Jul 31, 2015

King Hiss Screwjob Part 3: Neitlich Strikes back...

The Hssssssssteria continues! Now the Neitlich has spoken about the issue.
Here's a pic of the quote:
click me to read!

Now all I need is Neitlich to do:

I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I'm leaning towards believing Neitlich...
*Cue overdramatic reaction that makes the whole "Finkle is Einhorn" scene seem tame in comparison.*

The New Team DID Start off throwing Neitlich under the bus. I'm not saying he didn't deserve it, just stating a fact. They KEPT Throwing him under the bus and now that forced The Guru to speak up.

But seeing the quote is not enough... COMMENTARY TIME!!
I absolutely had it costed in. Or if costs changed over the ten months I left the team could have broken the torso into 5 parts and released it as a collect and connect over the last five monthly figs. 
How would that have worked if the snakes are bendy? Stiff Plastic snakes could have done that, but not bendy.

The bottom line is the new team forgot about the torso. The fact that it was not shown at Sdcc is proof (especially when they showed product through 2016). This kitbash offering is a last min quick fix idea that fails to fulfill the subscription promise.

Y'know... That theory makes sense. We saw everything except the Torso (and PD Teela... should I start to worry?) I mean, the kitbash had no new pieces and that "The horsemen worked on it" excuse was sounding a bit too bullcrappy. Now the man who made the subscription promise is calling them out. (Yes, I'm aware that this person has an Used Car Salesman reputation. Some people would call him a Snake oil salesman or Anita Sar... Whoops! I almost mentioned She who musn't be named!)

I was going to stay out of this, but with the new team choosing to throw me under the bus again and blame me for making a promise without proper costing, well I say shanagans to that. I ran the line for 7 years and never made a promise like that which couldn't be fulfilled. My record stands.

Typo aside, I have to think this through... He has bent the truth many times, used double speak and had a way with words to try to worm his way out of situations... He also used scare tactics in order to promote the line. We the fans had to fight tooth and nail to get SOME things fixed (SMAA, Keldor's swords, He-Man's hairstyle, Castle Grayskull...) Bubble Power She-Ra is the closest thing to this Hsss issue because she was a non-sub She-Ra with Swift Wind riding feature. On the other hand, we do have the Grizzlor faceplate and the 200X Buzz-Off  head that were left out because of the "Higher ups NO 200X dogma"... But he still managed a way to squeak them through... even if those items were NOT PROMISED TO US... Wait... Did he promise us the Spector whip?

I understand taking over after I left was 't a cake walk, but blaming me is out of order. I can see how it was easy to forget about the torso promise. They had a lot going on. If this swim suit king hiss was always in the plans, why not just show it at Sdcc? The new team has the wheel now. It is theirShip. It's been ten months.You can't blame me any more for your mistakes and inadequate solitons.

Solitons!?  OK, second set of HORRIBLE Ytpos aside... He has a point. If they knew this was in the plans why not show it?  They could have shown it and then told us the bad news. We would have taken it better if they had done it in Comic Con. Now I'm betting that the BS Hordak AND the Lasers getting their (somewhat pointless) action features are to blame for this.

The transparent thing to do when fans asked about the torso as Sdcc would be to admit they accidently forgot about it. Blaming me, uncalled for. 

Ooh! Neitlich uses Transparency jab on New Team... It's super effective!
He is right you know. If they messed up, coming out clean would have helped them with the whole Honest Transparency thing, then again, Neitlich was one who threw the Horsemen and others under the bus a few times when caught on Contradictions... *fighting urge to slam hands on table and point towards the screen*  but the new team was supposed to be different from the old team...

I 100% get how they could forget. They have A LOT going on and a lot of running Matty was in my head. So I would give them slack here. But that still doesn't make this my fault.
Interesting... Most of the Matty operation was inside ♠'s head... That almost sounds like the House of Rants... The guy is even praising them in a weird way... Sure he's claiming that the Matty Operation is super hard and he did it mostly by himself, but the team is doing a pretty decent job... Color me surprised. I didn't expect them to get some praise by the Guru...

Give them time. They have a lot going on and I know they are trying their best to get more figs out and make as many folks happy. 
This is confusing me.  HE is still praising the team after the whole: Don't Throw Me Under the Bus since I've been out of the MOTU Game thing. Feels weird coming from him...

I wonder if Mattel will retaliate and this will turn into a Schoolyard pissing contest!

Jul 30, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: can she see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

So, Peekablue... The second to last member of The Great Rebellion to arrive to my shelves.
She sees things, has Male Feathers, but then again, Mosquitor's a girl... She also looks a bit like Katy Perry... If anyone knows how to make a MOTUC Scale Felt Costume of the Left Shark, let me know so I can eventually use that for a future ICFTTC...

Sadly I have no Fireworks to attach to her boobs and how much I hate her Smurfette voice and I forgot that I'm supposed to be talking Peekablue and not Katy Perry...

She comes with her feathers plugged Upside Down for some reason (packaging) It scared me the first time I tried to pull them off to fix them. I'll get on with the details while rating her.

Peeks suffer from Late in the game POP Gal Lost Boot cut syndrome. Her (male) Peacock feathers hinder her head articulation. Other than that she's got normal POP Gal Articulation.
On the other hand, the Peacock Feathers open up and she looks like the perfect Mascot for NBC. The closest thing to an issue is that the hole in her back to hold her feathers is a bit too high and impossible to fix.

Paint and Sculpt:
She looks like her Filmation Counterpart with a few toy details in. Problem is that she looks unfinished. The metallic blues on her look too much like the flat blues and blend in with each other.
She also suffers from Derp-Eye. (Well not mine, but many others do.)

She gets a bladed fan (with weird handle) and a POP Shield... Personally they could have axed the shield and given us 2 fans so she can be more Kitana-like.she didn't get anything else because of her feathers.

Peekablue gets a 3.0 as her final score. It's a shame that she got a lower score, but some design choices and technical limitations damaged her chances of scoring higher...

It Came From the Toy Chest: Rock Hard, finished in 30 seconds...

Ah, Callix... You and your appearance lend yourself to a premature ejaculation joke so easily...
Really, the 2002 Intro lasts longer than him!

Who is Callix? Well, he's the first Hordesman that came out of the 200X Cartoon. (The second one is the Horde Wraith, who comes in 2016... Buy the sub!)
He's kind of a Golem like character... Or as close as we can get to a fourhorsemen Ben J. Grimm. without those pesky rights issues, or The Mouse coming after the 4HM.

He dies in 20-something seconds of his first appearance. Being pretty much a Horde Redshirt.

Let's crack him open and see what the fuzz is all aboot.
(I had some pancakes with maple syrup... I don't hate Canada, just dislike a few Canadians in particular... like Bieber. Hey! at least I didn't finish a sentence with, eh... DAMMIT! Also, I'm aware that many of the MOTU 200X VAs are Canadian...)

He's the first sample of things to come in the 200X Sub...

So, Callix:
It's fairly standard MOTUC Articulation, since he is made on the Standard body.
The Shoulderpads hinder some of his articulation and the Ankles have specialized articulation. No hinges, but a cut joint.
Paint and Sculpt:
He's mostly the standard buck. He got some new overlays. (Forearms seem to be new pieces with the huge overlay.) Contrary to popular belief, the Torso is new. It has some holes for the overlay to glue into. It could see some reuse for a Faker 2.0 with sculpted Robotic pieces. I do wish we could have gotten at least new thighs.
Other than that he looks amazing. Paintwise he's got little going on. Eyes in a deep black and a sandstone paintjob on the Horde emblems. The cool thing about his new pieces is that they make him SLIGHTLY Taller than say, Hordak.

  A Crossbow/Ax and a Discus. I can't say much about the discus aside it's the first Shield that is not clip-on. The Ax is super cool looking, but super gummy. The discus is meant to be held by the left hand, but flip it upside down and you KINDA make it work for the right hand.
The Ax looks cool as a crossbow as well, but I prefer the ax mode, since it gives the Rock Man a Melee Weapon

Callix gets a 3.67 which is a decent score for a character who was gone in less than 30 seconds.
As I'm writing this, I'm slowly warming up to him... wait... wait... hmmm

Jul 29, 2015

King Hiss Screw Job part 2: November Scramble

Mattycollector's team are trying to retcon history by deleting the Massive backlash that they got in response to this debacle.
Ladies and Gentlemen, THAT is the King Hsss that we are getting This November, on Point Dread Month. Of course Matty closed the thread to avoid more Backlash... This new team are making Neitlich look like an angel... and everyone know that The Guru is no saint, much less an Angel.

So, European Vacation King Hssss... I mean he's wearing Red Speedos... You know who sunbathes in Speedos? 

Aside The Hulkster here... European Tourists. usually Older men... They also tend to look a lot like Hulk Hogan... Old, way too tanned that their flesh almost looks like leather and tend to be a bit Lecherous. Now King Hssss can join the club...
I need the Snake Torso... I am forced to pay for a crappy set or Rattlor legs on a red Speedo... The weapons seem nice. They simply forgot the best Snakemen 2 pack weapon: The sword. The extra head only works on Vintage Hssss. D'oh! But Point Dread Month... I guess I'll Dread that sale day...

Why do WE have to pay for MATTEL'S Screw ups. They Messed up with King Hssss. They SHOULD take a hit with him and give it for free to Subscribers as an Apology for messing up.

Update: forgot to post the post from Mattycollector:

Hey guys,
We’ve been reading the boards and we understand there is a lot of frustration with our favorite slithery foe, King Hssss. We get it - certain things were expected and then those things changed, which is frustrating. It is also frustrating when statements like the ones that were made regarding the Snake Hssss Torso, are put out to you, the fans, before their feasibility has been confirmed. That’s what unfortunately happened here.
As we tried to rise to the challenge of somehow offering the King Hssss Bendy Snake Torso as an added bonus to an upcoming figure, we came to the conclusion that it was just impossible to make it work financially and still offer a product at the $26 price point for the sub. The Snake Torso itself is the cost of a regular MOTUC figure, so trying to just “throw it in” with Buzz Saw Hordak would have made the retail jump to the price of a two pack, which we didn’t want to do. And let’s be honest, that’s exactly why it wasn’t included with the original King Hsss in the first place (where it would have made a lot more sense).
We still really wanted to offer the Torso, because it turned out absolutely fantastic. So we decided to offer it as its own item – a complete figure - instead of not doing it at all. Soooo we worked closely with the Four Horseman and eventually came up with this offering.
What you’ll get is a Full Snake Form King Hssss figure which includes the new Bendy Snake Upper Torso with a repaint of the Snakemen lower body, and the King Hssss Briefs. You’ll also get a Bonus Transforming King Hssss Head (Snakemen Repaint) that can work with either of your King Hssss figures and some new repaints of the Snake Men Weapons. Overall we feel this is a more complete offering than just a torso in a polybag, and allows for customizable options with the original figure.
We understand it’s not exactly what you were expecting, and that some of you aren’t happy about that. But we hope you see that we are trying to offer you the best product possible, and in order to do that sometimes things have to change.
Really? I've heard that the FourHorsemen polybag extras when they screw up... Not to mention EAT THE COSTS when their figures from their own indie studio have issues...

But that's not the point... That figure REEKS of Mattel's own team work. It's a pure parts swap, which is something that Mattel's own team could easily do WITHOUT THE HORSEMEN. (rumors have it that Mattel bypassed the Horsemen when making Faker... and they used their own inside team.)
The CLOSEST thing to Horsemen involvement is likely to be the Second head.

The only positive thing I can think of is PANTSLESS HSSS funny pics! *but only dorky Hamburglar Hssss*

Update #2:

Well, I'll be damned! The Second head IS NOT A NEW PIECE. Thank you for the Tip PhantomZodak... This definitely IS NOT a FourHorsemen thing... This has to be a Mattel inside job.
The only new piece is the Snake Torso... Everything else is already made... It almost reeks of Mattel trying to maximize profits by making us Triple-dip on King Hsss... NOT COOL! The sad part is that I will try to get it, because I need that Snake Torso, and the Pantsless Hsss will be funny.

Jul 27, 2015

The King Hiss Screwjob

The first Neitlich-esque move by the New Matty Team has been made:
I know you guys have been wondering about King Hssss and now that I have some concrete answers I can share what’s going on.
Yes, the new torso was scheduled to be released with Buzz Saw Hordak. However, when we tried to combine the two we found out that it wouldn’t be possible to do so due to costs. We tried a few different options (alternate packaging, higher price point, etc.), but none of these choices made sense (business or common).
So here’s what we’ve decided to do: King Hssss will still be released in 2015 but he will arrive as a complete figure. Accessories, alternate head, another set of legs…it will all be there. After reviewing all the different factors that went into making this product this was the only thing that made sense as well as the right thing to do. We know that promises were made regarding how you were supposed to receive this figure but ultimately…it just wasn’t possible. It didn’t sit well with any of us to force you to pay a premium for this item so we decided to put the power in your hands.
As a sub holder you will not be locked in to purchasing this figure. King Hssss will be offered during the month of November as an add on item. If you want him, he’ll be available during Early Access; if not, you won’t be obligated to purchase. All remaining stock not purchased will be offered during our November All Access sale.
There will be pictures posted of the bendy headed Snake Men leader at a later date, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to give you a heads up.
Transparently Yours,
Skeletor’s Love Child 

That would sum up my reaction in less than 10 seconds. But, this is the House of Rants and if I don't go on a long winded tirade, that means I'm slipping.

and here we have ♠ talking about how King Hsss' Snake Torso is guaranteed to subscribers. (From the time he WAS STILL ON MATTEL.)

Also, ON FREAKING NOVEMBER!? What do we have on that Month?

Well, There's Dragstor, Veena, Point Dread, Filmation Teela, and Talon Fighter, The new King Hssss.
Seriously... Pinned between a pair of 4 Figure Months: Perfuma, Ceratus, Flying Fists He-Man vs Terror Claws Skeletor and on the other end Phravus, Dare, The Laser variants... Not only that but we're getting this on Freaking Point Dread Month...

WE WERE PROMISED TO GET THIS SNAKE TORSO, IF WE SUBBED. The Torso would be PART OF THE SUB, just not showing up with He-Man and Hsss two-pack. This solution doesn't please me since I have to PAY EXTRA FOR IT, PRAY IT DOESN'T SELL OUT ON EARLY ACCESS (and hope that shipping costs for Point Dread AND this Figure are not Wallet Rapists...)

I'm tired of these "Realistic Depictions" = "Fat" crap!

What the Hell man!? It started with Disney Princesses... Look at Aurora... Won't point out how the bad photochopping made the prince unnaturally thin.
This is being promoted as being "normal"...
That is freaking weird. Cartoons are stylized for various reasons. Especially the Disney Princesses.

It has gotten Worse. Now they are attacking videogames because many of the heroines are Athletic and have stylized bodies... The "Normal proportions" version is simply Fatter models with smaller breasts.
No. this does not work at all. Lara is supposed to be a Female Indiana Jones, who has to outmaneuver Dinosaurs, Sharks, and even wield Meow Meow! Not to mention insane climbing skills that Rival Stallone in Cliffhanger... a Flabby Overweight Lara would not have been able to pull those stunts off.
 But what have they done to RIKKU!?
Seems that Fat Rikky got some breast augmentation as well.
It still doesn't make sense since she's the "Thief" in FFX-2 and is supposed to be lithe and agile. The excess weight would slow her down and make her a bit more awkward in her thievery.

 Last but not least, they made Tifa chunky...
Again, taking an Athletic character and making them chunky does not equal normal...

Sadly, I wasn't able to save a BATMAN ANIMATED SERIES Styled pic in which they make Batman Flabby and lose his Square jaw... FREAKING BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES which is super stylized... They don't even understand that it's purposely stylized...

These altered pictures are delivering a very creepy message. Being thin and athletic is wrong. Women who happen to have large breasts and sexy bodies are unrealistic... This almost reeks of "Thin-shaming".
All of these Characters (aside HALO's Cortana who is a Hologram) happen to be very athletic or super powered characters, who are not "Jane Average". I am FAT... Or a mild Husky using the Gabriel Iglesias levels of fatness scale.  My Favorite Fictional brands are Masters of the Universe and My Little Pony: friendship is magic. I'm not looking for any of those brands to alter their looks to have characters "look like me". I'm perfectly fine with He-Man being Muscular and with Twilight being a Unicorn... I tolerate the Alley Corn, but I prefer the Unicorn look.  And making ponies into humans!? WTF, man! We like the characters for what they are. Altering them in the name of Social Justice is wrong!

Oh noes... The EG will be the next target of the "Fattening for SOCJUS!!" This is just as ridiculous as trying to erase Hulk Hogan from WWF/E History... Because everyone knows that Andre the Giant stepped to the ring to prance alone in it on Wrestlemania 3.
Can't these folks come up with something original!? It's always "we don't like X Popular thing... Turn it into D so we can like it!" In these cases they're trying to make it as if being fat is OK. It's not.

I'm not in what is considered a Healthy Weight because of a poor diet and I'd rather watch TV, play videogames, write posts for the House of Rants than hitting a Gym. I COULD go to the gym, but I know I'd be wasting money on the membership. Only thing I won't do is demand to make all fictional characters fat.

Same thing with the rest of the Sock Juice folks. There are Black Characters in Comic Books that are their own characters, why change it so they are "Cheap Sock Juice approved" replacements to white characters. I mean Asgardians have freaking LADY SIF, but no... We needed a "girl Thor"... and all the stupid changes made in the name of Sock Juice. Think about it... These new Sock Juice versions will always be compared up against the Original white ciscum versions of said characters... another failure for the Sock Juice crowd.

This kind of Slacktivist stupidity pisses me off incredibly! They claim society is messed up due to Patriarchy or whatever. Instead of fighting the real fights, like those girls in certain third world countries who get splashed with acid on the face for refusing marrying against their will; they're more bothered with Spider-Man being a nerdy white boy from Queens and he should be a Lesbian Puertorrican Mulatto with maybe some Chinese in her to cover the Pandering to China.

Jul 24, 2015

Whatcha gonna do when Political Correctness runs wild on you, brotha!?

Hulk Hogan got fired from the WWE because the PC Police found some info about the Hulkster using the N-Word in a conversation...

Hulkamania is now gone from the WWE site, no more Hulkster Merchandise... they're pulling a Benoit on him. But here's the thing: If that is what is erasing the Hulkster from the WWE, then
Why haven't they gotten rid of the McMahons?

Vince is using the N-Word... If we believe the PC Police, if you're white, then you CANNOT USE the word EVER!!

But, the news that I got come from the rag that got a lot of flak for publishing a false rape accusation. Wait there's more. They quote The NATIONAL ENQUIRER... The Freaking National Enquirer is their source. Rolling Stone AND the Enquirer teaming up to defend Gawker and sink Hulk Hogan.

Now Hogan is no saint, but isn't it funny how the Media is coming to the defense of Gawker, who is being sued by Hogan... I'm sensing a hashtag... something about GaminG and Richard Nixon... being correct about their slogan.

Hogan did make an apology. It may not be enough, but the WWE's reaction was overblown... I mean, Alberto Del Rio got fired when he beat up a guy who made racist remarks against him. Now Hogan gets fired and "Deleted from WWE History" for some remarks he made (allegedly) 8 years ago?
something smells fishy here...

Jul 23, 2015

Now that 2016 is on its way who could be the next Chosen ones in MOTU? pt.III

Final rant for what's next... Finally! Since it's short, I won't keep the list after the jump. you can sit still... There is no jump.

Non-Sub items?

1 Weapons Pak: (20 items. 16 reused 4 new)

-Filmation Power Sword in One Tone Silver. (The Sub-Line He-Man is getting the exact same sword from Flogg in the same colors. We need to correct that.)
-Jitsu's weapons in Silver (2 Kama, 1 Sword)
-Orange Technosword
- Vikor's weapons (any color) (Sword, shield, ax)
-Dekker Mace in SMAA Colors.
-Angella Sword (any color)
-Bionatops Rifle in Sky High colors.
-Carnivus cape in He-Man boots "red"
-Blade's swords repainted to match his movie sword. (not the Highlander redeco that the MOTUC blade got.)
-Purple Goatman Hammer
-PD Teela sword in gold.

New Pieces:
-Spector Whip. Admit it, it was a cool item for a figure that is very unpopular.
-Techno Sword of Protection.
-200X He-Ax
-200X He-Shield

Chase Figure:
Battle Armor Faker.
Now this ain't no cheap ass Toys R Us Battle Armor Faker. He comes with two heads. Normal and Battle Damaged. His body is the Trap Jaw Body with the detachable shoulders. Faker loses his arms as extra Battle Damage. Then the BA Plates and for his weapon an Orange Dare sword.

Power-Con No new parts repaints/variants:
Alcala inspired He-Man. (Basically the Oo-Larr head on the He-Man buck with Symmetrical bracers, gold belt and bracers and brighter red boots and loincloth. the furry trim of the boots should be beige.) Comes with Ax, Shield and Dare Sword

Alcala inspired Skeletor. Basically Skeletor with the Extra head from Demo-Man, Oo-Larr Forearms, He-Ro greaves and Demo-Man Feet. Comes with a Purple Dare Sword and Havoc Staff.

Cardback Ram Man.
Ram Man in Cardback colors.

Jul 22, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: I ain't afraid of no ghost, because I'm He-Man!

Like an Idiot, I caved in and bought myself an Ectocooler Grayskull... Or the Spirit of the Ancestor of He-Man that sounds like He-Man with a slightly deeper voice. This is the Second Spirit I've been tricked into getting and none of them look like Adora's talking Horse...
The figure even comes with TINY Instructions on the back for the Glow in the dark feature.
KG has the standard MOTUC Articulation. He's basically He-Man with a longer loincloth, different Harness, Taller boots and a cape. MOTUC He-Man is basically a reuse of the KG mold. 4.0 There is nothing noteworthy that I can say about him that I have not said in the Santa KG review.

Paint and Sculpt:
He looks like King Grayskull if he had been made with Vintage inspired parts. Similar to what I said back in the day. Paintwise, a small darker wash, a paint job does not make... He is Blueish green...


They Glow in the dark
3.0 I wish I could say more but there is nothing new here... Oh the Harness is non-removable just like the FIRST King Grayskull. They glued the crap out of it... It looks like the Santa KG with the removable back piece and cape, but EVERYTHING IS GLUED ON! That kills any Customizing Potential. Luckily the head is not glued on.

Spirit of Grayskull gets a 3.17 as his final score. The glued on Armor, horrible washes and being $5 more expensive did hurt him in the end. He's a nice novelty item, but I would have preferred a Glow in the Dark Castle Grayskullman (to simulate him coming to life) as a chase figure.  I'm getting tired of Spirits, but we need now a yellow Spirit of He-Ro... If it wasn't for the GITD, then Buyer's Remorse would be hitting me super hard.
Tere is not much to say seeing that he IS the same KG but with even less paints. Now if you weren't going to make a "Hall of Heroes of Grayskull" with the Free Stands, then This Figure is a more acceptable substitute to the Bronze Grayskull. It almost looks as if he was made from the stones of the Castle.

Jul 21, 2015

Now that 2016 is on its way who could be the next Chosen ones in MOTU? pt.II

Part one was a lot harder than I expected. Let's see if Part two will fare any better.

Filmation Variant sub-Line will be done like the Collector's choice rant before. 6 Figures + Exclusive. then I'll follow the list with the theoretical full year. right after the jump!

Now that 2016 is on its way who could be the next Chosen ones in MOTU? pt.I

I've been thinking about this, due to the SDCC High... and the few rants going on about it. Most of them have been Thundercats and the Filmation Sub-line.

But now I have to wonder: What Can Mattel do for 2017 and entice us with MOTU?

Will they pad out the lines and make it both the Collector's choice and the Filmation lines 2 Full Lines; or will they keep the half and half approach?

According to the .org, these are the most popular figures:
Some we ARE Getting in 2015, others are 2016... the rest, they're up in the air.

There are SEVEN Slots left to complete this list and a yearly sub using the Bi-Monthly method would yield SEVEN slots to fill in.
This would prove VERY Easy to do and call it a day, BUT the Actual Sub did not get  all their choices from that list for 2016. Darius is some sort of Curveball and Tuskador became a Ram Man sized Item.

Well, before I start to make this list, I must say: I will make the Bi-Monthly list and a Plan B Full Year List.

Jul 20, 2015

MASK's 30th? Could it be?

Apparently, Hasbro is Working Overtime Making Toys for Ma-ma-ma-ma M.A.S.K!? Whether this means an independent Mobile Armored Strike Kommand cartoon/toyline or is tied to GI Joe 3 is still a mystery.

Now there is something gnawing at the back of my head... Whether a cartoon or movie, how will they explain some of the ridiculous transformations like the Thunderhawk's Jet mode being the Gullwing Doors open.

Or will they go full Transformer and make it look more like a plane when it transforms?

If it were up to me, I'd keep the silly transformations, but I also want to tie in MASK with GI Joe...

Now I hope this means we ARE Getting something and it's not Hasbro making sure that they don't lose their rights.

Jul 19, 2015

Squenix and the case of Nostalgic fans.

I've noticed a trend in my Square Enix buying patterns. The Last 3 Squenix games I've bought are HD Ports of Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2... I've still not beaten Final Fantasy XIII and I have put Post-it on my PS3 games that say: FINISH FINAL FANTASY XIII YOU *Expletives redacted* and I mean Literally. FFXIII says Beat me for the love of all that is Holy...

Unfortunately, I'm playing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 KH Final Mix in Proud Mode to be specific and I've learned a few things:

-I *expletive deleted* HATE with a passion of a Million suns that *expletive deleted* duck!
He won't heal me, even with the Heal Often action set up.
-When the *string of  expletives deleted*  of Donald decides to heal me is immediately after I cast a healing spell on myself.
-We need Haley Joel Osment to do a Let's play for Kingdom Hearts in Proud Mode. I just want to hear him go on an anti-Donald tirade.
-How come I'm having more fun playing this than Final Fantasy XIII?
-This version of the game is a LOT Harder than the KH I remember.
-Fun is what has been missing from recent Squenix games...

I also learned that Kingdom Hearts is...

Seriously, you can get panty shots easily... Except Selphie... Allegedly, they were visible in the PS2 version, but corrected on the PS3 port/upgrade.
Even Kairi is not safe from the Pantsu Cam... (also, those panties are very detailed.)
The weird part is that half of the Pantsu shots come from Squeaky clean Disney Characters... It's a bit weird... BTW the only panty shot I knew about was Jane's and I discovered it by Accident. A little googling yielded the rest.

Also, Holy crap this is DARK and I mean Bambi is not dark enough. Destruction of various worlds, People taking over Hearts (read it as souls and you'll see what I mean) People becoming monsters or hollow shells when losing their hearts. Carrying the burden of being a Savior or Destroyer. Then we have the storyline getting convoluted with the Heartless. Nobodies, Keyblade bearers. Naminé, Roxas and all the Ansem stuff.

But the most important thing is FUN... Final Fantasy XIII is not that. XIV is an online game, so I don't care about that one. XV, or what Little I've seen about it kinda hits some right notes, but I'm still not convinced. It worries me that Square Enix has lost their way on how to make games. I mean, people were hyped about KH 3. (I am too) but the biggest Hype comes from FFVII... an 18 year old game. Have I become some sort of hipster that only likes older games? Or is Square Enix going on a weird pathway with J-RPGs? I guess the true answer lies when FFVIIR comes.

The filmation sub-line? Does it really have any legs to stand on beyond year 1?

It's no secret that I'm not too fond of the Reduced Detail in the Filmation Sub-Line...
The question that I'm asking Myself is: Will it have the ability to survive beyond year one?
There ARE Plenty of characters to choose from...

Jul 17, 2015

Could it be!? Shenmue 3 Surpassed the Bloodstained Kickstarter!?

Bloodstained: Ritual of the night is the Spiritual successor to Castlevania, made by Koji Igarashi... The man behind Symphony of the Night. That was loss #1 to Konami... #2 is obviously Subtlety Master Kojima-San. (Though my preferences are the opposite. Kojima #1 and IGA #2)

Well, the Bloodstained Kickstarter ended with $5,545,991 as their grand total.

Shenmue 3 has 13 hours to go as of the time of this rant being written and we have collected so far:

DONATE!! Let's make Shenmue 3 one for the History books!! THIS I COMMAND!!

All Serpentor jokes aside, It's amazing how hardcore the Shenmue fanbase is. When there's a will, there's a way.

To prove I'm not BSing here, I Pledged. few sacrifices had to be made... not getting MKX, or other non-MOTU items, but I'm putting my money where my mouth is.

I believe in Yu...

Jul 16, 2015

Further Ranting on the Filmation Style figures.

Original pic by FaGian
My stance on the "Rebranded line" (The Filmation 2.0 sub-line) is that they need a bit more detailing IN ORDER TO FIT WITH the 2008-2015 Masters of the Universe Classics and the 2016-? Masters of the Universe Classics Collector's Choice.

 As you can see with the pic on my left, Filmation He-Man is devoid of the details the Vintage Toy had. He even has symmetrical bracers to save time and money in animation. This allows for the cells to be flipped if necessary.
The simplification of the details from the Toy were to help the animators. Simpler designs = easier animation.

But we are not in the 1980s where Sculpting AND Animation had limitations.
We are in 2015 where we can do things that couldn't be done in toys and cartoons. Masters of the Universe Classics is a nice example of that. Taking the 80s toys and updating them into the 21st Century.
Fused legs like Mantenna or Ram Man are no longer fused. Long haired characters are not made with rooted hair that fails to make the character LOOK LIKE the character.

a Happy Comprimise with
only the areas with hair getting a bit
of extra detailing.
Full MOTUC Treatment edit of the
original pic.
 The Idea that a few fans have been suggesting is to add some of the details from the Classics versions to these toys in order to make them blend in with Classics a bit better. Right now the figures look severely under detailed.  The other two slightly edited He-Man pics show what I'm trying to say.
On the left we have what a FULL CLASSICS Treatment of Filmation He-Man COULD Look like. He has the classics studded bracers and belt, the Furry boots with leather straps. I left the straps the same color as the boot to keep the Filmation palette. The strap has some slight details as well. Also, the hair and Loincloth read off as Hairy and furry than in the Standard Filmation look. Now, all those extra details would make for a great Classics He-Man, but not necessarily work for a Filmation He-Man... It's not like a More Detailed He-Man HAS BEEN USED on a Filmation promotional material or anything...

Would you look at that? A Filmation Styled He-Man with Vintage Toy Details on a Filmation poster?

I'm not even asking for that. (You can see that even in my full-Classics I kept the red squares out of He-Man in order to keep the Filmation Look, but Classicized) I'm asking only for the Fur and hair details made a bit more detailed than they currently are, so they read as Hair, Furry Underpants and furry boot trim. this you can see on the edited picture on the right of the Full on Classicized Filmation He-Man.

With Beastman, his issue is easily fixed with new Forearms, hands and reusing the rest of the Furry MOTUC Buck. Keep the boots, plain bracers, the Filmation styled armor with straps and the new One Horn Bicep armor, just put some fur on the body. I mean it's not like Skeletor makes references to Beastman's FUR in his insults.

This is honestly reminding me of the whole 200X Style in MOTUC.
But, I'm somehow in the same position, but in Bizarro World.
Back then when people mentioned 200X In MOTUC was saying that we wanted the Blocky Hyperdetailed bodies with Heavily detailed Everything. As you can see on the crude drawing I'll use He-Man as the example.
200X In MOTUC meant to me:
Take the Elements of the 200X Look and make them fit the Vintage Inspired Aesthetics of MOTUC.
That meant taking the 200X hairstyle and soften up the details to make it work in MOTUC.
Take the shape of the Armor and make it Fit MOTUC's style. Slightly less Detail where applicable.
Reuse the Symmetrical Bracers from normal figures and the Preternian Loincloth.  This can be seen in the drawing. The only differences is that the Filmation designs are VERY Vintage with less details. All I'm asking is that the Differences from Filmation's designs should be kept. That includes plain bracers and belts, BUT that the furry and hairy pieces keep the same level of detail as MOTUC in order to blend in with the Classics Style.

I want the Filmation sub-line to succeed, but right now the figures are not fulfilling one of their purposes: Fill gaps on the Classics Roster. (Hence the 2.0 codenames)

Right now these figures fit worse than the Young Justice toys on DCUC.

Jul 15, 2015

Thundercats Sub: Let's Speculate!

We know of the Glorious Jackalman and Lion-O that are coming in the T-Cats sub... Will it be called Club Third Earth or Club Thundera?
We know that the Sub Exclusive is none other than...

The weakened form of Mumm-Ra.

So we have 4 slots left... or 3 if we assume that they WILL Give us Mumm-Ra: the Ever Living form on year 1. On the Pixel-Dan Walkthrough, Brandon Sopinsky mentioned something about this sub being like MOTU Classics, where big names were going to be spread out. Makes sense since many fans would just get Mumm-Ra, the main mutants and main cats.

My speculation for the upcoming 4 slots would be: (Assuming Mumm-Ra's Ever Living form is saved for Year 2)

-Hachiman: In my rant pitching the idea that Mattel SHOULD go after the Thundercats license, I mentioned that I had to cull Hachiman from the list.
Reason #1
A Samurai sculpted by the FourHorsemen IN SCALE WITH MOTUC...
An Ally to the Thundercats who is a sign of the line's expansiveness, because other people would say The Snowman with his 10 appearances, or Mandora with her 8 appearances.


Well, He's one of the Lunataks. He would require the least amount of sculpting out of the MALE Lunataks. (Chilla would be easier to make though.)

Cheetara would be the obvious draw, but again, to show that this line will try and reach most of the Classic Characters. Not to mention that she's rather easy to make.

He's Rather easy to make for the Horsemen (We have most of his body in MOTUC. The Left Bicep, Head, Armor and Shins would be needed... Obviously his nunchaku are needed too) Putting out an extra big name cat on year one is to avoid having the few slots available to be overrun by C to Z-Listers.

Tygra is not on this list seeing as Bandai killed the last Line with Lion-O and Tygra. Also, there seems to be a lack of a certain character on this list.

No Berserkers because of the insane amounts of tooling they'd need... but Viking Cyber Pirates Sculpted by the FourHorsemen whould be sweet!

Also, Dammit! Someone Remembered MONGOR!!!
Basically a more Satanic Looking Goat Dude than Goatman with a Scythe... Or would that be more Baphomet like?

Jul 14, 2015

Extra Post SDCC MOTU news: Sunder, Sunder, Sunder!! Sunder Sculpt!!! GOOOOAL!!!

I would apologize for the horrible pun on the title, but not sorry about it!
Straight out of the FourHorsemenStudios: General Sunder!!
You can see the rest of the pics at the FourHorsemen page... I even provided a link to it...

Do you know what this means?
We have seen EVERYTHING From the sub in actually sculpted samples except the Horde Wraith, Night Stalker and Tuskador.

Holy Crap, not only a Complete Line-up was revealed but Most of the items were Actually shown!

Also, Sunder looks effin sweet! Not exactly a Horde Trooper Redone, but VERY Close to one.

Folks from the Fwoosh! have also gotten some better pics of the Filmation Sub figures and Lion-O.
Seems that I may have to make a slight retraction on my comments on the Filmation figures:

The loincloths seem to have some fur detail. Not as detailed as Classics, but it's there. Even He-Man has some slight detailing on his hair. I still wish it was a bit more detailed, but oh well. The only one who still disappoints is Beastman. To sub or not to sub... That is the question: I know I HAVE to get He-Man and Skeletor. The idea of a Filmation Evil Lyn sounds promising... Point Dread Teela + This Evil Lyn and we'll need a Kothos in 2017. Trap Jaw looks OK-ish. I just wish he came with more attachments (The Hook in particular) Clawful... Never been a fan of his Filmation look. Evil seed? Well it's no secret that I hate Chokey the Artichoke. I still have a tough decision to make, but I still have time... The me being an International Customer part is the scary part.

Jul 13, 2015

Power-con exclusives are officially a dick move.

I recently found out that the Power-Con Exclusives WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE on Mattycollector after the con. IF there are any remaining stock they will be sold by the Power-Con organizer.

Basically if you can't get a plane ticket + Hotel Room + Power-Con ticket = No figures for you, or Pay up the Wazoo on eBay. Personally, I believe

Mattel has always offered the Con Exclusive items on Mattycollector AFTER the cons are said and done. SDCC Items are being offered after the con (otherwise I would not have gotten Mo-Larr, Orko, Marlena, Comet Warriors, Failmation Hordak...) The Traveling Con items have been offered on Matty. (I missed out on ToD Sorceress, but got Goatman) Even the Stan Lee's Comikaze exclusive that was paid by Comikaze was made available through Mattycollector. What makes these 3 Items so Special that they cannot be sold through Mattycollector afterwards?
Also, how is it that a Con that had to be cancelled and went dormant because "they were in a bad position" is able to pull off not one but THREE Exclusive figures?
I know each MOTUC "cost $2 to make", but still... There is a Minimum amount of figures that need to be made for the Machines to be turned back on. IF Mattel thinks it's too costly to go back and make more Horde Troopers, which they could sell EASILY, then how is it possible that a small convention that has been MIA for a while can pull this off?

I've no beef with the Power-Con organizers, but this whole deal is raising a lot of questions. 
I simply disagree with them taking these three figures and basically holding them for ransom.

Before I hear any "This is a gift for fans who put up with the effort of going to the con..."

The items are not a present that you receive once you enter the con. You HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM. So, the gift narrative falls flat.

"But they're a reward..." Stop it right there. I will counter with: They are punishing those who can't leave their jobs and families for a quick getaway weekend in California to get three toys. (To me the expenses would be over $1000 without taking in consideration con tickets, the figures and food for the weekend.) But to some people across the Atlantic the expenses can reach over $5000.
Scalpor: Evil Sclaper
Yes they are a reward for guys like the one in the pic who got a lot of exclusives that were limited and he was reselling them like crazy. 
Catering to the scalpers benefits the fans how? That is the big question we have to ask ourselves.
"But we must be thankful that they are at least getting made. Mattel would not have made them if it wasn't for Power-Con"

Well then maybe they simply should not have been made. This is EXCLUDING THOUSANDS of MOTU FANS and COLLECTORS. Folks who have put their money towards Mattel despite all the crap (Neitlich, Digital River, etc.)

Unlike the Translucent blue Grayskull (who was a small batch of KG Figures SPECIFICALLY MADE for Mattel Employees), or Chrome She-Ra (who were 2 Vac Metalized She-Ras for a SDCC Raffle) These are being made specifically for a Small Convention that not everyone has the chance to go to. The Fused Keldor Swords were a small production error that Mattel saw a way to seem pro-fans without doing too much effort. Also: Accessory does not equal character. What surprises me is that the Power-Con Organizer didn't think of the whole Imp chest fiasco and how well that was received before pulling this stunt.

Remember kids: If you don't go to Power-Con, be ready to pay scalper prices for it... Fans have lost on this day.

Jul 12, 2015

Nintendo's Satoru Iwata can be seen by Haley Joel Osment.

Satoru Iwata: President and CEO of Nintendo has passed away.

No, the Banana video is not there to disrespect the man, but to show one popular quirky event on the man's life. This makes me wonder who will step up to the plate to fill in his role at Nintendo. Will this change in administration bring some changes in Nintendo?
Will Nintendo decide to do Powerful game machines that rival their competitors?
Will they embrace Mobile App market?
Will they go crazy with gimmicks?

Where will they go from here is a mystery.

I forgot to post my thoughts on the 2015 MOTU Items

Huge ass Slip Up... Mostly because I was waiting for better pics and HO-LY Crap!!

I won't be discussing the 200X sub since we saw those already.

HOLY FREAKING CRAP!! He Makes Ninjor look plain and underdetailed... He looks VERY Movie-Like but in a more Vintage Toy color palette. He looks Ass!! Bad Ass that is! All that Delicious New Tooling... Chain Mail Torso and Biceps... Awesomesauce!!

I am a bit disappointed with her... No Lei's for Hordak! Other than that She's OK... She has a FLOWER BAZOOKA... Repeat after me: Flower... BAZOOKA!!
Now if we could get the Christmas Special kids...
Other than that, she's OK. She's supposed to be scented... and her name is Tara... Haha! The Tara has been Doubled! (HunTara and PerfumeTara... Bio Writer may be obsessed with a Tara...)

VROOM! VROOM!! I Like him, BUT he seems to be Vintage Figure Upscaled. i'm hoping you can plug in the Crossbow to his back to give him a more badass motor on him! Shame that the Ripcord is a sculpted piece and not a real grappling hook like Webstor's.

The Controversial Dare:

Remember that cute ask Matty answer where Neitlich claimed that Dare would not come in 2015?

Well, here we have Neitlich admitting that putting Dare in that slot was HIS Idea... the Book end theory and all that.

Enough about Neitlich, let's look at the Figure... or my thoughts about it.

It's not AS Bad as I hoped. The Lou Scheimer pitch Armor works great on him. His hair might need a visit from Captain Paintbrush.
The gun looks like it has Spector's Cosmic Key embedded on it and last but not least: I am stealing his sword because that twerp doesn't deserve the Alcala Power Sword. He will be getting the 3D printed NA Roleplay Sword...

Point Dread looks Cool and it will rape my Wallet if they go with a higher price tag...

I am not talking about the variants? Let's fix that:

-BS Hordak:
He has the Hollow chest that they could not have for the Battle Armors and their Spinning Mechanisim, or Rio Blast for his Rio Blasting... You cannot swap Armors with. He has the shorter Loincloth (bad for me because I prefer the longer one) He has a longer armor... My Mixing and matching will be severely limited here.

-FF He-Man:
Vintage Update of the toy minus Vac Metal (yes) Very Vanilla...

-TC Skeletor:
They used the Normal Skeletor Loincloth on him and painted it in TC Colors instead of the Vanilla Loincloth... I likey!
Claws are there, but so far I'm underwhelmed by him.

-Laser Power He-Man vs Laser Light Skeletor:
All these delicious new parts Look at that head. those boots, those gloves that could be reused for Kayo!!
They Light up...
Skeletor loses Articulation...
At Least He-Man's Light up is in the backpack...
Suddenly my excitement for these died.

Jul 10, 2015

2015 MattyPalooza thoughts:

She-Ra Underoos, other stuff... eh... though Matty Street Sharks sounds tempting.
Motu Megablocks? Eh... Let's talk MOTUC styled stuff!
TRANSPARENCY... a jab at Neitlich, eh?

Point Dread and Filmation Teela will come in November. No price info yet...

From Mattycollector's news:
“Buzz Saw” Hordak® arrives with cross bow and a buzz saw that he can either hold or place in his chest. (Club Eternia® quarterly figure.)
Evil Seed arrives with a staff wrapped in vines. (August Club 200X™ figure.)
Saurod™ arrives with a laser gun. (September Club Eternia® figure.)
King Chooblah™, the Kulatak Elder, arrives with his oversized walking staff. (September Club 200X™ figure.)
The scented Perfuma™ arrives with her flower gun and shield. (October Club Eternia® figure.)
The 2015 Club Eternia® third quarterly item is Flying Fist He-Man® vs Terror Claw Skeletor®, arriving with a shield and flying fist accessory for He-Man® and oversized claws for Skeletor®. (October)
Ceratus™ arrives in a leather kilt with bone pickaxe. (October Club 200X™ figure.)
Dragstor™ arrives with a cross box with a hook attachment. (November Club Eternia® figure.)
Queen Grayskull™ arrives with a 200X-inspired staff and a wrap. (November Club 200X™ figure.)
He-Ro® II (Dare) arrives with sword and laser gun. (December Club Eternia® figure.)
Prahvus arrives with a staff and magic lamp. (December Club 200X™ figure.)

No info on where the Hssss Torso ended up.
Toyguru's Pants must be made out of Asbestos...

Not going to mention the Dare debacle...

We'll deal with 2016 AFTER the Jump!

Jul 9, 2015

Terminator Genysis: Thoughts

Terminator: Genisys is the newest movie in the franchise that so far has had:
2 great movies, 1 crappy movie, 1 WTF movie and a so-so TV series. (It started good but then they lost me.)
Well, I'll post a collection of thoughts... I guess that a Spoiler Warning is to be had... Follow me after the jump! Let's hope this works! There will be spoilers!!

Jul 8, 2015

Aunt May is now Hot and Mattel is going for my wallet HARD!!

Wallet! Wallet! Wallet! Wallet don't GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
My wallet has committed suicide by this little bit of news from Toy News International...

If this is true then: Mattycollector... 1985 Thundercats... in scale with MOTUC...

I can't say I predicted this, since the rant I made way back in 2014 was just me spitballing some theoretical ideas for a theoretical Thundercats line.

Apparently Aunt May is now Marisa Tomei... This is confusing my nether regions... Aunt May is hot...
This is your new Aunt May and you're gonna like it!!
Peter's Elderly Aunt who took care of him after his parents died is now going to be Marisa Tomei...

Can you Picture Marisa Tomei as Aunt May?


These two pics were floating around Facebook.
Seems like Saurod is September, Perfuma October, Dragstor November and Dare for December. The Holiday Item is obviously the lasers. Q3 seems to be BS Hordak and Q4 Seems to be TC Skeletor vs FF He-Man.

Now the big surprises will be: MOTU in 2016, The cost of Point Dread, the truth about Thundercats, debunking or confirming the Snake Mountain Rumors... Unless we get some early leaks, we have to wait until Friday.

Again, as much as I despise the little turd, Mattel adding an Extra Armor on him to make him less of a LAME ASS NA He-Man repaint helps him... But what I wanted to say before I lost track is: King Grayskull started the line, the son of He-Man ends it... Nice bookend for Scott Neitlich's experiment...
I want a Skeleteen now... There I said it!

Jul 7, 2015

Odds and ends 7/7/15

Looks like Subway is most likely going to distance themselves from Jared Fogle. The feds raided Fogle's residence due to a child pornography investigation. To be fair, a former employee from the Jared Foundation was arrested due to child pornography. My uneducated guess is that this raid must be related to that.

Now here's the thing: Assuming Jared is innocent, his name has been dragged through the mud due to this issue, I found out about this due to various posts on Facebook that were saying that he totally is a pederast and that he should rot in jail.

I'm betting that Subway may silently drop Jared from their ad campaigns due to this, they still need to protect their brand.

Slowpoke Rodriguez is a much faster writer than GRRM. Rumors about him finishing the Sixth Book seem to have been wrong.


Judd Apatow is an idiot. He claims that "We shouldn't need Bill Cosby to admit it to believe forty people who were victimized by him."  I'm sorry but we shouldn't believe what people say simply because they are women. Now I'm NOT saying that they are lying or that they are not. what I'm saying is that we shouldn't Listen and Believe because PEOPLE LIE. We have things like the Duke Lacrosse Case and the infamous UVA rape incident published by Rolling Stone. Evidence is very important when dealing with serious accusations such as this. The reveal of a 2005 t estimony of Cosby admitting that he DID drug a woman to have sex with can give some weight to those claims. But to Judd Apatow, that means jack squat, because we should have believed the women from the start.

Let's suppose that Bill was 100% innocent and he had never drugged anyone nor had sex with anyone aside his wife. Had we believed these women straight out of the bat, we'd have condemned an innocent man. Is that Justice? To put the guilt on an innocent man, because Rape is bad? That is not OK with me.

Now we have the issue that Cosby has admitted using drugs on women to help his chances at sex. OK, that opens up a series of questions:
Did he slipped the drugs on them without telling them?
Did he give them the drugs and they took them willingly?
Did they consent on having sex with Cosby BEFORE OR AFTER the drugs?
and many others that could be thought up by lawyers, This has been one of the few bits of evidence revealed on this issue. The testimony of 40 women is not exactly evidence, That is more of an Accusation... or in this case 40.

WE shouldn't pass judgment on Cosby. We weren't there when these events allegedly happened.
If there is base for these accusations, then they should take it to court. If Cosby is found Guilty, then he should be punished to the full extent of the law.

WE can't tell who is telling the truth and who is lying. Before we pass judgment, EVIDENCE to prove the claims IS NEEDED, otherwise we'd be OK-ing lynch mobs.

Crapcom is doing something Awesome related to MEGA MAN for once...
WEARABLE MEGA MAN HELMET... That's right! you can now become MEGA MAN...
or in the worst case Scenario:

American box Art Megaman cosplay!!! But if you're short and slender you could end up looking like:

Deadpool may be the last time we See Ryan Reynolds in a Superhero movie.
Don't know if this is good or bad news... I mean,

I can't play any sides with this bit of news... Except demand that everyone sees DEADPOOL at theaters and buys the movie when it comes out...

Jul 6, 2015

11 days until the end of Shenmue 3's KS and 4 days until Mattypalooza...

And I'm incredibly nervous about both of them. This Friday we'll find out if the Rumors of DARE are true... WHEN are we getting Point Dread, what will be the fate of the Theoretical 2016 line, and last but not least if we ARE getting Snake Mountain. Of course these would mean two things: I will have a rant ready for here and I'll discuss each item with Rene, Kelly and Joni on Council of the First Ones.

BUT the longer wait will be Shenmue 3's fate. Yes, the game is coming, Yes, there is a special Collectors edition of the PS4 Physical copy, and Yes, Kraptaku's Ben Kucaracha sucks ass for the Anti-Shenmue campaign (then again, Kraptaku  Glorified bloggers tend to be against gaming in general)

The campaign has reached $4,364,547 and we have 11 days to go... Which it isn't THAT bad considering Shenmue is a niche title with a lot less fans than say Castlevania or Megaman.
This amount was reached despite numerous anti-Shemue clickbait posts from dickweeds who want this project to fail.

Now, I have to be realistic here, while it'd be AWESOME to reach the 11 Million just to get the ultimate stretch goal we have on the list; I don't think we'll reach that amount. I'm glad we have reached the $4,364,547 we have reached as of the time of writing this rant. I'm hoping for at least the 5 Million dollar goal to be reached before the end of the campaign. If we get a LOT MORE, then so be it!

I want to thank all the Shenmue fans who have helped make this a reality. Also, special thanks to Corey Marshall who is coming back to reprise his role as Ryo Hazuki. Obvious thanks to Yu Suzuki and the people who made the past two games and the people who WILL MAKE 3 is obvious.

Hello Everyone!
Just in! Corey Marshall, the actor who did the English voice acting for the main character Ryo in Shenmue 1 & 2, is now confirmed for Shenmue 3!
The support for Mr. Marshall to reprise his role as Ryo has been just overwhelming!
We would all like to thank Corey-san for coming back, and especially for all the support he has given to Shenmue over the years.
Corey is as excited for Shenmue's return as we all are, and to help out, he has magnanimously offered his voice for a special reward. Yes, that's right--get a personal message from Ryo!  Do not miss this opportunity to get a very special message from Ryo himself. Maybe one those classic Ryo one-liners?
The $1,000 Reward for the Corey Marshall as Ryo Voice Message will include the $500 Reward. The Ryo Voice Message will also be included in the Rewards for $2,000 and up.

But I can't believe that this is REAL!!! SHENMUE 3 BABY!! Now if SEGA would just stop making
crappy Sanic games for a moment and do an HD Port of Shenmue 1 and 2 would be great!

Jul 5, 2015

Mattel dropped the ball with Super7

 Super7 got the license to do some MOTU stuff... Seeing as they are a San Francisco company that does toys and apparel, we're up for some Politically Correct MOTU stuff, right? Seeing that SF is Social Ju$tice Central we'd get tons of Teela, Evil Lyn, Sorceress and She-Ra stuff... well No...
We're getting bunch of He-Men and Skeletors among some stuff... The problem with this is that Items range from "Meh" to "Why in the Sorceress' name is Mattel allowing these dickweeds sully the brand!?" kind of thing.

Here's a few examples:
This simple Black shirt with white lettering is an example of MEH...

Notice something? Let me put on my St. Sarkenjoshian garb of ear hula hoops and plaid.

The lack of representation of women. This sausagefest of evil shirt is lacking Evil Lyn!!

The next Item, I have to say that it's kinda cool. It's a hipsterish pseudo 8 bit version of Skeletor...
It's nothing special, but at least I can say That the Super7 people are trying. There are more shirts, but these two were the ones that caught my attention.

The MOTU Glassware I have to admit that it's cool. They remind me of the 80s MOTU Glassware. I wonder if these are full size or shot glasses. Once again, notice the lack of Evil Lyn... Though I'm surprised that Tri-Klops made it this time.

I mentioned Toys, let's look at those:
The first Item is a M.U.S.C.L.E. inspired line, which is I guess OK, since Mattel did the 80s MUSCLE line... I have to admit that this one is a bit interesting, but It's a meh, bordering on If these were in retail I'd get them.
That's the end of the kinda good items... Here comes the crap!

The Kenner Star Wars styled MOTU FALSE PROTOTYPES.
Super7 has worked with Funko on the ReAction line, which makes characters from movies in that Kenner style...
Well these are single colored unpainted MOTU figures in THAT Style...
Here's what bugs me... Fake Prototypes!? What the Hell Man!? If you're going to do Kenner Star Wars type MOTU, just do them and call it a day. Don't try to call them prototypes because they are simply: Unpainted MOTU Characters done in the style of late 70s 3 3/4" toys. Not going to mention that I don't like them, even in full color, because I'm not a fan of this style.

Now the BIGGEST OFFENDER, literally, is the GIANT He-Man and Skeletor FALSE TEST SHOTS!! Yes, boys and girls, these are the SAME MOTU Giants that are pegwarming on Matty Collector, BUT in funky colors and unpainted with an even BIGGER PRICETAG!? Why not make Faker as an exclusive for them, or Hell do Wun-Dar! They'd need ZERO new tooling and be more interesting for collectors than False Test Shots specifically manufactured to be sold.

But the worst is yet to come... There is a set of items FAR MORE OFFENSIVE than these toys.

These $100 each He-Man and Skeletor Whatever they are...

There's some other stuff that I forgot to save pics of... I think they were some pencil toppers that look like they were drawn by a 5 year old.

With all that MOTU stuff that Super7 is shoving
into, it's a bit scary that the collector's market is being filled with "quirky" items and actual CRAP like these whatever the Hell they are. I hope that the Rebranding for the ACTUAL MOTU collector's line (currently known as Masters of the Universe Classics) is a lot better than these things...

It's not like they made a Mossman Chia Pet...

You sons of bitches... I think I may need to buy one of those...