Jul 29, 2015

King Hiss Screw Job part 2: November Scramble

Mattycollector's team are trying to retcon history by deleting the Massive backlash that they got in response to this debacle.
Ladies and Gentlemen, THAT is the King Hsss that we are getting This November, on Point Dread Month. Of course Matty closed the thread to avoid more Backlash... This new team are making Neitlich look like an angel... and everyone know that The Guru is no saint, much less an Angel.

So, European Vacation King Hssss... I mean he's wearing Red Speedos... You know who sunbathes in Speedos? 

Aside The Hulkster here... European Tourists. usually Older men... They also tend to look a lot like Hulk Hogan... Old, way too tanned that their flesh almost looks like leather and tend to be a bit Lecherous. Now King Hssss can join the club...
I need the Snake Torso... I am forced to pay for a crappy set or Rattlor legs on a red Speedo... The weapons seem nice. They simply forgot the best Snakemen 2 pack weapon: The sword. The extra head only works on Vintage Hssss. D'oh! But Point Dread Month... I guess I'll Dread that sale day...

Why do WE have to pay for MATTEL'S Screw ups. They Messed up with King Hssss. They SHOULD take a hit with him and give it for free to Subscribers as an Apology for messing up.

Update: forgot to post the post from Mattycollector:

Hey guys,
We’ve been reading the boards and we understand there is a lot of frustration with our favorite slithery foe, King Hssss. We get it - certain things were expected and then those things changed, which is frustrating. It is also frustrating when statements like the ones that were made regarding the Snake Hssss Torso, are put out to you, the fans, before their feasibility has been confirmed. That’s what unfortunately happened here.
As we tried to rise to the challenge of somehow offering the King Hssss Bendy Snake Torso as an added bonus to an upcoming figure, we came to the conclusion that it was just impossible to make it work financially and still offer a product at the $26 price point for the sub. The Snake Torso itself is the cost of a regular MOTUC figure, so trying to just “throw it in” with Buzz Saw Hordak would have made the retail jump to the price of a two pack, which we didn’t want to do. And let’s be honest, that’s exactly why it wasn’t included with the original King Hsss in the first place (where it would have made a lot more sense).
We still really wanted to offer the Torso, because it turned out absolutely fantastic. So we decided to offer it as its own item – a complete figure - instead of not doing it at all. Soooo we worked closely with the Four Horseman and eventually came up with this offering.
What you’ll get is a Full Snake Form King Hssss figure which includes the new Bendy Snake Upper Torso with a repaint of the Snakemen lower body, and the King Hssss Briefs. You’ll also get a Bonus Transforming King Hssss Head (Snakemen Repaint) that can work with either of your King Hssss figures and some new repaints of the Snake Men Weapons. Overall we feel this is a more complete offering than just a torso in a polybag, and allows for customizable options with the original figure.
We understand it’s not exactly what you were expecting, and that some of you aren’t happy about that. But we hope you see that we are trying to offer you the best product possible, and in order to do that sometimes things have to change.
Really? I've heard that the FourHorsemen polybag extras when they screw up... Not to mention EAT THE COSTS when their figures from their own indie studio have issues...

But that's not the point... That figure REEKS of Mattel's own team work. It's a pure parts swap, which is something that Mattel's own team could easily do WITHOUT THE HORSEMEN. (rumors have it that Mattel bypassed the Horsemen when making Faker... and they used their own inside team.)
The CLOSEST thing to Horsemen involvement is likely to be the Second head.

The only positive thing I can think of is PANTSLESS HSSS funny pics! *but only dorky Hamburglar Hssss*

Update #2:

Well, I'll be damned! The Second head IS NOT A NEW PIECE. Thank you for the Tip PhantomZodak... This definitely IS NOT a FourHorsemen thing... This has to be a Mattel inside job.
The only new piece is the Snake Torso... Everything else is already made... It almost reeks of Mattel trying to maximize profits by making us Triple-dip on King Hsss... NOT COOL! The sad part is that I will try to get it, because I need that Snake Torso, and the Pantsless Hsss will be funny.


  1. there is no he-man snake shield instead we get re-paints of the snake army weapons. hopefully this will be the 1st pair of those legs that are not painted blastic, but i doubt it. the transforming head is also a snake army head. the snake form head & main neck are not what was presented in the prototype, also change to be less snake & lame.

    1. Damn! The head is a repaint!? That makes the cheap ass repaint feel more cheap and confirms the Mattel in-house team doing this on its own than the so-called 4HM involvement that Matty's rep claims. Will update once I get home and take a pic of the snakeman head on Hsss.