Jul 15, 2024

Let's Outplaymate Playmates with Turtle Variants

 Trigger Warning: This list is a product of Boredom. I'm not actively campaigning for these in Ultimates. This list is just a way to flex my creative muscles in parts reuse and making variants along the lines of Neon Talking Super Street Luge Batman. Since I mentioned Batman:
I just wanted an excuse to share the nuts scene...

Metalhead Turtles:
Playmates Started it: I'm gonna finish it:

Metalhead Leo:
Metalhead body in Military green with Navy Blue pads. New Metalhead styled belt with 2 loops on the sides to hold his energy swords.
The backpack would be blue.
Standard Metalhead hands
Metalhead grenades in blue and silver
2 silver sword hilts.
2 blue energy blades with silver hilts. (Energy should look more like Thundarr the Barbarian than Lightsabers.

Metalhead Donatello:
Metalhead body in copper with Purple accents
Je getd a new Metalhead  belt with horizontal loop on the back to hold a collapsed techno bo.
Purple backpack
Standard hands
Metalhead spinning attachment with spinning translucent techno bo. (For safety reasons, bo can be removed from spinner) 
Normal techno bo.
Collapsed Techno bo
Metalhead grenades
Blaster attachment

Metalhead Raphael:
Same as the other Turtles, but in Lime green and Metallic red Accents.
New Metalhead styled belt that can hold his sai on the front
Metallic red backpack
Standard MH hands
Normal Sai
Blaster attachments that have a sai shaped energy blast
MH grenades

I'll do other characters like Cyber Shredder, Gynoid Irma and April on another rant for another day, but the idea is to these be used against Robotic Bebop and Rocksteady.

New Disguised Turtles:
Basically a new series of disguises for the Turtles:
Paladin Leonardo:
Basically Leonardo in a Paladin Armor. Something in Silver with Blue accents, blue soft goods cape, a golden "MOTU inspired Belt with blue bezels, blue tights and silver greaves. Arms would have the blue tights and silver vambraces with his hands being bare.
2 Heads:
Leonardo with a Blond Mullet reminiscent of Liquid Snake. 
Normal Leonardo head
2 broadswords one sword holding loop is on the back, the other on his hip. 
Turtle shaped Paladin shield 

Steampunk Don:
Donatello wearing a top hat with steampunk goggles, a Willy Wonka-esque sleeveless soft goods coat, beige pants and thigh high brown boots. Near the shins and on the feet the boots have a spring loaded contraption that allows Don to do Steam powered Super jumps
On his arms he's wearing a series of bracers that hold a pair of steam powered Grappling hook cannons. He also sports a small steam engine Shellpack.
2 heads:
Top hat head with Steampunk glasses
Without top hat head.
Aforementioned shellpack and grappling hooks
Spring loaded Bo staff
Splinter's coffee mug
Hoses that connect from the shellpack to the arms and legs.
Steampunk Sniper rifle
Oversized steampunk wrench staff

Hardcore Wrestling Raph:
Picture Raph wearing wrestling tights and boots in colors reminiscent of Raphael.
2 heads:
Mexican Wrestler mask
Normal Raphael 
Specialized hands:
Pointing hands 
2 tonfa
Soft goods Breakaway shirt
Removable weightlifter belt
Electric guitar 

Gamer Mike:
Mikey wearing a tanktop with a Hawaiian shirt (with anime girls and pizza), sweatpants, and sneakers.
2 heads:
Specialized hands:
Controller grip hands
Portable console hands
Power glove inspired hand
"Wiimote-inspired" Nunchaku
Modern console controller
"SEGA Gamegear inspired" handheld console
Arcade joystick

Random idea Turtles
Gambler Leo:
Picture Leonardo in a Blue themed version of D'Arby's outfit pictured left.

JoJo reference was intended, but not the Cam Clarke Reference.
Standard Hands
Specialized hands:
Card holding hands 
Poker chip hands (one doing the rolling chip trick, the other holding a chip between thumb and index.)
Various card hands
Single Ace of Spades card
Single Joker card
Stacks of chips
Wad of cash
Waterfall Shuffling deck
Deck cutting swords (the Sewer Samurai Ninjato)

 Bartender Don:
Donatello dressed as a Fancy Bartender. Outfit is in various shades of purple.
Standard hands, Pointing hands
Specialized hands: shaker holding hands
Soft goods black apron
Mixing tabletop that doubles as a bqo staff long Riot Shield
2 Escrima Sticks
2 Tonfa
(These double as the Table legs)
Bo staff
2 martini glasses
2 long glasses
4 drink bottles 
2 Molotov effect that fits all bottles.

Bouncer Raph
Raph wearing brand new Blue Jeans with white tops and a Red shirt. Forearms and hands wrapped in red fighter tape heads without bandana wearing red rimmed sunglasses. He also sports removable chains (he collects from kicking ass like Mr.T)
Standard hands but with Fighter tape.
Special brass knuckle hands.
Aforementioned glasses and chains
2 sai
Fake ID (pic of Zach the 5th Turtle with a fake name)

Party Time Mike:
Mikey wearing a flashy 70s styled suit with Turtle shell patterned accents.
Reuse the tongue head from surfing Mike but add a gold tooth⁵
New "wooooo!" Head (ric flair reference)
Shutter shades
Stylish Fedora (PIMP HAT)
Stylish Cane (cane is meant to turn into Nunchuck)
Stylish Canechuck with real chain
Soft goods fuzzy coat
Non alcoholic sparkling bottle
2 glasses with said beverage
Gold leaf covered pizza.
Wad of bills

Crossover Turtles:
Taking TMNT and having the Turtles dress like they're from the other line (ie Star Trek Turtles or MMPR Turtles) No I won't do better versions of Turtles of Grayskull... Also, I'm not paying attention to what company has which license. This is an imaginary idea inspired by past TMNT toys.

G.I. Turt: Half-Shelled American Heroes:

Leo as Duke:
Basically Leonardo in a Duke outfit with Blue Boots and belts. The L would be on his belt buckle.
3 heads:
Duke wig
Normal Leonardo
 (On his Shellpack instead of the Shovel he gets storage for 2 Leo Katanas).

Donatello as Doc:
Donatello dressed as Doc but his paramedic cross would be purple. His glasses would be purple rimmed the belts would be purple as well. On his Belt Buckle he gets his D.
Specialized hands: (latex glove hands)
Heads: With Helmet, without Helmet (removable glasses)
Bo staff
(No lethal weapons because Doc is a conscientious objector)

Raphael as Sgt. Slaughter:
Raphael dressed as Sarge, But with some color differences;
Red Tanktop with red accents on boots.
Red glasses and whistle
Red belt with the R on the Buckle.
Normal Raph
Raph disguised as Sarge with the Stash, wig, and fake chin.
Specialized hands:
Red Riding Crop
The aforementioned glasses and whistle
Super7 Ultimates Raph figure
Drill Sgt. Hat

Michelangelo as Shipwreck:
Mikey dressed as Shipwreck but orange belts and gloves.
Shipwreck with fake beard and hat
Shipwreck with fake beard and wig 
Michelangelo head with sailor hat
Flintlock pistol
Grappling hook nunchaku with real string
Grappling hook with molded plastic string (preposed)
Grappling hook molded in twirling effect
Polly the parrot who can clip to the top of his shell.
If possible dark blue UC Raph coat (reference to the PSA)

The T-Team:

Leonardo as Hannibal:
Leonardo dressed as the Galoob Toys Hannibal.
Hannibal wig with Cigar, Hannibal wig no cigar, Leo head

Raphael as B.A.:
Basically Raph dressed as Galoob BA
Normal BA, passed out BA, Normal Raph head
Tools (reuse party wagon tools)
Glass of milk

Mikey as HM Murdock:
Mikey dressed as HM Murdock
Normal Mike head, Murdock Neutral head,pilot helmet head with crazy face
Specialized hands: sockpuppet c-grip and "closed mouth"
Grappling hook with rope

Don as Face:
Don dressed as the Galoob Face figure
Normal Don, Face wig neutral, Face with charming smile.
Bo staff
Radio shellpack

(BONUS: Party Wagon repainted in A-Team van colors)

Movie Icons:
This is a line representing various Movie Characters Whose roster couldn't fit a whole crossover:

Leonardo as Rambo:
Essentially It's leonardo dressed up as John  Rambo as seen in Rambo first blood part two.
Leonardo with Rambo wigs one neutral, the other screaming
Specialized hands: 
Arrow hands
Bow and arrows
Belt fed machine gun
Dual Oversized Rambo knives
Dirty First Blood Poncho and rope (soft goods)

Donatello as Indiana Jones:
I think I made one of these already, but Donatello dressed as Indy:
One head with a Harrison Ford wig the other UC Raph.
Standard hands
Staff of Ra with removable top
Rat idol (Reuse Mousers rat painted in gold)

Raphael as Tony Montana:
Say ello to my lil fren... that's the Tony being referenced. Raphael dressed as Tony during his last stand.
Screaming head
Angry head
 Standard hands
Grenade launcher
Mysterious taped off Pizza boxes 
Grenade effect
Machinegun effect

Michelangelo as Pee-Wee Herman:
Mikey dressed as Pee-Wee Herman
2 heads wearing a Pee-Wee wig with both having exaggerated expressions like Pee-Wee.
Standard hands
Nunchaku with Turtle faces (inspired by the Playmates Bugchaku role play set.)
Removable belt based on the Sewer Exploration Belt
Pee-Wee's Bike

Jul 14, 2024

What? Dr. Ruth too!? Yevondammit, Yuna Stop Dancing!

 Yes, Dr. Ruth as in the little old German sounding Sex therapist old Lady. She was 96 years old when she died. Her advice was really good.

The reason why she became popolare is the whole weirdness of a Tiny Grandma talking about sex. It was cringe as hell but like I Said,  her advice was sound. Also she was an Israeli Sniper. So now you're picturing Dr. Ruth dressed as Sniper Wolf giving sex advice to Solid Snake... I hate my brain sometimes. But in any case, my condolences to friends and family.

Why us Yuna still dancing? Wait? What? Martin Mull died in June and No one told me!?
Vlad Masters is DEAD!? Principal Kraft kicked the Bucket? Colonel Mustard? My condolences to friends and family. 
2024 stop it, get some help! Also break Yuna's legs so she can stop dancing.

Shannen Doherty was seen by Haley Joel Osment

 Everyone seems to be dying this week... Hell even Donald Trump was almost assassinated. But I'm here to talk about Prue, not The Donald.

So, yeah, Shannen Doherty died. Breast Cancer is to blame. As always my condolences to friends and family. I won't wax poetic too much since I rarely saw Beverly Hills 90210 or Charmed. I honestly stopped watching around the time Doherty left. I mostly remember her from Mallrats.

Seriously, Haley Joel, stop watching TV!!
July has been freaky with the dead people!

Seriously, July... you need to stop killing people, pretty please?

Jul 13, 2024

Haley Joel Osment is Sweating with the Oldies...

 I hate that I have to write this rant. I reviewed a figure of his likeness a while back. Well, Haley Joel Osment saw Richard Simmons. Natural causes, cancer related... Fuckdammit!

Again, this is Richard Simmons. Known for his 80s workout videos... and being a bit eccentric.

He was a surge of positivity in this world loaded with Negativity. Yes, you will stay even if it is as a digital phantom... 

Grandmas still need to get sweaty on earth and in heaven...

A New Karate Kid game is coming

 After the disappointing Cobra Kai 2, Karate Kid is going back to its roots: 

Karate Kid itself... but we're also going Old School

It seems that Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles Shredder's Revenge  has revived the 2D Sprite based Beat'em-up genre. We have Power Rangers,  we have GI Joe, we have Toxic Crusaders, And now we have Karate Kid. 
Check out the Demon Sorcerer Miyagi! Wait is that Ali with an I? I'm very likely to buy this game.

Seriously, if they make a game of
I don't know what to say...

Jul 11, 2024

Super7 SDCC TMNT items

 There are some ReActions but I don't give a fuck about those, especially with the $90+ shipping to Puerto Rico. 

Glow in the Dark Scumbug. I guess he'll be like $75-80 since the standard version was $65 because "reasons". Review of the normal Scumbug here (shameless self promoting). 
I ALMOST want him.

Speaking of Overpriced Bullshit is Overpriced. It's a repaint with different accessories. Gonna be more expensive than the Normal Party Wagon.  If it wasn't over $400 plus S&H and was, say $150, (and sent by USPS to Puerto Rico) I'd most likely buy one.

Now THIS I WANT!! It's stupid, lazy, uninspired, and an obvious scam... but I'm a sucker for Michelangelo. Also the whole Pizza Time! Theme lends itself for some crazy pics...

I'm well aware that this figure is just a new apron and soft goods hat... and that the bullshit level 
That's right Vegeta. The bullshit level is over 9000! But I'm a sucker for Michelangelo.
They should make all of these available at EE or BBTS... I just want a decent chance of getting Invisible Sheila and Satoshi Isshiki disguise Mikey. 

Now slap some sense into Kyle and give us Pizzaface with soft goods Apron and hat, which makes him different enough from Playmates, dammit!

Dammit Haley Joel Osment! First Popeyr, now Olive Oyl!?

Yes, THAT Shelley Duvall. Apparently, she died due to 
Diabeetus complications. She was 75. My condolences to friends and family. 

Honestly, I know her for 3 things:
-As a kid I often confused her and Talia Shire. Adult me knows that they don't look similar at all other than being women. Well, I can be bad associating names with faces ON REAL PEOPLE. I fare much better with fictional characters for some reason. Let's just say that many of my relationships died due to saying the wrong name at the wrong time. Dating a girl namesd Alexandra and calling her Jeannice can be problematic... (fake names. For their sake)
-The Shining

Popeye being one of my mom's favorite bad movies to watch... I don't know if she ever saw it on theaters... all I know is that she stopped everything to watch that movie. I didn't hate it but I also didn't think it was great. As an adult, I can see the respect and reverence to the source Material. It wasn't perfect, but it's enjoyable.

I just realized that Popeye, Bluto, and Olive are all dead... 
Time is passing by and pushing the Reaper closer. Vade retro torva messor!

Requiesce in pace, Shelley Duvall.

Top 50 1:10 scale items I'd like to have... part 1

 Between preparing the Advent Calendar stuff... (learned to get at least over half the reviews done before July in order to ease up the load on the second half of the year... (I might even start the 2025 AC when the Q3 items begin to show up. Still waiting on the Jesus figs...) I've been focusing way too much on TMNTU when I've other 1:10 lines to look for... so, here's a list of items I'd like to have... if they existed:

50: Isetta (Urkelmobile):
It's quirkier than the Smart cat. Though I'd like a Smart car as well. If S7 made an Ultimates Vernon, I could see him mocking whoever drove this. 

49: Safes and vaults:
I know the old Marvel Select Black Cat had a safe. But we need more of those, and vault doors for robbing bank displays or heroes stoppong a bank robbery display.

48: Videogames and Visual Media related accessories:
I know there are a few gachapon items from Japan, but those are expensive... not to mention that they're smaller than 1:12 scale, but bigger than 1:18. I want a NES, a Sega Genesis, A Dreamcast, an XBox Series X, a PS5, a MSX, a Neo Geo, hell, a Philips CD-Iaybe even a few VCRs and DVD Players to complete the look.

47: Desks and office display stuff: 
This is more for Marcel and DC stuff so we COULD get away with 1:12 stuff, but I'm looking in the direction of Wrestling figures that are closer to 1:10 scale. I know Jakks Pacofic used to make file cabinets and stuff. Used it in combination with the Spider-Man JJJ desk.

46: Smaller playsets/backdrops (no cardboard walls):
Jakks used to make some kickass backdrops but they were mostly cardboard. Mattel too, but no more. They try to push big assed rings through Mattel Creations and I don't want Rings. I WANT BACKSTAGE Arenas: Locker Rooms, Boiler Rooms, Parking Lots. Stuff that can be used both for Wrestling and Superheroic displays. Multiple use across lines and all that...

45: Armored Truck: 
Mattel could modify the Slambulance interior and pull off an Armored vehocle to use with Superhero lines.

44: Emergency Vehicles: 
We already got Mattel's Slambulance, but a cop car and a Firetruck would be cool as well.

43: Animals: 
Talking about Zoo varieties here: elephant, gorillas, pandas, etc. The big animals.

42: Musical Instrments:
Sure, some of the turtle variants come with musical instruments. But i'm not gonna spend over a hundred dollars for an action figure guitar. I would love to get things like a drum kit... Acoustic,electric guitars, clarinets... I'd almost be tempted to get a church organ Dioama. Yes, I would be displaying it. Nick arcade playing the Organ and making "die monster" references.

41: Lab Equipment:
Many 1:12 and 1:10 lines have characters thar are scientists, but no scientific equipment... aside a random Erlenmeyer flask. I want science shit for Donatello or Billy. Hell even Reed Richards could use some of this. 

40: Alchemy/Sorcery Equipment:
For the Doctor Dooms and Skeletors, Magic shit is needed.

39: Bikes:
Motorbikes Bicycles even the weird reverse trikes. I need varoety in 2 wheeled equipment. And no, I don't want an E.T. bike..

38: small critters:
Earlier I mentioned the "BIG ZOO animals". Here I'm looking at the Squirrels, pigeons, and other small urban/suburban animals.

37: Rats:
I know they kinda qualify as small critters, but I need a Shit ton of Rats for Rat King. 

36: Mach 5:
Yes, I'm talking about THAT Mach 5... with the Jacks,  the Circular saws, etc.  While I don't want Speed Racer figures, I'd like a Mach 5. (Can see Nick Sr. Driving it.)

35: breakable walls:
A Part of me hates them, due to the cartoony way they break. But if we could get more realistic Breakaway walls, we could have better displays. If we could get modular Breakaway walls, it would be great. By that I mean the way the wall Crumbles. It should have pieces to display the wall crumbling in small pieces, medium pieces, and large pieces.

34: vending machines:
I know Miworld made one a while back. But I'm looking for variety. Not just a multi snacl vending machine. I'm thinking soda, snacks, hot beverages, Hell even gumball and gacha toy machines. Yes, I'd use Ace Duck for pics.

33: Official Arcade Machines: 
I know a few of these were made by japanese companies a few years back. But I want Amerocan styled machines that also includes Skeeball, basketball, pinball, etc. Fuck it, I just want a Ridable Hang-On! Because reasons.

32: More Foodstuffs:
Sure we have the occasional pizza, hot dogs, burgers, beer, shawarma, but I want more:
Ramen cup noodles, egg fried rice, breakfast cereal, toast, pancakes, waffles, etc.

31: park themed props:
You know the Tech Deck boards, they also come with ramps and other stuff to make a skate park. I KNOW some had like benches and picnic tables. Were they to scale? I dunno. I've only seem pics online. Probably not, but these larger to scale items could be better for fingerboarding than a Bench smaller than the skateboard. Also, they do great for action figure displays. Especially with the fedora and trenchcoats that can be found on eBay, I could have Foot Soldiers removing their disguises to attack the Turtles.

30: crates, drums, and other containers:
I know that Metal Drums are available, but wooden crates are a rarity. But we don't have transport crates, as in those for trucks. If done properly, the shipping crates could double as mini playsets.

29: fire Hydrants, parking meters, traffic signs, etc.:
Not only do they have dual functions as props and weapons, I'd like the fire hydrants to be semi modular.  Meaning plug in water effects (see the Arcade TMNT games as reference.

28: Fire Effects: 
No this isn't the standard SH Figuarts Flaming attack effect. I mean FIRE as in
Modular Walls of fire to create burning buildings or a hellish display with the appropriate Tim Mee Battle Mountain (Red or Black)

27: Furniture:
If I wanted to make a Turtle lair, I have no couches and stuff since most of the 1:12 furniture is smaller and made for dolls. 

26: Golf Cart:
They're perfect for security guards as well as Golfers. Also, it has comedic value having a chase display (warning, I'm going to use only the vehicles *I* have and not, say the Super7 Party Wagon on this example:
Tatsu, Rocksteady and Bebop are fleeing in the WWE Rig  The Turtles chasing on a modded Slambulance with Casey giving chase in the Slam Cycle...  and then we have a Custom Zach the 5th Turtle chasing in the Golf Cart.
That's it for now. I'll work on the remaining 24 options that are not a Car that sounds like Mr. Feeny!

Jul 10, 2024

Another Tanner has been seen by Haley Joel Osment

 Surprisingly, not the one I was expecting... No, it's not a Full House Tanner. It's an ALF Tanner that passed away. By that I mean Benji Gregory, who played the youngest Tanner, Brian, has passed away. Cause of Death unrevealed, but he was found dead with his also dead service dog in a Chase Bank parking lot in Arizona. He had severe depression, bipolar and sleeping disorders.

I'm no Detective, but I'm guessing, he had gone to the bank to make a transaction with his service dog, took a nap in his car due to his sleeping disorder and Arizona's climate did the rest. I REALLY hope this is what happened, because I don't want to think of any other option as it would be too cruel.

In any case, My condolences to his friends and family. 

I won't go on about his acting career because all I knew him from was ALF.

Making the vintage TMNT characters "unplaymates enough" for Super7: mid 2024 edition pt. 2

 Parte Dos!! Let's just get Super Shredder out of the way. 

Again, I won't do the entire line, just the ones I want.

Kevin Nash:
A MOTUC BODY CLOSE TO MUMM-RA in size. I've said this before so I'll say it again.
Read this: You're welcome.
But I'll improve upon the heads:
1 based on Shredder's Revenge 
1 Based on Movie/Turtles In Time 

For the accessories, I'd go for the mutated OG Shredder stuff.

I've suggested movie accessories, toy accessories, Manhattan project accessories... I'm going to try another direction with him.

Like his Playmates counterpart, he starts with a Slash body. But with further mods:
First No Slash Belt. He gets a new one. No gadgets and other crap like Slash's but more traditional like the Turtles. It still keeps the foot buckle at the front though. Since Tokka is supposed to be big, his belt could be made out of multiple belts, like some Tetsuya Nomura Belt on Belt nightmare.
He needs new spiked shoulders new biceps, new elbow pads, new wrist wraps, new hands.
New knee pads and feet. Making this a "more movie accurate while preserving some of the 80s and 90s parts reuse" aesthetics.

Heads: (3)
Vintage toy inspired
More movie accurate with closed mouth
More movie accurate screaming.

Hands: (8)
C- grips
Claw attack/Dramatic

Accessories: (4)
Here I will Mostly deviate from Playmates. The only surviving Playmates accessory is the mace.
Shell Buckler from Manhattan Project
Stop sign makeshift axe.
The ooze filled donuts from the movie (intact)

Like Tokka before him, we need to Deplaymatesize him a bit. I'm thinking adding certain movie elements like the chain holding the car grille over the Playmates blue shirt. Adding the double loincloth that the movie sculpt has, but in Playmates colors.
Heads: (3)
Vintage toy inspired
Vintage toy inspired mouth wide open
Vintage toy inspired howling head

Hands: (8)
Dramatic hands

Accessories: (4)
Makeshift Nunchucks out of Chained posts.
I-beam bludgeon with Claw holes to be held by his Dramatic hands.
The ooze filled donuts from the movie (broken)

Chrome Dome (no vac metal version):
While Chrome Dome only has vac Metal on his head and torso, I don't trust Super7 and Vac Metal. 
Take Visual cues from Tournament Fighters and Shredder's Revenge. 

Heads: (2)
Battle damaged

Hands: (10)
2 finger Ninja pose.

Goupillon with real chain as seen in the card art.
Katana and wakizashi (metal with laser edge)
Modified Sai
New Electro staff with electric effects. 

I expect him to be roughly Bebop Sized woth articulated tail (red with green tip). He should look like a hybrid of Playmates and cartoon version. Maybe some changes to differentiate him from other versions is swap the torn scale shirt to a torn shirt with chainmail over it. It creates the same effect as the Playmates toy design, but different.
The cartoon had the great idea of painting his belt a different color from the furry loincloth. 
Slight alterations to the leg armor and cybernetic leg to differentiate from Playmates, like say, have it be slightly more angular while preserving the details.
Different shades of yellow between his bullseyes and the lens on his cyber eye. For his accessories, I'm thinking the Pipe from TMNT 3 Manhattan Project, a taser bullwhip, wrist dart launcher (similar but different to Playmates designs) Foot Clan brand iron (both normal and flaming hot) 

Personally I feel he should be 7 inches and a bit wider than a MOTUC. I want him as muscular as the vintage toy and not as flabby as the toon version. Perhaps some middle ground to differentiate him from both versions?
Theoretically speaking He should suffer a departure from vintage in his color pallette. He's supposed to be wearing overalls, but the vintage toy AND toon version have the colors wrong. The overalls are painted like a pair of pants and a separate tanktop. What I would do is have his overalls be the lighter green that his top has, but have his overalls be super dirty, particularly the leg area to create that distinction in color. His removable backpack shows the difference between clean and dirty. Pack should also be very dirty. It should have a loop for the removable spade and 2 clips to hold his dual pick axes (a replacement to the Playmates 4 point Pick Axe) and a Jackhammer. (Nod to the jackhammer gun playmates had) a second head with his miner's lamp "turned on" (GITD white paint) would complete the figure.
As long as we don't get topless Dirtbag from Manhattan Project... though that COULD be the safest direction for S7.

These last two were a copy/paste from a past rant, but it works. It's not laziness if the ideas are sound and I'm just dropping a reminder.

Besides, everyone knows part 3 will be Channel 6 people and others.

Jul 9, 2024

Super7 Ultimates QC and other things rant

 I unfortunately got hit with Super7 QC on a spare Alice I got from eBay. Getting her out of the package, her right leg fell off. Broke at the crotch. She was meant to be turned into a MuTeens Tribble. 
Yes I am fucked, shit out of luck, looking for tutorials on how to reattach balljoint pegs. Have to buy pliers and a small drill bit. Warm up her leg to pop the ball joint off to see if I can graft a metal post inside the joint and epoxy them together or something. 

It sucks because it's a $55 discontinued figure... So, it sucks if one breaks... I've had 2 so far... well 3, but Krang I could fix... speaking of Krang: I'm looking for alternatives to Super7's Krang. Either a Vintage Krang or a Loyal Subjects Krang... this brings me to the next rant.

With Playmates making demands and forcing Super7 to pad the line with 2003, I'm worried about Vintage. I had bought a WWE Superstars Alexa Bliss to use as a body base for a stand in figure, but the soft goods skirt only fits the Alice body...

Fuckdammit! Now I have to get Two Alices and some sculpting Material to make a Tribble and a Just in case Irma... and that is a problem. Until NECA does a Single carded Irma that I could buy 2 of, I'm Shit out of Luck. So, I need to prepare to take matters in my own hands and make shitty customs.  But it's not just Irma, no... I may have to be preemptively getting parts for say, Pizzaface, Zach the 5th Turtle, Carter, etc. 

We don't know where Super7 will go to. They Lost Dosney and Simpsons. Star Trek looks like 

So, we also had Power Rangers having figures canned... you see where I'm going with this. With preorders to Puerto Rico getting raped on shipping, it feels like My time with S7 might come to an end. Let me make this clear. It's not by MY hand that this is likely to happen. But by Super7's shipping issues and QC snafus... ordering whole waves via sites like EE, BBTS, etc. Is not optimal as I don't have an option to PAY NOW. 

Better try to lift my spirits with some theoretical lists.

Jul 8, 2024

If Mom was here, what would she think of this:

 Highlander reboot starring Henry Cavill. It's going to begin shooting soon... as in January. So it's finally happening. Mom's probably not going to like it, but I have faith in Cavill... Box office might say the contrary though. Sadly, he's considered Box Offoce Poison. This is worrisome as Rebooting the GOOD Highlander film and having it bomb, will reduce the chances of fixing the BAD Highlander movies...

Another thing: Queen is heavily tied to Hoghlander. Will this reboot use Queen or will we be punished with Taylor Swift or Bad Bunny?

Come to think of it:  If we're getting a new highlander movie; are we getting action figures? Because I'd KILL for a Juan Shanchezh Villalobosh Ramirezh. 

Jul 6, 2024

Shapeways is shutting down:

 I hadn't bought 3D prints in a while. I heard from a few Facebook friends who have had some storefronts on Shapeways, that Shapeways is shutting down. There are no mentions on this on the website, but after a quick Google search I found some news.

Shapeways filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and the big bosses abandoned ship. Also, The filing signifies the cessation of all operations... this royally sucks for a bunch of folks, who used Shapeways As a store front to sell their toy accessories and tabletop gaming pieces.

Ask a costumer, Shapeways wasn't beneficial to me. Since they used UPS as their shipping service, it required me to make humongous orders in order to justify their shipping prices. The saddest part.Was that prince coming from the united states would have been much cheaper to ship via USPS, but For being outside the continental 48 continental states, I was forced to use some far more expensive option. If the USPS shipping option had been available to me from the get go; I would've ordered more stuff from the various shapeways storefronts. Alas, I was stuck on the "Maybe later when something else drops." Now I missed out on a female action figure body that could've made a decent Irma base. 

But it was a good thing while it lasted. Nownthere goes another resource for Action Figure collectors to get props and stuff.

FFVII: Ever Crisis sucks ass

 I WAS excited for FFVII: Ever Crisis. It looked like a closer to classic Final Fantasy VII retelling of Final Fantasy VII,  With a retelling of Crisis Core and a new story for the First SOLDIER. Basically , Final Fantasy VII, with updated graphics and a shitton of bonus content...

But 95% of the bonus content is disappointing Gacha Bullshit. Not only that it's a resource hog... it's taking 10.02 Gb because I haven't done full downloads. Supposedly, it gets up to 15-ish Gb... I'm being tempted to delete, since there isn't that much to do than the bloaty gacha bullshit. It's such a shame. Especially, since the Game has some connections to the FFVII: R Trilogy. 

I don't even know what to say. I wanted to LIKE the game but it's pretty much a yamcha.

Jul 3, 2024

Making the vintage TMNT characters "unplaymates enough" for Super7: mid 2024 edition pt. 1

 I don't know if I have a Super7 stalker like I did with Mattycollector. But if there is one, feel free to use any of my ideas. So let's "deplaymatesize" some vintage figures. 


Let's start with my most wanted character:
He's a thicc boi. He should look the part. 
Lucky for us Shredder's Revenge gave us an alternate look for him. Starting with the white chef hat. For starters that's different enough from Playmates. The head details are slightly different. The reddish nose, painting the ponytail. I'd give the tanktop some texture.
The apron would be a combination of soft goods and plastic. The belt part of the apron with some condiments would be plastic while the front area covering the crotch is soft goods. The removable chef's knife is sheathed on the plastic part of the apron. 
 Unlike the vintage figures, Pizzaface would have a leg stump where the extra peglegs connect. He wouldn't have knee articulation there. I'd also tear the boot a bit more to see 4 toes instead of 3. Colorwise it should be as close as possible to the prototype, but the chef's hat and apron being off white instead.

Let's look at the accessories:
Heads: (2)
-Shredder's Revenge styled head with non removable Chef's hat.
-Prototype styled head with removable hat and tiny conjoined head hidden inside the hat.

Hands: (12)
C-grip (horizontal and vertical hinges)
Vintage pizza toss hand
Mano a borsa hand
Dramatic open hand
Extended pinky with a wad of earwax on it.
3 finger fist
Mano a borsa
Dramatic open hand

Weapons/Legs: (3)
Long handled Cleaver
Pizza wheel with Ninja Pizza box stand (2 pieces)
Pizza Peel

Flying Pizzas: (3) full color
Chorizo, Turtle and rat Pizza
Mold and Garbage Pizza 
Soylent Pizza 

I have no improvements over my previous Fugitoid rant. But I'm more likely to buy the 2003 one since it'll be closer to Mirage. 

Napoleon Bonafrog:
Here Super7 has two options:
Be Lazy and do a Genghis Repaint in Napoleon colors
Make a New Napoleon to repaint into one of the other missing two later on.

I will be working with option 2.

Like Genghis, Napoleon gets texture on his shirt and his pattern is painted on. 
His chain is removable and it would be gold chain silver peace sign.
Of course painting all that Playmates forgot, like his back, is obvious.


Hands: (8)
Hang loose

Weapons: (4) 
Serpent slasher whip in a different pose with a "more realistic" paint job.
Reimagined Sewer Gas shield. Main color will be red, the front skull and crossbones would be a lot flatter, since it was made out of a signboard.
Foot swatter would be multicolor and slightly redesigned. (Namely the pattern on the starter part.)
Double headed Axe (intended for Genghis)

Lil' Buddy:
Flyboy with Articulated arms. Color scheme would have teal fly body, orange hair and red eyes. Yellow gloves, blue pants and brown shoes.

I'm starting with a change that PM Purists will hate: Removal of Creepy Crawlies the reason is to reuse the most parts possible for Granitor... and maybe have 2 extra Stone Soldiers. We removed the creepy crawlies... now we're messing with his palette and sculpt: 
The grey parts of his body should be made to look more like rock instead of tights.
Here's my suggested palette: there's very little difference between the darker and lighter colors. The darker orange is for the torso, while the lighter is for hands and toy face. The dark green is for the tights and black for the boots. The grey is a yellowish grey to keep the yellow tones on Traag. He needs a brown wash on his rocky areas and not the vintage toy squiggly lines.

Now on the Torso, we could have interchangeable rank insigniae. (Helpful for Granitor and potential high ranking army builders if you want to use the alternate heads as new characters) 

Toon/game based
Playmates based

Hands: (8)
Pistol grip
C grips

Weapons: (5)

Mona Lisa:
Playmates did a thing... NECA did a better thing. How can I do a better thing without copying NECA too hard?

The Playmates Mona Lisa is a Yoshi and NECA did a toon based lizard...

I'm thinking a Hybrid version: 
The torso should read a bit better that she's wearing a Unitard but No shell on the back. I'd add texture to the unitard. For the limbs, I expect S7 laziness, but I'd prefer a more lizardy biceps and legs. Worst case scenario: Ninja April biceps with new forearms and new legs.

Toon based
Toy Based

Hands: (10)
Gecko wall crawling hands
Dramatic open hands

Accessories (9)
Pair of scarves:
Short plastic one
Longer wired soft goods one
Yellow Shell backpack.
Text books
Erlenmeyer flask with chemicals 
Fugu Flail with real chain
Stun gun

Yeah, the bad guy from the shitty third movie. He can be part of a Turtles In Time (no relation to the game) wave. (Mostly an excuse to bring Renet, Savanti Romero, and Time Travel Turtle variants. Another rant for another day.) 
I'd use movie references to improve the textures on the outfit. Not going full realistic NECA styled, but more of a fourhorsemen inspired anime hyperdetail (fuck you Scott!).
Heads: (3)
Playmates styled head
Better Stuart Wilson likeness than the vintage toy, but not accurate enough.
New style head but no hat and no ponytail.

Hands: (8)

Accessories: (9)
Time scepter
Aside the time scepter he has two of each, since he's a weapons trader

So, Beverly Hills Cop 4 is a thing...

 Netflix gave ne a warning about Beverly Hills Cop 4. I HAVE TO SEE THIS! IN before Nefty says: I want Beverly Hills Cop Ultimates, Super7! 

Let's begin with a summary of my thoughts on the movie... it's a weird thing. It feels like a Beverly Hills Cop movie, but it kinda feels like it takes a few too many jabs at Beverly Hills Cop movies but it's not bad. I liked it more than III. Supposedly there may be a fifth. 

I'm surprised at how young Eddie Murphy loves compared to the rest of his returning castmates. Also Kevin Bacon is in this. More moves for 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.

The Amazon Exclusive Technodrome preorders are OPEN! Better act fast! $79.99 For a supposedly slightly smaller clone of the original. If you didn't have one as a kid, like say me, then better act fast...

In any case remember to leave milk and cookies for Captain America.

The "noir" detective variants:

 Super7, where's my official Don the Undercover Turtle? But in any case, I'll pretend that we got him and list some variants based around him.

Newsie Michelangelo:
Mikey dressed as a Newspaper vendor/informant.
Orange shirt with rolled up sleeves
Dark Olive green pants held up by brown Suspenders,  Brown shoes
Neutral expression with brown Newsboy hat
Surprised expression with Newsboy hat

Newspaper Nunchucks
Klunk the cat
Pile of newspapers
Snub nose squirt gun with removable squirt effect.

Detective Leonardo:
Leonardo dressed as a police detective.
White shirt and blue tie with police badge on the left breast pocket, soft goods trenchcoat (light grey) head sporting a fedora. Pants with gun holster on the right hip.
Reuse fedora head from UC Raph
New Fedora head with heroic smile.
Special hand:
Pencil holding hand with presculpted pencil
UC Raph Revolver
Police Baton
Detective notepad

Detective Raphael:
Raphael dressed as a Detective.
Similar to Leonardo but Red Shirt and black tie, black fedora with red stripe and trenchcoat.
Reuse UC Raph Heads
Special hands:
Fists with brass knuckles
Flask holding hand

Tommy gun
UC Raph revolver
Pair of slappers
Soda flask

Barkeeper Genghis:
Genghis Frog dressed as a 1940s Barkeeper.
Bowtie, shirt, vest, apron, arm towel, the whole shebang.
Serious Genghis head
Screaming Genghis head

Mixing bottles with removable molotov effects
Soft goods arm towel
Drink glass

Casey the Enforcer:
Casey wearing a 1940s outfit: Blue Shirt without tie, with suspenders. Rolled up sleeves with both hands covered in wraps, grey suit pants and green loafers.

Special hands:
Brass knuckles fists.
Baseball bat
Golf club 
Cricket paddle
Soft goods trenFists.

Femme Fatale Irma:
Just picture Irma dressed like Cruella... in Irma colors, of course. 
Neutral Irma
Flirty Irma 
Angry Irma
Special hands:
Smoking hands

Derringer gun
Amethyst Rat statue
Long cigarette holder/stabber

Star reporter April O'Neil:
April in an outfit similar to Lois Lane's from the Fleischer Superman cartoon.
Special hands:
Pencil holding hand

Reporter notepad
Photo camera

Mild Mannered reporter Vernon Fenwick:
This is Vanilla Vernon but wearing brown loafers and a removable blue blazer. Think a nod to Fleischer Superman's Clark Kent.
Fedora wearing while winking
Special hands:
Pencil holding hand

Photo camera
Reporter notepad

Temptress Karai:
Kara in a Black sexy Chinese dress (I know she's Japanese, but film noir put all Asian ladies in Chinese dresses)
Karai with an Asian updo hairstyle
Normal Karai
Long haired "Lotus" head
Special hands:
Poison needle hands (hands holding poison needles between the fingers.)

Fan (open and closed)
Small Knife
Small box of contraband that fits inside a two armed octopus statue
Two armed octopus statue (it's meant to be a nod to Krang)
Don Pancetto:
Bebop dressed like a Mobster. Black Zoot suit
Red Shirt with purple tie. Black fedora with purple band, black sunglasses with purple trim.

Normal Bebop head with purple rimmed glasses and purple hair.
Fedora head

Stack of cash

Don Ceronte:
Mobster Rocksteady sporting a brown Zoot suit with yellow shirt and olive green tie. Left hand has multiple rings.
Fedora and Cigar

Tommy gun
Sledge hammer
Dynamite stick

Il Trituratore:
Oroku Saki dressed like a Mobster. Dark purple Zoot suit pants with grey stripes black shirt with grey tie and purple suspenders. Soft goods black trenchcoat.
Oroku Saki
Oroku Saki with fedora
Special hands:
Fists with bladed gauntlets

Saturday night Special
Bladed garrote
3 cement shoes: human female, human male, tuetle sized

Il Sacco di Terra:
Dirtbag in dark olive green pants with light green shirt and dark olive green suspenders. The shirt has his sleeves rolled over and he sports red fingerless gloves. His fedora has a miner  lamp on it.
Lamp on
Lamp off


Don Bovino:
Groundchuck dressed in a blue Zoot suit but with a bolo tie. He sports a 10-gallon hat with horn holes that keep the hat from flying off.

Cattle Prod
Red hot Cattle branding iron
Texas-sized Six-shooter

Since Donatello is supposed to be a private investigator, I made the rest of the cast trying to fit in some serotypical characters from film noir experience. With the setting being New York york I had to lean heavy into the Italian mafia.  But I guess this completes the Crazy variant Idea of taking each of the disguised turtles and giving them supporting characters. And no I will not make groupie variants of April, Irma and Karai.

Jul 2, 2024

Action figure related thoughts:

Sometimes, we get some crazy ideas regarding toys. Sometimes we get logical ideas. So let's get cracking!

-Aside some Asian bodies with very little variety and a bit smaller than true 1:12, we rarely see blank bodies for customization. At best we get Figures Toy Company to make some custom bodies, but they're very limited and feel as flimsy as those Asian bodies I've mentioned. I may have to look at these to make a Pizzaface, since it might be highly unlikely we get an official one. So, it would be easier for me if I had access to fat bodies... to make Pizzahead... or other civilians. 

-playsets have been turning into Cardboard display pieces with a few plastic bits... we need more Plastic Playsets that have DisPlay and This Play elements. Also, I'm not necessarily talking Huge ass playsets like Grayskull, Cat's Lair, or USS Flagg. You can have smaller playsets that work for play features AND Display features.

-Remember the Original Marvel Legends/Spider-Man Classics Dioramas? We need more stuff like that. I know SpAcE iSsUeS, but being Able to display Spider-Man hanging from a webline is far cooler than using a black or clear stand. The X-Men would look badass on a Danger Room set of display stands. How come Hasbro hasn't made Iron Man Hall of Armor pods to display your Iron Man armors? Something semi generic like the 2008 NECA TMNT STREET Stands that came with the turtles themselves. Something like that could work on so many lines. 

-pets... for action figures... and other 1:12 or 1:10 animals. Sure.I could get random onpossible snakes at a dollar store. I'd have my fill for a snake pit if I were doing Indiana Jones or something regarding Snakemen. I once bought a The Spirit figure for his cat. It's somewhere in the toy chest or I lost it during the move. I used it for a small TMNT strip that is now dead thanks to Photobucket attempting to extort me... I'm talking moderately Articulated 1:12 animals.
Lions, tigers, and bears... oh my! But seriously, 1:12 rats, we need those. Alley cats, service dogs, pigeons, stray dogs, just to name a few. Not going to mention a 1:12 Harambe...

-circling back to displaysets. I mentioned the NECA Mirage TMNT 2008 "diorama stands" well. Let's expand on that. Backdrops... plastic backdrops that look like buildings. But the beauty is that these backdrops are modular and you can print out signs  to use on doors, windows etc. What on a Batman themed Display would be the Entrance to Wayne Tower, on a GI Joe Display would be a Bank, and so on. Metropolis PD could be NYPD for Spawn. Ninja Pizza on a TMNT Display could be the HISHE Coffee shop on a Mattel DCUC, etc. The idea is to have options without requiring a 3D printer or a degree in Arts and Crafts.

-this idea is an even CRAZIER version of the Displaysets... Are you ready? 
Pre made Themed Display Unit:
72 cubic feet with 24 of those being storage area for extra accessories.

For example: Gritty City theme has some street level buildings,  a skyline backdrop, and a Sewer section. The Tropical Jungle theme has a jungle with a tree canopy and an underground cavern area. The Frozen landscape would be, well frozen, etc.

Modular elements could be bought separately like: Futuristic Space station that you could combine with Mansion and have your X-Men display, or City with Volcanic Cavern to have a Spawn display, etc

-selfie series was a good idea badly executed. We need it to return.

Jul 1, 2024

Konami allegedly wants to work again with Hideo Kojima

 Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Well, I'm a bit biased against Hideo Kojima and his 3 inches of doom. It's mostly because of his own ego. He acts like he's the best thing that ever happened to videogames, but After he left Konami, he failed to deliver anything revolutionary. His "magnum opus" after leaving Konami was 
"We got Metal Gear Solid at home"... but with QWOP Amazon Prime. Sponsored by Monster Energy. 

His other two planned games are a sequel to Death Stranding (which is an MGS clone but with tar monsters instead of mechs) and Physint, which is a stealth game in the veins of Tactical Espionage Action games... in other words "the Mighty No.9 of Metal Gear games."

I want to make a joke at Zack Snyder's expense with his "Star War Killer" but 

Unless it's the Full game teased by the infamous P.T. then, there's nothing for Kojima to collaborate with Konami. It wouldn't work. Then again, Konami has only done sports games or ports of older games like Cowabunga collection and some Yu-Gi-Oh! Stuff. Well they made a shitty Contra game. But that's about it. The last real game they made was the shitty contra game. The last AAA Game they made was with Mr. 3 inches of doom and now I see where this is going. Konami needs a Triple A game to not be the joke they currently are and are trying to entice Mr. Money Pit in order to kiss some D-list celeb ass to make a game for them... But is Kojima fit or willing to make a Metal Gear Solid game again?

We're supposed to believe that he's  been wanting an out from Metal Gear ever since MGS2: SOL. So, why would he go back to Konami unless they let them do a Snydercut of MGSV?

Oh god no...

Jun 30, 2024

Will Raúl Juliá be defeated, or will he be the Supreme Bison?

 Sony will supposedly release a New Live Action Street Fighter movie in March 20, 2026... man, 2026 is looking like a great year! Street Fighter AND He-Man on theaters...

We've had 2 Street Fighter movies, not counting Assassin's fist. On one corner we have the Hilariously bad movie whose saving grace is Raúl Juliá as Bison. On the other corner we have the plain bad Street Fighter movie with Neal McDonough as Bison... wait McDonough was also Birkin in the better than thr Jovovich RE movies but still shitty RE movie Welcome to Raccoon City... Dude should play Docta Wahwee or Von Karma to keep the tradition of fucking up Capcom Characters!

Now, To be fair, when McDonough gets good scripts he's awesome. But The Legend of Chun Li was ass and not in a good way.

I have questions:
  • Will we FINALLY get a Ryu-centric movie?
  • Will we get Bloodsport with Superpowers?
  • Will it be SFII inspired or will we tackle elements of SFI and Alpha?

  • Nothing more to add.
They can't fuck it up worse than Legend of Chun Li, right?

Jun 28, 2024

According to Toynewsi, Tatsu may be showing up soon

 So Toynewsi has some sources that claim, the rumored Tatsu figure may be released soon. Here I'm hoping that it's not a Target or Haulathon bullshit release, since I missed out on Human Baxter because of it. Also, I fear Wal-Mart because you can pre-order exclusives and they cancel them on you... happened with Jason Todd and with the SCSA monster truck that I lucked out finding one at a Brick and Mortar Wal-Mart.

Unfortunately, no news on the Cartoon Outfit Judith Hoag figure... or Vanilla Ice! 

Jun 26, 2024


 So tempted to make some weird choices here.
Let's start with:

Casey Jones X:
A Cybernetic Casey Jones HEAVILY inspired bu über Jason from Jason X. His cyber hand would have swappable sports equipment parts.

Zero G Hockey stick
Lunar paddle (cricket)
Titanium 8 club

Hand attachments:
Jet bat
Mega certainly (jai alai)
Volt racket

Space Case Mike:
Space Cadet Raph repaint in Orange with different chest designs and Kala of the Neutrinos on the wrist comm.
New heads:
Head with Space skullcap
Head with turtleized "power rangers helmet"

Space mini pizza
Laser tonfa
Space Hook sword 
Arm mounted foot buster (right handed arm cannon with cable that plugs to suit)
Baby Pizza monster.
Raph's goggles in orange
Domed helmet

Space Walking Don
Similarly to Michelangelo, he'll reuse a lot from Space Cadet Raphael, except he has new shins and forearms that are inspired by the Nightwatcher design. The outfit will be purple with brass colored metallic accents
Space Cadet Raph skullcap Head repaint
New helmeted Head inspired by cylons

Laser Bo
Space multitool (nod to a sonic screwdriver, plugs to the suit via cable)
Photon shield 
New goggles inspired by Jinzo (the Yu-Gi-Oh card from Konami)
Small propulsion device inspired by the Sewer Swimming Donatello device, but made to look more spacey sci-fi-esque
Domed helmet

Space Leonardo:
A blue and silver repaint of Space Cadet Raph with his pads and bandana being much darker than the suit's blue. Thinking Cyan for the suit.
New serene skullcap Head
New helmet head inspired by Break Man (a nod to Capcom's recent collaborations with TMNT...)

Photon swords
Goggles reminiscent of Cyclops
Tethered rifle
Yellow repaint of Raph's alien buddy
Glass dome helmet

April the Cosmic Reporter:
April in a yellow Astronaut suit reminiscent of the Space suit worn by 2012 April.
Hair tied up 

(Both heads have her sporting a small headset with mic.)

Camera drone with stand
Photon dagger
Pizza Monster egg pizza.

Oztronaut Walkabout:
It's Walkabout in a lime green with sky blue accents space suit.
Wearing skullcap 
Wearing his traditional hat
(Only the skullcap Head fits in the dome)

Cosmic Kid Kangie with tether
Spacewalking stick (think Photon sword with long hilt removable photon effect)
Space Elephant blaster gun

Infected Slash:
Essentially Slash wearing a broken and tattered black spacesuit. Think a combination of Pizza Monster and Klyntar in a weird Pizza symbiote thing.
Normal Slash Head with skullcap
Head with the Pizza monster symbiote engulfing Slash's head

Broken Space helmet
Photon shield
Photon mace

Pizza symbiote arm attachments
Oversized Pizza hand
Mace tip

Pizza Monster:
Vidually Based on the more Pizza-esque look from Shredder's Revenge. Think a Venomized Xenomorph with a pizza patterned symbiote (pronounced sim buy oat in this case)
(Different expressions and level of gooeyness)

Swappable elongated arms
Xtra large pizza with removable "bump" (pizza monster rising from the pizza)

Cosmic Conqueror Shredder:
Picture Shredder with a Darth Vader inspired Helmet wearing a red Astronaut Suit  his hands have a port from which a Baraka styled Photon blade pops out (pair of first hands with Photon blades sculpted on.) There will be some metal plates on the areas where his spiked armor would normally be and their design would be reminiscent of cheese graters.
Oroku Saki wearing a skullcap and his traditional facemask
Darth Vader inspired Helmet (Both heads should fit inside the dome)

Laser sword
Photon naginata
Space shield (riot shield shaped energy shield)

Dirk Savage:Space Mutant Hunter:
This would be a normal Dirk Savage figure with interchangeable arms and chest overlays. This is to have a "Close to normal looking" Savage and his Space variant.
Neutral Savage
Cigar Savage
Angry Savage
(The non cigar heads should fit inside the dome)

Torso overlays:
Bandoliers and Epaulets based on the Original design:
Astronaut overlay with the breathing apparatus and fixture to attach dome

Interchangeable arms:
Normal tights without gloved hands
Baggy Astronaut arms with gloved hands

Dual Blasters
Poacher net
Photon dagger
Electro cuffs
Liefeldian Blaster that also serves as a vehicle with stand. The dual blasters plug into holes and act as handlebars

Foot Soldier Endoskeleton:
As the name describes, it's a foot soldier without clothes. Why? Pizza Monster Symbiote (read as Sim buy oat) would wrap itself around the Robotic host and become a Cybernetic abomination: The Pizza Foot
Endo Head
Partially covered by the pizza symbiote 
Fully covered by the pizza symbiote 

Pizza parts:
Slip on arm covers that simulate the foot armguards
Slip on neck piece that simulates the foot soldier neck piece
Titanium pizza wheel
Photon sword

Monster Pizzaface:
Essentially think Pizzaface but more pizzafied:
He lost the chef hat but half his face is being devoured by pizza. His arms are partially 0covered in pizza and he has two smaller string cheese tendrils coming out the torso. His missing leg looks like a pizza monster's while at the base of the foot lies the PF prosthesis and chef hat (think crap stuck on Muckman's foot). 
Pizzaface Partially covered head
Pizza Monster-esque head

Pizza peel
Baby Pizza monster
Pizza monster egg pizza

As you can see the main inspirations for this "subline" were Aliens, Spider-Man, and well... let's say The Thing (not Ben Grimm, the horror movie) than Amogus.