Jul 30, 2015

It Came From the Toy Chest: Rock Hard, finished in 30 seconds...

Ah, Callix... You and your appearance lend yourself to a premature ejaculation joke so easily...
Really, the 2002 Intro lasts longer than him!

Who is Callix? Well, he's the first Hordesman that came out of the 200X Cartoon. (The second one is the Horde Wraith, who comes in 2016... Buy the sub!)
He's kind of a Golem like character... Or as close as we can get to a fourhorsemen Ben J. Grimm. without those pesky rights issues, or The Mouse coming after the 4HM.

He dies in 20-something seconds of his first appearance. Being pretty much a Horde Redshirt.

Let's crack him open and see what the fuzz is all aboot.
(I had some pancakes with maple syrup... I don't hate Canada, just dislike a few Canadians in particular... like Bieber. Hey! at least I didn't finish a sentence with, eh... DAMMIT! Also, I'm aware that many of the MOTU 200X VAs are Canadian...)

He's the first sample of things to come in the 200X Sub...

So, Callix:
It's fairly standard MOTUC Articulation, since he is made on the Standard body.
The Shoulderpads hinder some of his articulation and the Ankles have specialized articulation. No hinges, but a cut joint.
Paint and Sculpt:
He's mostly the standard buck. He got some new overlays. (Forearms seem to be new pieces with the huge overlay.) Contrary to popular belief, the Torso is new. It has some holes for the overlay to glue into. It could see some reuse for a Faker 2.0 with sculpted Robotic pieces. I do wish we could have gotten at least new thighs.
Other than that he looks amazing. Paintwise he's got little going on. Eyes in a deep black and a sandstone paintjob on the Horde emblems. The cool thing about his new pieces is that they make him SLIGHTLY Taller than say, Hordak.

  A Crossbow/Ax and a Discus. I can't say much about the discus aside it's the first Shield that is not clip-on. The Ax is super cool looking, but super gummy. The discus is meant to be held by the left hand, but flip it upside down and you KINDA make it work for the right hand.
The Ax looks cool as a crossbow as well, but I prefer the ax mode, since it gives the Rock Man a Melee Weapon

Callix gets a 3.67 which is a decent score for a character who was gone in less than 30 seconds.
As I'm writing this, I'm slowly warming up to him... wait... wait... hmmm

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