plunger
-1× chained claw (it was in the vintage line and a reference to Kung Pow: Enter the fist.)
-1× Battle axe (nod to Panda Khan)
-2× full pizzas

Set 2: Foot Reinforcement Pack:
-2× Roadkill Rodneys 
-3× Long tendrils
-6× short tendrils
-3× stands
-1× harpoon gun (Manhattan Project nod)
-1× LH tobacco leaves painted in correct colors
-1× LHturtle painted in correct colors
-1× LH crawfish painted in alive colors.
-1× Knife for Leatherhead (TMNT:TiT reference)
-1× Baxter Blaster from TiT with effect piece.
-2× Kusarigama
-1× cloth tunic for Shredder
-1× tattered cape for Shredder

Now for the Dickish extra pack:
-4× Turtle heads Meditation.
-1× Unmasked Casey Head
-1× Oroku Saki head
-1×Shredder head with Eye of Sarnath
-1× April head inspired by the first movie.
 Due to the large items, the amount of extras in the second pack are reduced. 
My original plan was to have 2 packs every four months. The s7 styled "dick move packs" were made out of body parts that would've been spread out theoughout the packs.

Feb 17, 2024

Fantastic four Cast is here.

I have no issues with the cast except...

Pedro fucking Pascal. Now, it's not anything Personal against the guy, but I feel like he's being overused. After Oscar Isaac dropped out of Metal Gear, people began screaming for Pascalsnake... Pascal is close to 50 and Snake is supposed to be 33 by the time of Shadow Moses. He might be a bit too old to play Reed if we're going for another 10 year set of phases. 

But it's more of a Pedro Pascal overexposure thing. I'm seeing his face everywhere. I'm afraid of being intimate with a girl, I close my eyes for a sec and Surprise, It's Pedro fucking Pascal wearing a wig! I'm terrified of going to the Bathroom and Pedro fucking Pascal shows up Skibidi Toilet style. At least they discontinued Alpha Bits, otherwise I'd see him in my cereal!!

Feb 16, 2024

I'm afraid for X-men 97, but what we need is

 Spider-Man 98'... I know, I know... The show was hyper censored, but now that some stuff has changed we can actually have Spudey throw a punch.

I'm also aware that Linda Gary, Rue McClanahan, Ed Asner and Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Are no longer with us. But if X-men is getting a closure, then So does Spider-Man. It would be great to have Spidey and Mary Jane reunite and gove him the closure he deserves... then again, current Marvel is Spider-Man's biggest Supervillain. Oh no, I just imagined YAS Tackling Civil War and combining it with Identity Crisis and One More Day with Dormammu replacing Mephisto. Sadly Nick Jameson retired from Voice Acting.

The reason I'm talking Spider-Man and not X-men is that the trailer came out and I'm torn.
It's not bad, but it's current era Marvel and I feel they're gonna fuck it up somehow.

For those of us who watched EQUIS MEN!! Here's the Spanish dubbed trailer.

I'm disappointed that the EX-MEN ARE NOT EQUIS MEN!! 

And here's the original intro to EQUIS MEN... the dubbed names are Cringe as Hell, but Nostalgia Goggles.

Feb 14, 2024

The universe seems to hate me: MOTU Movie news

 Thank goodness the Nee bros. Are OUT!! Seriously, they planned to have Adam crash on Earth at the age of 9 and recover his sword as an adult and return to Eternia to fight Skeletor...

Do they even He-Man!? That plot sounds a lot worse than the Time He-Man met Monica from friends

Nearly 15 years ago, I started this blog and my forst rant was about a rumored He-Man flick... today there is still no movie, but the only hope is that Bumblebee's director is set to direct for now. Hopefully the writers will be respectful to the source material and discard the Nee bullshit. 

But since I'm single on Valentine's, I guess I'll have to Jason Biggs it tonight.

Man Cobra Kai 2 is really shitty:

 I got a Valentine's Day gift... it seems the pwrson who gave it to me hates me. Mainly due to the game being shit. But I can't complain as it was Gratis. As they say we must avert our gaze from the equine's bucal orifice. 

I haven't finished it yet, but I wanted to throw the controller at the TV out of rage. The game feels unpolished and janky. Controls can be unresponsive and framerate drops randomly and dramatically... and to make matters worse we have to parkour with clunky and unresponsove controls.

I love the Miyagiverse, but this game is so garbage that it makes the Jaden Smith movie l[k good. Fuck this game that makes the LJN Karate Kid on the NES look like a Masterpiece.

Happy Valentine's Day and I'm off to visit a comatose female friend...  

Feb 13, 2024

Saw the Marvels... and other stuff

 I got to say: It wasn't  bad. Was it good? Aw hell naw! But I'm a misogynistic magatard incel for saying the movie was good or something.

It had some decent fight scenes. The story was dull... Basically Ronan with a vagina was the bad guy because reasons. Iman Vellani and Teyonah Parris gave some decent performances for the bad writing they had to work with. Academy Award Winner Brie Larson gave a wooden performance that makes Kristen Stewart look like an over the top ham like Raúl Juliá in Street Fighter. The Multiverse ending post credits scene was meh, but it leads to better things.

Like Wolverine and Asshole, whose trailer was released 1 or 2 days ago.

TVA got Wade and now Multiversal shenanigans with Wolverine and Asshole. That's how the Australian guy from Kate and Leopold calls it.

Feb 12, 2024

Top NON Vintage TMNT figures I want for Ultimates parte dos:

Last time I covered 87 toon, movies, vintage comics. Guess I'll have to do some other stuff and Venus.

A "classicizer" needs to be used on Venus. The harder part will be making her look feminine while looking like an 87 Turtle. Also, she'd need to share parts with the eventual Turtle Jennika release. 
3 heads: Neutral expression mimicking the vintage TNM toy, a "modern head" to match the other s7 Turtles. A 87 styled head to match the other s7 Turtles.
The usual hands c-grips with horizontal and vertical hinges, fists, expressive hands, pointing hands.

Tessen fan open and closed
Turtle communicator open and closed
Chinese sword (with real string tassel)

Since I mentioned Jennika, I guess i should Transition to IDW stuff. Translation, mainly Mutanimals related.

Female Foot Assassin: (Jennika)
Sculptwise, this is a Karai figure with a new torso overlay, Ninja April forearms with new biceps. Same weapons as Karai, but with an extra set of hands with" Vega claws", bent spear. heads:
Foot soldier head from Karai in red, new Human Jennika head, Human Jennika head with mask covering nose and mouth, Cassandra Jones head. 

This figure is a subtle army builder since you can use multiple foot masked figures as assassins. If you have both this and Turtle Jennika, they're not redundant as you have other options (no name foot assassin or Cassandra Jones)

Jennika (Turtle):
Reusing the Venus body with new legs and forearms. New crotch overlay that plugs to the shell like the belts do to the turtles.
To make her look close to this, but reusing the venus body. The belt would be soft goods in order to accommodate a soft goods "tunic" to make her other look possible. Add a soft goods Hooded cape. Give her 3 heads:
TNM styled, 87 styled and "modern styled".
For accessories, Sewer Samurai Leo Swords, Shuriken, Kunai, and Cat Claws.

Sally Pride:
Visually I want herto look like the pic on the left, because it's more colorful and toyetic.
She's had a few look changes. Sometimes it looks like a flaccid mowhawk, sometimes it looks like pidgeotto's head feathers, sometimes it looks like Gary Oldman in the 5th Element. Personally I prefer the look on the left pic. But if she gets Alternate heads with different styles, I wouldn't mind much.

For accessories, the usual hands, the sword and gun pictured on the right and maybe some lion related punny weapons.

Herman the Hermit Crab:

He's a big boi. My main worry is the small legs supporting his weight. Other than that, various left claws. Articulated right claws (organic and mechanical) 
Multiple weapons. Bonus point if he can get a "storage shell gimmick".

Now that I'm done with my IDW wants, let's move to another medium, one that is rumored to be the next wave: 2003 toon:
I won't mention Human Baxter, since I mentioned his Mirage version.

The TMNT from 2003 added a nice new faction with Bishop and the EPF half SHIELD half MIB, it's perfect for TMNT. If made in the 2003 subline, I'm getting him.

Another 2003 Character that I like. I even made a Hun inspired character with the fat body I got from Figures Toy Company.
Well, if an official Hun is made, all i have to do is repaint this guy's hair and I have a new Purple Dragon. 

Silver Sentry:
The 2K3 Justice Force would be a nice way for Super7 to beat NECA to the punch with some deep cuts in Mirage TMNT lore. While Silver Sentey isn't Mirage per se, Ananda is. So, Silver Sentry could open the door for other Justice Force Members. Not to mention that Super 7 could double dip on a glow in the dark Silver Sentry variant

Shredder clones:
I've mentioned them Multiple times, so I won't bore you again. I wants them. Period.

An easy to make wave filler. Most of the new parts are accessories and Nobody has so few of them, so add from OTHER versions of Nobody to improve on this filler. Like the Sansetsukon from Mirage's Female Nobody...

The 2 "random" policemen:
They just happen to look like Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird...

There could be more, but these are the ones from the top of my head without going full variant mode like adding Karai as Shredder, Turtle Titan, April, Turtles, Splinter, Utrom Shredder... or the various robot forms of Baxter.

Feb 11, 2024

Hideo Kojima is making a "Tactical Espionage Action" game

 It's NOT a Metal Gear Solid game, because Konami owns that. But here's the kicker: Kojima claims that My Mom will think It's a movie and not a game.

Few things:

  1. Haley Joel Osment saw my mom almost 9 years ago and Lady Yuna danced in her honor.
  2. Back when she was amongst the living, she already thought that Hideo's 3 inches of Doom had already made a movie with MSG 4 Guns of the Patriots.
Also, in the interview he claims he gets many Requests from Hollywood to direct movies.
My reaction to that is:

I honestly doubt the Hollywood thing, because Hideo is AWFUL at telling his stories at a proper pacong without requiring MASSIVE INFO DUMPS. Then there's the abuse of nids and winks to himself. Besides the Hollywood version of Kojima is Hack Snydurr... But this "not quite Metal Gear Solid TEA game" won't show up in current gen. Maybe PS6 or 7 as a minimum. But he's also kno kno knocking on heaven's door.

Apparently Oscar Isaac has

 Abandoned MGS... insert Canon Event joke here. This is according to a Hollywood insider. I take this with a grain of salt, but to be fair... this Blog will reach its Quinceañera in a few months ad there's still no He-Man movie. But right now I have more faith in a He-Man movie than a Metal Gear movie. But, these two projects would be deader if their names were Thomas and Martha Wayne. 

It's been years since MGS was annoynced and we got the COVID outbreak as an excuse to the delays. With Oscar Isaac getting more recognition as an actor. So, it would make sense for him to walk out of this Dev Hell project, like the Centineo kid with He-Man.

Feb 10, 2024

Incompatibility amongst Ultimates!

 Before someone tells the disgruntled former Mattel employee that I'm "hating on super7" shut the fuck up! I am simply pointing out a disadvantage that Super7 has with their ultimates. One thing that didn't happen with MOTUC was parts incompatibility.
Most normal sized male figures with Man-E-Faces being the exception due to his Action feature have similarly sized Neck pegs. Even with the Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns, the MOTUC heads were compatible... Joker and Glash being the exceptions. Flash was in a DCUC Body and Joker, due to his alternate head having a removable for some reason eye Batarang. Point is that the heads and pegs are standardized.

Sadly, this isn't so with Super7. For figures that share the same engineering, you'd be surprised how incompatible the figures are. I'm not talking about putting Alice's head on April's body. But Cheetara can't fit on April and viceversa. So if I wanted to use Cheetara to make a Swimsuit April, I'm Shit out of luck. You can argue that it's two different lines and all that, but when Lemmy(Motorhead) hands fit on Tommy (MMPR)but they look ridiculously out of scale. BOTH FIGURES ARE THE SAME SIZE. I bought a set of Super7 fodder that had some of Lemmy's accessories including some hands. They didn't fit, TMNT, GI Joe, Thundercats, but 
The Skirt Alicia os wearing came from a SOTA Sakura that became a Miley/Hannah figure.

They barely fit Power Rangers and are grossly out of scale. But it happens with figures from the same line and wave.
Snake Eyes and Duke from the same GI Joe wave have different sized Neck Pegs. If you wanted to use the Snake Eyes body with a Repainted Duke head to make a new Commabdo Unit. You're fucked. You can't you need to crack open both torsos and swap neck pegs. Addirional carving on the snake eyes body might be required. Whu does Snake Eyes have a Mattel DKR Joker sized peg? 

Now I'm starting to regret buying that second Rat King... but at the same time. I'm sad that I won't be able to make a Better Nick R. Cade out of a Cliff Burton body. I WISH these things were consistent enough for mediocre customizers to be able to do "part swap customs"...

Feb 9, 2024

Silverhawks wave 6 speculation:

 Now that Copper Kidd preorder is put, we need to speculate on Wave 6:

But I will make 2 wave 6, one based on the topn, one based on the toys:
Vintage toy based wave 6:
Windhammer (which would be disappointing)
UltraSonic Suit Quicksilver 

This wave is basically redeco city with the one new variant being a redeco with a new head and accessory.

Toon based wave 6:

Nefty but you really want Melodia for a Lady Gaga joke and to continue the whole Bluestar simps for her in OF joke, why isn't she on the list? 

Because This is Super7 pulling a "fuck you Nefty" wave. Also, I fear Timestopper will be tiny...

Super7 Good News/Bad news

 Super7 just released the Copper Kidd preorder. It's just the Kidd and the racer... $205 doesn't sound too bad. Roughly $53 plus taxes if in the US if one were to use a pay in 4 bi-weekly plans... like the one I used to get 2 Rat Kings. Specifically PayPal pay in 4 since ShopPay apparebtly doesn't work in Puerto Rico or doesn't recognize my cards/address. 

Well, guess what?


Super7 apparently blocked PayPal pay in 4.  Checked it on eBay and now have my third Ultimates Alice... (this one is to turn into a MuTeens Tribble) I didn't pull the trigger on a Lady Jaye because customization of Super7 figures is a bitch... (will save this for another rant.) So, I must drop at least $212 in a single blow... which I can't... especially as I already blew my Toy cash on fully paying for S7 Hank and Sheila, because Pay in 4 was a no go... didn't notice that until I got the email. 

So, next paycheck, I'll just get Copper Kidd unless they fix the pay in 4 issue. If they do I might get both the Kidd and the Racer. But here's the wave:

You can see the entire wave... The Racer, Kidd and the Superpack bullshit including items that Kidd should've been with him.

He's fucking tiny, there's no excuse for that winking head and that blaster that came with Steelwill to be relegated to extras.

Also, no Sleeve for the box... 

Feb 7, 2024

The Kidd is coming... and he smells like pennies.

 Copper Kidd is coming! The final core Silverhawk is getting made. We knew this for a while, but we have an official teaser.

He and his racer are rumored to be the next wave of Silverhawks alongside another figure.

My gut says Hardware, but my dick brain says Melodia... if y'all remember my Bluegrass review  you'll know why I want Melodia.

Guess we'll find out shortly before the Dungeons and Dragons preorder closes.

Well, I'm playing Final Fantasy VII... the real one again

 Due to my lack of PS5 and sour taste from FFVII Remake, I'm not touching Rebirth until I get a PS5 in 2025. Also, OGFFVII was $6 and change. So, I've only done the first reactor. I know it doesn't sound like much, but I'm currently raising Barret and Tifa's limit Breaks to Level 2. The idea is that I need to get all their limit breaks to Level 3 before reaching Junon... the idea is to be able to get the Great Gospel and actually use it. (And get said trophy, of course.)


Just met the pink dressed ghetto florist and on my way for Cloud to be raped by Mukki.

I fucking hate leveling up her limits, as she requires kills and her skills don't kill. I better not speedrun this game... holy asscrackers! I haven't slept at all... I gotta work, Fuck! The curse of FFVII making me lose track of time Has struck again!

Feb 6, 2024

Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2packs surprise

 Dammit, dammit, dammit! It's a pleasant one... should I get it from Hasbro Pulse where I'm raped with FEDEX shipping to Puerto Rico or wait for it to hopefully show on BBTS?
It's no Morbius and Felicia Hardy, but it's 
Water form Hydroman and DareDevil because reasons?

Sure a red suit Daredevil is always welcome. The real star of the show here is the water form version of Hydroman! I want him, nay, I need him!! I believe Thursday will be when this drops.

I recently preordered a Goblin Queen from the x-men 97 toon, because it's the only way we're going to get a Maddie Pryor. 

Gonna call a few possible 2 packs:

Beast vs Langdon
Morbius vs Felicia Hardy
Blade vs Detective Lee
Harry Osborn vs Hobgoblin
Tombstone vs Joe Robertson 
Chameleon vs Peter Parker
Spider-Carnage vs Uncle Ben

I just beat Ozma...

 The Final Fantasy 9 boss that made my early college era a nightmare, has been defeated. I fucking lost to the giant jawbreaker WITH A GAMESHARK... HOW DO YOU FUCKING LOSE WHILE USING A GAMESHARK!?

This fucking candyass superboss kicked my ass way too much! Until a few hours ago... first time, I'll admit I use the Remaster Boosters, but I went vanilla after reloading. The vanilla fight was longer, but the preparations worked like a charm on the victorious attempt. I was lucky that Meteor only killed Zidane, but I was able to revive him. Ozma is cheap but I was lucky at the 13th vanilla try. Now the feat sounds less impressive. Didn't help that Ozma committed suicide by using Doomsday and getting hit 3 times due to Return Magic from Amarant and Vivi. 

So, Fuck you tie-dyed floating testicle! Now to beat the game...

Feb 5, 2024

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is scaring me

 Seems that Square Enix is in pre-emptive damage control mode. What do I mean by that?
"My message to fans is… oh god, how much can I spoil," mused Baron. "Ok, my message to fans is to be excited, be open-minded because I think we have some really fun surprises, and I think we also have some awesome fan service that will make everyone happy. I'm hoping, knock on wood (taps her own head)." 

Yeah... that doesn't sound like good news. Last time we were attacked by Kindgom Hearts Bullshit by the end of the game. Now we have parallel timelines, Zack alive, and Tifa is going to end up as a kebab... calling it now. 

Guess after FF9 I'm playing the real ff7...

Feb 4, 2024

Remember Queen Veena? She has been retconned.

 Behold her replacement:
A Teela repaint in blackface.
This character is literally an African Eternian repaint of Teela with a new head, new staff and soft goods cape. Very likely to show up in Origins.

I'm torn. I don't mind her as a new character, like say: Caretaker of the Central Tower, or King Grayskull's sister or daughter. It's the whole Erasing Veena what bothers me a lot.

The whole point of diversity is to ADD, NOT REPLACE!! You replaced the Proto-Sorceress, who had a cool design with "Blackface Teela". What the Actual Fuck, Mattel!?

Feb 3, 2024

If MOTU 30TH characters were to appear on the theoretical sequel to revolution...

 Here's my dream cast and why I chose these actors...

Remember the 30th Anniversary of MOTU? Where Toyguru tried to kiss Geoff John's ass and it led him nowhere... well, since Ted Biaselli is working with Kevin Smith and is a superfan, he must be aware of these folks...

Fearless Photog, who was the winner of the original create a character from the 80s.

Draego-Man, a 4Horsemen original MOTU Creation.

The Mighty Sphincter, Neitlich's own self-insertion into MOTU.

Sir-Loser-Lot, Geoff John's character because Neitlich gave him a metaphorical rimjob.

Cy-suck, a Microman inspired creation by Mattel's toy designer Terry Higuchi

Castle Grayskull Man, winner of the 30th character creation contest. 

These 6 could have small roles in the sequel to Revolution, linda like Stonedar, Fisto, etc. Have had roles in the last two Silent Bob series.

Fearless Photog: James Flanders/Jimmy Flinders...

Yes, Liquid Snake... Why him, besides my fanboy obsession with  Cam Clarke?

Being a Past He-Man is the reason I'd bring him back. He's being doing voices for quite some time and could play a corny hero like Photog.

Draego-Man: Patrick Stewart.
Since John DeLancie played Granamyr and he was Q in Star Trek TNG, it makes sense that another Dragon is played by another TNG Alumnus... not to mention, having Draego-Man sound like an Englishman is a nod to Dragonheart's Draco shounding like 200X Shtratosh...

The Mighty Spector: Hwil Hweaton.
I loathe Wil Wheaton almost as much as I loathe Scott Neitlich's creation. Also, Wheaton sound like a little bitch, which is perfect for Spector. He's just there to get killed while Draego-Man tells him to shut up! 

Sir Laser Lot: Christopher Judge.
Boy... Long before he was Kratos, he was Zodak. Bonus 200X easter egg.

Cy-Chop: Scott McNeil.
No, this has nothing to do with him voicing Wolverine in X-Men evolution.
McNeil, who voiced Protoman in the Ruby Spears Mega Man series was Flipshot in the New Adventures of He-Man. See the trend? Most of my choices have had past ties to MOTU. This is another one of those.

Castle Grayskull Man:
We need to get Frank Langella before he passes away and a physical manifestation of the Power of Grayskull would be a badass farewell to the Best thing from the 1987 Movie... if not, plan b is

But this is highly unlikely to happen... The Despara angle mkes me wonder how much She-Ra could they do.

Feb 2, 2024


 Yo! You killed Apollo!

Carl Weathers has been seen by Haley Joel Osment. Action Jackson is no more.

Yup, he died in his sleep yesterday. This was not on my plans today. I had a MOTU rant in the works, but the death of Carl Weathers pushed it aside. 

He played football long before I moved out of my Dad's scrotum and became an actor. I mainly know of Weathers as Apollo Creed... and thanks to a local station (WAPA Canal Cuatro) as Action Jackson. In the early to mid 90s they played the hell out of Action Jackson. Like once or twice a month. (They also did it to Seagal's Marked for Death, Van Damme's Kickboxer. I think Bloodsport and American Ninja were on Channel 11, but I digressed) 

Weathers had experimented with a lot of genres, but to me he's always going to be Apollo Creed.
I can't be the only one who sees this as a fitting farewell to the late, but still awesome Carl Weathers.

Feb 1, 2024

Super7 's Bullshit is giving us a hard


With their new GI Joe wave. Full of repaints... except Baroness who gets different accessories and a hip satchel. Scarlett and Lady Jaye are pure repaints... with less accessories. 

I commend them for making a smaller wave, but 3 repaints with LESS accessories to push the entire wave with the "battle pack" is a load of Bullshit. This feels half assed even for Super7...
I can already smell the "girl figures don't sell" bullshit excuse.

If they wanted to go hard DiC on us, this is all they needed to show: