May 31, 2024

Nicholas Galitzine will fight Borat

 He is the newest live action He-Man... we now have Skeleborat, a shitty script and a He-Man raosed on Earth. Essentially, a disaster worse than Max Steel is in the making. Nothing personal against the dude that's going to play He-Man, but everything else surrounding this movie is looking like a dumpster fire. I have not seen anything about the guys work, so I cannot comment on his acting ability. I also know that Sasha Baron Cohen is a good actor, but I'm pretty sure that he was chosen because they are likely to take a lot of cues from Filmation for Skeletor and that would translate into a weird mishmash of Ali G, Borat, and King Julien.

My expectations for the project are at a massive low point. I'm not expecting this to be good at all. I mean I'm talking that this will be so bad that Rebel moon will look good next to it. I feel pretty bad for poor old Nick here. Then again, I don't see that 06/05/26 release happening

May 30, 2024

Revisiting FFX... The Farplane broke me

 I thought the Sending scenes would hurt more, but they didn't. It was the Farplane scenes that brought me down in tears to the point I had to take a break from gaming...

Fuck me for mocking me with FFX cutscenes!

But let's talk the game... Uhhhh! Let's not. Aged well, this has not. I didn't realize how cringy... the voice acting was. Weird thing is that the game has actually well known voice actors. Some of them I love... but in FFX... well, I'm wondering how the hell do I like Tara Strong going jist by Rikku.

It's not an active Time battle game, but a true turn based game, but the leveling up dynamic is pool and paper but tedious and Incredibly grindy in practice.

Fuck the lightning Dodge game at Thunder plains!

But I bought the game, now I have to play it.

May 29, 2024

It came from the Toy Chest: Really, Nefty? $57 for a kimono with sleeves What the Flock!?

 In stock items ship with Super7. There was a Happy Birthday offer where there was a 23% discount that made this Splinter come at Retail price with $2 shipping. I bought the flocking figure... literally for the sleeved Kimono. I hate myself. In any case everything else about Splinter is trains the Turtles to avenge Yoshi. Take the names from a Renaissance art book. mentor, father, sensei... he taught them to be ninja teens. He's a radical rat, yeah!

There isn't much to say about Hamato Yoshi or his pet rat... depending on continuity. Now let us see if he's an improvement over the previous release.
Two splinters, two tunics 

The issues that plagued the previous Splinter, plague this one. No we had some extra limitations due to the flocking material.

Paint and sculpt:
It literally is the same Splinter as Wave 1, but with flocking, which hides some of the sculpting details. There isn't that much painting details since most of the body is covered in the flocking material. And what little Parts aren't covered in the material are painted in a single color without any shading. Who sing the figure will cost some of the flocking material around the joints to fall off. Eventually the figure will end up looking mangy.
Making him grab the bow was a bitch! Hands too stiff 

Splinter has:
Cane Sword
Extra hands
Plastic tunic
A Normal cane
Cup of coffee or Tea.
Pre-Mutated Turtle.
But the soft goods tunic has sleeves.
Splinter: Ahh! A nice cup of Folgers in the morning... Veuns, why are you looking at your brothers like that?

Flocked Splinter gets a 4.0 as his final score. He doesn't look bad, but my issues lie with the flocking material and that this figure was not worth the $55 price tag. Personally I might use this flocked Splinter as a younger Splinter. 

May 27, 2024

Top Humans I want on Super7 TMNT Ultimates

 This list will be mostly focused on the vintage styled line as we haven't seen anything on the 2003 style figures. I will pull from different sources, but they would be thrown through Playmatesizer to rip off on a "professional writer" BS excuse. Some characters have already been released by NECA, but the Playmatesizer should make them different enough.

Of course, Burne, Vernon, and Irma top this list. I won't mention them, because I've done them in detail already. Do Neutrinos count as "human"?

Smash: Evil crooked Foot Sensei
This Figure would allow reuse of Burne body parts. Assuming we have a Burne body he'd reuse Arms, Upper legs same base toeso with different overlays.
The New Torso overlay would be a TMNT Shell shirt that mimics Leonardo's torso minus the belt buckle)
The new lower legs would be similar to the Foot Soldier Lower legs.
The new heads would be masked and unmasked.

Turtle Rack weapons
New double edged Tsurugi sword.
Soft goods belt
Soft goods gi top

 Crooked Turtle Gang Member 1: "Flash"
This figure would be made mostly out of a Foot Soldier Body with new arms and torso overlay.
The human would be African American.
The heads would be a Burlap sack with Donatello headband, Paper bag mask, balaclava with 80s tmnt plastic mask.

Turtle Rack weapons
New Naginata
Scratch money bag

Crooked Turtle Gang Member 2:"Clash"
This one uses Casey's body with Shredder torso, new overlay in Raph colors and the Member 1 arms and feet.
The human would be olive skinned (as in Mediterranean, or middle Eastern. )
The heads would be similar to Gang Member 1.

Turtle Rack weapons
2 New Jitte
New stolen Jewelry box and extra pearl necklace 

Crooked Turtle Gang Member 3: "Splash":
This one reuses the Smash body with a new overlay.
He gets new heads with Burlap Sack, Paper Bag, and a buzzed head with an 80s tmnt plastic mask. 
The human would be a brown skinned Latino.

Turtle Rack weapons
2 new spiked flails with string
New Stolen TV 
Stolen boombox (repaint rappin Mike's)

Tiffany: Burne's Turtle Hating Girlfriend
This one is a bit of a cheat, as she's just on the list to "get parts for an unofficial Ravishing April".
New heads (neutral expression, sexy expression, afraid), torso (with black strapless top), and legs (s7 has bare legs on their parts catalog, but not used on TMNT) new heels. The bare arms can be made out if the existing April figures. Arms should pop off at the shoulders like Silverhawks.

Soft goods strapped red dress with red velcro belt. 
Soft goods black skirt with red velcro belt.
Plastic blazer
Sleeved arms
Shellshock Stun gun

Candy Fine: Mondo Gecko's Skating gal!
This is a bit of a cheat too, since I'm combining Mondo's GF with the Skater girl from the 1987 games.
Here we reuse the Tiffany Torso and Arms. But we add new legs with a similar gimmick where the legs pop off at a Hasbro styled thigh cut. The default legs are long jeans.
Normal Candy head, Perm Candy head(arcade skater inspired), Toy April head in blonde(NES Skater inspired)

Sleeveless Jacket overlay
Sleeved Jacket alternate arms
Alternate Daisy Duke legs where the frayed end of the jeans hides the articulation cut.

Zach: The 5th Turtle:
NECA did a great job here... for NECA so now we need a Super7 Counterpart.
I'm guessing Zack would be Thunderkitten sized... if we go for Toon Accuracy where the 14 year old kid looks like he's 8. 

Personally, I'd go for Teen-sized Zach... somewhere between Turtle and April. Making him look like an athletic 14 year old boy 
He'd need a full new body.
The Playmatesizer would give him inaccurate colors. Light Green Shirt with a yellow V (Roman numeral for 5) Emblazoned on it, Khaki Cargos, Brown Backpack, Blue boots. The Bandana would be Red and green. His hair would be a dirty blond.
Heads would be with Bandana and without. Third head with a "not a Virtual Boy" strapped on his head with a plug for wires.
Casey Hockey stick and bat.
Bebop Trashcan
Soft goods large belt to hold trashcan to backpack
Turtle comm open and closed.
Palmtop computer for hacking that connects to the third head.
Wired Controller that connects to third head

Caitlin: Zach's Radical Nerdy Sidekick
Zach needs a sidekick. Here toon accuracy is thrown out the window for the accessories and colors because toy...
Super7 would probably make her Thunderkitten sized. I'd prefer a taller more Teen-sized Caitlin. Let's say about Michelangelo sized. She'd need a whole new bod that looks like an Athletic 14 year old girl. 
Her shirt would be Lavender to avoid pink... using 80s/90s toy mentality. Her jeans would be dark blue with red sneakers. 
Her hair would be strawberry blonde
Neutral, angry, laughing all heads can wear her sunglasses.

-Sunglasses with neon pink lenses. (These act as a "mask" for the sake of being toyetic)
-Small green round backpack with Channel 6 logo.
-Reuse Zach's palmtop computer.
April styled Turtle Comm open and closed
-2 Compact Disc shuriken.
-80s Cellphone Rapier (nod to vintage Burne figure)

Keno: Swell Pizza Delivery guy 
Here we need a new body, but we can get some reuse from him on Carter... as long as S7 makes Keno's jacket a separate piece from the shirt.
3 heads: Neutral, angry, with Bike helmet
In full Playmates fashion, the colors won't be movie accurate. The shirt is Royal Blue while the Jacket is red and white with a Ninja Pizza logo on the back.

Pizza warmer shield
Pizza box
2 breadstick escrima sticks.

Carter: Heroic Mutating Enforcer
Carter reuses most of the Keno body with a new Jacket overlay and necklace
For heads: Neutral, angry and bike helmet (repaint from Keno)

The weapons are easy
Rack weapons
2 tonfa

Tatsu: Shredder's gnarly right foot man!
New body for a Hyperstone Heist based version... I have a dedicated rant for this Tatsu here. So I won't go into details.

Vanilla Ice: Cool as Ice Problem solvin' Rapper
Stylized Vanilla Ice in an outfit similar to the one used in secret of the Ooze
I'd give him standard c grips and some funky rapping hands. 
Vinyl discus

I'll stop here because it's becoming too human infested. 

Collecting is getting harder in 2024.

 And that's annoying. McFarlane is tossing items online where you blink and you miss them. In store distribution is a bitch. I saw an Injustice 2 Supergirl who had been a victim of swappers replaced with a Mattel Melissa Benoist. Maybe a few Prehistoric Batman figures and some Animated Superman in black suit and Flash. Mortal Kombat is dead. Witcher is just as dead with Jaskier hitting clearance.

Mattel, Mattel, Mattel. If it wasn't for sites like BBTS or Entertainment Earth, I'd be unable to buy your products... With piss-poor distribution it's hard to get product... The few Masterverse I got this year have been due to BBTS.

NECA: I gave up on Gargoyles, due to price and availability. Good line, but too much hassle to get. Even their TMNT Have been a bitch to get. Couldn't get the Haulathon Mirage Baxter because Target doesn't ship to PR and Haulathon refers PR orders to Target. So fuck you, then... make them easier to get and I might bite some more.

Hasbro... I got a few MLs but not from Brick and Mortar retailers. Still missing half the D&D kids... which I'll probably get online... and the few joes I want too...

Super7... Shipping Methods change constantly and consistently. 1 day Preorders to Puerto Rico are unavaliable (despite in-stock items being shipped for $15-ish with USPS priority shipping. Got an in-stock Flocked Splinter waiting at the post office.) Other times preorders are FedEx only, which puts the shipping at almost $100 for no reason. Other times they have USPS shipping for preorders, but no figures I'm interested in. 
If the stars align for TMNT or Dungeons and Dragons, I'll go through them, otherwise it's preordering through third party sites. Then there's the waiting times.
Ninja April, Karai, Casey, Robotic Bebop, Triceraton, Bulk, Skull, Alessandro Alegré, Snarfer, Hank, Sheila, 2 Rat Kings, Battle damged Foot Soldier, Ronin Leo, Rappin' Mike...
In 2 years, that's 16 figures between s7 and third party sites. I like their stuff, but they make it so hard to get it! (Half the stuff is preordered on third party sites and this will sting a lot!) Also, looking at super's Robot Reaper redeco and that Floppy needs to be made available with other stuff in an individual accessory pack. The not a gameboy is tempting too! 

Jada: The only complaint I have with them is the slow drip of releases and distribution outside of Target. I recently got Ken, but he's not Kenough when Bison and Dhalsim are still MIA. But the figures are decent and at a reasonable price.

I gave up on Storm Collectibles and SH Figuarts a long time ago... prices went too high and QC isn't there.

Playmates... well they do so little that appeals to me that finding something appealing is a massive event only to end up disappointed... looking at you, Billie Eilish. 

I want to collect, but the world is making everything so freaking hard. Right now the easiest company to collect from is Diamond Select, though I haven't seen a JCVD in the wild yet.

The only awful part of this collecting "sight unseen" is when the figures are just BAD! But when they're good... Ohohohoho! They are freaking sweet!  Not going to drop names on the current freaking sweet figure.

May 25, 2024

Haley Joel Osment saw Doge...

 Very Aerith, such Yuna dance, wow... apparently, this time the Doge dog died for real.
There was a hoax going a few years back... this time the Doge died for real and due to a hepatitis/cancer combo...
I am not a fan of that combo. My condolences to the owner.

Tomb Raider 1-3 Remaster is getting a Physical Release. That's cool and all that bit WHERE IS THE SEQUEL WITH THE OTHER CLASSIC TR GAMES?  We need to close the Classic Lara Collection before she gets sidelined. There's a basic version and a fancy version.

Neil Cuckmann has gotten some backlash for his praise of AI... as it should be. Let's call it for what it is. AI is being looked at as a resource to reduce collaboration, cost cutting, stifle creativity, and most importantly stolen valor.

I'm not entirely against AI. It has some hilarious purposes, but at the same time, they're incredibly evil.

May 24, 2024

McFarlane is making Marvel statues

 Todd McFarlane, creator of Spawn, is making Marvel Statues. That is all. These statues will be in the 1:6 and 1:10 scales. Fuck you Todd and fuck that bullshit! Not only does McFarlane makes his figures hard to get, but these are goddamned statues. Big hard Pass.

Speaking of Todd McFarlane non-updates. He's trying to pitch in his Spawn reboot now mostly penned by the writer of Not Joker and Not Joker 2: with more Lady Gaga. McFarlane is trying to bank on the theoretical success of Deadpool and Wolverine and Not Joker 2 for studios to come running to him for a Spawn movie. He still wants to direct, of course.

No, Todd. By you being the director, you're scaring off producers. You need a director with experience. I'm hating myself for saying this, but Zack Snyder is the right man for directing this. The only problem will be both your egos and who can outedge the other, but at least Snyder has a catalog of edgelord movies on his belt. With the way things are going, I have more faith on the MOTU movie getting made than Spawn.

I caved in and got FFX and FFX-2

 Guess I'm revisiting the land of Spira. A land where Tara Strong is flat.  But at least she's not a purple equine. Also, Bender is racist in here.

I think Quinton Flynn was in this game too and ⅓ of the cast of Tenchi Muyo... also the bad dude was called See More Guano... speaking of guano, Kimahri's lightning jump... fuck that! My brain is also preparing for Blitzball... that's before I even get to some Real Emotion. 

This will be the first time I'll officially see Yuna Dance after my Mom's death.

And then there's Jecht...

Fuck you, Jecht!! Also, I need a break from Classic Tomb Raider. The Diving Area level is making me mad and I don't want to use internet guides!

May 23, 2024

Mattel announces 3 upcoming videogames

 And guess WHO DIDN'T MAKE THE CUT... I'll give you a hint:

-It's not Barbie, as she definitely made the list.
-It's not Matchbox, but that's most likely a racing game, so it kinda make sense.
-It's not Monster High... wait a minute... 

I have questions, like WHO is working with Mattel on this? Outright games... they're a hit or miss publisher... also, notice how two out of three are games for little girls. 

Why is Mattel not doing something for the franchise that DESERVES A REAL GAME... He-Man!? But Mattel would rather waste time on Mobile games, Roblox games, or games made by the people who make the horrible Jumanji games... 

Seriously, Mattel should've gotten on the 2D Beat'em-up brawlers game by the time Shredder's Revenge was announce. I would literally give away my left nut for an official MOTU 2D Beat'em-up game. Hell even a port of the old Platforming Mobile game... the one before Tappers of Grayskull. 

Another S7 "lazy variant" list:

 Writer's block has brought me here. So basically TMNT variants with mostly 1-3 new parts and a soft goods item or two. This won't be Turtles only as other characters may enter the fray:
Think of this list like the love child between sdcc 2024 Michelangelo and the repaints from past waves.

Professor Donatello:
Vanilla buck for Donatello
Soft goods labcoat
Alternate head with glued on grey "hair" like Einstein.
Clear Sewer surfing Mike sunglasses painted as glasses.
Clear "holo bo staff"

Hyperstone Shredder:
Vanilla Shredder body with new torso (sculpted shirt) the armor spikes are cast in GITD plastic. Body is purple and wraps are black.
Soft goods cape
2 new helmet pieces (one being the normal Shredder Helmet with the Hyperstone embedded on it molded in gitd plastic. The other being a spikier helmet, think Movie 2 Shredder in GITD plastic)
GITD ooze canister
GITD katana

Shredder Elite Guard:
Foot soldier body
New head
New halberd
Soft goods cape
(2.0 Battle damaged variant can be released later)

Triceraton 2.0:
Repainted Triceraton body
New heads
Soft goods "shirt" matching the pants color.
Normal Triceraton accessories.

Foot Assassin (IDW Inspired)
Karai body with Ninja April arms and upper legs. Using Karai's foot soldier head
New unmasked Jennika head
New ninja claw hands.

Arena Raphael: (Archie inspired)
We can go two ways here:
-Super Lazy way of Black plastic Raphael with only new heads.
-a bit more elaborate with new Shell and heads. (IIRC the body doesn't have weird plug holes for the pads and bands only the belts.)
Normal hands in black
Pair of sai

Jungle assault Rocksteady:
Rocksteady vanilla body repainted: (olive tank top and jungle camo print on pants)
New head with Rambo styled Bandana.
New bow and arrows
New bow and arrow hands or New dramatic hands
New soft goods poncho (Rambo reference)

Non Vintage Punk Frog: (Attila or Rasputin)
Repainted Genghis body
1 New head
1 new necklace
1 new weapon based on their 87 toon weapon.
1 new pair of hands id the weapon is Bow and Arrows.

Downtime April:
New torso and crotch overlay on Vanilla April legs with Ninja April upper arms and vanilla April lower arms. This is to simulate the effect of having April without the top part of her jumpsuit and she simply unrolled the sleeves and tied the top around her waist.
New soft goods tanktop
New soft goods channel 6 T-shirt
New sighing head with closed eyes
New laptop
Splinter's mug.
Guncamera from Vanilla April.
(This April would go great with a Ninja Newscycle from Shredder's Revenge nudge nudge, wink, wink!)

Downtime Casey Jones:
Vanilla Casey body with new Shirtless torso
New unmasked head and the heads from wave 10.
Same accessories as vanilla Casey in different colors.
Soft goods white shirt and vest inspired on first movie
Soft goods grey crop top hoodie.

Bayou treading Leatherhead:
Vanilla Leatherhead body with new lower legs sporting hip highwader boots.
Same accessories as Normal Leatherhead, but giving him an additional knoife.
Soft goods fishing net.

Surface Disguise Rat King:
Vanilla Rat King body in tournament fighters colors
New heads vintage inspired and Shredder's Revenge inspired heads with fedora
For accessories the rats from the canceled wave 10 version. 
The flute from the default figure 

May 21, 2024

Horrible rumor about the MOTU movie

 Apparently we have a Skeletor. The Source posting this rumor is the incredibly unreliable giant freaking robot website. Since the rumor is incredibly ridiculous I'm going to comment on it. BEHOLD THE OVERLORD OF EVIL!!

Yes, Sacha Baron Cohen is the alleged actor chosen to play Skeletor. It feels like Mattel wants this to flop harder than Max Steel. Fucking Borat as Skeletor. Fuck this movie.

May 20, 2024

It came from the Toy Chest: wait all this time the song said Super fighting Robot and not The Fighting Robot!?


Mega Man! Yes, I got a Mega Man figure by Jada Toys... I have to be honest, I didn't really appreciate Mega Man until my late teens/ Early adulthood. I kinda disliked Mega Man because of my Childhood Rival. Dude was OBSESSED with Mega Man. Eventually, I caved and accepted Mega Man... so, JS, this review is for you.

Who is Mega Man... He's Rock a household robot. When Docta Wahwee stole Doctor Light's 6-8 Robot Masters, (6 in the origonal timeline. 8 in the canceled Powered Up Timeline) Rock, fueled by a strong sense of justice offered himself to become a Super Fighting Robot, Mega Man! ( I still prefer the fighting robot though.) Unlike Robot Masters that are specialized in a single task, Mega Man is a modular robot and can adapt to various situations based on the weapon chips he can collect. That's more or less how the boss absorbing powers are explained. And that will justify the multicolored variants of Mega Man. 

Despite having Single joints, Rock is able to pull off Most of his game poses! He can also do some non game based badass poses.
Now to trigger some people:
Jump! Jump!

Slide! Slide!

Paint and sculpt:
There is some subtle shading on the glossy dark blue parts of Mega Man's body that makes the figure pop! I stand corrected even the Matte light blue Parts have this shading as well. The sculpt is not hyperdetailed but it does have a few small details that make the figure pop! I am most pleased with this figure in this aspect.

I know Jada shorts us on these, but that keeps the figures at a lower cost. 
We have:
1 extra head
1 mega buster
2 extra hands
Energy blast
Stand for blast

I would have paid $5 more for this figure if it had included the symmetrical pair to the extra hands and a hurt expression head. (Mega Man 2.0 will have the helmetless head. That's why I didn't mention it.)

Despite me feeling that he needed a little bit extra, what he currently has is plenty and satisfactory for the most part.

Mega Man geta an excellent 4.83 as his Super Fighting Robot score. God damn it Jada why did you do such an amazing job with the Mega Man figure!? Now I'm tempted to get the Robot Masters. But these guys I need as well. In any case, JS they finally made a great Mega Man figure that isn't a Japanese import!

May 17, 2024

First it was Judy, then it was Urkel, now it's Eddo?

 What's with the kid actors from Family Matters and peculiar choices in Adulthood.
First we had Judy Winslow who disappeared and became a pornstar. Then Steve Urkel became a weed mogul or something. Well, apparently Eddie Winslow is doing Onlyfans now. 

I thought of using a Myrtle Urkel clip, but it could be misconstrued as "transphobic attack" to the transwoman he did the OF with. 

The biggest disappointment here is that he's in Onlyfans and not real porn like his TV sister did. 

At least Carl Winslow hasn't done anything crazy yet.

GTA might be getting some competition.

 Dan Houser, half of GTA's brains left Rockstar and founded his own studio. Now he's working on a new Open World action Game. Kinda reminds me of another brains behind other games that remade his previous game but with Norman Reedus.

I don't know what to expect. I mean Inafune left Capcom and gave us a Mighty No.2... Kojima left Konami and gave us MGS5 Amazon Prime Single Dad. Igarashi left Konami and gave us Bloodstained, aka Castlevania with another name. Suzuki left Sega and gave us Shenmue from Wish. Aside Igarashi all others who havw left their companoes have delivered Watered-down versions of their popular games back at the big company.

I wouldn't want Houser ending up with a driv3r or a true crime type of bad to meh GTA Clone scenario. The real question is:

Should the game aim for Classic 3D era style of GTA game where the world was a bit stylized and caricaturesque of ain for a more "realistic approach" like the HD era style of game. Perhaps something in between? 

May 16, 2024

King Charles just revealed his portrait

 Yikes! Is the only word to describe it. Aside him looking sickly as hell in it. 

Speaking of Hell, he kinda looks like he's burning in Hell. It even looks like he's melting... I don't think that's the right message this portrait wants to uh, portray. He's Bri-ish, so this must be a bloody'ell portrait of the King.

I mean, this portrait is essentially saying: "oi, Chuck! You suck!" 

Hell, at first I thought the whole portrait thing was because he had died. This is in fact a lot worse. 

Also I just found this on Youtube while making another rant:

It Came from the Toy Chest: I guess the J stands for junk


I shouldn't have to attempt to color match skin tones on a $55 Figure. This issue while not exclusive to Super 7, it stinks more with them due to their higher price. Playmates toys, Mattel, Hasbro, even McFarlane have issues with it color matching skin tones. The main difference is that one Super 7 figure costs roughly two to three figures of the other mentioned companies. So the inconsistencies in paint have a stronger effect here.

I "know" that before applying the paint, the colors "match" but it's obvious that the green plastic in Lady Jaye's torso wasn't taken into consideration and the flesh tones look kinda undead on her torso and exposed parts of the upper arm. I'm not an expert at customization, but I did what I could. It's in no way "camera perfect", but for "displaying on a Shelf" it's passable. All I did was mix some fresh paint with pink. Applied it, let it dry. Once it was dried I applied a light brushing of super glue to create that glossy plastic appearance from the face. Mainly because it was easier than repainting the actual face. 
Stock Lady Jaye next to April.

I am seriously considering repainting the lips as the light tone looks weird. Then I am reminded about the Tremors in my hands and stop myself. No, these are not dangerous Tremors like Parkinson's or anything like that. They are exacerbated by caffeine consumption, stress, and lack of sleep...
Story of my life since college. And a lot of folks on my dad's side of the family suffer from essential tremors. Yay genetics! Now it seems that I'm harping on the figure before the review, but again, I shouldn't be having to repaint a $55 figure just to make it's not look like crap!
The repainted neck looks better in person.
That's good enough for me.

My original plan for this figure was to use for a custom April O'Neil. Mainly a nod to the "Toon" April clad in geeen for the Channel 6 Newsvan.
As you can see on the picture of Lady Jaye standing next to April, April is too short. My plans have been destroyed. Now I have a figure and nowhere to go. So you know what this means: Nefty's going to Try and shove a Modified Lady Jaye into the MuTeens. But for now this shall be a GI Joe review.
Call me April one more time and I'll shove this speargun so far up your ass that Spears will come out your mouth!

Lady Jaye's articulation is standard Ultimates GI Joe articulation. The only iffy articulation points are:
-torso has no real range
 -the forward and backwards thigh articulation. This can lead to some unintended shelf diving incidents.

Paint and sculpt
I harped a lot about paint issues on the figure already. Well, the sculpt gets its chance too!
He has three heads, and two of them are essentially the same. 

To be fair there is a slight difference in the sculpt but it's barely noticeable. The third head has a headset. But wait there's more. She has a strap on the left side of her shirt that holds a knife... well, there is nothing on her back. The strap just vanishes. 

Like what the fuck!? Supposedly, The Four Horsemen are not working with Super 7 anymore and these sculpts are being made by their in-house 3D sculptors... 

That's a rookie mistake. Some people might say: Nefty, you're nitpicking... if this was a figure under $20 I'd say yeah, but this is a $55 figure. I shouldn't have to buy modeling epoxy to make a strap and paint it on a $55 figure!

Here is where Lady Jaye shines:
-2 extra heads
-6 extra hands
-9 spearheads
-2 preset spears
-1 modular spear
-1 speargun
-1 Rifle
-1 Canteen
-1 camera
-1 knife 

Here is where Lady Jaye shines... wait I said that already, but it's true. 

Her spears are varied and give lots of display options. Sadly the knife is severely limited on how to use due to the small handle. The dramatic/relaxed hands have hinges that move like waving instead of the normal hinge movement.


Lady Jaye gets a 3.5 as her final score. The accessories were the saving grace on this figure. It's a shame that the articulation, paint and sculpt issues hurt this figure way more than it should. While it's a "passable" score, I shouldn't have to heavily modify a $55 figure!!

May 15, 2024

I'm going to break High Summoner Yuna's legs...

 She danced for the king of B movies and director of the Best Live Action Fantastic Four movie. Unfortunately, Roger Corman passed away. He was 98 years old.

I'm not going to pretend that I'm a huge cinephile and mention my top five Roger Corman movies that aren't Fantastic Four, because I'm not exactly sure if I've seen more than three Roger Corman movies and that is counting Fantastic Four. Piranha is one... wait He only produced Fantastic Four... Piranha it is...

Now movies PRODUCED by Corman is a different story. SYFY was kept alive by Corman's productions. Corman alsp discovered some of the big names that are on their twilight right now. Hopefully I won't have to write about them this year.

May he rest in peace and my condolences to friends and family.

Top 20 Vehicles I'd like to see in Mattel WWE scale

 Since it straddles the fine line between 1/12 and 1/10. These are meant to be "non-specific" vehicles, so no Time Machines, no A-Team vans, Mach 5s, etc.  But a Normal DeLorean, GMC van would be no issue. (Those with 3d printers could sell "upgrade kits to turn normal vehicles into pop culture references.)

I'm not saying that they'll be a Mattel product either, just that they "plays well with" Mattel WWE or Jakks AEW toys.

20: 60s Volkswagen Beetle:
(Color options: White, Yellow, red)
It's a Classic car for ages a popular "first vehicle" one of colorways is a nod to some brothers from Rhode Island.

19: 80s Freightliner Fl86:
(Color options: Black, Red)
Yes, the red one is a nod to the Rhode Island brothers. I'm sure their soldoer line would love a collaboration with "completely normal" cars.

18: 82 Renault Le Car:
(Color options: Silver, Black, Red)
My Mom had one... That's why I want one.

17: 90 Dodge Daytona:
(Color options: red, white, black)
If I had learned to drive Manual, this would've been my first car.

16: 92 Dodge Viper RT/10:
(Color options: Silver, red, cobalt blue)
The Blue option is a nod to the TV show as Cobalt blue was  ot a mass retail color and only used on the TV show.

15: 89 Pajero/Montero:
(Color options: Grey, white, Blue)
Pajero means wanker in Spanish. Yeah, if it has the option to switch the Montero/Pajero tags, I wants it! 

14: 57 Cadillac convertible:
(Color options: Red, light blue, Pink)
The red and blue options are for those who would feel emasculated by a pink car. I would totally take the pink one. It's a pink Cadillac duh!

13: 90s Armored Truck:
I just want an Armored Truck for heist displays. Doesn't matter the color. Hell, if this was made by Mattel they could just slightly modify the WWE slambulance.

12: Mini Cooper:
(Color options: Red, blue, black)
It's a Mini, popular amongst hipsters.

11: 90s Crown Victoria Cop Car:
It's the Quintessential Police car. We need one in that scale.

10: 1993 Ford Bronco:
(Color options: WHITE, some random color) 
I like Ford Broncos and my precious item in the list almost makes it seem like I want to recreate the Nordberg chase. That was a coincidence. I swear!

9: 1983 LTD Crown Victoria (no cop version):
(Color options: blue, champagne, grey)
This one is mostly to aid Super7 and their Beastie Boys sabotage figures.

8: 1980s Ferrari Testarossa:
Obviously the only color option is red. Testarossa literally means red head. No, this is not a Magnum PI reference. It's more a reference to a game from Yu Suzuki.

7: Beach buggy:
(Color options orange, red, blue)
I just want a Beach buggy. No I'm not buying a red and a blue one to turn into a Spider-buggy!

6: 70s Ford Country Squire:
(Color options: white with wood paneling, brown with wood paneling, green with wood paneling.)
This is mostly a reference to Rise of the MuTeens. The other two color options are a Chevy Chase reference and a normal color option.

5: 1999 Toyota Echo:
(Color options: White, Champagne, black)
The only reason for me to want this is FINAL FANTASY VIII. 

4: DeLorean:
Normal DeLorean without any Time machine modifications. 3D PRINTING the time machine stuff seems cheaper than buying the model kit available online that goes for over $1000.

3: Mustang GT500KR:
Only in Black... yes this is a nod to the Lesser Knight Rider, but not adding the bells and whistles that would make him KITT jr.

2: Small Box truck:
Perfect for moving displays, carrying stolen goods, etc.

1: Toyota Celsior/Lexus LS400:

May 13, 2024

Electronic Arse thinks Ads are good for gaming.

Just Don't... unless it's sports games or Open World Games that are in a modern setting. Like say: Boxing game has ads from Everlast, Budweiser. Basketball game has ads from Nike, foot locker, hanes underwear, doritos, Boost Mobile. Baseball game has ads from Hebrew National, Rawlings, ESPN, etc. Walking through a dystopian NYC and seeing Taco Bell ads in times square would make sense. But knowing EA, they'll make the most intrusive ads and make you pay an ad-blocking subscription with an outrageous price and it won't block all ads. Aso, they won't lower game prices due to ads.

EA is going to make Kojima say: "Hori sheto eben I amu noto that burunto wisu mai aadubetaisumento!"

This is why ganing is fucked up:

 It's no secret that I'm not huge on DLC. I've often criticized the price gouging practices in DLC. Well here's a free game that has Gacha content and while most of it is free, there are a few times that they got crazy into scalper territory.

Yes, that's right: $100 for a unique character on a "free to play" game that turns into a "pay to win game". Right now they're setting up the second half of a TMNT event where you can "easily obtain" Turtles, but leveling them up requires real life money. At least these are more accessible that CAPCOM's Street Fighter 6 Turtle skins THAT CAN'T BE USED IN NORMAL GMEPLAY! This is asking 1.43 (approximately) times the cost of a FULL PS5 GAME for a fucking character. These should be two or three dollars the most. But gacha addicts keep throwing money at crap like this.

And that's why we get companies throwing incomplete games and demanding the price of a console in DLC. 

May 12, 2024

Mother's Day Blues

 The worst part of being motherless in Mother's Day is not the bombardment of Stores trying to make you buy stuff for Mother's Day. It's dealing with the fact that I'm never seeing my Mom ever again for as long as I live.

Fuck! I miss my Mom so fucking much! The pain is always there but it flares up on Mother's Day, her deathday and her birthday. Not even drowning my sorrows in alcohol has helped. Why can't the pain go away? I can't let go of the pain, because it's all I have. What kind of son forgets his Mother's voice, her scent, what she looked like.  

My heart yearns for One Day... to Fulfill a childish fantasy. To have closure... I KNOW that it's impossible, but that's what the heart yearns for.

May 11, 2024

Top 8 Most wanted Mega Man figures.

 In honor of my Childhood Rival, I got a Jada Toys Mega Man figure coming. I won't get "Mega High" to do the review...

The toon intro has nothing to do with the review, except remind me of how badass it was and how the show itself was eh... Megaman sounds like Goku or Cheetor and Protoman sounds like Jimmy Lee or Ken Masters... no, it's Rattrap. Also, Dr. Light was Joe Dawson in Highlander the series. Forget the show!

A list of characters I want in action figure form:

We need the final boss for Megaman! Plus we can get a variant or two as well from the later games. For now I'm talking about Classic white shirt, red tie, blue pants Wily in a labcoat.
2 extra heads, 2 extra hands, alternate neck piece.
Laughing, Apologetic, Busted Robot Copy.
Hands: Dramatic, C-grips.

While Personally, I prefer the MM8 look for her, I have to go with the pre-8 look for the first version of her. 
1 extra head, 2 extra hands, Broom, Eddie.
Normal, winking.
Hands: C-grips, pointing left hand, dramatic right hand.

Doctor Light:
It makes sense if I mentioned Wily to mention Dr.Light. 
Basic figure, 1 extra head, 2 extra hands, life energy, weapon energy.
Neutral, smiling
Hands: dramatic, C-grip.

Rush: (Deluxe Figure)
Here we need a couple of parts and it might be a bit expensive:
3 heads 3 sets of legs, 2 jet hind legs, 2 coils, clear stand  2 torsos, jet body

The jet bodyhas its own Rush head and you attach the front legs of New R.Coil mode and the Jet hind legs. The stand plugs under Rush jet to simulate flight.

The reason for two torsos is to have one articulated torso for Normal Rush, the second is less articulated to support the Rush Coil modes. (Rotate the torso cut for New Rush Coil)
Use the MM3 coil for MM3 Rush coil, use the plunger coil for New Rush Coil.

The legs: 
Articulated legs for Normal Rush.
Rigid standing legs for Classic Rush Coil  (to have Megaman standing on the coil)
New Rush coil legs can be used on normal Rush to have him in "resting poses"
The Rush jet hind legs with the new R.Coil front legs.

The heads are Barking, relaxed, growling.

I had to do it this way to avoid packing Multiple Megamen with each Rush.

I know this is Protoman in disguise, BUT! Hear me out, It's going to make sense once I'm done. 
It's the only canonical Protoman variant and a nice excuse to add a helmetless head. Not to mention it would be the only Protoman body that can plug a Proto shield on his back. (Normal Protoman figure would come with the shield he can hold but not plug on his back.)
1 extra head, 2 extra hands, arm cannon, back Proto shield, Proto jet, soft goods scarf.

Heads: Breakman masked helmet, Unmasked head with Glasses.
Hands: fists, dramatic.

It makes sense that Wahwee's protozero would make it to the list. Paving the way for a Deluxe Trebble fusion.
Extra head, extra hands, arm cannon, clear stand blast effect.
Heads: smug, angry
Dramatic, fists

Rather easily forgotten character, due to being a MMPU exclusive, but it seems he can reuse a lot of preexisting parts.
1 extra head, 1 extra hand, stand, oil blob effect, oil slick "surfboard", soft goods scarf.
Heads: smiling, angry.
Hands: fist, dramatic.

Now the final Megaman Powered Up Robot Master, Time Man.
1 extra head, extra hands, stand and energy clock hand.

Smug, angry
Fist dramatic

May 10, 2024

Ideas for a Hypothetical Tobey-Man 4:

 Spider-Man 3 ended with a dead Harry, Sandman escaping and Pete getting together with MJ. There are rumors of a possibility of getting a 4th Tobey movie. Here's the top Ideas to what I'd like to see.

Spectacular Spider-Girl:
Peter and MJ got married and became parents to a Teenage girl who began developing Spider-Powers. Now as a 40-something Spider-Man must navigate the Responsibilities of being a parent of a teenage Superhero.


Miles Morales:
There's a new Spider-Man in town and he's inexperienced. It's up to the original Spider-Man to teach him that with great power comes great responsibility.

The theme is passing the torch,  because Tobey is getting too old to reprise the role for too much.

So, the idea is to set up Peter as a mentor to a new Spider.

Now who could we have as Villains for this movie? I'll separate the lists between characters that could work for May, Miles, or both.

Not all villains should be used in the same movie.

May villains:

Unlike the comic book version, This Kaine is NOT a clone of Peter Parker, but a man (Preferably Andrew Garfield) who was injected with the Venom of a newer model of the Super Spiders that created Spider-Man in addition to Goblin Formula by Oscorp scientist Miles Warren (bonus points if Warren is played by Christopher Barnes)

Essentially, Roderick Kingsley (Neil Patrick Harris) became the majority shareholder Oscorp. Throughout the years, he had funded various minor criminals like Shocker, Boomerang, Chameleon, Big Wheel, Prowler, etc. After seemingly dying ina fight with Spider-Man (where Peter is forced to hang the webs) with the new Spider-Girl, the Hobgoblin returns.

Lady Octopus:
Here we will have to depart from the comics a bit. Carolyn Trainer would be related to Doc Ock's wife Rosie and was a teenager whenAunt  Rosie and Uncle Otto died because of Spider-Man. Recreating and improving on Otto's Tentacles, Carolyn wants to destroy everything related to Spider-Man including the new Spider-Girl.

A genetically engineered copy of Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire, Digitally de-aged) made from Peter's DNA merged with the Symbiote. Driven crazy from the memetic memories of Peter, the symbiote, and their current host, Chasm is looking to destroy Peter Parker and his legacy.

Miles Villains:

Morris Bench was a criminal who was part of a gang that ended up shooting officer Jefferson Davis. He escaped police by jumping down a pier and being dragged by currents to his death. When he woke up, he was human water.

Aaron Davis was the best there is at what he does... Burglary, Coorporate Espionage, Assassination. Tasked to Kill Spider-Man, Aaron is on the hunt of his own nephew.

The appearance of a second Spider-Man pushed Jonah over the deep end and sponsored Oscorp's new exo suit specifically designed to deal with super powered threats like Spider-Man.

Could fit for both:

Fuck you that's why. Essentially, a side effect of the Universe hopping shenanigans brought by Tom Holland's Spidey. It awakened a monstrous entity designed to hunt down meddlers who interfered with otjer universes. MORLUN was specifically designed to kill spiders.

May 8, 2024

The Man or Bear rant

 Lately the internet has exploded with women chosing meeting a bear in the woods vs an unknown man in the woods. It boils down to bears won't rape women and men being evil because men. But questioning how getting mauled and disfigured is better than being raped, somehow makes me a rapist supporter. Like what the actual fuck? 

I think I get what they're trying to say that one can't determine if a person is good or bad from a mere glance can be terrifying. Problem is that Bears are also as unpredictable. They end up claiming to not generalize bears, but they generalize men. 

Somehow questioning the logic of this illogical premise means that "I'm OK with rapists" is not only illogical but fucked up. 

Personally, I'd be more afraid of the men promoting team bear, than the men who criticize the "thought exercise." 

Bear Grylls: Checkmate, feminists! Now I'm going to drink your pee!

Then again, in 8 out of 10 rape cases, the victim knew their attacker. I'm trying to make sense out of the logic here but it doesn't make any sense at all. Now I wait for the shitstorm from the "transwomen in women's bathrooms" response that I've seen online.

Rape is bad, mmmkay! If you rape you're bad, mmmkay! But this "thought exercise" is beyond stupid. 

"BuT tEaCh MeN tO bE bEtTeR"

Single Moms outnumber Single Dads 3 to 1... so,  there's that. 

Just remember that disagreement with the thought exercise doesn't equal being pro-rapist. If I had to choose, I'll stay home. Don't want to run into Bear Grylls.

May 6, 2024

2K3 Turtles rumors:

 Super7's Next TMNTU wave is based on 2k3 turtles...

●4 turtles are most likely to be the first wave.
I'm not a fan of this rumor since it puts a $220+ s&h tag. If the preorders to Puerto Rico issue isn't fixed, then I can't get all four turtles in one fell swoop. Personally, I'd take staggered releases. Maybe 2 turtles per wave.

●2k3 wave will be available in June.

●Double jointed elbows and knees.
Sounds nice and all, but it separates these from the rest of the Ultimates. How long until super 7 tries to make us dip again on vanilla "vintage turtles" with the double joints, or it spreads to Thundercats and Silverhawks?

●Toon Based...
I swear to god if we get the blocky looks I'm gonna make an entire rant about it. I know they say toon based in order not to ruffle Playmates feathers, but the toon blocky bodies will block articulation. Calling it out already.

But 2k3 Casey will define if I make a GameDude 2.0 or not.