Jul 4, 2015

Fuerza T: Should they see the light of day in a MOTU Classics Styled Line?

Do you know about Fuerza T? No? Well, me neither until a few years back.
Here's He-Bro's site regarding Fuerza T: click here, I said CLICK, DAMMIT!!

The figures were made by an Argentinian Toy Company... Top Toys and, well they used MOTU Parts. This was because the Top Toys company got access to original MOTU molds or something.
Very FEW new parts were used for these figures.

I can't seem to find any info on the company who made these, aside that they had the license to make some MOTU Figures in the 80s to distribute in Argentina. So I wonder... Could Mattel do these figures in Classics? Now should they?

The only issue with the Fuerza T toys is that their original storyline is on Earth... We could scratch Earth and put them on other parts of Eternia during the 5000 years between King Grayskull and Adam.
By Replikor Customs
by Replikor Customs

 As you can see on these customs made by Replikor Customs, there is very little new pieces needed to make these cool warriors in the Theoretical 2016 line that is supposedly compatible with Classics.
They could use a furless loincloth, and in some cases new heads. (I have to admit that for Platino, the Marzo Head on He-Man hair works... Perhaps the Oo-Larr hair could work better) Same thing for Titanio. I'd dare say that a More Vintage Toy Fisto head for him would be sweet!
for Shidoshi, who is basically recolored Jitsu in Fisto's armor, I'd suggest the head from the Jitsu Staction. a) it's different enough than the MOTUC head and b) for those who prefer the Staction look for Jitsu could swap heads. Also to make Shidoshi different enough, that 200X hand could work too! (the 200X Hand would apply to Platino as well)

 And there's my ulterior motive for SOME Fuerza T Figures. Getting extra stuff for existing MOTUC characters.

On the other hand, I'd rather have the Fuerza T guys NOT be simple repainted reuses of MOTUC parts. Like Titanio, for example, I'd like to have him wearing something that is NOT a Silver MAA Armor. I'd like an Armor that keeps similar elements to the MAA Armor (Not the Oxygen? tank, because that is Duncan's) but not simply being MAA's Armor. Maybe it's a subconscious effort to make them seem NOT like the Bootlegs they look like.

The issue is: If we remove the Bootleg-like look they have, will they lose their charm? Or do we keep them as Bootleg-looking as possible to remind us of their origins?

Personally, I'd welcome the Fuerza T folks... I'm just not sure if the effort of Mattel dealing with Top Toys in order to get the rights to use these characters would be worth it for Mattel. Also, To be Honest, aside Felinor. I'm not feeling the bad guys that much.


  1. A year later Adam would go on to purchase the rights, coincidence? I think not.

    1. I may be interested in seeing what will be the next chapter of that Saga.