Jul 23, 2015

Now that 2016 is on its way who could be the next Chosen ones in MOTU? pt.III

Final rant for what's next... Finally! Since it's short, I won't keep the list after the jump. you can sit still... There is no jump.

Non-Sub items?

1 Weapons Pak: (20 items. 16 reused 4 new)

-Filmation Power Sword in One Tone Silver. (The Sub-Line He-Man is getting the exact same sword from Flogg in the same colors. We need to correct that.)
-Jitsu's weapons in Silver (2 Kama, 1 Sword)
-Orange Technosword
- Vikor's weapons (any color) (Sword, shield, ax)
-Dekker Mace in SMAA Colors.
-Angella Sword (any color)
-Bionatops Rifle in Sky High colors.
-Carnivus cape in He-Man boots "red"
-Blade's swords repainted to match his movie sword. (not the Highlander redeco that the MOTUC blade got.)
-Purple Goatman Hammer
-PD Teela sword in gold.

New Pieces:
-Spector Whip. Admit it, it was a cool item for a figure that is very unpopular.
-Techno Sword of Protection.
-200X He-Ax
-200X He-Shield

Chase Figure:
Battle Armor Faker.
Now this ain't no cheap ass Toys R Us Battle Armor Faker. He comes with two heads. Normal and Battle Damaged. His body is the Trap Jaw Body with the detachable shoulders. Faker loses his arms as extra Battle Damage. Then the BA Plates and for his weapon an Orange Dare sword.

Power-Con No new parts repaints/variants:
Alcala inspired He-Man. (Basically the Oo-Larr head on the He-Man buck with Symmetrical bracers, gold belt and bracers and brighter red boots and loincloth. the furry trim of the boots should be beige.) Comes with Ax, Shield and Dare Sword

Alcala inspired Skeletor. Basically Skeletor with the Extra head from Demo-Man, Oo-Larr Forearms, He-Ro greaves and Demo-Man Feet. Comes with a Purple Dare Sword and Havoc Staff.

Cardback Ram Man.
Ram Man in Cardback colors.

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