Jul 12, 2015

I forgot to post my thoughts on the 2015 MOTU Items

Huge ass Slip Up... Mostly because I was waiting for better pics and HO-LY Crap!!

I won't be discussing the 200X sub since we saw those already.

HOLY FREAKING CRAP!! He Makes Ninjor look plain and underdetailed... He looks VERY Movie-Like but in a more Vintage Toy color palette. He looks Ass!! Bad Ass that is! All that Delicious New Tooling... Chain Mail Torso and Biceps... Awesomesauce!!

I am a bit disappointed with her... No Lei's for Hordak! Other than that She's OK... She has a FLOWER BAZOOKA... Repeat after me: Flower... BAZOOKA!!
Now if we could get the Christmas Special kids...
Other than that, she's OK. She's supposed to be scented... and her name is Tara... Haha! The Tara has been Doubled! (HunTara and PerfumeTara... Bio Writer may be obsessed with a Tara...)

VROOM! VROOM!! I Like him, BUT he seems to be Vintage Figure Upscaled. i'm hoping you can plug in the Crossbow to his back to give him a more badass motor on him! Shame that the Ripcord is a sculpted piece and not a real grappling hook like Webstor's.

The Controversial Dare:

Remember that cute ask Matty answer where Neitlich claimed that Dare would not come in 2015?

Well, here we have Neitlich admitting that putting Dare in that slot was HIS Idea... the Book end theory and all that.

Enough about Neitlich, let's look at the Figure... or my thoughts about it.

It's not AS Bad as I hoped. The Lou Scheimer pitch Armor works great on him. His hair might need a visit from Captain Paintbrush.
The gun looks like it has Spector's Cosmic Key embedded on it and last but not least: I am stealing his sword because that twerp doesn't deserve the Alcala Power Sword. He will be getting the 3D printed NA Roleplay Sword...

Point Dread looks Cool and it will rape my Wallet if they go with a higher price tag...

I am not talking about the variants? Let's fix that:

-BS Hordak:
He has the Hollow chest that they could not have for the Battle Armors and their Spinning Mechanisim, or Rio Blast for his Rio Blasting... You cannot swap Armors with. He has the shorter Loincloth (bad for me because I prefer the longer one) He has a longer armor... My Mixing and matching will be severely limited here.

-FF He-Man:
Vintage Update of the toy minus Vac Metal (yes) Very Vanilla...

-TC Skeletor:
They used the Normal Skeletor Loincloth on him and painted it in TC Colors instead of the Vanilla Loincloth... I likey!
Claws are there, but so far I'm underwhelmed by him.

-Laser Power He-Man vs Laser Light Skeletor:
All these delicious new parts Look at that head. those boots, those gloves that could be reused for Kayo!!
They Light up...
Skeletor loses Articulation...
At Least He-Man's Light up is in the backpack...
Suddenly my excitement for these died.

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