Jul 22, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: I ain't afraid of no ghost, because I'm He-Man!

Like an Idiot, I caved in and bought myself an Ectocooler Grayskull... Or the Spirit of the Ancestor of He-Man that sounds like He-Man with a slightly deeper voice. This is the Second Spirit I've been tricked into getting and none of them look like Adora's talking Horse...
The figure even comes with TINY Instructions on the back for the Glow in the dark feature.
KG has the standard MOTUC Articulation. He's basically He-Man with a longer loincloth, different Harness, Taller boots and a cape. MOTUC He-Man is basically a reuse of the KG mold. 4.0 There is nothing noteworthy that I can say about him that I have not said in the Santa KG review.

Paint and Sculpt:
He looks like King Grayskull if he had been made with Vintage inspired parts. Similar to what I said back in the day. Paintwise, a small darker wash, a paint job does not make... He is Blueish green...


They Glow in the dark
3.0 I wish I could say more but there is nothing new here... Oh the Harness is non-removable just like the FIRST King Grayskull. They glued the crap out of it... It looks like the Santa KG with the removable back piece and cape, but EVERYTHING IS GLUED ON! That kills any Customizing Potential. Luckily the head is not glued on.

Spirit of Grayskull gets a 3.17 as his final score. The glued on Armor, horrible washes and being $5 more expensive did hurt him in the end. He's a nice novelty item, but I would have preferred a Glow in the Dark Castle Grayskullman (to simulate him coming to life) as a chase figure.  I'm getting tired of Spirits, but we need now a yellow Spirit of He-Ro... If it wasn't for the GITD, then Buyer's Remorse would be hitting me super hard.
Tere is not much to say seeing that he IS the same KG but with even less paints. Now if you weren't going to make a "Hall of Heroes of Grayskull" with the Free Stands, then This Figure is a more acceptable substitute to the Bronze Grayskull. It almost looks as if he was made from the stones of the Castle.

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