Apr 17, 2024

My wishlist for a McFarlane weapons pack:

 You know McFarlane makes weapons packs mostly Guns. Pack 3 will show up in the Advent Calendar 2024. While doing the review I though: Nefty, let's make a Theoretical McFarlane Weapons Pak and here we are.

New weapons:
-Mauser "Broomhandle"
-HK Mk23 with Laser sight
-FP45 Liberator
-2× Colt Single Action Army
-Walther P38 with stock and sight.

Reused weapons: from (packs 1 and 2)
-2× Gold Walther P38
-sci-Fi stubby gun w/silver with red accents
-Gold FN-P90
-frankenstein gun in silver and wood
-Gold cork gun
-Black with gunmetal accents Sniper Rifle
-Cammo pattern Machine gun
-Gold AK47
-Gold Thompson Submachinegun

The gold guns are tacky gangsta version of other guns. The rest of the recolores I tried to make them somewhat logical and that could be used across multiple lines not exclusive to McFarlane. The new weapons most of you could guess the kind of references I was going for. Some of them are from a former license that McFarlane had about 20 years ago. (Mainly the mk23, the dual SAA, and the Liberator). I suggested the Mauser, because it's freaking awesome. Also, I love the Walther P38, hence the fully decked out version in gunmetal... I don't want to enrage the Rhode Island Siblings too much.

Apr 16, 2024

Shadow the Hedgehog is coming for the third sonic movie.

 Idris Elba asked us about da wae in the second Sonic movie. Well, Edgelord Shadow the hedgehog will be played by a very famous actor. Whoa...

Yes, Keanu Reeves will play Zack Snyder's Sonic the Edgelord Shadow the Hedgehog.  It's not like a great choice, but anything that can delay or stop the Matrix 5 trainwreck, is a good thing. Seriously, everything after the first movie was crap

Apr 14, 2024

I started watching some more recent anime.

 By recent I mean made after I became an orphan and aren't Sword Art Online, because fuck Kirito, not in that way. I have to thank Hulu, not sponsored... I mean I don't have sponsors, but for the sake of transparency and pretending to have ethics in blogging.

So, here are the three Anime I'm currently watching:

Green Naruto

So, Konosuba... despite being recent, it feels like a 90s anime trapped in current year... being a parody of fantasy games and isekai anime helps it rank better, as it appeals to my immature self. It's an acquired taste and not for everyone.

Spy×Family... it's weird. I don't like it... for the most part. Then there's 
The most realistic depiction of a preschooler in anime, Anya... or how some people have called her pink haired anime grogu...

WTF? It actually makes sense from a certain point of view... as in the only reason to watch Mando is to see what will Grogu do, to me Spy×Family, the whole Loid is a spy and Yor is an assassin is meh to me. I just want to see how Anya will fulfill her mission.

Then there's Green Naruto, which I SHOULD HATE, but for some reason I'm already in Season 4. Honestly, I wasn't planning on watching this one. Sadly someone said to me: "Yo, Nefty! Y'gotta see My Hero Academia. Izuku is totally teenaged you!" Well, I fucking hate that person. I'm freaking Deku... but Teenage me would be more like Minetta as well. Speaking of, I don't get the Minetta hate. He's a wimpy teen who dreams to be cool. Yes, he's cowardly and perverted, but teens are hormonal... but current year. 

In any case I can't believe I've devoured over 3 seasons of Boku no Hero. But Netflix brought an old friend... Great Teacher Onizuka.

Apr 13, 2024

JoJo Siwa's Bizarre Adventure: a rant

 JoJo Siwa was barely on my radar... aside a worst JoJo joke and seeing some of her Merchandise being around back in my Kmart days. But recently she became an adult and came out the closet. Or came out the closet, then she became an adult... well, she's trying to pull off a Miley, but...

She looks like a Stand... No seriously:

She looks like a Stand of herself... I think I got all the better JoJo references out of the way. I get it, she's trying to shed the kid image that she has. Just like Miley Cyrus tried to get rid of Hannah Montana back in the past, but JoJo is doing it far worse and is currently a JoJoke. 

These "edgy" attempts at looking "mature" are failing bad. There's nothing innovative or original about them. She looks like AI generated art of the prompts Jojo Siwa and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure... or KISS from temu. They make JoJo look like a child pretending to be an adult. Hell, it took Miley to reach her 30s in order to make people kinda forget she once was Hannah Montana... but it wasn't the edgy outfits or the ridiculous amount of tattoos. It was her music.

Apr 11, 2024

OJ Simpson is dead...

 As I just said, OJ Simpson is dead. It's kinda hard to talk about this, becuase we're in a similar spot as the Chris Benoit suicide issue.
Benoit killed his family before killing himself.
In OJ's case the death of Nicole Brown, the police chase, making Kim Kardashian's dad famous (he was one of OJ's lawyers) also Simpson may be Khloe Kardashian's real dad. (Just as Gary Busey may be Eric Trunp's dad). I know he was a football player but to me he was Nordberg.
So, yeah... the Cookie Monster is dead... Why cookie monster? Well, he was smuggling cookie in jail... and the whole Nicole Brown murder thing, got him the Cookie Monster moniker. He ended up in jail in 2008 due to an incident in 2007 where he was trying to recover stolen memorabilia or something and it went to shit... in pure Nordberg fashion. So OJ is dead.

Yeah. OJ simpson is dead.

It came from the Toy Chest: ATV compatible with Ultimates!?

 Yes, it's another Wrekkin' vehicle. I believe it's the final vehicle on the list. I hate it, but I love it! Let me explain. The vehicle is decent, but it needs to be 20% cooler. 
I'm gonna try a different approach:

What I like:
  • Scale: it easily fits Super7 Ultimates. Perfect for a diorama display.
  • Modularity of the "action feature" lever. This vehicle has a lever to flip out an action figure just like the forklift. This one can be kept in modes that aren't intrusive with the sculpting. It also has a bit of a Toyetic look with it turningninto a battering ram.
  • Can seat two figures. 
  • If I Jam something the correct size on the action feature mechanism I can make a sort of rear shielding for the ATV. Perfect for some of my crazier ideas.
What I hate:
  • Steering wheel action feature. It ruins the illusion of realism with the weird c-clips on the steering wheel.
  • Flipping feature. It's a waste of space on the vehicle that could've been used for better disassembly. 
  • Breakbility feature seems limited due to the springloaded features.
  • The Big E figure has very limited range for articulation EVEN by Basic figure standards.
Alicia: What the Hell! That's a Velociraptor!
Barbara: Aren't they supposed to have feathers?
Susan the velociraptor: I shaved because of GaneDude!
Nick: ¿QuĂ©?

Barbara: Licia stand back.
Licia: Nick Kill those overgrown chickens!
Susan: Let me lick your toes Nick!
Doreen: It's Nick R. Cade! He fucks everything with a vagina! Mount me Nick!
Nick: What the fuck is wrong with y'all? Instead of Velociraptors, you should be called Velociputas.

Nick: Wait they're eating the ATV?
Susan: Mmm! Nick Rammed me with this!
Doreen: I can almost taste his ball sweat from the seat.
Alicia: Niiiiiiick you asshole! Do something!

Big E: I'll save you MuTeens and Little girl!
Alicia: I'm 20!!
Big E: I didn't know.
Susan: Ow!
Doreen: You always wanted a guy to fall for you, Susan.

Big E: I didn't forget about you! Say Uncle!
Susan: Oh yes! Spitroast me Big E and Nick! Oh Hammond I'm cumming!
Big E: What the F-?
Nick: I hope that coming is with am o and a single m.
Alicia: sounded like an u and double m to me. Whaddya think, cow?
 Barbara: A masturbating Velociraptor wasn't on my weirdest things I'll ever see as a MuTeen BINGO card..

Apr 10, 2024

Top 5 most wanted GI Joe Ultimates:

 I don't collect GI JOE Ultimates. BUT Baroness and Snake Eyes ended up becoming the bases for Nick's Dad and Stepmom. My interest in the Joes is mostly for customizing. Lady Jaye was a mistake. (Still figuring how to salvage her and how to reviwe her fairly) BUT! There are a few Joes I want to have Regardless of my feelings on the Ultimates line and the current bullshit of not being able to ship to Puerto Rico... Hopefully they'll fix this soon.

Without Further Ado, here are my top 5 Joes that I want to own in Ultimates form.


Come on! You expect me to talk about a Sailor and NOT Make a Shenmue reference!? That's like me not making a Hannah Montana reference when talking about Miley Cyrus. But Shipwreck is one of my favorite Joes. And I want him in all his village people glory. 
I vote for a soft goods coat as seen here:

Of course he won't end up being Shipwreck... He's probably going to be a supporting character in MuTeens or something.

Let me specify: Orange pants Green Tanktop Roadblock. Why?
And that's the closest we could get to a Terry Crews figure. No, but seriously, it's Body Massage why I want him.

DiC Cobra Commander:
We can't have the proper Cobra Commander because of Lorenzo di Bonaventura (fuck that asshole) then give us the Arnored look from the DiC cartoon. It's The Best of Both Worlds. (Mandatory Hannah Montana reference.)

Sgt. Slaughter:
It's Sgt. Slaughter need I say more? Of course, this one will be Sergeant Slaughter because Sergeant Slaughter is Sergeant Slaughter.

PD Destro:
It's a Destro repaint that will surely sell. You know it, I know it, even my dead mom knows it.

Apr 9, 2024

I liked Frozen Empire but

 It's time to let the franchise die. Not only that, but it felt wrong. Like Ghostbusters 2 on crack. Or an episode of The Real Ghostbusters with Teenage Lesbian Ghost Romance... heavily censored to avoid critics... I mean borderline "Amara and Michelle are cousins" level of censorship. I have a faulty gaydar but while watching that movie LESBIANS kept popping up on my faulty gaydar. Before anyone starts to say: "She's a minor!" or "stop sexualizing a child!" ALL I'M SAYING is that the scenes between Phoebe and Melody gave off romantic vibes, since they're both vagina owners, that makes it lesbians. If it had been two penis owners it would've been 

The movie also felt castrated as if to appeal kids. I know Ghostbusters 2 was made more in line with The Real Ghostbusters. This one makes Ghostbusters 2 feel like the first Ghostbusters. This movie is like Walter Peck

Apr 8, 2024

Spider-Man 2:the review: the rant

 I am one New Game+ short of a Platinum Trophy, so I guess it's time to review Marvel's Spider-Man 2:

I recently replayed both Spider-Man with the DLC and Miles Morales games. The big disadvantage about this has to do with the games being too similar to each other. Without realizing it, this meant that I beat the game in less than a week off intermediate gaming sessions.

The graphics look nice, despite the game having the characters look uglier than the first game. There weren't that many graphical hiccups, but there were a few... honestly I found the PS4 prequel more impressive from a visual standpoint, despite the PS5 sequelhavng technically better graphics.

Sounds and music:
The background music, I like the first game as a bit of its cinematic appeal. The voice acting, like in the previous game is top notch I honestly have no complaints about it in this area. Okay, maybe some of the random citizens had some sort of goofy voices but they weren't that grating.

For the Most part they're effective... when playing as one of the Spider-Men. Whenever the game try to be something Else Controls were slightly janky... bycicles, Mary Jane sections, random Rythm section, and other mini games I'm looking at you.

Remember the previous two games? Well we get more of that. We also get more Mary Jane missions, but this time she has a gun. We get some random, stupid, annoying mini games that will make you wish you could be swinging across New York as Peter or Miles.

Fun Factor:
Despite the annoying Mini games, being too short, weird and rushed elements, the game is a fun experience. Is it better than the first one? I honestly don't know. But for me despite the technical improvements the overall experience feels inferior to the first game.

They Spider-Man 3'd Spider-Man 2. We got Sandman, we got evil Harry, we got Venom, we got Bully Lowenthal... bunch of great ideas on paper that weren't allowed to fully cook.

Kraven who is supposed to solo everything was some sort of "mob boss" who had an army of mercenaries that hunted for him. 98% of Kraven's badassery happened Off-Screen. Taskmaster was more of a hinter in the first game than Kraven here.

Harry was ¼ asssed and rushed... all for the sake of thee. Symbiote, which. Was also rushed. It almost felt like a Batman v. Superman mess.

Spider-Man 2 gets a 7.92 as its final score. This is not a $70 experience. If you can buy it used and reasonably under retail, it's a much better option than paying full price for the game. The game is a disappoiintment. But, I have to replay it just to get that last damned trophy.

I don't think I'll get Spider-Man 3 on PS6 when it comes out.

Apr 7, 2024

Another I NEED to fill in rosters for TMNT ULTIMATES!

 Yes, I'm mad about the Super7 FedEx price gouging bullshit, but at the same time I have to rally for certain characters to be done in the line, so it feels satisfying when it eventually ends.

Punk Frogs:
I've mentioned many ways how the Punk Frogs can be completed. Whether we get a vintage accurate Napoleon or cartoon base, I honestly don't care. I just want the four Punk Frogs. A part of me would prefer vintage toy line Style, but for the sake of Super7 laziness I wouldn't say no to a cartoon inspired Genghis repaints.
A middle of the road option is a Toy Napoleon and getting Attila and Rasputin as repaints of Genghis and Napoleon. With that we close the Punk Frogs.

I know some folks would like to have a vintage toy accurate usagi, I'm not one of those. I'd prefer the unarmored Samurai look for him. Hell I'll take a 2003 Ultimates Usagi instead of the vintage one.

Channel 6 crew:
Like Nefty was going to forget about Vernon, Burne, and Irma. 
Toy inspired sculpts but toon colors is a start. Kinda like the Zobovor customs seen in this rant. I'm going to get detailed here!
Tuck his shirt in like the cartoon. Have a swappable pen protector (clean and dirty)
The TP can be plugged to the foot. I'd give him 3 heads (Neutral, Playmates inspired, and with a hat) add the UC Raph trenchcoat as one of his accessories. He used a Trenchcoat and fedora in an episode. It makes him different from both Playmates and NECA. I'll let S7 figure the other accessories.

Soft goods all the way. It's not for perverted reasons. Rita Repulsa has a soft goods dress. You see where I'm going with this. A sculpted outfit would make Irma a statue. The other reason is to have  at least 2 outfits: a toon outfit and a Playmates inspired outfit. Again, this is to differentiate her from Playmates and NECA. Then there's what they could be hiding under the soft goods clothing. Here we can go 2 ways: 
1987 toon with a Modified Super Irma Outfit...
Scantly clad barbarian look from Mutant Turtles Gaiden.

Super Irma route:
3 heads: Normal, ditzy, angry. Swappable ponytails: Normal and wirh Super Irma tiara.
Swappable lower legs and soft goods super cape...  in addition to the playmates and toon outfits.

Gaiden Irma:
4 heads: American neutral and ditzy, Japanese Blonde and Spiky-haired Barbarian.
Here we need 3 outfits:
Japanese (short skirt, bare midriff top that hide her Barbarian underwear)

While the Neftyverse would benefit from Gaiden, I prefer Super.

This one is mostly toon based, but toss in some extra pieces to make the Archie Vernon as well. Again, the idea is to make him different from both NECA and Playmates. Basically an Archie comics inspired alternate head and vest and call it a day. 

Dask and Kala to round up the team. The Playmates Embargo is what worries me for the accessories department. Honestly, I'm looking for Kala the most and hope that there's some compatibility with Alice so I can make customs.

Don the undercover Turtle:
Yes, I made a custom. No, I need an official Release. That's it.

Scale Tail:
I'm not exactly his biggest fan, as I'm not a fan of serpents, vipers and other snakes as in the animal. But, since he's one of the bosses in radical rescue, he deserves a spot.

Groundchuck and Dirtbag:
I had Groundchuck as a kid. The Manhattan Project pipe could be a nice addition to the figure. I want this dup to happen since they're Rocksteady and Bebop 2.0... or 3.0 depending on who came first, them or Tokka and Rahzar.

Tokka and Rahzar:
I want to have the Turtles in time or Manhattan Project rosters in my TMNT... period.

Chrome Dome:
Had him as a kid and Tournament Fighters is reason enough for me to want him.

Kevin Nash:
Yeah, if I want a Turtles in time Roster, I need Kevin Nash. If you didn't know, Kevin Nash was Super Shredder.

Mona Lisa:
She would help round up MY Mutanimals. I know she wasn't in any official iteration of the team but, she could prove useful just to round out the group. (Token girl and also a science student)

Because Fuck you Kyle! Yes, he's grotesque, disturbing and gross... that's why we love him. Fuck, I'll buy TWO! IF HE GETS MADE! 

Genral Traag: (Granitor and rock soldier army builder)
I have mentioned a couple of times how these could be done

Krang's Android Body:
No need to explain this one.

Of course, I may be open for other characters as well, since I've ended up buying most of the unique characters with mo exception so far. Once the infamous Triceraton wave shows up, I'll have to get the unique characters I didn't preorder.

Apr 6, 2024

Super7 hates Puerto Rico or something

 I WAS going to order the Beastie Boys Sabotage wave... the whole shebang especially with the $7 domestic shipping that included Puerto Rico. Things have changed and it became like $15, which is reasonable, but now... Let me let the picture do the talking for me:

Forst they stopped allowing PayPal Pay in 4... (eBay has recently done the same... fuck!) Now Super7 is using FedEx for shipping and it's fucking ridiculous!  Right now as it is, Super7 is asking me to buy one figure for the price of three! 
Right now going to scalpers is a lot cheaper than going through Super7
Ended up buying a Doctor Strange and
From Hasbro Pulse instead. And now they have cheaper shipping options to Puerto Rico!! 
I want to buy stuff straight from Super7, but I don't want to pay $110 shipping for a $55 figure. Even Hasbro Pulse didn't rape me that hard with FedEx shipping. At worst it was like $30 on shipping.

Toyguru must have the biggest boner right now because I'm criticizing Super7 right now. Point is that I will criticize everyone who pulls off something that negatively affects customers. I don't play favorites.
Now they don't ship to Puerto Rico.

Apr 5, 2024

Toitles have textures now...

 Allegedly, these will be $12.99 and I'm still trying to process the bumpy reptilian texture they have.

This better resolution image confirms our fears of bad articulation and Playmates cutting corners. I'm going to call it: more corners will be cut. *IF* the bases are part of the figure, they'll lose a ton of paint apps. Mikey's nunchaku might suffer and become plastic chained once more. But it'll be wave 2 where the cost cutting will go insanre. I'm calling it right now. This is all Playmates flexing their master license to cockblock Super7.

But since this rant is kinda short,  let's see who are my top 20 Vintage characters that I want to see get this treatment that aren't Splinter, Shredder, Rocksteady, Bebop, Krang, Foot Soldier, April, and Casey Jones.

-Rat King
-Baxter Stockman
-Mona Lisa 
-Mondo Gecko
-Ace Duck
-Sgt. Bananas 

Apr 3, 2024

Super7's DiC wave got canned.

 Cue the female figures don't sell crap.
Of course, it has nothing to do that these three were repaints. Scarlet barely arrived to customers by the time this repaint was put on pre-order. Also this would be the fourth baroness variant, not to mention the second version of this body to be released. Last but not least, This Lady Jaye would do very little on foxong the issues of her past release. And I know that she had a thought of issues, because I own one. I still haven't gotten her out of the toy chest, but that's because I'm having issues in reviewing her fairly.

My fear is that this wave failing will translate to female figures not selling. This wave should've come out after Shipwreck, Sgt. Slaughter and other core Joe Characters had gotten made and a "wave filler" was needed. A full redeco wave based on characters that had been recently released is a bad idea.

NECA has a 1:1 M3gan doll.

 For $500 plus shipping you can get your own M3gan doll. Rooted hair, soft goods clothing... and I'm getting mildly creeped out. Mostly because of M3gan's face looking a lot like a sex doll's. 

Similar vibes...

Her height puts her in scale with 140cm adult dolls. Which means that a customizer could easily make a M3gan sex doll. Before people try to spin this into "me sexualizing M3gan", I'm only pointing out how easily this 1:1 doll could be repurposed with less than noble ends. In other words, the lifesized M3gan was a Mistake.

At least it's not a 1:1 Small Wonder... wait... M3GAN is to Small Wonder what Brightburn is to superman...

Apr 2, 2024

Spider-Man 2: I have complaints

 Earlier I said that MJ looked Ugly... Nearly EVERYONE looks like they were hit with the ugly stick to different degrees. Pete got a little hit after he was under the knife for Miles Morales Spider-Man, Felicia got a slight tap 
Still less manly looking than SM2 MJ

Mary Jane got a beating by it, Norman got a few taos, so did JJJ, Former Captain Watanabe got hit by it. The only ones who didn't get hot by it are Miles's Mom and Girlfriend.

Speaking of Miles, I hate the neo generic black character hairstyle he's got. Aka the gentrified locs. Hell there's a dumb costume that showcases the gentrified locs on Miles.

Like what the hell!? That's easy access for some Morales DNA not to mention it showcases WHY Miles can't physically have that hairstyle and wear a Spidey mask. The fade from past gamrs MADE Sense. Also that's why they changed Pete's hairstyle. 

What in the Panderverse is this bullshit!?
He's not even a real Puerto Rican as in he wasn't born in Puerto Rico, NONE of his parents were born in Puerto Rico. But despite this suit being pure pandering is what a Nuyorrican would wear, hence it's my main Miles Suit and I want a Marvel Legend of it just to make fun of it. 

I just got to the point right after the Lizard battle and noticed something peculiar... Aside Peter and Manly James Watson, The Osborns, Kraven, and Curt Connors, most of the interactions outside the main story missions have 98% PoCs. I helped a gay indian boy ask his black boyfriend for homecoming. Helped a black lady fond her grandpa with dementia wait... there was the white dude who had the instruments stolen from a museum because of white entitlement... 

I don't mind having gay characters what pisses me off is that Spider-Man is helping a person ask another person for the homecoming dance. Gimme a mission where Spider-Man saves a gay couple from muggers. I still havent found any latinos, much less Nuyorricans in the game. And no, Sandman saying mjia a few times doesn't make him or her Puerto Ricans... Hispanics was in 2020 the second largest demographic in NYC and there's very little of that in this game... hell Even Mysterio looks kinda Middle Eastern/West Asian in this game.
This is Comic Book Mysterio, who looks like the love child of Moe and Spock.

What I'm trying to say is that you're all doing diversity wrong, which is causing the pushback against "forced diversity" or "woke". You CAN have gay characters. But don't use them in tacky missions like the Homecoming mission. In fact the mission ruined the gay one off characters for me. Just as in Miles Morales you guys threw his fake "Puerto Ricanhood" to be "diverse", here you're doing more of the same. It feels more like you're ticking boxes than trying to make modern NYC feel more natural... as natural as a Marvel universe can be.

Another complaint: That Howard Mission hit me so fucking hard, that it feels illegal for a Pigeon mission to do that.

Also, fuck insomniac for killing Shocker. They robbed us of a Shocker chase with a symbiote powered Peter.

Now I need to beat the game and review it.

Apr 1, 2024

Odds and ends: worst day for news edition

 It's the worst day of the year to run news because It's April fools... but I'm doing some odd news that are old. Like:

E. Coli CAN play Doom. That is all... I mean, what else can you say, we can run doom on organisms now. Arguments invalid or something. This is how humanity falls.

Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. Feeny/KITT. William Daniels is celebrating his 97th Birthday today. I hope he is well. Also, I'll take this moment to thank him for all the people he inspired with his performance as George Feeny. (Also the writers, but I don't know thwm or their birthdays)

Iron Man Marvel legends incoming, finally a comic book Whiplash/blacklash, count Nefaria, but the best fogure of the wave is She-Hulk plus 3 Ironman Variants...

Got Spider-Man 2 and dabbled with it for a couple of hours... I had a mission with Harry Osborn and Peter... Duck you game, duck you hard... 
I still won't forgive you for your diversity team making Miles Cuban, but damn MJ looks like she's in her mid 40s. Yet She's supposed to be in her later half of her 20s.
The Rocky Dennis image is completely unrelated other than being a readhead.

Mar 31, 2024

What if Super7 did Mortal Kombat:

 Based on the First Game Only. Just for the sake of completing a roster. If successful then we move to MK2, then 3 and I don't care after that.

So, let's see who we have available:

Liu Kang
Johnny Cage 
Shang Tsung

That's 10 figures or 3 waves of 3 figures and a single Oversized Goro Release.

Wave 1:

Liu Kang:
2 heads: Neutral, angry.
Hands: standard hands for Liu Kang 
Accessories: fireball with stand.

Liu Kang is a vanilla release with nothing flashy to add. 

3 heads: Ninja masked head, MK2 head, MK2 reptilian head with articulated jaw and swappable tongues
Hands: standard hands for MK Ninja
Scorpion's spear long and short
Subzero iceball with stand.
Removed MK2 Ninja Mask
Force bubble effects
Acid spit effect

I know I am adding Mortal Kombat 2 elements to this Reptile. The reason I'm doing this is so it doesn't feel like a cheap repaint. It also means that I'm planning ahead for the Mortal Kombat 2 invisble variant release by pre-making some parts.

Sonya Blade:
3 heads: MK1 styled neutral, mk1 deadly kiss head, non canonical MK3 styled neutral head
Hands: standard Sonya hands
Energy rings with stand, deadly kiss, pile of ashes with some bones showing.

I'm adding the MK3 head as a preview of things to come and as a backup in case MK3 doesn't happen.

Super7's extortion pak:
-Movie styled Liu Kang head
-GITD Force Bubble and acid spit effects for Reptile
-MK3 Deadly kiss Sonya head.

Wave 2:

3 heads: Normal, normal with holes on eyes for GITD Lightning effects, Non canonical movie inspired head (Pesina likeness but with Lambert hair)
Hands: Standard Raiden hands, hands with plug holes for victory Lightning effects
GITD Lightning effect with stand
GITD Lightning effets that can be put on his arms and legs.
GITD lightning effect that plugs on head 2's eyeholes.
GITD Victory Lightning effects that plug in hands.

This figure is also setting up the precedent for a glow in the dark variant teleporting Raiden. Gotta milk those non-ninja molds.

Johnny Cage:
3 heads: neutral, angry, smiling
Hands: standard JC hands. Hand for holding intact glasses, hand for holding autographed photo, hand holding marker.
GITD green plasma ball with stand
$500 Glasses (intact)
$500 Glasses (smashed)
Signed Autograph.

There is a bit going on with Cage, but not that much. Also, I'm setting up a GITD Green "afterimage" variant.

2 heads: MK1, MK2
hands, standard Sub-Zero hands
Ice ball with stand
Hands with icy effects for the deep freeze fatality, spine and skull with hinged jaw for the MK1 fatality.

Super7 extortion pak:
-movie inspired Raiden head with holes for GITD Lightning effects
-soft goods MK2 blue overlay and slip on bicep armor.
-Movie inspired Cage head
-Frozen spine and skull

Wave 3:

3 heads: neutral, angry, with hole for firing laser
Hands: standard hands, Heart hand
Thrown knife with stand
Laser effect that plugs on head 3
Heart for heart hand
Plug in Blood splatter effect to simulate Kano sticking his hand into the opponent.

Shang Tsung:
Reuses Liu Kang body with Soft goods outfit.
4 Heads: Old Neutral, Old angry, Young Neutral, Young Angry.
Standard Shang Tsung hands.
MK1 sword
Skull fireball with stand
Mk2 top (soft goods)

Shang Tsung is a 2-in-1 figure and also takes a MK2 figure out of the to do list. Most of his cost lies on the soft goods.

3 Heads: MK1, MK2, Skull with hinged jaw from Sub-Zero fatality.
Hands: standard Scorpion hands
Removed mask MK1
Removed mask MK2
Spear long and short
Fire breath effect
Sonya's pile of bones and ashes

Super7 extortion pak:
-Movie styled Kano head
-GITD soul sucking hands for Shang Tsung
-Scorpion skull repainted in smoldering colors with clip on flaming effects.

Wave 4:

He's big...
3 Heads: Neutral, Angry, Movie inspired after getting pumched in the balls.
Hands: standard hands but doubled, since he has four hands.
Fireball with Stand

There isn't much to do with Goro. That's why he's alone... and that he's big.

But it's not over yet, since I started MK2, I have to see what they'd need to complete it:
Liu Kang
Johnny Cage
Shang Tsung 
Kung Lao
Noob Saibot
Shao Kahn

That's 10 figures plus two oversized bosses.

Liu Kang is mostly a repaint but new heads and slip-on bracers. 

Johnny Cage requires new forearms and new everything from the waist down... and new heads.
Here I'd  give him bare forearms with both bracers from MK2 and MKT. 
Mk2 heads and MKT head
Curved Energy ball with modular stand. Reuse the autograph stuff from the first figure.

Smoke is a Scorpion redo with less accessoriws and some new ones as replacement.
1 head:
Same scorpion hands
Scorpion spear long and short
Smoke effects for arms.
Smoke cloud move

Noob Saibot is Scorpion with even less stuff and in black plastic.
I'd add a Kano head and the UMK3 smoke cloud projectile with stand.

Jade would be a Kitana repaint, so She'd get the Kitana stuff plus her staff and Shuriken. She'd be dark skinned like her UMK3 version though.

Jax would get arm interchangeably from the get go. (In preparation for the MK3 variant)
2 heads, standard hands.
For accessories the ground pound effect and the energy wave with stand.

Kitana gets 2 heads masked and unmasked.
She gets the standard hands and special spinning fan hands. (These two hands allow the use of a special free spinning fan accessory to simulate her whirlwind move.)
Accessories fans open, closed and a stand to hold the open fan when used as a projectile.

Mileena gets Kitana's body and hands (minus the fan hands) ishe gets her sai, projectile sai with stand and 2 alternate tarkatan heads. 

Baraka of course requires some attention, but is not too demanding in accessories.
Short and long arm blades, blade spartk effect.

Kung Lao, he requires some attention, but once you get past the body it's rather easy.
2 heads, usual hands, hat.

That's all the basic figures. 
All that's left is Shao Kahn and Kintaro... I won't go into those two because it's too much of a hassle and I can see Super7 repainting goro with a little partswap for Kintaro and now you're mad.

Mar 30, 2024

Rumor: Storm Collectibles lost the Mortal Kombat license

 No Shang Tsung,  No Sonya, and no Johnny Cage...

The rumors point out at this being hugely in part stemming from Warner Brothers. They've been a bit too micromanagement intense with thwir licenses and forced Todd to release Weapon packs and I can't believe one was released and I missed out... to the scalpers! Imagine how'd they overreact to the bloodiness of Mortal Kombat... 

I honestly don't know WHO should have the MK License:

Mattel has shitty distribution and would make Scorpion a Target exclusive while Subzero is Walmart's. Goro would be a Mattel website exclusive with Reptile only on BBTS and Entertainment Earth.

Hasbro would make 30 versions of Scorpion and Subzero and having Sonya in a Hasbro Pulse 5 pack with Stryker, Mokap, Kobra, and TsuHao. Kitana would be in an amazon exclusive 5 pack with Mavado, Daego, Taven, and Meat. 

NECA would release a few ninjas, then give up when Shujinko isn't selling Scorpion numbers.

Won't mention McFarlane because he'd turn it into another SpaMn line.

Super7... let's do that tomorrow.

Mar 28, 2024

Crazy TMNT Variant ideas: Videogame Edition

 Super7 is getting MASSIVELY cockblocked by Playmates right now, so we're going to get new variants from Kyle... so following his Martial Arts movie idea, I'm going to the next level with Videogames:

J-RPG Leonardo:
As you might've guessed, Leonardo's design will be based on 90s J-RPGs... so fantasy with a little steampunk...
-new heads (one with leonardo sporting a Dolph Lundgren as He-Man wig, the other has a circlet with lenses over his eyes doubling as his mask.
-New torso with a Deep V Neck white sleeveless shirt. Pants have an oversized Belt similar to those seen in Masters of the Universe. 
-New thighs with clean pants that match Rocker Leo in Dark Blue. Lower legs from Rocker Leo with grey Knee Pads, Dark Blue pants and brown boots.
-Normal Leo shoulders and biceps
-New forearms with mismatching armor.
-punker Don Right hands and new left hand.
-removable plastic vest with furry neck trim.
Alternate soft goods dark blue tunic with removable plastic bandolier (like MOTUC He-Man) to wear over the tunic.

-oversized mechsword
-Pistol sword
-Legendary sword

You have display options and you can go more traditional J-RPG looks or you can go on a Nomura inspired look from the late 90s. Not to mention a double nod to Cam Clarke, the OG Leo voice. 

Stealth game Donatello:
This Donatello will be Heavily inspired by games like Metal Gear and Splinter Cell.

-normal Donatello head and new head wearing a full face mask with purple glasses (think Ninja Snake Eyes as inspiration)
-new Torso (literally the Nightwatcher Torso, but in shades of dark purple, dark blue, and black)
-Rapping Mike left thigh new Right thigh based on rapping Mike but with gun holster.
-New lower legs based on Solid Snake with Space Cadet Raph Feet.
New arms taking inspiration from MGS2 Raiden with Space Cadet Raph hands.

-New Gun based on the Mk.23 with laser sight and a removable silencer.
-telescopic Bo staff (both collapsed and extended)
-Night Vision Goggles from UC Raphael
-knife from Foot Soldier
-Sniper rifle
-Plastic explosive

Fighting game Raphael:
As you may have guessed, this Raphael is based on fighting games (street fighter, mortal kombat, etc)
-heads: New head with the Bandana covering the top of his head (Like in Rise of the TMNT), new screaming Raph head. 
-new torso with red pants.
-reuse Rapping Mike legs and Feet (red pants, white knee pads, red and white sneakers)
-normal raph arms but new badaged up forearms
-new bandaged up hands (standard hands plus "hadoken" hands)
-soft goods sleeveless gi top and belt.

- pair of sai from Raphael 
- 3 kunai from samurai Leo
- glasses from Surfin Mike

Platforming game Mikey:
This Mikey is a tribute to 2D platforming games like Castlevania and Mega Man.
-New heads one with NES Boxart Mega Man inspired Helmet, head inspired by Captain N's Simon Belmont.
-Reuse the fighting game Raph torso
-new legs simulating tights with new boots that reuse Space Cadet Raph Feet. (Grey pants orange boots and kneepads)
Reuse standard Michelangelo arms and hands
(Adding extra Space Cadet Raph hands)
-soft goods sleeveless coat
-soft plastic removable futuristic armor (similar to removable MOTUC Armor)

-2 slip on arm bracers (to use in Mega Man inspired Mode) with hand cannon tips (to use in place of the SCRaph hands)
-single nunchaku with long chain (both real chain and sculpted versions)
-Mega Saber futuristic hilt that can plug the robotic Rocksteady beam saber as well.
-piece of breakable wall and secret pizza.
- oversized four point Ninja Star.
- 3 Samurai Leo kunai

With Mikey you can go full Castlevania inspired, Megaman inspired or something in between.

J-RPG Splinter:
This Splinter will be based on 90s J-RPGs butt with little to no Nomura inspired looks.
-New head
-New torso with chainmail inspired by wacky action splinter
-new forearms with archery bracer.
-reuse flocked Splinter's soft goods tunic and Shredder's soft goods belt.
-reuse legs feet and tail from Splinter.

-bow and arrows from Splinter
-Japanese tea set.
-walking stick/club.

Beat'em up Casey:
This Casey is based on games like final fight, double dragon, or the various Konami beat'em ups like X-Men or TMNT.

-Heads: New unmasked Casey, Classic masked Casey
-New T-shirt with vest torso (think 1990 movie.)
-New shoulders and biceps with short sleeves.
-New hands with biker gloves. (Standard Casey poses and a new wider grip hand)
-new crotch 
-reuse old Casey legs and feet.

-reuse Casey bat
-steel pipe
-broken bottle
-pizza slice
-soda can
-money bag

The idea is that you can kinda make a movie casey with this figure.

Platforming RPG April: 
Metroidvania sans Vania is the inspiration here... Maybe a hint of Doom

-New April head, New April inside a Turtle head shaped Helmet, Winking April head
-new "bodysuit body in yellow, gold and white.
-reuse april hands and feet in white.
-slip on Armored Turtle shell and Plastron.
-slip on bicep armor
-slip on vambraces with wrist mounted cannons
-slip on thigh guards
-clip on shinguards and back of leg armor.

-firing effect for wrist cannons.
-small blaster
-plasma knife

J-RPG Shredder:
Now I also need to do some of the bad guys:
Shredder will take inspiration from J-RPG games.

-one with SOTO based helmet, one with Oroku Saki head, one with sharklike teeth creating the illusion of his mask and three bony protrusions mimicking his helmet.
-torso would be heavily inspired by Wacky action Shredder.
-he has a soft goods sleeveless black coat held together by a removable bandolier with a MOTU styled Belt. The Bandolier also holds the spiked Pauldrons (inspired by mutating Shredder)
-new forearms with new blades. (Toon based blades)
-new hands (with toon based blades) 
-pair of monstrous hands with bony protrusions mimicking the blades.
-large katana.
- energy effect for open hands.

This shredder is a mix of Ganondorf and Sephiroth visually.

FPS Rocksteady:
Rocksteady will be influenced by games like Doom and Duke Nukem

New heads:
Helmetless Rockesteady head, Rocksteady head with a Master Chief/classicDoomguy helmet.(in greys and greens mimicking Rocksteady's classic look).
Normal Rocksteady body with modern military boots. Pants would have Tiger stripe Camo print while the shirt is Red.
Removable bandolier inspired by Duke Nukem and Cable (as in the Liefeldian Mutant) with Rocksteady elements like the hip shells, a sheath for a Rocksteady sized Rambo knife.
-slip on futuristic armor inspired by Master Chief and Doomguy. In various tones of yellow and gold.

Standard Rocksteady hands, adding expressive hands, pointing hands and a pair of fists with Brass knuckles sculpted into them.

-A Chainsaw shotgun inspired by the Gears of War Lancer.
-A Liefeldian laser rifle
-an oversized minigun
-Rocksteady sized Rambo knife.

Beat'em up game Bebop: 
This looks like Repaint City for Bebop: well, no.

New head sculpt based on Shredder's Revenge, Classic Bebop Headsculpt with new glasses closer to toon version but not completely toon version like the Shredder's Revenge version.
He gets a new Torso. (No sculpted necklace, as it will be an accessory), removable arms for changing vests. New longer vest and classic Normal Bebop vest.
Removable Bandolier.
Normal Bebop hands and new expressive hands.

-Classic Bone necklace.
-New Mr.T inspired bling necklace with gold plated skull.
-Roberta the Chainsaw (a nod to IDW and random weapon selection that some bosses have in beat'em ups)
-Triceraton Blaster (nod to the Konami Arcade game)
-Breakaway steel drum can (a beat'em up classic)
-pile of jewels
-Mutton roast 

You get 3 Display options for Beebs:
Closer to toy accurate, Shredder's Revenge inspired, Rambo inspired, or whatever mix and match thing you can design.

Platforming game Krang:
Obviously it's a nod to Mother Brain,  but he's more Dr. Wily inspired than MB:
There's nothing new with Krang himself aside maybe the tentacles, new tucked in tentacles in preparation for the eventual android body.

The 100% New sculpt is on the Bubble Walkers.
Yes, I said Walkers, plural. The main walker body would be similar to the wave 5 body, but with better constructed legs, but they should detach at the hip joint in ordet to allow modularity with the other walker.

The second walker, THE MEGA WALKER, reusing the Robotic Rocksteady legs, the nowmal walker base should be sandwiched with pieces that make It look inspired by Metal Gear TX55.

The third walker is just a little pair of wings with small jet engines that plug to the thigh holes on the main walker for Krang to escape after defeated.

Most of his accessories are the modular parts, maybe toss in some firing effects for the mega walker weapons. Normal walker still requires you to have wave 5 Krang as you can borrow the arms from there.

Horror game Foot Soldier accessory pack:
This is not a figure per se. It's 2 semi modular wrecked foot Soldier torsos that you can attach or remove heads and arms. Reusing the heads from the battle damaged foot soldier is a start adding 2 more heads: half sliced off head and smashed in head.
For arms you get 4 battle damaged arms with foot uniform bits remaining that can pop off at the shoulder, elbow and wrist and 2 endoskeletal arms that can pop off at the wrist, elbow and shoulder.
Hands with various bits of damage, also reuse the BD Foot hands and effects.

Horror game Foot Legion:
This is a nod to RESI and Castlevania. This is an oversized figure literally made from a bunch of wrecked Foot Soldiers. The idea is that throughout its guerrilla gorilla sized body sculpt, there are plenty of holes that you can plug extra heads and hands from the Battle damaged Foot Soldier, or the accessory pack, some areas allow you to use the arms from the accessory pack. It would come with a special piece that allows you to connect the broken torsos of the accessory pack to make it more robust.

Fighting Game Scratch:
I know, Scratch is not a CORE character, but Fighting game Karai or Rat King would be a cop out choice. For Scratch I looked at Cody from SFA3 AND Chand and Choi from KoF
This Scratch would be like 98% New sculpt:

Heads: New Head with Eyepatch on the left eye, new head with eyepatch on the right eye. Third head with eyepatch flipped up in the middle of the forehead.
He needs a symmetrical body for the Fighting game effect. (I believe only the hands, crotch and tail would be reusable form OG Scratch.)

Ball and chain with removable shackle (can be worn on any leg)
New handcuffs with long chain (see SFAlpha 3 Cody as reference)
2 Jailbird figurines:
One in a fighting stance, the other in mid-flight attack with stand.
1 twirling ball and chain effect

Fighting Game Rat King:
For the most part, this is a Rat King Repaint from tbe Neck down. The repaint would be based on Tournament Fighters. He gets New heads: 
Blond flattop neutral expression and blue eyes, Blond flattop screaming
Rat King head with fedora

Clip-on electric effects (based on Tournament Fighters)
Various rat buddies based on the canned version of Rat King.
Soft goods Trenchcoat nod to multiple versions of Rat King and Q from SF3

Wrestling game Tokka:
Using the Slash body with new Buckle, Shoulderpads, elbowpads, knee pads, wristbands, hands and feet.
The elbow and knee pads should have tassels like Ultimate Warrior. 
Tokka head with a long haired wig (beak is articulated)
Tokka head without wig, but has a foot clan insignia painted on his face. His shell and body are painted in a style that is a combination of tribal designs and Jeff Hardy body paint.

2x4 wrapped in barbed wire
Feathered boa (a boa constrictor with feathers poorly taped on that can dangle on his neck.)

Wrestling game Guerrilla Gorilla:
Assuming the vest on Guerilla Gorilla is a separate piece, then reuse the body from the neck down. New heads inspired by Sgt. Slaughter and Hulk Hogan 
His camo paint will be inspired by Sgt. Bananas.
He gets a soft goods black wifebeater, a BDU soft goods jacket inspired by Sgt. Bananas (and the Sgt. Slaughter BDU outfit)
Drill Sergeant hat
GG glasses
GG helmet

Riding crop
Rifle (from GG)
Whistle necklace
Championship Belt
Larry the Lemur plushie.

Obviously, this is a nod to Sgt.Slaughter and Sgt. Bananas.

Mar 27, 2024

Temple of the ancients and the KHBS...

 Just like in REMAKE, REBIRTH Goes full Kingdumb Farts in the last two chapters. We go to the Temple of the Ancients in the northern continent. They pretty much changed everything and made it way trippier both ways, good and bad. The whispers make their appearance in the last two chapters. We get more Zack and a shit ton of cutscenes for a moment I thought I was playing a Hideo Kojima game. 7 hours between Temple of the ancients to the ending... and like half of that was cutscenes... and fighting Sephiroth... not jist vanilla Sephiroth, but a Disc 3 God being born.  Yes, Bizarro Sephiroth shiws up wtf. I have to beat him with Cloud, Zack, the rest of the party. Then I face Sephiroth with Cloud and Schrodinger's Cetra. We beat Sephiroth and now we head to the Northern Crater but it doesn't make sense due to Kingdumb Farts bullshit. 

In the remakeverse the dead don't stay dead and that's a load of bullshit. That is one of the things that bothers me from this world... also the KH convoluted nonsensical bullshit that we have mow a Final Fantasy VII Multiverse... French word for seal let's review this bitch!

I think I might be going blind because I don't see any huge difference between PS4 and PS5. Then again it might be my TV. I did get a couple of pictures hiccups on this game but they corrected themselves swiftly... unlike the infamous PlayStation 4 door.

Music and sounds:
Music is a mixed bag for me because, there are a few things that I enjoy the new rearrangements, others I don't. I'm not a fan of Aerith's new song at Gold Saucer. Blasphemy, I know. It just didn't resonate with me. The Voice work was fantastic for this game. But one person stole the show: Suzie Yeung as Yuffie. Her performance was amazing and she pwrfectly walked the line between annoying and cute, which is perfect for Yuffie. I'm not saying that the rest of the performances were bad, far from it. What I'm saying is that Yuffie's VA stole the show and her performance was memorable. Mainly because her bored and chocobo songs stuck harder with me than Aerith's "buy my CD" performance.

It's Final Fantasy 7 remake all over again, but this time they ramped up the amount of mini games. Some are good, some are bad, and others make me think that America didn't nuke Japan hard enough during World War II. The normal aspects of the game are top-notch. How many games not so much. Even G-Bike got nerfed.
9.5 (actual game. Reduced to a 6.5 if we count minigames)

They work for the most part... except when they become a bit cumbersome... Cait Sith box toss, I'm most definitely talking about you. G-Bike comes in second. 

The Saga continues over the rest of the first Disc 1: From Kalm to the Forgotten Capital. It does a good job for the most part. Many of the changes were good. Personally, not too convinced about the cargo ship, the whole Gold saucer Whodunit Mystery, traversing both Gongaga and cosmo Canyon, and everything from the Temple of the Ancients to the ending. If we remove the multiversal bullshit, the whispers, keeping the dead, dead, the story would be a 7.0 or higher. Unfortunately, I have to give it a 

Fun Factor:
Despite my complaints aboot controls and Nomura fucking the story up, I did have fun for the most part. Though some areas feel too padded for the sake of padding.

If I ignore the minigames bullshit FFVII Re:Birth by sleep gets an 8.33 but I have to take the minigames into consideration. Which puts the game in 7.83 as its final score. Now we have to see if there will be a Vincent DLC,  since Yuie has a DLC with Remake... yes, I know I have to play the DLC, but that'll have to wait since my next Target is Spider-Man 2.