Jul 16, 2015

Further Ranting on the Filmation Style figures.

Original pic by FaGian
My stance on the "Rebranded line" (The Filmation 2.0 sub-line) is that they need a bit more detailing IN ORDER TO FIT WITH the 2008-2015 Masters of the Universe Classics and the 2016-? Masters of the Universe Classics Collector's Choice.

 As you can see with the pic on my left, Filmation He-Man is devoid of the details the Vintage Toy had. He even has symmetrical bracers to save time and money in animation. This allows for the cells to be flipped if necessary.
The simplification of the details from the Toy were to help the animators. Simpler designs = easier animation.

But we are not in the 1980s where Sculpting AND Animation had limitations.
We are in 2015 where we can do things that couldn't be done in toys and cartoons. Masters of the Universe Classics is a nice example of that. Taking the 80s toys and updating them into the 21st Century.
Fused legs like Mantenna or Ram Man are no longer fused. Long haired characters are not made with rooted hair that fails to make the character LOOK LIKE the character.

a Happy Comprimise with
only the areas with hair getting a bit
of extra detailing.
Full MOTUC Treatment edit of the
original pic.
 The Idea that a few fans have been suggesting is to add some of the details from the Classics versions to these toys in order to make them blend in with Classics a bit better. Right now the figures look severely under detailed.  The other two slightly edited He-Man pics show what I'm trying to say.
On the left we have what a FULL CLASSICS Treatment of Filmation He-Man COULD Look like. He has the classics studded bracers and belt, the Furry boots with leather straps. I left the straps the same color as the boot to keep the Filmation palette. The strap has some slight details as well. Also, the hair and Loincloth read off as Hairy and furry than in the Standard Filmation look. Now, all those extra details would make for a great Classics He-Man, but not necessarily work for a Filmation He-Man... It's not like a More Detailed He-Man HAS BEEN USED on a Filmation promotional material or anything...

Would you look at that? A Filmation Styled He-Man with Vintage Toy Details on a Filmation poster?

I'm not even asking for that. (You can see that even in my full-Classics I kept the red squares out of He-Man in order to keep the Filmation Look, but Classicized) I'm asking only for the Fur and hair details made a bit more detailed than they currently are, so they read as Hair, Furry Underpants and furry boot trim. this you can see on the edited picture on the right of the Full on Classicized Filmation He-Man.

With Beastman, his issue is easily fixed with new Forearms, hands and reusing the rest of the Furry MOTUC Buck. Keep the boots, plain bracers, the Filmation styled armor with straps and the new One Horn Bicep armor, just put some fur on the body. I mean it's not like Skeletor makes references to Beastman's FUR in his insults.

This is honestly reminding me of the whole 200X Style in MOTUC.
But, I'm somehow in the same position, but in Bizarro World.
Back then when people mentioned 200X In MOTUC was saying that we wanted the Blocky Hyperdetailed bodies with Heavily detailed Everything. As you can see on the crude drawing I'll use He-Man as the example.
200X In MOTUC meant to me:
Take the Elements of the 200X Look and make them fit the Vintage Inspired Aesthetics of MOTUC.
That meant taking the 200X hairstyle and soften up the details to make it work in MOTUC.
Take the shape of the Armor and make it Fit MOTUC's style. Slightly less Detail where applicable.
Reuse the Symmetrical Bracers from normal figures and the Preternian Loincloth.  This can be seen in the drawing. The only differences is that the Filmation designs are VERY Vintage with less details. All I'm asking is that the Differences from Filmation's designs should be kept. That includes plain bracers and belts, BUT that the furry and hairy pieces keep the same level of detail as MOTUC in order to blend in with the Classics Style.

I want the Filmation sub-line to succeed, but right now the figures are not fulfilling one of their purposes: Fill gaps on the Classics Roster. (Hence the 2.0 codenames)

Right now these figures fit worse than the Young Justice toys on DCUC.

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