May 11, 2024

Top 8 Most wanted Mega Man figures.

 In honor of my Childhood Rival, I got a Jada Toys Mega Man figure coming. I won't get "Mega High" to do the review...

The toon intro has nothing to do with the review, except remind me of how badass it was and how the show itself was eh... Megaman sounds like Goku or Cheetor and Protoman sounds like Jimmy Lee or Ken Masters... no, it's Rattrap. Also, Dr. Light was Joe Dawson in Highlander the series. Forget the show!

A list of characters I want in action figure form:

We need the final boss for Megaman! Plus we can get a variant or two as well from the later games. For now I'm talking about Classic white shirt, red tie, blue pants Wily in a labcoat.
2 extra heads, 2 extra hands, alternate neck piece.
Laughing, Apologetic, Busted Robot Copy.
Hands: Dramatic, C-grips.

While Personally, I prefer the MM8 look for her, I have to go with the pre-8 look for the first version of her. 
1 extra head, 2 extra hands, Broom, Eddie.
Normal, winking.
Hands: C-grips, pointing left hand, dramatic right hand.

Doctor Light:
It makes sense if I mentioned Wily to mention Dr.Light. 
Basic figure, 1 extra head, 2 extra hands, life energy, weapon energy.
Neutral, smiling
Hands: dramatic, C-grip.

Rush: (Deluxe Figure)
Here we need a couple of parts and it might be a bit expensive:
3 heads 3 sets of legs, 2 jet hind legs, 2 coils, clear stand  2 torsos, jet body

The jet bodyhas its own Rush head and you attach the front legs of New R.Coil mode and the Jet hind legs. The stand plugs under Rush jet to simulate flight.

The reason for two torsos is to have one articulated torso for Normal Rush, the second is less articulated to support the Rush Coil modes. (Rotate the torso cut for New Rush Coil)
Use the MM3 coil for MM3 Rush coil, use the plunger coil for New Rush Coil.

The legs: 
Articulated legs for Normal Rush.
Rigid standing legs for Classic Rush Coil  (to have Megaman standing on the coil)
New Rush coil legs can be used on normal Rush to have him in "resting poses"
The Rush jet hind legs with the new R.Coil front legs.

The heads are Barking, relaxed, growling.

I had to do it this way to avoid packing Multiple Megamen with each Rush.

I know this is Protoman in disguise, BUT! Hear me out, It's going to make sense once I'm done. 
It's the only canonical Protoman variant and a nice excuse to add a helmetless head. Not to mention it would be the only Protoman body that can plug a Proto shield on his back. (Normal Protoman figure would come with the shield he can hold but not plug on his back.)
1 extra head, 2 extra hands, arm cannon, back Proto shield, Proto jet, soft goods scarf.

Heads: Breakman masked helmet, Unmasked head with Glasses.
Hands: fists, dramatic.

It makes sense that Wahwee's protozero would make it to the list. Paving the way for a Deluxe Trebble fusion.
Extra head, extra hands, arm cannon, clear stand blast effect.
Heads: smug, angry
Dramatic, fists

Rather easily forgotten character, due to being a MMPU exclusive, but it seems he can reuse a lot of preexisting parts.
1 extra head, 1 extra hand, stand, oil blob effect, oil slick "surfboard", soft goods scarf.
Heads: smiling, angry.
Hands: fist, dramatic.

Now the final Megaman Powered Up Robot Master, Time Man.
1 extra head, extra hands, stand and energy clock hand.

Smug, angry
Fist dramatic

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