Jul 13, 2015

Power-con exclusives are officially a dick move.

I recently found out that the Power-Con Exclusives WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE on Mattycollector after the con. IF there are any remaining stock they will be sold by the Power-Con organizer.

Basically if you can't get a plane ticket + Hotel Room + Power-Con ticket = No figures for you, or Pay up the Wazoo on eBay. Personally, I believe

Mattel has always offered the Con Exclusive items on Mattycollector AFTER the cons are said and done. SDCC Items are being offered after the con (otherwise I would not have gotten Mo-Larr, Orko, Marlena, Comet Warriors, Failmation Hordak...) The Traveling Con items have been offered on Matty. (I missed out on ToD Sorceress, but got Goatman) Even the Stan Lee's Comikaze exclusive that was paid by Comikaze was made available through Mattycollector. What makes these 3 Items so Special that they cannot be sold through Mattycollector afterwards?
Also, how is it that a Con that had to be cancelled and went dormant because "they were in a bad position" is able to pull off not one but THREE Exclusive figures?
I know each MOTUC "cost $2 to make", but still... There is a Minimum amount of figures that need to be made for the Machines to be turned back on. IF Mattel thinks it's too costly to go back and make more Horde Troopers, which they could sell EASILY, then how is it possible that a small convention that has been MIA for a while can pull this off?

I've no beef with the Power-Con organizers, but this whole deal is raising a lot of questions. 
I simply disagree with them taking these three figures and basically holding them for ransom.

Before I hear any "This is a gift for fans who put up with the effort of going to the con..."

The items are not a present that you receive once you enter the con. You HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM. So, the gift narrative falls flat.

"But they're a reward..." Stop it right there. I will counter with: They are punishing those who can't leave their jobs and families for a quick getaway weekend in California to get three toys. (To me the expenses would be over $1000 without taking in consideration con tickets, the figures and food for the weekend.) But to some people across the Atlantic the expenses can reach over $5000.
Scalpor: Evil Sclaper
Yes they are a reward for guys like the one in the pic who got a lot of exclusives that were limited and he was reselling them like crazy. 
Catering to the scalpers benefits the fans how? That is the big question we have to ask ourselves.
"But we must be thankful that they are at least getting made. Mattel would not have made them if it wasn't for Power-Con"

Well then maybe they simply should not have been made. This is EXCLUDING THOUSANDS of MOTU FANS and COLLECTORS. Folks who have put their money towards Mattel despite all the crap (Neitlich, Digital River, etc.)

Unlike the Translucent blue Grayskull (who was a small batch of KG Figures SPECIFICALLY MADE for Mattel Employees), or Chrome She-Ra (who were 2 Vac Metalized She-Ras for a SDCC Raffle) These are being made specifically for a Small Convention that not everyone has the chance to go to. The Fused Keldor Swords were a small production error that Mattel saw a way to seem pro-fans without doing too much effort. Also: Accessory does not equal character. What surprises me is that the Power-Con Organizer didn't think of the whole Imp chest fiasco and how well that was received before pulling this stunt.

Remember kids: If you don't go to Power-Con, be ready to pay scalper prices for it... Fans have lost on this day.


  1. Yeah, not too excited about this. Fortunately, while I've been a completest up to this point, I'm not terribly excited about any of these figures. If I skip them, I think I'll be ok.

  2. To be honest I don't give a damn about Greenamyr. I have a Granamyr and that's enough for me. The Red Beastman would be a new Character in my display (the Lord Choloh mentioned on a bio) the only one I TRULY want is Kobra Khan Camuflado, but if that's how they are doing this I may not get any of them... c'est la vie